Cheddar Wk 12: Rams +2 at Vikings

Hey all it’s your old friend Frowner logging in for Mike to post the lines for Tuesday and Wednesday’s MACtion and to announce that this week’s all play is Rams at Vikings, Sunday at 1PM.


It’s Mike and thanks Frowner and well done on the circa 1970 photo which, as Agnes has pointed out, presents the two best helments in the NFL in their prime.  It’s been great that Rams have finally gotten back to the look and maybe the Vikes will smarten up and get away from the matte finish and get back to their earlier perfection.  And congrats to you on the _timely_ Lobsterfest_ last week.  You have been paid. 

To all and by the way, I will pay out in Bitcoin (as I did for Frowns) if you prefer,, just throwing it out there.

For this week, use the the lines below for today (Wednesday) and the usual pdf for the rest.  The all play is Rams +2 at VIkes. 

Mike will be back with the rest shortly. Happy football voting to all! 

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  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    Trying to pick Mizzou tonight. Phone won’t let post via the spreadsheet. I’m sending this now.

    • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

      Just got it. Sorry about all that.

  • bupalos

    So I once again missed all the deadlines for a potential actual essay, and I’m really reluctant to let loose a real essay (pretty sure it will culminate in CMFB, but, I mean, it will be sooo much more than that) for this particular Monday Night Crapfest, even though I have to* essay it now. So I’ll write one of these insane “football reasons” essays with a bunch of padding. I mean, duh…. Falcons have a decent QB, and the gale force wind of complete and utter disappointment at their back. The Seachickens (am I reading this schedule right?!) have had their entire defensive backfield cleared out by a horrorcane©**. It’s way too bad that this isn’t Falcons v. Patriots with a chance to exercise some Trumpian demons here, but for now we can pretend that this game matters that way somehow, and create the kind of rooting interest that would make this thing watchable- were one to have the time to do so. Which I do.

    BTW, you play the goddam “anthem” at me and I see more than 10 white people being suddenly overly respectful for the first time ever, I’m kneeling. And peeing maybe. You’ll be lucky if I don’t pee. This ?@!$ is out of hand. Don’t ask me about what I saw at the Cleveland Baseball game in October. Don’t. Fucking gross. Atlanta plus or minus whatever.

    *I don’t see how it matters, I’m only playing for lobsters and I’ve already got 2 losers on the board.
    ** horrorcane is © smallest of small bupettes

  • Matt Lawrence

    **POTY** Eagles -3
    Last week against the Falcons, the Cowboys showed they can’t compete without establishing a solid ground game. Zeke will be out again this week, serving the second game of his six game suspension, and the Cowboys’ offensive line could be without Pro Bowl tackle Tyron Smith. I don’t expect Dak to be able to throw his team to victory. Sean Lee also a big missing piece for the Cowboys defense. Meanwhile, the Eagles have won seven straight and will be fresh off a bye week to prepare for the Cowboys. The Eagles are 3-1 ATS on the road and an even more impressive 5-1 ATS against divisional opponents. The current line on this game is Eagles -6, so I’ll go ahead and make Eagles -3 my POTY.

  • bupalos


  • Matt Borcas

    Bears +2.5 over Lions
    Rams +2 over Vikings
    Browns +7.5 over Jags

    • Matt Borcas

      ESSAY: Seahawks -3 over Falcons

      Seattle enters its MNF matchup against the Falcons having won five out of six games, yet somehow the Seahawks seem to be flying under the radar this season (probably because of how well the NFC West-leading Rams are playing). Despite Richard Sherman’s Achilles rupture, I think the Seahawks are poised for a potential postseason run on account of their experience, defense, and the fact that a lot of the NFC’s top teams (the Rams and Eagles in particular) strike me as peaking too early. Meanwhile, the Falcons are totally mediocre and you shouldn’t read anything into their victory over the Cowboys. The Seahawks have extra rest for this matchup and they’re going to easily cover three points.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Rams +2
    Ravens -2

  • TS_Butler

    Air Force (L)
    Ravens -2
    Chargers -4
    Chiefs -10
    Vikes -2 AP
    Lions -2.5 essay

    I’m taking the free half point here and betting that the Lions can go into Chicago and get the win over Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears. The Lions have won 2 in a row over the Browns and Pack and will look to keep rolling here during a nice stretch in the schedule. Really this game to me comes down to the two starting quarterbacks. Stafford has looked impressive this season. Meanwhile the nicest thing anyone can say about Trubisky is that he’s at least completing double digit passes these past few games. It might be close but I think the Lions can make enough plays to outscore the Bears by 3.

  • trashycamaro

    Georgia Tech over Duke Continuing my streak of blowout losses on the favorites I have picked.

    Falcons +3 over Seahawks

    Eagles -3 over Cowboys

    Rams +2 over Vikings

    Essay Jags -7.5 over Browns Well, any outside chance I had at hitting the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year cratered spectacularly last week with my POTY pick of the Cowboys over Falcons. I just haven’t had it this year and I think it is directly tied to me not reading as much as usual. Case in point – I did not know Tyron Smith was not playing. Probably not enough to have changed me off essaying the game, but probably not POTY.

    I especially love that the reason why I picked the game was the Falcons inability to put pressure on the QB and the top o-line of the Cowboys. I know I am speaking to the choir here, but bad coaching is bad – how does Adrian Clayborn get six sacks on you, especially when you have a QB like Dak?

    Anyway, as much as I unquestionably lost that pick, I lost the season.

