Cheddar wk 3, Clemson -3.5 at UL

Hey hey Cheddars. We’re kicking around a couple games for this week’s all-play and I’m going to throw it out to the group. This won’t be a weekly thing but would like to hear from you on several interesting games. We’ll make the call on the all-play by this time tomorrow morning.

[These ARE the lines and the forms we’re using for the week.]

UPDATE: Clemson -3.5 at UL on Saturday night is your all-play winning the poll by a rather narrow margin.  CFB fans note I did you a solid by including that straw NFL candidate to steal votes away from Falcons/Pack. Didn’t do it on purpose… but sorry about that!

In praise of Tito.

Special Cheddar commentary and hot-take: Terry Francona is the only manager capable of getting a team to 21 straight wins. (Just as he was the only manager who could have gone from 0-3 and behind late in a fourth game against the Yankees and then win four straight.) I watch these Indians and the way play: a perfect combination of confidence without swagger that allows them to run at a steady and brisk pace regardless of what’s happening around them. Or in other words, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, And treat those two impostors just the same; … then you will be a man, my son.

Francona is a the epitome of Kipling’s poem and imbues his teams with the same air.

I could go on about the talent on the team and their innate likability but my Tribe fandom consists only of an sub and my knowledge of the players starts with Lindor and Kluber and falls off fast from there. There are better sources. (Have you checked out The Athletic? I subscribe and like. 30 day trial, click here!) What strikes me about this historic streak is the emotional intelligence of the team and that is the point I wish to make today.

I now return to handicapping Army at OSU.

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  1. The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs says:

    And I posted this in the wrong thread. Geez, getting back into this Cheddar Bay thing isn’t as easy as I remember!

    Apparently the salt mine does not have very good reception. Sorry this is coming so late, but here’s my essay.
    Essay Pick: Steelers (-6) over Vikings
    Other than playing in Cleveland, Ben Roethlisberger is a much worse quarterback on the road than at home. Coming off a mediocre performance in Week 1, the Steelers offense will look to get back to its high-flying ways. Bell now has a game under his belt to shake off the rust, and the Vikings defense will be with a limited Xavier Rhodes. Speaking of being without players, the Minnesota offense may be without Sam Bradford, forcing Case Keenum under center. Sorry, I just don’t see the Vikings able to keep pace with the Steelers in their home opener.

  2. Mike B. says:

    i just turned off the sticky sidebar option because the scrolling seemed squirrely to me. let me know if you prefer it the other way, thanks.

  3. Lucy Lawrence says:

    1. All Play Louisville L
    2. Ole Miss W
    3. OkSt W
    4. Steelers -6
    5. Broncos +2.5
    6. Essay: Packers +3

    Back with the essay later today

    • Lucy Lawrence says:

      Opps Broncos +2

    • Mike B. says:

      sry but ole miss = L. im as surprised as you given the first half that i watched.

    • Lucy Lawrence says:

      I find it hard to not take the Packers whenever Rodgers is getting points. I know he looked iffy at best last week but I chalk that up to Seattle’s D being one of the best in the league. That being said we all know that Atlanta’s defense gives up plenty of points and big plays which is ideal for a high octane offense like Green Bay. Watch out as Rodgers has a healthy Cobb and Nelson plus a week under their belt to get back chemistry. I see a high scoring, entertaining Sunday night football in our future just gotta hope Rodgers has the ball last!

  4. “but somehow Kent was able to boot one into the right spot.”

    You sure have a way with words.

  5. clayII says:

    Clemson (-3.5)

    • clayII says:

      Jaguars (+2)
      Bears (+7)
      Raiders (-14)
      Broncos (+2)

      Browns (+7.5)

      Even if you are not a Browns fan this has to be the best play of the day right? Flacco is playing through an injury, they lost probably their best offensive player, they are coming off looking good vs a shitty Bengals team. Really thinking (hoping) this Browns D steps up today and is in Flaccos face all game…. So, even if we find a way to lose late, the 7.5 should be enough insurance to cash the ticket

  6. Nick says:

    Clemson for the all play please

    • Nick says:

      Browns +7.5 vs Ravens
      Because HittheHorns essay is really strong and if the Browns didn’t break me a few years ago, I would have written the same thing. Kizer is different than any other QB the Browns have had recently. Kizer was the QB I wanted from the draft because spending 2 years getting screamed at by asshat Brian Kelly is something like rock bottom. I don’t think Baltimore is very far from where Peppers grew up, so I expect him to make more of an impact today. Higgins is activated to the roster today so I look forward to seeing him not make any play along with Mr. Britt. Kizer, just throw every pass to Coleman, Duke, and our TE’s. Am worried about Baltimore’s interior d-line and our interior o-line, but hopefully Hugh accounts for that in his play calling and game plan. The game plan for this game and the rest of the season, keep Kizer upright.

      Bucs -7 vs Bears
      Raiders -14 vs Jets
      Lions +3.5 vs Giants
      Illinois over USF (L)

      • Mike B. says:

        Kizer looked poised to me last week. Of course he held the ball too long on a couple of those sacks –> I WANT THAT! I am so done with the Browns’ QBs and their dump off passes for 2 yd gains. Fuck that, look downfield. I really hope Hue doesn’t try to break Kizer of that tendency. The guy has sack, capitalize on it dont try to remove it.

  7. squeekycleen says:

    Essay: Florida – Gators were atrocious on national tv to start season vs Michigan. Everyone saw this. Nice spot for a rebound today vs overrated volunteers who probably look appealing as an underdog. Butch Jones, for me, is never appealing at any price. Getting points, giving points, you almost always get underachieving nonsense. Expect more of that today. Gators for essay.

  8. oxr says:

    All-Play Clemson -3.5 over Louisville, NFL later/tomorrow…

    • oxr says:

      Titans -2 over Jags
      Jets +14 over Raiders
      Cards -7 over Colts
      Skins +2.5 over Rams

      Essay Pats -6.5 over Saints – I don’t care if a house did land on her, I’m not going to start dancing around singing “ding dong” until the feet stop twitching. The line may be a double overreaction, but under a TD here is still reasonable. Saints D looking patchy as usual, not sure what they’re going to do about Gronkowski. Belichick with extra time to prepare. That 4Q collapse was delightful but I’m not ready to generalize from it just yet.

