Wk 14: Wisc -2.5 vs PSU.


Want all to know there was spirited debate on this week’s weekly game. Also looked were the Pac12 with it’s winner likely into the BCS; Bedlam, natural rivalry game that is also an old-school championship game; and even Idaho’s final BCS game at Kibbe got notice. Ultimately, we went with the B1G as it should be a good game and the PSU renaissance is pretty remarkable.

Also, who doesn’t want to hear this PSA a couple dozen more times.

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  • bupalos

    more form stupidity from bup, forgot what the deal is when you essay the allplay, my full slate was

    Raiders (W)
    Packers (W)
    Bengals (W)
    OkState (L)
    Navy (L)

  • last pick, im in for the jets.

  • bupalos

    Packers Bengals Raiders.

  • PJD19

    I’ll take atlanta and the jags in the early games and washington, Bills for the afternoon games.

    **Essay Raiders**

    Bills haven’t won a meaningful road game in December in 15+ years. This Bills team arguably has more talent than it has in most years since then, but I don’t think this team is much different than years past. I think the line is at only -3 because the Bills match up pretty well against Oakland, but i just don’t see the Bills traveling across the country to beat a good team on the road and I’m willing to lay the 3 points. Sometimes things change and sometimes things stay the same. In this case, i think they aint changing.

  • FTCMikeD

    Remainder of Picks
    FALCONS – 3.5 over Chiefs
    Panthers +6.5 over SEAHAWKS
    JETS +1.5 over Colts
    The Browns gave the Giants a fairly decent game last week, until McCown did his thing. I’d expect the much more competent Steelers to give the Giants more than they can handle today. They are coming off of additional rest having played on Thanksgiving and should be feeding Bell and Brown all day. The Giants haven’t exactly played tough teams with their win streak: BAL, LA, PHI, CIN, CHI, and CLE. The Steelers had a pretty tough go of it in the early season with tough matchups. They need to keep winning in order to win the AFCN. Look for them to take care of business and cover the -6 at home and knock the Giants back down to Earth a bit.

  • clayII

    Wiscy (L)
    ATL (-3.5)
    SF (+1.5)
    Balt (-3)
    Wash (+3)

  • TS_Butler

    Wisc (L)
    Wyoming (W)
    Ravens -3
    Lions +5.5
    Washington +3
    ESSAY: Raiders -3

    I am a lifelong Bills fan. It hurts to write that senten… so much that I couldn’t even finish it. It has been 17 years since I’ve seen a Bills playoff game, that’s more than half of my life. Rex is not the man to end that streak. This is the man who loves feet. The man with a Sanchez tattoo. The guy who says a hot dog is not a sandwich (alright so 1 out of 3 ain’t bad). The Bills defense is not so good. The raiders offense is really good. There’s my analysis. I’m hoping for a Bills win but fully expecting the opposite.

  • HitTheHorns

    Bears, Ravens, Jaguars, Lions

  • Bucs +3.5. Jameis has been gaining my confidence week to week, and more importantly that of his teammates. Bucs win a shootout.

    Skins +3. Change the name, and pay the QB. Cousins is every bit as good as Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco (and that’s just thus the far). Finding a “franchise” guy as people want to define it is extremely difficult, and truthfully, only about 16 of the 32 teams have one…and some of those are shitty.

    $$$ PANTHERS +6.5 $$$
    My essays have been keeping me in the thick of the playoff race all season long (hitting them above an 80% clip), and I’m finding a bunch of information that leads me to believe this could be an upset in Seattle.

    Hadn’t realized this, but Carolina has only been a dog once this year, and it was last week when they covered 3.5 in Oakland. (twice depending on which book you use). Every statistical analysis I’ve read has sharks scratching their head because Carolina is really good on paper-at least with respect to their current record. Fascinating that bookmakers have believed the Panthers to be the better team in all but one matchup this year… while Seattle is unbeaten at home this year, they aren’t covering too many spreads as favorites and I’m not convinced they’ve got the well rounded offense they need (read: lack of a running game) to keep this greater than 6.5.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Jags +4.5
    Bills +3
    Lions +5.5*****

    This is a scary pick in my opinion. The Saints offense has been on fire the last few weeks. However, hat defense is still atrocious and I expect Matt Stafford to throw all around the field today. The Lions have a fourth quarter comeback in just about every game; meaning, they simply don’t get blown out. I predict a back and forth shoot out with the lions staying inside 5.5.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Essay Cowboys L
    2. Ohio W
    3. All Play Penn St W
    Rounding out my week with some good ole doggies:
    4. Jags +4.5
    5. Bills +3
    6. Lions +5.5

  • bupalos

    Upgrading my all-play on Bucky Badger to an essay here. I watched PSU midseason a bit and while I know they were badly injured and hadn’t “gelled” yet (I think that’s the term we retroactively apply to bad teams that find a happy streak) I’m just having a really hard time believing a team that looked in no way like it belonged on the big board at all has reformed it’s ways so completely as to be pretty much even money in a huge game on the road in the most hostile of environments. All their impressive wins (2) look like there are pretty special circumstances attached. I think a Camp Randall night game is pretty much the perfect setting for an epic pantsing of a decent team that just happened to find some trade winds at the right time to create some hype. Wisconsin is just solid top to bottom. Joe Paterno may be doomed to fast in fires and walk the night, but his coverups will not extend to the +2.5 line here. Wiscy -2.5 for Bup.

