AtoZ //Head-scratcher in Jax.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, a head-scratching loss in Jacksonville and a major opportunity lost.  Then, they start talking homecoming games, homecoming queens and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

AtoZ //Browns beat Steelers, legitimacy and some CFB.

Andre and Zac talk Browns, the possibility of 6-2, finding legitimacy and the state of the NCAA. Quick bookkeeping note:  here’s the URL for The A to Z on iTunes.  From there you can launch the podcast from your local iTunes and within that, you can subscribe and never miss an episode.

AtoZ //Ravens loss outfall.

[powerpress] Andre Knott and Zac Jackson break down the Browns at the bye week, discuss grading on a curve, the absentee defense and Joe Banner’s Twitter habits.

AtoZ //NFL, Protecting the Shield, Peterson, etc.

[powerpress] Andre Knott and Zac Jackson discuss the state of the NFL, the Adrian Peterson situation, protecting “The Shield” and how all that’s gone on trickles down to other levels of football. Note: This podcast was recorded before the Vikings reversed course and decided to deactivate Peterson until his legal situation is resolved.

AtoZ //Browns beat Saints.

A to Z Podcast #2. Andre Knott and Zac Jackson are back to talk the Cleveland Browns, Brian Hoyer, Karlos Dansby and a REALLY big game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. A favor please? Here is the iTunes link for AtoZ’s feed: .  From there you can get to the iTunes app and play it there and subscribe.  Are all of...

AtoZ //Steelers heartbreaker.

The A to Z podcast.  Andre Knott and Zac Jackson talk Browns, a heartbreaker in Pittsburgh, a huge challenge with the Saints and the Ray Rice situation. I got talking with Zac Jackson last week and yada yada yada,,, I’m hosting the A to Z Podcast this week. I promise you I’m working to spruce up the presentation and I...

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