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    Louisville +3.5 (all play)
    Mississippi State +7
    Browns +7.5
    Buccaneers -7
    Steelers -6

    Ohio State -30

    I don’t typically like to back home town teams and this may be the only week that I play both the Browns and the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes need to bounce back in a big way after an embarrassing 2nd half performance against Oklahoma. Army is one dimensional and the front 7 for the Buckeyes is touted as one of the best (if not the best) in the country. Ohio State’s secondary was exposed by Mayfield last week, but with Army relying heavily on the run, it may cover up one of our biggest weaknesses. Army hasn’t faced a team of any relevance to this point (Fordham and Buffalo) and they barely slipped past Buffalo last week. I look for Urban Meyer to pour it on at home.

  10. TS_Butler says:

    Wisc -17
    L’ville +3.5

    • TS_Butler says:

      Raiders -14 – Bills beat the Jets by 9 last week and dropped 1 spot in ESPN’s power rankings – seems about right.
      Bucs -7 – Mike Glennon revenge game, not gonna be enough.
      Pack +3 – F is for F the Falcons
      Essay: Chiefs -4.5

      The Chiefs are playing in their home opener this week at Arrowhead, a notoriously tough place to play for visitors. The Skins are so bad that they made the Eagles look halfway decent last week. Carson Wentz is still a young QB going against a tough defense on the road. This is the game where we realize the Eagles are still the Eagles – an inconsistent, big play dependent team who can look great one week, and atrocious the next. Look for KC to win big and become the darlings of the NFL after 2 weeks.

  11. trashycamaro says:

    UL +3.5 over Clemson

    Cards -7 over Colts Well, Scott Tolzien did not last very long. I forgot about “play of the year” in week 2, otherwise that would likely have been mine. Now we get to see what Jacoby Brissett brings to the table (probably not a whole lot).

    The Cards have been struggling (hey there Carson!), but if there is ever a time to get it together it is against a bad defense that is missing Vontae Davis, their one Pro Bowl caliber player. Aside from that they have a pile of slightly better veteran retreads than they have in the past.

    The real risk here is that Carson cannot get it together while missing David Johnson. Look for a big game from Fitzgerald and look for Chris Johnson to vaguely resemble CJ2K. I think the Cards win this one in that area of 20-7.

    Steelers -6 over Vikings

    Broncos +2 over Cowboys

    Falcons -3 over Packers

    Lions +3.5 over Giants

    In other news – Mike it looks like I forgot to put my picks in the spreadsheet last week (although they are in the comments). What is the best way to fix?

  12. pheasantpants says:

    UCLA – 3 at Memphis
    OSU -30 vs. Army
    Life Champs +5 at Florida–ordinarily I might essay this one, but I decided not to essay games involving the alma mater this year. But I don’t really understand this line given everything that is going on with this UF season. UF had a game canceled last week, campus was disrupted and closed for much of the week due to Irma, so who knows what kind of practice to help that terrible O line occurred. UT should win easily.
    Clemson -3.5 at Louisville ALL PLAY
    Wisconsin -17 at BYU

    • pheasantpants says:

      Cancel that OSU vote.

    • pheasantpants says:

      Essay: Lions +3.5 at NYG

      So I was pretty torn about what game to essay this week, and things worked out such that I couldn’t really decide on Saturday (Wisconsin was a very good candidate, but I couldn’t get myself together before 2:30 Saturday). To add to that, I’ve vacillated about the outcome of this Monday night game–my initial hunch was to expect that the Lions could not put together two good efforts back to back–they rarely did so last year. That would seem to necessitate a Giants pick with high confidence.
      But the Lions seemed to have a different edge about them in Week 1. I saw the high confidence assigned to the Cardinals in that matchup and, while I didn’t risk a biscuit on it, in my heart I expected the Cardinals to spoil the Detroit home opener. Instead, the Lions took advantage of an aging Carson Palmer, turning Arizona over four times en route to a comfortable victory.
      Could the Lions win that takeaway battle for a second straight week? Moneybags Stafford threw a pick-six on his first pass after signing a massive extension–of course he did–but was crisp the rest of the game, completing 29 of the next 40 attempts, finding three different receivers for TDs. On the other side, the Giants bring much of the same one-two punch of shaky offensive line and immobile, aging QB to the table as the Cards did last week.
      If Stafford is ever going to justify his newly-signed extension, he’s got to lead his team to victory in games like this, especially if OBJ is limited or doesn’t play. This essay is hope as much as analysis but give me the Lions.

  13. Brian says:

    Ucla -3.5 rosen has been pretty good and memphis gives up a lot of points
    Ohio State -30 I dont think army scores very much and OSU needs a big comeback game
    Cowboys -2 Offense is good and their defense was impressive last week…Dont like siemien either
    Wisconsin -17 BYU continues to be bad on offense and now they dont have their starting QB.
    Louisville +3.5 This pick is purely a guess and I’ll take the home team
    New England -6.5
    The saints are bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and…BAD. Already having problems with Adrian Peterson 1 game into the season, a horrible defense and now a pissed off Tom Brady coming in after a loss to the Chiefs in Primetime. I think Tom Brady has a field day against this miserable defense. I think he throws for 4, possibly 5 touchdowns and the patriots ROLL. I honestly have no idea how the spread is less that a touchdown, but since it is I will take the Patriots. New England for all the biscuits and hopefully a comeback week to get myself up the leaderboard

  14. thatsfine says:

    Good morning
    UConn +10 – Bob Diaco is gone and I guess this means so is the Civil ConnFLict. Starting a rivalry with UVA seems like a swell idea.
    Akron +10
    Northern Illinois +14
    Essay and AP in a bit

    • Kitty Pryde. says:

      my favorite imaginary rivalry. gone.

      • thatsfine says:

        When UCF won last year they left the trophy on the field. It’s probably still sitting there, if you want it for the memories.

    • Jmacdaddio says:

      My alma mater W&M had a one way rivalry with UVA. We hated them. They had to be reminded now and then that we existed.

    • thatsfine says:

      Louisville +3.5
      SDSU +9.5 – essay

      SDSU getting Stanford at home is clearly their biggest game of the year, probably the best chance at a statement game for the Mountain West Conference this season as well. Stanford could be a little road weary here: games thus far in Australia, LA, now San Diego. The Cardinal is coming off a whipping at USC where they got gashed for 623 yards, 307 on the ground, and the game wasn’t nearly as close as the 42-24 score indicates. SDSU isn’t USC, but they have an excellent RB in Rashaad Penny who has 413 rushing on the year and 353 all purpose yards last week (!) at ASU. I think they’ll be able to move the ball at home. Stanford has Bryce Love at RB who has rushed for 340 on the year. SDSU has made their way under coach Rocky Long by playing solid D and especially stopping the run. It will be harder here against Stanford and Love than against their usual MWC competition, but they’ll hang in there. +9.5 seems low, I like the Aztecs to keep it within a score.

