ATTENTION!! All NFL lines will use the lines posted below on Friday afternoon.

Wk 18 Cheddar NFL lines.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Major announcements, playoff contenders take notice.

Rex Kern vs USC in the Rose Bowl is right there with Neil Armstrong for earliest memories for a Grandview kid born in the 60s.

Due to the peculiar scheduling this year the Exec Committee is decided to revert to an earlier (and terrific) playoff system.  The regular season will end with the Sunday NFL games.  The playoffs will start with Monday’s (New Year’s Day’s) bowl schedule.  For week one in the playoffs, you will pick all ten games and the weighting will be two points each with the essay carrying a five point bonus for a total available of 25 points.

For the rest of us, the All-Play is OSU -7.5 vs USC in the Cotton Bowl Friday night.  Also if you are playing today’s (Wednesday’s) games, use the point spreads posted yesterday, NOT the ones in the pdf above.

For the playoff people, you’re picking ten games in week one.  NOW THEN, in the playoffs you submit your picks/essays to Frowns and me via email (to squash potential gaming off others’ picks).  What we’re doing this year is asking you to submit your New Year’s picks to us via email by 1100AM Monday and the other five will be emailed to us an hour before the first Wild Card game on Saturday.  DONT SCREW THIS UP.  We publicly post the picks in the comment section right after the deadline.

In the playoffs there are four weeks with 25 points available each week.  The essay bonus is five points.  In week one the weighting is two points per game; week two, four points; week three, ten points; and the Super Bowl is 25 points.

Well gents and ladies, here we are and the human drama of the Cheddar playoff race is in full flower.  If you’re like me, in spite of the shyte season you had, you’re still getting entertainment value of seeing whether Olly (OXR) can hang on, can Josh break through in his rookie year, can Magee hang on in his rookie, can MSP get in the playoffs (feels like he’s annually right on the line), and the inevitability that some of the four open POTYs will break something.  Also…

REMINDER!! WE PAY 10% FOR REGULAR SEASON WINNER THIS YEAR!!  My bookkeeping shows this to be $402.30 this year.  So TA and the BallofHate need to be on their game and of course DK’s POTY will be crucial.

MSP and Pheasant split last week’s payout with seven each.

(And no, sadly, that last play TD return for the Eagles and subsequent no PAT attempt for the push didn’t affect anything.)

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Wednesday posting of lines and a final determination of the All-Play (not gonna lie, I’m lobbying for UGA/Okla) but for today and tomorrow let’s use:

2017-12-26 FBC
Team Open Line Movements Current Moneyline Scores Notes
229 UTAH -4.5 -6.5 / -6.5 -15 / -6.5 -17 -6.5 -15 -255    
1:30 PM EST
230 WEST VIRGINIA  54  56 / 56.5 / 56.5u13  56.5  +211     
UTA-QB-Tyler Huntley-Probable | WVU-QB-Will Grier-Doubtful | WVU-RB-Justin Crawford-OUT | TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. Heart of Dallas Bowl
231 NORTHERN ILLINOIS 47.5 47.5 / 47 / 47u13 47 +184    
5:15 PM EST
232 DUKE  -4.5   -4.5 / -4.5 -07 / -4.5   -5.5   -220     
TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. Quick Lane Bowl
233 KANSAS STATE PK -04 -3.5 -05 / -6.5 / -6.5 -09 -6.5 -160    
9:00 PM EST
234 UCLA  63.5  61.5o11 / 61.5 / 61.5o14  61.5o15  +140     
KSU-QB-Jesse Ertz-OUT | UCL-QB-Josh Rosen-Doubtful | UCL-WR-Darren Andrews-OUT | TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. Cactus Bowl
2017-12-27 FBC
Team Open Line Movements Current Moneyline Scores Notes
235 Southern Miss 49 49 / 50 / 50u25 49 +562    
1:30 PM EST
236 FLORIDA STATE  -14   -16.5 / -17 / -17 -09  -17   -800     
FLS-QB-Deondre Francois-OUT | TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. Independence Bowl
237 BOSTON COLLEGE 45 45 / 45.5 / 45.5u19 45 +120    
5:15 PM EST
238 IOWA  -3   -3 -05 / -3 EVEN / -2.5   -2.5 -15  -140     
BSC-QB-Anthony Brown-OUT | TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. New Era Pinstripe Bowl
239 MISSOURI -1.5 -2.5 -15 / -2.5 / -2.5 -15 -2.5 -135    
9:00 PM EST
240 TEXAS  60.5    60.5  +115     
TV: ESPN, DTV: 206. Texas Bowl
275 PURDUE 66.5 65u11 / 65 / 66 66.5 +140    
8:30 PM EST
276 ARIZONA  -3.5   -3.5 -05 / -3 -15 / -3 -14  -3 -15  -160     
ARZ-QB-Khalil Tate-Probable | TV: FOX

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you all!

