• TS_Butler

    I thought I had submitted all my picks via form, but apparently I did not, or if I did something went haywire in the process. I’m going to input them now (Rams, Broncos, Pats). The proof of picks is in the thread down below.

  • clayII

    Skins (+7)

    Everything has been going way too smooth for KC. Rookie rb going off, Smith putting up best numbers of his career, caught New England at the most beneficial time, etc. Looking for big game from cousins, doesn’t have to win, just keep it close…

  • Matt Borcas

    ESSAY/AP: Chiefs -7 over Redskins

    The Skins are riding high off a big victory over the Raiders on Monday Night Football, and I don’t trust them to come back on a short week and compete with the best team in football — KC. Lake County’s own Kareem Hunt is this year’s version of Ezekiel Elliott, Tyreek Hill has become the most dynamic playmaker in the league, and the Alex Smith-Travis Kelce connection is lethal. Andy Reid is historically dangerous with extra time to prepare, and Arrowhead is a legitimate home-field advantage. I’ll take the Chiefs and gladly give seven points.

  • Chiefs

  • HitTheHorns


  • Lucy Lawrence

    I hate to take my POTY so early in the season but this line is too tasty to pass up!

    I’m rolling with the Broncos who are 21-5 at home since 2014. I always prefer a dominant defense over, what I feel to be, an overrated offense. The Raiders looked good against the Titans and Jets D but then again so have the Seahawks and their unwatchable offense. Carr couldn’t stay on his feet last week against the Redskins defense and its not going to get any easier this week. The Bronco’s defense has had success in the past with harassing Carr and sacking him multiple times/game. If you watched the prime time game last weekend you witnessed how awful he looks under distress. The Lynch going home to Oakland is a nice story but I’m pretty confident Lynch is not going to have any luck running and without Crabtree the Raiders become pretty predictable. Shut down Cooper and life should be good for the Denver Broncos.

    On the other side of the ball Trevor Siemian has really outplayed most the QBs in the league this year. He is a game manager and that is a winning formula when you have one of the best defenses in the league. I think last weeks L was a hiccup and can be attributed to traveling across the country and playing at 1pm.

    After all the home dogs covered in the NFL last week I like being on a favorite for my POTY. I have to say I loved Marshawn dancing during his homecoming in Oakland but I dont think the Raiders are going to have anything to dance about today in Denver.

  • Matt Borcas

    Rams +7 over Cowboys
    Browns +3 over Bengals

  • Rest of my picks:

    4. Titans
    5. All Play – KC
    6. Essay & PICK OF THE YEAR – Bengals

    I missed my chance to pick a good (at least decent) team against ECU and it’s not like I’ve been making spectacular picks on any other measure, so now I’m going to try and revitalize my Cheddar season. I am taking the Bengals -3 against Cleveland as my pick of the year. Usually I like to think of this game as one of the more competitive ones of the year for the Browns. Unfortunately, this year, the Browns don’t get this on a Thursday night. They also don’t get a team that’s overlooking anyone at this point, because the Bengals are 0-3 themselves. The Bengals got a new OC who seems more willing to put the ball in Mixon’s hands and get AJ Green the ball as well. This does not bode well for the Browns defense who couldn’t stop the Colts last week. If ever there was a time and place for a confidence booster this is it, and I expect the Bengals to take full advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

  • oxr

    UCLA -7 over Colorado for my cursory college pick. NFL tomorrow!

    • oxr

      All-Play Chiefs -7 over Redskins

      Rams +7 over Cowboys
      Eagles +1 over Chargers
      Jaguars -3.5 over Jets

      Essay Titans -2 over Texans — Discounting last week’s 30-plus point outing because it could very well be that the Patriots are not as good as everyone expected, I am happy to lay less than a FG against Houston here. Beatpaths don’t make sense in the NFL, but it is hard not to notice that the Titans beat the Jaguars 37-16 on the road the week after the Texans lost 29-7 to said Jaguars at home, for what I have decided to call a net Jaguars Index of -43. This game is the present week’s #5-vs-#22 matchup in DVOA (although there’s no “D” in the formula yet so it’s not clear exactly what that means). The Titans offense has looked decent and hopefully they remember they’re allowed to sling the ball around a bit when they’re playing indoors against a team with basically no cornerbacks left. Or maybe Deshaun Watson flips the switch in this one, who the hell knows.

  • CharlesTaylorAllStars

    Hm, so thanks solely to a bail out from my alma mater I am 1-9 in my last 10 picks. That’s bad.

    And I am uniquely bad at picking college games, largely because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    ESSAY: So, there are two things that can happen when teams that were legitimate rivals for a period of time but really are no longer, specifically in the sense that one team is no longer competitive. Sometimes the non-competitive team plays their best ball of the year v. their old rival and it stays close. Sometimes their rival plays their best game of the year and wins by 40.

