Super Bowl; Pats -3.

Final game time is here. Twelve points for this year’s Super Bowl. Pick due via email no later than 5:30 pm Sunday.
Good luck.

  • TS_Butler

    That was unreal. I didn’t think I could possibly hate the pats anymore. What the fuck

    • Tim I do not exaggerate when I tell you I was confirming your paypal addy when this shit went down. (I dont know if that makes it better or worse.)

      A pretty historic bad beat. Sorry but congrats on a great year.

  • thatsfine pats
    Pats -3
    Out of the running for the prize here, but still feel compelled to finish the season. Two years in the Cheddar playoffs and bombing. At some point to win in this competition I’ll have to pay more attention to the NFL or at least develop some strategy for picking NFL games. Like a true Browns fan I’m waiting for next season at this point. For today, give me the Patriots. Both of these teams have looked unstoppable on offense, stingy on defense. I’m usually not big on intangibles… but, today I’ll take the side that brings experience with the guys on the field. I saw somewhere that the combined Super Bowl experience on the Falcons is less than Tom Brady’s experience alone. I’ve heard it’s still a football game when the whistle blows, but I’m not so sure that’s true in the Super Bowl. Longer halftime, more commercials, more bullshit in general. And the Patriots have been through this plenty. Just another day at the office. Good luck to everyone that still has a chance and hope to see you next year.

  • TSB falcons
    Well, this is it. I think if I were in first I’d be going Pats, but given my current third place standing, I think I have the best chance at giving myself a shot by taking the Falcons and rooting for the upset. Pretty busy day here so I’m not going to give much analysis, but I expect New England to have a lot of long drives, and probably win 33-30, causing no change in the standings, and leaving yours truly in the dark. No matter what happens it’s been a fun year, and I’m looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who keeps this league running. Falcons +3

  • jmac pats
    Ceremonial pick here as I’m eliminated – might as well finish it out!

    Sadly, the ‘Macdaddios have been mathematically eliminated from contention. However, since it’s not impossible that everyone ahead of me in the Cheddar hunt is DQ’d for using improper “supplements”, I’m going ahead with a pick for the Super Bowl.

    Pats -3

    While the heart on one level wants the Falcons to win, I’m going with the Patriots. Bill Belichick has had close to two weeks to come up with a defense plan to slow the Falcons’ scoring machine. They’re also top in the game at execution. Tom Brady will complete a bunch of 10 yard passes to a half dozen guys we never heard of and suddenly it’ll be first and goal from the 6.

    Also, despite the Steelers being the first team I was a fan of (I recall the end of their dynasty teams, when they started crashing out of the AFC playoffs earlier than usual) before developing allegiance to the Giants, I’m tired of Steelers fans. How do you recognize a Steelers fan? No need to, they tell you in ten seconds flat. Also why do they have a national fan base? Eveybody left the city. The population is less than half of the 1950 tally. Yet they still root for a team from a city that their parents or grandparents had to leave in order to find decent work. Why cling to a city that nobody wants to move back to despite it being so wonderful?

    Yeah, they have the most Lombardi trophies of any franchise. Would the Immaculate Reception stand up to today’s instant replay standards? Probably not. Their two recent triumphs benefitted from sketchy officiating. I’m thinking the Pats have the best chance to equal or surpass the Steelers’ Super Bowl win tally, so I’m in favor of any outcome that helps quiet down the Steelers fan base. Not the usual hard-hitting, insightful analysis, however I have nothing to lose.

    Thanks to Mike for running another great season. Good luck everyone!

  • trashy pats
    Pats -3 over Falcons.

    Well, no reason to delay the inevitable. The Falcons could very well win this game outright. A break here or there, a fluke turnover, a helmet catch, a Butler Logan Ryan or McCourty injury, and that could be it. But I think the better bet is the Pats. I think I would have to see a 6 point line to go the Falcons way.

    At the end of the day, these are two great offenses (ATL #1 DVOA, Pats #2), with one bad defense (Falcons #27) and one mediocre defense (Pats #16). Both defenses have been trending upwards. The only good unit between them is the Pats run defense (Pats #4).

    The on flaw really between these two teams on offense is a dip for the Falcons in offensive touchdown efficiency (#9). Obviously, not a huge drop, but that’s enough to turn 2 TD drives into FGs, and that’s enough for the Pats to cover.

    If there is one thing I have had beaten into my head, one lesson I have painfully learned over and over, it is this: I like to not only win, but to look like the smartest guy in the room while I am doing it. Going back over my picks over the 3 years (4?) I have been doing this, this manifests itself in picking the freaking Jets of all teams. Because it’s fun to not only get it right, but to be right in a contrarian way.

