Wk 17, Seahawks +4.5 at Cowboys

All play is Seahawks +4.5 at Cowboys.

We’ll be back with all the lines tomorrow but want to set a key line for tomorrow’s Boca Raton Bowl:

Akron +23.5 at FAU.

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  • Pittsburgh.

    No AB no problem. Martavis will fill in with JuJu doing his normal work. Bell will be even more involved than normal, at least when needed at the beginning. Houston will do a whole lot of nothing on offense other than chuck the ball to Hopkins and hope for the best. Steelers defense will key in on whatever guy is playing QB for the Texans now and make this an awful Christmas for him. Big Steelers win here will set the Browns up even better for their upcoming Houston draft picks.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Are you dating Erin Andrews too? She told me we are exclusive. Great stuff M B, that is the only conspiracy theory I have ever believed!

  • bupalos


  • Jeff Smith

    Seahawks +4.5 (all play)
    Browns +6.5
    Titans +6.5
    Chiefs -10
    Skins -3.5
    Eagles -9 (essay) – will write up shortly

  • Matt Borcas

    Fresno State

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Browns

    I mean do I need to explain this? I was ripping this contest this year and then I went down with too many Clowns plays. But let’s do it again! One of the worst mistakes you can make is “I won’t play X team anymore because…” I love the Clowns. We are like a team together. I love watching them find ways to lose and blow covers. I mean they are incredible.

  • TS_Butler

    Fresno +2.5
    Rams -6.5
    Pats -11.5
    Falcons +5.5
    Cowboys -4.5 AP
    Eagles -9 Essay to come

  • Nick

    FIU (Loss)
    Eagles -9 vs Raiders
    Cowboys -4.5 vs Seahawks
    Steelers -9.5 vs Texans
    Browns +6.5 vs Bears
    Pats -11.5 vs Bills
    I am jumping on the Pats due to Kanick’s new girl hot take.

    Belichick is a freak job on the highest order and of course he should go coach somewhere else so we can all worship his immaculate football coaching skills. It’s time for several Belichick underlings to get fresh head coaching jobs, so we can watch them do well or not. The camera shots of Matt Patricia on the sidelines are always my favorite part of watching Pats games. Mr. Patricia is a true innovator in the way he wears his pencils, and there is a lot to learn from all of these great men.

    The Jills are heading nowhere fast, Tyrod will be somewhere else next season, so it’s easy to envision an efficient game from Brady to win this one going away. Brady to Gronk sure looks good, and the Bills can’t stop and won’t stop.

  • HitTheHorns

    Titans, Seahawks, Eagles, Steelers

  • Chris Magee

    Rest of picks

    Giants 3.5
    Falcons 5.5
    Essay: Redskins -3.5

    Line is down to 3 but I will still take the skins. This is a home field pick. Denver with absolutely nothing to play for has to go cross country. Emmanuel Sanders is out and the Brockness is starting at QB. The skins have an under-rated defense that has been causing pressure and turnovers which should continue vs brock. On offense they are down to Bibbs at RB but should have enough with Cousins to move the chains. Also Vernon Davis should have a good game with the broncos funneling receptions to the tight end. Sometimes the handicap is as simple as this. Kirk Cousins -3.5 at home vs. Brock and ignore everything else

  • Matt Lawrence

    1. Fresno +2.5
    2. Saints -5.5
    3. Redskins -3.5
    4. Panthers -10
    5. All Play: Dallas -4.5
    6. Browns +6.5

    I never bet the Browns but I’m going to try and go 2-0 in Browns essays this year. I feel like its the week that everyone backs out of betting them because they continue to never cover and they will pull through. In what world should Chicago be favored by almost a TD. My only fear is Hue is a disaster and this team seems to dislike him as much as the fans do. Hopefully they overcome that by not wanting to go 0-16, because who wants to go down in history like that. Give me the Browns for the Christmas Eve miracle.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Akron (L)
    2. Niners +4
    3. Bills +11.5
    4. Bengals +5
    5. Fresno +2.5
    6. Essay/All Play: Seattle +4.5

    I’m always going to roll with Russ as a home dog in December. I know their defense is beat up but I think they will be able to hang in there. Zeke is back and the world will be on Dallas but I think it might take a game or two for the team to readjust. I except the 6th man to bring it and make it difficult for the cowboys.

