• Dave Borcas

    Navy -8

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Week 10
    scoresandodds.com for tonights lines and my votes
    BGSU -3
    OU -10

    It’s Monday night (as I write) and I must start thinking about my Cheddar Bay week 10 essay, as exclusive weekday MAC voting has finally begun. The next time we see a weekend MAC game it will be at Ford Field. The only problem is that there are 5 MAC games in the next 3 days and I don’t know if the all play will be college or NFL. It should be the NUI/Toledo game. A Thursday night MAC west championship preview game would equal fun for all. Alas, I’m afraid however that I may be in the minority of football voters in my enthusiasm for the teams of the Connecticut Western Reserve. Phooey on the main-stream-top-25-big-budget-matchups. I eschew their pretentious vying for top tv slots. (Chick-fil-a kick-off-to-boring!) These midweek matchups have an important role: the filling of ESPN’s schedule. As the MAC commissioner, Dr. Jon Steinbrenner, said in 2014, “This is a historic day for the Mid-American Conference. ESPN and the MAC have a long history together and were visionary in embracing mid-week football which continues to be a significant presence on the ESPN college football calendar.” That is just good commissioning.

    This week’s MAC vote will be for old reliable NUI. The Huskies have made it to the MAC championship game six out of the last seven years. After a dismal 1-6 start to last year, they finished 5-7, but it wasn’t enough to get them back in the game. Their loss to Toledo last November by a touchdown was their first since 2009. This year Toledo has the best offense in the MAC but NUI has the best defense. This will be a good game. NUI + ?
    Also Wednesday CMU + ?

  • Jeff Smith

    Essay Pick

    Chiefs -7

    Going with a little bias here on Monday night. Our fellow Willoughby South alum, Kareem Hunt, straps up tonight to take on the Denver front 7. Trevor Siemian has looked less than impressive away from home so far this year. Last weeks tilt with the Chargers left the Broncos looking clueless, as the Denver O-Line was banged up and could not handle the Chargers D-Line. Emmanuel Sanders will be sitting this one out which does not help stretch the field against a tough Chiefs secondary. The Chiefs have had to battle these past 2 weeks against the Steelers and the Raiders. From my perspective, the Chiefs should not have lost last week due to the second PI call in the end zone (which appeared to be a phantom Goddell call). I look for the Chiefs to bounce back strong and get back on track tonight. I don’t think it will take much for them to get up against a division opponent at home on Monday night.

  • Peter Wendler

    It is very sad what the Cheddar Bay population is going through. Overharvesting of these creatures is at a fever pitch.


  • LIONS +3.

    $$$ CHIEFS -7. $$$ To come…

    • Chiefs haven’t played their best games over the past two weeks. And Kareem has been kept somewhat in check. He hasn’t scored a TD since week three, which has to kick back into gear here soon, no? Denver has pretty much kept the run game locked down most of the season, aside from one poor showing against the Giants a few weeks ago on the road. I think Kansas City’s balanced attack causes some trouble for the Broncos tonight-especially if they utilize the check down and screen game to slow down the Denver pass rush. I’d like to see more sets with Tyreek Hill and Kareem in the same backfield. The KC defense scares no one of late, but if they aren’t going to slow Siemian down, they need to make big plays and force a few turnovers when they have the chance. Somewhat low scoring, but I’ll say KC 24-13

  • trashycamaro

    Lions +3 over Steelers

    Panthers +2.5 over Bucs

    Jets +4 over Falcons

    Essay Bills -2 over Raiders I was so irritated that the Browns game was only being shown on NFL Network (this should have been the first Browns game I watched this season from the comfort of my own home) that I forgot until after kickoff that I was going to essay the game. Looked like it was a good thing for a little while there, but nope, still really bad even across the Atlantic.

    So, why the Bills? Aside from west coast team heading east, and despite all the pub that Mack gets, the Raiders are really bad on defense. Like 29th per Football Outsiders (Browns are 19th!). Their offense is ok, but that running game is really bad is actually ok. But that Bills D is pretty good and is matched up with a running game that, while bad for the season, has shown some improvement recently. So let me see a win by the Bills in a close matchup at home, getting a free point here in this one.

  • Akron (L) OSU (L) ISU (W) Jets*** Bills Skins Browns
    Feeling a bit sheepish this morn in that I won Akron IRL (Akr +3) but just not with the Wed Cheddar line and I only took OSU because all you d-bags were riding PSU. :-/ In terms of today’s essay I kinda want to play teams I’m familiar with and I’ve had a chance watch a few Jets games lately. I like how Bowles has their heads. They got utterly porked versus the Pats and still came back and put forth a winning effort at the Fins before falling in OT. That’s two crushing losses but Im sure Bowles will be reminding them that they’re definitely a playoff contender and they’ll believe they can win at home in the rain. Falcons? Theyre a soft dome team playing outside in bad weather. Yes theyre the defending NFC champs but theyre also just a 3-3 at this point in the season on a three game losing streak to the AFC East. Today theyre facing the best defense of that division so about to make it four in a row; Jets win outright.

  • HitTheHorns

    Pats -7
    Bucs -2.5
    Bears +9

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Jills -2.5: Raiders were highly touted pre-season contender for Super Bowl but have had an uneven start to the year. Fresh off last Thursday’s prime time win to “save” their season they now roll into Jill land with a bit of momentum. Public buys that, backing the dog here. Public NFL dogs are usually pretty weak spots as there is usually an underappreciated reason why they are the underdog. It’s a bit scary, but I will go with that and lay the points with Buffalo for my essay.

  • CharlesTaylorAllStars


  • TS_Butler

    NC St. +7
    OSU -6.5

    • TS_Butler


      • TS_Butler

        Not a good start. Let’s try 3 more.
        Saints -9
        Chargers +7
        Essay: Bills -2

        Essay skip week

  • John

    I’m only here so I don’t get fined.

