Good news, I think.  For our Cheddars who are already missing their college football action, here’s a chance to get some.  $20 a man, winner take all. Also… I found a plug-in that should make everyone’s life easier in terms of entering picks, scoring picks, tracking the standings.  Bear in mind it was built for World Cup and this is my first try using it.  Consider this a beta so you’re working with me to iron out kinks.  (But if it works and we like it, maybe we’ll see more of it.) Ok, here are the procedures:

1.  You will need to register and pay.

By register, I mean you’ll need to fill out the form in the right sidebar giving me a username and email to associate with you.  It’s not me asking for this; the plug-in populates its tables with the user list so we’ve got to do this.  You will be registered as a ‘subscriber’ which means only that you may manage your own profile; it does not mean that you’ll get an email from me every time a post comes out.  (At least that is not my intent.)

By pay, I mean click the button below and drop $22 in the till.1  You do that right here.

Biscuitology 2014
To what entrant name should this be applied?:


2.  Complete your picks.

Once you’re registered you’ll have your own form.  It’s at the bottom of this page or can be found up in the menu bar:  The Cheddar Bay Bowl Pool project >> Your prediction page. This is your prediction form; enter your picks here.  Not interested in the final score just which side will win against the spread.2  Spreads will be locked in two days prior to start of each section.

3.  Five sections and real deadlines.

We’ll break this into five sections each of which will bring an opportunity to make an essay pick:

  1. Pre-Xmas (essay selection due by 12/21, 1pm);
  2. Post-Xmas (essay selection due by 12/26, 5pm);
  3. NYE (essay selection due by 12/30, 10:45am);
  4. NYD (essay selection due by 1/1, 11am);
  5. Post-NYD (essay selection due by 1/2, 730pm).

Normal picks must be in 15 minutes before the kickoff shown on your prediction page.  It’s supposed to shut down the editing at these deadlines so be sure to get everything in on time.

4.  Essays

To designate which is to be the essay pick, click the ‘joker’ button (the one that looks like a bitten doughnut) and hit save.  As currently built, the software offers me only a small text box which limits essay size.  So give us a crisp ‘why you like so and so.’  I’m sure I’ll open a collateral discussion thread for this also.  (Did I mention this is beta?)

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.13.10 AM

Still working on the logos..

5.  Here is your form.


Here is what your form will look like once you’ve registered.  There is page in the menu bar call “Your prediction page” [] and if all works as planned that’s where you enter your picks and essays.

Again, all picks are scored against the spread.  I will lock in the point spreads for each section two days before the first kickoff of that section.  (I will probably wind up simply editing the team name.  E.g., OSU will be OSU -4.)

I would prefer this were radio buttons for scoring purposes but for now, go ahead an predict a score keeping in mind the point spread.

For example, the first game is Colo St +4 vs. Wazzu.  If you enter a score of Wazzu 30, Colo St 27; I will score that as though you’re picking Colo St.  (TBH, not sure how this is going to work, but hey — beta!)

From the prediction page you there are two icons to the right of each ‘match.’

  • Joker:  The doughnut is the ‘joker’ icon; you click this to designate your essay pick.  (It will be weighted two points more in the scoring.)
  • Stats view:  The pie chart will tell you what the other players have picked for that game.


6. More stats.

There is a statistics functionality that I’m not up to speed on but looks pretty promising.


Okie doke, to recap:

  1. $22 is short money;
  2. College bowls are fun;
  3. College bowls are more fun if you have some action on them;
  4. College football is awesome;
  5. It’s going to be a long winter after January 6th so load up now.

Tell all your friends.


  1. I’m giving $2/entry to the developer.  They’ve already been helpful and I expect to be a needy customer of theirs. [back]
  2. Bear in mind the software is for World Cup and I haven’t connected with the author on using radio buttons. [back]
  • thatsfine

    Are we using the Cheddar Bay spreads for this, or are you posting the spreads directly on the prediction page some time today? No spread for Beavs/Boise. Sorry if I’m missing something here.

    • HAH!! You were right I wasn’t monitoring this.

      I’ll be locking in the lines two days before each group, so the ‘pre-Xmas’ games are locked and the lines are on the prediction page.

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