Cheddar Bay Thanksgiving, Wk 13: Alabama -4.5 at Auburn

Wednesday update

Kanick here and yes that is me in the pic below in Cleveland three? four? years ago.  Ironically I’m cleaning out the closet this week and those dad jeans are officially no longer part of the repertoire.  And while we’re doing the face reveal, at right, here is me in September.   As you can see what Iyengar Yoga does for some in Cheddar, working for Walmart seems to have helped do for me.  (25K steps/day is the truth.)

Three Lobsterfests last week (GG, LL, Magee), most all year, resulting in payouts of $40/person. 1  This affirms some basic rule of Cheddar or casinos or probability  that your odds of getting a perfect slate increase when it is least advantageous.  We also went four for four on POTYs — TA, LBH, Matt, Josh — with Josh getting the POTY cover of the year with that Jags last minute fumble return.  Hey and I finally got an essay 100% correct (Cal), a first for the year I reckon.

Gray Cup — we allowed Gray Cup action will do so again this year.  Line is Stampeders -7 at Argos.

Finally I for one am ecstatic to get the greatest current CFB rivalry back — Bama -4.5 at Auburn. 

Happy turkey you all.

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Howdy, it’s your old friend Frowner here again to post the lines for this week’s early MACtion, which is only on Tuesday this week, and also to announce that the all play will be Alabama at Auburn. Mike will be back in a day or so with the rest. In the meantime you may rest assured that yours truly is thankful for football, fun, and Cheddar Bay fam, a not insignificant portion of which is pictured here (with our gracious host front and center): 

OK here are the Tuesday MACtion numbers (the Wagon Wheel is on the line tonight, folks): 

Happy football voting and happy thanksgiving to all! 

  1. The weekly payout is still staked at $110 but we do like to round up. [back]
  • Lucy Lawrence

    Chargers (W), Vikings (W), Auburn (W), South Carolina (L), A&M (L)

    Carolina -5

    I was gonna go rams as my essay but it feels like all of cheddar is on them and that makes me weary. That being said, I feel like Cam is starting to get some of his swagger back. Seems like he finally feels good and it’s showing in this play. He will get Olsen back this week which will only help his confidence. Carolina’s defense is legit which is the only reason I feel comfortable laying 5 on the road. McCown has done a nice job for the jets but I think Luke make sure his life miserable today. Cam and the Carolina D take cars of business today in New York!

  • bupalos

    Gentleman, ladies, you’ve no doubt spent much of this year wondering why you participation in the contest of football voting wits this year has felt so empty, frustrating, and pointless. But who are we kidding here. You knew why, and you know why. All I can say is what must be must be.

    My absence has not been without reason. You all saw what happened last year, another retelling of the ancient story, with another pointless ending. The heretofore unbeatable, lofty man (ahem!) brought low by the one fatal flaw that makes him human. Achilles and that tender tendon. Sampson and his passion for avant garde hairstyles. Bupalos and excessive virtue. One can only hear the old tales so many times before they cease to edify and begin to ossify, and clearly too many hearts here were turning to stone. Your atrocious picks thus far only prove the point.

    So I decided early on that it is time to rewrite the script and force the story of the Bay to catch up to modernity. Enter a fresh Bupalos. Gone is the haughty man of assured victory. Gone the pomp and grandiosity. In his place- a meek black sheep, a late-starting tortoise so conventionally flawed as to be inherently unworthy of notice. “HA HA! Look at mad Bupalos, why he hasn’t a single point! Why it’s mathematically impossible for him to catch us! HA.”

    Of course, we’ve seen this musical before. The vulgar crowd points-laden bullies and their (not to mention the admiring fellow-travelers and lickspittles) is so amused by the “freak” that it fails to see beneath his extreme lack of “points” or “any chance of winning.” It fails to see that under the modest exterior beats the heart of modernity’s champion: the one who rises from the ashes not on the wings of traditional strength, but on the reinterpretation and rediscovery of the strength that lay within the supposed flaw.

    And as we cast our eyes around the football world, let them rest on it’s own version of perfect flawdom in need only of the proper reinterpretation – The Cleveland Browns. The best bet that never pays off. War is peace, ignorance is strength, 0-10 is glory. Maybe one or two of you have already noticed that Bupalos instantly became history’s highest percentage player at this point in the contest with his surpassing performance of the last couple weeks. Others will continue to sneer about small sample sizes, “mathematics,” reality, and that most base of all base fictions, “points.” Sneer away, at some point you will hear the bell, and ask for whom it tolls. Ask not; it tolls for Bupalos, the man who singlehandedly dragged the bay into modernity and the Cleveland Browns to butter-drenched, lobster-filled glory.

    CMFB ± whatever.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Rams -2.5 essay

    This is a tough Sunday. I procrastinated making my essay pick and I’m left with a slate that has a bunch of 2 td lines. My gut was to bet against the browns but something told me that was a bad idea. So I settled on the Rams. I think the rams can put up e Pugh points to force the saints to pass and play into the strength of their defense. They should be able to harass brees and force some turnovers which should be enough for the win.