    Seawawks -5 to the Texans
    Bills -2 to the Raiders
    TCU -6.5 to Iowa State
    Chiefs -7 to the Broncos
    All play- Penn State +6.5 to OSU

    Essay (and POTY)
    San Jose +12.5 to BYU

    • John

      POTY San Jose State +12.5 to BYU
      I have been thinking about this pick for 2 weeks.
      I live 40 miles north of BYU- so the local media won’t stop talking about them
      They are EMBARASSING. The off the field antics seem to be at an all-time high this year, I think because the guys realize they stink (finally)

      Anyway- San Jose state is coming off a bye- while BYU travelled for their last two games out east(ish)

      plus – BYU has failed to score 26 points YET this season- and San Jose can take the ball away- for any o the 3 QB’s that BYU marches out there.

      deep breath…I just voted AGAINST Jesus. lol.

  • 1. TCU -6.5
    2. Essay/All Play: OSU -6.5

    Essay: OSU

    Pick your poison for this one. Urban Meyer is great coming off a bye week. Revenge game for OSU for the loss last year. Revenge game for PSU since OSU got the playoff spot last year. Pole position for a playoff spot this year. This game is going to be huge for these teams, no doubt about it. The biggest factor in this one for me though… OSU getting stomped at home earlier this season. That was an embarrassing loss, chalk full of pitiful offense from OSU. JT didn’t look good and there was questionable play calling. That, for the time being against much lesser competition, seems to have been resolved. It may not keep up at the level it has been, but JT has been down the high pressure/must win game road a time or two and this is going to be a game that adds positively to his legacy with the team

    • At least I got about the positive addition to JT’s legacy right… What a game. As usual this season, take the opposite of the following to make some money. I’m not even looking at the lines just picking teams that I know are playing today/tomorrow cause of my fantasy team.

      3. Eagles
      4. Saints
      5. Chiefs
      6. Patriots

  • Boston College (W)
    Maryland +4 vs. Indiana
    Iowa -7.5 vs. Minnesota
    AP: OSU -6.5 vs. Penn St.
    Raiders +2

    Essay: Northwestern +2 vs. Michigan State.
    I was watching college football late one night
    When my eyes beheld an sportsy sight
    For the Wildcat’s defense began to rise
    And suddenly to my surprise
    They did the mash
    They did the Spartan mash
    The Spartan mash
    It was a Godwin smash
    He did the mash
    It caught on in a flash
    He did the mash
    He did the Spartan mash

    In all seriousness, I meant to essay (maybe even POTY) Boston last night and then life happened and it was past 6pm by the time I submitted a pick. I could barely take joy in my single cheddar. Then I tried to force myself to essay Texas Tech this morning, but could not find the gumption. I am switching my initial pick of Penn State to Ohio State. Just made the connection that Franklin was the Vanderbilt coach – sick. On top of icing a kicker at the end of a landslide win…he can go take a long walk off a short pier. So, I went to Yahoo Sports’ Pick Distribution List, ATS & Confidence (what does Confidence mean?!) and 14% were on Northwestern. When in doubt, fade the public.

    p.s. I would venture to guess the next time Hue Jackson steps on American soil, he will no longer be the Browns head coach. Because firing a coach after London is now a thing and the Browns may think that feeding into the “London curse” will take the heat off them, or something. This isn’t a very well thought out idea I’m trying to articulate, but neither are the Browns.

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    So last week’s strategy of taking all winners resulted in picking a 6-0 money line parlay, so why not try again? After all, you play to win the game!

    Boise State (-8) over Utah State: Was my runner-up for Essay pick. Broncos ona three-game winning streak of double digits.
    TCU (-6.5) over Iowa State: Horned Frogs need big wins to stay in the playoff picture.
    Seahawks (-5) over Texans: Seattle’s defense looks like it’s finally focusing on stopping others versus shouting at each other.
    Saints (-9) over Bears: Alvin Kamara breaks loose for two TDs today. Oh, and not behind that Bears offense that loves to kiss tittiess.
    All-Play: Ohio State (-6.5) over Penn State: Homer, homer pick on the range! #savethecrew
    Essay: Michigan State (-2) over Northwestern: The Spartans have returned. Last season, a lot of things were going on, but this team is back, leading the Big Ten in defensive yards allowed. You think Pat “The Politican” Fitzgerald is going to pull off a top-25 upset? First off, it’s not a night game in Evanston, and secondly, Spartans know they need this one before taking on Penn State and Ohio State to go for the division crown. Northwestern usually goes 7-5, 4-4, and their two conference wins so far are bottom-feeder Maryland and meh-Iowa. Sparty is better than that and brings an undefeated conference record home to for a top-ten matchup with one-loss Penn State.

    • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

      So I couldn’t get this up sooner; the site would take my picks but not post my essay from my phone. Anyways, drove home from a wedding in Akron last night to play football and just stopped off at home to cut and paste these. Off to play some football (SNOW!) and then off to the Flying Monkey afterwards. Find me on the patio and I’ll purchase a drink for you.

  • pheasantpants

    MSU -2 at Northwestern
    UF +13 vs. UGA
    WVU +7 vs OK State
    PSU +6.5 at OSU—all play

    • pheasantpants

      Okay let’s try to do better today.

      Falcons -4 at Jets—Falcons are due for a big win, right?
      Cowboys -3 at Washington ESSAY:

      Both teams need this game a lot to stay in the playoff race, but doesn’t it feel like Dallas needs it more? Dallas has a lot of momentum coming off the blowout win against SF, whereas Washington is trying to rebound from a tough one against Philly where they fought hard late. Dallas just had bigger preseason expectations and they can only live up to those if they get these divisional wins. Couple that with the fact that I am a much bigger believer in Dallas’s offense than Washington’s and I like the road favorite in Maryland.