    I am not going to do that today. It is literally not fun to pick the Patriots. Underdogs with Ludacris and Gucci on their side are way more fun. But it is money time, and there is nothing more fun than taking the strong odds on your side and making money on it. I see something along the lines of 31-27.

    Let’s go Pats!

  • Hawk falcons
    Falcons +3

    This one very well could come down to who has the ball last. I believe the over/under is one of the largest in SB history at 58 so Vegas is expecting an offensive showdown which is hard to argue with. It is well know that Brady has not lost a Super Bowl to anyone not named Eli, and Eli is not suiting up for the Falcons today in Houston. Today could be Tom and Bill’s 5th ring together and amazing run over the last 15+ years that we probably won’t see again in our lifetime. I would not be surprised at all to see the Pats win this fairly easily and something I saw showered the betting public agrees with 70% of the money allegedly flowing to New England. Normally i would agree but being in 4th place I have to hope everyone in front of me is riding the Pats as well. Therefore I am going (I hope) against the grain for a chance to cash a check. Plus I’ve got a couple of former Hawkeyes I can pull for in Babineux and Adrian Clayborn so I’m taking the Birds +3!

  • LucyLaw falcons
    Super bowl: Atl +3
    Well I have to say last weeks Steelers pick really put me in a bad spot to try and win some money. My hope is that everyone that took the Pats last week takes them again and somehow Matt Ice pulls out a cover. I know everyone is saying Bill is a genius and will take away Julio Jones. I happen to agree with them on Bill being an amazing coach just hoping their wrong this week. Even if he slows Julio down, what about the other four offensive studs in Sanu, Gabriel, Coleman, Freeman?? I truly think Atlanta’s offensive is talented enough to defy Bill and his game plan.
    On the defensive side of the ball, Atlanta needs to put Brady on his butt a few times and try to get into his head and force a rare error or two. My true hope is this is a shoot out and I have confidence that Atlanta can keep up with them for four quarters. Hit em early and often and put the pressure on the Pats. If Atlanta doesnt cover it been a fun ride and Im already looking forward to next year! Hope everyone enjoys their super bowl Sunday!

  • bnasty pats
    Well it all comes down to this. In my first year of cheddar bay, my destiny is left in my own hands. It’s been pretty fun and it could be a lot better if I win tonight! Now down to my pick.

    I see this being either completely one sided or a complete offensive showdown. We have see Tom Brady come back with a vengeance since being suspended and he has been nothing short of amazing this season. That being said Matt Ryan actually looked incredible this year as he has orchestrated the 8th best offense of all time. He has been incredibly good and no one could have possibly thought that the falcons would be in this game at the beginning of the season.

    With this being said I think I’m going to stick with my instinct because it has worked all year, and I’m going with Tom Brady and the Patriots. I think he finds a way to win this game and almost win it convincingly. I see him scoring whenever he wants today and putting up big numbers while doing it. I also see the defense playing as well as they have all season. They have shut down all the good offenses that they have played all year and I see them doing the same with the falcons. Bill belichick will find a way to shut Julio Jones down and in the super bowl, no team can afford to have their best player have a bad game. I think Atlanta comes in with a lot of nerves because none of them have been here before. Everyone on the patriots will come in cool, calm, and collected and they will not let the big stage get the best of them. The patriots offense won’t be stopped today, whether it’s Tom brady tossing the rock to hogan, Edelman, Floyd, or a Amendola. Legarette Blount and Dion Lewis will have big impacts as well. I’m also making this pick based off of 3 statistics as well. 1) with Dion Lewis playing in the game, the patriots are a filthy 17-0. 2) the team wearing white has won 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls. And 3) The best scoring defense has beaten the best offense in 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls as well. So with Tom Brady on my side and statistics on my side as well, I’m going With the patriots.

    Patriots -3 for all the BISCUITS!!!

    It’s been real and it’s been fun this year, and with a patriots win tonight, I can say it has been Real Fun! Thanks for running this, it’s been an incredible first year and I’ll definitely be back.

  • GRR pats
    There is something that is infinitely frustrating about picking a game that means nothing for you and yet realizing how cool it is that you get to do this for a third time. I have no clue what to expect on Sunday night other than Lady Gaga doing something stupid as the modern celebrity can be guaranteed to make an ass out of themselves when given the stage. Here are my thoughts on Sunday. Is there going to come a point when the media in this country will finally hold the Baltimore Ravens accountable for firing Bill Belichick? Anyone? I can’t wait for all the needless shots that will be taken at Cleveland on Sunday night.