    Essay: Bengals – Marvin Lewis leaves the Bengals in a much better place than when he arrived. Those Bengals were the laughing stock of the league (see current Browns) and he brought them to relevancy. Yes, some playoff losses happened in the first round, but how happy would you be for a first round exit in Cleveland? His players love him, and while Baltimore needs this win, I feel the team will rally around their leader and if not win, at least keep this game close and cover.

  • In my anticipation for watching the Browns close out a 0 win season, I forgot to make my NFL picks… Throwing together picks from the late games now. Great season everyone and good luck to those that make the playoffs.

    2. Falcons
    3. 49ers
    4. Seahawks
    5. Saints
    6. Essay: Bills

    Must win game for the Bills for what little playoff hopes exist for them. Must not get wrecked game for Jay Cutler so he can get back into a Fox booth next year without an injury to recover from. I can’t imagine field conditions will be good, given there was a college football game there last night so I’ll take the better RB and the better scrambling QB. Chances are the Bills may not have won the game Peterman started, even had Tyrod started, but man… If you’re a Bills fan there’s no doubt you’re thinking what if… I think Drake on Miami will keep the Dolphins in the game by controlling some clock, but at the end of the game the Bills are going to win and cover by feeding McCoy the ball.

  • Matt Borcas


  • HitTheHorns

    Steelers essay – I am rooting for 0-16. They need to hit rock bottom. Hue Jackson’s performance the past few weeks has been that of a Law and Order politician and he needs to go. Jimmy Haslam’s insistence he will be back despite his record is insulting. The Browns lie about everything, it is part of the culture. Kizer never had a chance. Heinz Field will be about half full today and backups will be playing but it won’t matter. Just as the Pats refused to rest against NYG on the final day of the season the year they were 16-0, the Steelers backups will be playing hard today to make sure the Browns get to 0-16. Change these stupid fucking ugly ass bush league uniforms please.
    Redskins, Falcons, Pats

    • Do you really think Heinz Field will be half empty? I will be surprised if it’s anything but full and rocking.

      • pheasantpants

        Business is booming

      • HitTheHorns

        “Steeler fans travel well” is true except if it’s downtown Pittsburgh. We saw multiple people trying to give tickets away on Facebook.

      • HitTheHorns

        Also this is not a rivalry for an entire generation of Pittsburgh fans.

  • It was only about four or five weeks ago that your old friend Frowner was sitting near the very top of the standings here. My first two Cheddar Bay titles came in 2009-10 and 2013-14 so I figured there was some kind of “every four years” earth/air/water/fire-type-thing going on and that this was my year again, especially since I always pick better at the end of the season than I do at the beginning.

    And then I went and lost votes of the week on the Zips, the Browns, North Texas, and the godawful Zips again for four straight weeks and with that ridiculous mess (you could almost call it a scandal) your old friend Frowner’s season was over. Had I hit only half of these votes, I’d have been above the line coming into the final week here.

    Looking back at this late-season meltdown, I suppose I was finding it extra hard to find meaningful votes in these last few weeks being as turned off by the NFL as ever and with the late season CFB lull (Army-Navy week then the sparse and crappy early bowl games) so I got lazy and rushed into voting mostly on our horrible home teams because that’s a cheap and easy way to feel like one is making meaningful votes (and also because I attended the Zips/Flashes game in person (Woof.)).

    As disappointed as I was watching the consequences of this laziness play out on the football field, at this point I figure it’s all understandable enough with the new baby in the house (8.5 months old now teething like a you-know-what!), getting a new office up and running, and being as busy as ever at work (in a pretty good way, actually, I feel lucky to say), even suspecting that it probably won’t be “my year” to win this thing again until 2021-22.* In this regard, I find myself comforted by my proximity in the standings to other known recent babymakers on the Bay, including Lucy, Kitty, Nick H., Mattlaw, and my brilliant and lovely wife, who of course has much more of an excuse for her position than I do.

    Somewhat relatedly, I also find myself encouraged by conversations with friends who are around my age who now have kids playing football, which leave me hopeful that the game can be saved and played safely if the rules are developed and enforced properly. Unfortunately both in the NFL and college they are assuredly not, which is actually a scandal, but one on which we can at least say real progress is being made. Watching how they enforce rules to protect players in the CFL (a v v v good football league) is also encouraging, and something I figure the folks in this group of football lovers would appreciate and want to keep an eye on going forward.