    • bupalos

      The big 10 thing happens at a neutral site? WTF? Gagh. It is what it is. Wiscy’s still better.

  • TS_Butler


  • thatsfine

    A brief afternoon nap says Wisconsin.

    • thatsfine

      Rams +13.5

  • Matt Borcas

    Penn State!

    • Matt Borcas

      Bengals, 49ers, Broncos, Chiefs

    • Matt Borcas

      Essay: Colts

      With Andrew Luck returning and a playoff berth still in play, I like the Colts to cover tonight in New York. They’ve had since Thanksgiving to prepare for this matchup, and their struggling pass defense should rebound against the turnover-happy Ryan Fitzpatrick. Moreover, the Texans’ two-game losing streak should give Indy some extra juice tonight, whereas the Jets have little to play for. In addition to Luck, first-round center Ryan Kelly also returns to Indy’s lineup tonight after missing some time, and he’ll come in handy against NYJ’s formidable line. The Colts have been inconsistent all season, so it’s only fair to assume they’ll show up tonight after last week’s stinker.

  • I owe my fellow members of the executive committee a big apology. That PAC 12 game last night was doo doo and tonight’s B1G affair should be much better. I will make Wisconsin my vote of the week. ClevTA’s essay below in support of the Badgers is as incisive an essay as I’ve read all year. I love James Franklin and his staff (who have some deep Eric Mangini ties, by the by) but there’s still another year or so to go before it’s fully his program. PSU has been on an incredible run these last 9 or so weeks but it looks to me like it’s stopping tonight. I’ll probably vote on them in the Capital One bowl or whatever.

    Mike, i had indicated earlier that PSU would be my essay in the form but please strike that. Thanks.

    • roger that.

    • Well that was some game last night. Cripes. New York Giants for my last vote of the week.

  • Wisconsin

    • Falcons
      Panthers – Essay

      It’s been a bad year for me so I’m not even looking at numbers or stats on this one. I simply hear talk every morning on Charlotte radio about what a loss this season is. I also heard Sherman took a shot at the Panthers not going to the Playoffs this year. For a team that just lost to Tampa Bay and looked as offensively inept as the Browns at times, I’m not sure Seattle should be as confident as they are. As someone living in Charlotte with a lot of friends that are big Panthers fans, I hope Carolina comes out strong, comes out fast, and ends up taking this primetime game.

  • oxr

    All-Play Wisconsin -2.5 over Penn State

    • oxr

      Redskins +3 over Cardinals
      Ravens -3 over Dolphins
      Seahawks -6.5 over Panthers – three big plays by the Panthers cost me a lobsterfest last week; let’s see if they can make them again
      Broncos -4.5 over Jags – probably need at least two Denver defensive TDs for this to work out, but it’s really not that far-fetched

      Essay Saints -5.5 over Lions – and the over. Saints at home is usually inviting; their traditionally woeful defense actually doesn’t look quite so bad this year (22nd in DVOA) and the offense has shown themselves still capable of hanging 40 on a bad defense (Niners, Rams, etc). The Lions may be 7-4, but it seems like at least five of those wins were marginal OT victories over the Vikings’ practice squad. I like the Saints’ chances of getting to 40 better than the Lions’ chances of getting to 30, so I can’t really object too strenuously to five and a half points on this one.

  • Hawkaholic

    Packers -6.5 vs Texans
    Cards -3 vs Redskins
    Pats -13.5 vs LA
    Clemson -10.5 vs VaTech
    AP: Penn State +2.5 vs Wisconsin
    Essay: Raiders -3 vs Bills

    The Raiders are one of the biggest surprises of the year sitting at 9-2 thanks to a plethora of David Carr 4th quarter comebacks. I expect the Bills will pound it out on the ground, an obvious Rex Ryan trademark but also the Raiders defense gives up 117 yards a game on the ground. The key will be for the Raiders to protect Carr and his injured pinky, they need to control the ball as much as they can and keep that Bills rushing attack off the field. The Bills come in at 6-5 and a pretty average team. The Bills have played a lot of close games this year and this game should be close as well, but I like the Raiders to win 31-26

  • PJD19

    AP – PSU and I’ll take Clemson for 1 pt. The rest to follow tomorrow to follow in NFL.