  • HitTheHorns

    Essay Rams -2.5
    Innovation still exists in pro football, and their names are Sean McVay and Tony Romo. We get both of them today in an exciting afternoon matchup. I’ve found myself watching a lot of Rams football this year by accident and McVay is a revelation. The Saints have also been fun to watch, and I don’t think they will roll over today. This will be a game that goes late into the 4th quarter and Jared freaking Goff will make a few plays to win it as Jim Nantz desperately tries to get Romo to like him. Just really great stuff from McVay this year – more of this! (I’m looking at you, Cleveland). Yes the Saints are running the ball like never before and the Rams struggle to stop it, but I’m putting my faith in the Rams coaches and the 16k strong that will show up to support this team.
    AZ Cards +5
    49ers +6.5

  • Matt Borcas

    Bears + 13.5 over Eagles
    Rams -2.5 over Saints

    Essay: Bills +10 over Chiefs
    Despite losing three consecutive games by a whopping 80 points, the Bills remain in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. Nathan Peterman has been relegated back to the bench after his legendarily horrendous outing against the Chargers (five picks and a .3 QBR), which should provide a huge boost to Buffalo’s morale. Tyrod Taylor may not be the second coming of Tom Brady (or even Doug Flutie), but he’s still serviceable for a team vying for the last wild card slot in a watered-down AFC. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are coming off losses to the freefalling Cowboys and the miserable Giants, yet Andy Reid has refused to play first-round pick Patrick Mahomes over Alex Smith, who can’t even live up to his “game manager” status anymore. Reid’s hesitance with Mahomes is understandable given that the Texas Tech product was always regarded as a developmental project, but I think this is the week where Andy won’t have a choice and Mahomes comes off the bench to rescue the Chiefs. It will be too little too late, and the Bills will score an upset victory, keeping them in the wild card hunt for another week.

  • bupalos

    auburn for me

  • oxr

    All-Play Auburn +4.5 over Alabama

    • oxr

      Panthers -5 over Jets
      Colts +3.5 over Titans
      Eagles -13.5 over Bears, god help me
      Bills +10 over Chiefs

      Essay Ravens -7 over Texans – 14 points on the Colts, 7 points on the Rams, 31 points on the Cardinals. Maybe Tom Savage is putting things together, or maybe the Cardinals are kind of bad. Now he gets to go on the road, on Monday night, against a significantly more challenging opponent – I haven’t been paying that much attention to them, so I was surprised to see that the Ravens are #1 in defensive DVOA right now. You can’t count on the Ravens’ offense to do much right now, but they have the capacity to boringly run the clock out against a bad team while ruthlessly capitalizing on turnovers, so let’s hope this is one of those games where the announcers start telling lengthy personal anecdotes during the third quarter and Tuesday morning sees a flurry of thinkpieces about how the NFL is losing mindshare to professional videogaming or whatever.

  • John

    Bengals -8 to the Browns
    Jags -4 to the Cards
    Eagles -13.5 to the Bears
    Clemson -14 to SC
    All play- Bama -4.5 to Auburn
    Essay – Wisconsin -17 to Minnesota

    • John

      essay- I’m a Big Ten Gomer. and I am all in for the a Big Ten team in the playoffs.
      that is legit the only reason why I am all in on this.

      Wisconsin is looking sharp lately- and I think they can put up 45 points today.
      so- if the defense does it’s job- it’ll be a 45-17 game. easy cover.

  • TS_Butler

    We’ve never met but you’re looking good Kanick!
    I’ll take bama for the all play.

    • TS_Butler

      Also I’ll take Ducks -25

      • TS_Butler

        Bama L
        Ducks W
        Niners +6.5
        Saints +2.5
        Bills +10
        Essay Ravens -7

        The Ravens have shutout three teams this year, and all three opponents we’re quarterbacked by someone slightly more talented than Tom Savage. Okay well maybe not Andy Dalton… Or Brett Hundley. Matt Moore anybody? I guess maybe my point is that the Ravens are good at beating bad quarterbacks? Luckily for them there’s only about 10 quality quarterbacks in the NFL and Tom Savage isn’t one of them. Baltimore used to be a tough place to play. For Tom Savage everywhere is a tough place to play.

  • thatsfine

    Thankful for this community of degenerates (of many different stripe) to absorb football season with for the past 5 years.

    Auburn +4.5
    Fresno St +7
    Nevada -3
    USU +1.5

    Let’s essay Fresno again this week. These two team will meet again next week in the MWC championship. Neither team has a shot to crack the NY6 schedule and Boise is likely to host no matter the result, so it’s kind of an odd spot as far as stakes go. Just a football game, though this used to be a pretty good rivalry with the winner getting “The Milk Can”. Fresno has been a surprise, using a balanced and competent offense and stingy (best in MWC, #12 in FBS) defense to an 8-3 record holding opponents to 17.3 ppg. It will be tough to hold Boise to 17 as they haven’t scored less than 23 all year and scored 41+ the last 4 games. It really feels like this line should be higher. Fresno was sluggish last week scoring only 13 on a windy, blustery day at 7200 feet in Laramie just 7 days after playing in Hawaii. I think they’ll find their footing and keep it within a TD.