    Which is also to say thanks to all again for playing and best wishes to all in the New Year, especially the playoff contenders. There’s nothing like the Cheddar playoff threads and it seems we will have an especially great group duking it out for the title this year. Going into this season, Mike and I did as little to promote the contest as ever, and yet it seems to me we ended up with as solid a group and as smooth and collegial regular-season as we’ve had here.

    And which is also also to say that I might as well pick the stupid Browns one last time for my vote of the week.

    *And finally to say that one thing I’m pretty sure about after nine years of this contest is that every year will be much more or less any given person’s year than others, and there is in fact something elemental and rotational about it. Is it not like clockwork that the reigning champion always goes into the tank the next year? Something to think about, anyway, IMO.

    OK, happy playoffs and happy 2018 everybody you all are the best!

    • Dave Kolonich

      Love the “Mr. No Naps” moniker you use on FB. We refer to our now two-year old as “Wolverine” when she doesn’t get her naps.

  • thatsfine

    Bengals +9.5
    Texans +5.5 – Irsay and the Colts losing a game in an attempt to improve their draft position… maybe that’s happened before.
    Cards +9 – Essay

    Well, with a maximum score of 76.0 it’s safe to say I’m out of the playoffs this year unless several players above me forget to submit their picks. At least I am happy that my six year old daughter took an interest in watching football with me this year which made the weekly struggle more fun. Let’s finish the year with an NFL essay. I’m still trying to figure out how the Seahawks won in Dallas last week. Their offense gained a total of 136 yards – that is awful, Browns-level offensive output and it came one week after gaining 149 total yards in an abysmal ass-kicking at the hands of the Rams. They are still in contention for a wild card spot and Earl Thomas is asking another team to come sign him. What the hell is going on in Seattle? There’s just a bad buzz around the team. The Cards come into this one out of contention, but at 7-8 not a terrible team, either. They look like they should finish 8-8. Arians is probably coaching his last game, and the Cards always play well against the Seahawks, winning 3 of their last 4 in Seattle. Nine is too much here.

    Big ups to Mike and Frowns for running the show this year and every year. It was good to spend another fall/winter reporting back with this coast-to-coast football watching cohort. Best of luck to everyone who gets into the playoffs.

  • LittleBallofHate

    Picks so far — Louisville and BC went down to defeat; OSU won
    Sunday NFL One Biscuit picks — Niners (+3), Saints (-6.5)
    Essay — Redskins (-3) vs. Giants
    A Washington head coach hasn’t made it to Year 5 since Dan Snyder has been the owner, so it could be final game for Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins. If it wasn’t for the Browns, the Giants would be considered a bigger trainwreck. They are limited on offense and the defense has been a disappointment considering the draft picks have not delivered. It will be interesting to see who takes over as coach of either team during the offseason since both could be in store for a lot of rebuilding.

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY SKIP WEEK*** Penn St. -1.5 vs. Washington

    2.) Bengals +9.5
    3.) Saints -6.5
    4.) Wisconsin -6.5
    5.) West Virginia (L)
    AP.) Didnt enter

  • Chris Magee

    Rest of picks
    All Play posted yesterday Ohio State – 7.5 (W)
    Penn State -3
    49ers -3
    Chiefs +3
    Raiders + 7
    Essays: Skins -3
    The Giants defense and secondary was a mess to begin with now there is no Eli Apple and Landon Collins is on IR. Dominuq Rodgers-Cromartie is burnable and crowder should eat. Kirk Cousin is playing his SHOW ME THE MONEY game PLUS the GIANTS need to lose this game to secure the 2nd pick and guarantee themselves a shot at 1 of the top 2 QBs in the draft. This would be outrageously stupid for the giants to actually win this game. The skins have been playing well and the defense has been causing turnovers which should continue vs Eli or Geno or 3rd stringer by 4th quarter. Cousins and all the WR eat. Josh Doctson 2 TD game bold call. Skins -3 for the essay

  • trashycamaro

    All Play Loss, didn’t check in on time. Sure I would have lost anyway

    Bengals +9.5 over Ravens

    Saints -6.5 over Bucs

    Jags +3 over Titans

    Bears +11 over Vikings

    Steelers -6.5 over Browns Well, the Browns stand not only at 0-15 but 3-12 against the spread. If you have been reading my picks for the past couple months you will see I have been out of it for a while, and as such I use this space to pick against the Browns and find comething to complain about them.

    By my count, my essays are no either 3-1 or 4-1 since I institued my new rule. Not too bad! I guess that proves my point – why are we all not just taking the sure thing?

    Anyway, happy New Year everyone and good luck to the Playoff contenders!

