Cheddar wk 7; Steelers +5 at Chiefs

Gotta tell you, slim pickings this week on the all-play.  If you think I’ve overlooked an option, shoot me a DM.

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  • Art Briles Hirer

    I ended up inputting my picks late but make sure I get credit for that hot 0-5-1 week!

  • Capitalgg

    For the Executive Committee, I’d like to post an appeal here for a week 6 pick that wasn’t scored. I tweeted my last pick for week because I was unable to submit the form. The pick was Ravens over Raiders. Tweet was sent to @603Brown at 2:03PM before the 4Pm game. Was the pick invalid or can I get this point scored?


    • thank you gg. that works and your score has been adjusted to reflect ravens in wk 6.

      • Capitalgg

        Thanks Mike! I can’t say this enough, but I appreciate your hard work keeping this thing running.

  • CHIEFS -5. At Arrowhead. Stellar QB play. Best RB in the NFL through five weeks. Go Rebels.

    $$$ PACKERS -3. $$$
    Vikings have been battling injuries for a while now on the offensive side. Bradford, Diggs, Cook… That defense is outstanding but it can only carry you so long. It’s been harped on all week that Aaron Rodgers has a bigger impact on elevating the play of his teammates than any other player in the National Football League. That’s absolutely true, and it’s gonna show as they drop in a rookie third-string running back without missing a beat. Look for him to get some catches out of the backfield and spend most of the day picking up blitzes and checking down, as opposed to carrying it between the tackles. I’m riding McKinnon over Lamar Miller today in fantasy, but Packers offense is rolling right now, and it’s not slowing down today.

  • pheasantpants

    Jags are the essay pick

    • pheasantpants

      Jaguars -3

      What a surprise the Jaguars have been, pasting some pretty decent teams already (Texans by 22, Ravens by 37, Steelers by 21) with an absolute stud RB. The NFL is still a league where a great running game can cover up deficiencies in other areas, and certainly no one is clamoring for their favorite team to get Blake Bortles under center. But because of that NFL-best run game, coupled with an NFL-best takeaway margin, the Jags now own the best point differential in the league.

      On the other side of the ledger, the Rams have a solid run game and an impressive win against the Cowboys. Definitely, Jared Goff wins the QB matchup. The Jags have been miserable at home over the last several years. Superficially, those might be some reasons to take the three points.

      At the end of the day, however, the Jaguars have the superior run game and the better defense. Turnover margin is highly correlated to chance, but the Jags are legitimately good at hanging on to the football due to their proficiency at running the ball. Here, I might already give the Jags three points due to the Rams making the trip from one end of I-10 to the other. The Jags’ ability to possess the ball is enough to give them the edge this afternoon and continue their resurgence.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Saints -4
    Chiefs -5 essay coming later

    • Matt Lawrence

      I know this isn’t the most popular pick, and perhaps I’m overreacting to the Steelers getting absolutely destroyed at home against the Jaguars. But, anything less than a touchdown here is too little for the Chiefs against the Steelers. The Steelers are suffering from a little something I like to call bad karma. It started when Villanueva stood by himself for the national anthem and was then forced in to a shameful apology the next day. Antonio Brown is out there throwing Gatorade coolers, and Big Ben just said “I might not have it anymore.” What!?!? Are you kidding me??? You might not have it anymore??? The Chiefs are red hot and I’ll take them -5 at home.

  • John

    Pats -9.5 to the Jets
    Falcons -12 to the Dolphins
    Jags -3 to the Rams
    All play- Chiefs -5 to the Steelers

  • HitTheHorns

    Steelers +5
    Falcons -12 essay
    AZ Cards +2
    Patriots -9.5
    Typically try and stay away from the large NFL Favorites but this could be our final Jay Cutler experience so I am going to try and savor it. Dolphins have 3 TDs in 43 drives this year. No Davante Parker, Cutler is clearly done, Jay Ajayi has been marginalized. Miami should get behind early here and I am betting that they won’t be able to pass even against a defense that could allow a backdoor cover (I hope Cutler plays the entire game). No TD”s for Julio Jones thus far, expect him to break out huge coming off a bye.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Texas St L
    2. Panthers L
    3. Arizona +2
    4. Ravens -6
    5. AP: Chiefs
    6. Essay: Browns +10

    I hate taking the Browns let alone writing an essay on them. I thought the defense played well last week and look for Garrett and company to continue to improve against the Texans this week. I still believe that the Texans will be able to score however Houston’s defensive line is pretty much glued together at this point which should help Hogan in his first start. If the Browns can stay away from offensive turnovers and turn their good drives into points I think they will have some success this week. Look for this game to be high scoring and I like getting 10 points in those type of games.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Browns +10
    Packers -3
    Chiefs -5
    Pats -9.5
    This jets team has to be the worst football team to ever go on a 3 game winning streak. They were in a battle with the browns last week to see who could give the football game away. You could argue with the turnovers and missed fgs the browns could’ve and should have won by 10. The pats won’t be so kind. Brady will not throw interceptions inside the 10. They won’t miss the Abdul this is a great opportunity for their defense to get on track. Pats by at least 2 tds

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Steelers: Seems like every year the Chiefs get out quickly and feed the hype machine. Not sold on them, particularly with Andy Reid at the helm. Steelers meanwhile have looked straight up dreadful. These teams are evenly matched and with the public backing the Chiefs I will take the Steelers for my essay. Nothing really fancy here.

  • CharlesTaylorAllStars

    I took a bunch of home dogs on Saturday. LSU and Texas came through. So did Indiana, really, but the overtime pushed the cover. Minnesota isn’t looking great.

