Official Cleveland Frowns 2016 2017 Cheddar Bay Intro Announcement here:

Northeast Ohio is basically where football was born so it makes sense that one of the greatest football-picking contests was born here, too.

Registration for the 8th 9th(!) Annual Cheddar Bay Reality Football contest is open for this weekend’s college games. It is mainly for people who love football and follow it on a weekly basis, and is mainly based on two premises: 1) nobody should wager a dime on a football game without being able to explain why in at least 100 words; and more importantly, 2) when well-meaning people join a community to make a weekly effort to explain to one another why they like certain football picks, it can make following the football season a lot more interesting and fun, and can also serve as an effective indicator of when a person is following the football season too closely.

This contest is all the more fun because the community has grown to include diverse perspectives from within and without the sports world. Most use pseudonyms, but I can verify that the field typically includes a former NFL player, a former member of a BCS-title-winning NCAA football team, record-shattering NCAA QB, a former high-school basketball teammate of LeBron’s, prominent and less-prominent members of the local and national media, as well as doctors, bakers, and candlestick makers, governmental and quasi-governmental functionaries, purveyors of some of Twitter’s finest tweets and other internet comments, a not-insignificant portion of the Ohio, California, and Michigan bars, and other assorted philosophers, capitalists, socialists, and miscellaneous freaks from around the U.S.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the rules here and God help you:
Also, week 1 picks go here:

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