  • FTCMikeD

    AP: PSU +2.5 over Bucky

  • pateslvrblk

    Raiders -3
    Skins +3
    Steelers -6
    PSU +2.5
    ***Broncos -4.5

    The Broncos offense showed signs of life in their loss to Kansas City and if they can carry over the momentum from that game, they should be able to put up some decent numbers against the Jaguars defense. Meanwhile, Bortles has proven time and again that he will turn the ball over against elite defenses, so the Denver defense should be able to make some big plays to help set up Siemian in the offense in some favorable positions in this one.
    The Broncos are on the road in this spot but Jacksonville just doesn’t win very often. They’ve lost six straight games and their offense has labored in that time. They haven’t scored more than 22 points in any of those contests. Their prospects don’t look good against one of the league’s best defenses.
    Jacksonville could hang around for a while but ultimately the Broncos will win and cover on the road.

  • LittleBallofHate

    Already one point down — WMU (they didn’t row the boat fast enough)
    Not much to day — Sooners (-11), Raiders (-3), Jets (+1.5 — Hometown dawg on Monday night)
    All Play — Bucky (-2.5)
    Broncos (-4.5) at Jaguars
    I don’t care that Paxton Lynch is the starter, he’s playing the Jags, who are tied with the Browns for the worst ineptitude since 2012 (Jags have the tiebreaker though since they have defeated the Browns twice). Gus Bradley is coaching out the string in Jacksonville (somehow I hope that Coughlin gets hired as the coach so that things go full circle) and its obvious that the locker room has tuned him out. Denver needs some help to get back into the wild card picture after the loss to the Chiefs, but they have the defense to do it.

  • trashycamaro

    PSU +2.5 over Wisconsin

    Falcons -3.5 over Chiefs Chiefs have good corners, good pass rush, but I feel good about the short passing game to those ATL running backs plus Julio is always waiting to break a long one.

    Bengals +1 over Eagles Wheels have been flying off the Wentz wagon even faster than the Bengal wagon.

    Lions +5.5 over Saints Don’t think the Saints should be favored by 3+ over anyone that’s not Browns/Bears/49ers. Don’t think the Lions should be 5 point dogs to anyone except…maybe Dallas? Both these teams are very inconsistent and this is the kind of game I typically prefer to avoid, but difficult slate this week.

    Sigh, essay Rams +13.5 over Pats Really, really don’t want to make this my essay. Rams are a little too easy to run on, so LGB could have one of those dominant games he has. Pats are down Gronk and Brady is definitely hurt. Pats defense can give up some points to even the Rams, and the LA special teams unit is not too shabby. Hopefully Gurley can find some holes and Austin can break out once or twice. It’s also possible that Gostkowski has got kicker disease now, so we can shave a couple points off. I feel comfortable with a 20-10 win where Belichik walks off the field after taking a couple knees at the 3 yard line.

    Panthers +6.5 over Seahawks Kuechly is out, which justifies the line I think. Should be more competitive than 6.5 points and if the Panthers pass rush can pin Wilson to the pocket the Cats can win outright here.

  • bupalos

    Navy, OkState, and Wiscy

  • Penn State +2.5. People can’t use the “they didn’t play anybody” line simultaneously with “the Big Ten is the best conference in the country.” That won’t fly. Laid one egg this season and they showed up for every other game, trouncing nearly everyone over the last 8 games (covering all 8 spreads). Make it 9 in a row on the covers tonight.

    Kansas State +4.5. TCU Blows.

  • Dave Borcas

    Kansas State +4.5
    Idaho -6.5
    New York Football Giants +6
    Wisconsin -2.5 (AP)
    Atlanta Falcons -3.5 (essay)
    Really disappointed that my essay lay up, the Browns are off this week. This bye week will turn them around and next week will be a Browns guarantee to win! The Atlanta v KC game should be really good. These teams, both having very good years are built differently. The Falcons are built for turf with their versatile offense. Julio Jones opens up so much for his teammates, even if he isn’t the target, The Chiefs will need to account for him on every play, opening up the running game as well as guys like Taylor Gabriel. The Falcons do not turn over the ball and the Chiefs thrive off of turnovers. If this game was in KC, the line would probably be flipped and you’d take the Chiefs. Home on turf I see the Falcons as a very good play. They will move the ball on the ground and hit some big passing plays because of it. Falcons 30 Chiefs 20.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Essay: Cowboys L
    2. Ohio W
    3. AP: Penn State +2.5

  • John

    Wisconsin -2.5 to Penn State.
    this is a terrible weekend to have my POTY up.
    I have a girl visiting, and I don’t think she expects to spend 3 hours on her first Saturday night in Chicago- in front of TV – watching ‘sports’.


    so I may regret this in two realms of reality.