    I have no opinion regarding the AP, but I bet against the Chiefs last week and am still smarting, so I’m not going to do it again.

    My essay is NE -9.5. First, I hate NE. I hate them more than the Steelers and the Cowboys and the Packers and every other shitwagon in the NFL. I want an asteroid to his Tom Brady in the face.

    But…if you’d put a line on this game just before the season started NE might have been the biggest road favorite in the last decade. NE’s win total o/u was at 12.5 and the NYJ’s was at 3.5. Not only were those the highest and lowest in the league, respectively…they are the highest and lowest for any teams in the last 5 years. In fact, no one had been higher than 11.5 or lower than 4.5 since (at-least, I got lazy) 2012. Betting -105 on a team to win or lose 13 FUCKING GAMES in the NFL where the margin for victory every week is so thin is INSANE. If you realized this before the season and pounded the Pats’ under or the Jets’ over, good for you. I did not. But, I do think that the fact Vegas thought the Pats were 9 full games better than the Jets a month and a half ago tells you most of what you need to know about these teams’ talent levels. And I think that the Patriots’ defense has been running suicides and getting yelled at for 10 days and is about fucking tired of it. And if they are ever going to get well, it will be this week against the Jets. Josh McKnown is leading Jermaine Kearse, Jeremy Kerley, Robbie Anderson, Matt Forte, Elijah McGuire, and Austin-Safarian Jenkins into battle. If you know who all those guys are, you’re probably getting divorced. I suspect this will be ugly.

  • 1) UGA -30
    2) Washington -17

    • 3) Texans -10
      4) Patriots -9.5
      5) All Play – Steelers +5
      6) Essay: Packers -3

      Essay: Packers -3

      Aaron Rodgers vs. Case Keenum is really all I need to justify this pick in my mind. That said, the Packers may be forming a respectable running game as well and that should be a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. The Packers should have their full compliment of weapons with Montgomery and Nelson likely to play. The Vikings are without Diggs, Cook, and Bradford, arguably their three best offensive weapons. Even though this is a rivalry game, I don’t see a way that the Vikings defense keeps their team within three of the Packers. I don’t expect the Vikings offense to score much as depleted as they are and even if the Packers don’t light up the Vikings, they just got to win by more than a FG for purposes here and I’m believing they will.

  • Jeff Smith

    Alabama -29.5
    Texas A&M +3
    Utah +12.5
    Browns +10
    Packers -3 (essay)
    Chiefs -5 (all play)

    Packers -3

    Another matchup of the division rivals and after Green Bay’s big comeback win last week, I am hoping that they ride the momentum rather than being set up for a letdown. Minnesota typically plays the Packers well at home, but Green Bay needs to create some separation in the NFC North. Rodgers should once again have all of his weapons at his disposal and if that is the case, Rhodes and Waynes may have their hands full. Aaron Jones provided something last week that the Packers haven’t seen glimpses of for years which sets up the passing game well. The Minnesota running game is somewhat decimated without Cook, but McKinnon ran well in Chicago last week. Look for the Packers to come out strong in Minnesota and create some separation in the NFC North (hoping for a Lions loss as well).

  • Matt Borcas

    Minnesota +3 over Michigan State
    Texas A&M +3 over Florida

    • Matt Borcas

      Lions +4 over Saints
      Rams +3 over Jags

    • Matt Borcas

      Chiefs over Steelers for the AP

    • Matt Borcas

      ESSAY: Titans -7.5 over Colts

      The Colts have gotten blown out twice this season: a 49-6 loss to the Rams in Week 1, and a 46-18 loss to the Seahawks in Week 4. Indy’s season is pretty much shot with Andrew Luck *still* nursing a right shoulder injury, while Marcus Mariota is slated to play tonight despite a hamstring issue. The Titans were pegged as a playoff contender by numerous experts entering the season, and I still believe that Mariota will lead them to the postseason. And there’s no better opportunity for 2-3 Tennessee’s season to get back on track than right now, at home on Monday night vs. a lowly Colts squad quarterbacked by Jacoby Brissett. Take the Titans and give the points.

  • ChuckKoz

    1) UNLV +7.5 (Air Force)
    2) Florida -3 (TAMU)
    3) Patriots -9.5 (Jets)
    4) Broncos -11.5 (Giants)
    AP) Chiefs -5 (Steelers)
    Essay) San Jose St +17 (at Hawaii)
    Hawaii is dreadful, losing 4 straight badly. San Jose St is dreadful, losing 5 straight badly. So this line is just unacceptably high. I can’t pretend to know the ins and outs of these teams, but I just know that this seems like it should be a single digit line. Its not like Hawaii has some great home advantage. The travel thing is not that big a deal for San Jose, taking a 5.5 hour direct flight. And as a big fan of the foreign country islands (per Trump….and their so called judges), I know the place can be inspirational. So I can see the Spartans playing inspired ball and keeping it close. Hawaii 34, San Jose St 28

    • ChuckKoz

      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: It appears this posted later than i actually did. not sure what was going on with my computer or site. i think it reflects i didn’t post until UNLV game started.

      Please advise if UNLV pick is void and I will replace

      • hey chuck, please submit an alt pick. i think this will be nixed as the disqus timestamp is the same as my wordpress… but it’ll take a bit to convene the EC and dont want to put you in more of a box.

        • ChuckKoz

          Nebraska +24 (OSU)

          • ChuckKoz

            really not sure what the deal was with submitting. it showed on my computer as submitted. i came back a few hours later to see if anyone took my hawaii lead and to do form submissions and it wasn’t there.

          • The EC is granting the UNLV pick in consideration of the problems with the lines/form/site not being available this week.