  • LittleBallofHate

    Early biscuit on Louisville (-6.5)

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    USC. Whoops missed the all play but was going to take usc anyway.

    Louisville -6.5
    49ers -3
    Bills -2.5
    Steelers -6.5

    Been a rough year for the handshakes. Thanks to the executive committee for all they do and good luck to the playoff teams. As for my essay pick it’s the Steelers. I’m hoping that Sunday is such an embarrassment the browns have no choice but to fire Hue after the game. Maybe wait until he jumps into Lake Erie then fire him. Fire hue draft Rosen that would be my ideal start to the off season but I’ll talk darnold as well. Go Browns.

  • Jeff Smith

    All Play – Missed (whooopssss – probably would have taken USC so it doesn’t seem to matter)
    Louisville -6.5
    Memphis -4
    Miami Fla +6.5
    Giants +3
    49ers -3 (essay)

    Well, the Jimmy G show continues onto Week 17. Jimmy seems to have handled starters pretty well, so let’s give him the Rams backups this week and see how he hangs in there. Kyle can’t wait to take his new toy and some late momentum into 2018. It would be quite satisfying if the Browns had a similar turnaround once they have a serviceable QB under center (however I realize that would be asking way too much and it’s likely unrealistic because we always find a way…). Expect the Niners offense to continue rolling this week since they seem to show up every week regardless of implications or motivation. On a side note, looking forward to 0 and 16!!!!

  • Jmacdaddio

    Crud, missed the All-Play that was Friday night. Looks like OSU is on track to cover. As a defense mechanism brought to you by my inner narcissist, I would have chosen USC and lost anyway. Sad!

    USC (ding me with a loss should something ridiculous happen and USC covers)
    Wisconsin -6.5
    Penn St -1.5 (Essay)
    Raiders +7
    Colts -5.5
    Titans -4

    Penn St. came within a hair of knocking OSU off their perch, on the road. Overall it’s been a strong PSU season, save for two losses against OSU and MSU, both on the road. “Secure your playoff spot by winning nationally broadcast games on the road, late in the season, against Ohio St and Michigan St” is a tall order for anyone. Washington isn’t a bad team. They’re just not in the same layer as Penn St this year. They were, as far as I know, not quite in the playoff discussion while PSU was very close. 1.5 isn’t a lot of points to spot when on paper they should be in command.

    Happy, healthy, and safe New Year’s for everyone.

  • Meaningless in the grand scheme, but not to me!

    USC +7.5.
    PENN STATE -1.5.
    MEMPHIS -4.
    BENGALS +10.
    BILLS -3.
    $$$ SAINTS -7. $$$ Saints lost a meaningful game to the Panthers late in 2013 and had to go on the road for the Wildcard round. They laid a beatdown on the Bucs earlier in the season, and Tampa has only gotten worse. Anyone seen or heard from Jameis Winston, other than when he’s doing something ridiculous on the sideline? Saints need to book this win for a home game the week following, and Tampa needs to get to the offseason so they can figure out how they’re going to reboot for 2018. Oh, and Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Marshon Lattimore…you get it.

  • 1. USC

    Note – I had OSU on the mind when I went to make my selection, and accidentally picked them at first. USC is my official pick and I resubmitted the form with them, but wanted to clarify why there is a selection for each in there.

  • jdoepke

    I’m out of it but here are my picks.
    USC +7.5 AP
    Bills -2.5
    Skins -3
    Cardinals +9
    Chiefs +3

    Essay: Chargers -7
    Phillip Rivers needs a win to make the playoffs. This team has burned me multiple times this season as well as won me lots of money. I just think it’s exciting to see this team in the hunt after an awful start. I have to think this doesn’t come down to the end like typical Chargers game with a playoff spot on the line vs. pitiful Raiders. Chargers 33-10

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP OSU -7.5
    Are all of us losers still playing for a chance at $110? Or is this already (say it in your best Jim Mora voice….) PLAYOFFS?

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Iowa State +4
      Penn State -1.5
      Packers -7 or -6
      Browns -13, -16 or -6 Whatever it may be, the Browns are going to win!
      ****Bungles -10 or 9.5 ****

      • actovegin1armstrong

        **** “Get them out of here. You do not live in Cleveland! You live in Cincinatti!” ****
        It is 4:59 CST 12/29/2017 and Sam Wyche is still a JACKASS!!
        However the Bungles are going to show their respective talent on defense and easily cover the spread against the Wretched Ravens.
        Hate to admit it but I really like Darqueze Dennard. I was amazed that he went before Jason Verrett. I had Jason Verrett as the best player in the draft that year. The Browns passed on Jason Verrett TWICE!
        Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Rey, Kirkpartick. The Bungles have a lot of talent and depth on the important side of the ball. The Bungles talent on defense will be more than enough to defeat an overrated Ravens squad. The Bungles offensive line has been run blocking at least something not quite exactly unlike average as of late and that shall be enough to give them the upper hand against the Ravens. We can expect the Bungles running back who mispronounces his own name to have a big day. The Bungles are going to run all over the Ravens and get a win.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Spent all of my bitcoin on the Amazing Free Money Day when Floyd Mayweather fought that guy who had never been in a fight in his life. I got in early and I got $400 back for every $300 I wagered. Now I understand that I may have been better off leaving it all in bitcoin. But that Mayweather fight was such obvious free money….

