Cheddar Bay 2017, wk 1: Bama -7 vs. FSU

Welcome or welcome back to Cheddar Bay.  We’re glad you’re here.  If you’re new what you’ll find in this post are:

  • Lines.  We lock lines on Wednesday morning.
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The game is — pick six games from the form, one of the picks has to be Bama/FSU (which is this week’s all-play), and pick one game as your ‘pick of the week’ and write an essay in the comment section on why.  Or wait a tick and someone will drop their picks early (usually Acto) and you’ll have a template to follow.1 

If you want to join us, just make your picks in the comments below.  You’ll need to ante up eventually (obv) but that’s really it.  I’ll catch your handle in the comments and update the form and you’ll be right there matching wits with the likes of ClevTA and AgnesBojaxHiu.

Guys that’s all I’ve got this morning,, let’s go.


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  1. The best templates are of course mine and Frowns… though CapGG takes good care in his styling also.  It is appreciated. [back]

124 Responses

  1. Jaxbch Josh says:

    PSU -12.5 see a blowout
    JAGS +3.5 game falls on a fg
    FALCONS -3 lions short week and overrated
    COWBOYS -3 dallas rebounds. Carson old
    GA -4.5 muss st sucks bw hedges
    NcState +13 (essay)

    High noon game, FSU students will be getting over ther hangovers and miss kickoff.
    Fsu has a brand new QB, talented as blackman is, he is still a Frosh
    FSU hasnt played in 20 days.
    Last year this game was back and forth and fsu pulled it out with a much more talented and veteran squad
    Nc state has good rush defense, making Frosh beat them with pass.


  2. Mike B. says:

    Hey hey — I think Ive caught up and the picks are all in place. Suffice to say there’s a lot of VLOOKUP functions going on in the ol CB.dat file but there is one column who likes static ($A$1) pointers and that’s the column that makes week 1 always a little tricky.
    Should be clean from here on out, BUT IT WONT BE.. so definitely check your scores and check my grading of games too. I’ve made mistakes in the past and will make more and am pleased when any of you call my attention to a problem.

  3. pheasantpants says:

    Essay: Ga Tech +3
    Georgia Tech takes on Tennessee in a season-opening virtual home game. The money and predictions favor the Vols, who seemed to finally take a step forward last season. But Josh Dobbs is a Pittsburgh Steeler and the starting QB is an unknown quantity.

    Paul Johnson’s Rambling Wreck is also breaking in a new QB. Your pick in this game should be largely guided by which team will get better play out of a first time starter. Tech played a bit above its talent level last year, winning nine games. I think this is a testament to Johnson, and he’s the superior coach in this one. Tech also needs less from its QB—a triple option signal-caller has to hold onto the ball and make decent reads.

    Did Tennessee focus all off-season on stopping the Tech attack, or did they try and look ahead to the pro and spread offenses that will dominate the rest of the schedule? Navy’s dismantling of what seemed like a FAU squad on the rise suggests that having an off-season to prepare for the option isn’t always enough; indeed, there’s a danger that a team that hasn’t coalesced yet will not maintain the discipline necessary to cover both the QB and the pitch man.

    The QB inexperience does UT in and Tech pulls the mild upset.

  4. Hawkaholic says:

    Purdue +24.5
    Auburn -34
    Vandy – 3.5
    Texas A&M +3.5
    AP: Bama -7
    Essay: Vols -3 (coming tomorrow)

    Almost missed week 1 – essay coming tomorrow

    • Hawkaholic says:

      Essay $$$ Vols -3

      As I sat down this morning to do a little research on the game I immediately regretted choosing this one to essay. I nearly missed getting picks in, missing all the noon and 3:30 games and hastily threw them in before the 7:30 kicks just barely getting them in (maybe I was a minute late?). Regardless I choose the Monday game between Tennessee and Ga Tech to essay because it afforded me the most time to procrastinate.

      I am going to stick with my initial gut feeling of Tennessee -3 but I have about a 4% confidence rate going with that pick. You have two new untested quarterbacks in this one so I am basing my pick solely on the running back sitch at each school. The Vol’s John Kelly is good, not great but good enough. He is complemented by a heralded incoming true freshman running back named Ty Chandler, its this one-two such that gives me such optimism for at least a 4 point victory. Ga Tech dismissed their best running back Dedrick Mills who was no stranger to team suspensions. He was dismissed for a violation of “athletic department” rules, which could literally mean just about anything in today’s day in age.

      Both teams aren’t great but this game is being played in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz dome, slight end in home field advantage to GA Tech.

      This could go either way but I am going to trust Butch Jones in this one to pull out the W, although watch out for that vaunted Ga Tech triple option (I assume they still run that).

      Tennessee 31, Ga Tech 27

      P.S. in case you are keeping track at home the Hawks beat Wyoming 24-3 on Saturday. We also started what might be the coolest new tradition in college football:

  5. trashycamaro says:

    Michigan – Essay

    Sorry, kind of half-assing this weekend. Had 3 trials in the past 2 weeks plus a 2 day training. Time is a little more compressed for me than usual. Also, it’s half point week, only college, and I really suck at college anyway.

    So Michigan has Harbaugh and his system which has been pretty good so far. McElwain has not shown a whole lot yet (and to be honest almost every team needs a semi-competent QB). Starting a freshman who was announced the week of does not instill much confidence. That confidence dims further when there are double digit suspensions, including the best skills position player in Callaway.

  6. clayII says:

    Bama (-7)
    West fuckin Virginia (+4)
    aTm (+3.5)
    South Bama (+23.5)
    NC State (-5)

    essay monday night

    • clayII says:

      GT (+3)

      Southern Alabama back door and being on the right side of the aTm / ucla train wreck bodes well for the new year. i dont love this game or anything its just the last one and i know its televised. Both will be starting young qbs, probable GT qb did beat VT last year. Best stat i could find is GT 5-1 last 6 ATS vs SEC. good enough for me i’ll take the points

  7. RDGinCLE says:

    Cheers everyone. Kanicki, I wanna take Southern Florida over StonyBrook but cant find it in the drop down. I might have missed it, but i havent even started drinking yet. Essay tomorrow.


    • Mike B. says:

      Stony is FCS,, no line on those.
      Did add the new FBS teams for this year — UAB and Coastal.
      Coastal is an odd-ball because it is transitioning and not officially FBS until next year (Sun Belt). But there was a line on Coastal vs UMass this week (and I played it).

    • Mike B. says:

      Also ECU was up against JMU, also FCS so that’s a no-play too (and dodged bullet).
      SO three picks needed to fill out your ticket.