          • ChuckKoz

            oh hell, i am so grateful of the fair decision…..then i realized my essay for San Jose St (clear based on language) ended up being input for Hawaii….i don’t think that is anyones fault but mine….but begging for some correction/dispensation from the EC. sorry i have been such a pain this year, especially for a now bottom feeder of the league. please advise

          • we got you and the SJSU essay too.

  • TS_Butler

    Auburn -7 and USC -12.5 for my college plays

    • TS_Butler

      Let’s turn this crazy weekend around.

      Pack -3
      Saints -4
      Steelers +5
      Essay: Falcons -12

      I can’t believe Jay Cutler is still starting for the Dolphins. I’ll admit I haven’t watched a full Dolphins game this year, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play football with as much of a who gives a shit attitude as Cutler. If they have a two minute drill today, make sure you tune in. It’s high entertainment watching Cutler complete a five yard pass, walk up to the line and point at a couple guys, his eyes closed. He yells some words and then sails one out of bounds. The Falcons, meanwhile, are coming off a bye week after an embarrassing home loss to the Bills. I expect them to play well, and that should be enough to cover.

  • Matt Lawrence

    LSU +7
    UAB +6.5

  • HitTheHorns

    Ohio State -24

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    Here’s the second part of my picks. I’ll add the essay in for record-keeping purposes. For the record, TCU and Kansas State still hasn’t started yet, so get those picks in on the Horned Frogs.

    Michigan State (-4) over Minnesota: Welcome back Mark D’Antonio and Sparty to the Top 25. We missed you last year, and we know you’re not going to let 0-2 in conference play Minnesota knock you out your first week back.
    Northern Illinois (-4.5) over Buffalo: The Huskies won this game 44-7 last year and are coming off an “easy” week versus Kent State. Buffalo will still be hungover from that record-breaking 7OT loss.
    Packers (-3) over Vikings: Don’t watch the Browns. Just watch Aaron Rodgers play quarterback.
    Ravens (-6) over Bears: You really think a guy who posts stuff like this on Twitter is going to beat the Ravens in Baltimore?
    Ravens don’t lose to rookie quarterbacks. Just sayin’.
    All-Play: Kansas City Football Team (-5) over Steelers: Kareem Hunt. Arrowhead Stadium. Playoff loss revenge.
    Essay Pick: TCU (-6) over Kansas State
    You know what motivates undefeated teams to not fall asleep on weaker opponents? Seeing other undefeated teams get upset. With Washington State and Clemson both going down, the other highly ranked teams will be more awake going into the week. And speaking of awake, how about what Kenny Hill has done for this TCU team this year? He’s accurate (69% accuracy rate) and mobile enough to cause defenses to respect his ability to run the ball. The offense is averaging 479 yards per game and is going up against a Bill Snyder-led team (in Bill Snyder Family Stadium – hard to pick against man in a home game in his own stadium, but go with me here) that started the year with high hopes but now has an injured quarterback/possible quarterback controversy beginning. TCU is #6 and will move into the BCS playoff picture with a big win today, so take those Horned Frogs in Manhattan!

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Charles Leno’s tittiessss? Not that there is anything wrong with that….

  • thatsfine

    New Mexico +2
    UNLV +7.5
    UNT +2.5
    Essay and NFL in a bit

    • thatsfine

      UNT +2.5
      North Texas is tied for 1st in C-USA West, with 2 weeks to prepare for a big home game with UTSA. Maybe their biggest game since joining C-USA. Have they ever been in 1st place? The Mean Green is 3-2 with losses at SMU and Iowa nothing to feel ashamed about. Their win 2 weeks ago at USM saw them put up 43, par for the course for an offense averaging 510/game and a RB Jeffrey Wilson averaging 7.2/ypr. Of course, all of that offense puts the defense on the field more and it’s not an impressive defense, so UTSA will put up numbers with UNT’s defense allowing 400 ypg. The Roadrunners have the big (?) win at Baylor, but are coming off a loss at home to USM. Both teams are in Texas so this counts as a rivalry game, both teams are going to be up for this one. I think the better team is getting the points AND at home and will get the SU win, so I’m not sweating the 2.5 here. I’m coming off a 1-5 week, so I’m due. Mean Green for 6 biscuits.

      • thatsfine

        Never in doubt! Was worth picking just to hear my 3 year old daughter yell “Go Mean Green”!!
        Let’s finish with SJSU +17

        • thatsfine

          Steelers +5
          Browns +10
          In all my time of Cheddar Bay I have never wagered on the Browns unless
          mandated. But, this is the first time that a QB switch has been such a massive upgrade all the goddamn way. Kizer
          has been that awful.

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    Sorry everyone, going to have to do a two-part message. Rough night down in the salt mine, but here’s the one game you need to take:

    Essay Pick: TCU (-6) over Kansas State
    You know what motivates undefeated teams to not fall asleep on weaker opponents? Seeing other undefeated teams get upset. With Washington State and Clemson both going down, the other highly ranked teams will be more awake going into the week. And speaking of awake, how about what Kenny Hill has done for this TCU team this year? He’s accurate (69% accuracy rate) and mobile enough to cause defenses to respect his ability to run the ball. The offense is averaging 479 yards per game and is going up against a Bill Snyder-led team (in Bill Snyder Family Stadium – hard to pick against man in a home game in his own stadium, but go with me here) that started the year with high hopes but now has an injured quarterback/possible quarterback controversy beginning. TCU is #6 and will move into the BCS playoff picture with a big win today, so take those Horned Frogs in Manhattan!

  • EMU for starters.