    Anyway, chalking the season up to a rebuilding year and I am going to trade down all my draft picks and hire some ivy leaguers and baseball strategists to help me out. How could that plan go bad?

    While I am on the subject of the Browns, it seems like we are headed for an ugly split with either the front office or the coach headed out the door (if not both). Not sure why it was thought Hue would get along with people he didn’t know (see his backstabbing of Cable to become the head coach in Oakland) to come together and put out a legitimate product on the football field. The 2 good things I can say about the front office – they blew the trade for AJ McCarron and have managed to stockpile a bunch of draft picks for the new regime to use to assist the obvious change to a 3-4 defense.

    Broncos -2.5 over Bengals

  • Just a heads up since I see the note all college games are scored… I don’t believe the Louisville game was. Hard for me to tell for sure cause I’m stuck on mobile for a little, but when I loaded the spreadsheet it looked like no points for the Louisville vs. Syracuse game had been awarded.

  • HitTheHorns

    Chargers -4; Bucs +1.5
    NYGiants +10 Essay:
    Andy Reid 16-2 off a bye! No Sterling Shepard! The team has quit on Ben Macadoo! Nobody anywhere is picking the Giants to be competitive even though the weather is going to be rainy and very windy, and KC is heavily dependent on the kicking game with the awesomely named Harrison Butker. KC is down to three active outside LBs for the game. But I’m taking the Giants because I heard Dre Knott tell a story about what players do when they come to New York for the weekend. Its at least conceivable to think that the Chiefs might be taking this game lightly and may have overindulged this weekend. How are the Giants going to score? I have no idea! But when every game preview article I read starts with “Kansas City will take on a lowly Giants team in a game that looks primed to be a blowout” I have to go the other way.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Steelers (W)
    2. Virginia (W)
    3. Essay: Ravens -2 will be back to write
    4. Chargers -4
    5. All Play: Minnesota -2
    6. Eagles -3

    • Lucy Lawrence

      Harbaugh has a great record coming off a bye so I’m going with the Ravens as my essay this week. Baltimore continues to get healthy and the Packers continue to be banged up. The ravens have an ideal schedule to try and make a push into the playoffs. They face:
      Packers -Rogers,
      Houston -Watson,
      Lions @ home,
      Browns/Indy/Bengals: All awful
      That’s a legit shot at going 6-1 or 5-2
      That being said I’ll take a motivated Ravens team trying to start the second half of their season on the right foot.

  • clayII

    USC (-16)

  • Jeff Smith

    Miami (OH) – Loss
    Arizona Wildcats +3 (or whatever final line is)
    Chiefs -10
    Jags -7.5 (essay)
    Rams +2 (all play)
    Pats -6.5

    • Jeff Smith

      Jags -7.5 (essay)

      Well, I probably don’t have to say much here since it’s the Cleveland Browns we are talking about. The Jags defense will be drooling over this matchup, as the Browns likely won’t be able to put the ball in the air much (which actually hurts Jacksonville more). With the winds in play, it shouldn’t be an easy afternoon for Bortles or Kizer. The Jaguars will need to get it going on the ground in this one. The one thing that I am holding out hope for, is for the Browns to turn the ball over a few times (as usual). The Browns just can’t put a complete game together and they always seem to make those 2 or 3 plays a game that really make you wonder… Combine this with the fact that there’s a clear disconnect between Huey and the Front Office and you have an 0-10 team. Why they bother televising these games, I just don’t know. Go Jags!

  • John

    Boise State -17.5 to Air Force
    Washington -17.5 to Utah

    • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

      I’m glad you had Boise. It was my seventh pick, should have been my third. Good call!

    • John

      Pats -6.5 to the Raiders
      Eagles -3 to the Cowboys
      Essay- Seahawks -3 to the Falcons

      looks like I missed the allplay

      • John

        Essay- so everybody expects Julio to eat the SeaHawks alive since they don’t have a 2ndary.
        But- here’s my thing.

        Tell me who Julio has eaten up this year?
        kinda a quiet year from him ya know.
        so- i’m not buying it.

        I think the TE Jimmy Graham has a big game- and ultimately is the difference maker here

        the end.

  • oxr

    I never know what to do when the all-play isn’t a college game. Uh, UCLA +16 over USC!

    • oxr

      All-Play Rams +2 over Vikings

      Seahawks -3 over Falcons
      Patriots -6.5 over Raiders – I regret this instantly
      Jags -7.5 over Browns – let’s try this again guys (even though it’s almost time for the Browns’ annual ceremonial win)

      Essay Eagles -3 over Cowboys – This is a festival of square picks, but I’m trying to make it up in volume (and hoping it’s not another one of those NFL weeks where the underdogs run the table). I did pick the Cowboys last week, and it did go poorly for me, but even discounting that I can’t see a reason other than contrarianism not to join everyone on the Eagles. Tyron Smith is still out, and apparently that had an impact, literally, on Dak Prescott. It’s #3 vs #13 in DVOA, so the three points is quite reasonable, and the Eagles are on a good run of destroying inferior teams, which I think is supposed to be predictively meaningful. But, you know, divisional road favorite, what the heck.

  • Chris Magee

    final pick Chargers -4

  • bupalos

    Navy and UCLA to cover.

    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.
    Goddam it Time, YOU HAD ONE JOB!

  • 1. Fresno St.

