• Harbaugh Handshakes

    Seahawks +6

  • bupalos


  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Stanford W
    2. AP: OSU -6.5 L
    3. FIU -1 W
    4. Georgia +2.5 W
    5. Essay: chiefs -3 non writing week
    6 Seahawks +6

  • RAVENS -3. Lions have no running game, and that Baltimore Defensive backfield causes problems. Assuming Flacco is even half the QB Tony Grossi thinks he is, this should be fine.

    SAINTS -4.5. Panthers are banged up and are somehow quietly 8-3. Saints coming off a loss. I think they have too many weapons in a high-scoring affair.

    $$$ NINERS +3.5. $$$ You don’t need to see a season’s worth of games to know that the Browns missed another one. Watch Jimmy’s eyes. Watch his feet, and shoulders and confidence in the pocket. See how he takes care of the football. See as he escapes the pocket that he’s still got his eyes downfield, stressing the defense into mistakes and pre-mature commitment. Now, some of that has definitely come from spending time in the shadow and film room of #12, and some of it has come from the best coaching in the NFL. The rest of it comes from his attitude, aptitude, athleticism and instinct. Those are the four things I look for first…forget this hand measuring and height bullshit. Who can process what they’re seeing the quickest from the clues the defense is giving them before the snap? Who has the nuts to stare down the gun barrel as the biggest baddest dudes in the world come bearing down off the left end? And who can make the plays with their feet, and the throws with zip and consistent accuracy?

    This extra half point makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside. You catch the Bears offense last week? Yikes, dude. Fucking abysmal. Note to Trubisky: I’m right down the road in Chicago. Come see me this offseason and we will watch all the film and do all the footwork and you’ll never look like a rookie again. He’ll be fine, it’ll just take some time. Reps matter, and Mitch didn’t get enough of them in college. Stay in school, kids.

  • trashycamaro

    Bucs +2.5 over Packers
    Eagles -3 over Seahawks
    Raiders -7 over Giants
    Chiefs -3 over Jets
    Essay Chargers -13.5 over Browns Continuing taking the free money by picking against the Browns looks to be in a little danger this week. I always hate throwing weight over double digit spreads. Typically I would leave this game out, but let’s look and see just how much better the Chargers are than the Brownies from Cleveland.

    So heading over to Football Outsider to help out we see that the Chargers are 16th in DVOA overall at +3.3% (higher numbers are better), up to 12 at 6.6% with more weight being given to recent games. Cleveland is magically not last, one spot higher and 6% better then the 4-7 Dolphins at -29.9% (-27.1% weighted).

    The Chargers are #10 in offense and #12 in defense with the Browns at #31 and #20 respectively. I do not think those numbers really justify that spread. But I think I know what does…

    The Chargers defensive line grades out at #7 in adjusted sack rate at 8% (jax is #1 at 9.8%, Pit is #2 at 9.2% and Oak, Ind, SF, Buf and TB are the only teams under 5%). CLE pass protection allows a 7.6% adjusted sack rate good for #22 (Keenum and Roethlisberger never get sacked, bth sub 4%, while the Jets and Indy QBs run for their lives over 10%).

    Well, that really didn’t go where I expected. Apparently Kizer will have the normal amount of time to throw.

    Well the Chargers are pretty bad at run blocking (#29) and the Browns are pretty great at stopping the run (#2), although average in short situtations (power success allowed 63%, #14).

    So I guess its just the obvious thing. FO has Rivers as the #4 QB (Brady, Brees, Keenum) and Kizer dead last among qualifiers at #35 (one spot behind Flacco!!).

    So, if I was still in the race for the playoffs I would avoid this game, but I’m not so let’s go Chargers! Only you can help the Browns keep the #1 pick and use it on a player who will be playing somewhere else within 4 years!

  • LittleBallofHate

    Going to take my non-essay week since I didn’t get back from The American Title game shootout until after 2 a.m. and it has been a loooooooonnnnngggg week being on Jimbo watch:
    One cheddar picks: Redskins (loser), The U (loser), Niners (+3.5), Jags (-9.5)
    All play: Buckeyes (damn half a point loser)
    Essay: Rams (-7). In short, they are rolling and the Cards are struggling without Palmer. Yes, they got the win over the Jags last week but LA just has too much offense.

  • Matt Lawrence

    1. Stanford +4 W
    2. Memphis +7.5 W
    3. FAU -11 W
    4. OSU -6.5 L
    5. TBD
    6. Niners +3.5**
    A couple reasons not to bet the Niners in the game, or just to stay away all together. West coast team traveling east for a 1:00 kick. QB getting first start of the year on a bad team. But, the Bears should not be laying points to anybody. Trubisky has been ok but nothing to write home about. If not for a decent running game, their offense would be awful. Shanahan has the Niners playing competitively on a weekly basis. I’m excited to see the beginning of the Jimmy G era in San Fran.

