Cheddar 2017 is here.

Six foot four inches, 50 attempts per game to practice this high release point with a 70+ per cent completion rate. Do want.

I am so damn fired up for Cheddar Bay this year I can’t stand it.  

I’m looking at the NCAA Top25 and I see essay fodder stretching to the horizon:

  • Luke Falk’s steady move from nowhere to number one overall pick;
  • Willie Taggart’s continued progression and the installation of no-nonsense football at Eugene;
  • (Sorry USF peeps);
  • Texas to become relevant under Tom Herman;
  • Mark Richt at the U and an inevitable Schnellenberger-scale violation of NCAA rules;
  • How come Hugh Freeze is jobless and Bobby Petrino is coaching a returning Heisman winner?
  • I’ll miss Les Miles but I love Ed Orgeron;
  • Wait, PSU is ranked ten slots higher than UM?
  • and of course I already want to bench JT Barrett.

And we haven’t even gotten to know our MAC and Sun Belt and NFL storylines.  But OF COURSE we’ll be watching Gehrig Dieter’s progress in the Chiefs’ training camp because of course.

And, AND! the Browns have what appears to be AFC-Central-caliber offensive line.

It’s gonna be a great year.

This post (and a couple subsequent ones in the next few days) is designed to convey why you will enjoy Cheddar.  The contest’s range of appeal goes from the pragmatic getting-of-handicapping-edges in your personal betting pursuits to the bonhomie of convivial and erudite conversation via essays and commentary.  Not to be forgotten, though, is the element of unpredictability and hot streaks and unlikely contenders which is also an underpinning appeal of sports in general.  I was 31st in a field of 50 last year and it was my seventh(?) time in the game so a logical surmise would be, ‘hey maybe you’re not good at selecting the better side in Vegas-handicapped college/pro football tilts.’  But logic plays only a small role in this enterprise.  You can take last year’s standings and (with a few exceptions) flip it and you’ll have a fair predictor of this year’s results.  (No offense Bnasty99.)

I like football yes, and I’ve grown to like college ball more than I thought possible, and I like having a reason to watch Troy vs MTSU; but I really like competing against the best and purest and most insightful group of football fans sharing their expertise and unique perspectives with me.  And in turn, I likewise share what I see… 

Blah, blah, reasons, blah, blah…  

… the Cheddar Bay Pickstravaganza is just a joyous contest and no amount of eloquent prose in the introductory paragraph can fully capture its essence.  But Frowns’ manifestos makes worthy bids, see links here and here.

Drop your hundo in the kitty; you’ll be glad you did.  Paypal link in the sidebar.

We’re offering a pay-by-Bitcoin option again this year.1 You’re welcome to pay in with the USD equivalent of BTC; your payouts will be in your choice of USD or BTC.  For what it’s worth, when I did this last year BTC was under $600; today it’s $27002 .  But, you know, sending $105 to my Paypal works too and we can continue to feed Google together.  Either way.

Rules basics

Our rules are laid out here but let me give a brief overview:  

You will pick six football games against a point-spread we lock in on Wednesday.  You can pick any six but at least one must be a college game and at least must be NFL.  Each pick is worth one point3, EXCEPT for your pick of the week, aka Essay Pick, which is worth three points.  This is the pick you like the best and for which we ask you to write an essay explaining/supporting your confidence.  There is also a Pick-of-the-year (POTY) which you can use once and that pick is worth three additional points.  Protip:  hit your essays.  

All players throw ~$100 into a kitty and all monies received are paid back out as follows:  

  • First prize, 50%
  • Second prize, ~15%4
  • Regular season winner, 10%
  • Eight weekly winners, 25%5

I should also point out that while the majority of the players have a Cleveland affiliation, we’ve got a nice distribution of allegiances — Iowa, USF, Raiders, Texas, Packers, PSU, Titans, Vikings, SDSU, WVU, Giants, and I’m pretty sure there are Steelers fans in our midst but they keep it on the down low. 

That’s it.  That’s how the game works and if you like football this is the place to be.

  1. Squeaky was the only one to use it last year and I think he’s glad he did. [back]
  2. and there’s no reason to think the trend will change when one considers that the only way to honor the obligations of government to ever-increasing numbers of pensioners is to treble M2 making the already diminished purchasing power of the dollar as reflected in $4.85 for a smallish bag of Lay’s Potato Chips likely to cost $12 within five? ten? years thus making a liquid, secure currency of finite supply and outside the control of governments both desirable and inevitable. [back]
  3. except in Week One where all scoring is cut in half… our spring training so to speak [back]
  4. or balance remaining [back]
  5. for the final eight weeks or the season we pay the player(s) with the best week [back]
  • Petefranklin

    Unless I have a change of heart, I’m back in. Maybe the executive committee could see fit to bring this contest into the 21st century by adding totals, or at least the Sunday night totals, to the contest. It won’t be long before sports betting will be legal everywhere and point totals will be posted at the casino downtown. There is much more value in capping totals instead of pointspreads because the totals are easier to beat. The sportsbooks have a much lower limit on totals because the books can be beaten by totals, not pointspreads on the NFL I had my best football year ever last year and at least 65% was wagered on totals. My only superbowl bet was an in game bet on the total. Hopefully a weekly total can be added to the slate.Thanks!

    • Message received Mr. Franklin and it’ll be great to have you back!

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Looking forward to your return Mr Franklin although I need a new translator. Babel Fish worked better when it was still part of AltaVista. I usually do fairly well with Spanish, so I tried that too.
      “There is much more value in capping totals instead of pointspreads because the totals are easier to beat.”
      “Hay mucho más valor en envases totales en lugar de (indecipherable) porque los totales son más fáciles de vencer.

  • While most of you are enjoying a lazy summer, some of us early birds are out here getting worms:

    • haha, that reminds me — i will be on a project in newburgh, ny from august to november…. which means i need to act now on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see ubuff, utep, emu, and temple in one season at this place.

      lol, season tickets for $250! anyone else want in?

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