  15. John says:

    Purdue +7.5
    OK State -13.5
    Florida -5
    Cowboys -2
    Clemson (all play) -3.5
    ULCA (essay) -3

    • John says:

      UCLA -3 over Memphis- Honestly- this is all about Josh Rosen.
      I just need him to show up. If he throws for 4 TDs, I’ll get my 3 points.
      The O line has a few small injuries this week – but I think the efforts from the QB win the game here.
      It’s his ‘one shining moment’
      Ground game from Memphis controls the tempo- but I just don’t think they actually can keep up with the scoring (if Rosen is on)

      I think UCLA gets ’em by 2 tds.

  16. CharlesTaylorAllStars says:

    NEW ESSAY: I do not profess any belief that Jacoby Brissett, after only coming over a week or so ago and only taking half the reps in practice and also only being Jacoby Brissett, will beat the world on Sunday. But Jacoby Brissett, his being Jacoby Brissett notwithstanding, is not Scott Tolzien. My essay is tatters. My gambling life disturbed.

    But what is this? FUCKING HARK – an angel has seen fit to snatch me from the cozy confines Cleveland and ferry me to bucolic Athens, OH. It appears my alma mater is playing a football game against the Kansas Jayhawks – allegedly a team.

    OU’s coach is Frank Solich. I talked to Frank at the Casa the night years back when he got pulled over for DUI. We tried to give him a ride home. It was to no avail. I understood, if I went from coaching at Nebraska to coaching at Ohio, I too would be drinking. Well, I wouldn’t, because it makes me do crimes. But you get the idea.

    ANYWAY, Frank knows the Big 12. He knows the first rule of the Big 12, which is that you never fucking lose to Kansas. The Big 12 may have a rule that if you lose to Kansas at home you get relegated to the MWC – we wouldn’t know, because Kansas doesn’t win road games.

    Do I win road games? Fuck yeah I do. Me and the fine young fellow who scooped me up are going to Peden Stadium to take what we want. And what we want is OHIO -7. That and bugles. Does anyone have any bugles? Please fax them. Thanks. OHIO -7

  17. Dave Borcas says:

    Purdue +7.5
    Florida -5
    USC -15.5
    Texas A&M -24
    Clemson -3.5 (all play)
    Los Angeles Rams -2.5 (essay)
    The Rams got a bye last facing the Colts who are a disaster and wasting the career of Andrew Luck. This week another home for the fans, what little there are of them, in LA. Jared Goff showed a little last week now that he is from under the over rated coaching of Jeff Fischer. We will find out how well Kirk Cousins plays under pressure after turning down some monster contract offers from the Redskins. This weeks pressure will not only come in the need to perform but also in the form of Aaron Donald returning. The Rams have one of the best pass rushes in the league which will make Cousins get the ball out quick. Without a semblance of a running game Kirk may be all out of luck. I think this week is the return of big runs from Todd Gurley. He will definitely be better with Goff being able to get the ball to his wide receivers. I see the Rams winning 27-20.

  18. CLEinMSP says:

    UNC -8
    Stanford -9.5
    Vandy +3.5
    Steelers -6
    Lville +3.5 (All Play)
    OSU -30 (Essay)

    As we all know, the way to beat Ohio State is through the air. Ohio State’s front 7 is one of the best in the nation, and in this game, the defense doesn’t really have to prepare for the passing game. An angry Ohio State team coming off a loss at home with a late afternoon kick, I have to think they will roll. I don’t know much about Army, buy I do know they don’t have a guy like Keenan Reynolds at QB. I don’t think an OSU blowout really means anything here, but some will probably have optimism if JTB can make some big connections through the air.

  19. Hawkaholic says:

    Minnesota -10.5 vs Mid TN State
    Oklahoma -34 vs Tulane
    UCLA -3 @ Memphis
    Packers +3 @ Falcons
    AP: Louisville +3.5 vs Clemson
    Essay: USC -15.5 vs Texas

    Some of the all time great college football traditions line up Saturday night in the Coliseum. USC claims a 4-0 record against the longhorns after their ol switcheroo with the history books negating one of the best college games ever when VY led the Longhorns to a Rose Bowl victory in 2006. That win was officially vacated by the NCAA in 2010 so interesting timing that USC came out and recently announced their claim to a 4-0 record on the precipice of this game. It’s the only thing that scares be about picking USC in this one is that Texas will have that fire from the announcement. Alas, Texas still hasn’t figured out their quarterback situation and USC has arguably the best signal caller in all of the land, a can’t miss pro prospect that has the Jets tanking, hopefully it works out better than last time (see Sanchez aka butt fumble). USC also has a great backfield with of course Ronald Jones but another guy most people probably don’t know about is their true freshman running back Stephen Carr. Carr was the 2nd best running back in his class, a 5 star recruit from Cali who had offers from all the blue bloods of college football, minus Iowa. Keep your eye on this kid, he is in a great system and looks legit.

    Trojans by 3 touchdowns

  20. cwonder23 says:

    Cincinnati +5.5
    Bowling Green +22
    Texas +15.5
    Browns +7.5
    All Play: Clemson -3.5
    Essay: Jets +14

    Huge number more than anything here. The Jets are bad, I get it. But, 14 is just too much to lay here in the NFL. The Raiders are a good team and will win this game but I expect them to go more old school and run the ball a lot. The Jets defense isn’t all that bad and they have enough on that side to keep it closer for the first three quarters. Raiders 28 – Jets 20

  21. zarathustra says:

    More fading Mizzou here, but it’s nice to do so with a team like Purdue who can score.

    Over the years I’ve written several essays pledging devotion to Bill Snyder, but I can’t see laying points in this spot.

    I don’t necessarily love this, but can’t pass up all these points at home against an Okie St team I still have my doubts about that is on the back end of a back-to-back road games. (They may be playing quasi-pro ball, but these are still college kids.) Plus, Pitt playing with revenge after a heartbreaking loss last year. Pitt isn’t good but I like Narduzzi to have them ready.

    Mississippi St
    I fell in love with Nick Fitzgerald last year and this is one of the teams I had circled to keep an eye on this year. Definitely scared of the LSU defense and that the offense is eventually going to take off under Canada, but I will take more than a touchdown at home at night.

    I’m not so high on Mariotta or the Titans this year and am picking against them here more so than picking the Jags. Bortles is terrible but they have a good defense and a good young running back. Plus, I think Doug Marrone is maybe an above average coach.