    • Matt Lawrence

      5. Seahawks +6

  • Jeff Smith

    Ohio State -6.5

    Clemson -9.5

    Well, the Hurricanes have yet to face a team of Clemson’s caliber (no, ND is not even close). They were faced with a tough road loss last week at Pitt. Miami is playing without Chris Herndon and Ahmonn Richards (their #2 and 3 WR’s) – outside of Braxon Berrios their next best WR has 14 catches which will make it awfully difficult to get it going through the air against a stingy defense that doesn’t give up much on the ground. The injury to Mark Walton in early October was also a big hit to this team. Miami road games – -10 at Pitt, +5 at UNC, +4 at FSU, and +25 at Duke (however this was near the beginning of the year). Clemson usually shows up in big games and has absolutely no issues showing up on the road or at a neutral site. Combine that with the fact that this game is playing played in Charlotte near home. The Canes run defense has been susceptible throughout the year which is not a good sign since Clemson puts up 200+ per game on the ground. I think Clemson will make an effort to slow down or double Berrios which should create some issues for Rosier who may have lost some confidence last week after being benched for a series in the 4th with the game on the line. I think Miami is heading downhill which is a bad time to run into a Clemson team that has been rolling along. Clemson is a different animal compared to the rest of Miami’s opponents. 3 points of value on this game as well as the line is currently sitting at 12.5.

    If this essay is too close to game time, I can re-write one for tomorrow’s NFL slate, but give me Clemson -9.5 regardless. (it is currently 7:56pm EST)

    • Sorry, essays have to be in an hour before kickoff. Please resubmit one for NFL.

      • Jeff Smith

        No worries, I appreciate the note back. I just wanted to be honest about it because I thought I had recalled that essays had to be in an hour before earlier in the year. My score will have to be adjusted at some point from 43.5 back to 41.5 (I was at 40.5 prior to the Clemson win). Thanks again for the help!

    • Jeff Smith

      Ravens – 3

      The Ravens typically bring their A game when playing at home. Prior to last week, Baltimore’s margin of victory in their wins this year was 13+ in all of their wins (outside of last week against the Texans in which they won by 7). Basically, if Baltimore wins, they cover, so if you believe that Baltimore is going to win this game straight up, in all likeliness they should cover as well. The Baltimore Defense has put this team on their back while the offense continues to struggle, but they are doing just enough to get the job done. The Lions are coming off a tough home loss against the Vikings on Thanksgiving and have a few extra days of rest, while the Ravens lost a day of rest since they played on Monday night (however I don’t believe this will be a factor. Stafford should have his hands full against this Ravens defense that should force him to put the ball in the air throughout the game. Go Ravens…. Wait, did I really just say that… Yes, I did because our Cleveland Browns are an atrocious joke.

      Other 3 NFL plays on the way, but I wanted to get the essay completed in advance

      • Jeff Smith

        Other 3 NFL Plays

        Patriots -9
        49ers +3.5
        Chargers -13.5

        • Jeff Smith

          Just to make it easy, here are all of this weeks plays in one message to summarize:

          Clemson -9.5 (Win)
          Ohio State (all play) (Loss)
          Patriots -9
          49ers +3.5
          Chargers -13.5
          Ravens -3 (essay)

    • ravens it is for the essay!

  • bupalos

    I don’t even understand this OSU line. Wisconsin is pretty simply the better team I think. I’m in a special situation where nothing actually matters, but you guys and gals taking OSU because you want points are insane.

    OSU -6.5

  • clayII

    tOSU (-6.5)

  • wisconsin tonight.

  • John

    I submitted
    Georgia +2.5 earlier
    All play
    Wisconsin +6.5

    Clemson -9.5

    • John

      Clemson -9.5
      If the good Miami shows up – I’m in trouble. But here’s the thing. Miami is up and down.
      Clemson is reliable. The Tigers have been about as consistent as possible.

      I think they will keep the ball in their own hands. control the TOP- and not turn it over. Eff the turnover chain. and get to the good bling- a 3rd ACC trophy.

      hearts and hugs my football humans.

      • your essays have the length of a haiku. hasa diga ebowai!

    • John

      Bears +3.5 to the 49ers
      Seahawks +6 to the Eagles
      Broncos +1 to the Dolphins

  • oxr

    All-Play Wisconsin +6.5 over Ohio State

    • oxr

      Mercifully forgot to pick the Redskins on Thursday as I had intended, so I have five to play with today.

      Ugh the Broncos -1 over Miami I guess
      Saints -4.5 over Panthers
      Texans +6.5 over Titans
      Vikings +3 over Falcons

      Essay Eagles -6 over Seahawks – Bandwagon pick! I like that it’s less than a TD, basically, and I think the Seahawks defense is being given undue residual respect. Home field, yes, sure, but within recent weeks the Seahawks have, as gracious hosts, managed to lose to the Redskins and Falcons as well as giving up 38 points to the Texans. I’m not saying they suck all of a sudden but I’m way less scared of this pick than I would’ve been a couple of years ago. It’s only #1 vs #10 in recency-weighted DVOA, but the gap between #1 and #10 is the same as the gap between #10 and #27. Six points is less of a stretch than a lot of games on this board (just can’t bring myself to pick the Browns though).

  • TS_Butler

    Badgers +6.5
    UGA +2.5
    Clemson -9.5

    • TS_Butler

      Lions +3
      Bills +9

      Another essay that I’m picking with my heart and not my head. Belichick seems to have a special hate in his heart just for Buffalo. It seems like every year he finds new ways to beat the Bills and embarrass them in the process. I’m not sure how the Bills are going to slow down the Pats offense but 9 points is a lot and I’m really hoping for a competitive game. Hopefully a little turnover luck is on the Bills side today as it was during the hot start. Go Bills.

      • TS_Butler

        Give me Saints -4.5 for my final cheddar

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Georgia +2.5
    Ohio State -6.5
    Broncos -1
    Chiefs -3
    Browns +13.5
    Back with final pick later

    Do I agree with urban riding with jt when he had surgery on Sunday….nope. Do I think Haskins is a better option…yup. Does Ohio State pay me millions to make those decisions…nope. Do I think Wisconsin can run on Ohio State…nope. Do I think hornibrook can make plays…nope. Is wisconsins defense for real or a product of a weak schedule…not sure.