    In what qualifies as the halcyon days of recent vintage Mississippi football, they managed to lay back to back beats on Alabama at a time when Bama was, by any reasonable measure, the best team in the country. Hell, even last year they gave Bama a hell of a game. I imagine Bama is rather sick of it. I imagine they rather want things to go back to the way they were for decades prior when you could just check Mississippi off as a win at the beginning of the year. I think Bama would love to woodshed Ole Miss and I see no personnel reason they can’t. Mississippi can’t hold the ball – they can’t run. Alabama should be able to score what they want. And 27.5 is a material difference from the 30.5 its gonna close at. BAMA -27.5

  • Nick

    Virginia Tech +7 vs Clemson
    Texas Tech +9 vs Oklahoma St

    • Nick

      Chiefs -7 vs Skins
      Jags -3.5 vs Jets
      Bucs -3 vs Giants
      Eagles +1 vs Chargers
      Freakshow Carson Wentz is off to enjoy PST time in LA and I’m sure he’s got plenty of travel accouterments and lifehax to battle the natural human inclination of time change adjustment/degradation. I hear he’s smart and studies a lot. His pneumatic attitude towards all things life should really be revered in our culture. I imagine Carson and Tim Ferriss are grabbing an early morning tea this morning over some sardines to discuss the benefits of micro dosing and how many waking hours they wasted this week. Meanwhile in real life, I’m thinking of how to hack my way into some chili before kick off.

      • Good pick. How was the chili?

        • Nick

          Awesome!!! Kitty pryde’s 3 bean magic batch won the contest for best chili between 4 participants! Go lifehacks!

  • Jeff Smith

    Georgia -7
    Florida St -7.5
    Cowboys -7
    Skins +7 (all play)
    Broncos -2.5
    Falcons -7.5 (essay)

    • Jeff Smith

      Georgia -7 (Win)
      Florida St -7.5 (Loss)
      Cowboys -7
      Skins +7 (all play)
      Broncos -2.5 (essay)
      Falcons -7.5

      Essay – Broncos -2.5
      Well, I guess I now have no choice, but to make either the Skins or Broncos the essay. To me, it’s actually a pretty easy call here on the Broncos. The Broncos typically protect home and we all know that the road team always has a tough time establishing any kind of momentum in the altitude. I know that things can change from week to week in the NFL due to over/undervaluing based on a single week’s performance, but the Skins set the tone against the Oakland offense last week and I can only imagine that the Broncos will give them fits as well. I don’t think the Oakland OL has what it takes to alleviate the pressure off of Carr from the Broncos front 7. On top of this, the Broncos secondary should lock down Cooper and if Crabtree is ruled out as well, it will be tough for Oakland to get anything going (especially if there is no running game). I honestly don’t see this game being within single digits, but I guess it’s a matter of time before we see. Broncos took last year’s season finale against Oakland 24-6 and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a similar result here.

  • Matt Borcas

    Texas A&M -9 over South Carolina
    Auburn -9 over Miss. St.
    Bama -27.5 over Ole Miss

  • 1. FSU -7.5
    2. UGA -7
    3. Air Force +1

  • TS_Butler

    Clemson -7
    Auburn -9

    • TS_Butler

      AP: Chiefs -7
      Rams +7
      Broncos -2.5
      Essay: Pats -8

      The Patriots are currently on pace to give up the most yards in the history of the NFL. Last week I essayed the Pats as 13 point favorites over the Texans and they nearly lost outright. I was treated with the double negative of a Pats win and an essay loss. They say if you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Well apparently I’m a slow learner because it’s only one week later and I’m trying it again. Cam Newton and the Panthers looked terrible last week. Pats are good, right? Right. Pats -8.

      • TS_Butler

        Changing my all play to skins +7

  • thatsfine

    Miami U +21.5
    NIU +11
    Marshall +4
    Kent St. +7.5
    UMass +8.5
    NFL/AP to follow

    • thatsfine

      Essay – UMass
      Much like last year I’m off to a slow start. The slate this week…. I’m grabbing points with two winless teams at home, and two teams on the road against ranked opponents. I like nothing better than taking the points and watching middling non-power 5 football, occasionally meandering into the garage to fix broken toys and try to figure out where to store my wife’s craft supplies. Where the hell should this label maker go? Then I come back inside to check the score… How the hell are we down 2 TDs in the amount of time it took me to glue the head back onto that horse? And so, give me the winless UMass Minutemen, who are 0-5 but haven’t lost by more than 10 and put up a fight whether they were losing to Tennessee or Coastal Carolina. Last week you could see confidence building as they were hanging in there with an SEC team. And it wasn’t a fluke – they held UT to 316 yards and went toe-to-toe with the Vols. They don’t do anything particularly well, but I think they can keep it close at home. Despite the public backing Ohio here the line is down to 4.5, I’ll take the lively home dog getting more than a TD.

      • thatsfine

        Washington +7

  • Brian

    Notre Dame -21.5 Shouldn’t be a close game today

    Wisconsin -14 Actually think they may be the most complete team in the Big Ten with Hornibrook playing well.

    Oklahoma State -9.5 Terrible week against TCU but everyone know Texas tech can’t stop anything

    Chiefs -7 There is really nothing about the chiefs that looks bad right now. A game at home on Monday night, doesn’t help the matter either. They are well balanced on offense and Defense is still tough. Plus they have the best Running Back in football right now.