  • Hottest of hot takes essay. So hot I’m pinning it. I’m essaying the Pats as an excuse to share a fascinating theory I heard last night from the girl I’m dating. Jumping to the reveal, it is this:
    Belichick wants to get out of New England. Would love to take over the Giants.

    Belichick’s loathing of Brady’s guru has been a poorly kept secret for months and only scratches the surface of the problems. Brady and Belichick respect each other but don’t like each other. Belichick hates the TB12 shit, still frosty about Brady’s book release right before the season, and Alex Guerrero is the one aspect of that that Belichick can restrict. But the main deal was: Belichick loved Garrapolo. But Kraft loves Brady. Thus Kraft and Brady ‘won’ and pushed out JG over Belichick’s objections.

    [Sidenote: Belichick handpicked a perfect spot/coach that would allow JG to flourish. Cleveland was never an option both from an organizational perspective and also because Belichick still has a hard-on toward Cleveland for the shitty way he was treated over Kosar. .. As a matter of fact, this Brady saga probably revives suppressed bitter memories of the Kosar saga.]

    So Belichick is:
    – tweaked at Kraft for overruling his football judgement,
    – chafed that all his rings have come with Brady,
    – fondly remembers his days with the NYG,
    – likes/loves the Maras,

    The girl thinks he gets to say Kraft/Brady — you think you’ve got it figured out, go ahead and test your game with Josh McDaniels next year. At same time Belichick thinks he can squeeze a year or two out of Eli and it would be the greatest coaching achievement ever.

    Not gonna lie, whether youre down with the take or not, the girl putting it forward is a keeper. Perhaps we’ll see her next year.

    Also Seahawks and Fresno.

  • oxr

    College! Uh, Toledo -7.5 over Appalachian State, why not.

    • oxr

      Rams -6.5 over Titans – this line may not be overreactiony enough
      Jaguars -4 over 49ers with a sinking feeling
      Browns +6.5 over Bears because the Trubisky-led Bears shouldn’t be favored by a TD against anyone at this stage, plus it would be nice to be able to celebrate with long-suffering Browns-fan friends

      All-Play Seahawks +4.5 over Cowboys – this line is sufficiently overreactiony

      Essay Chargers -6.5 over Jets — OK it’s another West-Coast-road-team/East-Coast-early-game recipe for disaster, but hear me out. The Jets are eliminated from the playoffs, are starting Bryce Petty at quarterback, and are apparently holding Muhammad Wilkerson out of the game so he can’t get hurt and be harder to cut in the offseason. The Chargers don’t control their own destiny but this game is still meaningful for them, depending on how the Chiefs and Titans look, and apart from their last game they’ve been wrecking mediocre opponents for the preceding month. It’s #10 vs #20 in recency-weighted DVOA, which is not as lopsided as I’d like, but ultimately I think the Jets unconscionable QB situation is not being fully accounted for there. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • ChuckKoz

    1) Vikings -9 (Packers – Saturday) –
    2) Rams -6.5 (Titans – 10am) –
    3) Falcons +5.5 (Saints – 10am) –
    4) Toledo -7.5 (App St – Saturday)
    5) Seahawks +4.5 (Cowboys)
    Essay) Bears -6.5 (Browns – 10am)
    No way Kizer can keep his head up/in this game. 0-13 as a starter and the INTs and 4th quarters keep getting worse. If he managed to go on the road and play his best game, which would be required for a win, you’d practically have to think he is going to be a great QB based on his toughness. However, what will happen is almost assuredly another bad game by him. It was never fair the situation he was put in. Then add in Hue doing whatever he can to seemingly sabotage the offense with such a reliance on passing (side note: Hue taking shots at Crow seems like a fireable offense….if we need any beyond his record). And considering Kizer literally a zero threat to pass from under center, its not really even possible to get a real run game going. Its a joke. It will continue.
    Bears 27, Browns 10

  • Troy Bunting

    All Play – Seahawks +4.5
    LA Rams -6.5
    LA Chargers -6.5
    Jacksonville -4
    Vikings -9