    I do know the bucks will be ready to play. I do think jt will make some plays. If not I pray Haskins gets his shot. I think Ohio State rips apart Wisconsin and makes life miserable for the playoff committee. Make no mistake urb wants to leave no doubt. Can’t crack the door for Alabama.

  • Matt Borcas

    Auburn, Miami, Ohio State. Stay tuned as I may be back to essay the Buckeyes later today!

    • Matt Borcas

      As teased earlier, I am BACK to essay the Bucks. And not only am I essaying them, I’m POTYing them! Why? Well, first off, I’m undefeated when I pick OSU over Wisconsin in the B1G title game as my POTY (see: 2014). With a playoff spot potentially on the line for the Buckeyes, I’m getting serious 2014 vibes and feel morally obligated to capitalize on them. Moreover, though, Ohio State grades out as the most efficient team in the country (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaa) and has shown they can compete with (and beat) some of the best teams in the country. (I view the Iowa game as an unfortunate aberration that will have no impact on this game.) Wisconsin … not so much. Their best win is over Lane Kiffin’s upstart Florida Atlantic team, and that was in early September, before FAU caught fire. The Badgers haven’t faced talent anywhere CLOSE to the Buckeyes this season and their heads will be spinning trying to keep up with Dobbins, Weber, et al. The Bucks will win by a comfortable (if not sizable) margin and secure a spot in the playoff.

      • bupalos

        you cray.

      • Matt Borcas

        Ugh. I’ll take the Vikings, Browns, and Steelers today

  • thatsfine

    Stanford +4 W
    Boise St. -9 Essay
    Georgia +2.5
    UNT +11
    AP and NFL to follow

    • thatsfine

      Let’s stick with an essay involving Fresno State for the third week in a row, but this time going against the Bulldogs. Just one week ago Fresno pulled off an 11 point victory as a +7 home dog. And still, in the rematch one week later Fresno is +9? Sure, on they’re on the road but it’s like begging for money on the Bulldogs here. A quick look shows the game last week was a virtual tie in all key statistical categories: total yards, first downs, TOP, turnovers. Boise State had 4 drives stall out in Fresno territory without points. That won’t happen at home. I think the difference maker will be Boise’s underappreciated defense. In MWC games at home this year they’ve given up 14, 14, 14, and 19 points. In all MWC games if you leave out the crazy game against CSU their total average scoring D in MWC play is 15.5 ppg. Hell, even with that game included it’s less than 20 ppg. It’s going to be cold and Boise is used to playing games with conference title implications. The last time Fresno won a big game (at #19 SDSU earlier this year) they followed it up by getting owned by UNLV at home. That’s a real thing for Jeff Tedford. I think the Broncos rebound and win big on the blue turf.

      • thatsfine

        OSU -6.5

        • thatsfine

          Browns +13.5

  • TROY +1.
    AUBURN -2.5. Look, they’re just better than Georgia. Nothing else matters.
    SCONNIE +6.5. I hate the Buckeyes and I hope only bad things happen to them, always and forever. Also, I think they’re gonna have trouble against the Badger defense.

  • Matt Lawrence

    1. Stanford +4 (W)
    2. FAU -11
    3. Memphis +7.5
    4. Ohio St -6.5 (AP)

  • trashycamaro


  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    My picks were atrocious last week. I apologize to anyone who used them. But, the sun rose on a new week, so leet’s take one more crack at it:

    Florida State (-26.5) over Louisiana Monroe: Louisiana Monroe gave up 67 points last week to Arkansas State. 67!!!
    Vikings (+3) over Falcons: A game day without a Chic-Fil-A stand is like a day without a Cheddar Bay Biscuit. Love the Vikings defense.
    Chiefs (-3) over Jets: The bleeding has to stop at some point, right?
    Raiders (-7) over Giants: Remember when the Giants “fired” Tom Coughlin to keep Ben “Creepy Uncle” McAdoo? Oh, and Geno Smith is playing.
    All-Play: Wisconsin (+6.5) over Ohio State: Well, cwonder23’s essay convinced me, and at least if the Buckeyes win, I’ll be happy about that.
    Essay: Georgia State (-6) over Idaho: Thank goodness for the Sun Belt this week, am I right? Georgia State has two losses in their last nine games: Appalachian State (1st in the Sun Belt) and Troy (1st in the Sun Belt). I’m think about GSU’s 1-3 record at home, but I’m thinking Senior Day will trump that and it doesn’t concern me as as Idaho losing 4 of their last five (including to Louisana Monroe!). Idaho has the long travel, early game time, etc. Go Panthers!