    The all-play is pretty much never a game I would play in real life and this week I initially didn’t have much interest in this one either. The more I thought about it though the more I liked Louisville. It’s hard not to remember the game against Florida St last year when thinking about it, not to mention the night game at Clemson when they had a much better qb. We know how great Clemson’s defense is, but Louisville is going to score and it is asking too much of Kelly Bryant to keep up in a prime time game on the road. I fully expect Louisville to meltdown late in the season, but they will be considered legit national championship contenders after this one.

  22. AmplifiedEsq says:

    1. Pats -6.5
    2. SDSU +9.5
    3. CMU +10
    4. Troy -6.5
    5. All Play: Louisville +3.5
    6. Essay: VT -21

    Essay: VT -21

    I don’t know much about VT, but I do know that ECU is a very bad football team. Last week I watched WVU do whatever they want against ECU. I have multiple friends that are ECU alumni who are adamant this is one of the worst teams the school has ever had. While I believe there’s probably some over reaction here, much like OSU fans (but seriously, how is JT still starting), I don’t believe ECU, even at home, can hang with VT. I expect some early ECU turnovers for easy VT points, leading to ECU playing from behind and doing even more damage to themselves as the ga!even progresses.

    • Mike B. says:

      ECU and early contender for this year’s government mule? last year arizona took the prize with two covers; in 2015 it was a split between UCF, GT, and TxSt. gotta find and beat them mules early. im spying UTEP for that role although BC and BYU are also 0-3 out of the gate.

      • AmplifiedEsq says:

        Early contender for sure. I think ECU has some talent the coaches aren’t utilizing as they should so I’m hesitant to go all in against them, but against schools that are far superior I haven’t understood the lines so far. Will be interested to see what they look like in conference play.

  23. CLEVTA says:

    1. Jets +14
    2. Steelers -6
    3. Clemson -3.5
    4. SMU +19.5: Courtland Sutton. Get to know that name. Future Brown
    5. Kentucky +6
    6. Colts +7 (essay): contrarian strategy to bet against the public isn’t necessarily a winning strategy. But historically the best time to do it is in week 2 as it’s the most profitable week of the season to take advantage of overreactions to week 1 results. We all know the Colts stink. But the Colts come home and teams off a blowout loss as 7+ point home dogs the following week cover 62% of the time. If Tolzien was starting I wouldn’t take them but I have a bit more confidence since Brissett is getting the nod and he can at least make some plays. Arizona was a team I liked prior to the season but DJ is by far the most impactful/valuable non QB offensive player in the NFL and he will be missed severely in the first week the team has to play without him. Add to it that 2 starting OL and big play threat John Brown are out and this game should be much closer than the 7 indicates

  24. Jmacdaddio says:

    Clemson -3.5 (All Play)
    Purdue +7.5
    Cal +4 (Essay)
    Marshall -14.5
    Rams -2.5
    Broncos -2

    It’s a challenge for Eastern teams to go West. Their body clocks are saying it’s time for the frat party while there’s still a game to play. Ole Miss hasn’t played anyone remotely impressive. Cal hasn’t exactly defeated powerhouses, however don’t write off Weber State – they can play above their smallish school status. Also I expect Ole Miss to get points just because of SEC membership and bettors betting with their hearts and not their gray matter. Last but not least, the time difference ensures I’ll have football watching interests going until at least 1:00 in the morning tonight.

    On a side note, the L.A. Rams might be the best team to not have a sellout in a season. Going to a pro game has lost its appeal. I wouldn’t even go for free.

  25. Mike B. says:

    If you get a spam flag…
    Agnes’ essay this week was flagged as spam and last week it happened to CharlesTaylor. I don’t know why. I haven’t changed anything in my Disqus admin screens. But if it happens to you, let me know, I’ll approve and whitelist you so if doesn’t happen again. (There is no ‘bulk whitelist’ so I’d prefer to address the problems as they occur. Which should not be often.) Thank you and sorry about that.

  26. Mike B. says:

    “Amazingly however, they were able to score 3 points. Last year Clemson shut out 3 teams including OSU…” <– now there is a hot take.

    Agnes, apologies on the spam notice. I promise I haven't changed any settings in the Disqus moderation screen. Have no idea what the problem was but you're whitelisted now and it shouldn't happen again.

  27. Matt Borcas says:

    South Carolina -6 over Kentucky
    Louisville +3.5 over Clemson
    UCLA -3 over Memphis

    • Matt Borcas says:

      Browns +7.5 over Ravens
      Rams -2.5 over Redskins

    • Matt Borcas says:

      Essay: Lions +3.5 over Giants

      The Giants’ Week 1 tilt against the Cowboys revealed an interesting fact about Eli Manning: He’s not very good anymore. He completed 29 passes for a paltry 220 yards, threw a backbreaking interception in the fourth quarter, and took three sacks. I’m inclined to believe this performance won’t prove to be an anomaly. Then again, without Odell Beckham, Eli isn’t exactly surrounded by a murderer’s row of weapons — Paul Perkins sounds like someone who should be working in a bakery, I doubt most NFL fans have heard of NYG’s leading receiver from Week 1 (Roger Lewis, the pride of BGSU!), and Brandon Marshall looked like a shell of a shell of his old self. OBJ is slated to be a game-time decision tonight (shoutout to Briean Boddy-Calhoun!), and even if he plays, he’s not going to be 100 percent. Taking the Lions and the points is a no-brainer.

  28. clayII says:

    oh my, so much papa john plays… what am i missing here… and players firing POTY’S in September… i’m shook…

  29. When Agnes and I got married last summer some of our friends got us a gift certificate for a “getaway cabin” in Hocking Hills. This summer we were trying to figure out a weekend to use it before it expired. We started looking at dates in September and I figured I might as well check the Ohio U. football schedule to see if we could catch some MACtion while we were down there. I saw that the Kansas Jayhawks were rolling into Athens on this weekend and insisted that we had to be there for such a preposterous event. Agnes, being the saint that she is, consented, so we went ahead and bought a couple of tickets and reserved our cabin. Somehow I’ve never been to Athens, OH before even though it seems like every third person I know is an OU grad and naturally I’ve really been looking forward to this weekend.

    So then Agnes goes and forgets to put the weekend in her calendar and gets scheduled for two work shifts on Saturday and Sunday that she couldn’t get out of. One might imagine my disappointment here. Good grief, Agnes!