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I think I may be the F—ing idiot in our respective Superhero Melodrama

  • oxr

    All-Play USC +7.5 over OSU

    • oxr

      Bills -3 over Dolphins – I can see the headlines now and they say “more like David Succeeds”
      Saints -6.5 over Bucs
      Jaguars +3 over Titans for my sins
      Vikings -11 over Bears

      Essay and POTY Niners -3 over Rams — even at the new line this is impossible to pass up now that it is confirmed that the Rams will basically be playing their second string for the whole game and Mike goddamn Florio is speculating that they would actually prefer to lose for seeding reasons. No Goff, no Gurley, no half-the-starting-offensive-line, no Aaron Donald, etc. I got predictably burned picking against the Niners last week and this is I suppose a sort-of-meaningful game for them. Even though it’s a little tempting to go contrarian on this one it just feels too much like a Week 17 classic, by which of course one hopefully means the opposite.

      The motivation, if there is one, behind keeping the POTY back until the very end is for just this scenario: a win puts me in the playoffs. On the other hand, if the Rams decide to play for pride, or Garoppollo spontaneously combusts, then it comes down to a bunch of other random bounces as to who ends up which side of the line. But however it turns out it has been another wonderful season in the Bay, best of luck to everyone else on the bubble, and it’s going to be fun as usual to watch the playoff essays come in.

  • HitTheHorns


    • HitTheHorns

      Miami FL

  • Matt Lawrence

    1. Wiscy -6.5
    2. Arizona +9
    3. NCState -6.5
    4. Washington +1.5
    5. All Play: OSU
    6. Northwestern -7.5

    I like the Big 10 in this matchup. Kentucky ended the season going 2-4 while Northwestern finished up 7-0. Not only did Kentucky end the season with an ugly record but they were getting killed by teams as well. Kentucky has a solid defense on paper but I think NW QB and RB will expose it and be able to put up enough points to cover.

  • Pro game line moves are being reviewed. We will almost assuredly update lines. EC is discussing.

  • Ever play “eenie meenie miney mo” to select which game will be your essay pick? Because I just did. After attending last week’s Bears/Browns game, I’m a broken human. I’m a shell of the cheerful person I once was. It was not even kind of close. Drunkards behind me were shouting “believeland” at me, and “put in Johnny!” There was nothing I could say. The Browns stole my Christmas and unlike Cindy Lou Who, the love for the Browns can no longer be found in my heart. The vigil I’ve held so unreasonably long for them is cancelled. I know I’ll be happier this way, but it is still bittersweet. Maybe, like a smoker, I’ll keep index cards of all the reasons I quit, to flip through when I get the urge to watch professional football again, if ever. I’ll still try to enjoy college football while I can…but it’s never really been my jam. Speaking of jams, I hear “Havana” by Camila Cabello is all the rage in Miami. The music video is styled like a Spanish soap opera and I’m so here for it. Essay Pick: Miami +6.5 vs. Wiscy.

    AP: USC +7.5 vs. OSU
    Kentucky +7.5
    Washington +1.5 vs. Penn State
    Cowboys -2.5 vs. Eagles

    • actovegin1armstrong

      KP, I shall fly like the wind to come and dispense with any drunkards who bother you. Our beloved Nick Harlow could most assuredly handle that as well, but he will not enjoy it as much as I will.

    • That had to have been brutal at Solider Field, Kitty. We must only conclude that you’re a better person for having survived it <3

  • Chris Magee

    Ohio State -7.5 All Play

    Are all the NFL lines set or executive adjustments coming due to late news? Don’t want to re-do as I’m looking at games with some line movement

    • Yeah we’re almost certainly going to adjust the line on the Niners game. I see it’s currently Niners -3 while we’re at Niners +2.5.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. SMU +17 (L)
    2. Northwestern -7.5
    3. Wiscy -6.5
    4. Browns +13
    5. OSU -7.5
    6. Essay: Packers +7

    This just seems like a bad opening line to me. Both teams eliminated from the playoffs, but Hundley playing for his future. I believe only Jay Cutler is worse against the spread then Stafford after a loss. That being said give me the team where the QB is playing for his future vs a team that yet again is down in the dumps after anothwr disappointing season.