    • 2. Louisville

      • 3. Lions
        4. Eagles
        5. All Play: Rams
        6. Essay: Chargers

        Essay: Chargers

        Buffalo is in the midst of batting for a playoff spot, made moves before the trade deadline that would seem to indicate they want to win now in bringing in Kelvin Benjamin, yet after getting manhandled by one of the best teams in the NFL right now, Buffalo has decided to move on from Tyrod Taylor to Nathan Peterman. This leaves the home/road records of 4-1 at home and 1-3 on the road as kind of useless, but still an indicator that the team hasn’t been bringing their “A” game on the road. What I see in this game is a rookie 5th round QB going on the road to make his first career start. He’s likely to make mistakes, some of which will surely include holding the ball to long as Joey Bosa comes charging in at him. Those mistakes are going to lead to Charger points and those extra points the Charger get off of turnovers are going to be the difference in them winning and covering this game.

  • Miami O (L)
    BGSU (L)
    Michigan +7.5 over Wisconsin

    Extremely reckless and insane essay coming tomorrow plus all play and one more in the meantime. Happy Saturday folks.

    • ***Extremely reckless and insane Vote of the Week***

      As I’ve explained in this thread in the past, every year Agnes and I endeavor to go to at least one Browns game together, for several reasons, one being that the first time we said “I love you” to one another was in Browns Stadium. It was the day that Burgermeister first came to Cleveland to meet a bunch of the Cheddar crew and take in Raiders/Browns live. We saw 13 Cheddars and ex-Cheddars in and about the Stadium on that day (see attached photo) and the Browns won decisively. It was Agnes’s first Browns game ever and maybe our 5th date. As we were walking in the concourse to our seats after we first walked into the stadium from the tailgate, Agnes said, “I’m having such a great time.” I was taken aback, and the rest is history.

      So anyway, as it turns out, tomorrow is our big day at the Stadium. Browns are 2-1 SU and 3-0 ATS when Agnes and I are there, so my Vote of the Week this week, while extremely reckless and insane, is also an easy choice. Browns +7.5 over Jags. There’s something extra special about an empty NFL stadium in November when the home team is actually playing a game there.

      Rams +2 for the all play, and Raiders +6.5 over Pats in Mexico City to close the week out.

      • thatsfine

        If love can’t keep it within a TD at home, what can?

        • Nothing, apparently! We got the full Browns experience today. Good grief.

      • pheasantpants

        Great sweatshirt.

      • clayII

        thats a great photo.

      • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

        Is Agnes the bearded dude to your left? And have you collected royalties from ESPN on the sweatshirt?

      • Dave Kolonich

        Great, sweet story. No matter what, you’ll always Josh McCown in your life.

        Jimmy Haslam officially bought the team on my wedding day. I always thought this was a sign of some profound change to come…..

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    I was with friends last week, when I cursed at my phone and flipped it away from me. Apparently, it was a heavy-handed flip because the questions came pouring in:
    “Whoa, everything okay?”
    “Is something wrong?”
    “What’s going on?”
    “Boise State is already down 21-3, so I’m going to use my Cheddar Bay essay pick.”

    Needless to say, my friends think I am a degenerate, so let’s hope these picks are a little less stressing than Boise State’s comeback, overtime, covering-the-spread-barely win. Also, let’s stay out west and up late with these picks again.

    Iowa State (-9) over Baylor: Cyclones need a slump buster after two narrow losses totaled their Big 12 title chances.
    Idaho (-9) over Coastal Carolina: 1.) How on earth is Idaho in the Sun Belt Conference? 2.) Picking Idaho in any sport shows you probably are a degenerate. 3.) Coastal Carolina’s average margin of loss is 16.78 points per game.
    Lions (-2.5) over Bears: Lions come off the bye week fresh, and Mitchell is only completing 51% of his passes. I’ll say Lions win by a field goal or more.
    Patriots (-6.5) over Raiders: Of course the Patriots practiced this week at the Air Force to get ready for this game. You think after being around those heroes, they aren’t going to motivated to win?
    All-Play: Vikings (-2) over Rams: Tough, tough pick. Stats keep cancelling each other out, so I’m just going with the home team here.
    Essay: Texas Christian University (-6.5) over Texas Tech: TCU had that hiccup against Iowa State (where I picked TCU, of course) and took a beating from Oklahoma, yet the have a chance at revenge as long as they maintain their higher ranking in the conference. Convincing wins keep that ranking high, so I’m expecting them to keep the pedal hammered down in this. On the flip side, Texas Tech is deceiving at 5-5; they are 2-5 in the Big 12 with their only two wins over Baylor and Kansas who are a combined 1-13 in the Big 12. In fact, in games against Big 12 teams not named “Baylor” or “Kansas,” the Red Raiders have given up an average of 41.8 points per game and lost all five by more than seven points. Stay Horned you Frogs and win by more than a touchdown!

    • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

      I would like to apologize for the sloppy writing performance above. Clearly, I was rushing with the noon deadline and was a bit groggy from a late night, but there’s no excuse for posting something with this many errors. You all deserve better. Hope you all picked TCU today!