  8. Jeff Smith says:

    Florida State +7 (all play)
    Florida +4
    Middle Tennessee State +3.5
    Virginia Tech -4
    UCLA -3.5
    Temple +19 (essay play)

    Well, being short on time I won’t include too much logic on this one. For starters, I can’t stand the Irish. ND also trots out with a brand new QB, so I’m guessing that it will take some time to establish the chemistry and get acclimated. If I remember correctly from last year, ND did not fare well when being challenged as a double digit favorite. The 2015 contest between ND and Temple was rather close as well. You can also include the fact that Temple had a strong 2016 and I look for them to capitalize off of last year’s momentum. ND was 4-5 straight up at home in 2016 as well (but they did face most of their tough opponents at home last year, so it doesn’t provide the full story). ND rounded out 2016 losing 3 of their last 4 straight up in 2016 and it honestly didn’t look like their hearts were in it. Today, I am a huge Temple fan (and will typically side with whoever is playing ND).

  9. Harbaugh Handshakes says:

    Oh state (l)essay -looked good on the first half
    Fla state +7
    Georgia -14.5
    Michigan -4
    W Virginia +4
    Ucla -3.5

  10. FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

    I am late to the party here so I can’t essay Kent State as I’d planned to


    Kent State

    USC -26

    Fight on and all that. PJ rowed his damn boat to Minnesota and WMU lost a BUNCH of good players. The new coach and new crew having to go to LA to play Sam Darnold and a USC team last seen scoring at will in the Rose Bowl should be ugly. At least I’m thinking and hoping it is. I’ll do better with my essays going forward, and Sam Darnold should only get better as it goes. We crown this kids and especially these QBs too early but he has the look and just might be the goods. This smells like 45-10.

    • CharlesTaylorAllStars says:

      I’m curious regarding your motivation to essay Kent State. Did you make the team? Did your kid sister?

  11. oxr says:

    In Cheddar Bay, as in life, it helps to get off to a good start!

    Oregon over Southern Utah

    * This is probably the only college game I’m actually going to watch this week
    * Utah isn’t populous enough to have directional football teams
    * The surviving members of the Oregon football program presumably know the fate that will befall them if they can’t take care of business

    * Southern Utah isn’t even in the FBS… so I can’t pick this game… shit…

    • oxr says:

      Akron +30.5 over Penn State
      Kentucky -10 over Southern Miss
      Texas -18.5 over Maryland
      Cal +13 over UNC

      • oxr says:

        Essay Michigan -4 over Florida.

        Fates are conspiring to keep me from posting this on schedule, so I am writing on my phone from a random used tire shop near Hartville which I rolled up to in the very nick of time. This is a wisdom of crowds/safety in numbers pick – all due respect to CharlesTaylorAllstars’ essay, which I enjoyed tremendously, but I am on board with Michigan’s gurning lunatic of a coach and apparently so are a lot of other people. The ESPN headline I saw a couple of hours ago said “everyone except Lee Corso picks Michigan”, and who am I to argue with “everyone except Lee Corso”? Four points doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

  12. Lucy Lawrence says:

    1. OSU -21 (W)
    2. Washington (L)
    3. Utah State (L)
    4. Texas -18.5
    5. NC State -5
    6. Essay/All Play Bama -7 will be back to write once we get home and settled

    • Lucy Lawrence says:

      Very excited about a 1 & 3 matchup week 1 of college football. That being said I love Alabama over FSU, Year after year FSU is over hyped so I love to bet against them in this situation so early in the year. Alabama hit the reload button per usual and their main man Hurts is back with experience and poise. On the other side of the ball, I expect Bamas defensive line to destroy the FSU offensive line leaving Francois on his back side most of the game. Sit back, relax and enjoy the blow out. All this being said I hope the NCAA continues to schedule a few of these gems in years to come!

  13. John says:


    Washington -27.5
    Michigan -4
    Nebraska -15
    Louisville -24.5 over my Boilermakers
    **All Play** Bama -7
    Boise State -10.5

    So- my nephew is honestly mentally handicapped. and he (with my brother’s family) live in Boise.
    He’s 15, and has a tough time paying attention and comprehending.

    But- the last few years- my older brother has learned that my lil nephew LOVES Boise state football.
    so- he leverages that to teach my nephew skills. a lil math, a lil patience, and even how and when to have emotion.

    my nephew is getting smart enough to grab a phone (the closest laying around) and he texts me-
    but not a great text.

    something like “Boise up” or “Boise beating bums”

    that. that is why I always check the Boise state game.

  14. Dan Whalen says:

    BAMA -7.

    TEMPLE +19.

    Ya’ll Cheddar Vets know I’m a Notre Dame diehard. But after going 4-8 (three of those wins came against Army, Nevada & Syracuse) and losing their starting QB, the Irish are giving 18.5 to a team that won their conference last year? Who writes this shit? This spread isn’t based in analytics or algorithms run by an MIT nerd buried in the Westgate basement. NO, this one was created by some third-gen legacy Irish grad douchebag wearing two Ralph Lauren polos, both collars popped, kicked back on poppa’s yacht. Facts are facts. And I have evolved into a Brian Kelly hater-yes, because whatever game-planning skill he has Sunday thru Friday gets wasted come game day. There’s a big difference between coaching pre-game and in-game, and on Saturdays, when it’s time to actually call plays and adapt to the other team, he sucks. However, my disdain for him is derived primarily from him being a piece of shit human who shows consistent signs of sociopathy and lack of accountability. He doesn’t care about his players, developing them into men, or really for people in general. So if it takes another abysmal season to get rid of him, I’m down.

  15. AmplifiedEsq says:

    Now that I’m back in North Carolina and out of Michigan I’m hoping to regain the form that I once had… And actually keep up with my picks this year, as last year went downhill fast.

    1. Texas -18.5
    2. App. St.. +14.5
    3. Ark. St. +15
    4. Miami (OH) +2.5
    5. ALL PLAY: FSU +7
    6. ESSAY: Temple +19

    Most weeks I’ll probably be throwing out some numbers easily obtained from the internet in order to justify whatever essay I pick I made. Maybe I’ll throw in some observations from watching the team here and there. There’s some method to my madness, but it’d be even more boring than what you see typed out. Seeing as it is week 1 though, I’ve got nothing on any front. What I have seen to date is DeShone Kizer show some promise. The same DeShone Kizer that Brian Kelly said should stay with ND. Now, instead of opening up against Temple, Kizer will be opening up as the only NFL rookie starting QB against the Steelers. I get the argument that Kizer should have stayed, grown, improved draft stock, etc., but I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy ND’s ability to cover in this match up which is why I’m rolling with Temple as my essay pick for the week.

  16. Matt Lawrence says:

    Minnesota -24 (L)
    Bowling Green +18
    Boise St -10.5
    Michigan -4
    Alabama -7 (AP)

    Texas -18.5 It’s week two (basically week one) of NCAAF. I know absolutely nothing. Therefore, I’m going to go with Tom Herman and the Texas Longhorns. Everything Herman touches turns to gold. He’s a fantastic head coach and I fully expect him to turn around this Longhorns program. And today, the program will be playing for the whole state of Texas as Houston tries to recover from the flood that has devastated the city.