    • 2. Essay UB +4.5
      UB looks like a good team when I’ve seen them both in person and on TV. They were bigger and better against Army which I saw in person, the loss to them was quite fluky. They looked even better last week in the long OT loss to WMU. Importantly they looked like a good team with a new coach who is rounding into form, ie, natural growth. On top of that, the backup QB has been starting the last three games and passer rating is a solid 40 points higher than his predecessor. UB has some decent size and talent at WR. I wish UB had a better home field edge but they dont. Still if you want to make this team a more-than-a-FG home dog, I’ll ride with UB even against the pedigreed program and challenge that NIU presents.
      3. CMU +8
      pro picks tomorrow.

      • Niners, Jets, ,,,, Steelers.

  • ECU +35.5.
    TCU -6.
    TTU +3

  • pheasantpants


    • pheasantpants


  • for squeeky via email:

    I’m on golf trip can’t get to computer:

    Reg plays

    Oregon st


  • Harbaugh Handshakes


  • Troy Bunting

    **Essay Pick**
    Auburn -7 @ LSU

    LSU’s win last week at Florida was a fluke. The team just isn’t very impressive this year. Typically they have a top 10 D with offensive struggles but they just don’t have the typical playmakers on defense this year. Auburn seems to trend as a top 10 team just about every 2.6 years. Gus recruits players that fit the system, groom them for a year and make make a title run. This year is one of the 2.6 years. They score in bunches, their defense is stronger than in years past and luck seems to sway toward the the tigers (of auburn). I think Auburn wins by 14 and the -7 line was just a home field advantage point give to the geaux tigers.

  • CLEinMSP

    Northwestern -3
    K-State +6
    LSU +7
    Miami -5.5
    Steelers +5 (All Play)
    Texas +8 (Essay)

    Pretty crazy start to the college football weekend with 2 big upsets last night. Hoping the trend continues today with some wild games. Oklahoma isn’t exactly trending in a great direction, and with Tom Herman at Texas in a rivalry game, I am hoping this is a low scoring affair. Ever since Texas had the disaster to start the year against Maryland, they’ve been much tougher. Coming off a big win at home against K-State last week, I think Texas has some momentum and keeps this one close.

  • Nick

    Illinois -2.5 vs Rutgers***Essay
    The Illinois football team has the most starting freshman in the NCAA. So there is hope for the future, I am happy with Lovie at the helm and we really don’t have a better option so let’s see where this goes. A score of 45-16 looks BAD, but watching the game last week, the team actually played competent football for the first 30 minutes versus Iowa. I was hanging out at the Moose Lodge playing shuffleboard with some friends and the Iowa fan in the group was legitimately concerned until the game blew open in the 2nd half, which is to say if Illinois can play a full game like they played the first half, they should have no problem beating Rutgers. Not a big fan of watching Crouch play QB so glad they moved to George Jr., Lovie will keep working the defensive side and he just needs some creative help on offense.

    • Nick

      Steelers +5 vs Chiefs (AP)
      Browns +10 vs Texans
      Ravens -6 vs Bears
      Jags -3 vs Rams
      Bucs -2 vs Cards

  • Matt Lawrence

    Temple -10

  • Brian

    Virgina -3.5 North Carolina is awful this year. Bronco has a solid D under his wing right now VA 5-1? yes
    Temple -10 Uconn gave up 70 last week to Memphis and i wanted to pick the game so this is a make up from last week
    Houston -13.5 Tulsa has a miserable defense and this year a really sub par offense. Houston is still solid
    UL Monroe -7 They can score, just need one stop today to cover that
    Chiefs -5 Pittsburgh has not looked like the usual steelers, and Andy Reid has a chiefs offense scoring 33 points a game, Pitt D is not where it once was. Should be easy at home as well.
    TCU -6
    After picking against TCU a couple times now, im changing my ways and choosing them to cover the 6. They can move the ball on offense and they make big plays when they need to in big spots. Also KSU is starting a QB for the first time in his career against Gary Patterson’s defense which is pretty funky at times. Kenny Hill has been quite impressive after his abysmal play last year. After finally watching TCU last week, I like a lot of the things they do, which is why I’m putting my faith in this pick for 3 biscuits

  • trashycamaro

    LSU essay – Big thanks to cheddarers and their good essays and picks! I usually only play one college game but there are some juicy ones here today. Florida is bad against good teams but good against bad teams. Give that 3 points without thinking about it. Same for Michigan. But LSU. Auburn has played well this year but I really think it’s a mistake to give LSU 7 points in almost any situation. Less than that, sure, their coach is awful. But talent alone should be able to get them a cover against just about anyone.

    • trashycamaro

      Wow, glad I played a healthy dose of college football this week – not just because this is already my best week this season but these NFL lines are rough. And I definitely do not want any part of essaying any of these.