  • trashycamaro

    Tennessee +3.5 over Kentucky
    PSU +6.5 over OSU

  • oxr

    All-Play Penn State +6.5 over Ohio State

    • oxr

      Got a bad feeling about this, but after looking at some of these other lines I’m going to join the throng on Vikings -9.5 over Browns.

      • oxr

        Colts +11 over Bengals – too many points
        Chiefs -7 over Broncos – with a heavy heart
        Texans +5 over Seahawks

        Essay Steelers -3 over Lions — I think Pittsburgh will be motivated to score lots of touchdowns so that they can expand their repertoire of scoring celebrations to include more playground games:


        Also they’re currently the #1 team in DVOA and that one game where Roethlisberger threw dozens of picks is looking a bit less awful with hindsight, plus they’ve played a better slate than Detroit. I honestly never know which Lions team is going to show up in any given week so *shrug emoji*. But three points seems low here, even in the wake of that bonkers pointsfest the Lions just played with noted defensive powerhouse New Orleans. I mean, perhaps they’ll come out and score 60, but 16 is more likely. (Offer void if Steelers fail to score at least 19, I guess.)

  • Nick

    Illinois +25.5 Wiscy
    UL – Monroe +3 vs Idaho
    Notre Dame -7 vs NC State
    It is a blustery 40 degrees in Chicago right now and I don’t think anyone from North Carolina is ready or wants to play in this bullshit. So let’s take Notre Dame to cover a TD against them at home in some weird cold weather. Notre Dame has surprised me this year in winning more games that I figured, especially lately in impressive blowout manner. Also seeing that Deshone Kizer is who everyone in college thought he was has me thinking that Notre Dame is on the upswing. So despite all indications that Brian Kelly was losing the team and the town, things appear to be…stabilizing??

    OSU -6.5 vs PSU
    Vikings -9.5 vs Browns
    Falcons -4 vs Jets

  • LOUISVILLE -3. They’ve underperformed, and Wake has a formidable D, but Lamar has their number.
    UVA +3.5. Rebound on the road. Pitt stops no one.
    MINNESOTA +7.5. Score enough to keep it close.
    PENN STATE +6.5. No clue, but I can’t take the Buckeyes.

  • jdoepke

    Ohio St – 6.5 (AP)
    Wake Forest +3
    Northwestern +2
    Iowa St +6.5
    Saints -9

    Essay: Arizona +3
    Rich Rod vs. Leach in a PAC 12 showdown. Kahlil Tate is unreal and AZ is getting points at home. I see close to 70% of tickets on WSU, yet line has dropped from 3 to as low as 1 in some places. Seems fishy to me so I’ll take the home dog in a hyped game at night and AZ in the outright win 33-31.

  • CLEinMSP

    K-State -24
    MSU -2
    Texas -7.5
    Seahawks -5
    OSU -6.5 (All Play)
    TCU -6.5 (Essay)

    I thought the line for this game would be higher, which scares me. I have watched both of these teams play, and have been impressed with what Matt Campbell is doing at ISU. Last week he completely outcoached Kliff down in TTU. This is the biggest home game in years at Jack Trice. That said, TCU is an experienced football team, and Gary Patterson will have his guys ready to play today. They have already won games at Ok State and K-State, so the hostile environment doesn’t concern me. ISU has played their last 2 games against crappy defenses. Today will be different and I think they will have trouble moving the ball against TCU.

  • Akron OSU ISU Jets*** Bills Skins
    I’ll be back with a Jets essay before kickoff.

  • Brian

    Arkansas State -5.5
    Vikings -9.5
    Marshall -17
    Miami -20
    PSU +6.5


    I dont know too much about either of these 2 teams, but i do know that Hawaii is never a good team and they havent been since Colt Brennan. They have a defense that is a sieve and when they give up over 100 yards rushing, they usually lose. Good thing they are facing Rashaad Penny who is statistically one of the best running backs in the country. They are coming off of 2 bad losses and this is just what SDSU needs. They need a nice vacation in Hawaii and a beatdown of the Rainbow warriors. Give me SDSU for 3 points and hopefully another strong week

  • Dave Borcas

    Buffalo +3
    Oklahoma St -7
    San Jose St +12.5
    Florida Atlantic -7
    Penn State +6.5 (won’t be disappointed getting this wrong)
    Vikings -9.5 (essay)
    One of the hardest life decisions I made two years ago was giving up my Browns season tickets after 30 years. Every week I get more and more happier about that decision. I love the Browns, always have and always will but that love affair just doesn’t have that same animal like passion any longer. The Browns will begin to answer the question of how much worse can a bad offense get after losing Joe Thomas, the one ray of consistency on a very bad group. I think Hue is in way over his head trying to manage a bunch of kids as a head coach while being the offensive coordinator. Hue has week in and week out made bad decisions and too often tried to get cute with play calling after keeping it simple getting to the red zone. The Vikings on the other hand are solid and constant on both sides of the ball. They know their defense will put their offense in position if they are patient. Kasey Keenum has managed the games well and taken what the opposition defense will give them. The Vikings outside pass rush should control the game against Durango and Coleman at T. The Browns showed this week by activating another TE that they are worried about Durango. Its going to be a long flight home and a needed week off unless London proves to be the Levitra the Browns need to get a win.

  • Matt Borcas

    Ohio State
    San Jose State
    Oklahoma State

    • Matt Borcas

      Lions +3 over Steelers

    • Matt Borcas

      Essay: Chiefs

      Andy Reid is a dangerous man with extra time to prepare, and the Chiefs need a win to maintain their stranglehold on the AFC West. Arrowhead will be rocking tonight, KC has had Denver’s number over the past few years, and Steve Nelson’s return from IR will provide a much-needed boost to the Chiefs secondary. Meanwhile, Trevor Siemian ranks 26th in the league in QBR (to Alex Smith’s fifth), and I’m not buying the Jamaal Charles Revenge Game narrative. Look for KC to get back on track against a Broncos team that’s lost three of its last four games, including an ugly 21-0 shutout to the Chargers last week.