    Memphis +4 ***Essay***

    I like how they played against UCLA a few weeks ago and the Memphis offense is very good and they spread the ball all over the field. Plus I don’t know too much about UCF, but right now this is a big battle in the AAC. Riley Ferguson has been pretty solid and they have a few solid receivers in Miller and A guy named Magnifico, so I’ll pick Memphis getting the points for 3 biscuits

  • CUSE +12.5. Too many points for NC State coming off a big win. Look at these teams in the trenches and they’re pretty fairly matched. This line should be more in the 7-10 point range. I’ll take the value.

    HOUSTON -14. Temple looked superbad last week, and in week 1 against ND. Houston should be scoring more points, but they aren’t. I think this is the week the break loose against a porous Temple D.

    MINNESOTA -13. Maryland’s QB situation is in bad shape. PJ Fleck is going to be the next coach of the Fighting Irish.

    IOWA +3.5. This line looks to be a trick, but I’ll ride with it anyway. Better team wins.

    CHIEFS -7. Until someone has an answer for Kareem Hunt, I’m rolling with my fellow Willoughby South Rebel.

    $$$ AKRON -2.5 $$$
    This is a dumpster fire of a game if I’ve ever seen one, but Bowling Green is about as down as they’ve ever been. I have to side with the team who’s got a 4-year starter at QB. Woodson hasn’t played that well thus far, but I’m feeling some linear regression happening as they get into conference play. Last year he limited turnovers and made some plays when it counted. BG has no weapons and no plan on offense. Gotta think Akron can slip through by a FG or more.

  • Dave Borcas

    Clemson -7.5
    Ohio State -29.5
    Iowa +3.5
    Notre Dame -21.5
    Chiefs -7 (all play)
    Stillers -3 (essay)
    The Stiller got two things going their way tomorrow. 1) They played a putrid game last week with their minds more on the preface than the game. 2) Ravens got beat up on the road and what a long road trip that was. The Ravens are always solid against the line at home, and getting points makes them more dangerous. Even in their wins the Ravens offense would be considered struggling at best. Ben has his full compliment of receivers and I think Leveon Bell is ready to have a game like we all expect from him. I think there Ravens offense stays in mothballs and Ben and Bell have a big day.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Wiscy -14

    • Lucy Lawrence

      2. NO -3
      3. Pats -8
      4. Steelers -3
      5. All Play: Skins +7
      6. Essay: Broncos -2.5
      will write later today


    1. Miami OH +21.5
    2. Gophers -13
    3. Skins (all play)

    • CLEVTA

      4. Chargers -1
      5. Giants +3
      6. Denver -2.5 (essay): this line is at least 1.5 points too low. Oakland is fraudulent and the skins exposed them last week. If Carr doesn’t get his typical 5+ seconds to throw from his great OL he’s not a good QB. Now he has to face a Denver D without Crabtree so Talib will lock up Amari and the #1 ranked run defense will take care of old man Marshwan. So where does Oakland turn to at that point? Jared Cook maybe? Simien will have time to throws on that bad raider D and CJ Anderson will be able to run all over the 25th ranked run defense.

  • POTY
    Army -24 v UTEP
    Ive had this circled as my POTY for over a month now and on game day I’m hemming/hawing. After all wasn’t it me-myself who witnessed first-hand the problems of asking Army to cover double-digits. Yes UTEP may be the worst team in CFB but giving up 40 points to NMSU isnt out of hand because NMSU is better than usual. What to do, what to do.

    Then serendipity.

    I’m finishing up laundry here at the Fishkill Residence Inn and with my hands full decide to take the elevator to floor three although I normally prefer the stairs. ALMOST made a clean ride but a dude hops in and sure enough punches the ‘2’ button. :-/ face. He sees my OSU cap and asks who Ohio State has today.
    ‘To be honest, I’m not sure.. I’m actually more interested in Army/UTEP.’
    ‘Oh? I played for UTEP and am going to the game.’

    [At that moment I was indeed conscious that I was experiencing a real-life Zarathustra-esque psychotropic dialog.]

    ‘No way. Well alright: do you lay 24 points? I mean I know UTEP might be the worst team in CFB, but Army giving 24 is a lot.’
    A thoughtful pause.
    ‘Yes.. because they have no pass game, their run game isn’t clicking, and the defense is horrible.’
    ‘You know, I was kinda all-in on UTEP a couple years ago because they had this no-nonsense ex-offensive-lineman from Brockport, NY who was going to build discipline and be about winning the line of scrimmage and I thought that would be a novel concept in that league and that he would thrive. Whatever happened to him?’
    ‘He’s still there. And he’s getting some recruits, last year’s RB was scoring TDs for the Packers Thursday and there’s a guard this year who will go in the first/second round. But he cleaned house with discipline and academic dismissals and is trying to patch holes with JUCO transfers,, the program is cleaner than it’s been for years… but on the field it’s just not clicking.’

    There’s a lot of reasons to stay away from this game and there’s rightful concern about a player who’s fixated on a particular and has fitted his essay to the outcome he wants. But it’s a raw rainy day here in the Hudson Valley and the team who runs best wins big. Army -24.

    • 2. EMU +14.5 at UK
      3. TTU +9.5 vs OkSt

    • Art Briles Hirer

      hey jsyk my entry this week got spam-blocked

      • comment approved; youre whitelisted.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Wazzu +3.5 (Essay) (W)
    Vandy +10
    Va Tech +7

    • Matt Lawrence

      Vandy is dumb…on to the next one.