  • ChuckKoz

    AP: OSU -6.5 (Wiscy)
    2) Titans -6.5 (Texans)
    3) Saints -4.5 (Panthers)
    4) Rams -7 (Cardinals)
    5) Bengals +5.5 (Steelers)
    Essay) Browns +13.5 (Chargers)
    Chargers are ready to go back to being the Chargers and screw up their path to the playoffs. Browns, meanwhile, keep fighting and will do so again in front of a stadium that myself and thousands of others will absurdly rooting for the Browns over the Chargers (i will be in my drunk thanksgiving purchase of a new Josh Gordon jersey). And with gordon there is more hope; finally some relief for the QB and coaches who have been placed in an absurd position with no talent at WR. I watch Kizer and its hard to think he is very accurate, but the same was true of derek anderson. But when Anderson had those big targets in Winslow/Edwards, things worked out okay. So now Gordon will be out there and Coleman is healthy and looks acceptable, so maybe the offense puts together a few. And the D is already doing pretty good work in recent weeks.
    Chargers 28, Browns 16

  • Dave Borcas

    Georgia +2.5
    UL Lafayette +15
    Arkansas St -1
    Clemson -9.5
    Ohio State -6.5 (all play)
    The Cleveland Browns +13.5 (essay)
    In a year of bad essay picks, why not pick the Browns who have been a gamblers dream this year in not covering. I started this week with my essay to pick San Diego, but have been sucked in by the Josh Gordon and “improving” Desmond Kiser hype. The Chargers led by Joey Bosa have one of the best defensive lines in the game. Phillip Rivers has had a hot hand and led the Chargers to a big Turkey day win on the road. They have had a few extra days to prepare for the Browns in a league where most teams do no preparation for them. The only thing Hue Jackson has going for him is that the team is still playing hard for him. I think the team gets a lift this week getting Josh Gordon back, arguably the best player the Browns will have on the field Sunday. The biggest question is whether Josh is rusty or can he play a game sober? Every week I hope to see a big play from Barkevious Mingo, I mean Jabril Peppers and that may happen in the sunshine of San Diego. I’m note sure they will win but I expect a spirited enough battle to cover. Gooooooooooooo Browns!!!!!!

    • Free safety was Mingo’s natural position, I stand by that!
      Likewise.., Peppers’ best spot might actually be edge rush but we’re full up at that position.

      • Dave Kolonich

        I really think his best-BEST position might be on offense. And given that Hue is coaching for his job and the team’s best playmaker is Duke Johnson, it’s embarrassing they haven’t thrown Peppers a bone on offense.

  • 1. All-Play: OSU -6.5

    • 2. Essay: Chiefs -3

      New playcaller today will hopefully result in a large dose of Hunt. Jets are competitive, but Chiefs need this game a whole lot more. This is a prime opportunity to snap out of the funk they have been in and reestablish themselves as a playoff contender. I expect Alex Smith to bounce back with a strong outing today as well as a result of the change. Chiefs have the better players, especially on offense, and I think they’re due for an offensive outburst that should allow them to win and cover this game.

      • 3. Packers -2.5
        4. 49ers +3.5
        5. Falcons -3
        6. Raiders -7

        Also of note to the scorekeeprs… I accidentally placed OSU in the game 1 slot instead of all play spot yesterday in the submission. When I submit these picks I’ll place OSU in that spot and hope there’s no additional trouble because of it… Thanks.

  • CLEinMSP

    UCF -7.5
    FAU -11
    Miami +9.5
    Auburn -2.5
    OSU -6.5 (All Play)
    Seahawks +6 (Essay)

    No Kam Chancellor or Richard Sherman, but sounds like Earl Thomas is going to give it a go. I think this has a chance to be a really fun game to watch. Both teams should be able to move the ball pretty easy, so I’m thinking a lot of points. Everyone is rooting for the Eagles this year (me included), and Carson Wentz is balling. That said, they’ve played 4 out of their last 5 games at home, and going across the country and giving Russ 6 points at home seems like a lot. A big win this week and Seattle would still control their own destiny to win the NFC West. Should be a great environment, and hopefully a shootout game. Not sure if they pull out a win, but I’ll take the points at home with Seattle.

  • Troy Bunting

    All Play – Buckeyes -6.5
    FAU -11 Lane train keeps rollin
    Sooners -7
    Bears -3.5
    Steelers -5.5

    Troy Trojans +1
    Gotta go with the team carrying my actual name. I like the 50/50 coin flip the always nail-biting, national championship implication Sun Belt championship game. I watched one Troy game this year, bet the game and it payed off. I think the Alabama JV teams gets their tenth win of the season over red wolves, and should be vaulted into the CFB playoff discussion.

  • **essay** TCU +7 vs. OOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains
    The Horned Frogs are not done making the Big 12 regret extending them an invite. “Let’s have a championship game this year!” they said. “Let’s have a final game to determine a conference winner,” they said. The Big 12, in its Inaugural Conference Championship, has opened the door to shooting itself in the foot. Since I like to watch the world burn a bit, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that the toads win outright. Without a doubt, Saban performed some witchcraft under yesterday’s full moon to ensure TCU wins, bumps Oklahoma out of the top four, and Alabama slides right back into a playoff slot. Also, I know it is not the world we live in, but I would love to see Baker Mayfield knocked down a peg or 10,000.

    Other picks:
    Stanford +4 (W)
    Memphis +7.5 vs. Central Florida
    Miami +9.5 vs. Clemson
    Bills +9 vs. Pats
    AP: Wisconsin +6.5 vs. OSU

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Ohio st – The only thing ohio st has been good at this year has been sleepwalking. A highly talented team, they have lacked the organization and drive typical of urban Meyer outfits (although he has been slipping in recent years). Still, they stand with a chance to win the big 10 and potentially sneak in the playoffs. Wisco has been a nice story, but this is the first major opponent they will face. I will face the undefeated team getting points. Ohio st for the essay.

  • Hawkaholic

    Chiefs -3
    Oklahoma -7
    Georgia +2.5
    Miami (The U, not the fish) +9.5
    AP: Beer & Cheese +6.5
    Essay: Pats -9

    The Pats are rolling, Brady looks good, the defense is playing well, they are flat out destroying teams, winning 9 of their last 10 (lost by 3 to Carolina). The Bills, well, they are who we thought they were. I have no idea who they are playing and quarterback and i am not really sure it matters, they both stink. The Pats have had a ton of success against Buffalo winning 9 of their last 11 and they will win today. The Pats still have plenty to play for so i don’t really see this as a game they overlook, they are playing for home field advantage and they have a big one coming up in 2 weeks against the Steelers. Since this game is in Buffalo i am only thinking the Pats win by 20.