  • Brian

    NC State +2 Dont know why they keep getting points against mediocre talent
    TCU -6.5 Texas Tech play 0 defense
    Arizona ? Dont know the line, dont care. Think they win outright by a touchdown.
    South Alabama -4.5 Playing a terrible 0-9 team
    Rams +2 I never thought I’d say Jared Goff looks good but…..McVey has been money with that offense

    Iowa State -9

    Naturally Baylor is coming off a huge win with all the momentum that a 1-9 team can have, but thats just it…they are 1-9. Beating only one of the worst teams in college football in Kansas. I think Campbell is doing a ridiculously good job at Iowa State and their defense is playing too good. They wont give up very many points tho this atrocious Baylor team and they will easily score 3-4 times which leads me to believe they win 28-10 or 31-7. Campbell will finish this season 9-4 at ISU and probably be off to the next big school with a job opening. Maybe Tennessee or Arkansas because they need all the coaching help that they can get. Give me the Cyclones -9 for 3 cheesy, scrumptious, and delectable biscuits.

  • Troy Bunting

    Philly Eagles -3
    Detroit Lions -2.5
    TCU -6.5
    Air Force +17.5
    AP – Rams +2
    Essay Pick – Georgia Tech -6 (No essay week)

  • Matt Borcas

    Oklahoma and Auburn today

  • thatsfine

    SMU +13

    • thatsfine

      Duke +6
      Fresno St PK – essay

      The Top 25 college slate isn’t too interesting this week, but the non-power 5 has some good ones with teams competing for conference/division titles. One of those is Fresno at Wyoming. I was in Denver last weekend and watched the Wyoming/AFA game with a buddy and my 6 year old daugther, man did Wyoming just look weak on offense. The best part was my daughter repeatedly calling Wyoming “the Brown Cowboys”. That one is now stuck with me and probably everyone else who heard her say it. Besides a decent first quarter getting the benefit of an AFA turnover they couldn’t do diddly shit. AFA spotted em’ 21 quick and they held on with good defense against a team whose gameplan only consists of running the ball. Fresno doesn’t have a fantastic offense but QB Marcus Mcaryion is an OSU transfer (Oregon State, in this area only) and he got his act together last week throwing 4 TDs. Plus, they have 2 good RBs. I like the Bulldog defense even better, giving up 307/ypg, amazingly Wyoming only manages 277 ypg. The Bulldogs may be a little road weary here but should win SU against the Brown Cowboys.

      • thatsfine

        Well, let’s cancel the Duke pick for
        UMass +4
        and also
        UNT +2.5
        Sorry Mike, let me know if I need to do anything to cancel/swap the pick.

    • thatsfine

      All Play
      Vikings -2

  • Matt Lawrence

    West Virginia -3

    • Matt Lawrence

      Notre Dame -17.5
      UAB +10.5

  • Dave Borcas

    Virginia +19
    Notre Dame -17.5
    San Diego State -16
    Lions -2.5
    Rams +2 (all play)
    Wisconsin -7.5 (essay)
    When Michigan has lost it was because their defense has not been able to stop the run. The Wolverine offense has been fairly endemic all season because of poor QB play. Wisconsin just lines up that OL and pounds the ball until you give up. They sprinkle in some timely passes and play solid not flashy defense. With the weather forecast of potential wind rain and snow, running the ball will be the key to victory. With their record and not in the top 4 Wisconsin has to feel disrespected by the college football world. Michigan may hang for a half but the Badger OL will wear them down and cover.

  • ChuckKoz

    1) Minnesota +7.5 (Northwestern – 9am)
    2) Rutgers +11 (Indiana – 9am)
    3) Michigan +7.5 (Wisconsin – 9am)
    4) OSU -20 (KSU – 12:30pm)
    AP) Rams +2 (Vikings – 10am)
    Essay) UCLA +16 (USC – 5pm)
    Mandatory viewing for all Browns fans, as the top 2 QB prospects go head to head in the nation’s best in city rivalry. UCLAs defense is an abomination and that is the big pause. However, I said this is about the QBs. And I am strongly on the side of Rosen, who reminds me of Brett Favre and the old school gunslingers. And he is coming of a gem last week against ASU where he there for about 400 yards and no INTs, so UCLA will get their points. Meanwhile, USC has something oddly conservative about them. Maybe it was those 4 years of Cody Kessler that changed them a bit, but they just don’t seem that dynamic on offense. True, Darnold comes in hot and outside hopes of a CFP title, but something about them just seems off.
    USC 34, UCLA 28

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Louisville -13
    Michigan +7.5
    Broncos -2.5
    Chargers -4
    Jacksonville -7.5

    Poor Kizer, guy was building momentum had a decent outing and his prize is the nasty Jax defense. Only way the browns score a td is if bortles gives it to them. Unfortunately I think this will be another ugly one for our browns. Jax will run all over us with Collins out and they’ll have great field position all day. Jax 35 browns 10


    1. Purdue
    2. Oregon St
    3. North texas
    4. Vikes (all play)

    • CLEVTA

      5. Ravens
      6. chargers (POTY): so I get about 3 pts of line value here getting LAC -4. Bills are an absolute fraud this year as they rank dead last in net first downs per play but the reason they’ve won 5 gms is bc they are #1 in TO Margin. A huge part of this is that Tyrod doesn’t turn the ball over with only 3 Ints this year. Now you have rookie QB Nathan Pederman as the starter so you know he won’t be as safe with the ball as Tyrod has been. Add to this that Buffalo is 2nd worst in allowing sacks and that’s with a mobile QB in taylor, going against the 4th best pass rush in the NFL. All of this doesn’t even include the psychological effect of a locker room seeing the organization blatantly tanking. Not sure the Bills have any interest getting off the bus here