      Broncos -2.5
      Niners +7
      Skins +7

  • clayII

    Indiana (+17.5)
    Oregon (-13.5)
    Tennessee (+7)
    VT (+7)
    Stanford (-15.5)

    essay is all play to follow

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    NC State

    Bengals – 3

    I haven’t won an essay pick yet, so Cleveland fans love seeing this. But when I watch the Browns I see the same shit every week, and my dad taught me to always bet with streaks, not against them. Neither of these teams is good, but the Browns are worse. And this rookie QB against this pass rush doesn’t figure to be a good thing for the home team, not to mention Mixon and AJ Green. The Browns can’t run or find a receiver to help the QB, and I just think he’ll get battered as the game goes on. The Bengals stink but they’re desperate, and I just think they’re better than the Browns.

  • trashycamaro

    From somewhere on the road from Paris to Rouen at a mall restaurant with free WiFi…

    If the picks here are different then spreadsheet please let sheet control

    Steelers (no essay essay)
    Spartans of Lansing

  • Hawkaholic

    Gophs -13
    Iowa +3.5
    FSU -7.5
    VaTech +7
    AP: Chiefs -7
    Essay: Ole Miss +27.5

    Are you kidding me? 27.5 points? After an off week? I firmly believe Bama will win this one and probably handily, but by almost 4 touchdowns I don’t think so. Ole Miss has the country’s fourth best passing offense, granted against inferior competition (although they did play cal) but Patterson is leading the SEC in passing regardless. Ole Miss was also the last team to win in Tuscaloosa as well in 2015 so they’ve got that going for them, which is nice. Ole Miss is also 0-3 on the year against the spread so they are due! This one just seems like too big of spread to me for this matchup – although Bama did win by 59 against Vandy last week so maybe I am crazy.

    Bama by 27 BUT not 27.5

    • Hawkaholic

      Nothing to see here, keep moving. Bama is incredible

  • cwonder23

    Bears +7 (L)
    Houston -14
    Miami (OH) *21.5 (Love & Honor)
    Iowa +3.5 @ MSU
    All Play: ‘Skins +7
    Essay: MD +13 @ Minn

    Row the boat? Sure. Not yet. This isn’t a vote of confidence for Maryland, but more of a reminder to myself that a) Minnesota hasn’t played anyone and b) they don’t have the players to be a 13 pt favorite in conference play. Sure, we can chalk up MDs win against Texas as a fluke, but, Minnesotas defense is going to have their hand full today. I expect a lot of deep balls downfield and actually think MD pulls of the upset. MD 27 – UMN 21

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Florida Gators: I’m laying more than a touchdown with a team that can’t score a touchdown. This sounds like a recipe for disaster. Something is up here though. Vandy, despite their early success (until last week) stinks, and their offense is a big part of the problem.Their offense is so bad, its better when they don’t have the ball. I will take the defensive minded gators in that type of game and hope they can score 14-21 with their D/ST.

  • jdoepke

    Skins +7 (AP)
    Vandy +10
    New Mexico -1
    Chargers -1
    Giants +3

    Essay: Miami (OH) +21.5

    This line stinks to me. ND should be favored by 30 and everyone seems to like ND as a no brainer which make me go the other way. This is Miami’s super bowl and I expect them to show up. I think Miami can score and Vegas says 54% bets on ND but 90% money on Miami. so let’s go Redhawks.

  • The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

    So after a Lobster Fest to start the year, I may have rested on my laurels and assumed I could win every week. Huge mistake. So this week’s theme is all about mistakes (turnovers) as I predict another Lobster Fest and get pack into the hunt for Cheddar Bay glory.

    Jaguars (-3.5) over Jets: Of course a Tom Coughlin defense is 2nd in Give/Take ratio at +5. Jag it!
    Oregon (-13.5) over California: Cal actually ranks higher than Oregon in NCAA rankings (#12 vs. #19), but the Ducks average four takeaways per game at home at this is in Eugene. Flying V!
    Pittsburgh (-20) over Rice: Panthers are #25 in the nation in takeaways while Rice is #122. Hail to Pitt!
    Patriots (-8) over Panthers: Take New England’s +2 margian versus Carolina’s -3 any day. No days off!
    All-Play: Washington Football Team (+7) over Kansas City Football Team: I know, I know. Kansas City is +3 and Washington is only +1 in this matchup. And Kareem Hunt will score another long touchdown run, right? NO! Yes, Kansas City wins the Racism Bowl, but not by a touchdown, as Washington’s surprisingly good run defense stymies Hunt in this one.
    Essay: Bengals (-3) over Browns: We’re talking about mistakes here. And what bigger mistake has there ever been in the history of Ohio, the birthplace of football, than Art Modell firing Paul Brown? Yes, I get Modell also moved the team, but if you really want to make an argument for keeping Modell out of the Hall of Fame, why is the first fact ignored? Paul Brown thought of the face mask. Paul Brown thought of the radio in the quarterback’s helmet. Paul Brown got canned by some guy who knew nothing about football and then Brown made another team and that team has gone to more Super Bowls than his original team. Also keep in mind this current Bengals club dominated the Packers for a half without their most feared defensive player on the field. The Browns, meanwhile, scored 14 garbage time points against the Andrew Luck-less Colts to make a game look close. Courtney Brown, er, Myles Garrett and Jamie Collins and likely Phil Taylor, er, Danny Shelton will be out for this game, so take advantage of a fairly rare event: go tailgate a warm-weather Browns game and go attend a Tribe game. After all, it would be a mistake not to… And as long as I’m fired up, you know what? Make this my Pick of the Year. Benglas steamroll the Browns, 27-6. I’ll even go so far as to say the Tribe actually outscores the Browns on Sunday: 7 to 6. Don’t waste your time watching a terrible team make history when you could be watching a fantastic team who has made history and will hopefully make some more. By the way, can we get a watch party group going for Tribe away games? Map Room, Hoopples, hey, anywhere works for me.