  17. Chris Magee says:

    Magee406 picks

    App State +14.5
    Texas -18.5
    South Carolina + 5
    All Pick: Alabama – 7
    Troy + 10.5
    Essay: Virginia Tech -4 I wish the wordpress plugin worked for the site so I could officially sign up. But the organizer does it for free so it is hard to be mad. Taking the Hokies but West Virginia has a better song…
    Almost heaven, West Virginia
    Blue Ridge Mountains
    Shenandoah River,
    Life is old there
    Older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains
    Blowin’ like the breeze
    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia, mountain momma
    Take me home, country roads
    All my memories gathered ’round her
    Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
    Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
    Misty taste of moonshine
    Teardrops in my eye
    I hear her voice
    In the mornin’ hour she calls me
    The radio reminds me of my home far away
    And drivin’ down the road I get a feelin’
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday
    [Chorus:Repeat x2]
    Take me home, now country roads
    Take me home, now country roads

    • Mike B. says:

      Youre in brother!
      magee406 is in the pulldown of the embedded submittal form so that piece is locked down; let me know if you’re not seeing yourself. regarding paypal,, we’ll find you. 😉

  18. Troy Bunting says:

    *Essay Pick* – Michigan -4
    This pick makes a lot of sense for three reasons
    1. Michigan has bought into Harbaugh and he seems to know what he’s doing in the land of college football. This wouldn’t stand alone though. Michigan has a distinct upper hand in this game because
    2. Florida has at least a dozen players serving suspensions, including their playmaker receiver. Tough to make plays when you’re behind bars or you got caught smoking weed (for probably the 9th time)
    3. I bought into Harbaughs khaki game and bought myself some LuluLemon ABC (anti-ball crushing) khakis. They are so comfortable that i no longer hate everyone at the office. Tack on another point for the Michigan Wolverbaughs.

    • Mike B. says:

      fyi –>
      Troy = Elder B in the sidebar standings and for that matter I am ‘kanick’ in the standings.
      sometimes the handles dont match the disqus usernames and im guilty too.

  19. Mike B. says:

    Things I like to incorporate into my essay picks are random metaphysical occurrences that can apply to the game in question plus sensible handicapping plus a game off the beaten path for Cheddar players. This isn’t really a great system for picking games but it helps me write essays and, shit, I’m better at essay writing than handicapping to go with your strength, amirite? Anyway, following is an example of this method in use.

    UL -24.5 at Purdue.
    I’m in a cold warehouse today in NY but the bathroom is heated and it caused me to reflect on a magnificent historical punchline and the veracity it holds.
    “Loose shoes, tight pussy and a warm place to shit.”
    Earl Butz got core of life right but at the same time had it so wrong — those aren’t things ‘coloreds’ want,, I should think we can all agree that these are universal blessings and the racial component was superfluous. Regardless, I can’t help but respect the punchline — there’s even a phrasing and pentameter which is distinctive — and naturally the next step is how to weave this into a Cheddar essay.
    And it is this.
    What, you make ask, ever became of disgraced Ford cabinet member Butz after his joke telling* was revealed by John Dean and led to his inglorious departure? Welp… he became Dean Emeritus of Purdue Ag School!
    SO… Purdue is getting 24 against notorious points-runner-upper Bobby Petrino. If any football coach is going to tell a Butz-esque joke, it would be .. not Sabin. not Meyer. not Lane Kiffin. might have been Les Miles. Chryst? Petersen? Solich??? No, other the Bret Bielema who actually lives that dream, Bobby Petrino is not only the most likely to tell some jokes but also the best at it. No question.
    On the handicapping side, my god, Purdue. Read somewhere that they’ve had four B1G wins in the last three years and three were against Illinois. You’ve got a new coach with good WKU credentials (a plus) working with Darrell Hazell’s old recruits (a bigger minus). You’ve got Petrino with easily CFB’s best player (Lamar) and an o-line that weighs in at 308-333-300-324-OMGthiskidisafreshman and UL in the early season swags like The U in Michael Irvin era. I don’t know why UL isn’t in the top 10 but Petrino is going to steps (read: gaudy point differential wins on national TV) to correct this.
    80 points is the stretch goal on his white-board tonight.

    The rest.
    EMU (win)
    3. Boise -10.5 vs Troy
    4. ND -19 vs Temple
    5. Coastal +2.5 vs UMass
    6. FSU +7 vs Bama
    *Per his wiki: “Butz started by telling a dirty joke involving intercourse between a dog and a skunk.” I’m trying to find that joke but so far only found this one.

  20. Matt Borcas says:

    Southern Miss +10 over Kentucky
    Vandy -3.5 over MTSU
    Tennessee -3 over Georgia Tech
    Michigan -4 over Florida
    South Carolina +5 over NC State
    Essay/All-Play: Alabama -7 over FSU (using no essay week)

  21. squeekycleen says:

    Essay: Appalachian St.: Everyone has that one super square friend. You need to know how to use that golden information to your advantage. Because if you are a seasoned gambler sometimes it is just not possible to think like your inner square. But do not despair, others can do it for you. This pick is actually a nexus of super square and super homer. I was told this was a statement game and would be an absolute beatdown. Reportedly, the over is also a lock. Appy St. for me.

    Ark St
    Bowling Green

    All play: Bama

  22. Jmacdaddio says:

    Rutgers +27 (pick submitted to the form 3 hours before kickoff.. I hope)
    Vanderbilt -3.5
    NC State -5
    ND -19
    UCLA -3.5
    Alabama -7

    Welcome back fellow Cheddars. The ‘Macdaddios are hoping to build upon last season’s playoff appearance. I’m hoping to have a legitimate shot this time around instead of needing everyone else to forget to make their pick on Super Bowl weekend, but I digress.

    This week is live from the Kalahari resort in the Poconos, aka the Alps. NC State last season showed signs of being a solid program. This opening weekend they’re up against a local rival. South Carolina doesn’t strike me as a football powerhouse these days, hats with double entendres notwithstanding. Unless they got a stellar crop of blue chip recruits, which may have happened, in which case there will be a front office purge, believe it.

  23. jdoepke says:

    Good to be back for another year of Cheddar!

    Florida St +7 (All Play)
    Troy +10.5
    Appy St +14.5
    Northwestern – 24.5
    Mid Tenn St. +3.5

    Texas -18.5

    I hate taking favorites and here I am taking one to start the season. Not that my thoughts mean anything but I think Texas is pissed off, the whole state and especially the football program. Tom Herman will make a splash in his debut and put up 50+ Maryland is terrible and gets blown out in this one. Plus I didn’t have the balls to put Appy St as my essay.