    Essay – SDSU -6.5
    Army left everything they had on Lincoln Financial Field in Philly when they beat Navy. I don’t think they can keep up with SDSU. Breshard Penny (or whatever his first name is) is legit. He should be able to run all over Army. Army’s only chance is to keep the ball the entire game and I don’t see that happening. SDSU should have enough athleticism and scoring potential to beat the 1 TD spread. An added layer to SDSU is their ability to play the triple option. They play Air Force every year in the mountain west, and although AF no longer runs a pure triple option (Army didn’t throw the ball for 4 games), the assignment based defensive scheme shouldn’t be anything that SDSU can’t adopt and stop.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    SDSU -6.5
    vikes -9
    Seahawks +4.5
    Fresno +2.5
    Browns +6.5
    Jags -4
    Need to go back to the drawing board for next years contest. It’s been a rough year. I do like the jags. I think the jimmy G band wagon I rolling but jimmy g’s never faced a defense like this. I just hope my man bortles doesn’t shit the bed this week. If bottles continues his solid play the jags will dominate. Would love a jags pats AFC championship. They really need the 2 seed. Probably need to win out to get it.

  • HitTheHorns

    Army +6.5

    • HitTheHorns

      seeing lots of Vikings picks and I have points to make up so lets go ESSAY PACKERS tonight. Nobody is picking Green Bay since they are eliminated from contention and A-Rod and Devante Adams are out. Pressure is officially off with A-Rod out; Packers should play really hard since jobs are now officially on the line. Hundley has shown improvement since his first two starts – a young QB making small steps and progress. At some point I expect Keenum to come back to earth, and a late game on a short week in Lambeau seems like as good a spot as any for it to happen.

  • LittleBallofHate

    One biscuit picks — OU (-7, WIN), USF (-2.5), Lions (-5), Niners (+4)
    All Play — Cowboys (-4.5)
    Essay — Chargers (-6.5) vs. Jets
    Normally the West Coast team traveling East, especially on Christmas Eve, would be a no fly zone, but the Jets are struggling on offense now that Luke McCown is out for the season. The Chargers still have slim playoff hopes and would be leading the AFC West right now if it wasn’t for a string of close losses at the beginning of the season. That combination should be enough for Los Angeles to win by 7 or more.

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Buff +13-too Many pts Buff fighting for playoff spot, Pats off tough game with Pitt. Pats 24 Buff 20
    Saints-5.5- Home game, Atlanta off short week, Kamara is back. 31-24
    Vikes -9- Playing against Case in a Fantasy championship. He will blow up and Vikes roll 31-10
    Seahawks + 4.5 Seahawks off getting blown out, playoff elimination game Dallas 27-24
    Toledo -8- Just bc I have to pick a college game. Yuck!.

    TITANS +6.5 Playing for a division title and playing at home. Rams off their game of the year where their longest drive was 47 yards. Special teams really played a role in field position. Add in Xmas week and family time, coupled with an early 1:00 PM start. Titans at home in a must win spot. Rams 20 Titans 17

    • Peter Wendler

      Need a college game Tommy

      • truth. there’s one tomorrow, none monday, fyi.

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    “Oh, being outside the playoff window is frightful,
    But, a Lobsterfest would be so delightful,
    And since near the top I hover,
    Let my teams cover, let them cover, let them cover!”

    Toldeo (-7.5) over Appalachian State: All the MAC teams are dominating! I mean, Akron only allowed 50 to a teams trying to run up the score.
    Fresno State (+2.5) over Houston: The Mountain West Conference was my staple to my run this year, so have to take the Bulldogs if they are getting points. I’m calling an outright win here as well.
    Cardinals (-3.5) over Giants: The Cardinals haven’t tanked the season yet, while the Giants still have an outside shot at the number one pick.
    Lions (-5) over Bengals: I ALMOST made this my Essay pick, but the Bengals have a few players back. I’ve always liked Marvin Lewis, so it’s sad to see him go out like this. Lions just need this game too much.
    All-Play: Cowboys (-4.5) over Seahawks: GREAT pick for the All-Play. This was a tough one, but I think the Seahawks in-fighting is going to be the downfall of this team and the end of a mini-dynasty. Cowboys get Zeke back and smell (Carson Wentz’s) blood in the water.
    Essay: San Diego State (-6.5) over Army: The Aztecs only two losses are to Mountain West powers Fresno State and Boise State. They also are a run-oriented team, so they are used to seeing a team like Army (taking away a distinct advantage the Golden Knights normally have). The Aztecs have a better defense than Army, can pass the ball a little if they have a 3rd and long, and have ALREADY PLAYED IN HAWAII ONCE THIS YEAR. All this adds up to a win for the Aztecs by at least a touchdown. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4c0b723a555c026b8f64d0916404d55755372eee9097d33cf84a1521c591aeb.jpg

