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Texans add Troy Niklas. #KRM

Matt Borcas is back giving us the Texans’ pick during final week no less so this is a pretty major commitment honoring and also:  pretty compelling logic behind this pick. The NFL’s modern tight end craze began in earnest on April 23, 2010, when the Patriots drafted Rob Gronkowski in the second round and added Aaron Hernandez a day later...

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Rams add Mike Evans. #KRM

Writers write.  Thus it is with Matt Borcas.  When he gets the call to contribute his word assembling talent for only the vague psychic benefit of enriching Kanick’s 100-200 odd daily readers, his response is, “Who have I got and when do you need it?”  Rams.  “Aw.  Damn.  Ok.” ************** It’s an honor to occupy the cranium of Rams GM...