    This game, will be a classic BORING Big Ten game. (Luckliy the Clemson game is on at that time too)
    But the defense shows up YET again…I’m pretty sure the defense if top 5 in points allowed.
    McSorley (PSU QB) has been mobile, but I’m pretty sure the Badgers contain his running game, making the Nittany Lions a one dimensional team- and their weakest link is WR.

    so. there’s that.

    watch. I’ll be cringing with about 3 minutes left, praying for a missed field goal to keep that back door cover outta there!

    • John

      other picks
      Clemson -10.5 over Virginia Tech
      Bears -1.5 over SF
      Seattle -6.5 over the Panthers
      Patriots -13.5 over the Rams
      Raiders -3 over the Bills.

      literally all chalk.

  • zizzer13

    Louisiana-Lafayette -6.5
    Oklahoma State +11
    Navy -3
    Wisconsin -2.5
    Raiders -3
    Alabama -24

    Making the SEC title game the essay this week simply because that’s the only game I can make a truly compelling argument for… so here goes: Florida cannot score. That’s it. One offensive touchdown in the last two and a half games, and even that came on a 98-yard prayer. Bama, meanwhile, didn’t give up an offensive touchdown in the entire month of November. Let me say that again: NO TDs ALLOWED BY THEIR DEFENSE FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. This game simply isn’t going to be close.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP Wisc
    Chiefs +3.5
    Florida +24
    Temple +3
    Baylor +17.5
    ****Ark St -23**** assay of essay shows negative for and quality material

    • actovegin1armstrong

      **** Ark St
      Texas State is really terrible and they are now on a big push to look at new players, meaning guys who did not deserve to play in September.
      Arkansas State’s quarterback Just-last Hansen, is no world beater, but, he can run and pass. His only chance for failure is if he cannot decide whether to scramble and take an easy 10 yards running, or throw the ball for an easy 15 yard pass. “Oh no, I have an open running lane, and all of my receivers are open and Texas State only has 10 men on the field. What will I do?”
      Texas State plays two quarterbacks and they both suck.
      Texas State has nothing to play for, they gave up their pride weeks ago. The line is just a guess based on stats because very few people are going to bet this game anyway. Last I heard there were 11 bets in, with all $9.78 on Ark State. I am going to go with the public here and I may even bet a dollar to go with my 3 Cheddar points.

  • HitTheHorns

    Essay Va Tech:
    Agree with everything Squeeky said. Was always fun betting on Frank Beamer teams in games like this and betting against them the next week. Hopefully his tradition continues today. With Washington winning Friday night, and my belief that the Big 10 Championship has no impact on what will happen with the playoff, the only way to throw a little chaos into all this is a Clemson loss. I root for the Buckeyes because I like to see my dad happy, but man it would be fun if Michigan could get in. Let’s get a Va Tech win today, and go with: 1-Bama, 2-Buckeyes, 3-Washington, 4-Michigan. Bama-Michigan would be the best possible matchup. The NCAA wants Harbaugh in the playoff. 538 gives Michigan a 1% chance of making the playoff, and as they just proved during the election, those guys really have this figured out.

    Wisconsin – tight, boring win.

    • “betting on Frank Beamer teams in games like this and betting against them the next week”

      that’s it.
      that’s the code i couldnt crack for at least a decade.

      • HitTheHorns

        A bit like Mozart at a piano. I can’t hand you the Beamer playbook, but once you see it, you know it, and its really beautiful.

  • zarathustra

    Cowboys (L)
    Penn St
    Oklahoma St
    Virginia Tech
    Louisiana Tech***
    The last few times these teams have played has been close. Not sure that Louisiana St isn’t the better team anyway. Yes, it is at WKU and yes it is a conference championship, but both teams are pretty much locked into their bowls and Brohm is likely moving on after this one. Nobody wants Skip so he isn’t going anywhere and I love that they are coming off a loss. I suspect he does too.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Florida +24
    Va tech +10.5
    Pennstate -2.5**
    Bengals +1
    Denver -4.5
    Bears -1.5

    Look I stink this year. So hard to put together a decent essay when your gambling brain apparently is broken. I was reading through my essays this year and they’ve been less than inspiring. I don’t know if it’s because with kids I don’t watch as much football but this year has been awful. I say all that to say I don’t love anyone this week. I’d like to see penn state win just to spice up the selection night. Also penn state beat Ohio state Wisconsin did not. ANALYSIS!!! Penn state by 3

  • mmmmsnouts

    ALL PLAY: Wisconsin -2.5 vs. Penn State

    Just think Penn State’s post-Buckeye schedule has been soft as hell and Wisconsin’s defense is a whole other animal. Quick, what is Penn State’s second-best win, Iowa?