  24. Brian says:

    Well, I’m not quite sure how to start this off, so here goes nothing….

    People! It feels so good to be back.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the new and improved, you know who
    Never been the type to bend or budge
    The wrong button to push
    No friend of Bush
    I’m the centerpiece, you’re a Maltese
    I’m a pitbull off his leash,
    All this peace talk can cease
    All these people I had to leave in limbo,
    I’m back now, I’ve come to release this info
    I’ll be brief and let me just keep s*** simple,
    Can-a-b**** don’t want no beef with Slim? No!
    Not even on my radar, so won’t you please jump off my dick,
    Lay off and stay off
    And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos from seance to seance,
    C’mon now, let’s all get on down,
    Let’s do-si-do now, we gon’ have a good ol’ time
    Don’t be scared, cus there ain’t nothin’ to worry ’bout,
    Let your hair down, and square dance with me!

    Alright, but for real…

    I’ve paid my dues
    Time after time.
    I’ve done my sentence
    But committed no crime.
    And bad mistakes ‒
    I’ve made a few.
    I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
    But I’ve come through.

    (And I need just go on and on, and on, and on)

    We are the champions, my friends,
    And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
    We are the champions.
    We are the champions.
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.

    I’ve taken my bows
    And my curtain calls.
    You brought me fame and fortune, and everything that goes with it.
    I thank you all.
    But it’s been no bed of roses,
    No pleasure cruise.
    I consider it a challenge before the whole human race,
    And I ain’t gonna lose.

    (And I need just go on and on, and on, and on)

    We are the champions, my friends,
    And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
    We are the champions.
    We are the champions.
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.

    We are the champions, my friends,
    And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
    We are the champions.
    We are the champions.
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions.

    OK, enough of that haha. I can not believe it is already time for another season. I want to thank everyone for putting in all the time and effort last year, just to fall short when Tom Brady decided to rip all of my competitors hearts out with the greatest comeback in Superbowl history. As your Reigning, Defending, and Undisputed Champion of the CheddarBay world, I am very pleased to be back for season #2. I would love nothing more than to defend my championship. The crown next to my name looks pretty good! I would just like to wish everyone the best of luck with their picks this year and I hope this is as fun the 2nd time around. Good Luck everybody and hopefully it is another season to remember! So now for my first picks of the year!

    Louisville -24.5…Lamar Jackson is better than Purdue….without the other 10 players on his team
    Georgia -14.5…Because Kirby will outSMART the coaches on App St. See what I did there?
    Texas -18…Tom Herman is good and Maryland is Not.
    LSU -17…Ed Orgeron put together a solid offense late last season and BYU struggled vs. Portland St
    Alabama-7…I just do not, i repeat do not like Jimbo fisher. Seems like a scumbag to me.

    What do I know about Kentucky football? well the answer to that is pretty simple…not much, not much at all. However what I can remember is, the amount of times I picked Southern Miss to win games in bets or cover spreads in this last year and they would end up pooping their shorts. So for the pure reason of Southern Miss being brutal to me last season, I hope their defense just decides to just take a fat dump on the field. I’ll take John Calipari and the Kentucky Men’s Basketball team -10 against the Southern Miss football team for 1.5 biscuits this week.

  25. cwonder23 says:

    Temple +19
    Washington -27
    USC -26
    All Play: Bama -7
    Essay: Michigan -4

    Dart Board 🎯 Week 1!

    It seems too obvious to select Michigan to cover here that it makes me nervous. One thing working against me is that Florida has won something like 27 straight home openers. I think that streak ends this year as Harbaugh has his team ready to roll into Gainesville and win by a TD+. An early season loss to a quality opponent can’t derail a season but the winner will have a nice tiebreaker at the end of the year assuming the other team continues to be competitive. Michigan 28 – Florida 17.

  26. Mike B. says:

    I’m jumping in on EMU tonite; the rest mañana.

  27. Jaxbch Josh says:


    Boise st

  28. thatsfine says:

    Hard to believe it’s already late summer. The kids are back in school, and in a way so am I – here alongside my Cheddar Bay community in this lovely sports gambling skill-share This is my 5th year playing and I’m proud to report I have increased my knowledge and understanding of football wagering every single year I’ve played. To any newcomers, read the essays! I have learned a ton (especially in my first two years) from essays and picks by folks like PeteFranklin, Frowns, ClevTA, and (really) just about everyone who occasionally dropped a nugget of information that I hadn’t considered or pointed out an odd line, contrary movement, etc. A lot of folks are good at picking games in many different ways here. So, yes. Good day to all, and happy to be back. And happy Mike B. continues to do the unseen work and organization to make this thing happen every year.

    Charlotte +14 – Essay
    Temple +19
    Nevada +24.5
    Arkansas State +15
    Troy +10.5
    All -play: Dear god already a Bama all-play. There will probably be 4 or 5 this year just like last year… and again I will tank them all. Be back to pick this later.

    As bad as Charlotte was last year, down the stretch they still managed to grind out road wins over Marshall, FAU, and Southern Miss, and respectable showings against MTSU and Rice. This is team new to FBS finding its footing, farther along than expected. They return Hassan Klugh at QB and nobody should be frightened by that. But, consistency counts, and he can make plays with his legs which is a plus against any MAC team. The defense was nothing special last year, but return most of their secondary and should get more support from their offense this year. EMU’s biggest news is apparently removing the feathers from the shoulders of their jerseys – I’m sure they’ll regret it. EMU made a leap into respectability last year but +14 seems like a big number for a long-time loser even against a squad like Charlotte. The 49ers will eek out a late cover here.

  29. Dave Borcas says:

    Week #1 picks

    Buckeyes -21 (win)
    Navy -9
    BC -3.5
    NC State -5
    FSU +7
    Michigan State -18 (essay)

    Michigan State let me down at least 4 times last year. I got caught up in what they did in 2015 and the tempting single digit lines. This year will be different (I hope). Sparty finished a very disappointing 3-9. Another year close to that will find Mark Dantonio on the hot seat. BG will be improved this year. They do have a passing game, but the OL could have some holes allowing the MSU front seven to play in the Falcon backfield all day. Sparty dealt with player suspensions last year and that is over. This year they are in a full youth movement. Will they struggle at times this year? Yes but that will come on the road against much more physical teams than BG. I take the young Spartans to start the season well.