      Packers -3 over Vikings
      Chiefs -5 over Steelers
      Jets +9.5 over Patriots

  • cwonder23

    Purdue +16.5

    Illinois -2.5

    KU +21.5

    ECU +35.5

    All Play: Steelers +5


    Browns +10

    Maybe I am missing something here, but Watson is still a rookie QB. Not to mention the fact that the Texans are absolutely decimated on their defensive front. The Chiefs are a good team but to give up 42 points last week, is troubling. I think (hope) Hue gets back to basics and tries to run the ball while taking some shots on 1st down with Kevin Hogan at QB. While the Cleveland Browns are not a good football team, 10 points seems like a lot to me here. Browns keep it close. Texans 28 – Browns 27

  • Hawkaholic

    Michigan State -4
    West Virginia -3
    Michigan -7
    UCLA -1.5
    Ap: Chiefs -5
    Essay: Pats -9.5

    Essay skip week


    1. LSU +7
    2. Browns +10: winless teams after week 5 on the road vs non division tms are 75% ats since 1980. If you take that same stat and filter for bad ats teams (50%) you get the dog at 9-0. Browns qualify here
    3. Eastern Michigan +6
    4. Pitt +5
    5. Cardinals +2
    6. Unlv +7.5 (essay): unlv is the 9th best rushing team in the country and are facing the 129th ranked rush defense in AF who just gave up 400+ on the ground to navy last week. UNLVs weakness on defense is pass defense but as we all know AF doesn’t throw it as an option team. Getting over 7 is too much

    • Dave Kolonich

      Are the 2016 Browns included in your 0-5 research? I am now fully convinced that Kessler and now Hogan are programmed to destroy.

      • CLEVTA

        Haha yeah. They went 1-1 last year in that 75% ats situation (covered at Tenn and did not cover at buff). Didn’t face the 9-0 situation last year tho and not shocking they would be the team to break that trend

  • Dave Borcas

    Wazzu (wow loser from the opening kickoff)
    Boise St +7
    Flat St -7
    Tampa Bay -2
    Chiefs -5 (all play)
    Oklahoma -8 (essay)
    After a crazy night with only 2 games of note, will today bring more of the same? Was last week a case of the Sooners looking to this week, or was their defense exposed? Is Tom Hermann settling in at Texas and ready to get Longhorn football back on the map? The Oklahoma playoff and Baker Mayfield’s Hessian hopes are both in play today. As much as the Sooner defense has struggles as of late, this team wins or loses on the game Baker Mayfield has. This game is going to come down to the Sooners ability to control the lines on both sides of the ball. If the Sooners run the ball it will leave receivers running free, as Ohio State saw earlier this year. If they cannot run the ball the receivers are not polished enough to create openings on their own. On defense Oklahoma will try to put pressure and force mistakes that lead to a short field for the Sooners. In the end I see Oklahoma as a better team that should cover.

  • Hi all. Please if submit the picks made here in the comments through the form now operational and in the usual spot. Many thanks. Mike

    • LittleBallofHate

      Just came on the site after the early games and saw this. Just submitted the picks again, even for the completed games. Timestamp from the comments should show though they were made before kickoff.

  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Steelers +5 v. Chiefs: Steelers in a must perform spot. Chiefs in potentially let-down spot after starting 5-0.
    1. N.C. State -12 @ Pitt: This podcast I listen to, recommended this as an obscene line that must be played.
    2. Georgia Tech +5.5 @ Miami: A Paul Johnson special here: Miami off big win, GT quietly rolling. Canes’ luck runs out.
    3. Buccanneers -2 @ Cardinals
    4. — This spot is awaiting Chargers-Raiders line — (Chargers-Raiders or 49ers-Indiginous Persons)

    There is no transitive property of football. You simply can’t say, Team A beat Team B by 14 and Team B beat Team C by 24 points, therefore Team C is 38 points worse than Team A. If that were the case, Clemson wouldn’t have dropped the Friday night oddity in upstate New York and Oklahoma would be rolling their way to an undefeated season.

    But some truths are self evident. Like Auburn is a really good fooball team this year. They got clipped by Clemson in a close game but otherwise has rolled every other team on their schedule including a very good Mississippi St. team. The defense has been dominant.

    The SEC West’s other Tigers have been on a slog. They barely clipped offensively-challenged Florida thanks to a missed extra point.

    My point is not that
    LSU is 30 points worse than Mississipi St and Aubrun is 39 points better than Mississippi St, so Auburn should win by a nice margin. The point is that Auburn appears by all measures to be a superior football team to LSU. And the schedule doesn’t have a look ahead lurking for War Eagle as they have Arkansas and a bye week ahead. It’s not a night game, so the home field advantage in Death Valley is muted slightly versus a night start.

    So this seems pretty simple this week as I look to rebound after last week’s tank (that I knew was trouble when I saw 2 other Cheddar’s had the same essay). Auburn -7 @ LSU for 3 big points this week.

    • Capitalgg

      4. Chargers +3.5 @ Raiders

  • LittleBallofHate

    One Biscuit Picks: Illinois (-2.5), Michigan (-7), Ga. Tech (+5.5), Browns (+10),
    All Play: Steelers (+5)
    Rams (+3) at Jaguars
    At the beginning of the season this matchup had all the markings of Creme de la Crap, but the Rams and Jags have turned into two of the more surprising teams in the league this season. Los Angeles looks like they have one of the more entertaining offenses in the league (it is amazing what a bright offensive mind in charge can do) while Jacksonville is winning with defense. However, the Jags have been the league’s peak and valley team — winning in odd weeks and losing in even weeks. This is week 6, which is an even week, which also means that this is one of the rare times to take a West Coast team traveling east, especially with a late afternoon kick.

  • Jmacdaddio

    SDSU -7
    MSU -4
    Utah +12.5
    Florida -3 (Essay)

    Chiefs -5
    Lions +4

    Once again, it’s Friday and time to get some Cheddar picks in. Last week was 4 the hard way, that is to say, 4 points by getting 4 non-essay picks. I propose an award for 5 the Hard Way, which would be going 5 of 6 but not nailing the essay.

    Somehow last week was enough to maintain a share of first place. This week’s games took some effort to find five candidates to invest in emotionally. Hardly anything jumped out as being worthy of a pick, never mind an essay. Also I didn’t see any odd combinations of schools going against each other. Florida and Texas A&M are relatively evenly matched. A&M managed to somehow not get completely demolished by Alabama last week. They’re untested on the road, and I don’t like A&M on the road. Florida has avoided blowouts, and no cupcakes on their schedule. They should come out on top with home field.