    • thatsfine

      Bucs +10

  • Jeff Smith

    NC State -16
    Auburn +4.5 (all play)
    Stanford +2
    Bengals -8 (essay) – will write up shortly
    Raiders -4.5
    Steelers -14

    • Jeff Smith

      Bengals -8 (essay play)

      Well, the Cleveland Browns are an absolute catastrophe. Last week, Jacksonville covered in the final 2 minutes, however Fowler should have also scored when the refs blew the Kizer fumble dead with about 4 minutes left, so instead of luck I’d say it was well deserved. The brilliant strategy for the rest of the year may be to fade these sorry Browns. The Bengals have already traveled to First Energy Stadium touting an 0-3 record and took their misery out on the Browns and came up with an easy 31-7 victory. The Bengals are coming off of a win in the Denver altitude (however Denver doesn’t have a damn QB), so we will see if they can put together a stronger performance today at home against the Browns. Only a miracle will allow the Browns to cover another game this year…

  • trashycamaro

    Essay Bengals – Gonna keep taking that free money against the Browns. Frownie aside, did anyone who watched that game really think the Jags weren’t going to cover that spread? I had some doubts about Bortles getting it done and the refs collaborating on that Dante Fowler TD, but DeShone Kizer can’t be stopped.

    BTW, it’s fun to see retreads like Keenum being a top 5 passer and McCown leading the J-E-T-S to victory. According to Barnwell it just takes a good O-Line, decent receivers, a good defense, and good coaching to make it happen. Wonder why the Browns can’t get it done? Anyway, here is to another #1 overall pick that the Browns will waste on a nothing or trade down to waste on multiple nothings. And I can’t wait to see Ogbah and Garrett lining up at Outside Linebacker in our new 3-4 next year and dropping in to coverage. It’s gonna be awesome!

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    Just barely getting my picks in, but here’s the rationale for them all:
    Ohio State (-11.5) over M*ch*g*n: Wolverines are just too banged up right now.
    Titans (-3.5) over Colts: Again, injuries. Colts might have a worse QB situation than the Browns.
    Raiders (-4.5) over Broncos: I think the Broncos have begun making plans for the off-season.
    Seahawks (-6.5) over 49ers: The defense is banged up, but they’re still fighting for the division crown.
    All-Play: Alabama (-4.5) over Auburn: Nick Sabin. Nick Sabin. Nick Sabin. Nick Sabin. Plus, #1 and #2 aren’t going down in the same week.
    Essay: Boise State (-7) over Fresno State: Get on the Broncos gravy train! Bulldogs are undefeated when allowing under 21 points, but haven’t won when giving up more than 21. You think Boise State is going to put up less than 21? Good luck, they’ve scored more than 21 every game so far. Rypien and Cozart break through in the first half for three TDs between them and the running game takes over in the second half.

  • Nick

    Auburn +4.5 vs Bama
    Jags -5 vs Cards
    Eagles -13.5 vs Bears
    Vanderbilt +1 vs Tennessee
    Time to hit rock bottom this year for U of Tenn. Hiring a freak job for a head coach can go both ways. Butch Jones seems like a horrible person to play under unless you desire the need to be screamed doing the Oklahoma drill all practice. The commodores of West End will win this one. Vanderbilt is a great school, Nashville is a great city, Hot chicken is hot, and Derek Mason is Jim Tressell. For a Vanderbilt program that is used to losing unless they are breaking NCAA rules, this old school running and kicking footballs is OK for now. Losses continue to pile up but you can sense something may be slowly turning around. Field Goals forever.
    Michigan +11.5 vs OSU
    Northwestern -16.5 vs Illinois

  • Boston College
    AP: Auburn
    Georgia Tech
    **essay** Washington
    This is the time slot Peterson has been looking for. Wazzu is only relevant when it comes to visible flags during ESPN’s gameday broadcast. Was just talking about how much I enjoy visiting Washington – The Arctic Club is my most favorite hotel. I remember being there for the first time and quickly discerning I liked the “purple Washington people” over the “red Washington people.” All it takes is a feeling and I feel that Washington will prevail by not a little, but a lottle.

    • Ravens.
      Because the picking is slim when you wait until Monday to make your NFL pick. Whoops.

  • Dave Borcas

    Kansas State -3
    Bengals -8
    Alabama -4.5 (all play)
    Tennessee -1 (essay)
    Jimmy Haslam and Peyton Manning may be involved in two coaching searches this off season. Although they have 4 wins this season the Voles have sunk as low in the SEC as the Browns have done in the AFC North. A few weeks ago this game looked like a lock for Vanderbilt, but their defense has ended the season early. The porous defense along with an anemic Vandy running game give Rocky Top their best chance to get a conference win since the opener against Florida. Teams get emotional about coaches being fired and usually come up with a decent game as a going away present. I see today as Butch Jones going away present from his recruits. Unless Vandy cam pull off the hail Mary as Florida did I see the Voles getting that first SEC win.

  • Matt Borcas

    Stanford, Alabama, Washington

  • 1. Bengals -8
    2. Titans -3.5
    3. Louisville -10
    4. Panthers -5
    5. All-Play: Alabama -4.5
    6. Essay: Ohio State -11.5

    Essay: OSU -11.5

    OSU’s miraculous playoff push begins today with the Buckeyes routing an outclassed Michigan team. I don’t necessarily believe all the dominoes will fall in place for the Buckeyes to gain that 4th spot in the playoffs, but there’s no denying that chance does exist. For a team that has lacked motivation and focus at times this year, I think being on their final breath in the playoff race will do them some added good coming into this rivalry game. OSU has seemed to rediscover the run as well and it would be great to see them carry that concept into a big game. Last year was an overtime thriller that OSU was lucky to escape with a win on their home turf. This year JT and crew go to Ann Arbor and make sure no scenario plays out where Michigan has a chance for payback.