  • SDSU -6.5. Penny is dope. Dude ran for 2,000+ and is barely on people’s radar. Army used all their mojo to put away Navy.
    VIKINGS -9. Clinching the first round bye tonight at Lambeau against Hundley. Vikes are my Superbowl winner at the moment.
    FRESNO +2.5. I’ll take the points and the win. Fresno has a top notch D.

    the rest tomorrow…

    • BILLS +11.5. I think the Bills come up with some magic today.
      COWBOYS -4.5. Zeke is back, and Dak is Dak, Seattle is wrapping up a brutal four game stretch against Philly, Jacksonville, LA Rams and now Dallas. Touch stretch.
      $$$ RAMS -6.5. $$$ Titans are trashy. They keep going back and forth whether they want to make the playoffs or sit at home on the couch. Mariota hasn’t been too solid of late, and the Rams can win through the air, on the ground, or with their D. And who doesn’t love a weekend trip to Nashville, amirite??? I think the Rams rout another team today, mostly because Titans aren’t shutting down their offense, and eventually get outpaced. While Vikings are my superbowl favorite, the Rams and Saints are right behind them. Should be a fun postseason.

  • Dave Borcas

    Lions -5
    Fresno St -2.5
    Stiller -9.5
    Raiders +9
    Cowboys -4.5 (all play)
    Jaguars -4 (essay, using essay bye week)
    Merry Christmas to all, hopefully Hue gets fired as a Christmas present for all Browns fans

  • trashycamaro

    Essay to follow: whoever plays the Browns -x over Browns

    • trashycamaro

      Broncos +3.5 over Washington Football Team

      Essay Bears over Browns so now Hue is telling everyone that DeShone was a 2nd round qb so no one should expect too much out of him. This guy is just the best for building up his players. I think we all knew that DSK had issues coming in to the league. And Hue needs to be honest with himself and the front office. But this is about the 15th time he has thrown his rookie starting qb under the bus. Dude has to have worse confidence than David Carr at this point. I don’t think he will ever be a viable starting qb in this league but you have to believe in the guys you got. No worries wonder dudes like Rosen and Darnold are saying anywhere but Cleveland. And of course Haslam has made such a mess that even if getting rid of Hue is for the best he is going to look just as bad if he does considering he gives Hue a vote of confidence on a weekly basis.

  • let’s roll with TTU, SDSU, and Toledo today.

  • jdoepke

    Seahawks +4.5 (AP)
    Texas Tech +2.5
    Rams – 6.5
    49ers +4
    Saints – 5.5

    Essay: Lions -5
    Ok listen, I see a lot of folks picking the Bengals here. 71% of the public on the Lions and probably an overreaction to Bengals getting blown out last week. Normally I would take the home dogs and fade the general public. However, as a Bengals fan and listening to sports talk all week down here, here’s what I know: This team has quit! Despite getting injured players back this team lacks motivation and the “win one for the gipper” mentality as Marvin heads out of town isn’t remotely enough for this team of misfits. I expect undisciplined football filled with penalties for the Bengals. On the other hand, the Lions are 8-6 and 2 winnable games left with a real chance at going 10-6 and making the playoffs. The Lions aren’t great and I get that but the Bengals are done (like my chances in this contest) and are playing for a lame duck coach who refuses to admit the truth. Lions roll 31-10

  • 1. San Diego St.