    Washington -7 vs. Colorado (W)
    TCU -4.5 vs. Kansas State
    Wyoming +7 vs. San Diego State
    Colts -1.5 vs. Jets

    ESSAY: Navy -3 vs. Temple

    I have made a lot of hay betting on the American Athletic Conference this year and it’s back to the well for one more round. Sure, you might think this is a spite pick, but I do have good reasons for taking the Middies:

    – Death machine offense did not punt at all against SMU last week
    – Navy has scored 141 points in last two games
    – Game is in Annapolis, where Navy has won 14 straight
    – Navy beat Houston, Tulsa, and Memphis. Temple did not have to play Navy, Houston, or Tulsa, and lost to fourth-place Memphis. Their second-best win of the season is over 6-6 UCF and it required an act of God at the end of the game.
    – Philip Walker on the road
    – Temple got mashed out by triple option Army to start the year

    • zarathustra

      Navy not only didn’t punt last week. They’ve punted twice their past four games.

  • jdoepke

    Penn St +2 1/2 (AP)
    UL Monroe +6.5
    Georgia Southern +7
    Jags +4.5
    Bears -1.5

    Essay: Bills +3

    Taking a chance here and going against the Raiders at home 2 weeks in a row. Seriously though, what dope isn’t taking Oakland -3? I thought same thing with Panthers and pushed so I have my concerns.70% of public on Oakland and money is 50/50. This is risky but I say Buffalo controls the clock and keeps the score down. 24-23 Buffalo wins outright.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay Virginia Tech: VaTech has been Jekkyl and Hyde and this is the perfect spot for that type of team. No real pressure, against a team with all the pressure, program on the rise, energized by new coach, looking forward to next year. If Clemson doesn’t get the big jump on them early, they will be very hard to shake late and Clemson will enter full on gag mode.

    All play: Penn St.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Penn St. +2.5 (AP)
    KSU +4.5
    Navy -3
    Panthers +6.5
    Bears -1.5
    Bengals +1 (Essay)

    There are some truly awful NFL games on offer this weekend. I thought it fitting to use a couple of them: Niners-Bears and Eagles-Bengals. The college menu is getting thin with all these newfangled conference championship games at neutral sites. You’re not a conference unless your league has a championship game at a neutral site.

    The steam has come out of the Eagles’ sail. Carson Wentz will be a stud QB, however the team has hit a wall. Plus they had the bad luck to be in a division with the Cowboys running the table (the TV people will love a deep playoff run, despite Romo wearing a headset) and with the Giants playing decent ball. (Will the NFL please get rid of these meaningless 4-team divisions that serve no purpose other than setting up two Cowboys-Giants games every year?) The Bengals are on the ropes and are unlikely to make the playoffs now, however they’re a better team than their record indicates. This is a winnable game for them, and should come out on top.

  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Penn St. +2.5 v. Wisconsin: When in doubt, take points. Just don’t trust ‘Sconnie’s offense.
    1. Buccaneers +3.5 @ Chargers: Chargers finally announce their likely exit from San Diego. Definitely won’t be full concentration by Chargers towards this game and less than zero home field advantage.
    2. Colts -1.5 v. Jets
    3. Indiginous Persons +3 @ Cardinals: Been on a roll with the Persons, so I’ll keep riding.
    4. Steelers -6 v. Giants: Giants stepping up a weight class in competition versus their last several games.

    “That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.”

    That quote pretty much sums up taking a 1-whatever team on the road as a Cheddar Bay essay pick when the season is on the line. Well, fortunes are favored by the bold, so some other bullshit cliche.

    So what’s going on here?

    Niners played tough last week in Miami. Then instead of flying home to the Bay Area, they decided to stay east before playing up in Chicago this week. The week of bonding has helped both teams that have done so thus far this year and has helped every team I can recall doing the same for years. San Fran’s stay in Orlando is why I’ll ride them and the suddenly resurgent Colin Kaepernick in the Windy City.

    49ers +1.5 @ Bears

    Other Considerations
    Temple +3 @ Navy
    Virginia Tech +10.5 v. Clemson
    Troy -7 @ Georgia Southern
    Falcons -3.5 v. Chiefs
    Seahawks -6.5 v. Panthers

  • ChuckKoz

    Colorado +7 (UW)

    • ChuckKoz

      Colorado +7 (UW)
      KSU +4.5 (TCU)
      OSU +11 (OU)
      Seahawks -6.5 (Panthers)
      AP: Wisconsin -2.5 (a school that should not even be playing football anymore)
      Essay: Alabama -24 (Florida)
      Florida has not scored an offensive touchdown in something like 10 quarters. Alabama hasn’t given up a defensive touchdown in something like 5 games. So we know that Florida is not scoring. The only question is if Alabama can score 30 points. Well, they have done that every game this season, except for one time on the road in Baton Rouge. I’ll take my chances that this game is not those tough circumstances and Alabama will get the offense going. And with all those recent SEC title wins, this is the first time Bama has actually had a really good QB, so seems they may be better than ever and capable of proving it with some big offense this week.
      Alabama 40, Florida 6