  • Hawkaholic

    The Good light Hawks showed up this week – what a rollercoaster of a season. Will be interesting to see what Nebraska does for a head coach…the fans obviously want Frost, I think his uptempo style will fit better at Florida but who knows. I also wonder where Beilema will end up?

    Anyways Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Cheddar Bay.

    Michigan +11.5
    PSU -22
    Wazzu +10 did anyone catch Mike Leach’s interview re: weddings. Leach is a National Treasure, if you haven’t seen the interview do yourself a favor and take the two minutes to watch it!
    Chiefs -10
    AP: Roll Tide
    Essay: West Virginia +23

    Just seems like a ton of points and my guts tell me to take WVU. I know Grier is out and WVU are huge underdogs, and rightfully so. Clearly Oklahoma has had plenty of distractions this week with the whole Mayfield drama (should fit in well in Cleveland) and no one is giving WVU a chance. With Grier being out I think WVU will simply play loose and have fun with this one. WVU can score in bunches and have wins this year against Iowa State, K State and Texas Tech. They hung with TCF and Oklahoma State before ultimately loosing (11 to Okie State and 7 to TCU). Granted, those were all with Grier at QB but I still don’t think they lose by 23 today I think 20 is more of the number with a late cover. Not to mention Dana Holgerson’s connection to Iowa, he was born here, went to school and college at Iowa Wesleyan and I am guessing a Hawk at heart.

  • FYI re standings box
    I dont know why the vertical dimension has shrunk, the code didn’t change and I have tried re-editing it. The were a couple wordpress updates.. anyway sorry about the need to scroll.
    As always, you can peruse the full scorebook at

  • LittleBallofHate

    One biscuit picks — Vikings (-3, won); Ohio State (-11.5); Bengals (-8); Calgary (-7)
    All Play — Auburn (+4.5)
    Florida State (-5) at Florida
    This is the first time since 1959 that both teams have losing records going into the game. Both offenses are dreadful but at least the Seminoles have a running game and still have something to play for — trying to avoid a losing season for first time since 1976 and trying to avoid missing a bowl for the first time since 1981. Plus if FSU wins this one it gives them five straight wins over UF for the first time. The only way Florida wins this game is if somehow Tebow gets one more game of eligibility and Spurrier decides he wants to coach against Free Shoes U. For old times sake.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Georgia Tech – I cant think of many teams I have had worse luck with than the Jackets, but here we are again. Really tough spot for Georgia with non-conference rival on the road with SEC title de facto playoff game next up. Tech was sloppy last week (probably looking ahead) and got stomped, which makes this number look curiously low. I’ll take the Jackets and hope for a max effort.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Iron Bowl: Auburn +4.5
    Wake -11.5
    KState -3
    Stanford +2
    LA Rams -2.5 (Essay)
    Jags -5

    Happy Black Friday everyone. I’ve been learning a few MMA moves which helped me score a great deal on cargo shorts at Old Navy. That old lady had no answer to my elbow smashing her jaw. So what if her 15 year old grandson needed the shorts for 4H camp.

    This week needs to be an NFL essay. The college season is slowing to a crawl. Plus, I’m hoping to stop my free fall and need to prep for the playoffs, which are mostly NFL.

    Much has been made of the Saints’ winning ways. I’m not denying that they may very well be playoff bound. The last 5 wins have all been expected, with hindsight. The Rams are only getting slightly more fan love than their future roommates, yet seem to be poised to make a deep playoff run. I’d say a Rams win is a likely scenario, and the spread small enough to satisfy my inner degenerate.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 13 Picks

    Grey Cup – Calgary (-7) over Toronto

    UCLA (-7) over Cal
    Chiefs (-10) over Bills
    Rams (-2.5) over Saints

    AP – Alabama (-4.5) over Auburn

    Essay Pick

    For the first time in the history of this contest I will use my essay pass. Something smells really wrong here…with bowl eligible teams and APR of teams short on wins and PAC12 refs and two teams in supposed bowl elimination game.

    Colorado (+10.5) over Utah

  • Chris Magee

    magee406 picks:
    Purdue -2.5
    LA Rams -2.5
    Miami Dolphins +16.5
    Tampa Bucs + 10
    Bama -4.5 (All Play)
    Notre Dame -2.5 (Essay)

    When Notre Dame loses it is usually to superior athletes and speed. Which I do not see being a weakness vs Stanford. This line could balloon if Love is ruled out. But the situation they will definitely play it safe with love. As much as Stanford can talk about being focused on the game at hand. They have a great chance of playing in the Pac 12 Title Game with a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. Every Pac 12 football player would clearly lose to ND to set themselves up better for a chance at the Roses. If this game goes to halftime and Washington is up 21 on Washington State you have to figure Shaw pulls love for the 2nd half since he has been hobbled in recent weeks. On ND offense, Stanford is not as stout as years past and the Irish should be able to score. Also the Irish did handle USC easily and the Pac 12 as a whole doesn’t scare me. For you in game bettors, if Washington is up big, the irish 2nd half line might be a steal

  • Matt Lawrence

    1. Virginia +7
    2. WKU -2.5

    • Matt Lawrence

      My goodness do my non essay picks suck!
      3. Auburn +4.5 (AP)
      4. Wake Forest -11.5

      • Matt Lawrence

        5. Eagles -13.5
        6. Rams -2.5**
        The Saints tried their hardest to lose last week to a very average Redskins team. Their defense finally started to look like the Saints from years past and today they will be without their top two cornerbacks. I like the Rams and their high powered offense to take it to the Saints defense this afternoon at home after the butt whooping they took last week at the Vikings.