  • South Florida +2.5 vs. Texas Tech
    San Diego State -6.5 vs. Army
    AP: Cowboys -4.5 vs Seahawks
    Texans +9.5 vs. Steelers: Third time with the Texans is a charm for Yates.
    Fresno St. +2.5 vs. Houston

    *POTY* Browns -6.5 vs. Bears
    Here. We. Go. To the best of my knowledge (and ability to filter the spreadsheet) I have not played the Browns this Cheddar season. The entire year has been leading up to this. On Christmas Eve morning, Nick Harlow and I will venture to Soldier Field. This will be the first game I have attended in almost three years. In fact, I think the last game I attended was in Nashville, when the Browns overcame a 25-point deficit in the second half, with Brian Hoyer. Yes. Good things happen when I am present.
    In my heart of hearts (not to be confused with my brain of brains), I believe the Browns will win this outright. I don’t suspect the crowd will be a factor, high of 25 degrees with snow flurries. We could not find another pair of souls willing to attend this game with us. Trubisky will feel an odd sense of pressure, playing in front of his hometown’s eyes. Last year the Browns delivered the first win of the year on Christmas Eve, so I’m starting to think it is a tradition. Unconventional at best, but it is ours.
    This is likely my last NFL game unless some major renovations are done. Watching NFL football no longer brings me joy – betwixt the physical brutality, permissive culture of sexual and physical assault, tax dollars funding stadiums, racist overtones, military propaganda, inept referees, and blowhard announcers, I can find little to enjoy. This is why we can’t have nice things, darling. Considering this will be my grand professional football finale, I can hope the end comes not with a Bear’s bang but a winning Brown’s wimper.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Won my PoTY with the Browns in their first game. The Browns are always a safe bet.

  • Hawkaholic

    Packers +9
    USF -2.5
    Chargers -6.5
    Pats -11.5
    AP: Cowboys -4.5
    Essay: Steelers -9.5

    Pittsburgh dropped a tough one last week but they still obviously have a ton to play for and you never know what can happen; I mean Brady is 40! Not to mention Tom Savage being out today, I think that definitely tipped it to the Steelers for me. The Steelers need that first round bye so they will be going all out and the Texans are just a bad football team and have all but given up. The Steelers get the big stage on Monday and should be eager to revenge last weeks questionable loss. Look for the Steelers to be roasting some chestnuts on the sidelines late in the 4th quarter after they cruise to a big win. Happy Festivus everyone

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I am very excited about The Airing of the Grievances! We are about to start in 30 minutes! We Air from noon until midnight, it last much longer with the use of both gin and tequila.

  • Brian


    • Brian


      • Brian

        Essay Pick:

        Chargers -6.5
        Going with the chargers today, mainly because I don’t think the jets will cause 4 fumbles this week like they did last. The Saints should have won by 4 scores but they fumble down 3 times in the red zone. I think rivers gets it done on offense and I think Bryce Petty is a trash QB. Ingram and Bosa will have a field day against a mediocre jets line. As long as the Chargers don’t let the jets stay in the game, then they should easily win by 14-17 points. They should be able to turn Bryce Petty into a turnover machine. Chargers for 3 biscuits


    1. App St +7.5
    2. T Tech +2.5
    3. Panthers -10
    4. Seahawks +4.5 (AP)
    5. Titans +6.5
    6. Bengals +5 (essay): When this line came out I couldn’t believe it. It was a terrible line and was strictly biased towards what has happened the last 2 weeks for Cinci. After that brutal gm on MNF v Pitt they lost half their D to injury and had no chance v the Bears. The next week they go into a hostile environment and great D in Minnesota and learn moments before kick that Marvin was resigning on twitter. They had no chance. Now they are going back to cinci for their final home gm of the season and get back pretty much all of their injured guys (Kirkpatrick, Mixon, Burfict, Ioka) and face a vastly overrated Lions team. Lions are 30th in net first downs per play and in the last 5 weeks are 31st in run D, 30th in explosive run plays allowed. Mixon should have a field day. Add to all of this that a dome team has to go play outdoors in Cincinnati where it is supposed to be in the mid 30’s with 80% chance of snow. Yikes

  • Jmacdaddio

    Cowboys -4.5
    Packers +9 (that’s a lot of points)
    Saints -5.5
    Redskins +3.5
    USF -2.5
    Fresno St +2.5 (Essay)