  30. LittleBallofHate says:

    Good to be back for another fun season of Cheddar Bay fun and frivolity. It’s a good thing I forgot to log in and make picks last night or I would already be 0-2 since I would have picked Indiana and Minnesota.
    However, the non-essay picks are Washington (-27), USC (-26), Michigan (-4), Tennessee (-3)
    All Play: Florida State (+7). I think ‘Bama will win, but it will be by four or six. Jimbo Fisher’s spinchter level is so tight right now you need a tractor to pull a pin out of it.
    Essay: UCLA (-3.5). Both coaches are on the hot seat this season and the Bruins should have won last year’s game on the road. Josh Rosen has his two top receivers back and UCLA is 12-1 in non-conference games under Jim Mora (lone loss last year was to A&M). Meanwhile the Aggies have plenty of questions on offense and are making their first trip to California since 1955. Feels like the Bruins should be able to win this one by more than the spread.

  31. TS_Butler says:

    It’s good to be back here in the bay for another season. Seems like only yesterday when a friend recommended this great picking community to me and now here I am 4 years later and I couldn’t be happier… (unless the Falcons won the Super Bowl and I was $2500 richer of course).

    I’m one of the few here who picks mostly NFL games every week because except for a casual following of the PAC-12, I don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to college. Anyway, here goes:

    Essay: CSU +5
    This is an in-state rivalry game being played on a neutral site in Denver. I don’t think Colorado was as good as their record last year. Plus CSU is coming off a big win over Oregon St., and I like teams playing their 2nd game versus teams playing their first. I don’t know if there’s any stats that back that up but let’s go with it. It feels like one team is warm and the other one is cold, that’s good enough for me. A classic matchup of Rams and Buffaloes – should be close.

    Others receiving votes:
    West Mich +26
    Vandy -3.5
    South Carolina +5
    Clemson -38.5
    AP: Bama -7

  32. zarathustra says:

    Boston College
    South Carolina***
    So….I kind of think South Carolina is going to win the SEC East this year. Florida and/or Georgia might end up being good enough to run away with it, but I have doubts about both teams. The east looks wide open and while I don’t care for the muschamp slobbering psychopath sideline demeanor I think he is a pretty good coach. They will be tough and the defense should be much improved in his second year. The offense should be better too with a young qb who got a lot of experience last year. With muschamp as coach I’m sure the offense will be too conservative at times, but we saw in the bowl game against USF that they were capable of playing up-tempo and moving the ball. I think they will win on the field so am happy to take the points.

  33. CLEinMSP says:

    Tennessee -3
    FAU +9
    Troy +10.5
    USC -26
    Bama -7 (All Play)
    Vanderbilt -3.5 (Essay)

    I started following Vandy much closer last year due to Cheddar Bay. They bring back a fairly experienced team this year, and they play pretty good defense. This is obviously a huge game for a team like MTSU (in state matchup, home game, under the lights, opener), but I think Vandy’s experience will serve them well. Shurmur’s kid is still the QB, and their RB (Ralph Webb) is already the leading rusher in school history. MTSU gets a lot of respect, as they should, so there is no chance Vandy will be overlooking this game. MTSU scores a lot of points, but they also give up a ton as well. I look for this game to be lower scoring than the experts think, and for Vandy to pull away late. Derek Mason and the Dores got better as the season went on last year, and I look for them to carry that forward into 2017.

  34. Mike B. says:

    Heads up for the new guys — I’ve got your usernames into the forms entrant dropdown menu. I went ahead and logged your picks from the comments if they were there (but moving forward of course you’ll do that yourself). The first week is always a little bit of catch up getting the backend squared away but it’s getting there. (e.g., the ranking column tends to be clunky first week since it wants to know how many people are in the pool.) Thanks for your patience.

  35. Dave Kolonich says:

    Uhhh….First Time, Long Time here. I just want to say – Kevin Hogan, Jordan Leslie and Gregg Williams’ D…I’m thinking 9-7. Outside shot at the playoffs. I’ll take my answer off the air.

    Is that how this works? I’m new around here.

    BAMA -7.5 – Seven months of Saban murdering Deshaun Watson in his codeine soaked dreams.
    USC -23.5 – Solely because Sam Darnold used “obtuse” to describe tanking.
    COLORADO ST +8 – Nick Stevens looks like a drunken Milennial version of Kelly Holcomb.
    UCLA -3 – Josh Rosen kind of reminds me of Trevor Bauer.
    MID TENN ST +59.5 – I get to bet against SHURMUR’s kid?????!!!!!!

    ESSAY PICK: WVU +4.5 – I like guys that try harder and clearly Will Grier was working to get an edge when he got popped for PED’s. Speaking of QB’s, allow me to finish my essay by suggesting to Sashi and Hue the following advice for next Spring’s draft: Regardless of what Kizer does in 2017, draft a QB in 2018! And then keep drafting until you find a real franchise guy. I’ve been saying this for ten years. The Browns should automatically draft a QB in the first round every year. Sashi is simply the long-awaited conduit of the draft capital needed to realize this vision. It doesn’t have to be this difficult.

    • TS_Butler says:

      Just a heads up that you want to be using the current line, not the opening line. Some of these are off. Just wanted to let you know in case it changes your mind.

  36. CharlesTaylorAllStars says:

    I am so excited to be back for another indeterminate stint here before I forget to make my picks for a week or two and quit. It’s really just the best. Me picking a full slate of games (not correctly, mind you, just picking them) every week all season is +45000 if you can find anyone to buy that ticket.

    Anyway, let’s pick some football games I don’t know much about!

    VATECH -4: Look, if you had spent the last ten years betting against the Big12 playing ranked teams from power 5 conferences, I highly suspect you would own something cool. Like Belgium or something. I realize that is a fact I could verify but, I mean, really, what’s the point?

    GEORGIA -14.5: I know Appalichin State is theoretically good and I know that Georgia always starts highly ranked and immediately proceeds to fuck themselves in half but…I dunno. This year will be different?

    CLEMSON -38.5: There are not enough points.

    WASHINGTON -27: They are just a lot better than Rutgers and like blowing people out.

    FLORIDA ST. +7: I can’t take all front-runners but, let’s be honest, this an explicit bet on the fundamental idea that world is collapsing at an ever quicken rate and nothing, not even Nick Saban’s patent douchebaggers, can hold the center forever.

    ***ESSAY PICK***

    FLORIDA +4: Look, there are just too many reasons to pick this game. First: CRIMES! I love crimes and the Florida players do this shit ALL THE TIME. 10 of them are suspended! I don’t know if they are good players or not, but I know one of them is the kid that got busted smoking pot ON HIS OFFICIAL VISIT TO OSU. Who could have seen this calamity coming. Some of these kids are running a debit card scheme? Fucking Russians.

    Also, betting against Big 10 teams on the road against SEC teams early in the season just always seems like a good idea, especially where you are getting points. And Florida has been too shitty for too long – its not sustainable. Like 14 five-star athletes who get arrested on their visits to other schools enroll there every fall – eventually they have to be good, right?

    Jim Harbaugh is being REALLY FUCKING CUTE like not releasing his roster and stuff? What a stupid piece of shit.