    • Lucy Lawrence

      Dropping Packers bc I just read that they are sitting the entire offense so I’m gonna stay away.

      I’ll take Browns +13 for my essay. Team is playing everyone and if they cant stay within two touchdowns of a team that is sitting their 3 most valuable players then I’m not sure what to think. Hopefully Hue pulls out everything he has to keep this game close. I see Steelers being conservative and Browns should be going for it when they can. Keep it close Brownies!

      Replace browns regular vote with Washington +1.5

      • Lucy Lawrence

        sticking with browns at +6.5 because I don’t feel like doing this for the third time haha.

        1. SMU (L)
        2. Wiscy -6.5
        3. Northwestern -7.5
        4. Washington +1.5
        5. All Play: OSU
        6. Essay above: Browns

  • fsu, iowa, purdue (wins)
    TAMU +3 essay.
    im going to go ahead an essay TAMU. im as big a dave clawson fan as youll find. but the athletic talent gap between top programs and not is too much. we saw that in the FSU/USM game. TAMU recruit class ranks go 2014, #5, 2015, #11; 2016 #18; 2017 #13. wake doesnt crack the top 50 in any of them.
    coaching change? welllll, sumlin was a hair over .500 in conference with that talent. jimbo seems a knucklehead but a knucklehead with two national championships. there probably are quite a few players looking forward to the change but they’re not going to say anything.
    but back to the point, jaxbeach josh could coach that talent to a three point cover, even they moved the game from charlotte to winston.

    • also USC +7.5 and i cant see the end of the JT ‘first four time captain, so talented’ Barrett end fast enough.
      haven’t seen as much unwarranted hype/praise in columbus since archie griffin.

      • pheasantpants

        This take is spicy!

  • CLEinMSP

    Miami Hurricanes +6.5
    Washington Huskies +1.5
    Bills -3
    Vikings -12.5
    OSU -7.5 (All Play)
    49ers +2.5 (Essay, POTY)

    Jimmy G has obviously made the 49ers quite relevant. They have a very important offseason ahead, but with a decent draft and a couple key FA pickups, they will be a “sexy” pick with many of the “experts” in July and August. JG and Shanny seem like a great match, and it’s fun to think about a potential rivalry budding with the Rams and 49ers. Lord knows, the NFL needs some new storylines as things have gotten quite stale around the rest of the league. Sean McVay has already said that he is resting Goff/Gurley/Donald/Whitworth. This is a wise move as the Rams have nothing to play for. I don’t know much about Sean Mannion, but he is Goff’s backup, so he will get the nod on Sunday. I think McVay is a very good coach, and I don’t think the Rams will roll over. That said, the 49ers are playing with confidence, and with no postseason ahead, they have one more game to leave it all out there and end the 2017 season on a very high note winning 5 straight games.

    • hi msp, we had to change this line and it is now niners -3. let us know if you want to stick with that.

      • CLEinMSP

        Ok. I’ll just keep it as is. Thanks, Kanick.

  • I will take those Virginia Tech Hokies for a point today. Thank you.

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Bills -3
    USC + 7.5
    Panthers +3.5
    Ok St -5
    Niners +2.5

    Essay: Jags +3.5: Coach Marrone stated we are playing to Win. Add that to that bad performance vs Jimmy G and company, add that with Tennessee being a division rival. Jags will come to play and not party in Nashville. They do not want to limp into the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak. 3.5 points seems like a lot and with the motivation aspect, coupled with Tennessee having all the pressure to Win, I see this as a 20-17 final that could go either way.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Northwestern (-7.5)
    Tampa Bay (+7)
    New England (-15)
    Minnesota (-12.5)
    AP – OSU (-7.5)

    Essay – Pittsburgh (-13) – POTY

    A few months ago, I told myself that if I survived in this contest until the final week, I would only use my POTY for one game – the annual soul-crushing Steelers finale. And although I have some reservations regarding the Steelers’ actual motivation entering this game, I am sticking to my plan….or word, if you will. Much like Jimmah clinging to phantom continuity and Hue doing a backstroke in Lake Erie, I have to follow through. And since the only reason for my rookie Cheddar success is betting against the Browns, I have to live and die with their incompetence. So for one more week, here’s to DeShone Kizer melting down in the red zone and let’s raise our New Year’s glasses to more offsides penalties, special teams breakdowns and unfinished Josh Gordon pass routes.