    What bowl game is this? Ah yes, the prestigious Hawaii Bowl. I’m happy to see that it’s not sponsored by CarQuest or some obscure regional chain pet supply store. Now, fear not, the Hawaii Bowl is sponsored, just not by anyone willing to plonk down for naming rights. This year’s contest features Fresno St. taking on Houston. Both schools seem to be evenly matched. Their recent performances are comparable. The difference maker is clearly Fresno’s win in Hawaii earlier this season. They know how to win in paradise, assuming your idea of paradise is paying eight dollars for a gallon of milk.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all of our players, including the ones who are leapfrogging me as I continue my free fall.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Florida Atlantic (W)
    S. Florida (-2.5)
    Lions (-5)
    Baltimore (-13)
    AP – Cowboys (-4.5)
    Essay – Bears (-6.5)

    The sole reason for my survival and any successes gained during my initial Cheddar Bay run has been the Browns’ brilliant and reliable nature as a constant loser. The Browns as an essay loser has been a nice little safety cushion while I try to figure out the rest of the league – especially now that teams’ motivations are quickly changing. While the Bears will likely experience a similar turnover this offseason, they have a bit of forward momentum with a nice defense, maybe a good QB and the likelihood of keeping their front office intact. We’ll go Bears as I hope for one more week of Browns’ failure before the most important game in expansion era history takes place in Pittsburgh.

  • Chris Magee

    Early Picks
    South Florida – 2.5
    Houston Cougars – 2.5
    All Play: Seahawks +4.5

    Rest of picks TBD

  • GRRustlers

    Week 17 Picks

    POTY – FAU (W) A random unnamed Akron official led you to go for two up by 31. What a dick but an easy reason to make FAU your play of the year over a bad Akron team.

    San Diego St (-6.5) over Army
    49ers (+4) over Jaguars
    Browns (+6.5) over Bears
    Toledo (-7.5) over App State
    Seahawks (+4.5) over Cowboys

  • cwonder23

    Jags -4
    Bears -6.5
    USF -2.5
    Wyoming -3
    Rams -6.5
    All Play/Essay: Seahawks +4.5
    Cowboys get their boy Zeke back which vastly improves their chances of winning and sneaking into the playoffs. However, I’m putting this pick on the shoulders of a QB that’s been there before, Russell Wilson. The Seahawks Defense is decimated with injuries which I surely a problem but I think they find a way to gut out a key road win in Dallas. Wilson has an MVP-like game and the ‘Hawks seal this one. Seahawks 27 – Cowboys 20

  • pheasantpants

    Ohio Bobcats -7
    USF -2.5

    • pheasantpants

      Would appear that Colts-ravens has become this week’s no play.

    • pheasantpants

      SDSU -6.5

    • pheasantpants

      Bengals +5
      Seahawks +4.5

    • pheasantpants

      Essay: Bears

      The Bears are full of vim and vigor since starting Northeast Ohio resident and noted titty-kisser Mitch Trubisky. This hasn’t necessarily translated to wins, but the Bears have been much closer to victory than the Browns over that stretch.

      A lot of Browns votes on this site have boiled down to “Well they’re going to win sooner or later,” which is certainly no given, and in fact seems increasingly unlikely. I did see that Hue Jackson is 2-0 on Christmas eve and 0-33 otherwise in his last 35 games, but I can’t help but think the Browns are now sucked in by the powerful tractor beam of impending history.

      Typically the Bears are not a team I’d risk three points on, but very difficult to pick with Berea’s Best this year in this contest. As one of this group’s resident Lions fans, I urge you all to embrace the winless season, if it happens, and enjoy the parade.

      Merry Christmas cheddar bay.