  • Hawkaholic

    Falcons -4
    Nebraska +5
    Iowa -7.5
    Browns +9.5
    AP: PSU +6.5
    Essay: TCU -6.5

    Hawks have a big one in Kinnick today against Minny. Two bad teams squaring off with Iowa getting ready for the Bucks to come to town next week. Iowa needs two wins against, Minny, OSU, Wisc, Purdue & Nebraska to get bowl eligible. If Iowa loses today they win next week, you can take that to the bank.

    As for little brother in Ames they are hosting one of the biggest home games in school history against TCU today. Iowa State is legitimately playing meaningful football on the last weekend in October, an incredibly rare thing for the Cyclones. If you had to guess what you could pay to get in the door today what would it be? $100? $150? I mean with such a rabid fanbase and Iowa State you would think it would be a pretty penny to see the game live. You guessed wrong, as of this morning $30 would get you in the doors at Jack Trice. A paltry sum for such an embarrassing and delusional fan base (thank god Iowa won this year). I will give them a little credit, Iowa State’s QB has been very impressive since taking over and they have a very talented receiver in Lazard not to mention Campbell has been making a name for himself and probably getting ready to take the next step out of Ames. I just believe TCU is too strong to not win by a touchdown today, their D is playing with an unbelievable amount of confidence after allowing 21 years to Kansas last week and they are a high powered and efficient offense (59% 3rd down conversion rate) and have looked unstoppable this year going 7-0. The only thing that concerns me is the weather, it is very cold in Iowa today which could make the kids from Fort Worth a little uncomfortable. TCU 34, IA State 20

  • cwonder23

    TCU -6.5
    MSU -2
    Wazzu -3
    Bills -2
    All Play: PSU +6.5
    Essay: Vikings -9.5

    Losing Joe Thomas is absolutely devastating for a team that has nothing to play for besides securing next years #1 pick. Their on the field iron man leader is gone and their talented rookie, Myles Garrett, has to watch this from his couch in Cleveland. The QB carousel and overall AWFUL coaching and game management leaves me no choice but to pick against the Browns. I feel bad for the London Citizens and the Browns fans that made the trip. It’s too bad they probably don’t have a lot of light beer and fireball to at least grease the wheels. I expect a lot of cask beer to be consumed. I doubt Hue makes the trip back as the HC as the Browns enter another rebuild of their perennial rebuild. This one won’t be close. Vikings 30 – Browns 6.

  • HitTheHorns

    Essay Steelers -3Pittsburgh is building the kind of season that will play well on a NFL Network year end special after a Super Bowl win. Star RB holdout, star LT holdout, star QB rightfully concerned about concussions and mentions thinking about retirement multiple times; flag controversy with a shit loss in Chicago, star WR back from a drug suspension demanding a trade, local Pittsburgh police chief uses racial slur against Head Coach and makes it a national story. For many years I took more joy in a Steelers loss than a Browns win; the Tebow playoff game remains my favorite NFL game I’ve ever watched that didn’t involve gambling. However, I’ve reached the point with Ben that I cringe when I watch him get hit and really hope he makes it out of this season without a major injury. I just think he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, the most physical QB I’ve ever seen play, and as a Browns fan that really couldn’t feel less of a connection to that team, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Ben to ride off into the sunset with another ring.The Jags loss doesn’t look near as bad as the weeks go by, and the Lions have an opening with Aaron Rodgers out, but they normally let you down when hit with any expectations. I’ll take Pittsburgh as a road and public favorite.
    Penn State +6.5

    • HitTheHorns


  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Penn State
    Washington Huskies

    Missouri -13

    Mizzou stinks. I get it. But UConn is in a rare air of stink, and this is SEC vs. AAC. Even if you think the SEC is vastly overrated, UConn would not win the MAC. Either division. So I’m just guessing that there’s no home field advantage and a Mizzou offense that got some confidence against another overmatched opponent last week should be able to pour it on again. UConn should score too and make me sweat a little, but I think Mizzou goes over 40 easily and possibly to 50.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Ucla +17
    Nc st +7
    Penn st +6.5
    Falcons -4
    Bills -2
    Vikes -9.5 (poty)
    This has to be the bottom for this franchise. The qb situation couldn’t be worse, we have a terrible head coach who seems to have no clue what to do with his qbs and we have a front office that has passed on 3 franchise Qbs in the name of accumulation of picks. On top of us just sucking we are heading to London with3-4 of our best players hurt and the team openly bitching about having to go. If all that weren’t enough our big free agent Kenny Britt is a complete clown. The Vikings on the other hand have a great coach, great defense (uh oh) and are playing for the nfc north title. I feel bad for whichever qb has to play because he’s likely going to die. I’m not sure what the answer for the Browns is but I think step 1 is firing hue in London. I’d be willing to keep sachi if we bring in a football guy like Peyton.

  • thatsfine

    UBuffalo +3

    • thatsfine

      UNLV +21 – Essay
      NMSU +5.5
      Arizona +3
      OSU -6.5
      NFL… I’ll figure something out.