    • Dave Kolonich

      Change of heart on the Essay/POTY. Going with Minnesota covering against the Bears. I see a narrative forming where the Vikes become the first ever team to host a Super Bowl….at least until their kicker misses a chip shot FG somewhere down the line, which seems to be their jinx MO in the playoffs.

      • Dave Kolonich

        Also swapping out Pittsburgh for SF with whatever points against the Rams.

  • cwonder23

    Texas +3 (W)
    Virginia +1
    Michigan State +1.5
    Bills -3
    All Play: USC +7.5
    Essay: Arizona State +6.5

    Todd Graham coaches his last game as the Sun Devils’ Head Coach after being fired. I think his recruits will send him out with a win in El Paso. I would be surprised if the Wolfpack fans traveled this far giving ASU the crowd edge. Arizona State faced 11 bowl teams this year and performed well ATS while the Wolfpack were 1-7 against the spread as the favorite. Turnovers are going to ultimately do NC State in and I expect some noise to be made in ASU’s special teams. Todd Graham gets a swan song win in El Paso. ASU 35 – NC State 28. Thanks for another great year of Cheddar and best of luck to those who made the playoffs. It was a very competitive year and I’m looking forward to next year. Happy New Year!

    • cwonder23

      I will stay on Bills -2.5

  • Please enter your picks in the form as you make your picks this week.

    An accurate accounting of the standings is more important this week. Throughout the season I don’t really care if you want to enter the picks all at once at Sunday but not this week. Thank you.

  • squeekycleen

    Game of week and Play of year: Mizzou

    Had Michigan pegged as GOY for Outback but its not eligible so fall back to this. Mizzou started year as absolutely horrible squad, but has turned it around. They can score in bunches. Texas is huge name team and if they were worth a damn they would not be 3 pt dogs here. Herman likely will return program to prominence but they are sketch at best right now. While a case could be made this game means quite a bit to both teams I think Mizzou is overall the better squad and gets it done. At least I didn’t go with the Browns for POY. Should have.

  • cwonder23

    Texas +3

  • Brian

    Arizona -3
    Southern Miss +17

  • lol.
    FSU -17.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Ok here goes nothing. Probably need a lobster fest to sneak in the playoffs.

    1. Southern Miss +14.5

    • youre getting USM at +17 if that’s ok.
      today’s picks gotta go with the lines i posted yesterday.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    USC +7.5
    Stanford +3

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      Mizzou -2.5

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      Southern Miss +17

      • FlyHighCharlieFrye

        Niners -3
        Redskins -3

        I’ve seen an NFL dumpster fire or 12, and if it wasn’t for the Browns the Giants may be considered an all-timer of the sort. As recently as Friday the new GM was cutting people and sitting people and the whole thing has been a shitshow for weeks. There are suspensions and injuries and failures, and there aren’t enough decent young guys to start with who would relish this opportunity to make an impression. They want to go home (can’t blame them) and the Skins should be good enough to oblige. Cousins throws a couple strikes and one turnover makes it really ugly.

  • Just to be clear about the playoff format and what’s written above: The last day of the Cheddar Bay regular season has always been the last day of the NFL season and we have always started the playoffs right after that. The tricky thing is that sometimes the last day of the NFL season falls before January 1, like this year, but other times it falls after January 1, which makes all or most of the best bowl games part of the regular season. This year, obviously, the NFL season ends on December 31, and while we could have just let Jan. 1 be part of the regular season for convenience’s sake (even though it says in the rules that “the playoffs start after week 18 of Cheddar (the end of the NFL season)”), it just seems wrong to not have the majesty of the Jan. 1 college games part of the playoffs here, and it would weight the playoffs too heavily in favor of the NFL anyway.

    Also, we figure that nobody lucky or blessed enough to be part of the illustrious Cheddar Bay playoff field would think of complaining about the honour and privilege of submitting 5 picks for the best day of the college football season even if it is on a quick turnaround.

    Good luck to all the contenders!

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    UCLA for 1

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      How quickly the cheddar season has gone by. Like my previous seasons I’m ending earlier than I would have liked but I’m happy my investment netted 0 with my army-nfl-lobsterfest. This week has been hard to pick an essay mostly because I can’t bring myself to really care about any of the remaining December bowl games. I’m at work right now though and I’d like to get an essay in because my it’s like I’m getting paid to do cheddar bay. I’m voting for UK over Northwestern because NW has covered the last 8 games. The NW kids have good life prospects whether they win or not because for the 7th year in a row they have topped the football nation in GSR with a 99%. UK also had a record breaking year, their highest ever rating, but only at 85%. With only a 1.6% chance as a NCAA football player of having a future in the NFL, it seems like graduation should be the primary goal. The NFL agrees and has an advisory committee set up for underclassman thinking of entering the draft. In 2017 they told 140/167 prospects that they should stay in school. 40 of them ignored the recommendations and 25% of them were not drafted-leaving them jobless and ineligible to play in college anymore. Seems like bad odds. Only 20/27 of they remaining ones to whom the committee gave a favorable draft recommendation decided in the end to enter the draft. I don’t know what happened to the other 7, but maybe they just wanted to see out their BS in ranch managment. Go Wildcats, beat the Wildcats.