  • jdoepke

    Auburn +4.5 (AP)
    Nebraska +3.5
    Rice +10
    UTSA +2
    Eagles -13.5

    Essay: Colts +3.5
    Colts have been decent at home with Brissett, should have beat Steelers in the last outing but blew it vs. a really good offense. Titans offense isn’t good and don’t think they can put up enough points. Besides that, 70% of the wagers are on the Titans as a road favorite. I love me some home dogs and I’ll take Colts outright 23-21 behind who most of you like as the Browns next starting QB.

  • OU -4. “Oh Yeah!”
    OSU -11.5. I think this is a steamroll.
    BAMA -4.5. Roll Tide? bleh.
    JAGS -5. Good Teams Win. Great Teams Bortles.
    PANTHERS -5. Carolina catching their stride, and Cam gets his favorite target back this week.
    $$$ NORTHWESTERN -16.5. $$$
    Northwestern is on fire. They won three overtime games in a row, and just lambasted Minnesota. Not to mention they just keep covering (8-3 ATS this season). Northwestern fans will make the 2-hour trek from Evanston, whereas at this point, Illinois students won’t even make the cross-campus trek from the dormitories. Lovie’s boys belong in OHSAA Division-IV this season, which is basically what the B1G is this year as 8 of its 14 teams finish at or below .500. I like Pat Fitzgerald’s defense, and I think U of I just wants the season to be over. 52 degrees and sunny tomorrow in Champaign. Perfect weather for a beat down. Taxslayer Bowl here they come.

  • Brian

    Seahawks -6.5
    Jags -5
    Penn State -22
    Texas -10

    Notre Dame -2
    No Essay Week

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Alabama
    **** University of Texas ****

    • actovegin1armstrong

      **** Tom Herman’s program is really beginning to “sink in” for the players he inherited from Charlie Strong. Texas has had questions at quarterback and while they may not have a “franchise quarterback”, (I am still not certain what that actually means), they have a quarterback who is no longer a wet behind the ears freshman. I have no clue what that means either, but it is a colorful phrase, so I have that going for me. The Texas defense looks good enough to stop a rather confused and drastically under coached Texas Tech offense.
      On the Texas tech side they have a defense, but no one knows very much about it. They have a pretty coach who is still handicapped by his parent’s spelling problems. I have never been a big fan of Kliff Klyde Kingsbury, KKK, and this will most assuredly be his last very meek hurrah as he gets blown out of the stadium and out of a job by Texas.
      Nick Shimoneknitikov, is a very good “system quarterback” (another one of those terms that eludes the grasp of my addled mind), but he is in a system that everyone caught on to years ago. He will be slinging the ball around the field plenty to be certain, I do however believe that he shall toss a few to Texas defenders. No matter how I look at this game it comes up a 20+ point win for Tejas. Viva los Longhorns!

  • Dave Borcas

    Texas -10
    San Diego State -20

  • HitTheHorns

    Pitt, Tennessee Vols, Alabama

  • CLEinMSP

    Iowa -3.5
    NC State -16
    Wazzu +10
    Eagles -13.5
    Bama -4.5 (All Play)
    Northwestern -16.5 (Essay)

    Illinois is a dreadful football team. I actually feel bad seeing Lovie Smith over there. Hopefully they can get things moving the right direction next year. Northwestern is quietly headed for 9-3 if they go into Champaign and handle their business. Northwestern isn’t great, but they should be able to move the ball pretty easy against an Illinois defense with nothing to play for. Yes, this is a “rivalry game,” but Northwestern has done well against inferior opponents. I don’t see them playing down to the competition in this spot. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Lot of football to be watched over the next couple days.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Northwestern -16.5
    TCU -24.5
    49ers +6.5
    Bills +10
    AP – Alabama -4.5

    Essay – Bengals -8

    First, I would like to address the Executive Committee: Please do not allow me to change my Essay pick ever again. I talked myself out of a Lobsterfest by switching the Texans for Chiefs. From now on, just ignore me if I pull something like that again.

    As for the essay, I’ll admit I haven’t really followed the inner workings of the Browns. I’ve noticed some well-timed stories leaking that benefit Hue, then Sashi and so on. I don’t really have confidence in either – but I’m also not eager to see Berea torched to the ground yet again. However, as a still rational Browns follower, I see some good on this current roster.

    I truly believe this team is six players away from competing on a weekly basis. The only catch is that the six players needed are found at the most critical positions on the field. Be it picks or free agents, we need: QB, WR, LT, Pass Rusher, CB, Rangy FS. That’s it. We don’t even need All-Pro’s necessarily…..just some above the board guys. Can this be done without burning everything to the ground first?

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Cheddars. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this contest. Now back to The Last Waltz…..

  • thatsfine

    Giants +7

    • Jmacdaddio


      • thatsfine

        Hey, either say it before kick-off or don’t say it at all!