  • GRRustlers

    Week 14 Picks

    As I settle in tonight to watch my Buffs do something they have not tried in 15 years (We will not talk about the 70-3 game vs Texas in 01 which is still the most terrifying team I’ve ever seen) I leave you with two thoughts. I want the Rose Bowl far more than I want the playoffs which I don’t think will happen and no one should be angling to play Alabama. This is a special group of kids who don’t deserve a playoff massacre on New Year’s Eve. Let them enjoy Pasadena and a rematch with Michigan.

    Idaho (-6.5) over GA State – Maybe the FCS playoffs will be available in Cheddar one day but God Speed Vandals. Love everything about that home field and program.

    Navy (-3) over Temple – What if you gave Ken Niumatalolo Oregon talent?

    WVU (-17.5) over Baylor – This is not the time or the place but do you really blame the Baylor kids for quitting? I vote for a brave new world where we hold the actual rapists accountable for their actions. Crazy talk. It’s like Penn State all over again. The overwhelming majority of those players did nothing. Leave them out of this.

    Seahawks (-6.5) over Panthers – Nothing more than a bounce back play.

    AP – Wisconsin (-2.5) over Penn State – No clue. Wisconsin has been there before?

    Essay Pick

    I’m just going to stay in New Orleans again. I think they are peaking at the right time and what they did to a pretty damn good defense in LA was insane. The Lions are a tough team to figure out. It takes a lot to manage to trail in every single 4th quarter so far this season. Right Sashi? That Thanksgiving game was something and in the true spirit of the season Minnesota gave it to them. If not for the Bears next week this Lions team has a real Browns start 7-4 and finish 7-9 feel to it. All without Deion begging Brian Hoyer to get paid on national TV. This Saints team is headed to the playoffs and they put the Lions in a hole early that even Stafford can’t find a way to bring them back from.

    Saints (-5.5) over Lions

  • Nick

    Vikings (w)
    Western Mi -19 over Ohio
    Colorado +7 vs Washington**Essay
    Wisky -2.5 vs PSU
    Bears -1.5 vs Niners
    Fins +3 vs Ravens

    I know a guy at work who grew up in Fort Wayne, IN. He lives in Dallas now and drives Uber on the weekends for extra cash even though he gets paid a decent wage from my company. He just got back from Italy and didn’t open up his computer for 7 days over Thanksgiving with 2 buddies. He went to Purdue and roots for Michigan, USC, New England Patriots and the Chicago Cubs. The point is my co-worker very much likes Colorado tonight which I good enough for me. He blathered on about something related to USC, and Colorado’s physical corners. It’s the first Friday in December and I am moving to a colder climate in 3 weeks so let’s go Colorado.

    • liked for blather.
      that’s two consecutive weeks blather has appeared in essay write-ups (agnes).
      cheddar bringing it strong down the stretch.

  • thatsfine

    Ohio U +19
    WMU look flawless. I mean, their QB is 30TD/1fuckingINT on the year. How the hell? They haven’t had game that was difficult since week 1. But, tonight Solich and Ohio hang in there and cover the spread.

    • thatsfine

      I just read that over 46,000 tickets have been sold for this game. Love it.

      • thatsfine

        Temple +3 – Essay
        LaTech +10
        Ga St +6.5
        Gonna sleep on the All-play…. it worked last week.

        On the year, Temple has the nation’s #3 total defense and #10 scoring defense at 17.8/ppg. They give up 127ypg on the ground. This defense is currently locked-in, giving up a total of 23 points over their last 4 games. Navy: no surprises, they are going to run the ball and do it well, #2 in FBS at 342 ypg via the triple option. Navy averaging 53 ppg over their last 4. Navy is the hotter squad at this point, but I think the difference will be Temple’s balanced offense against Navy’s average defense. Navy gives up 30.1ppg and haven’t held a team to less than 27 since vs. Tulane in September. Temple’s offense does a good job of controlling the clock, and the defense will get enough stops to win outright.


    1. OU +19

    • CLEVTA

      2. Ravens -3
      3. Cards -3
      4. SD -3.5
      5. La Tech +10
      6. Wisconsin -2.5 (essay): sorry but don’t count me as one who believes in this Penn St squad because they needed miracle blocked punt and blocked FG for td to beat OSU in the 4th quarter and have since beaten essentially 0 good times from that point forward. I watched that Indiana game and had +7.5 and watched a brutal backdoor L where IU was up double digits early in the 4th and penn State came back to win and somehow cover. That was their toughest test and thought they looked terrible. Penn State has multiple backup OL playing due to injury and I expect the Badgers to harass Mcsorely all night and potentially cause a turnover or two. Wisconsin should be able to run it down their throats just like IU did a few weeks back.