  • Peter Wendler

    *ESSAY* Baltimore -6 vs Bears
    Mitchell Trubisky looked “good” against a tough Minnesota ‘d’ in his first start. Meh. Good luck against this Ravens squad at M&T. Harbaugh (the REAL Harbaugh) will grind the Bears defense out in this one, and Flacco will find a way to throw 3, yes 3, touchdowns in the second half. I don’t see a rookie going on the road and keeping this one within a touchdown. Ravens 27 Bears 14.

    2.) Georgia Tech +5.5 @ Miami – Canes are beat up
    3.) Auburn -7 @ LSU
    4.) Maryland +3 vs NW
    5.) Carolina – 3 vs. Philly (L)
    AP) KC -5 vs Pittsburgh

  • jdoepke

    Where is the link to put the picks in the form?

    Steelers +5 (AP)
    Minnesota +4
    AZ St +17

    Essay: LSU +7

    LSU hasn’t been good. Auburn has been good. 84% of the world likes Auburn, but 73% of the money on LSU and I love seeing the discrepancy that large. Give me the Bayou Bengals at home in an upset 24-23 Tigers (LSU Tigers…try to keep up).

  • Chris Magee

    Can someone reply with the link to the form to post the picks?
    Texas + 8
    West Virginia – 3
    Tampa Bay + 2
    Packers – 3
    All Play: Texas + 8
    ESSAY *** Broncos – 11.5
    Mile Above Sea Level at Night. Might be a “square” play but I am predicting the SHUTOUT. Denver has a strong home field advantage. The defense is even better at home. And who are the giants going to play? Wally Gallman? Tavarres King? Roger Lewis? NO WAAAAY. CJ Anderson 2 touchdowns and the broncos make this one ugly. 38-0. Broncos score every way possible.

    The top 3 WR are out vs THE NO FLY ZONE! Denver’s Defense might cover the spread on their own. Giants might be better off pulling the waterboy and taking a knee.

    • Chris Magee

      I’m sorry my all play is the Chiefs -5 I posted the Texas play twice

      • Chris Magee

        Correction: Tampa – 2 not + 2

  • Dave Borcas

    Washington st -14 tonight

  • Art Briles Hirer

    Wazzou -14 over Cal
    Illinois -2.5 over Rutgers
    Michigan -7 over Indiana (essay)
    MSU -4 over Minnesota
    Packers -3 over Vikings
    Chiefs -5 over Steelers (All-play)

    • Art Briles Hirer

      Gonna break from my usual tradition and break down every game.

      Glad I checked in with enough time to get in on the Cougs. Cal is going to have a tough time with their minds understandably elsewhere. But even a focused Cal team would be in trouble. Luke Falk and the boys are rocking and rolling to their Pac-12 title bid. No way they let Cal get in the way. The Pullman posse is the kind of team that has no issue covering double digits.

      Illinois is only a 2.5 favorite against Rutgers at home?! Illinois tends to get blown out, but they’ve shown way more life than Rutgers has since Schiano left. Of course, if I really was confident, this would be my essay. If anyone could get bounced at home by Rutgers, Illinois is that team.

      Don’t buy into the MSU “trap game” hype. The talent gap between MSU and Minnesota is pretty significant, especially with the litany of injured Gophers. MSU rivalry let down? Hardly. Dantonio’s MSU teams are 9-2 in the week after the Michigan game. The losses? Last year, when MSU was just horrendous, and 2014, when that loss came to eventual national champion OSU. Minnesota is a tough road game, but the Spartans should be able to cover 4 points.

      Simply put, Aaron Rodgers with a spread of 3 or less is starting to be an auto-pick.

      Everyone expects the Chiefs to falter any minute now. But I believe that Alex Smith and Andy Reid have figured out how to get each other over the hump. They won’t go 16-0, but the Steelers won’t be the ones to break their streak.

    • Art Briles Hirer

      And finally, Michigan. Oh Michigan. You and Harbaugh, you suck so bad. After two straight 3rd place finishes in the B1G East, you will be 4th this year. You have no quarterbacks. Your offensive line is lousy. Pajamas will play in a conference championship game before Harbaugh will.

      Won’t matter against Indiana though. This line is a complete 1,000% overreaction. Michigan will do the same to Indiana as they did to Air Force, Cincinnati, and Purdue. John O’Korn isn’t great, but he can make plenty of plays against a soft defense. Everyone on that Michigan roster has so much to prove, and many are going to be playing for their jobs, O’Korn included. Expect at least one defensive TD and multiple O’Korn TDs.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 7 Picks

    I have no idea what is going on but I enjoy chaos.

    Akron (+14.5) over WMU – WMU falls to 0-1 against the spread following games in which family members run on the field.

    Denver (-11) over NYG – This is assuming Denver can score 12 points…which is all they need.

    Colorado (-11) over Oregon State – There is a bigger story here but since it’s the other OSU I don’t think anyone cares. What coach walks away from that much money?

    Oklahoma (-8) over Texas – I like chaos and a one loss Oklahoma makes for chaos.

    AP – Chiefs (-5) over Steelers – I’ll throw dirt on the body. The Steelers are done and Big Ben is done. He’s already got one foot out the door.