  • Jmacdaddio

    All Play

    Chiefs -7
    Boston College -7.5
    Marshall +4
    UConn +17.5 (What a great rivalry vs SMU)
    Jets +3.5
    Fresno St. -9 (Essay)

    Once again I’m drawn in by the lure of an essay out West. I don’t know much about either team, only that Nevada is bad and Fresno St. may have produced an NFL player or two, so while they’re not a powerhouse, they can put together a decent team now and then. Fresno has gone against the big boys while Nevada got handed Ls from Idaho St and Toledo. I’m still stunned by some of these matchups – who thinks to put schools from Toledo, Ohio and Reno, Nevada against each other in an athletic competition. I wonder if the intensity spills over to the debate and forensics teams.

  • Capitalgg

    1. USC -3.5 @ Washington St.

    • Capitalgg

      [All-play] Chiefs -7 v. Redskins: No idea, so I’ll play home field advantage.
      2. Vikings +? v. Lions: Don’t care what the number. Expect the Lions to be favored and the Vikes to win out-right.
      3. Giants +3 @ Buccanneers: Beat up Bucs. Giants finally starting to find Odell.
      4. Wisconsin -14 v. Northwestern: Wish I would have bet against BYU here instead.

      So apparently I was on top of the Cheddar Bay leaderboard for about 2 days thanks to a recording error following Sunday’s bad beat in the Lions-Falcons game. Oh well, time to get back at it.

      This week, my play will be the Broncos -2.5 v. Raiders. Pretty simple really. Broncos back home in a bounce-back spot after getting tripped up in Buffalo last week.

      Firstly, the Broncos are the better team.

      Secondly, Mile High is one of the best home field advantages in football. In addition to being a great home crowd, the thinner air up in the mountains wears visiting teams out quicker. Especially teams that practice and play at sea level.

      Lastly, the Raiders are in a tough travel spot after flying 3 time zones last week, get home to Oakland early Monday morning after the Sunday night game. And then have to travel again this weekend.

      This one seems too easy…

      • Capitalgg

        Vikings -2 v. Lions is still the play.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Wazzou +3.5 (Essay)

    Well, after a 1-5 week last week my confidence is completely shot. To add insult to injury, I’ve taken all 3 home dogs tonight, all they all look like garbage. So, what to do besides take Wazzou +3.5 at home against USC. I just haven’t been all that impressed with Sam Darnold and USC this year. USC is also battling the injury bug. Wazzou, with 4 year starter Luke Falk, will be looking to send a message to the nation tonight. I like them to beat USC outright, but will settle with the 3.5 points.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 5 Picks

    Washington (-26.5) over Oregon State – As I watched my Buffs make the incorrect decision to try and get a street fight with Washington last week I can’t escape the simple fact that Washington is terrifying. They are going back to the playoffs and no one in the PAC12 has a chance of touching them.

    Clemson (-7) over Virginia Tech – That Clemson vs Washington playoff game is going to be something.

    Bucs (-3) over Giants – Only because I want to see reaction to OBJ TD dances when the Giants are winless and down 4 scores late.

    Minnesota (-13) over Maryland – I’m 40 years old…a classic game manager and will take care of the football and I have eligibility left. Call me Maryland I’m healthy and I HATE PJ Fleck.

    AP – Redskins (+7) over Chiefs

    Essay Pick

    Scans the essay picks…thinks about taking Akron until I realize that Bowden right now makes Holmgren look attentive and committed.

    Remembers that one of my key rules for essay picks is to avoid picking terrible teams…realizes how dumb this is when I once my made my play of the year an 0-6 Massachusetts team over an 0-5 Kent team. It was an easy call and still one of the dumbest lines in history proving no one gives a shit about the MAC in Vegas.

    On Sunday at about 4:30 either the Jaguars or the Jets are going to have a two game winning streak. I imagine the odds on that were low at the start of the season. I swear they used to give teams a bye after they came home from London but I’m pretty sure the Jaguars play there so much that the NFL just decided that the Jets are pretty much the same thing. You only sign McCown to get the number one pick and to watch in amazement as he cheats death on a weekly basis. I secretly think the Jaguars are good and will hang with the Titans all year in the division.

