Author: Mike Burgermeister

Wk 15, Steelers +3 at Bengals 90

Wk 15, Steelers +3 at Bengals

No college pick requirement this week — i.e., you are not required to pick Army-Navy. Nick Harlow and Hitthehorns split last week’s weekly. Loading…

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Week 14, Clemson -5 vs UNC in Charlotte

Loading…   FlyHighCharlieFrye assumes commanding lead with Lobsterfest. Longtime — maybe charter member — Cheddar FlyHighCharlieFrye is having a year.  Got his second payday (along with mmmsnouts, holla) with a lobster last week and now has a pretty strong lead to go with his 63% win rate and 9-3-1 pick of the week chops.  Here’s the portfolio, nice work being...

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Cheddar wk13, OSU/UM PK at NOON Saturday.

Reminder:  OSU at Michigan all play is at NOON.  Get the pick in early.  (I almost missed last week because I thought it was a night game.)   Lots of no lines in the pdf, stay tuned to twitter (@603_brown) and check the scoreboard header for updated Cheddar lines. They’re updated ad hoc, I musts admit — if I see...

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Cheddar wk12, MSU +13.5 at OSU

All play is Sparty +13.5 at Columbus. Congrats to PJD19 (Bama, MSU, OSU, Okla, Bills) and FlyHighCharlieFrye (Toledo, OU, Vandy, Dolphins, BGSU ) splitting last week’s bonus. — mike b. (@603_brown) November 17, 2015 Loading…

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Cheddar wk11, Oklahoma +2.5 at Baylor

Weekly payouts start THIS WEEK in Cheddar. 30% of kitty, ~50 entrants,,, call it $185 for this week’s top picker. — mike b. (@603_brown) November 12, 2015 Loading… Tuesday MACTION is the best MACTION.  

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Cheddar wk10, LSU +6.5 at Bama

Check it out:  I made it through the entire baseball season without watching one full inning.  Not even one full half-inning.  Actually I don’t think I watched a full at bat. Now for several years I had purchased the MLB package and watched most (all?) of the Indians games on my Apple TV.  It was fine, like background noise.  But...

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Cheddar wk9: Packers -3 at Broncos

All play is Packers at Broncos, Sunday night, Packers favored by a FG.  No lines yet on Arizona at Washington (CFB), UTSA at UNT, Miami at Duke, Titans at Texans. Just want to say that in spite of some frankly bizarre sniping from peculiar sources, this for me is shaping up as the best Cheddar season yet and no I’m...

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Cheddar wk8: Jets +9 at Pats

At post, no lines for: UW/Stanford, Troy/NMSU, Steelers/Chiefs, Falcons/Titans . Loading… . Tonite’s Cheddar line: Laffy +7.5 at ArkSt — mike b. (@603_brown) October 20, 2015    

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Cheddar wk7: MSU +8 at Michigan, 330p Saturday.

Posting early in case anyone want in on the Tuesday game.  Just make your intention clear in the comment. Early Cheddar post is up in case anyone want to play tonite’s game. ArkySt -4 at SALA. — mike b. (@603_brown) October 13, 2015 Loading…

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Cheddar wk6: Seahawks +3 at Bengals.

Cheddar late lines: Colts +4.5 at Texans IU +6.5 at PSU — mike b. (@603_brown) October 8, 2015 Loading… Not a whole to comment on this week. I’ve got a guest post coming on being a millenial Browns fan. Can you imagine a world where your entire living memory of the Browns is from 1999 on? THat’s going up this...