    Anyway, of course, when the gods close a door they open a window, and at the same time all of this was going on I was also working to set up a new law firm and getting my good buddy Dan—whom I have known since we worked at the same joint in ’06, and with whom I carpooled to the ’07 Ohio bar exam with—to join me. As it turns out, Dan is an OU grad who was born and raised in Athens so whereas it might have been easy enough for me to shrug off Agnes’s mishap and sell these tickets on Stubhub or whatever instead we’re now having a Cleveland Frowns Law Firm “business trip” to Peden Stadium.

    As for this game, it is—like the whole idea of Kansas coming to play at Ohio U., let alone these teams setting up a home and home—utterly preposterous. OU smoked the Jayhawks at in Kansas last year so badly that Kansas went and hired OU’s D-line coach Jesse Williams. The Bobcats are -7.5 favorites even after getting blown out on national TV last week by Purdue. This is probably because Kansas was handled at home by another MAC team last week, Central Michigan. But the Jayhawks might have been looking ahead to this week, figuring that it’s the best chance they’ll have for awhile to break their now 41-game road losing streak (the record is 45). With that, plus the rare intel from Coach Williams, and the somewhat prevalent belief among people who pay attention to Big 12 football that this team has some talent that might be primed to finally come together here in HC Dave Beaty’s third season, one might think they’d be a savvy bet this week, especially with the public largely on OU.

    But alas I’m constrained to root for the home team here, and since I’m spending 6 hours in the car tomorrow for this nonsense, and since I suppose I have good reasons on top of good reasons for making this preposterous trip in the first place, and since I couldn’t reasonably expect to be making a similarly preposterous trip this season, and since the great guru B.K.S. Iyengar said “be loyal to the path that you’re on,” I might as well make it my Play of the Year: Ohio University -7.5 over Kansas.


    Oh, and please like our new law firm on facebook!

    Other Saturday votes:

    Florida -5 over U of Tennessee Life Champs

    Papa John’s Team +3.5 over Clemson

    Back with 3 NFLs at some point this weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!

  30. Matt Lawrence says:

    Oklahoma St -13.5
    Oklahoma -34
    Louisville +3.5
    Chiefs -4.5
    Packers +3

    Washington St -21 ESSAY
    Fresh off a 21 point comeback against Boise St on the shoulders of their backup QB, I expect Luke Falk to bounce back in a big way Saturday afternoon against Oregon St, fresh off a 34 point home loss to Minnesota. In 3 career starts against Oregon St, Falk has thrown for nearly 1,300 yards and 16 TD’s. I expect more of the same on Saturday after Oregon St has been just terrible on defense this year. They are letting up almost 45 points per game thus far this season and have yet to see an offense as good as WSU.

  31. Lucy Lawrence says:

    1. All Play: Louisville +3.5
    2. Ole Miss -4
    3. OkSt -13.5

    back with nfl and essay on sunday

  32. Harbaugh Handshakes says:

    Ucla -3
    Louisville +3.5
    Packers +3
    No essay essay week titans -2

  33. Chris Magee says:

    UCLA -3
    Browns + 7.5
    Titans -2
    Bills + 7
    All Play: Louisville + 3.5
    Essay: Colts + 7
    The team that got embarrassed on the road coming home. Don’t talk to me about how bad the Colts look. How could you lay a touchdown on Arizona? 2nd Road Game in a Row. They are missing their heart and soul RB David Johnson. Also they just lost WR2 TE LG and LT for the game. You have 5 key starters out and you are laying a touchdown on the road? Not to mention Carson Palmer looks done. Home Opener with home field advantage and a team that just got embarrassed. Coaches and Players saw the film they will rebound in the effort department. I’ll be the only essay on the Colts this week. Plus 7 as the essay pick and if you got the stones +280 on the moneyline.

  34. GRRustlers says:

    Week 3 Picks

    Washington State (-21) over Oregon State – Because Oregon State.

    Browns (+7.5) over Ravens – Because Kizer. The excitement is real for me.

    Steelers (-6) over Vikings – That’s how impressed I was last week with the Browns…Pittsburgh is happy to see someone else.

    BC (+13.5) over ND – Brian Kelly September chopping block?

    AP – Clemson (-3.5) over Louisville


    You know when a really bad team comes out in the opener and puts on a show for the home team. It’s early in the season and everyone is healthy. The veteran QB will do enough to keep you in the game but won’t be able to make the play when needed to actually win the game. It’s almost like when I watch the Bears I feel like sending them sympathy cards because this Browns fan feels for you. It’s over. Now you go on the road to a Tampa team that has been sitting and waiting and also knows a little bit about your QB. That sound you hear is Trubisky on the sideline clicking those rosary beads and praying his chance does not come until week 3. The people of Tampa could use a three hour distraction and good for the NFL for scheduling a homecoming game for the Bucs.

    Tampa Bay (-7) over Chicago

  35. jdoepke says:

    Keep in Rollin…

    Louisville +3.5 (AP)
    Wyoming +14
    Pitt +13.5
    Titans -2

    Essay: Memphis +3
    This line stinks like shit. UCLA coming to east, granted it’s central time but a noon kick and only laying 3? I’ll gladly fade the 78% of the public taking UCLA and take the home dogs who will be up for their version of the super bowl. Let’s go Tigers!

  36. Dan Whalen says:

    OK STATE -13.5. This spread is dropping, and while I’d love those points, I feel like there’s just too much Cowboy and not enough saddle for Pitt to have a chance. (don’t even know what that means)

    LOUISVILLE +3.5. I just like Lamar too much. And for all the hype about his athleticism and escapability, dude can throw from a five step drop just fine. Don’t be confused. He’s a quarterback who can run, not the other way around.

    DOLPHINS +3.5. Jay fucking Cutler is gonna play a football game…in a futbol stadium. Chargers might light him up, but not sure they slip by with more than a FG difference.

    RAIDERS -13.5. I realize this is a lot of points to lay. But the Jets managed to put up just 200 yards last week against a Bills D that just ain’t that strong. Folks will continue to bet against the Raiders, and those folks will continue to lose.

    CINCINNATI +5.5. Fickell will have the defense in position to keep this game close the whole way. If the offense can figure things out (they’ve been unable to crack 300 yards in either game thus far), then Cincy can keep the Victory bell in house for the 12th straight year. I’ll take the Bearcats on the rebound after a tough one last week at the Big House. I’ll also be taking this ML on Saturday if it stays at 4.5 or above.

    $$$ OREGON -14. $$$
    I rode the Ducks last week and they let me down. This week feels different. The offensive power is there-though I would have liked more at home last week, even against Nebraska. On the other side, Wyoming is coming in at a solid 15 ppg thus far. Not sure what’s up with Josh Allen, but these guys just aren’t scoring like they should be. On top of that, they’re allowing 155 on the ground. Ducks like to run the ball first, and they should have a field day. I’d like to see Josh Allen play well, but I don’t think there’s enough gas in the tank to keep this game close. Boat Race.