    Essay Pick

    There are very few things in sports that I am sure about. The one that I do know is that I have no clue as to why some QBs make it and others do not. There are probably a million factors that go into this and the thing that I can’t shake is that Kevin Hogan is now the 28th QB since the Browns returned and I’m strangely confident about this. How many of those 28 could have been the one and as fans we just automatically think the solution is always down the road and in the next draft. Say I set the bar really low and ignore the “franchise” nonsense we seem to be in love with every draft season and simply ask “Can this guy get us to the playoffs?” I will exempt Couch and Holcomb because they did get us to the playoffs. I’m left with Derek Anderson and Brian Hoyer and maybe Jeff Garcia.

    I need a drink.

    While I get another drink go ahead and type in Spergon Wynn into YouTube. The most ridiculous hit I’ve ever seen a QB take in my life and I love how the ref just casually marks the LOS. Canada man. I just picture Spergon trying to tell his kids he played in the NFL and all that shows up is him dying.

    I’m going to take a different approach on Sunday. I’m just going to watch Hogan on Sunday and more importantly I’m going to see what I think is a decent Browns defense confuse Watson. Just too many points here for me to ignore.

    Browns (+10) over Texans

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Derek Anderson looked amazing at times and Jeff Garcia was as good as any not quite exactly unlike a franksized quarterback. (I hope someone gets that.) I like Kevin Hogan. Tretter and Coleman playing well will make the biggest difference on offense. While Garrett, Shelton, Collins et al shall make Deshaun Watson look like a rookie quarterback. Terrific analysis GRRRRRR. However I would like to know what you think about the important side of the ball. Browns win by 4!

  • Matt Lawrence

    Washington St -14

  • Poll-tampering, missing line sheet, Agnes going rogue on the all play. It is utter chaos in this joint.

    Syracuse (+22.5?) over Clemson for one.

    • The satisfied Syracuse voter has logged on and is here with his vote of the week: Oklahoma -8 over Texas. I think this is an interesting game and it’s also interesting that Oklahoma favored by such a big number. My first inclination was to go with Texas but it seems too easy here for a few reasons. One being that unranked Texas teams are 6-3 in their last 9 against ranked Oklahoma teams. And probably more pertinently, Oklahoma lost last week to Iowa State, who Texas beat by 10 the week before. On one hand it seems it might be tough for the Sooners to bounce back so quickly from such a crushing loss. On the other, they can’t afford to lose again and have a chance to immediately rehabilitate their season with a big win in this rivalry game. Figuring that Baker Mayfield will get his and thinking/hoping last week was a wake up call for the Sooners defense who might get back on track against a beat-up Texas o-line.

      Will also take Ohio State -24 over Nebraska.

      Back with 3 NFLs tomorrow.

      • Browns +10 over Texans (FML); Chiefs -5 over Steelers; Giants +11.5 over Broncos.

  • John

    ***essay*** Washington State -14 to Cal
    Clemson -22.5 to Syracuse

    • John

      Essay- Have you heard- there are a ton of fires over here- even in my Salt Lake valley- we are feeling it.
      Not fun to breath in.
      But you know what else isn’t fun to breath in- other peoples farts.
      and guess what- Cal is seriously a Pac 12 fart. #juicy

      3 game losing streak (now that they are playing the big boys) a ton of injuries on the offense.
      I bet they struggle to get to 24 points. they just. keep. turning the ball over.

      and WSU defense can always play better than their opponents (that’s a nice way of saying I don’t think they are the best D- just good enough to keep beating the talent they are playing)

      until the Pac12 championship.

      k. bye

      • Troy Bunting

        Sometimes you fart so good you win at life. Cal just won life! #sojuicy

        • John

          I’ve literally never farted that well. ever.

  • John

    wait- did we get the sheet up? still confused….

  • The smell of homecoming in the air. There will the the freshly graduated, who are still finding their place in the world, relieved to return to somewhere familiar. There will be those who graduated thirty years ago, back to see who is divorced, who is now unrecognizable, and if they can still hold court at their favorite dive.

    Thousands are packing their finest houndstoothed attire and traveling to Tuscaloosa to see a college football game. Much to their joy, their alma mater only faintly resembles a college football team. The Crimson Tide has entered a purgatory zone between college and professional. The amount of money, coaches, and consultants screams professional. The ages of the athletes, whispers amateur. They are not looking for a close game, a nail biter, something exciting. No. They are happy to witness a slaughter, and so they shall. It will be a regular pig roast, if I may.
    Essay: Alabama -29.5 vs. Arkansas

    AP: Chiefs -5 vs. Steelers
    Indiana +7 vs. Michigan: Harbaugh, like Fleck, gives me the heebie jeebies.
    Western Kentucky -16 vs. Charlotte
    Marshall -15.5 vs. Old Dominion
    Boston College +21.5 vs. Louisville

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Steelers +5
    ****Browns +10**** essay
    K State +6
    Tx Tech +3
    one vote for Buffalo U +4.5
    Northwestern -3

    • actovegin1armstrong

      ****Browns essay****
      The Browns defense looked terrific against the Jets and they may be at full strength this week. The Browns completely outplayed the Jets on both side of the ball and they have looked considerably improved all season. The Browns have injuries to Tretter and Coleman, but they should play and more importantly they shall be playing against a decimated Texans defensive line. Watt and Mercilus are out for the season. On the wrong side of the ball both teams will be playing inexperienced quarterbacks who shall both be practicing for our upcoming nuclear war. They will Stop, Drop and Cover more than a first grader in the 1950’s. The Browns will not only cover that very generous spread, they will win this game.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        jk, PotY automagically populated and I could not fix it. I already used my PotY.
        Sorry about that Mike.

        • thanks and cripes what now… it auto-populated?? cheezzz.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Most assuredly pilot error. As I am certain you know I am our resident dum guy.