  • trashycamaro

    GaTech – 6

    Rest of the picks tomorrow

  • jdoepke

    Rams +2 (AP)
    Texas Tech +6.5
    Tulane +9.5
    Duke +6
    Bears +2.5

    Essay: Baylor +9
    Baylor stinks I know. But Okie St coming off a heartbreaking loss and a young team, I wonder if they have what it takes to keep playing since chances for Big 12 championship game are shot. I certainly understand why 75% of the bets are on Iowa St. What puzzles is me is why has the line dropped from opening at 10 to as low as 8 in some places. For those who actually read these you know what that means me for me. I’ll fade the 75% of people taking the favorite and go with the home dog. Baylor can score and lets be honest, defense in the Big 12 is awful. O/U has also come down from 55.5 to 49.5. Another Baylor backdoor cover; Iowa St 28 Baylor 24

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Kentucky – This time of year I look for a few different types of letdown plays. Everyone knows about the look-ahead spot and the post-big win spot. I think a much more powerful spot is the highly touted team off a critical loss. This is the biggest let down of all. College kids, lots of hype, and then boom season over. Unfortunately, we don’t get exactly that spot this weekend with Georgia, as they control their own destiny despite last week’s loss. So while I don’t expect the “give up spiral” I do think they may be a bit rattled and perhaps not quite as good as originally thought. Kentucky for my essay.

  • Hawkaholic

    A lot of big lines today in college football, not feeling very confident in these but here goes:

    Louisville -13
    ASU -7
    Pats -6.5
    Notre Dame -17.5
    AP: Rams +2
    Essay: Iowa -7.5

    I am going to ride Iowa on the essay line as long as I can, i apologize for the redundancy. Coming off a shellacking last week in Madison I think Iowa gets it back on track. I still can’t quite figure this team out, they are the epitome of Seinfeld’s good light, bad light. One week they can move the ball hanging half a hundred on Ohio State and the next week they gain 60 yards of total offense against Wisconsin, I don’t get it. But then again, Iowa has always struggled with consistency on the offensive side of things. I like Stanley to get back on track today against Purdue and the tandem of Wadley and Butler should have a good day running the football. I like Iowa to cruise in this one winning by a couple of touchdowns. Go Hawks!

  • cwonder23

    S Alabama -4.5
    NC State +2
    UAB +10.5
    All Play: Rams +2
    Lions -2.5
    Essay: KSU +20
    This is more of a testament to Bill Snyder than an indictment on Mike Gundy, albeit both. OSU has a tendency to fade after “big games” and the emotional toll they’ve been through over the last couple of weeks makes me think this will be closer than expected. Their defense has been a sieve and KSU will come ready to play. KSU is 4-1-1 following an ATS loss and they have done a lot of losing. The coaching situation is in flux at KSU as Snyder considers actually retiring. 4 out of Kansas States 5 losses have been decided by 7 points or less and I expect that trend to continue as the Wildcats look to become bowl eligible. OSU 42 – KSU 35

    • Dave Kolonich

      Good job on the KState pick.

  • i’d love to tell you that my crap picking here on cheddar of late is a good indicator that this would be a good week to ride me but, and this is true, as badly as ive picked here and i have been picking that well IRL sportsbooks. im straight out crushing my dad’s yahoo pool with a 149-119 ATS record. but as for cheddar.. it’s weird.. i just go all normie here and i dont know why. eg, i loved UNC +9 at Pitt a week or two ago with UNC having held their own against the U the week before and knowing Fedora to be a decent coach and the UNC has got be able to recruit because UNC… sure enough UNC won straight up. so i bet it but did i throw it in here, ah no.

    rutgers +11 at iu (ru 8-2 ATS)
    uab +10.5 at uf (uf a complete shambles)
    let’s make cal +16 at stanford in the big game the essay. cal is scratching it’s way into relevance with a healthy investments in its stadium and with the promotion of its DC to HC this year. the games ive seen they play with more guts than the cal bears i grew up with. stanford is down this year, last weeks win vs UW was the year’s highlight and next week ND comes to town. hard to think of cal in palo alto being a trap game but ill take the 16.
    bears +2.5 v lions (i like trubisky)
    rams +2 at vikes (can the vikes go back to bridgewater if keenum continues his play? that said, rams are a juggernaut.)
    chargers -4 v bills (bills season over, chargers season just starting)

    • Dave Kolonich

      Why Trubisky?

      • 100% gut feel: he looks the part. based on a very small sample size of watching.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Ole Miss -2.5
    BYU -4 (I can’t essay this. BYU lost to East Carolina)
    Pitt +15
    Iowa -7.5 (Essay)

    Rams +2
    Eagles -3

    Last week was a crap week. Time to try to stay afloat. Somehow Iowa has put together a good season, with a signature win over OSU. Purdue hasn’t been in the winning habit this year, especially recently. Iowa kicked the crap out of Ohio State at home. They’ll have no trouble with Purdue, and I’m surprised the points aren’t in double-digit territory. Hence, the essay.

    Happy last weekend before Thanksgiving everyone. Time to get the Black Friday helmet from storage and start practicing kneeing people in the face. That $200 4k set will be mine.