  37. Nick says:

    Illinois for 1 pt please.

  38. Mike B. says:

    Anyone else riding with a Chromebook? My Macbook whitescreened and will require considerable work to bring back.. picked up an Acer Chromebook ($250 on rollback at WALMART!) and it’s simple form and function does [so far] everything I used to do on a $2500 laptop. Loving it. Rec’d.

    1. Essay Purdue +7.5 at Mizzou No. Mizzou needs to be on my avoid list.
    1. Bama -28.5 v CSU No. Sabin did not take care of his bettors last week which is probably a good sign that he will this week but… I have a huge favorite play below.
    1. at Cal +4 v Ole Miss. BODYCLOCK.

    2. Essay at OSU -30 v Army: One dimensional run team facing bigger, faster, and pissed off athletes. The 30 points makes me squirrely about essaying this but… I mean I watched Army’s line – both sides – get manhandled in their win against UB last week. UB dominated the line and if not for a successful fake punt to close the game with three minutes left, UB comes back and takes that game. Wasn’t just the line either, UB’s receivers were a head taller usually five yards behind the Army d-backs. If Army was over-matched at home by Buffalo (and I mean it was obvious), how’s it going to go in Columbus? In Columbus versus a Meyer team in search of style points from here on out to have a reasonable shot at the playoffs? Not well. Even JT Barrett will look good with plenty of time to stare down his predictably consistently wide open WRs. OSU names this score and that score will be north of whatever number Vegas sets at kickoff.

    3. Clemson +3.5 at UL
    4. at Jags +2 v Titans
    5. Jets +14 at Raiders
    6. Browns +7.5 at Ravens

    • GRRustlers says:

      The chromebook is the perfect watching the game laptop…pretty much does everything I need. Been using a Samsung for 3+ years now. Can’t bring myself to buy anything else now.

      • Mike B. says:

        i used to hold acer in contempt until i got into looking at the gaming and [for me] crypto mobos.. they do great work and still can say enough good about the value received here.

  39. CharlesTaylorAllStars says:

    Hm. Apparently I picked South Carolina, Wyoming, BYU, the Ravens and Clemson this week. Let’s see if I can remember why.

    I think I picked South Carolina because Kentucky has looked horrible so far this year and SC has looked ahead of schedule. South Carolina has also lost three in a row to Kentucky and since Kentucky isn’t good or consistent enough to “have someone’s number,” it has to be a fluke. And everyone knows if you flip heads 3 times in a row the 4 flip is 99% likely to be tails, because , ya know, its “due,” right? RIGHT?!?!?!?

    I picked Wyoming because this is a bigger game for them than for Oregon. Big game for Josh Allen. I don’t know if they win, but I don’t think they get their face beat off at home. I’ll take the points.

    Same kinda thing in the BYU game. They aren’t gonna get blown out at home any worse than they did against LSU on the road. I know this isn’t the BYU team of old, but they are still reliably competitive in a middling service academy kind of way. Just seems like too many points.

    The Ravens are just a good home team and the Browns almost always seem to let down after a week like last where they give you some glimmers of hope. I expect some mistakes on offense this week we didn’t necessarily see least week. A TD isn’t much to give.

    Clemson – I dunno, line just seems too low. I understand that Lamar Jackson is going to put up some points on anyone but Clemson’s D looks legitimate. And I have no reason to believe Louisville’s defense can do anything.

    ESSAY: Arizona Cardinals – So while I would have to lay two TDs to bet against ex-Browns signal callers Brian Hoyer or Josh McNown this weekend, I can bet against SCOTT FUCKING TOLZIEN and only have to lay one? The Gods are good. As discussed last week, with Luck and Vonte Davis both out again PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE COLTS DO EVEN COMPETENTLY? Hint: There are no things. And while I don’t love Arizona, I will take the discount coming off that shit show in Detroit last week. The defense is better than it played last week and I expect them to outscore the Colt’s offense straight up. But Dan, isn’t Carson Palmer’s career a trash fire? Sure. Of course. But does that mean he can’t throw for 350 years and 4 TDs against the Colts? Of course not. No. Those are TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS.

    You might consider teasing Arizona with Baltimore. DON’T FUCKING DO IT. Will it pay? Probably. But that’s not the point. Needlessly diluting your bet against Scott Tolzien is like putting an ice cube in you 1986 Chateau Lafite. DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

  40. LittleBallofHate says:

    The One Biscuit Picks — Texans (+6.5, WIN); Iowa State (-10), USF (-17.5), Falcons (-2)
    All Play — UofL (+3.5). It was mid-September game last year where Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals made a huge impact on the national state. With the way he is looking this year, Lamar could make a pretty good statement about being a back-to-back Heisman winner if he can do it against the Tigers defense.
    Essay — For the second straight week I am essaying about a Rams game, but this time I am not taking the Rams. The Redskins come to the Coliseum as 2.5 point underdogs (I am really wondering what the lines makers were on when they did this game and Texans-Bengals). Gruden and Cousins should return to form and school their former offensive coordinator. The Rams looked great last week against the Colts, but even high school teams could have had a field day against Scott Tolzien. Plus the Redskins didn’t exactly look awful last week.
    Browns (no biscuits) — Played better than I thought they would against the Steelers. Offense is going to have some growing pains with a rookie QB who still hangs on to the ball too long, but the 7.5 they are getting in Baltimore is generous.

    • Mike B. says:

      i pray he keeps holding that ball and doesnt not succomb to the colt mccoy dump off disease. not for nothing but is lawrence vickers available to facilitate more of the looking downfield?

