Here is a better advertisement for State Farm than a thousand Cliff Paul

One of my favorite dogs (and a favorite of NHSPCA staff) (and every volunteer who has walked him), Shorty now has a home thanks to the State Farm office of York, ME.

Shorty is as friendly a dog as you’ll find, but boy is he a pit bull prototype.  As a result, he’s had to wait for several weeks (months?) to find his home.

He has a home now and he does so thanks to State Farm.

From: —–] Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 12:57 PM
Subject: Just like a good neighbor…

                This is how the AC (Animal Care) does customer service!     This is Shorty, I think we can all agree Shorty is a good lookin’ boy.  This Friday he was in the backseat of Colleen’s car heading for one of the most impactful meetings of his life:  a meeting with his potential new owner’s State Farm Agent in York, Me.  The adopter’s Landlord wanted her to have her own renters insurance if he was going to allow her to adopt a Bully breed.  Many home owner’s/renter’s insurance companies won’t provide services if you own a certain breed of dog.  This is called ‘Breed Bias’ and in its worst form can become citywide ‘Breed Bans’.  State Farm is different though.  They know you can’t judge a dog by it’s breed, but by its individual personality.  Shorty has an awesome personality, and he wowed everyone in the office with his wide smile and happy-go-lucky ways. 

                Shorty came back from his afternoon field trip no longer a homeless dog!!  He packed his things and in the morning was picked up by his new owner! 

            Shorty, like the rest of us in the AC now believe that, “Like a Good neighbor, State Farm is there!”Shorty

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