  • New Scorpio moon tomorrow at 5:42am (central). Time to shed old skins and new beginnings. This week’s essay will be cake. I’ll essay a team with a mascot that sheds skin! No snake teams. Fine. I’ll essay the Scorpions! No Scorpions? Oof. Fine. I’ll essay a coach who is a Scorpio. (Googles Hue Jackson.) Finds out that Hue’s birthday is ONE DAY BEFORE THE SCORPIO CUTOFF. It’s like he’s purposely sabotaging my essay. Get too tired to Google any more coaches. (After Googling Hargbaugh and Kliff Kingsbury and Lovie Smith.) I’ve laid out printed copies of the picks but the cat isn’t making any definitive indications. I say, why can you be more like Koko? Where might one find scorpions? Arizona. Oh, no line for Arizona/Oregon. Ah, Arizona State. Yes, let’s wager on the Sun Devils in honor of a New Moon. That will make the most sense.
    **Arizona State -7 at Oregon State**
    AP: Vikings -2 vs. Rams. Kase Ceenum was in my dreams this week. I was looking at him in his Vikings jersey and wondering if he was related to Casey Kasem.
    Texas Tech +6.5: Kingsbury & home dogs. These are two of my favorite things.
    Northwestern -7.5 vs. Minnesota: Suck it, PJ.
    Iowa -7.5 vs. Purdue
    Dolphins -1.5 vs. Buccaneers

  • Nick

    Eagles -3 vs Cowboys
    Carson Wentz pneumatic approach to life includes eating sardines and sleeping upside down. He always fills his trout satchel when he goes fly fishing. He owns a copy of A River Runs Through It and Other Stories. He drinks mushroom tea instead of coffee, and writes poems on the weekends. The Cowboys are without their starting running back, and Jerry Jones is a ghost. You know what else turns you into a ghost? Paying attention to Illinois Football and Browns Football for 9 straight years. What a pointless and strange journey, I’m a certified nut job. I just ordered a hammock for my 10 year company anniversary present. Eagles roll.
    Pats -6.5 vs Raiders
    Jags -7.5 vs Browns
    Cardinals pk vs Texans
    Vikings -2 vs Rams
    Illinois +41 vs OSU

  • GRRustlers

    Week 12 Picks

    Idaho (-9) over Coastal Carolina – Goes back to an old friend at home in their pole barn. Like a proud father seeing them getting points.

    Redskins (+8) over Saints – I don’t believe in the Saints.

    Chargers (-4) over Bills
    Browns (+7.5) over Jaguars
    AP – Vikings (-2) over Rams

    Essay Pick

    Giving Andy Reid a bye week to prepare for Ben McAdoo is like me having the ability to call LeBron and have him fill in on my rec team. I’d rather call Oakley because sometimes you just want violence between the lines but whatever. I say there are only three teams in the AFC who can win the whole thing and I would take my chances with KC. The Chiefs send McAdoo home to see his family this Thanksgiving and the Giants gather around each remaining week to see if the Browns trip up and get them the number one pick.

    Chiefs (-10) over Giants

    • Jmacdaddio

      The Giants implosion has been swift and sudden. NY media had the Giants a possible playoff team and the Jets as the usual dumpster on fire. Oops.

      • thatsfine

        What I remember about NY/NJ sports radio is there was a lot of volume and shouting but very little imagination. So, I’m not surprised to hear this.

        • Jmacdaddio

          It hasn’t changed. Yelling about the Yankees, Giants, Jets, and more Yankees. Chris Christie was rumored to be a successor to Mike Francesca who is retiring since he can barely stay awake during broadcasts. Christie would have made a decent fit.

  • Chris Magee

    UL-Monroe + 37
    Navy +17.5
    Eagles – 3
    All Play: vikings -2
    Essay: UTSA -1 (skip week)

    Final pick coming Sunday torn between 2

  • pheasantpants


    • pheasantpants

      Rutgers +11 at Indiana
      TCU -6.5 at Texas Tech
      UAB +10.5 at Florida

      • pheasantpants

        Taking UAB off the board and going with Texas A&M and the points instead.

      • pheasantpants

        Rams +2 all play
        Still thinking about my vote of the week

      • pheasantpants

        Philly -3 Vote of the Week

        Seems like the public is heavily on the Eagles to take this road win, with Zeke Elliott out. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon too and expect a fairly easy win for Carson Wentz and company on the road.

        Wentz has the third-best passer rating in the league and a sparkling 23:5 TD:INT ratio. The Eagles as a team rank second in scoring offense and fourth in total offense; and are in the top ten in team scoring and total defense on the other side.

        The Eagles are coming off a bye and should be rested and ready to dominate. I don’t see how the Cowboys can score enough to keep up.

  • CLEinMSP

    Penn St -26
    Oklahoma -37
    Mizzou -8
    Michigan +7.5
    Vikings -2 (All Play)
    ISU -9 (Essay)

    Baylor sucks. They are really, really bad, and I’ve picked against them twice this year already. ISU is coming off a heartbreaking loss at home against Ok State last week, and they how have very little chance to make the Big XII champ game. Even though they won’t make the champ game, this is an extremely well coached team, and they can clinch bowl eligibility with a win tomorrow. For a lot of programs, this obviously wouldn’t be a gig deal, but this is Iowa State. Sounds like Kyle Kempt will be back, and I think Iowa St moves the ball at will against Baylor and wins big. Even if Kempt is out, the kid that came in last week can move the ball against Baylor.