  • cwonder23

    Iowa -3.5
    Browns +8
    Saints +2.5
    Bills +10
    All Play: Bama -4.5
    Essay: Dolphins +16.5
    Sure, we all get it, the Patriots are good and the Dolphins suck and have no QB with 2 QBs. However, they still have some talented WRs and I think there is a good opportunity for a back door cover here in garbage time. No sense in throwing Brady out there late with the game in hand. The QB Play is bad but the Pats defense has definitely showed holes this year even with improved performance lately. Cold time of year in Foxboro for Fins to visit but I expect them to faith enough to cover. Pats 28 – Dolphins 17. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lucy Lawrence

    I️ hope the need to be a degenerate on thanksgiving doesn’t bite me in the ass…
    Give me
    1. Minnesota -3
    2. Chargers -1
    3. Auburn +4.5 usually ride bama but gotta take the points at home

    • Lucy Lawrence

      4. South Carolina +14
      5. A&M +10.5
      6. NFL Essay tomorrow

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY*** Purdue -2.5 vs. Indiana

    Both HC’s have done an excellent job this season turning around the fortune of basketball schools’ defenses; but I will solidly side with Jeff Brohm to take the Old Oaken Bucket in this one. Elijah Sindelar is coming off his best game of the year against a usually-staunch Iowa defense, and I look for him to torch the Hoosier’s secondary. Anthony Mahoungou broke out against the Hawkeyes (7 rec. 2 TD’s) and he looks to be Sindelar’s go-to target. The only question mark is the status of Sindelar’s undisclosed lower body injury; but my sources in West Lafayette think he should be good to go. What is the most surprising on the Boilers stat sheet this year is former-QB Brohm’s ability to improve a defense which ranks 4th in the B1G in allowing just 18.9 PPG (LESS than Ohio State!). With bowl eligibility on the line, I see Purdue playing motivated football at Ross Ade, and taking this one 34-17.

    2.) Tulane +8 @ SMU
    3.) UAB -20 vs UTEP
    4.) Texas -10 vs Texas Tech
    5.) Redskins -7 vs. NY Giants
    AP.) Auburn +4.5 vs. Bama

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Ohio St -11.5-Think they a lot better than Michigan
    Jags -5- They playing their old QB Gabbert who is a gimp under pressure. Jax Jags laying points on the road. Am I crazy?
    Pitt Panthers +13- Joel Klatt almost upset special.
    Auburn +4.5- Home dog to bite Bama. Auburn peaking right now and Bama is due with their injuries to LB
    Chargers -1-Gimpy T Smith on Oline and No Zeke. That pass rush is for real.

    GIMME THE PATS -16.5 This game is going to be a blowout. Typically Miami plays NE tough, but the Fins Offense is Trash. Like Trash that Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout would not take out. Matt Moore is awful, Tom Brady shows no mercy and Belicheck is in F/U Mode. The line is 16.5 and that means I l think the Pats score at least 31 EASY, E A S Y!!!!!!!! I do not think the dolphins score more than 14 points thus giving me the cover at 16.5. 31-14 final.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Im looking forward to a Tasty Cheddar Biscuit tonight after the chargers-cowgirls game.

  • 1. Essay Vikes -3
    I for one am ready embrace our new overlord who’s name is Case. The 2018 Browns starting QB will go up for auction when the Vikes decide to sell high on their NFC Champ winning QB and deciding to ride with their expensive acquisition from last year. Admittedly the timing will be bad given the remarkably high level QB talent in this year’s draft and so Keenum should be available for a first rounder in the 20s plus 2019’s 3rd,, something like that. Is the dude a prototype with the Grossi-mandated rocket arm to play in Cleveland in December. No. But you know what he does and what makes him unique? He stands in the pocket. He looks downfield. He finds the open guy. He delivers swing passes such that receivers catch the ball in stride. But mainly, he instills confidence in his teammates. I can’t believe I’m saying it because if have never thought he was legit and couldn’t bet against him fast enough earlier this year. That’s all done. And re today’s game, Zimmer has the Vikes run defense on its game, they’ve given up an average of 70/gm of late with the odd London game versus the Browns being the outlier. No run game and the Vikes’ rush should be able to harry Stafford like they did Goff last week. So I’m blowing off the home dog wisdom because I’m done betting against Keenum/Zimmer.
    PS, get Falk whatever it takes just to be sure…
    2. Chargers -1
    3. Missy St -14.5
    4. Skins -7
    5. Auburn to win outright.
    6. …

    • on further reflection, there’s a better chance teddy bridgewater goes up for auction than case keenum..

  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Auburn +4.5 v Alabama: A repeat of the Mississippi St-Bama game except Auburn has the balls to go for the kill shot. Bama’s injuries finally catch up.
    1. Dolphins +16.5 v Patriots: This is a classic Belichek Milton Berle game.
    2. Hawaii +3 v BYU: Continuing to pick against BYU because it’s been profitable.
    3. Panthers -5 @ Jets: Healthy Cam is huge for Carolina.
    4. Toledo -14 v Western Michigan: Finishing up with a little #MACtion

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cheddar Bay. I’m thankful for football, this contest, the hard work of the executive committee and especially all of you who provide so much football insight on a weekly basis.

    Anyway, I feel the need to pick a Thursday game this week and following my Lobsterfest last week, this slate feels to me like Frownie’s last week, wasting away in Virgin Lobsteritaville.

