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UPDATE:  Time to start archiving!  Here are the Summer, Winter, and Spring 2014 links links (but you can also find this under the NHSPCA menu item up top).

I’ve been volunteering at the New Hampshire SPCA since the summer.  That means I walk dogs in the morning when I can.  The dogs are always happy to see me but considering they’ve been in a small kennel overnight and I’m the guy taking them out of it, of course they’re happy to see me.

NHSPCA handles local strays and surrenders but also receives a lot of transferred homeless dogs from parts of the country where there’s just a bunch of dogs needing homes.  The two I see the most are transports from Shelby, Alabama and Bloomington, Indiana, but I know we receive from Ritchie County, West Virginia and soon from North Carolina.

Sometimes the dogs have a hard time getting adopted.  This is especially true of some of the pit bulls or other scary looking dogs.  And my big idea is this:  when you see a seven second Vine of a scary pit bull wagging his tail like a goof, he’s not so scary anymore and wouldn’t that be a good way to promote the dogs to the public? So what the hell, I just take a Vine of the guys I walk and post them here for fun. I don’t keep this current and if you’re interested in the available dogs (or cats) (or small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs or ring-neck doves) (or horses and currently goats) then you want to check NHSPCA’s links on their:

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(By the way, that’s Shelby in the feature photo.)

And here’s the doggies!

Asterisk indicates a “Kanick Favorite.”  Meaning at one point, he was my favorite dog out of all the dogs in the shelter at the time. Last updated: August 22, 2015 at 15:00 pm

Midnight, Max, Golden.

Andy, Annie (plus Tanner/Rianne), Maddox.

Cupid, Tai, Tanner.

Mia (brown), Sugar, Jacoby.

Mia (black), Molly, Pups.

Leon* (again), Mrs. Cline, direct from Ritchie County West By God Virginia.

Sally, Leon*, Luger.

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