  41. Kitty Pryde. says:

    My favorite Cheddar essays are ones in which I have no business essaying. UCLA will be at Memphis to play a game at noon EDT. AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE TALKING HEAD SAY THE WORD “BODY CLOCK” – I WILL LOSE IT. Perhaps I already have. This is not a noon game for Memphis either, folks. They’re on central time, duh. Josh Rosen hears things. I mean, have you seen those magnificent ears? He hears the whispers about stupid body clocks and “look-ahead” crap about Stanford next week. Is it really a “trap game” if everyone has been calling it so? He knows. UCLA knows. They all know. We all know. They know that we know. These hot takes are looking more like moldy leftovers. Memphis couldn’t even cover a spread against ULM. I would know, because Nick Harlow is still talking about it. Joshy is only getting hotter as the weeks go on and UCLA might attempt to start stopping the run. I’m looking for a good reason to crack a Magic Hat Heart of Darkness at 11am tomorrow, and a Cheddar Essay game is just the occasion.
    Essay: UCLA -3 @ Memphis

    Illini +17 vs. South Florida: Saw a Lovie interview on a local news channel and was charmed.
    Wisconsin -17 vs. BYU: Ty Detmer.
    Browns +7.5 vs. Ravens: ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Idaho +20.5 @ Western Michigan: Idaho guys > Fleck recruitment leftovers
    AP: Louisville +3.5 vs. Clemson: This is the AP game I wanted the least.

  42. CLEVTA says:

    Hey Mike doesn’t look like my UNM pick was entered for some reason

  43. LittleBallofHate says:

    I’ll put a biscuit on Texans (+6.5) at Bengals. Both offenses are pitiful.

  44. actovegin1armstrong says:

    I am taking this for my essay only because the Respective Pollack Genius Jeff Badowski likes Clemson. They also destroyed Auburn with 12 sacks. I was once very enamored with Auburn’s D-line, but I was certainly incorrect, it is actually Clemson’s d-line that deserves our respect. 12 sacks! Even a dum guy like me can understand that 12 sacks is a very important stat. I looked it up and I have found that most teams that have 12 or more sacks are generally likely to win the game. While I hope that Charlie Strong will be a big boost for The University of South Florida, his legacy is still haunting Louisville. It is absolutely silly, but Jay guillermo is very talented and that is really all I need. An intelligent Center can be everything to an offense. I am certain that Clemson shall win this by at least 8 points. Please make Clemson my essay pick!

  45. CLEVTA says:

    1.New Mexico +14.5: Boise coming off 3 OT gm on a really short week w/a backup QB. Tough spot

  46. Art Briles Hirer says:

    Start me off with Bengals -6.5 for the week.

    • Art Briles Hirer says:

      Well that sucked. Let’s try Illinois +17.5 on for size.

    • Art Briles Hirer says:

      Alright, great start to this week. Thanks guys.

      All-play: Clemson – 3.5 over Louisville
      Tennessee +5 over Florida
      Purdue +7.5 over Missouri
      Lions +3.5 over Giants (Essay soon)

      • Art Briles Hirer says:

        Ok did better with a 2-1 Saturday (and I’ll take that UF bad beat any day of the week). Now, we put this all on the shoulders of the Lions. Clearly, I do not want to win any money.

        In all seriousness, this is a really interesting matchup if you hate the concept of rushing the football. The Lions last week recorded 82 rushing yards on 27 carries. 7 yards came from Golden Tate end arounds. 10 yards came from the punter on a blown punt. 14 yards came from Stafford scrambles. That leaves 52 yards on 21 carries between Abdullah and Washington. However, the Lions won in large part because they completely stuffed David Johnson (23 yards on 11 carries) and even knocked him out for the near future.

        How did the Giants run the ball last week? 12 rushes for 35 yards.

        Eli Manning has out-dueled Stafford in the past, but with another year brings Eli one more year closer to retirement. He was terrible against the Cowboys, while Stafford celebrated his new contract with 292 yards and 4 TDs. He got paid because the Lions believe that one day, eventually, Stafford will start winning key road games. Folks, tomorrow will be that day.

  47. Capitalgg says:

    1. Bengals -6.5 v. Texans: Rookie QB with a bad ankle on the road on the short week against an 0-1 team.

    • Capitalgg says:

      Thought about putting a play on UConn @ UVA, but then I realized I’d having to follow that game, and well, nobody wants to do that.

      Anyhow, here’s some more plays… 2 to go…

      All-play: Clemson -3.5 @ Louiville: I’m riding the Tigers until they fail me.
      2. Patriots -6.5 @ Saints: Long week v. short week. Pats bounce back.

      A cornered dog will bite. The Titans came into the season with high hopes of rising to the top of the horrid AFC South. Week 1, Oakland came to town and gave Tennessee a wake-up call.

      Jacksonville meanwhile throttled a team that appears to be battling the Jets for the #1 overall pick this spring (who has those 1st 2 picks again?).

      One of the best betting opportunities in week 2 is betting on 0-1 teams against 1-0 teams. That’s much better when the 0-1 team is (theoretically) better than the 1-0 team. So this 1 seems too easy. Titans -2</b. @ Jaguars.

  48. Jaxbch Josh says:

    Tennessee Vols +4.5
    Oak Raiders -13 (blowout)
    Seattle -14 (bigger blowout)
    Clemson -3
    Dallas Cowboys -2 (essay)

    Oh Lookie here. Dak and Company are laying less than a FG. I’ll take it. Dallas’ oline will lean on that Denver pass rush. Den looked good during the late MNF game, Oh wait!!! Lookie here, DEN is on a short week.

    I see Dallas wearing Denver out by the 4th qtr, and Zeke the Freak will be running wild allowing Dallas to control the ball, the clock and the game. Trevor Semien will be well Trevor Semien.

    What else has been kept on the DL is that Jason Garrett has been eyeballing this game for sometime. Why you ask? Well back in the 90’s Broncos Head Coach Vance Johnson laid into Garrett on a nasty late hit when Garrett was filling in for an injured Troy Aikman. When I spoke to coach Garrett over a couple beers and some hot pockets he he told me he has not forgot about that and will run up the score when given the opportunity.

    Nothing better than Sweet Revenge People!!

  49. FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

    Ohio U
    Ohio State
    New Mexico

    Wyoming +14

    Oregon is pretty quacking fast, but after getting a huge lead on Nebraska last week the Ducks let up in the second half. They have to go on the road this week into what will basically be Wyoming’s Super Bowl. Wyoming has a good coach and a good QB and should be able to keep this close. I might have taken one score, I’ll certainly take two. The Ducks are 1-10 laying double digits since Marcus Mariota took his talents to the NFL. Let’s make it 1-11.

  50. Dave Kolonich says:

    I’m about a week away from picking teams based solely on dominant colors. Woof.

