Dog home (current).
Dog Summer/Fall 2013.

More dogs, more adoptions!

Kia, Dexter, Louie*.

Diablo,* Duncan, Beau.

Caesar, Prissy, Missy.

Transfer receiving and the new dogs from Shelby, Alabama.

Merry, Jasper the dove, and Ebenezer.

Hound group photo, Prancer, and Delgado.

Hank1, Bingo, and Hank2.

Juicy and Mabel and new recruits.

Penny, Buddy, Yolanda.

Aura*, Aura again, and Lyric (he’s fine, just big).

Buddy, and Molly.

Connor, Shorty, and Ruby.

Bella, ?? and Bashful.

Kaylee,, the new crew, Nixsa.

Sinatra, Watson, and Pumpkin.

Jack, Chloe, Stray.

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