    Also, Ohio State is playing even with Indiana right now, so maybe the whole Big 10 is just a dumpster fire. Who knows.

    Finally, Michigan is a bad place and bad people live there.

    That is all.

  37. Art Briles Hirer says:

    Ok I’ll have to do the essay later on one of these games but here’s some picks to start:

    FSU +7 over Bama
    Michigan -4 over Florida
    Wyoming +11.5 over Iowa
    Bowling Green +18 over MSU
    UCLA -3.5 over TAMU
    Georgia Tech +3 over Tennessee

    Add my new handle to the board.

  38. Goodness gracious it is wonderful to be back and see everybody in here. Buckeyes for a single. Back with more later this weekend.

    • I’m gonna squeak an essay in on Colorado, mostly for lack of any better ideas. GRR has been posting Buffs wisdom in this thread for more than half a decade now and what he says below sounds reasonable enough. It looks like CU is loaded on offense and also that CSU will have a hard time stopping anyone this year. Everyone says their front four is abysmal and it looked that way last week allowing 6 ypc against Oregon State. CSU won’t be sneaking up on them tonight after “blowing out” “a PAC 12 team” last week. And a rivalry game in week 1 seems to take a lot of steam out of the whole “rivalry game” thing anyway making me think tonight will be something less than that. Hoping/guessing Buffs score at will and cover the 3.5.

  39. The Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs says:

    Well, after many years down in the salt mine of life, I have reemerged in this year’s field of Cheddar Bay participants as a modern-day Charlie Marlow to bring back life lessons from out of my own personal Heart of Darkness. So sit back, enjoy this little trip down the Thames, as I provide the rationale for a perfect 6-0 start to the season.

    1. Boise State (-12.5) over Troy
    Rationale: Potato or Potatoe, starches are my Achilles too.
    2. Georgia (-13.5) over Appalachian St.
    Rationale: Hard to take an opponent lightly when ESPN puts the game on at 6:15pm.
    3. Eastern Michigan (-12.5) over Charlotte
    Rationale: How do the 49ers win after just losing the best player in the history of their program?
    4. M*ch*g*n (-5) over Florida
    Rationale: Do the Gators even have enough players to field a team?
    5. All Play: Alabama (-7.5) over Florida State
    Rationale: What does Nick Sabin like more: beating former staff members or beating former staff members?
    6. Essay Pick: Ohio State (-21) over Indiana
    “And this also… has been one of the dark places on earth.” Yes, that would be the end zone for Ohio State opponents this season, as the defensive line has been touted as one the best ever assembled in Buckeye history. Keeping in mind Jim Marshall, Dan Wilkerson, Will Smith, Cameron Hayward and Joey Bosa also played on the front seven, and that is almost as scary of a thought as setting yourself up to be the demagogue of the a ivory post. Speaking of demagogues and the all-powerful, do you think Urban has been itching to play a game ever since 31-0?
    When one has got to make correct entries, one comes to hate those savages – hate them to the death.” Not only does Urban need to wash that taste out of his mouth, but so does Kevin Wilson, new offensive coordinator for OSU and former head coach for Indiana. You think this guy doesn’t want to completely decimate the football team at the school where he was forced out (he wasn’t fired, but resigned amid “allegations”)? The guy takes them to their first bowl birth since 2008, and you can him? Naw, I bet he’s totally cool with how things went down and both sides are still friends.
    Oh, “the horror! The horror!” that will come to Bloomington tonight. J.T. Barrett, in what feels like his seventh year as quarterback, will lead the Scarlet and Gray up and down the river, er, field of conquest in a 53-24 savage win over the Hoosiers.

    – The Cuuuuuuuuugs

  40. Nick says:

    Week 1 and I’ve already ignored my child’s screams to write a cheddar bay essay. Needless to say, Kitty Pryde is not happy with me right now.

    UL – Monroe +26 @ Memphis **ESSAY
    I spent the last 3 days in Memphis and Northern Mississippi meeting with PVC compounders. In Mississippi, you either hunt or fish, and dove season opens this Saturday so there is a fervor in the air. All week, we talked about the terrible Hurricane, and locals have watched the news anxiously waiting for when the storm would turn North. Well that happens to be happening right now. 20 mile an hour winds and heavy rain for the next 3 hours is in the forecast, so let’s play some football, Memphis hosts UL – Monroe!

    I don’t know anything about either of these teams, but no one in Memphis was talking football and 10 minutes of googling indicates to me that Monroe has a decent coach, and they are returning starters at QB and RB, so let’s take on some bad weather, run the ball and take 26 points.

    Also, everyone knows that Browns fans are everywhere and one of them runs a plastics plant in Mississippi, yes I did close the deal as we talked Browns for few minutes during our meeting.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I can report back I did NOT see a confederate flag at any point during my travels, which is an improvement upon any prior 3 day stretch that I’ve spent in MS or TN over the last 3 years.

    Indiana + 21

    rest of picks tomorrow! Great to be back, thanks for organizing it Mike!

  41. Dan Whalen says:

    UL MONROE and
    for one cheddar each please.

    I’ll officially sign up this weekend once I’m not traveling. Glad to be back!

  42. Lucy Lawrence says:

    Sitting in the hospital after having our baby girl today so its only right to start off with the alumni homer pick:

    1. OSU -21

  43. Matt Lawrence says:

    Minnesota -24

  44. Harbaugh Handshakes says:

    Essay: Indiana +21
    Indiana is returning 9 starters from last years and their defense looks to be solid this year. Huge game for Indiana prime time against the bucks. Something tells me the buckeyes won’t be up for this game. Ohio state needed a late score to beat Indiana on the road last year. A lot of talk about this new offense and how improved Barrett is,I don’t believe it. Just can’t teach accuracy and jt has never been accurate. I see o state winning 28-14. Indiana plays tough at home I expect more of the same

    Florida st +7
    I’ll post the rest tomorrow.

  45. ChuckKoz says:

    I am in, but having trouble with the paypal link to send $ – please advise the email to send to – picks to follow…..

    • ChuckKoz says:

      1) Utah St +28 (at Wisconsin)
      2) BGSU +18 (at MSU)
      3) OU -42 (vs UTEP)
      4) UCLA -3.5 (vs Texas A&M)
      AP) Alabama -7 (vs FSU)
      Essay) Ohio State -21 (at Indiana)
      Bit of a reverse psychology for me. I am down on my alma mater. Barrett sucks. Urban Meyer is basically a Trump guy, all while Harbaugh is turning into some sort of social justice warrior. Indiana returns 9 defensive starters from one of their best seasons in my lifetime and this team has a history of bugging the Buckeyes. So all the reasons to think this is competitive. Then I remembered how shitty I did last year in Cheddar, so those instincts are often wrong. Then I remembered life is not fair and people like Urban Meyer rule the world, so of course the Buckeyes can continue to dominate. Plus, this seems it would almost assuredly be a quasi home game. So I will go Buckeyes big: 42-10

    • Mike B. says:

      just go with a paypal to . there’s some ‘are-you-a-human’ plug in that is i think the problem and which i havent looked into. you’re not the only one having issues this year. welcome back!