    Jaguars (-3.5) over Jets

  • pheasantpants

    Two road faves for tonight:
    Miami -6.5 at Duke
    Southern California -3.5 at WSU

    • You’re 30 mins too late on Miami, bruh

      • pheasantpants

        Time flies when you’re litigating emoluments.

        • Don’t I know it brother.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          pants, could you please litigate my emolument? Taco Cabana does not appreciate our talents

          • pheasantpants

            My motto is “All emoluments litigated.”

    • pheasantpants

      Whoops! That’ll teach me to not make my votes during working hours!

    • pheasantpants

      Buh, looks I was on to something with that Canes pick….

      Badgers -14 vs. N’western

      • pheasantpants

        Gonna try to get on the board with Georgia -7 at Neyland.

        • pheasantpants

          Lions +2 at Minnesota.

          • pheasantpants

            Chiefs, all play and essayless essay week.

      • pheasantpants

        Colts and the points

  • CLEinMSP

    Temple +14
    Notre Dame -21.5
    K-State -17
    Va Tech +7
    Chiefs -7
    Vandy +10 (Essay)

    Vandy hitting the road after losing 59-0 at home last week against Bama. Needless to say, Vandy ain’t ready to hang with the big boys yet. Good news for them is that they get to go play a FLA team that isn’t very good either. FLA is fortunate to have won their last two games. This should be a very sluggish, defensive battle. Noon kick down in the swamp with two plodding football teams. I think Vandy keeps it close, and this game will be decided late in the 4th quarter. Vandy has a bunch of vets on their squad, and they will want to redeem themselves after last week’s dreadful performance at home.

  • Chris Magee

    magee406 picks:
    Nebraska – 6.5
    Air Force +1 (I’m assuming AFA on drop down list is Air Force)
    Patriots – 8
    Chargers – 1
    Chiefs – 7 (All Play)
    Broncos – 2.5 (Essay)
    Broncos return to the best home field advantage in the NFL vs a Raider team on their 2nd away gam in a row. Raiders so far have been torched by QBS (marigoata, Josh McCown and Cousins. I don’t see the Raiders slowing down Sieman’s 2 top targets of Manny Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. But it is the Broncos D which is why laying last than a field goal in Denver is the optimal play. They have held Carr in check everytime they have played in Denver. Including these stat lines for WR1 Amari Cooper career vs Denver 4/39/1 > 6/56/0 > 0/0 > 4/47/0. Denver’s 2017 secondary hasn’t allowed a wide receiver to reach 65 yards. That is at least 100 words so lay the broncos!!!

  • John

    Nebraska -6.5 to I-L-L
    and my essay coming out early

    Washington State +3.5 to USC

    • John

      I wish I could just say “Sam Darnold probably doesn’t toast his bagel” and just be done with it. but- I will say, Washington State has been thumping bad talent- while USC is barely beating average talent.

      That sounds like my dating life.
      Hence, I am in for a good pounding on a Friday night #seewhatididthere

      wait- that came out wrong.

      Anyway- Wazzu murders mobile QBs (especially on 3rd down)- I’m watching the front line all night.
      and both these offenses wanna move fast. the O/U is 65- here’s a freebee- TAKE the OVER.


  • CharlesTaylorAllStars

    Gimme Duke and USC tonight.

    • CharlesTaylorAllStars

      Well that went about as well as I expected. Let’s try Tenn and Ohio U at 3:30 to get back to square.

  • Brian

    Miami -6.5 for 1 biscuit

  • By my freshman year of high school, I had already made up my mind that I would go to Bowling Green. My mom went there, as did my Aunt, and my ridiculously cool older cousin was there, too. I’ve never been one to create my own life, but rather cut and paste from others. Don’t we all? Bowling Green had everything I had come to love in my fourteen years of existence, Howard’s, a filthy punk venue with cheap warm beer on draft, and Pollyeyes – the best bread sticks with dipping sauces you’ll ever find. I even got my first tattoo there….at shop that now seems to be defunct. Imagine that. In four years time, my collegiate aspirations had changed but my fondness for BGSU remains.
    Always a sucker for a home dog. BGSU +2.5 vs. Akron

    East Carolina +23 vs. South Florida
    Penn State -17.5 vs. Indiana
    Tulsa +6.5 vs. Navy
    Nebraska -6.5 vs. Illinois
    AP: Chiefs -7

    Requisite Weekend Throwback Jam: Up All Night – Unwritten Law

  • ChuckKoz

    USC -3.5 (WSU)

    more to follow….

