Dog home (current).
Dog Winter 2013/14.

I’ve got some many of these that I need to start archiving them…

Here’s the doggies, all adopted!

Bear and Toby* and Loki.

Misc. Beagles, Miss Mandy Mae, Stanley.  (All adopted.)

Max and Darby* and Hank. (all adopted.)

Hooper and Tanner* and Laura. (all adopted.)

Ices and Prancer and Klyde.  (all adopted.)

[I-Forget] and Minnesota* and Jasper (all adopted).

Chubbs and Scooter and Reuben* (all adopted).

Rocky and Tillie Mae and Opal (all adopted).

BearBear and Jenny and Tyson (all adopted).

Hobie and Macy* and Roy (all adopted).

Ruger and Shelby* and Darla (adopted).

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