  46. cwonder23 says:

    Indiana +21 for one Cheddar Point please. Welcome back everyone!

  47. CLEVTA says:

    1. New Mex St +25
    2. FSU +7 (All Play)- just because

    • CLEVTA says:

      3. Charlotte +14
      4. Utah st +28

      • CLEVTA says:

        5. Texas -18.5
        6. Nc St -5 (essay): tough to do an essay week 1 in a sport with unknown 18 yo kids but here we are. This essay is more abt NC St as my sleeper candidate of the year than just this single game. I hammered over 7 wins fwiw. They return an unspectacular yet solid QB in Finley along with a loaded front 4 with multiple high round NFL studs along the DL including Bradley Chubb. They got unlucky last year and lost many close games including the infamous missed gw FG in Clemson after outplaying them for 4 quarters. They were 2-4 in 1 score games. The combination of a bunch of returning production (top 35 in SBNation SP+ Returning production rankings), an experience QB and a an excellent defense and I think the Wolfpack make a run in the ACC and cover the number vs SC

  48. Peter Wendler says:

    (handle PDubs) From the state that is #1 in corn production, and arguably #1 in “putting as many artery clogging foods on a stick as possible”, I am excited to be a part of Cheddar Bay! Looking through the myriad of lines to choose an essay, I eventually settled on my initial thought: Michigan -4. As much as I am tired of Harbaugh’s antics (hey, Ohio you HAVE to claim him as a native son), I think the shitshow that is Week One Florida Football is too much of a low-hanging fruit to pass up. Scarlett’s suspension was the nail-in-the-coffin, and the Maize and Blue… erm just Maize this week… end up winning by a touchdown in a defensive battle.

    Huskers -15
    UNC – 13
    NC State -5
    Boise St. -10.5

    FSU +7

  49. agnesbojaxhiu says:

    I’m happy to be back for more cheddar voting fun. As I look at the MAC lines for the week, it seems that everyone is down on them. It’s like nobody noticed that the MAC wasn’t the worst conference last year (yay Conference USA!). Only EMU gets a likely to win vote by our friends in Vegas-every other MAC team playing a bowl contender is expected to loose. They can’t all be that bad. Granted I don’t think Kent can beat Clemson but NIU may have a chance with Boston College. Okay. Maybe Buffalo is that bad but Minnesota only beat one team last year by more than 24 points-the Indian State Sycamores. Plus I don’t want to delay my fun anymore and a Thursday night essay seems just the thing to celebrate the end of summer.

    BGSU +18

    Miami O +2.5
    WMU +26
    Buffalo + 24

    Alabama -7

  50. HitTheHorns says:

    1)FIU +16.5 essay

    Browns bowl in Florida this week as former Browns special teamer Scott Frost leads UCF against 65 year old Butch Davis (Butch was hired at FIU by former Browns mystery man Pete Garcia, who held the title of Director of Football Development during the Davis era Browns, officially ending the
    Dwight Clark era). Pete was given his first job in the NFL by Tom Heckert (then of the Miami Dolphins). Tom Heckert! It’s almost like pro football just recycles the same people year after year!
    (Please send me all your takes about how Kaepernick sucks…even if he did, which he does not, the Browns starting fucking Charlie Whitehurst in a game last year!)

    Frost’s big Browns moment was the start of one of my favorite themes in Cleveland – the random guy that gets a handoff at the red zone! A special teamer and backup safety with 0 career rushes, Frost got a 1st and Goal handoff from the 2 against Tennessee with 5 minutes to go in the 4th in Browns stadium.

    This game was fun to look up to read: Ben Gay for 20 yards, Ben Gay fumbles. Frost also had 2 targets in this game. We’ve literally made no progress in 20 years.

    Butch Davis presided over the most painful loss for me personally of the new Browns, the Steelers playoff debacle in 2002.I worked at a Pittsburgh movie theater the following summer – I got to see Tommy Maddox spend an hour taking photos and signing autographs for anyone that wanted one, and Franco Harris be an asshole to the staff and fans. Make sure you get your photo with his statue
    at the Pittsburgh Airport in between his speeches defending Joe Paterno. Of the things Davis has done wrong in his career (recruiting violations, academic scandals, calling a crossing route for Dennis Northcutt with a playoff game hanging in the balance), he cites leaving Miami to take the Browns job as his biggest regret.

    Onto the game – UCF has to be careful not to look ahead, as they follow with a Memphis team that should be good, then power 5 school Georgia Tech and Maryland. FIU is a senior laden team, and these guys got crushed last year against UCF. One in-state win for Butch against an ascending program will be enough for the locals to justify this hiring. I’ll live with getting the bad end of the spread here as I think FIU wins outright. The best player on the field will be FIU RB Alex Gardner: 1000 yards from scrimmage last year. I also read about 15 articles on this game and can’t find anyone that thinks FIU keeps it close. Enough for me.

    2) Ohio State -21

    3) Alabama -7

  51. Jaxbch Josh says:

    Jaxbch Josh is my Handle…

    Going with the Washington Huskies in a Blowout @Rutgers. Washington is loaded and returns a nasty defense coupled with an expierenced oline and a solid coach in Chris Peterson. This could get ugly and Im laying the chalk on the road.

    • Mike B. says:

      hey hey welcome aboard, your handle is all set in the form and let me ask to you resubmit your picks with the jaxbch.
      youlll notice the form can be edited but know that your picks in the comment section are THE PICKS. the form is basically bookkeeping so make sure your picks are clear here.
      and one more thing, is UW your essay pick? if yes, see if you can get a little more meat onto that bone if you know what im saying. 😉

    • Mike B. says:

      following up on this forms topic, when i receive your form submittal with multiple picks im going to double check what you have in the comments and i’m also going to look at the pick with the latest timestamp. so in the example below, im guessing youre going to have WVU for an essay pick which is most cool but also that you wanted UCF last night which presents a problem in that it did not appear here in the comments.
      1. did you intend to pick UCF?
      2. is WVU your essay pick?

      btw, when confronted with a problem like this we bring before the ‘executive committee’ mailing list (its just me and three or four others) to decide how to manage. for example, if you say you meant to pick UCF last night some might say ‘ok fine, his first time here and in the first let it go’ and some might say, ‘nah, gotta have the pick made in the comments.’ this is the sort of thing we try to stay on top of for the betterment of all.