      • thatsfine

        Lowly 2-5 UNLV were supposed to be an improved team this year. After the embarrassing loss to Howard, they got whipped by Ohio State and SDSU (as expected), dominated SJSU and Idaho, and had early leads against Air Force and USU before forgetting to show up after both halftimes. They have a reliable RB, but really aren’t good at much of anything else. Contrast that with Fresno State, the MWC’s biggest surprise. The Bulldogs are 4-0 in MW play only giving up 8.5 ppg, and looked in total control last week’s impressive beat down of formerly ranked SDSU. The Aztecs just looked deflated after falling out of the Top 25 following the previous week’s loss to Boise State. They were checked out from the get-go. The week previous Fresno destroyed UNM but the Lobos had their backup QB. UNLV may play with their backup QB Johnny Stanton, who (incredibly) played linebacker last week and he also blocked a FG a few weeks back. UNLV is my kind of team! All signs point to a Fresno blowout, but I’ll play the other side here hoping to catch a team with newfound attention and unexpected success and reading their own press and looking mortal and being coached by Jeff Tedford. +21 seems like too much. Rebels can keep it within the line.

        • thatsfine

          49ers +12.5

  • Petefranklin

    Hello Cheddarers. Just wanted to see what the vibe on the game was on here. I figured it would be the all play and I have a minute that I usually don’t to give you the real view from vegas. Line opened at 7 and keeps getting bet down before the big money guys get their number, which seems to be 6, hammer it up to 7. I think the books really want to keep it off of 7, or 7.5 for sure because they may get middled. I made my biggest college bet of the year on this game on tuesday evening if that tells you anything. I expect to place some money at 7.5 or 8 at game time if it pops up, but not much $. I’ve been waiting for this game and situational spot for a year and not even I could forget about it. On a 1-100 scale, I would rate this “spot” as a 94 for the Bucks. The Kitty Lions got their revenge last week and now it’s the Bucks turn.

    On another note, the NFL is a corrupt corporation, the NCAAF champion is a false one until at least 8 teams are allowed, and NBA players don’t care. That leaves the NHL as the league of gentlemen and scholars. Hope you’ve heard of our expansion, not stolen, team the Golden Knights. Believe it or not they play in an arena that was built on private land, with 100% private funding. Imagine that. It is possible to avoid publicly funding the venue where a private team plays. I will say Vegas got gaga over the Raiders and got screwed, but that is another story. Anyway, I have the time of my life each game I attend in my very reasonably priced 3rd row upper seats about 4 sections over from this video. That is one more reason that I don’t have time for this contest. GL to everyone and

    • Hey thanks for stopping by old buddy!

      • Petefranklin

        Sorry I shit the bed with the pick. Worst weekend ever for me as it usually is when the books lose.

        • It happens, my dude. But I remember that you were on the nose last year when you came in to warn us about taking LSU plus whatever against Alabama.

  • Jmacdaddio

    We Are Penn St. +6.5
    Hawai’i +9.5
    North Texas -11 (Essay)
    Arizona St. +3.5
    Bills -2
    Seahawks -5

    I think my stomach has finally settled down after last week’s Admiral’s Feast. (First Cheddar award ever, btw). Now a trip to my local RL is mandatory. Allegedly their fresh fish is never frozen…

    I’m returning to this season’s theme of using purposeless geographic matchups as my essay. The Monarchs of Old Dominion are going to Denton, TX to take on the North Texas Mean Green, the latest installment in a rivalry going back to the days of the flying wedge and leather helmets. Now they can take a charter flight, however back then, it was the old Norfolk to Denton Railroad. ODU has some prowess in basketball, now that the bottoms are off the peach baskets. This season in football, not so glorious. North Texas is putting up 36 points a game while ODU is managing 19. Plus ODU is not winning games, while North Texas has a few victories as well as decent showings against schools playing in more “prestigious” conferences like the SEC and Big Ten. I’m still annoyed that I don’t get CUSA TV. Instead my cable channels are cluttered with crap like the SEC Network and PBS. I sense a rather lopsided victory here for the Mean Green, adding to the lore of this storied rivalry. Until the next conference shuffle.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Arizona +3 vs WSU
    Arizona St +3.5 vs USC
    Ohio St -6.5 (All Play)…Hate this play
    Bills -2 vs Raiders
    Seahawks -5 vs Texans
    Vikings -9.5 vs Browns (London)**

    Last week, as I expected, the Browns were competitive at home against the Titans and their immobile QB, Marcus Mariotta. The defense played incredible, while the offense continued to look like a pee-wee football team. Kizer is horrible. How many times are the Browns going to take a QB late in the draft (Kessler/Kizer) instead of taking an actual potential franchise QB (Wentz/Watson)? Kenny Britt is far removed from his glory days as a Titan. Joe Thomas is out for the season after tearing his tricep, which means that offensive line the Browns overpaid for in the offseason is only going to get worse. Kizer will be under constant pressure from a legit Vikings defense. All Vikings will have to do in this game is score two TD’s and the cover will be secured.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 9 Picks

    Akron (-3) over Buffalo
    Michigan (-23.5) over Rutgers
    Arizona (+3) over Washington State
    Washington (-17) over UCLA
    AP – PSU (+6.5) over OSU

    Essay Pick

    Vikings (-9.5) over Browns

    It’s hard to put into words just how much of a joke the NFL has become this year. I was always amused by the comments from Mark Cuban a couple of years ago but I never envisioned the league basically setting itself on fire because they forgot what they actually are first. You are a football league and your product fucking sucks. You have players and owners arguing about anthems and racial inequality while a commish suspends a young black man in Dallas for 6 games for the crime of…wait for it…well nothing. You claim to care about player safety and watch Danny Trevathan damn near kill a guy and you suspend him for two games and reduce it to one. I’m actually amused to see how the NFL will handle the player death that occurs at some point. It’s uncomfortable but we all know it’s going to happen. In summary…fuck the owners….the players…the commish…and an entire football league that sucks to the point I’m watching a bloody MLS game last night in a packed NFL stadium.

    Oh yeah the game…Kizer gets sacked a bunch and Hue gets left behind in London. Welcome your new interim overlord Chris Tabor.