  • For those that can’t see Line Sheet… This is not meant to be official… I believe it is the right one but I can’t verify…

    Line Sheet:

    At least this will maybe help some of the early pickers get an idea of where things are.

  • LittleBallofHate

    I don’t see it

  • Matt Lawrence

    Umm where did the sheet with the lines go? Or is it just me?

    • Dave Kolonich

      I don’t see it either.

    • Not just you. Ohhhhhhh sheet – come out, come out, wherever you are…

  • Dave Kolonich

    UCF (-35.5)
    Alabama (-29.5)
    Falcons (-12)
    Jax (-3)
    AP – Pittsburgh (+5)

    Essay – Denver (-12)

    Thanks again to Mike B. for last week’s kiss of death. I talked myself out of Cincy, FSU and LSU and barely squeaked out 3 wins. This week, I’ll go with the heavy favorites – I’m hoping one more week of big blowouts is in the cards. Giants are just too banged up but more importantly, Ben McAdoo is winless with the slicked-back Ditka hair….this cannot be overlooked anymore.

    • Dave Kolonich

      I’ll lock in picks later – looks like a glitch going on.

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Hou cougars -13.5 Hot Reno bettor Tip
    Colorado buffalos -10 same as above^^
    Tampa bay bucs -1.5 gimme gimme
    Pitt +4.5 Kc gotta lose. Gimme gimmie big ben la’veon brown with points..R u kidding me? Kelce in concussion protocol. I hear law of marginal utility knocking here..KC due to lose. (Pitt ML bet in vegas, $$$)
    Texas +8.5 joel klatt says so


    Jags -2.5

    They owe their fans a home win. All they do is poop at home for the fans. Fans are sick of it!! Jags dominated flacco, picked off big ben 5x. Gimme gimme jaguars baby!! Ill be at the game on no sleep. Look for TV people. Oh wait, nobody knows What I look like, sans Pdub!! Nevermind. J A G U A R S!!! BABY!!!

    Short essay bc travelling for wk. Good luck jabroni’s

    • Chris Magee

      Is the Jags line 2.5 or 3? I’m seeing Jags -3 on the sheet am I looking at the wrong one?
      I’m looking at jags but depends on the line

      • Jaxbch Josh

        Ok was 2.5 on my book at time i wrote essay…oops

        • Chris Magee

          Hey I want it to be 2.5 as well. I can’t see sheet 2.5 and it might be essay 3 and its just a regular pick.

        • Chris Magee

          Hey I want it to be 2.5 as well. I can’t see sheet 2.5 and it might be essay 3 and its just a regular pick.

  • Gonna sneak in PANTHERS -3 tonight for a singular cheddar biscuit.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Panthers -3
    2. Texas St +13.5

  • oxr

    For tonight I’ll take a shot at Eagles +3 over Panthers.

    • oxr

      Michigan -7.5 (or whatever) over Indiana for my college pick.

      • oxr

        All-Play Chiefs -5 over Steelers

        Ravens -6 over Bears
        Jets +9.5 over Patriots

        Essay Packers -3 over Vikings – No Sam Bradford, no Stefon Diggs, no Dalvin Cook, so this is basically a pick for offensive variance and against Case Keenum/the rest of the Vikings offensive survivors. Admittedly, they narrowly beat a not-very-good Bears team in M. Trubisky’s first NFL start, so they have that going for them, but the Packers should be a bit of an upgrade and will hopefully not ceremonially present their opponent with game-clinching turnovers on cue. Minnesota’s defense has actually been no better than middle-of-the-pack so far, despite Mike Zimmer’s ever-impressive range of rage faces, so while I’m hazy on exactly who Aaron Jones is I am hoping that he can get something going here.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    UAB plus 6.5
    Texas plus 8
    Southern Miss -23
    Arizona Cardinals +2

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      Steelers +5

      South Florida -24

      It’s getting bad for the Bearcats. Tommy Tuberville left the cupboard pretty bare, and they’re just getting gashed. Going to the Tampa humidity to play a South Florida team that scores like crazy isn’t likely to make anything better. USF needs style points, too, as it begs for national attention, and Cincinnati has done nothing over the last three weeks to show it can keep this team under 50.

  • Peter Wendler

    Carolina -3 for one cheddar point tonight. Cam should pick that terrible Eagles secondary apart

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Troy -14.5. It’s the most interesting thing on tv tonight. All of northeast Ohio will be tuning in.

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      My desire to do early voting has been sorely hampered this week by external forces.
      I thought I was doing poorly in CB this year but according to the poll there are 61 people in the contest so I’m kind of like middle of the pack. I think the lack of chromosomal diversity on the executive committee (only assumption since I don’t actually know the composition of said committee, but I am picturing powdered wigs and a gavel) leads to the lack of solid commitments to all play choices. Going forward I vote for there to be at least one lactating board member at all times. That way the important stuff gets done. Speaking of getting things done, U Buffalo has been scoring a lot this season and almost beat WMU in a record tying 7 overtime game. Given the requirement for 2 point conversions after the second overtime and starting at the 25 yard line each turn, its unlikely that we will see another game like that. Some may say that they will be tired this week after their super long game but I see it as getting lots more practice in the red zone. Buffalo +4.5

      Other votes

      Some may say that I have 6 votes and I don’t know the all play, or one might say that the Oklahoma game won the poll. I say bite me and your bogus poll can keep its opinions to itself. This my plan and my 7 days in a row working in the emergency department nullifies my need to make any changes

      • HitTheHorns

        standing ovation.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        Apparently my shitty job doesn’t nullify my needing to vote in this all play. Drop OU and I’ll take Steelers

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