  • I have neglected the fun belt this year and so here is a catch-up:
    1. App St -15 vs ULL
    2. Troy +1 at Ark St
    3. Essay: Ga South -2.5 at Coastal C
    GaSo is a one-dimensional offense (run) always have been. But that one dimension can be pretty effective once the team masters it, see results using it, and believe in it. That seems to have happened late in the season for GaSo with their 52-0 thumping of SALA two weeks ago, their first win. That was following with another win at ULL, again winning outright as a dog and again putting up over 350 yds rushing on over 60 rush attempts. It’s hard to get a good tell on Coastal’s rush defense but in the game of two 2-9 teams, I’m going with the one who’s won their last two.
    4. Fresno +9 at Boise
    5. Vikes +3 at Falcons
    6. All play TBD

    • Dave Kolonich

      We’re both taking App. State. This can’t be good.

  • Brian

    Troy +1
    Oklahoma -7
    Akron +21.5
    Wisconsin +6.5

    • Brian

      Troy (W)
      Oklahoma (W)
      FAU (W)
      Akron (W)
      Wisconsin (W)


      Rams -7
      Coming off of a good win over the Saints, I like the rams to cover this game against Arizona. Arizona is Playing with no running back, an average defense, and Blaine Gabbert. This could be as ugly as the first meeting that ended in a 33-0 drubbing of the cardinals. I like the way Mcvey has the offense running and the Rams defense is always tough. Extremely good up front and skilled DB’s, the rams may make Gabbert wish that he was a free agent again. Goff will throw for 2, Gurley scores twice and the rams dominate every aspect of this game. Rams for 3 biscuits and a perfect week

  • Art Briles Hirer

    UL-Monroe over FSU (essay)
    Wisky over OSU (all-play)
    Miami over Clemson
    Oklahoma over TCU
    Ravens over Lions
    Saints over Panthers

    Lmao Seminoles.

    The best thing about this week for the Noles is that, thanks to Tennessee, they aren’t the *most* embarrassing team in college football. Still pretty embarrassing. Couldn’t happen to better group of folks.

    I don’t have strong opinions on A&M’s involvement in this whole thing. I appreciate them swinging for the fences, but Jimbo Fisher feels like a 36-16 coach in the SEC West. But I’ll give them credit for making the move they wanted. FSU on the other hand, hoo-boy. Putting aside the question of whether or not they could have prevented him from leaving, the fact is they let this play out in the most pathetic manner possible. We knew this move was coming days in advance. FSU’s response was some extremely shameless begging, and not a whole lot else. If they had accepted this fate in advance, they could have made the effort to put on the “go ahead, leave, see if we care” face. YOU GOTTA USE THAT FACE. You see any Starksville drug stores running out of diapers this week? Nope.

    This is how pathetic it got: Jimbo Fisher does a radio show like 2 days ago, when he knows damn well he’s leaving. They screen all his calls so he wouldn’t have to answer any loyalty questions. A fan shows up to ask a question live, so they had some bouncers escort him out. That’s good. You need bouncers for your coach show. Normal program.

    To paraphrase Nicky Santoro: “and what the fuck are you doing on radio anyhow?! do you know I get calls from back home every fucking day; they think you went batshit?!”

    Meanwhile Jimbo Fisher is a just a colossal piece of garbage. This has been reported for a week. Not only does he keep FSU in limbo, still does his stupid ass radio spot, he doesn’t even address his damn players. Deondre Francois tweeted something along the lines of: not even a text? Fisher, piece of crap that he is, decides to go with the line “oh gosh how did that leak??? I really wanted to tell you guys first, but those media jerks leaked it!”

    I don’t have anything against A&M, but man, fuck that guy. Hope he goes 8-5 every season while Kevin Sumlin goes to Arkansas and teabags him every year.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Clemson – PLAY OF THE YEAR

    Miami was a cute, fun story while it lasted. There’s talent there. Richt is 100x the coach the previous guys were. But they’ve been hit by the injury bug and the reality bug. They got up for Florida State, up for Notre Dame, up for some other game I’m currently forgetting…and crashed down vs. Pitt. And Pitt ain’t shit. Now, a week later they have to go play Clemson? The turnover chain is awesome and the turnovers were nice, but Clemson has real dudes and might just win it again. How does Miami score? I think that’s a valid question, and I hope Miami doesn’t score many. Or any.

  • jdoepke

    Wiscy +6.5 (AP)
    TCU +7
    Umass +1
    Jets +3
    Saints – 4.5

    POTY Essay: Auburn -2.5

    Here’s the deal: I said a month ago Auburn would beat Georgia, beat Bama, and beat Georgia again to get to playoff. The last 2 weeks have been brutal on my essay picks so I’m going POTY to get me back above that line. Auburn is playing better than anyone in the country and dominating the LOS. The line scares me that it’s so low because it was such a dominating performance earlier and the likelihood of Georgia getting blown out again is very slim but I can’t go against my instincts now. Auburn wins going away 27-18. War Effing Eagle!