  • LittleBallofHate

    One biscuit — Steelers (-7, Won); Ohio State (-41), Chargers (-4), Eagles (-3)
    All Play — Vikings (-2). Goff has yet to face a Mike Zimmer defense.
    Essay *Play of the Year*
    I was seriously thinking about making the Buckeyes the Play of the Year, but I am going with a game with another huge line. Oklahoma is another team that needs to run up the score and destroy teams to show they are worthy to the CFP Committee. In their past three games against Kansas the Sooners have outscored the Jayhawks 162-17. Baker Mayfield is also trying to round up Heisman votes and needs to put up another huge number. So I will roll the dice and go Sooners -37.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Rams +2
    Georgia -21.5
    East Carolina +3.5
    Texas +3.5
    Kansas +37
    **** Cowboys +3 ****

    • actovegin1armstrong

      How do I go about changing this pick? I put my essay in incorrectly. It should be Eagles -3.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        **** Eagles -3 ****
        The main reason for the Eagles pick is because the best player on the Cowboys shall not be playing in this game.Tyron Smith being gone for another game is a huge hit to the Cowboys chances. Smith protects Dak Prescott’s blind side, does a great job of run blocking and adds an element of confidence to the Cowboys offensive line. The Cowboys are also missing some little running back guy, but that is not very important.
        Sean Lee, perhaps the Cowboys best defender and field general shall be out as well. The Cowboys will also be missing their leading scorer and perhaps their whiney receiver as well. This does not bode well for the Cowboys to get back into the division race.

      • exactly as you did below!

  • Art Briles Hirer

    Rams +2 over Vikings (All-play)
    West Virginina -3.5 over Texas
    Iowa -7.5 over Purdue
    Arizona St -7 over Oregon St
    Michigan +7.5 over Wisconsin (Essay)
    TAMU +2.5 over Ole Miss

    Ok so a pro-Michigan essay from me isn’t something you’ll see often at 603brown dot com. Part of it is a lackluster set of games with no standout essay choices anyway.

    But man, if Michigan can’t at least cover this spread, Michigan fan really needs to be asking themselves, “when the hell is khaki boy ever gonna make something happen in a big game?”

    This is not a battle-tested Wisconsin team. They haven’t been pushed by anyone. The defenses they’ve played were all garbage. Michigan has the defense to stop the run and force Alex Hornibrook to throw some picks (he has 12 on the year). And, Michigan wants everyone to take them seriously now that wunderkind QB Brandon Peters is finally in place.

    That’s not to say that Wisconsin is a total fraud, or that Michigan has to win this game. It’s still a Madison road trip with a freshman QB, I get all that. But the Harbaugh Wolverines are supposed to be good enough to catch good teams napping at home. They’re supposed to require a monumental effort to beat. They’re supposed to be keeping it close in losses until the very end. I can get any coach to go lose by two scores.

    So let’s see what you got, khaki boy

  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Vikings -2 v. Rams
    1. Central Michigan -17.5 @ Kent St.: Lucky early week #MACtion win.
    2. Buccaneers +1.5 @ Miami
    3. Eagles -3 @ Cowboys
    4. Massachusetts +4 @ BYU

    Last week we got to see what happens the week after a scary good team gets unexpectedly boat-raced. A good team comes out the next week and houses their opponent regardless of quality of opponent. Ohio St. hit a hangover trap in Iowa City and the Hawkeyes did what was needed until OSU folded early and let it get out of hand. The Buckeyes came out against the #12 team in the country the next week and was up 35-0 before the noon crowd had even left their tailgate.

    Georgia got their asses handed to them by Auburn by like 30 points. So now that they’ve been checked, it’s refocus week, a noon kick and a team enjoying an unexpectedly good year. Sorry, UK, ya gon’ get done. Georgia hangs AT LEAST 50 on the board and Big Blue fans can start planning their trip to Charlotte or Nashville. Georgia -21.5 v. Kentucky

    • Dave Kolonich

      I feel you on Georgia. And having lived in Lexington before, I can attest that no one actually cares about UK football once November hits.

      • Capitalgg

        That’s unfair to both UK football fans. But that basketball task is a nice distraction.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Steelers -7

    • Lucy Lawrence

      2. Virginia +19

  • LittleBallofHate

    A biscuit on the Steelers please.

  • HitTheHorns

    Steelers, Rams

    • HitTheHorns


  • TITANS +7. No commentary. Titans win tonight on the road.
    UCF -13.5. Don’t think Temple stays close. Unbeated UCF gets the showdown with USF next week.
    FRESNO STATE (PK). Fresno has 3 losses. Two of them are to Bama and Washington in weeks 2 and 3. Since then, their defense has been locked in, and Wyoming is averaging just 277 yards of total offense on the season. On top of that, Josh Allen is banged up and may not even play in the game this weekend.
    RAMS +2. Vikings need a reason to give Teddy the job back. And I like the way the Rams are playing across the board right now.
    JAGS -7.5. Browns may not cross mid-field…but for a Bortles pick-six.

    $$$ CHIEFS -10. $$$
    Kareem finally gets in the endzone again this weekend after being ridiculously limited in the red zone over the past six weeks. . And I think Ben McAdoo is the biggest douche among some pretty douchey NFL coaches. His players can’t stand him and after getting the nod of support from ownership this week (which typically is as good as a death sentence), his days are numbered. I expect the Chiefs pass rush to get after Eli. Oh, and the whole Andy Reid off the bye week thing is in full force this week.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Georgia (-21.5)
    UCF (-13.5)
    Redskins (+8)
    Ravens (-2)
    AP – Vikings (-2)

    Essay – Texans (Pick)

    I think I’ve officially entered the MUST WIN week of my rookie Cheddar campaign. As such, I have virtually no confidence in any of these picks. I’m going back to old winners in Georgia and UCF….and relying on the certainty of UK letting down its four remaining football fans. We’ll go with the bipolar Ravens and Redskins and I’m just throwing out a guess that the Rams have to be due for a loss (so do the Vikes). To top it off, I’ll take the Texans in the Battle of Overrated QB Guy Head Coaches Running Too Complicated Offenses With Backup QB’s.