  • thatsfine

    FIU +7

    • thatsfine

      Cmu essay
      I have watched Wyoming play football multiple times this year, with or without Josh Allen they have been pretty limited due to their lack of a running game. When Josh Allen is out there clearly the team is better, the guy who replaced it was absolutely terrible. However, their defense has kept them in most of their games, I think central Michigan can exploit their defense, Shane Morris is a good quarterback in the Michigan transfer. I don’t think they’ll be phased by cold weather, these guys are from Michigan. Give me CMU for the cover

      • thatsfine

        Packers +9

        • thatsfine


          • thatsfine


  • Nick

    FIU +7 vs Temple for 1 pt please

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Cowboys -4.5
    Colts +13.5
    Texas Tech +2.5
    Bungles +5
    Panthers -10
    **** Steelers -9.5 ****
    Antonio Brown is out and while that is certainly a setback for the Saffron and Slate, it may be a bit of a blessing in disguise. They will run more and they are at their most dominant when Le’veon Bell is carrying the ball. The Steelers are still in the conversation for a trip to the Stuporbowl and the Texans can only look forward to a top 5 draft pick. (No, wait a moment, I need to check but there may be a problem with the Texans tanking to get a better first round pick.)
    The Toxins have little to play for and I certainly do not see them rallying around their much maligned coach to “win one for the gipper”. Bill O’Brien stoically stated that he “will never quit”! We all know “coachspeak” and we are well aware that he means “buy out my damn contract and let me get out of this blast furnace you call a city”. The Steelers will have that spread covered by halftime.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Pilot error again I am embarrassed to say. I clicked on the entrant sheet to post my essay and it Automagically took it as my PoTY when I arrow scrolled. Sorry about that MB

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY*** Vikings -9 @ GB
    No Aaron Rodgers, no playoffs, no desire. It’s pretty plain and simple that this is not your average Packers-Vikings game. With Atlanta’s win on Monday night, the Packers’ playoff hopes were over… and Rodgers sits. I expect some other banged-up players to see bench time for GB, and Minnesota has everything to play for. With a Rams loss @ Tennessee (*note I picked the Rams), the Vikings lock up a bye and can still hope for Philly to lose out. I expect Keenum to shred the GB secondary, and Murray to bang in a couple short TD’s. Vikings 31 Packers 17

    2.) Panthers -10 vs Bucs
    3.) Redskins -3.5 vs Broncos
    4.) Rams -6.5 @ Titans
    5.) Jags -4 @ SF
    AP.) Cowboys -4.5 vs Seattle

    • Hey buddy this ain’t no free for all, you gotta pick a college game!

      • Peter Wendler

        haha, and I had just gotten done saying how bad I am at picking the NFL :/

    • Peter Wendler

      Removing Rams and adding Florida Int’l +7

    • Peter Wendler

      Pulling off Redskins -3.5 and onto South Florida -2.5 #desparationtime

  • Art Briles Hirer

    Wyoming -3 over CMU
    Vikings -9 over Packers
    USF -2.5 over Texas Tech
    Lions -5 over Bengals
    Bears -6.5 over Browns
    Seahawks +4.5 over Cowboys (All-play)

    • Art Briles Hirer

      Alright folks here comes another Lions essay on the heel of a 3-3 start!

      The stars are aligning for a Lions playoff run. Two easy games to finish the year, having to get lucky with two other teams, this is the only way the Lions ever make the playoffs.

      The real question now is, can you really fire Jim Caldwell after going 10-6 and a playoff spot? I mean, I guess you could. But they won’t.

      So I’m getting ready to all of this again. Pin all the hopes on having a good draft, taking another running back in the 2nd round and offensive lineman in the 1st, being really confused when they still can’t run the ball. Watch Stafford beat every bad team and lose to every good team. Drop the one winnable game against the good team because of poor officiating.

      I guess it’s still more fun than being a Bears fan.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    I’ll take akron bc everyone is on FAU

  • Much to my consternation, the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Rat Mouth Bowl is, to me, the most compelling game on the slate this week. Despite the many reasons to vote against the Zips in this one (I sat and watched that Kent State game in person), I can’t resist the extra point we’re getting in this contest on top of what’s already said to be the largest bowl line in history. I feel like this is one of those that’s destined to land right on the number and will hope to land on the right side of it. I also hope that the fact that Kato Nelson will have 50 friends and family members in the crowd tonight will help the Zips offense look less hopeless tonight. Akron +23.5 for my vote of the week.