  • mmmmsnouts

    Washington for a point tonight.

  • CLEinMSP

    Western Mich -19
    Washington -7
    Va Tech +10.5
    Bama -24
    Wisconsin -2.5 (All Play)
    Seahawks -6.5 (Essay)

    Two straight weeks on the West coast for Carolina. Technically the Panthers are still “in the hunt” in the NFC playoff picture, but last week’s loss in Oakland was pretty much the end. I just don’t see the Panthers having much to play for this week, and in a primetime spot, I look for the Seahawks to come home and bounce back from an anemic performance last week in Tampa. The Seahawks are just a different team at home, and they need to clinch that 2nd bye in the NFC. Russell Wilson will do his thing, and I think the Seahawks are going to be really locked in over the next couple weeks against Carolina and Green Bay.

  • Galea Minor

    PSU +2.5 over Wisky (All-play/Essay/POTY)
    Washington -7 over Colorado
    Navy -3 over Temple
    Lions +5.5 over Saints
    Rams +13.5 over Patriots
    Raiders -3 over Bills

    Essay later

    • Galea Minor

      Ok so I’m expecting Penn St to roll tonight, because there is no God and there is no one left to punish them for harboring a monster. But that’s pretty much the extent of the analysis for this game.

      Instead I need to complain about yet another sports committee being thrown into an absurd intellectual quandary because they refuse to define any parameters for their task. Much like how MVP votes constantly get weird because every voter has a different definition of “valuable,” we have the hare-brained idea proliferating that Michigan is a playoff contender, because no one actually bothered to consider what “Four best teams” means.

      Michigan has not had a top 4 season. They had their chance to earn their way into the playoff. They didn’t. If the “best team” analysis is all vague eye-test bullshit, why even change the rankings week to week? It’s also really hard to engage with in any meaningful way. The counter-argument to “Michigan looks like a top 4 team” is “No they don’t.” Good talk.

      Because Michigan is in the conversation, Penn St is getting screwed. The whole PSU beat OSU beat Michigan beat PSU probably prevents Penn St from punching their playoff ticket with a win today. Division runner up and also-not-that-great-fuck-your-eye-test champ OSU will stay ahead of PSU, unless the committee surprises everyone.

      This could all be avoided if the playoff committee was willing to establish bright line rules about strength of schedule, conference championships, number of losses, and head to head matchups. If we knew going in that strength-of-schedule and number of losses were the primary considerations, hey, PSU at least knows what they’re getting into. I actually thought before this year that conference championships were the most important thing.

      I’m not gonna shed any tears for those goofy bastards in Happy Valley, and they could have avoided all this by not getting owned by Pitt, but let’s fix this shit for next year, when it might impact a team I actually care about.

  • Chris P.

    Ohio +19 Western MIchigan
    Florida +24 Alabama
    Texas Christian +4.5 Kansas State
    Navy -3 Temple
    Bears -1.5 49ers
    The “Feel Good Story of the Year” is these Nittany Lions. Started woeful, and then, week after week just built themselves into a team worthy of being in this playoff. I still think they need help. The committee isn’t that creative, and I think they’ll stack all the one loss teams over the two loss teams in the end. They need the Hokies, or they need the Buffaloes, but they have the best win in America this year, a red hot winning streak, and a pasting of a Michigan State team that despite an awful year, looked like they had put together some confidence after giving Michigan and Ohio State dogfights. Penn State came and just throttled them. This line is 5 points off. They should be favored here by what they’re getting, and they’ll prove it.
    Penn State +2.5 Wisconsin

  • RCLA

    ESSAY: YOUR Washington Huskies -7.

    So I’ve been picking against U Washington all year. I did not think that they were better than Stanford or Oregon or UCLA or USC or an actual pile of old rusting Washing Machines, which are apparently a different thing altogether. I hadn’t actually watched them play, but I had looked at their name printed I never magazines and on computer screens and found it pretty in impressive. I was mostly wrong. (While they fucked around and lost to USC, I had been scared off the scent by then.)

    So I still didn’t think they were actually good, but I at least came to appreciate that I was not well suited to making that determination. I went to the campus and walked around. Several young women smiled at me in a way that said “please don’t cut me up and leave me in a dumpster you gross creepy old man.” That did not help me figure it out.

