The corruption bowls.

The majesty of the Military Bowl.

Just got done watching the Foster Foods Bowl which was preceded by the Walk-Ons Restaurant and Bar Independence Bowl.  Other bowl sponsors have included Zaxby’s, Quick Lane, and the poor Cactus Bowl seems to be unsponsored as Motel 6 bailed out last year.  Tough times finding sponsors, I mean is the Academy Sports and Outdoors gonna get a return on their Texas Bowl underwriting?  I guess we’ll find out next year and the telling will be whether they’re back or not.  But it’s harder and harder to find private businesses to put their names on most bowl games.  

And yet.

Today heralds the Military Bowl with Virginia playing against Navy in Annapolis sponsored by Northrup Grumman for $1M per team.   Earlier this week we saw the Armed Forces Bowl in another locus of defense contracting, Fort Worth, with Army versus SDSU sponsored by Lockheed Martin; $650K to each.  

These are nothing more than private parties for a new isolated privileged class funded by the compulsory confiscation of your private property and mine.  It is past time to review critically our relationship with the military.

“Number of government employees present?”

When I file an expense report, I am required to check a box for every meal entry affirming that no government employees were fed under this particular invoice.  Obviously that is because we wouldn’t want to influence any government decisions through the use of boneless chicken wings, fair enough.  So if the goal is to avoid the corrupting influence of lunch on a potential government purchase decision maker, why in all the fucks is okay for the recipients of the contracts for 10 aircraft carriers (at say $20B per) and the 1.5 TRILLION dollar F35 to throw million dollar parties for actual influencers of real purchasing decisions?

N. Va. real estate medians.

Of course it doesn’t stop with the Army and the Navy party-goers.  San Diego’s economy revolves around the military operations there and Charlottesville…  Charlottesville is notable in that it is part of the Northern Virginia sinkhole where your taxes and mine are driving appreciation in the five most expensive real estate markets in the country and when they’re not failing to protect lawful public demonstrations they’re emulating the practice of Alaric in Rome by stripping the native population of their pride and history through the demolition to monuments to past glory.

But I digress. 

These bowls are simply a big sloppy kiss to the entire military-industrial complex.

Thank you for your service.

We’re staring down a 2018 deficit of $1,000,000,000,000 and it is wholly attributable to our addiction to dopamine release.  That’s the feeling you get when you think you’re doing good.  On one hand, lefties are big on giving resources away to non-citizens.  On the other hand, neo-cons love to say ‘Thank you for your service.’  The first has been done to death but I’d like to take a look at the second. 

Afghan poppy production.

Service members receive full pension after 20 years.  That’s 50% of your base pay sent to you from age 40 until you die and in states like Ohio, it is not subject to state income tax.  Service members receive healthcare for life.  There’s seems to be a robust service-members-only credit union industry based on the amount of advertising for these businesses that I am excluded from.  I need not outline the significance of heath insurance expense to anyone who has used the ACA marketplace.  And not for nothing but no one is going over the top at the Somme.  It’s been 200 years since Oliver Hazard Perry saved Ohio and met the enemy and they are ours.  You’re protecting bacha bazi practitioners from Kandahar with drone strikes and while I know you can only execute the missions you’re given, it’s not really defense of the USA now is it and has the poppy production has been stopped, but ok, ‘thank you for service’ I guess, but I think we already have.

And exactly what is our military defending us against?  I could swear that Perestroika and Glastnost were a things in the 80s and 90s and, even if you actually _are_ worried about the first and only Russian leader than Solzhenitsyn embraced, if you’re not going to help defend the capital of a country that dismantled what was at the time the world’s third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on the basis of our handshake guarantee of their sovereignty (Ukraine) … or when an autonomous people ally with you in two wars and then prove to be the most effective fighters against medieval Islam but you won’t protect them from the aggression of both your NATO ally and a dominating Shia government (Kurdistan)… then what exactly is the point of your military?  Do we need to spend our children’s money on ten 20B aircraft carriers to… to protect the economies of Japan and South Korea?  Will the 1.5T F35s keep Taiwan’s Foxconn operations and thus the flow of iPhones out of the sights of China?  Germany is killing itself so what exactly is the role of the 35,000 servicemen deployed there?  Is secular Hafez Assad really a tyrant or it is strategically important to keep a Gazprom pipeline from supplying natural gas to Europe?  And if it’s about going after tyrants.. Jacob Zuma anyone?   

DOD in orange, largest non-mandatory expense.

Of course the purpose/role of all these operations is to sustain military spending at or above current levels.  The rest is all bullshit.  We aren’t interested in war with China or Russia and we don’t have the tools to win against the Caliphate. 

It grows harder and harder to find the ‘evil-doers’ required to sustain these expenditures. 

Thank God for Kim Jong-Il and let’s keep Kandahar open another 15 years say the underwriters of the Armed Forces and Military Bowls. 

Thank God for Bitcoin say the rest of us because your cash is actual trash.  Keep printing that shit man, whatever, but the rest of us are out.   And if you’re not in already, BTFD.


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