  • Capitalgg

    1. Florida Atlantic -23.5 v Akron

    • Capitalgg

      [All-play] Cowboys -4.5 v Seahawks
      2. Central Michigan +3 v Wyoming
      3. Appalachian St +7.5 v Toledo
      4. Panthers -10 v Buccaneers

      I’m sitting above the line with 2 weeks to play and sitting on a 1-0 week so far thanks to the early mismatch in Boca Raton. That should have been my essay, but didn’t have time to upgrade it.

      So I’m spelunking through the rest of the games this week and realized I like about 2 other games to even play and had to make an essay out of it. Huge numbers this week for the favorites makes this week spectacularly tough to pick. So I’m going to play a suckers number more so to be against a team than for the team.

      New Orleans is better than Atlanta. Somehow Atlanta stole the initial meeting between the teams in the ATL. The Saints get a revenge opportunity while the Falcons are playing on the road, on the short week coming off of a very tough must-win division game on Monday. The spot favors the team from NOLA, so Saints -5.5 is the play this week.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    FAU for one

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      App State

      Just because I haven’t used it, my non-essay essay pick is the Chargers

  • CLEinMSP

    FAU -23.5 for one point

    • CLEinMSP

      Panthers -10
      Titans +6.5
      Chargers -6.5
      Seahawks +4.5 (All Play)
      Vikings -9 (Essay)

      The Vikings are playing to try and get home field for the NFC Playoffs. Meanwhile, the Packers season is over and they wisely put Rodgers on the shelf until next year. I know this is a “rivalry” game, but I just don’t see the Packers putting up much of a fight in this game against a highly motivated Vikings team that is well balanced on both sides of the ball. The Packers red zone defense is the worst in the NFL. This is one of the few seasons in the Rodgers era where the Vikings are the better team. I think they want to destroy the Packers tonight.

  • Dave Kolonich

    I’ll take Lane Kiffin and FAU for a point, please.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    I can’t believe I was beaten by 11 hours to a dueling Tuesday vote. So much to love about cheddar bay.
    My night shift essay:
    Tuesday night Maction is back with Akron U participating in the illustrious Cheribundi Tart Cherry Rat Mouth Bowl. In case you did not know, Cheribundi is the official muscle recovery drink of the Cheribundi Bowl. Cheribundi is a tart cherry drink (not to be confused with sweet cherries.) They claim they worked with researches from Cornell University to explore the benefits of tart cherry juice, but they don’t say the temporal relationship of the researches to Cornell-it could be a couple of hospitality grads who drank some of the juice and filled out a survey. A pubmed search shows a lot of poorly designed and under powered studies on tart cherries (randomized studies of 8-30 patients, small observation studies not controlled for bias, and in vitro word soups) in which the juice may or may not help with sleep and muscle soreness depending on how much you can handle drinking in a day. There was only one published study out of Cornell and that was on horses that were made to drink cherry juice. I’m not sure if this horse study is what the folks at Cheribundo are talking about or if there is some unpublishable pseudoscience crap floating around somewhere. Good stuff. 93% of the public is on FAU so naturally I’m going to take Akron. My cousin is in the Akron Band and has been in Florida for the last few days getting ready for the show. The band is pretty good and the team usually wins or covers when they are there. It’s part of the fun of college football and a tradition worth keeping. Let’s hope Akron the football players are as prepared as the trombone section and keep it to 3 touchdowns and a safety or less.

    Akron +23.5

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      Louisiana tech
      Florida international

      • agnesbojaxhiu


  • GRRustlers

    PLAY OF THE YEAR – Week 17

    Licking my wounds from the nonsense that was the MAC title game in which Akron cost me three precious cheddar points by finding the end zone twice in the final six minutes I am back for more.

    I had the joy of watching this game while I was working (How great is PS Vue?) and my main thought was that this final score was going to be whatever Toledo wanted it to be. Toledo scored 45 points. They had 561 yards and they had 5 turnovers. They easily could have scored 70+ had they just taken care of the football. I take no joy in making fun of the school I went to but the fact that Akron won 7 games this year should be the answer as to why multiple bowl eligible MAC teams were left at home this bowl season.

    FAU gets a home bowl game vs a team that they should score at will against and since Lane is a complete dick I highly doubt he eases up. This game should be over by the time the Cavs tip off in Milwaukee so enjoy the basketball game everyone.

    FAU (-23.5) over Akron

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