    Belichick – The Ravens fired him. Things were really good in Cleveland under Bill until the slum lord pulled the plug.
    Alex Mack – The players negotiated this thing call free agency. Good for them.
    Taylor Gabriel – Has anyone made a Titanic montage of his dropped passes in Cleveland?

    Wait until next year where my Cheddar Bay theme will be the Browns and the playoffs.

    The actual game itself. I just feel like we have a good old fashioned ass kicking coming.

    Patriots (-3)

    New England 49
    Atlanta 13

  • actovegin1armstrong

    In a typical draft class of hit or miss quarterback picks here is the appropriate ranking:
    1) Mahomes
    2.) Kizer
    3.) Watson
    4.) Evans
    5.) Trubisky (He may be better, but I did not see it. He does love the Browns, so one must question his intelligence.)
    6.) Peterman (He will shine if he is given a fair shake.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Okay, perhaps it would be better to switch Evans and Peterman.

    • no QBs until the o-line is improved.
      to invest in talent and then subject that talent to a highly increased likelihood of concussion/injury is a wasteful use of resources; perpetuates the revolving door qb cycle; feeds the god damn browns fan ‘qb-messiah-comlex.’ of those three problems, breaking the g.d. qb messiah complex is probably the most important message that this front office needs to articulate. to continue chasing QB saviors is to adopt your team building strategy from mary kay cabot. it is long past time to think outside that box.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Pat Elfein with the second pick in the 2nd round
        Wish Mike McGlinchey was entering the draft, he would be a good choice for the Browns/Eagles first rounder.
        Julie’n Davenport could be a good sleeper pick.
        Ryan Ramcyzk with the 12th pick would be a good start jk.

        • i was interested in elfein until i watched him against clemson. he was an complete disaster. would not take him until fifth and i dont think he’ll be there. but on the other hand, if you’re committed to draft eight o-linemen — as i am — then you can roll the dice on elfein high… just be sure to pick a wisconsin lineman somewhere in your draft.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    The REAL Super Bowl.
    Myles Garrett with the first pick, or Allen, but no one else, NOT a QB!
    Mahomes with one of the 2nd round picks. I know that may be too high to draft a QB this year, but he is the best QB in this year’s draft so he may even be worthwhile voting for at pick 33.
    Who should the Browns target with the 1st round pick they acquired from the Eagles?

    • I stand by this draft preview but must adjust it since Falk is not coming out.

      So my revised: 1a. Garrett; 1b. the WMU WR; all picks other O-line. (caveat: TE = O-line so pick the Bama TE with #33.)

      Here is the thinking and it is the Jack Welch thinking which our resident MBA, Whalen will appreciate: be #1 or #2 in your business or get out. The Browns should commit to having the best O-line in the league.

      Why start on O-line first and why use eight picks in one draft?
      1. ‘Whiff rate’ on draft picks is the lowest on the o-line;
      2. O-lines are not plug-n-play; it takes seasons for lines to learn how each other play, coordinate assignments, etc. Without looking, I bet you’ll find the Pats’ line pepper with mid round picks who have been working with the same o-line coach for five plus years.
      3. owning the line of scrimmage is key to winning football –> NOT having ‘playmakers.’ play making follows owning the LOS.
      4. o-line depth is important. i mean, the browns coaches should know this having recently lived. griffin and kessler and mccown know this, i assure you.
      5. once you think of o-line as a holistic unit rather than parts and once you understand that cohesion of that unit is a key indicator for success, it makes perfect sense to draft the unit en masse. factor in that in every draft there are several “ricky wagner in the 5th round” prospects you are much better off rolling the 6th-rd-provisional-pick dice on a productive MAC/B1G o-lineman whose draft stock fell because his arms are short or ran a 5.2 40.

      • btw, for 2018; josh rosen (or falk) and spend seven picks on linebackers.

        • btw2, i believe i’ll write up a preview this year but will wait until @bobmcginn releases his annual scouting reports.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Miles Garrett
            Malik Hooker (The Browns once traded a Fair Hooker for a Jubilee Dunbar)
            Anthony Walker somewhere
            Jerome Lane
            Tyler Orlosky
            Ramcyzk, or my guy Davenport (“my guy” may not be a good thing, I thought My guy T Y Hilton was going to win the Heisman as a sophomore)
            Pipkin, Peterman, or Torgersen, I like all three, and as I may have once briefly alluded, I do not like quarterbacks. Keil is out there too.
            Tre’Davious White
            Sojourn Shelton
            Jalen Myrick

      • thatsfine

        Hell yes on taking Corey Davis.

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