  • HitTheHorns

    UMass +1, Wisconsin +6.5

    • HitTheHorns

      Ravens, Jags, NYG

      • HitTheHorns

        Bears -3.5 Essay
        The 49ers handling of Jimmy Garoppolo has been bizarre to me. I guess I sort of understand not playing him the first week he was there. The trade was on Oct 30. San Fran had back to back home games after that vs. Arizona and NYG. Certainly you’d want to see Jimmy G vs. that awful Giants team after having two full weeks in your facility, no? The guy is going to be a free agent, at the very least they will need to franchise tag him; is playing in actual games not important? Why has there not been a mutiny amongst the San Francisco fan base? Then he comes in last week with 2 minutes left in a blowout after CJ Beathard gets hurt, scrambles around and throws a touchdown. If you were trying to protect him, why would you not just take a knee there? The only possible reason they would not be playing him is fear of injury because they know their team is awful. Again – if that’s the reason, why is he playing today? So now he travels to Chicago and gets to play lame duck John Fox who made headlines this week for saying “we don’t know what we are doing.” All the talking heads predicting big things for Jimmy G this week and a 49ers win. Just feels like a perfect storm for a Bears beatdown to me.

  • Jmacdaddio

    CFB Week 14 picks

    Wisconsin +6.5
    FIU -1

    NFL and essay to come later.

    • Jmacdaddio

      It’s later. I dozed off when the turf was getting repaired.

      Ravens -3
      Bills +9
      Raiders -7
      Packers -2.5 (Essay)

      The Battle of the Bays used to be fun to watch, when Tampa Bay was absolutely terrible for decades while Green Bay was wandering around aimlessly, never quite doing much until Favre came along. I’m going out on a limb to use a late line (I don’t think I’ve done this) and using it as my essay (definitely never used an essay on a late line). I understand the principle of it – it looks like Tampa Bay hadn’t quite made a QB decision until the 11th hour, and hardcore degenerates would need this information to make an informed decision on wagering. However, I don’t think it matters much – I get it, the QB position is the most important one, much more important than the upback – betting lines waiting for news on a particular player tend to overstate the impact of that player on the game. The Packers will figure out how to win this one at home despite their recent run of bad showings, and I see at least a TD margin.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 14 Picks

    Saints (-4.5) over Panthers
    Raiders (-7) over Giants
    Lions (+3) over Ravens
    FSU (-26.5) over UL-Monroe
    AP – Wisconsin (+6.5) over OSU

    Essay Pick

    I’ve been waiting all year for this. As a Colorado fan who went to the University of Akron (Not the nice version now with green stuff everywhere…I’m talking old school Bulger Hall Akron where you had to dodge cars walking to classes.) I have long insisted that the 2005 Buffs were the worst team to ever play for a conference title. I think the Zips are going to join this conversation after tomorrow. Back in 2005 Texas beat Colorado 70-3. That was also the score after three quarters. I see a similar fate for my Zips on Saturday. I have no idea how this Akron team won 6 games in the MAC but I tip my hat to you Bowden. Must be all the Galley Boys you are consuming.

    Toledo (-21.5) over Akron

  • Chris Magee

    TCU + 7
    Patriots – 9
    Ravens – 3
    Broncos – 1
    Ohio State -6.5 (All Play)
    Clemson – 9.5 Essay

    Miami been living off big plays and turnovers all year and neither will happen vs Clemson. Clemson has the sixth-best defense in terms of efficiency and the 14th-best unit at limiting explosiveness DA U might have trouble grinding out drives if that’s what it comes to: Miami ranks 115th in third-down conversion percentage, while Clemson has an elite third-down D. Throw in injuries as Miami will be without their main RB from earlier in year plus they lost their TE last week. Dabo Dabo Dabo will absolutely have his boys ready for this one. The U great story and a little ahead of schedule and the future is bright with Jimbo leaving the division. But the ACC still goes thru Clemson. Getting the worst of the number here since I believed it opened under a touchdown. Man remember when clemson-ing was a thing? Times have changed…

  • thatsfine

    Stanford +4

  • pheasantpants

    Wisconsin +6.5
    Georgia +2.5
    UMiami +9.5
    Georgia State -6

    • pheasantpants


      • pheasantpants

        ESSAY: Steelers -5.5 at Cincy

        Thanks to Frowns, Agnes, and all other believers who proselytized me into voting the Cleveland football Browns yesterday against the LA nee San Diego Chargers, getting me to 3-2 on the week’s single-pointers. Once again, a few good essay candidates went by the wayside, leaving me, a consummate procrastinator, to author this essay two hours before the week ends. Let’s see how I do.

        I was spending Sunday early afternoon with the aforementioned Frowns. We saw a kid in a Steelers jersey at a strip mall–he referred to the kid as a reprobate although I think I was distracted by said reprobate’s mom in spandex. In any event, Frowns wondered to what extent I realized that Steelers fans were, in a word, bad.

        The thing is, I’ve lived in Ohio for eight years, all of that time spent north of the Ohio Turnpike. So I’ve picked up the basic trappings of Browns fandom. And disliking Pittsburgh, I think, comes naturally to us all, for reasons i need not elaborate on. But also, I grew up a Lions fan, and so I have only had tangential dealings with the Pittsburgh Steelers–probably most notably in 1995, when a dropped Yancy Thigpen wide-open TD catch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBAMYRoZPnM

        This drop gave the Packers the division crown and forced the Lions to play the wildcard game at Philadelphia. The Lions gave up 58 points. So really, I should have picked up on the Steelers being really bad before, but I appreciate that Frowns has taken time out of his busy life to instruct me appropriately. My solemn pledge to you, Cheddar Bay, is that I will hate the Steelers a whole fucking lot more by December 4, 2018.

