Happy Oscars.

I first wrote this draft post in Feb 2014.  I never completed this project… because I couldn’t settle on the final rankings!  (For christ sake.)  As if that has anything to do with anything related to the germ of this project.  Anyway, I decided to dust it off and publish.  Enjoy and comment!

Stumbling onto Farrell Williams’ Happy song was uplifting.  This song is a global big deal that I knew nothing about until last Tuesday.  Discovering the worldwide civic happiness productions it inspired was affirming and reviewing them inspirational.

So needless to say, I’ve been binge-watching watching the world’s cities YouTube uploads for the last several days and indexing them for use in a prospective “Definitive Happy Top Ten List” with a bit too much devotion.  Can’t help it.  It’s truly a happy song and watching the entire species respond is a much-needed reminder of what bonds us as advanced primates.  

But the hell with that winner/loser jive:  not here, not now, not for this.  We’ll call this the Pharrell Williams Happy Oscars and everybody is a winner.

Happiest people – Moscow

Prettiest people – Sydney

Best humanization of a place you might have overlooked – Amman

Happiest in wretched poverty – Cotonou (Benin)

Special achievement in individual editing/choreography – Cameroon

Most legit cultural representations in four minutes – Singapore

Highest density of willing dancers within the common citizenry – Krakow

About what you’d expect (not in a bad way) category – Berlin

Close second in above category – Tokyo

Favorite big city – Budapest

Most important – Kiev

Funnest town – Dublin

Best adapted screenplay and choreography – Nassau

Most appearances of happily waved non-UN-sanctioned national flags – Erbil

And, my fave – Gdynia, Poland

Right.  So I can go on but it there’s gotta be a cut somewhere.  I will tell you that the exercise of watching hundreds of small towns all over the world dance to the same song and pretty much the same way is never not a bad use of time.  Sorry I didn’t post this then…

Now then: which ones did you like and which ones did I miss?

  • Petefranklin

    I seem to be pretty bullish on the Clowns this season. I need a reality check. OSU will definitely win the championship, the Tribe should, Cavs are a coin flip to repeat, and I can’t get the stupid Clowns out of my mind. Without you Mike, and Pete, and Dave, I might just do something stupid like betting the Clowns to win 4 games this year. I hope your health is great Mike. Here’s to the more Cynical views of the Clowns that I can’t seem to find these days….Cheers.
    Things are looking up for my Cheddaring involvement this year as well. G.L. as always!

  • pateslvrblk

    Love , love, love the happiness shared around the world with just a song. I could binge watch and dance all day.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Thank you jk/mb! That song has an amazing appeal, it always has me dancing like a drunken monkey and of course it once provided the ultimate compliment from my daughter who shall be 6 years old Friday, “daddy dances way better than mommy.”
    Now about that Super Bowl next month….

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