  52. actovegin1armstrong says:

    I also picked OSU, but I had planned to make Central Florida my essay. I would like to have Central Florida -17 as my essay.
    ****Magical essay**** I am basing most of this pick on the value of the respective Schurmer effect which I learned from our beloved Mr Burgermeister. I have not been excited about FIU football since T. Y. Hilton. I also thought he would win The Heisman Trophy. I missed that by at least a kilometer. University of Central Florida should be good this year. This team is beginning to develop under coach Frost and they have the talent and the confidence to have a terrific season. And, even if they do not have a stellar campaign, they will still beat the crap out of lowly Florida International University. FIU has some issues with questionable coaching, and their roster is lacking talent as well. This is a combination that should make for a tough go against UCF. I was surprised that UCF was only -17. I will certainly rake UCF -17, thank you.

  53. pheasantpants says:

    Welcome back friends, family, and foes! Hoping to make a huge improvement during my sophomore season of Cheddar Bay.

    Getting in early for the true season opener, OSU visiting Bloomington for the weird Thursday night opener conference game. South Carolina used to own this slot for some reason, but the B1G has rarely been able to say no to anything that will boost its tv exposure over the last ten years. If John Cooper were dead, he’d surely be rolling over in his grave right now. Instead, he’ll get to see OSU win big.

    OSU -21 over Indiana.

  54. GRRustlers says:

    Week 1 Picks

    Welcome back fine people of Cheddar…time to try and make a 4th trip to the playoffs and grab that elusive orange jacket. Bet your ass I would use the winnings to buy orange jackets for every winner of this contest.

    Anyway it’s been a fun offseason for me. I sit alone for about 45 hours a week selling insurance to people you pray don’t hit you and it gives you a lot of time to think. That accelerated when one March afternoon when your neighbor is murdered in a murder suicide that kind of messes up your small town. It made me realize just how awful social media can be…I started reading stuff about it and the prevailing thought became “bitch…this is literally my back yard and you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.” So…I decided to withdraw. Vanish from the social media world and start worrying about the shit that actually matters. Shout out to the A to Z podcast and Andre who reminded me to enjoy the games. Have fun with this because sometimes the real world really sucks and if you can’t smile about an extra point clanging off the pole barn in Idaho what is the point? So welcome back kids.

    USC (-26) over WMU – The boat has capsized in Lake Michigan. Cheer up though…PJ Fleck will be back at your favorite directional MAC school in about 3 years.

    Washington (-27) over Rutgers – What if I told you for the second year in a row that Washington and Colorado will play for a PAC12 title?

    Michigan State (-18) over BG – Expecting a huge bounce back from Sparty.

    Wisconsin (-28) over Utah State
    AP – Alabama (-7) over FSU

    Essay Pick

    Rubs eyes. Rubs eyes again. What a stupid fucking idiotic line.

    I know that Colorado State is thrilled they scored some points and gave up 456 yards to an Oregon State team that is thrilled they are not an English soccer team about to get relegated to the Big Sky conference but have people lost their damn mind?

    The PAC12 is the QB conference and at the end of the year everyone will know the name of Steven Montez. Colorado is loaded on offense and while I understand the concern over the amount of players lost on the defense to the NFL there is no need to worry about a team in Colorado State now that the Buffs have a coaching staff that does not play down to competition. Phillip Lindsay runs wild and the Buffs hang 60 on the Rams.


  55. Capitalgg says:

    [All-play] Alabama -7 v. Florida State: I expect Florda St. to be very good this year. After week 1.
    1. UMass -2.5 @ Coastal Carolina: Always love a team playing a 2nd game versus a team playing their first.
    2. Tennessee -3 @ Georgia Tech: A long time to prepare for the triple option. If they weren’t playing Indiana St. next week, I would be in line to absolutely load up on the Vols next opponent.
    3. Washington -27 @ Rutgers: Any number for a potential playoff team v. Rutgers.
    4. Michigan -4 @ Florida: Micigan brings back 5 starters. I think Florida is traveling 5 players. (hey-hey!)

    Welcome back fellow Cheddars. Will 2017 be the year I regain my mojo and return to the Cheddar Bay playoffs. Or will I hang out on the cut line again and fade late? It’s hard to say, but as of right now I’m feeling good about this season.

    Part of my problem last season is I started off struggling mightily. So it’s very important I get off to a good start. So I’m going with what I know.

    I know when Greg Schiano says the Buckeye D-line is better than his D-line at Tampa Bay, he might not be practicing hyperbole.

    I know Kevin Wilson’s Indiana offensive teams were scary without a ton of talent.

    I know JT Barrett runs the read option as well as anyone I’ve ever seen and is unfairly maligned by Buckeye fans.

    I know I get excited when I hear that a team that placed 3 DBs in the first round of the NFL draft says this years DB room has more talent than last year’s room.

    I know that Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes in week #1 have paid off for me 2 years running. So I’m riding Ohio State for a third year and giving Hoosiers 21.

  56. Kitty Pryde. says:

    You think you have everything figured out, and then the game changes. Last year I had a formidable beginning of my Cheddar season. Some theories were panning out, but once I was no longer barren, the world tilted. It was easy for me to forsake sports. Then, on November 9, nothing I thought I knew made sense. Sports did. I came back to sports. As messed up as they may be. A panorama of the larger stage I have become so disillusioned with. Ripped from my usual vices, I experienced the World Series and then election night with a sobriety I hadn’t been privy to in a decade. There’s no going back, I’m a different Cheddar Bayer than I was.

    What good is psychobabble without a little sportsing to follow?

    For whom the bellwether game tolls: Alabama -7 vs. FSU
    – UCLA -3.5 vs. Texas A&M: F*ck Trump, get hot tubs.
    – Maryland +18.5 vs. Texas: “Eating a raw oyster is like french kissing a mermaid.”
    – Buffalo U +24 vs. Minnesota: PJ Fleck is the reason every class should be allowed to vote one person out of the class after the first day because it is immediately clear this person will become disruptive in the most annoying, overcompensating, boisterous manner.
    – Boston College -3.5 vs. Northern Illinois: Because a “surprise” quarterback choice is a bad look.

    The Rocky Mountain Showdown**essay**
    Colorado St. +5 vs. Colorado: What a line movement! Not enough to scare me, though. I’m thinking C-State will take this out right. They’ve got one game under their belts, a confidence booster. They got to shake out their antsy-pants penalties. I think the leap between weeks one and two are vast. A team with one game completed versus a team playing their first game of the season is the edge I’m looking for. Colorado has a new starting QB and that’s whole lot of unknown. Steven Montez? Flimsy quarterback name if you ask me. It’s likely to be a high scoring game with both offenses bringing the fire. I think the Rams defense, being warmed up from last week, will be able to keep up. Colorado is replacing a buncha dudes (technical scouting term) on defense, so I’m thinking the line will be more swiss than cheddar. This is one of the more underappreciated rivalries out there and will handily be the most fun game to watch on Friday.

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