    Vikings (-9.5) over Browns

  • Chris Magee

    Seahawks + 5
    Panthers + 2.5
    Chargers + 7 (will not watch Anthony Lynn try to outcoach Belichick, will check score at 4pm)
    Steelers – 3
    All Play: Ohio State -6.5 situation doesn’t get much better for the buckeyes
    Essay: New Mexico Lobos – 1.5
    New Mexico has moved 5.5 points since opening despite getting just 40% of tickets, so clearly sharp money taking the Lobos on the road. Bob Fucking Davie? You better not screw me on the essay as it has been a cold streak for the $ pick. I don’t know anything about the Lobos. All I know about New Mexico happened in a breaking bad episode or on a travel channel show on Santa Fe food. If you are ever in Sante Fe order your burrito christmas style. LETS GO LOBOS! Spanish for wolves.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Osu -6.5: going to the game so I gotta take them
    Essay: Vikings -9.5 Will write later tonight
    Bills -2 love Bills defense. Raiders r overrated, Bills r underrated
    ND -7 like ND at home to continue to impress
    Texas Tech +20 lots of pts for a high power offense
    Saints -9: feel like drew and the saints r flying under the radar. Really like this team.

    • Lucy Lawrence

      Im not sure Vegas could make the Browns spread high enough for me to stay away from taking the Vikings. The Browns are injured, not interested in playing in London and just flat out awful. I read today that the odds that Kizer gets benched is -140. The team has no stabliity and iron man Joe going down just adds to this disaster of a season. The Vikings d-line is going to tee off on the Browns offensive line and its going to be ugly. Not sure how the Browns will be able to move the ball, let alone score. Think this week will be it for Hue and Browns fans will again find themselves talking about yet another coach and QB in 2018.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Modified my essay pick. Didn’t know picking against non-Division I teams with no line was A THING….Excuuuuuse me.

    Essay – Vikings (-Whatever). See previous post for essay thoughts.

  • LittleBallofHate

    Other one biscuit picks (besides the Ravens on Thursday night) — Kentucky (-3.5), Utah (-3), Bengals (-11)
    All Play — Penn State (+6.5). I have a feeling Ohio State will win, but it will end up by a field goal or four points.
    Essay (Vikings -9.5)
    US-England relations continue to plummet as we export the Browns there for four days. I have been having nightmares about international incident Kenny Britt is going to trigger.
    The LBoH has unique insight into the Zim-Hue relationship. Both were coordinators in Atlanta in 2007 during the Bobby Petrino Season from Hell and when Hue was cast aside by Oakland, HueJax was a defensive assistant under Zim with the Bengals as Marvin and Zim both kept Hue’s coaching career alive. Meanwhile as head coaches Zim has thrived and Hue has pratfalls. Zim is very good at adjusting to injuries and adversities. Hue has a doctorate in the Marvin Lewis School of Game Management. I will punish myself by getting up early for this game and will probably be in the Maker’s Mark Cask Select 113 proof by the end of the first quarter when Kizer throws another red zone INT that leads to a Vikings TD. Minnesota is going to be too much for Cleveland and I will gladly give the 9.5 in this one.


    1. OSU -6.5 (all play)
    2. N Mex St +5.5 (essay): Extremely random essay selection but this is a brutal week of games to choose from. This is a matchup pick + taking advantage of a 2.5 pt line move. New Mex State has been feisty all season ats and their best player is coming back from injury, RB Larry Rose. Arky St struggles vs the run ranking 102nd nationally allowing 5 ypc. On a net yds/play basis, NMSU ranks 26th nationally while Arky St is 47th.
    3. NC St +7
    4. Miss St -1.5
    5. Bills -2
    6. Vikes -9.5

    • CLEVTA

      Replacing bills with Seattle -5

  • Art Briles Hirer

    Rutgers + 23.5 over Michigan
    WVU +7 over Oklahoma St
    Notre Dame -7 over NC St
    Penn St +6.5 over OSU (All-play)

    Patriots -7 over Chargers
    Lions +3 over Steelers (essay)

    • Art Briles Hirer

      I essay the Lions a lot so I might have some bias here, but this feels like the dreaded *TRAP GAME* for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is not an exceptional Steelers team, and I think they’re getting some overrating from their surprise win in KC. Pittsburgh is one-dimensional, and although Le’Veon Bell is about as good as a dimension gets, I don’t see Roethlisberger doing to the Lions what Brees did two weeks ago.

      Without a clear talent advantage, you’re expecting the Steelers to go into a hostile building on Sunday night, against a team coming off a bye and with their backs up against the wall. There’s just no way Pittsburgh matches Detroit’s intensity here. Stafford goes back to being Stafford after a rough couple of games. Give me the points.

    • Art Briles Hirer

      Bonus thoughts on the other games:

      I don’t think Michigan can beat anyone by 24 points these days. Rutgers feeling themselves after 2 wins. Harbaugh settles for a 10 point win with Karan Higdon getting 35 carries.

      Noon fans are in for a real treat in Morgantown. I think Will Grier is just a tiny bit better than Mason Rudolph. OSU wins but I’ll take the 7.

      I can’t believe it, but I’m actually all-in on a Brian Kelly Notre Dame team. Average margin of victory is well over 20 points. Only loss is by 1 point to a Georgia squad that’s now in the top 5. The Wolfpack are alright, but going into South Bend? Gonna be a lot tougher than Pitt.

      If I were in Vegas I’d be taking PSU straight up on the moneyline. I don’t believe in OSU, and you can’t make me. Even if I gave them a pass for the Oklahoma game (and I am not giving them that pass), @ Indiana, Army, UNLV, @ Rutgers, Maryland, @ Nebraska? Which of these wins am I supposed to care about exactly? You know what? I’m switching up my Lions essays. Give me the Nittany Lions for the 3 points, and convert the NFL Lions to the one pointer.