    LSU -7
    Bills +7
    Bucs -7
    Denver -2
    Clemson -3.5 (All Play)

    Essay: Falcons -3

    I’ve recently begun my annual health-quest. I’ve dropped about 15 pounds over the last month – mainly through working out and not eating fistfuls of my daughter’s Goldfish crackers at 3 am. I’ve also slowed down on red meat, finding that some fake meat products aren’t too terrible and have a fraction of the calories. I’m pretty close to finalizing a ranking of the products I’ve found. I need to visit my local millionaire’s health food shop to sample a few more – but here’s where we’re at so far:

    1. Morningstar Farms – Grillers. The Gold Standard so far.
    2. Boca – Spicy Chicken – Excellent out of the oven.
    3. Gardein – Breakfast Patties – Definitely the sleeper pick here.
    4. Morningstar Farms – Breakfast Sausage – A go-to.
    5. Quorn – Chicken Nuggets – I waver on these. Definitely healthier but can easily dry out.
    203. Anything Dr. Praeger’s – Elitist bastards.

    • Mike B. says:

      re dr. praeger: fight the power, man. solidarnosc. although we part company on the morningstar sausage patties.

      i got a diet rec for you: questbars + halo top + 20K steps/day = 30 lbs lost since feb. hell yes.

      and another thing, the ‘eat only foods whose names you can pronounce’ diet is a non-starter given my skill in pronouncing potato, vegetable oil, and salt.

      finally when youre serious enough about calorie intake that youre prepared to eat soylent green as long as the net carbs check out — the original veggie boca burgers are perfectly without taste or mouth feel and should by rights be offensive to everyone’s sense of taste. but hey man, 70 cals and it looks like a burger and, with enough salt and ketchup, tastes like one.

      • Dave Kolonich says:

        I figured Halo Top was a cocaine reference. That would also explain the 20,000 steps. My surprise.

    • Kitty Pryde. says:

      Just keep throwing strategies against the wall until something sticks. But they only stick for one week, two if you’re lucky. My best Cheddar week to date was when I solely took colleges/cities I partied hard in. Dominant colors is not a crazy consideration.

    • thatsfine says:

      RE: Quorn. Try the Chik patties instead of the nuggets. Also, if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby I’m a fan of the Quinoa Cowboy burgers. They tend to fall apart if you don’t cook them just right (which is pretty much every time when I cook them), but they are excellent for stuff like burritos and salads.

  51. ChuckKoz says:

    1) Texans +6.5 (at Bengals)
    2) Boise -14.5 (vs UNM)
    3) Illinois +17.5 (at USF)
    4) Texas +15.5 (at USC)
    5) AP: Louisville +3.5 (vs Clemson)
    6) Essay: Stanford -9.5 (at SDSU)
    Stanford looked amazing in 26 point cover against Rice, but came up against a powerful USC offense last week and could not get the stops. Well, good news this week is that San Diego State’s offense is not very high powered (only 38 against UC Davis and 30 against Arizona State). The win against ASU gives pause, but then we see how awful they looked against NMSU in their opener and we feel okay. And while Stanford has some concerns on offense at QB and without McCaffery, we are think of the rolling of Rice and remember the recruits keep rolling in because of the stability of the program. So I see Stanford 30-13.

  52. Troy Bunting says:

    Pitt squeaked by Pelini’s FCS Youngstown State squad, needing overtime to win in Week 1. Then they got beat down in the Penn State rivalry game, literally beat down by Saquon Barkley who is just terrifying. Dem Cowboys down derre in Stillwater are just racking up points, granted they played Tulsa but they did smoke Alabama! (Southern Alabama). QB Mason Rudolph is a stud. His TD-Int in 2016 was 28-4. This year his TD-Int is 6-0. Early draft talk but he’s already projecting as the only QB taken in the top 5, basically kids a stud. Rudolph has good support around him and the defense, knowing the offense is gonna score over 40, is able to be creative and take chances. After a physical beat down from Penn State I see Pitt flopping over at home and OSU running up the score.

  53. HitTheHorns says:

    1. Texans +6.5

    • HitTheHorns says:

      2. Pick of the year essay: Browns +7.5

      Maybe I’m stuck in the afterglow of that Jose Ramirez double. I wanted to do this last week
      but we got hit with a hurricane, but everything I subsequently got to see only confirms it: DeShone Kizer is the guy. It’s going to be tough to admit it with our history, but allow yourself to believe. I didn’t need to read this excellent Undefeated piece on Kizer to
      confirm it:

      My eyes can see it. The guy looks the part, he looks different from anyone else we’ve put
      under center. Browns +7.5 is my pick of the year, as the value on the Browns will soon be gone. Hue Jackson is a head coach because of his work with quarterbacks – he made Andy Dalton passable for 3 years. You saw last night who Dalton truly is. The Ravens win last week is not quite as impressive as it appeared once you realize the Bengals are done. All of the injury concerns in Baltimore are real and were only minimized week 1 because of how terrible the Bengals are. Browns win this week, go to Indy next week to beat a dumpster fire Colts team, then have the Bengals coming into Cleveland presumably at 0-3 as they travel to Green Bay week 3. There will be the type of line set for this Browns Bengals week 4 game that will make the Bill Simmons of the world say “I like Kizer, Ravens win was nice, but no way the Browns can give points to Cincy and cover.” But cover they will. We then have the awful Jets to Cleveland. I predict the Browns will be 4-1 on October 15 when they play Houston.
      3. Clemson

  54. Chris Magee says:

    Hey my point total didn’t update from last week I believe I am at 7.5 after getting the Monday Night Essay Correct

    • Mike B. says:

      chris i am so sorry about the problems youve encountered so far… generally the scoring updates run pretty smoothly. for some reason yours and only your line in one of the linked sheets threw a !REF error. fixed now and should be good from here out. let’s hope. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  55. Peter Wendler says:

    I’ll kick er off this week:


    UCLA -3 @ Memphis

    A trip to the Liberty Bowl is in the cards this week for Josh Rosen & Co. To get acclimated to the time change, the Bruins are heading east on Thursday night. Memphis’ underwhelming, if ultimately successful, matchup at home against ULM two weeks ago left nothing to be desired. Rust could also come into play, as the Tigers’ game against UCF in Orlando was canceled last week. I like the Bruins here in a blowout, 38-13 with Rosen showing voters east of the Mississippi why he is a Heisman frontrunner.

    2.) UNC -8 @ Old Dominion. – they gotta win sometime, right?
    3.) Duke -14 vs Baylor – that win against NW impressed me, and Baylor is, well, terrible.
    4.) Kansas St. -3.5 @ Vanderbilt – the Hayden Fry coaching tree alive-and-well.
    5.) Ravens – 7.5 vs Browns – I think the Ravens will need to score 8 points to cover.
    Pick of the week.) TBD

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