Cheddar 2017 update, kickoff!

Unlikely 2017 CFB opening day cannon-fodder Indiana Hoosiers affect a patriotic smoke machine entrance. Your chance to pick IU in the world’s greatest and most literate football handicapping contest returns next Wednesday.

Greetings Cheddars!  Greetings from Newburgh, NY which is a fascinating place for several reasons but I’ll just save that chat for another time.1  I am here on a project through November and if you find yourself at the Walmart here, stop in and say hi.

But today I write to encourage all comers to enter Cheddar Bay 2017.  Rules and registration linked here.

State of the Cheddar

As of this writing we have 14 entrants paid up — many thanks and welcome back to LucyLaw12, cwonder23, Jdoepke, mattlaw2482, Elder B, Kitty Pryde, Harbaugh Handshakes ☝︎, HitTheHorns, Nick Harlow, acto, jmacdaddio, thatsfine, Hawkaholic, clay.  Is that number light?  I don’t know, but it seems like registrations only get cracking when we get closer to the start.  We had 50 last year and while that’s a nice number and provides a robust payout, I find it harder to consume the essays as we get larger so… I’m quite sanguine if it turns out our count is down a smidge. 

Week one starts next week on August 31.

 I’ve got the spreadsheet and forms teed up and we’ll be ready to drop lines Wednesday morning.  Next week has a full slate of college football and we will have lines posted Wednesday.  We award half-points on the first week and, of course, CFB picks only.  Submit six picks one of which is an essay as usual.

How to join.

You drop $105 into the kitty and all monies collected go out as prizes.

Maybe something is screwy with the Paypal button in the sidebar, but:  try to use the Paypal button in the sidebar to send me $105 and include your handle.  Or send a Paypal payment of $105 to  Or use Venmo to the same address.  Or use the Bitcoin wallet address/QR code in the sidebar to send the BTC equivalent of $105. (If you’re new and using the BTC option, shoot me an email so I can add you to our internal mailing list.)

That’s it, you’re in.


See you Wednesday.

PS, if you want to get a jump on next week’s slates here are the early lines

  1. Not least of which is for being if not the country’s most scenic ghetto, safely in the top five. Don’t believe? Check out the Street View:  that is virgin forested continental divide sloping dramatically into the magnificent Hudson River there at the end of this Detroit-esque streetscape.  Street view does not adequately show it:  It is surreal.

1 Response

  1. Hell yeah, go Hoosiers! Can’t believe it’s time again already. Looking forward to seeing the gang here next week.

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