    It’s rivalry week and I’m petrified of most of these games. I can’t pick The Game. Couldn’t stand cheddar points in addition to emotional investment being on the line there. Iron Bowl is already the all-play and I’m straight clueless on that. Egg Bowl, odd line. Apple Cup, your guess is as good as mine. Clean Old-fashioned Hate, watch GT for the upset, but I ain’t picking it. War for I-4, whatever. Battle of Ohio in the NFL, I’ll be there thanks to free ticket but LOLOLOLOL.

    So I’ve settled on taking a Thanksgiving game just to get the essay over with. And I’m riding Phil Rivers and his 14 kids in the lair of the suspension and injury ravenged Cowboys. Biggest factor is Sean Lee still out with the hamstring injury. That’s enough to believe Chargers score enough and win. Superchargers -1 at Dallas.

    In the rivalry games, GO BUCKEYES and GO BROWNS!

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Thanksgiving special
    Lions +3
    Chargers -1
    Redskins -7
    Auburn +4.5

    • Harbaugh Handshakes

      Washington -10
      Back tomorrow with my essay


    1. Chargers -1
    2. Auburn +4.5 (all play)
    Have a good thanksgiving cheddarers

    • CLEVTA

      3. Giants +7

      • CLEVTA

        4. Colts +3.5
        5. S Carolina +14
        6. Washington -10 (essay non essay week)

  • pheasantpants

    Lions +3
    Washington NFL -7

    • pheasantpants

      Miami Hurricanes -13

      • pheasantpants

        Ohio State -11.5

        • pheasantpants

          Auburn +4.5 all play

          • pheasantpants

            ESSAY: Oakland -4.5

            I don’t think the records capture how much worse Denver appears to be this year than Oakland. Oakland has played a stronger schedule this year and among other things, has posted a solid last-second victory against Kansas City at home. On the other hand, the Denver QB play has been atrocious, and they engaged in a painful, football-like display at home against a bad Cincinnati team, and lost.

            Oakland has at least a mathematical shot at the playoffs, they’re at home, and they have Cordarrelle Patterson in the lineup to go along with beast mode and perpetual hero Marshawn Lynch, who is doing his best to troll Donald Trump right out of office by standing for the Mexican national anthem.

            There’s a lot of movement towards Denver in this line (it seems to be down to -3.5) but I think maybe bettors are getting too cute. I’d have preferred to essay a couple of CFB lines, but I like this NFL play. Oakland is at home, has the better QB and the better RB. Commitment to excellence, baby.

  • ChuckKoz

    1) Illinois +16.6 (Nwestern – 1pm)
    2) Memphis -28 (ECU 9am)
    3) 49ers +6.5 (Seahawks – 1pm)
    4) Browns +8 (Bengals – 10am)
    AP) Alabama -4.5 (Auburn – 12:30)
    Essay) Ravens -7 (Texans – Mon)
    Ravens are not that bad. Texans suck. I want to stop there, but already did my skip week and don’t want to risk my chance at hopefully snagging a weekly winner. So lets be clear, Texans have been a nightmare since Watson left and last week’s win against AZ doesn’t change that because that team is about as low as it gets. Meanwhile, Ravens are in middle of playoff push and playing some good ball. Pounded another hapless team that lost its QB last week (Packers), close/tough loss to a very good Vikings team, and then pounded the Dolphins. So these teams are not currently on the same level and the Ravens will take care of business.
    Ravens 27, Texans 10

  • Chris Magee

    The Standings are off. I went back down to 47. Don’t know if that happened to anyone else

    • youre right. checking the formulas.

      • Dave Kolonich

        I think Week 4 was the week I got like…..38 points.

        • my macbook croaked and it’s no longer able to fixed by apple and thus i got a cheap acer chromebook for $200 and i LOVE it. that said, the smaller screen has been a contributing factor to some sloppy bookkeeping this year. :-/ appreciate everyone’s patience.

          • Jmacdaddio

            I used a cheap Acer Chromebook for years. Loved it, until I replaced it with a MacBook Pro….

          • im actually looking to get a beefier chromebook now and -this close- to adopting the google ecosystem and dropping apple.

    • wk 4 was erased. plugged back in, should be all set.

  • Troy Bunting

    All Play – Bama
    Bills +10 (Tyrod’s back and playing with a whole lotta heat after his benching for a white boy)
    Lions +3 (love the turkey day at home!)
    Iowa Hawkeyes -3.5 (Cuz Nebraska blows)
    Utah Utes -10.5 (Home team pride pick – I hate the line, Utah’s been weird this season, just trying to get to a shitty bowl game)

    Essay – Dallas Cowboys +1 on Halloween
    Nothing says Thanksgiving like watching “America’s team” don their once a year fancy jerseys and lay some smack down. After a couple tough outings, the Zekeless Cowboys get back on track against a hum drum Tiajuana Chargers (are they still in LA?) team. I’ve always hated Phillip “Cry me a..” Rivers and expect to enjoy my third helping of mashed potatoes while watching him cry about a late hit or a dropped ball or rock in his shoe. As for the game goes, I actually haven’t heard a single thing about the Chargers all year outside of their lack of a fan base not showing up to games. On a football front…. I think Dak Prescott steps up Thursday. He’s gonna dump the ball down the field to the likes of Witten and Beasley and may Dez Bryant pulls his head out of his ass and decides to play like a star this game. Also, i’ll be travelling home for the holiday and my brother in law looks just like Jason Garrett so gonna run with that juju. Cowboy win taking us into the holiday season!