        Frowns tells me that Steeler fans have a saying, “Business is booming.” He’s not sure of the origin of that saying, and we openly speculated about its etymology yesterday afternoon. We both agree that it is an utterly stupid catchphrase for one’s football team, and that the people who say it are deeply flawed individuals.

        However, when one compares the two AFC North rivals playing in tonight’s Battle of the Ohio River, one can only conclude that business is actually booming. Pittsburgh is 9-2 and cruising for a first-round bye and more. Cincinnati is 5-6 and clinging to the only hope which has ever existed in a town like Cincinnati–the desperate, almost pathetic kind. A win certainly keeps them alive in the wildcard hunt. So conventional wisdom would suggest that the stakes are going to motivate the Bengals and they’ll try hard and win outright or at least lose a squeaker and cover, blah blah. I don’t see it. In October, the two teams played a game that was not as close as the 15 point margin indicates: Pittsburgh had 21 first downs to Cincy’s 11, and Le’veon Bell gained 192 yards from scrimmage.

        I believe Cincinnati to be fraudulent. They’ve won 5 times, and that includes a sweep of the Browns. They did beat Brock Osweiler too. Whoopee. My sources tell me that Bell is mad that the Outback Bowl snubbed his alma mater in favor of the hated Wolverines, and that he’s going to run like a madman tonight. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2017/12/04/outback-bowl-michigan-wolverines-over-michigan-state-spartans/918213001/

        Or basically I just looked at the schedule yesterday and said, yeah, Steelers should win easily. Like I said, business is booming.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Stanford +4: gonna be tough to beat this team twice and Love is a beast 💪

    • Lucy Lawrence

      2. AP: OSU -6.5 homer pick plus I like the backup qb if JT isn’t right
      3. FIU -1
      4. Georgia +2.5
      5. Essay: chiefs -3 will write tomorrow
      Back with essay and another pick at some point either today or tommorw

  • Matt Lawrence

    Stanford +4

  • Nick

    Florida Atlantic -11 over North Texas
    Wisky +6.5 vs OSU
    UL Monroe +26.5 vs FSU
    Browns +13.5 vs Chargers
    Jags -9.5 vs Colts
    Stanford +4 over USC
    When I first saw this line, I thought USC right away.

    Then I talked with Kitty Pryde in the kitchen, and she shook her head at me.

    Then I googled Stanford football and read about their Notre Dame victory.

    Now it’s clear to me that USC is going to have a difficult time beating Stanford twice this year.

    When I was about 10 years old, I remember losing the baseball championship to a team we had beaten twice in the regular season. We were disappointed, and after the game, Coach Lewis said, “Kids it’s hard to beat a good team 3 times in a row.” And that really put a bow on it for me and I left feeling happy about the season despite the loss.


    1. Stanford +4
    2. Osu -6.5

    • CLEVTA

      3. Georgia +2.5

      • CLEVTA

        4. Seattle
        5. jags
        6. NE (essay): ‪NE Defense hasn’t allowed >17 pts in last 8 gms. Buff is a bottom 5-8 tm based on most metrics & rely a ton on TOs. We know Brady isn’t turning it over. Brady owns Buff in Buff (3 gm Ats streak in Buff w avg margin of 13). NE should whitewash Buff today ‬

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Steelers -5.5- Colin POY pick
    Wisconsin+6.5 (on the gravy train)
    Vikes +3 Great Defense and think they pull upset.
    Jags -9.5 Lots of Point with a Mediocre QB, think defense extremely motivated after losing to B Gabbart, plus Colts are HOT GARBAGE!!! Anybody see that Weird Chuck Pagano interview?
    Pats -9 Just because TB12 nuff said….
    I Know I know, but Jax Bch Josh, That’s a lot of points. I know son. However, San Diego lost last year to Cleveland, and that was Cleveland’s only win. Coupled that Son!!!! with the Silver Surfer, and they are hot, playing for a shot at an AFC WEST Division Title after an 0-4 start. They will be motivated! Defensive pass rush is a beast and Kizer is TO Machine son.
    You see Folks There are games on the schedule that you can smell blowout, and this is IT ladies and gents.
    San Diego 38
    Cleveland 20

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY*** UCF -7.5 vs Memphis

    This may be Scott Frost’s swan song at UCF, where he has expertly guided them to an undefeated regular season. The Knights lead the nation in scoring at an astounding 48.3 PPG. With a Memphis defensive side that is porous, you may see UCF score more than that. Milton is second in pass efficiency in the country (30 TD’s – 6 INT’s) and the machine is well-oiled and humming as they head into the AAC Championship game. The tipping point (if there wasn’t already one) is that the American plays their championship at the regular season champions home stadium, so this one is at THE BOUNCE HOUSE. Gimme UCF 47-26.

    2.) Skins -1 @ Dallas (L)
    3.) Rams -7 @ Cardinals
    4.) NMSU -9.5 vs. South Alabama
    5.) Georgia +2.5 vs. Auburn
    AP) Wisconsin +6.5 vs. Ohio St.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP OSU -6.5
    UCF -7.5
    Toledo -21.5
    TCU +7
    Vikings +3
    ****Chiefs -3 ****

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Alex Smith has had some signs of the Happy Feet that plagued him early in his career. However that has been the exception rather than the rule. Josh McCown has looked like he is finally “getting it” and at only 38. The Chiefs have struggled on offence and the JETS have not exactly been lighting the league on fire either. I think it is however much more likely that a solid day by Kareem Hunt and a blatantly average showing by Alex Smith, along with even mediocre play from their offensive line and their defense remembering to make it to the stadium on time and Kansas City beats the Jets by more than three points.