      Look, Michigan is lousy, but they have a good defense, and Penn State turned them into a joke. And they turned them into that joke early on, it wasn’t just a situation where they got worn out because John O’Korn couldn’t keep the Michigan offense on the field. OSU hasn’t seen an offense like that since week 2, that game where they got punked by double-digits at home, for which I am not giving them a pass. Michigan and Northwestern are better than any B1G team OSU has faced. PSU is coming to Columbus ready to rock and roll.

  • ChuckKoz

    1) SMU -8.5 (Tulsa – Friday)
    2) TCU -6.5 (ISU – 12:30pm)
    3) BYU -12.5 (San Jose St – 12pm)
    4) Chiefs -7 (Broncos – Monday)
    AP) Penn St +6.5 (OSU – 12:30pm)
    Essay) FSU -3.5 (at BC – Friday)
    As long as I have lived, Florida State has never been 2-5. So I like the odds of that not happening. Add in that FSU is 2-0 on the road, and BC just 1-3 at home and I think you can wash away an home field advantage. And FSU beat BC by like 40 points last year, so I can’t imagine the talent gap closing that much. And at some point FSU must be getting better with this backup QB. And even that assumes FSU has been bad….but their 4 losses are are all against good teams (Alabama and Miami are undefeated, NC St 6-1, Lousville 5-3 but preseason #16). While BC losses are somewhat admirable as well, I come back to never living in a world where FSU is 2-5 compared to the numerous times BC is 4-5 like they will be after this loss. Florida State 31, Boston College 22

  • LittleBallofHate

    I’ll throw a biscuit on Ravens -3

  • EMU for me, too! One point.

    • Baltimore Raisins over the Dolphins for one.

      • Boston College +3.5 over Florida State.

        • Ohio State -6.5 over state penn

          • Last week I spent more time in a car than usual so I listened to more Cleveland sports-talk radio than usual, including for a couple of hours on Monday. Holy hell, folks, it was like the world ended because this godawful football team lost by 3 points after playing its best game of the year, taking an actual (if not especially legitimate) playoff contender to overtime.

            On top of the ordinary postgame recriminations, there was all kinds of wailing about how Deshone Kizer was spotted at a popular local bar late on the Friday night before the game. The radio stations kept playing excerpts from Hue Jackson’s and Kizer’s postgame pressers where the beat reporters were conducting a full blown inquisition, which led to a bunch of national stories including a headline in the New York Post: “Deshone Kizer’s partying starts familiar Browns tension.”



            Despite that the Post story’s url refers to Kizer’s “boozy night,” all reports on this (including the Post’s) actually say that Kizer was never spotted with a drink in his hand, and there was no suggestion that he was acting inappropriately at all while at the bar. Nor was there any curfew in place for the Browns that night. Also, mostly lost in all the talk about this was the fact that Kizer was out with a bigger group of Browns players, as well as a couple of young stars from the Kansas City Chiefs—Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt—who are Cleveland natives.

            I get that it’s probably not a great look for any of these guys to be spotted out at a bar after midnight unless it’s after a game or during a bye week, but if Kizer had to be out at all, it seems just as well that he was out with a couple of guys who are local. And it seems like it was only polite to keep the night going if that’s what these guys wanted to do. I was glad to see that Hue didn’t overreact to this non-story and that Kizer is going to start this week (if the Browns have to start a quarterback).

            As for this game in London, I think it’s interesting that so many people are so comfortable laying 10 points on a neutral field with Case Keenum as their quarterback. Sure, the Vikings are 5-2, but all but one of their wins have been at home, the other was by three points in Mitch Trubisky’s first career start, and none of them have been over anybody that’s all that good. I don’t think this is a team that moves the ball easily as a general matter, and I don’t think they’ll have an easy time moving the ball against the Browns tomorrow.

            Sure, the Browns are godawful, but nothing about them being godawful isn’t already reflected in this point spread at this point. Strange things happen in London, the Browns offense is more than due to turn in a halfway decent performance, and I’ll take the points.

            Vote of the Week: Browns +9.5 over Vikings

          • The Browns are so unbelievably bad.

            Raiders +2 for my last vote of the week.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    EMU + 7 POTY
    Toledo -24.5
    PSU +6.5
    Chargers +7
    Browns +9.5

    This week brings us a non-Saturday match up of my two favorite MAC teams: EMU and NIU. Both teams are playing well this year, but one is at the top of the conference standings and the other is at the bottom, tied with the terrible Ball State. Poor EMU, week after week they have suffered from being the second best team on the field with five games decided by one score and two loses in OT. Tonight they face NUI in a match up that hasn’t gone well for them in a long time, ten years to be exact. All I need is for their quarterback to throw a few fewer interceptions and their season losing streak will be over. An EMU POTY may seem a little crazy. However, I like the sensibility of the EMU sports administration in their choosing to have their track around the football field, thus making it actually useful for the 329 days a year when they are not hosting a football match. I’ve only ever been to Ohio State’s stadium for a track meet, and I was really disappointed when they removed their track to put in a few extra rows.
    My picks this year may be bad, but I have tried to make my grammar exquisite as compensation.

    • way to go!

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      Ubuff +3

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      I’ve got 8 points already this week and Frowns and I are big in the running for a couples lobster fest so I better switch the all play and take OSU

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I certainly appreciate your knowledge, and your grammar skills, but, you may want to jump in on the inside joke, where we all use too many commas, to drive Kitty crazy.

  • Jaxbch Josh


    Georgia -13.5 vs UF-GA is goid UF is in shambles. Georgia looking for Revenge and will run this score up. 31-10

    Saints -9 Brees at home Trubisky only completed 4 passes last week. 4 passes really. Saints 27-13

    Cincy Bengals -10 -Andy Dalton provide fantasy owners with 4 TDs. Cincy 34-14

    Seattle – 5.5- Dont see watson winning in seattle add that with Hpu def missing key guys. Seahawks 24-14

    Osu vs Penn St- psu +6.5 just bc they are a good team and this game falls on 3.