  • Art Briles Hirer

    Grey Cup special:
    Argos + 7 over Stamps

    Alabama -4.5 over Auburn (All-play)
    Miss St -14.5 over Ole Miss
    Mich St -13.5 over Rutgers
    Ohio St -11.5 over Michigan

    Lions +3 over Vikings


    Looking good Kanick!

  • LittleBallofHate

    Since it is Grey Cup week, can we use that as one of the picks?

  • Hey all, it’s your old friend Frowner again, on quite a run here having followed up on Week 11’s Lobsterfest (6-0!) with last week’s Virgin Lobsterita (0-6!). Has that ever happened before? Is there a name for this? There should be a name for this.

    Anyway, it was really something to see, live in person at Worst Energy Stadium, my vote of the week on the Browns going up in flames at the last minute on one of the worst beats of the year as the Jags returned another Kizer turnover for a meaningless touchdown when taking a knee would have ended the game. I was sitting next to Agnes on one side, and CapitalGG on the other, the latter of whom was in the process of notching a Lobsterfest of his own. Truly wild times in the Cheddar Bay Multiverse, and only getting wilder as Agnes and I are about to set out with her dad and our oldest daughter for some live Tuesday MACtion at Infocision Stadium for the Wagon Wheel game. Agnes’s cousin is in the Akron band so there will be all kinds of family fun at the old ballgame this evening.

    Which is to say that all there is for me to do here is is get back on the horse by joining the squares with a Zips essay tonight (-15 over Kent St.) pursuant to two rules that I’ve developed over the years: 1) If I’m lucky enough to get to go to a football game that’s eligible for Cheddar Bay voting, that game might as well be my vote of the week, and 2) I might as well go with the home team as my vote. I figure that in these situations, taking any other approach is just trying to be too much of a smarty.

    It’s understood that I will win some and lose some by following these rules, and will maybe lose one tonight, but if I do, I’ll have done so feeling good (or good enough) about the reasons for the choice I made. And if there’s any reason for me to be thankful for this contest (there are more than a few), it’s that I feel a lot better about my reasons for voting on football games, when I vote on football games, generally, than I used to, lending credence to one of the two foundational Quotes of Cheddar Bay: “If a fool shall persist in his folly he will become wise.” Of course, this will all feel a lot better when I bring home my unprecedented third Cheddar Bay title next February (as I am all but guaranteed to do), but I’ll have to talk more about those feelings later because grandpa just got here and it’s time to go!

    Back later with the rest of the picks. Go Zips! (and RIP Rubber Bowl) in the meantime.

    • I appreciate Mike’s essay on the Vikings but I like what Jim Caldwell has to say about playing on Thanksgiving and they’re on a pretty good holiday streak so I will ride it for one point.

      Chargers in the afternoon game and Washington at night.

      • Thankful that my little losing streak is over! Will see if a couple of underdogs in a couple of big rivalry games can save my week: Michigan and Auburn for a point each.

  • agnesbojaxhiu


    How have we arrived here, in the last week of regular season MACtion, already? I have so much more MACivia to share. With the MAC west and MAC east champions yet to be decided, this week is shaping up to be the most MACtastic yet. It was hard to decide on an essay theme this week. The reenactment of the Toledo War seemed fun but ultimately the Akron Kent game wins out because I’m going to be witnessing it LIVE! My cousin is a pretty awesome Akron coed who plays trombone in the U of A band which for some reason is known as “Ohio’s Pride.” Our oldest daughter, who thinks football essays are a waste of time but loves marching bands, has no school Wednesday so we are taking her to her first college band halftime show. It happens to be sandwiched in the middle of a 60 minute installment of the 70 year old Wagon Wheel Trophy farce. It is a farce not in the lack of a match up but in the story that has been shameless promoted as the reason for the wagon wheel. A post war “dean of men” (whatever that is) at Kent created the story to drum up excitement for the resumption of the rivalry. He said that he had a wagon wheel that had been found during construction 40 years earlier. The wheel had once belonged to Akron industrialist John R.. Buchtel who was passing through what later became Kent decades earlier looking for a place to build a college when his wagon got stuck in the mud. He lost a wheel causing him to be mad at the whole area and build his college in Akron instead. Buchtel College was later renamed Akron U. It’s totally plausible that a) someone would go on without their wagon wheel and b) it would lay on the ground for 32 years without rotting away and c) there would be someone around who remembered who had lost that worm eaten wood and d) someone else would keep it for another 44 years waiting for the perfect moment to share the story with the world. Regardless both teams have a reason to fight today-Kent for pride and Akron for the potential MAC east champion title.

    • agnes i did not get last weeks pick for you entered. please log both this weeks and last weeks picks in the form and ill sort it out. thanks.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Kent State +15 for one point

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye


      U Buffalo

      The disappointing Ohio Bobcats (sad!) have nothing to play for after a collapse at Akron. Buffalo needs a win for bowl eligibility. Buffalo can score points, and Ohio’s defense just melted. It’s Black Friday, there will be about 900 people there and the motivated team should be the better team. Ohio can score, but I just see a natural letdown after the unexplainable letdown.

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