    • Dave Kolonich

      For the Executive Committee – I’ve swapped some picks around. Please let me know if I submitted correctly….

      Everything stays the same except I realized I’m not dumb enough to take the Texans as my Essay pick. I’ll swap them for the Chiefs covering at the Giants.

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Ok Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Been on a skid lately that reeks of Hot Garbage Picks.
    28th place is no place to be.

    Rolling with All NFL Card and mixing in My POTY to try to play some catch up from the stinker of 28th place.
    Tenn +7 Tonight for 1 HOT STEAMING CHEDDAR Biscuit. Dick Lebeau Defense against old Team. One word REVENGE!! Btw did you know he has played or coached football for 59 years?. Mariota smart QB Pitt wins a close one 24-20.
    Redskins +8 Cousins is solid, 3 olineman back. Think this is High scoring game, and this will be closer than you think. Saints are good but I think Washington keeps it close…. 28-24
    Eagles -4 No Zeke, No Shawn Lee, Philly off a BYE. Rivalry Game… Philly wins 38-27
    Rams +2 This game could go either way, Ill take the points and roll with Shawn Mcvay’s mojo. 20-17 Rams win.
    South Alabama -6 Tailing Pdubs, on this bc well who picks S. Alabama?!!! unless they know something….so yeah just because

    POTY JAGS-7.5

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY*** South Alabama -6 @ Georgia Southern. My Sun Belt sources called me up with complete shock when this line came out. Coming off their impressive upset over conference contender Arkansas State, the Jaguars look to be rollin’. Cole Garvin (who hails from Newman, GA) is coming off a 343 yard performance against the defensively-stout Red Wolves and figures to enjoy a follow-up in Statesboro. On the flip side of the ball, the winless Eagles mustered a mere 173 yards of offense in their latest loss (27-6 to App State). With a run heavy scheme, don’t look for Georgia Southern to be able to come from behind. South Alabama shuts down the run at Allen E. Paulson and the Jags take this one 34-14!

    2.) Miami (OH) -3.5 vs. Eastern (L)
    3.) Memphis -13 vs. SMU
    4.) UCF -13.5 @ Temple
    5.) Wyoming PK vs. Fresno St.
    AP.) Vikings -3

    • Peter Wendler

      edited out Wyoming for Marshall due to the uncertainty of Josh Allen.

  • thatsfine

    Let’s go with BGSU tonight. +17

  • Will go with my dude Gus Ragland and the Miami Ohio Redhawks (+3 over EMU) for one point and one point on Bowling Green +17 over Toledo in the f/k/a peace pipe game.–Toledo_football_rivalry#Peace_Pipe_Trophy

    • Peter Wendler

      Miami was -3.5 in this one. Didn’t wanna think you pushed re: your line above.

      • oof yes,, hope frowner didnt fall prey to that..

  • Jeff Smith

    Miami (OH) – regular play

  • Peter Wendler

    Give me Miami (OH) at Yager for a cheddar biscuit

  • TITANS +7 for a cheddar.

  • Capitalgg

    1. Central Michigan -17.5

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Not going Play of the Year because I can get a better line than 13 on other, um, formats and don’t want to be all-all-all in.

    But Ohio University should kill Akron. The Bobcats are good, and they’re riding high after a full domination of Toledo. Akron has issues and has a good defense. Akron might or might not have its QB. Akron really shouldn’t have much of a prayer, and I don’t see this as a letdown spot for OU because the MAC East is up for grabs. Two big stats here, in addition to the eye test: OU averaging 5.7 per rush on the year and only allowing 29 percent third-down conversions. This should be a slow strangling. Akron hasn’t scored more than 21 in a month, struggles to run the ball and should struggle to keep up with OU’s balance.

    Ohio in its last four has scored, in order, 48, 48, 45 and 38. How about 42 or more again tonight?

    So, essay: Ohio -13.

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye


      Miami Ohio for 1 point

      • FlyHighCharlieFrye


  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Miami-O -3 Essay
    OU -13
    CMU -17.5
    NIU -9.5
    BGSU +17
    All play battle of the best NFL helmets TBD

    Here we are on the cusp of the penultimate MAC regular season games and chances for bowl eligibility are slipping away. Only Akron and Miami-O still have a chance and given Akron’s OU match up tonight it is unlikely to happen for the Zips today. (Next week Wagon Wheel battle with Kent is another story). Miami-O has Ball State next week for a shoo-in and so really all that stands in their way is EMU. Poor EMU has really struggled this year. They have played decently for 45 minutes every week and played poorly for 15. Those 15 have lead to their dismal record. Miami struggled while Gus was out but he seemed like he was feeling good last week against Akron (phooey late announcement lead to a line change that would have worked for me IRL but not in Cheddar land). Gus seems like a pretty good college quarterback and his major his engineering management. Miami’s website boosts that EM majors have almost 100% job placement upon graduation, so he must be pretty smart too.

    I also like that a football betting site pointed out that Miami is 1-5 against the spread at home while EMU is 11-1 on road in an attempt endorse an EMU vote and successfully convincing me to do the opposite. If you don’t get a chance to watch the game, you can take in this little gem I found online.

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