    • ChuckKoz

      1) USC -3.5 (at WSU) – L
      2) Army -24 (v UTEP)
      3) Ole Miss +27.5 (Alabama)
      4) Maryland +13 (at Minn)
      AP: Chiefs -7 (Rs)
      Essay: Colorado St -6.5 (at Hawaii)
      – I almost bailed on this after it appearing that the game is not on TV. What is the point of a Hawaii game if I can’t tune in at 10pm PT and see the 2nd quarter? But I guess there is some streaming option, if I really want to get degenerate. Either way, Col St is actually half way decent, especially in light of their last game where the covered at Alabama by like 20 points. Now they take the valiant effort to Hawaii, presumably with extra down time in Hawaii with the bye week, and they should be good to go. Meanwhile, we are never happy to go against the Rainbows, but their defense against UCLA a few weeks ago was hard to watch. They are back at home, but I still just think CSU has actual talent and won’t squander the moral victory at Bama, so CSU comes out strong. CSU 38, Hawaii 21

  • LittleBallofHate

    One Biscuit Picks — USC (-3.5), Minny (-13), OSU (-29.5), Niners (+7)
    All Play — Skins (+7). I’ve taken them the last two weeks and they’ve given me four Cheddar points.
    Essay — The 88th Battle of Woe-hio
    A couple facts as we move into another momentous meeting between the Bengals and Browns on the Shores of Lake Erie:
    * 10th time Browns have started 0-3. Second straight year, sixth since 2008 and eighth since they returned in 1999.
    * 14th time Bengals have started 0-3. Third time under Marvin Lewis.
    * This is the 13th time in 69 meetings of the BoO in Week 4 or later that at least one of the teams has been winless. It is the third time they have both been winless (1999 Week 5 — Bengals win on Pickens TD with 2 seconds left; 2008 Week 4 — Anderson over Fitzy).
    * Four times when the Browns have been 0-3 or worse, the Bengals have been their first win — 1975 in Week 10 (0-9 start); 2008 Week 4 (0-3), 2010 Week 4 (0-3, and which started a 10-game Bengals losing streak) and 2012 Week 6 (0-5). All but the 2008 win came in Cleveland.
    * Three times when the Bengals have been 0-3 or worse, the Browns have been their first win — 1991 Week 10 (0-8 start); 1999 Week 5 (0-4); 2003 Week 4 (0-3 and also Marvin’s first win as Bengals coach).
    Also note that the past two times both teams have been winless this late and faced each other, the win has come on the road. Bengals looked better on offense last week and get Burfict back on defense this week. Browns look like you would expect with a rookie QB, average receivers and a trending below average secondary (I want to see Sashi with a straight face say that Haden could not have helped this group). Bengals giving 3 which should be enough since this has all the feels of a Cincy 17-13 win.

    • Dave Kolonich

      Also, Browns and Bengals are due for a really weird game. Like the Butch Davis exodus in 2004 or the 2007 shootout.

  • cwonder23

    Bears +7 for one

  • My wife wants to watch football tonight so it’s Mike Glennon time, folks. Bears for 1 point.

    • Mike Glennon time was everything one hoped it wouldn’t be and worse, folks.

      Miami Hurricanes -6.5 over Duke for one point and BRB with essay.

      • Illinois +6.5 over Nebraska for one.

        • I usually wouldn’t essay late night PACtion, especially on a Friday, but I can’t resist this USC/Wazzu game. This is Mike Leach’s sixth season at Pullman, which seems like enough time for him to have gotten this program up around where he had Texas Tech, competing for conference titles and playing in fancy New Years’ bowl games and such. Especially with Luke Falk having returned for a fourth season when he would have been a sure first round pick, which is really something. This is probably as big a game as they’ve had in Pullman since Leach has been there and they’ve surely had it circled since spring. Expecting the Cougars to pull out all the stops and will hope it’s enough for 3 points tonight.

          Also, if you’ve never read this SB Nation piece on what went wrong with Leach at Texas Tech, this is a great read:


          • Give me the stupid Browns +3 for one point. I am already mad at myself about this.

          • YUP, those are my Browns. Washington for the all-play.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Bears for 1 point because its Thursday

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      No essay week MAC essay #5 NIU

      other votes:
      Ball st +14 WMU
      CMU +7.5 vs BC
      Buffalo -7.5 kent

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        All play skins

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Packers -7

    • Harbaugh Handshakes

      Clemson -7
      Ok st -9.5

      • Harbaugh Handshakes

        Jags essay
        I’m starting to feel like this pick makes me a square (which I am) but I’d rather not be so obvious about it. I’ve read a lot of convincing stuff on the Broncos over the raiders but I’d be lying if I said I liked that game better than this one. It would be someone else’s much better pick not mine. So I’m going to put my championship pedigree on the line and go with my gut and take the Jags.

        Wait didn’t you just write an essay on how bad bottles was last week. Yes yes I did. Now you’re going to take him as a road dog…yes yes I am. For your essay pick…gulp, yup.

        Look one of these two teams is going to have a two game winning streak and I feel strongly it will be the jags. Their defense is creating turnovers at a high rate and I think there’s a really good chance the defensive line kills josh mccown this week. As far as the offense goes let’s hope fournette has been a real difference maker for bottles. For anyone that listens to pardon my take he seems like a good guy and I’d love to see him succeed. Bottom line of jags want to be taken seriously this is a spot that have to win and it’d be nice if they wine by 5

  • HitTheHorns

    PACK for 1 cheddar please

    • HitTheHorns

      uMass +8.5

      • HitTheHorns

        Essay Steelers -3
        Read and listened to lots of smart football analysis about BEN this week. Calling his performance in Chicago “signs of age-related decline” and calling it his worst performance in ages and the Steelers have a real problem here. Once you start thinking about retirement, better hang em up they say. I’m betting that LeVeon is in shape after his first few weeks and ready to go. Steelers get pressure on Flacco and cover the 3.
        Seahawks -13