  • bupalos

    Bonercats for Bup!

  • Washington NFL-skins for 1. Whatever happens tonight, it won’t be as bad as losing my vote of the week on Tuesday like I did last week, so I am making progress over here, folks.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Browns essay

    • bupalos

      You can’t just say “Browns essay.” It doesn’t work like that. I know because I’ve tried it. It’s a genre, a solemn responsibility to our children and children’s-children, a fixed gaze of mental and moral resolve, a world within a world within a play within an egg. So many things.

      And also, a thing you actually have to write.

      Good luck, Ms. Of-God.

      • bup, you’re right. also, attached is a screenshot of an email i got this week from the actual CLTIL. i believe, sir, that she called you a prairie dog.


      • agnesbojaxhiu

        fine. I’ll write an actually essay about the browns. If I had done my original plan and essayed the Browns every week to not cover I think I would be at the top of the leader board, instead I am showing up every week for a lobster fest chance. This week brings a continuation of my GG picking policy (guts and guessing) which has resulted in 2/3 votes thus far. So why essay the Browns ? They are dreadful and sloth like. The coach is forever making bone-headed decisions. Their entertainment value definitely comes in their spectacular turn overs and their owner’s business scheming. I think that the people of Cleveland find it kind of comforting to know that in this uncertain world, the Browns’ performance is a constant pile of crap. There is not a lot you can count on these days so sometimes its nice to have some crap, because its your crap. For me though this is purely business. They have a track record of beating the Chargers -twice in 6 years. There are only 3 other teams that they have beaten twice in that time frame as opposed to all the teams who have beaten them 10 times (and I don’t think any that they have beaten anyone more than twice). This is the most points they have gotten all year and still majority of the world wide bettors are placing their faith in the LAC. My prediction is that the Browns will disappoint all their pessimistic Cleveland fans by not only covering the spread but also winning outright. The Chargers will bring shame to their new fan family. Cleveland will break free of the shackles of predictability.

        Also change me to Wisconsin for the all play

  • Peter Wendler

    Skins for a Cheddar biscuit

    • bupalos

      What color skins?

      • Peter Wendler

        The ones that rhyme with Bread

        • bupalos

          There aren’t any FredSkins that I’m aware of. I think you’re probably talking about the Bonercats and just got confused.

  • cwonder23

    Redskins -1
    Seahawks +6
    TCU +7
    USC -4
    Auburn -2.5
    All Play, Essay, POTY: Wiscy +6.5

    Wisconsin’s defense is playing lights out, albeit against inferior talent to OSU in Iowa and Minnesota. JT Barret had surgery on Sunday and is still expected to play (?). Given the emphasis OSU puts on him bringing the ball down and churning for yards on the ground, I worry about him being more tentative against a defense that won’t slow down. I personally would be rolling with Haskins if I were OSU. He looked good last week. A lot of this game will depend on Hornigbrooks arm which has actually looked good the last couple of weeks. Wisconsin has been waiting and preparing for an opponent of this caliber all season. The old “ain’t nobody respecting us” game. Jonathan Taylor rushes for over 100 yds as the Badgers secure the B1G championship and a trip to the CFP. Wisconsin 21 – OSU 14.

    • Peter Wendler

      Love it! AP/ESSAY/POTY combo!

    • Jaxbch Josh

      POY!!!!! IM on the Gravy Train!

  • Dave Kolonich

    App. State (-15)
    Georgia (+2.5)
    Eagles (-6)
    Jags (-9.5)
    AP – OSU (-6.5)

    Essay – Florida Atlantic (-11)

    Everything’s coming up sunshine for Lane Kiffin this week. Alabama’s offense crashes and Tennessee looks incompetent in their ongoing coaching search. Meanwhile, FAU keeps rolling over sub par conference teams. Let’s call this the Lane Kiffin Vindication Week. Meanwhile, I really thought of going with SD (I refuse to acknowledge LA) covering two scores against the Browns. But the last scraps of homerism in me has this irrational feel that Josh Gordon is truly the second coming – or at least good for a couple second half scores. Anyway, given all that has happened to Gordon, I’ll be rooting for him – but also acknowledging that if this organization actually thinks he’s going to save the season, then the whole thing definitely needs to be blown up again.

  • Capitalgg

    I guess I’ll open the bidding this week.

    [All-play] Ohio St. -6.5 v. Wisconsin
    1. Indiginous Persons -1 @ Cowboys

    • Capitalgg

      And now, the rest of the story…

      2. Auburn -2.5 v Georgia: UGA was not competitive the first time. No reason to think they will be moreso this time.
      3. Oklahoma -7 v TCU: See analysis for #2, change UGA to TCU, repeat.
      4. Jets +3 v Chiefs

      I’ll be traveling to Indianapolis this weekend for the B1G Championship game. Nice weekend to visit with family. Should be fun. That’s why I’ve got my football votes in early this week.

      I’m going to play this simple. San Fran is forced to play Jimmy G. The Niners are playing very hard. Jimmy G doesn’t have a lot of tape for the Bears to prepare for.

      On the other sideline, the Bears season has turned into a disappointment. Their coach is probably a dead man walking. They aren’t playing as hard.

      The last several weeks, the favorites have been killing. It’s time for a rise of the ‘dogs. This dog, 49ers +3.5 (@ Bears), bites.

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