      A few other votes
      NFL Texans
      Miss St

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I think you made $10.00 and you treated us all with your respective genius.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        Washington +1.5

  • pheasantpants

    KSU -6.5 over UCLA

    • pheasantpants

      Arizona -3 over Purdue

    • pheasantpants

      TCU -3 over Stanford

    • pheasantpants

      USC +7.5 all play

    • pheasantpants

      Niners essay

      • pheasantpants

        Niners essay SCRATCHED

        • oof.

          • pheasantpants

            Well, we’ll just leave this in 2017.

    • pheasantpants

      Saints essay

      For added extra drama this final day of the regular season, I’m jumping off the Rams resting their starters narrative and going over to the Saints being motivated to win in Tampa and clinch the South.

      Frankly I did not anticipate being in this position, but I credit lessons learned from my rookie year, a commitment to look at the slate of matchups more holistically, and of course the wisdom of this group’s analysis for my big jump in the standings. Thanks of course to Frowns and Kanick and their Herculean efforts to bring us 18+ weeks of football-based entertainment.

      The reasoning is simple. The Saints have a clear objective here and the Bucs don’t; the Saints already have a 20-point win against the Bucs; there is a clear mismatch between the Saints’ O and the Bucs’ D. Lots of weird things can happen, but this feels like a very strong play to me. But we’ll see. Hoping that, like the Saints, I’ll be playing next week too. Happy New Year Bay friends.

  • thatsfine

    NIU +5.5

    • thatsfine

      TXAM +3

      • thatsfine

        USC +7.5

  • West Virginia +6.5 over Utah

  • Capitalgg

    1. Utah -6.5 v West Virginia

    • Capitalgg

      [All-play] Ohio St -7.5 v Southern California
      2. Boston College +2.5 v Iowa

      • Capitalgg

        3. Virginia +1 v Navy

        • Capitalgg

          4. Oakland +8 @ Chargers

          Life on the line is stressful especially when 2 teams behind you still have their POTY. Wish I could have essayed Utah, but it was enough that I was able to get a pick in having to work all week. So I’ve left myself a situation. I won’t play an NFL game as my essay, I think I have better odds of winning the lottery this weekend than hitting on that.

          So I’m hitting a college bowl and I’m going with my gut and putting my playoff hopes against a Big Ten team. Miami has been very good in their biggest games and has sleep walked through the unimportant games. Well, the Orange Bowl is a big game. Wisconsin is a big time opponent.

          Where Miami’s big advantage is speed. Wisconsin is not especially fast. They are disciplined, but not overly athletic. If Miami can avoid big mistakes, they should have an opportunity to make plays against the Badgers. The Hurricanes should also get some opportunities to turn over Alex Hornibrook.

          In summation. Speed kills. Turnover chain. Miami +6.5 v Wisconsin.

          Great season everyone. Good luck in the playoffs. Hopefully, I’m in there with you.

  • Peter Wendler

    West Virginia +6.5


    Guess I’ll kick things off for the week. First things first, hope everyone had a good holiday and upcoming new years
    1. Utah -6.5
    2. N ILL +5.5

    • CLEVTA

      screw it I’ll make Utah -6.5 my essay: WVU has been awful on defense all year ranking 112th in def yards per play. What has kept them even competitive has been the incredible QB play of Will Grier. He had a fantastic season. But he is out for this game and the backup QB came in v Texas and Oklahoma and played poorly (51.5% comp) and has no mobility. Now comes Utah rolling into this game on a bit of a scoring hot streak, scoring 25+ in each of the last 4 games. You’ve probably heard this stat before but Utah HC Willingham is excellent in bowls going 10-1 lifetime. I dont think WVU can keep up with their backup QB against a solid Utah defense, ranking 36th in def yds/play to cover the 6.5.

      • CLEVTA

        3. S Miss +17

        • CLEVTA

          4. USC +7.5
          5. Washington +1.5
          6. Browns +13

          • CLEVTA

            Since I can’t take browns at that liine I’ll go with Den -3

          • CLEVTA

            Plz change den to Arizona

          • wow. and that change makes you the reg season winner! congrats!

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