  • Jaxbch Josh

    Washington huskies -26.5-Oregon state is a steamer bean

    PSU -17.5 – PSU will play better and Indiana defense is as bad as a Tyler B’s Breath

    Green Bay -7 just bc short week and AAron Rodgers >Mike Glennon

    Titans -1.5 bc their oline is beast

    Skins +7 Liked what I saw last week

    Jaguars -3 (ESSAY)
    Well Folks Jags are trying to get to 3-1 since 2007. The Jaguars Defense is no joke. They are fast, and the Jets oline will not be able to contain The Beasts Calais Campbell, and Makik Jackson up front creating pressure on The Ageless wonder Josh McCown creating 2-3 Turnovers. Couple that with Fournette continuing to shoulder the load and limiting Bortles throws should allow the offense with decent field possessions to put up points with a shorten field. GIMME THE JAGS BABY!!! WHICH WAY TO RENO, I’M MORTGAGING THE HOUSE!!

    • Dave Kolonich

      I’m back and forth on the KC-WAS. Just can’t trust two solid weeks in a row from Cousins.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Great job by the Cheddar Executive Committee on the All Play – probably the toughest one yet….

    Denver (-2.5)
    NYG (+3)
    Alabama (-Whatever)
    Mich St (-3.5)
    AP – KC (-7)

    ESSAY – Cincy (-3)

    Last Sunday, I got to sample parts of three NFL radio broadcasts. Even though the Browns game was actually televised in my area, I chose the Donovan/Dieken route and got some outdoor work done. Later, I listened to parts of the Bengals and Titans games. A quick ranking of color guys – 1) Dave McGinnins just doesn’t give a s— and its hilarious. 2) Dieken is Dieken and he’s terrible but he’s Dieken. 3) Dave Lapham of Bengals radio is perhaps the most annyoing homer broadcaster on the planet.

    This got me thinking – if there were ever to be a change on Browns’ radio – who replaces Dieken? Naturally, Kosar would be amazing but that wouldn’t happen in a hundred years. And please, no Solomon Wilcots.

    Any thoughts? Is this Joe Thomas’ job to lose?

    • LittleBallofHate

      Since the Browns handle everything in house and have their own production unit, probably Dustin Fox or Zagura.

      • Dave Kolonich

        That would be brutal. Nathan Zegura gives new meaning to the term “fanboy.”

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      not that I’ve given it much thought, but it does seem to be Joe’s job to lose.

      • Dave Kolonich

        He’s a smart guy – plus he’s pretty much the Browns GOAT of the past 50 years.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Kansas City -7
    Ohio -8.5
    Kent State +7.5
    South Carolina +9
    Baylor +17
    ****essay**** Iowa State +6

    • actovegin1armstrong

      **** essay skip****

  • Peter Wendler

    1.)Duke +6.5 vs Miami (just feelin’ it)
    2.)Penn St -17.5 vs Indiana – James Franklin doesn’t want another nailbiter
    3.)OK State -9.5 @ TTU
    4.)Texas -6 @ Iowa State
    AP) Chiefs -7

    Packers – 7 vs Bears.

    What is usually a closer divisional matchup seems like a snoozer to me this go-round. Amidst the “do we stand, or do we kneel?” controversy, Aaron Rodgers has squarely taken a side, and is asking all fans at Lambeau Field to lock arms this evening. Hell, half of the people at Lambeau will be drunk so they will have no idea what they are doing. But, back to football… I think Rodgers torches a surprisingly good Bears D, and Mike Glennon shows his true colors in this one. Ty Montgomery scores early, Rodgers scores late, and the Packers, arm-in-arm, stroll to a 31-17 victory.

  • Troy Bunting

    Waited til the last minute and barely got a point last week so we’re gonna get started early.

    Iowa +3.5 at Sprarty
    New Mexico -1 hosting Air Force
    Texas Tech +9.5 home against Ok State
    Raiders +2.5 at Broncos
    Chiefs all pick – Alex Smith is the man

    USC -3.5 at Washington State
    Nothing starts your weekend off quite like a Friday night cheddar 3-pointer.
    USC wins this game by 17 because of talent. Pullman Washington is basically northern Idaho. it’s a hole and no one wants to go there. Most Pac-12 schools have something for everyone, year round sunshine in California and Arizona, world class recreational activities in Colorado and Utah, awesome Nike shit in Oregon and a vibrant tech community on the coast of Washington. Washington State is consistently the shiny christmas toy that you only see on christmas day. They make an appearance in the top 25 every year just to become irrelevant again. This game is the stone-cold stunner to their season. USC has too much talent not to beat up on the scrappy potato farmers. Darnold is arguably the best QB in the country. Ronald Jones may be hurt but it’s SC and that doesn’t matter, they have 3 more backs that could fill in right away without skipping a beat. While SC hasn’t been quite dominant this year, they look like a team ready to breakout. A good 18 pt win against an always talented Stanford team, a good conference win on the road at Cal, and a good win against an on the rise Texas team with the 10-year anny of Vince Young chip on their shoulder. WSU doesn’t have the players to compete here. See everyone Saturday morning with my 3pt head start.

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