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Playoff wk 2, Division round.

Week two lines of the Cheddar Playoffs are up and shown below.  As before, submit picks for ALL FOUR games to Frowns and me ONE HOUR before FIRST KICKOFF.  (Have your picks emailed no later than 3:35 PM, Eastern time on Saturday.)


Playoff wk 1, Wild Card

Welcome and congratulations to our eleven Cheddar Playoff finalists. Owing to changes in the bowl scheduling, the scoring will be different that what is outlined on the rules page. It will go like this: 1. Wild Card Week: 3 points per NFL game, 6 points for the college game (the FCS game is NOT in play), 5 additional points for...


Wk. 18, OSU -3 vs. Clemson – Fiesta, Sat. 7pm.

Final week here at Cheddar and it is huge.  With eight bowls tomorrow and Wednesday (and four pivotal POTYs still in play), we decided it best to get the lines locked now instead of tomorrow morning.  These are the lines for Tuesday and Wednesday only; the rest of the lines will be up in a post Wednesday.  ALSO, the form...


Wk 17, Ravens +4.5 at Steelers.

We are down to the wire and as happens every year, the struggle to get over the red line is intense.  The number to beat in the last two years has been 79 and it looks like that will hold true again.  There are still quite few POTYs out on the board which will only add to drama. Given the...


Wk 16, Lions +5 at Giants, 1pm Sun.

I don’t like to be in the habit of shouting out on the play of a particular player because some weeks I’ll forget or be rushing and then I’ll miss a righteous shout-out and feelings might be hurt.  Also the pernicious site proprietor jinx is real.  That being said… Nope.  That jinx thing IS real so let me just say...


Wk 14: Wisc -2.5 vs PSU.

Want all to know there was spirited debate on this week’s weekly game. Also looked were the Pac12 with it’s winner likely into the BCS; Bedlam, natural rivalry game that is also an old-school championship game; and even Idaho’s final BCS game at Kibbe got notice. Ultimately, we went with the B1G as it should be a good game and...


Wk 13: UM +6.5 at OSU, noon, Sat.

These are the games that all-play was invented for.   Went with the 1968 game because it’s one of my earliest childhood memories.  I probably have earlier memories but this sticks with me because even as a six year old watching on black and white at my grandparents’ place in Hilliard, I remember understanding the momentous significance of hanging 50...