    Ohio st 24-21


    Dallas -2.5 vs Wash

    Washington on a short week, cousins in national tv games is just Meh. Add that to Zeke being fueled to play bc he nay be suspended going forward. Add that with dallas knowing this is a must win bc without zeke, they lose some firepower. Dak is hitting his stride and The cowgirls know if they want to kerp up with philly in the division they Have to win.

    Dallas 27
    Wash 24

  • Troy Bunting

    Big week 9 coming for THE ELDER B
    Louisville -3
    USC -3.5
    Western Idaho (Wash State) -3
    Hotlanta Falcons -4
    All Play – Penn State!

    TCU -6.5 beating up on Iowa State

    63, 21, 20, 13, 7, 20, 43. Powerball winner? Nope – Margin of victory in each of Undefeated TCU’s games this year. Yes….. these victories include powerhouse teams such as Kansas, who TCU absolutely dismantled. Yes it’s Kansas, but dropping 43 points while racking 475 yards means the offense doesn’t give a shit who they’re playing or if it’s a “bye week.” More impressive than the offense, is TCU’s defense which treated Kansas properly and gave up a whopping negative 25 rushing yards. Gary’s 4-2-5 seems to be clicking this year as TCU has the #1 defense in the big-12, are #1 in sacks, #1 defense on 3rd down, #1 in red zone d, and the team is #1 in TOP. On the offensive side of the ball TCU is out-rushing opponents by over 100 yards and scoring over 40 points/game.

    Iowa State has been a fun story this year. Big upset of Oklahoma and a good win over TTech last week behind the shenanigans of their third string quarterback on offense and last year’s quarterback convert to linebacker on defense. Iowa State’s scoring D is right behind TCU, but unless this game is extremely low scoring, I don’t see Iowa State’s Offense consistently beating TCU, and definitely don’t see Iowa State’s Defense consistently stopping TCU’s offense, especially if TCU’s trend of ball control and # of plays run stays on trend.

    TCU full of confidence. Frogs Win.

  • Peter Wendler

    ***ESSAY*** TCU -6.5 @ Iowa State.

    The difference between TCU and the rest of the BIG XII is simple, DEFENSE. The Horned Frogs lead the conference in sacks, and I expect them to add to that total against the Clones. On to the ISU defensive side, it is straightforward: any team that allows 44 points to a pitiful Iowa offense is suspect to one of the best offensive teams in the country. Kenny Hill is an absolute monster, and TCU averages nearly 200 yards in the rushing department per game. Throw out homefield advantage here as Jack Trice is a dump, and TCU has played in more difficult venues in their non-con. Good on Matt Campbell for being in the top-25 (great coach) but this is the last time they will be there this season. TCU 44 Iowa State 28.

    2.) Ravens -3 vs Dolphins
    3.) Wazzu – 3 @ Arizona (almost made this my essay)
    4.) Golden Gophers +7.5 @ Iowa
    5.) Chiefs – 7 vs Broncos MNF
    AP.) Penn St +6.5 @ OSU

  • Dave Kolonich

    South Florida (-10)
    Va Tech (-16.5)
    Tampa (-2.5)
    Bills (-2)
    AP – Penn State (+6.5)

    Essay – Central Florida (NL or -37.5)

    For the executive committee – not sure why there’s not a line on this game. I’ve seen 37.5 in other places. Of course, I’ll take the NL but in fairness, I’m good with the 37.5 mark. Other thoughts – I absolutely hate the AP this week. I have no feel for either team – so I guess I’ll just go with my distaste for Urban Meyer. Thought about going with the Vikings -Infinity as Essay and Pick of the Year but instead I’ll save that for Hue and company healthy and coming out of a bye week. And yet again, I’ll offer the same draft strategy that I gave on REBOOT years ago…..every year, no matter what – draft a QB with the first round pick. Regardless of coach, GM, President, Owner, whoever. Just keep picking a QB until you find the guy.

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      it’s not a division 1 game. That’s why it’s not on the board and not a part of this contest.

      • Dave Kolonich

        Did not know that. Got it. Thanks for the info. Vikings over Browns it is.

  • Capitalgg

    This is football roadtrip week, so I’m using my essay punt.

    All-play: Ohio St -6.5 v. Penn St
    1. Georgia -13 @ Florida
    2. Michigan St -2 @ Northwestern
    3. Dolphins +3 @ Ravens
    4. Browns +9.5 v. Vikings
    Essay: Chiefs -7 v. Broncos

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Dolphins +3
    Boston College +3.5
    Kentucky -3.5
    Steelers -3
    AP OSU -6.5
    **** Chiefs -7 ****

    • actovegin1armstrong

      **** Chiefs -7 ****
      The Chiefs’ defense is nothing to write home about but the Denver offense may make them look terrific this week. The Son’s of Horse Face looked bad getting shut out by that Superbowl Juggernaut, your San Diego Super Chargers and Trevor Siemian led the way.
      Behind Trevor Siemian we have Brock Rottweiler and his twin brother Paxton Lynch. The Browns have more talented quarterbacks than Denver and that is quite a vicious insult as we all know.
      The Broncos all are big losers on the Shurmur effect. I have no idea what Vance Joseph is doing most of the time and sadly enough I do not believe that he knows either. Vance Joseph is the worst coach in the NFL, that should be good for at least an extra 7 points. WIth that in mind my Shurmur math puts the Chiefs as 14 point favorites. Half a dozen sexual assault allegation agains Vance Joseph leave a rather obvious “smoking gun” in his hands for more trouble in the future as well.

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