    I still have not really watched them play in any real way, but by mere dint of persistence there name now seems attuned to inevitable greatness. I haven’t watched Colorado play either, except for seeing Michigan fuck them in the ass for a couple possessions like 7 month ago or whatever. But as far a second I can tell they have no talent and have played way over their heads all year? Not in anyone’s top 50 preseason? Coached by Phil Michelson’s fat older brother. Fuck ’em. I’ll fade them for no reason. Also, will any team from a state where recreational marijuana is illegal ever be relevant again? Probably. But also maybe not. Who cares?


    Ohio +19 – it’s the least I can do after they let me attend there more or less continually from 1994-2004. Plus I’m in Athens tonight. I can’t essay them, however, because they lost at home to Texas State. Not only an FCS team, but a really really bad one. How bad? Texas State’s only other win this year was against “Incarnate World” which, but for googling it, I would have actually assumed was a DIII High school team from outside Dayton somewhere. WOWJUSTWOW.

    Oklahoma St + what seems like too many points. Is there a reason to believe Oklahoma can suddenly play defense?

    Eagles -1.5 – why does Vegas hate the Eagles?

    Wisconsin – 2.5 – wait, people are serious about this Penn St. thing? lol. No.

    Lions + a number I can’t remember but I think was closer to 7 than 3? Why? As above, why do people suddenly think the Saints can play any defense? Too many points in a “last team with the ball wins” type game.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Ohio +19

    • Matt Lawrence

      Clemson -10.5
      Penn St +2.5 (All Play)

  • pate is in for UW tonite via text.

  • Brian

    Western Kentucky -10
    Idaho -6.5
    Western Michigan -19
    Penn State +2.5
    Green Bay -6.5 ***ESSAY***

    Slightly Hesitant to put this pick in before sunday, but I can always change it if rodgers doesnt play. That being said Green Bay looked a lot better last week. Their defense looked far better than they have all year, especially with Clay Matthews back. Aaron Rodgers and the packers offense also looked better, and this seems to be time of year when they finally become cohesive and start to put ungodly numbers on the scoreboard. I also make this pick for 1 more reason. BROCK OSWEILER. He has ROBBED Houston of $72,000,000. He has been atrocious all year, can’t get the ball to their big threat Hopkins, and if they can’t throw, teams can put 7 or 8 in the box to stop Lamar Miller. Brock is 1-4 on the road this year and in those 5 games, Osweiler has only thrown for 3 touchdowns while turning the ball over 6 times. Along with those stats, he is coming off a game where he threw 3INT’s against a pretty bad San Diego team. This isn’t me trusting the Green Bay Packers to come out and dominate, this is me knowing that Brock Osweiler will crap his pants in another road game. Sorry Brock, No Chance up at Lambeau this week. Give Me Green Bay -6.5 for the 3.

  • pheasantpants

    ***PICK OF THE YEAR****
    (with essay to follow)
    Mighty Gators +24 against the Crimson Tide of [very Keith Jackson voice] Al-a-bama

    • pheasantpants

      Saints -5.5
      Troy -7

    • pheasantpants

      my Pick of the Year in my inaugural Cheddar Bay season comes from an entirely sentimental place. I am a graduate of the University of Florida, and I am choosing to believe we will keep it close against the Nick Saban machine.

      Northern football fans and perhaps other casual observers would look at UF football post-Urban Meyer and see an arrogant program humbled after two different Hall of Fame coaches moved on to greener pastures. Students of the game, fans based south of Cincinnati, and those who like to point out history for rivalry’s sake know that Florida football was a sleepy program before the mid-1980s, and that true, non-probation success has only been achieved in the last 25 years.

      Growing up in metro Detroit, I never knew this. I figured that the high-flying Danny Wuerffel-led offenses of my jr. high days were the historical norm for Gator football. As fate would have it – in large part because my mom finally started opening scholarship letters I was throwing away – I finally applied as a high school senior for admittance to UF, at the time quarterbacked by sophomore sensation Rex Grossman (who would suffer one of the all-time Heisman snubs a few weeks later). Starting to feel like sunny Florida would be the place I’d spend my college years, I sat down to watch the 2001 edition of Tennessee-Florida, rescheduled due to our national tragedy, played in Gainesville.

      Night football in December was a foreign concept to someone who had grown up with noon starts and Lloyd Carr. The electricity and pageantry of that game was unmistakable–these were two teams that were full of NFL names you’d probably faintly recognize today. Young women wearing tanktops, a jaw-droppingly loud and enthusiastic crowd, vivid colors as far as the eye could see–I did further due diligence, but it’s no real stretch to suggest that this was the moment I decided to matriculate at the University of Florida, campus otherwise unseen until orientation came around. Today, we fans remember that game as a crushing loss that derailed a national championship matchup with the best team that Miami has ever fielded, but safe to say it was also the night I began to bleed some orange.

      I was accepted to UF and Steve Spurrier announced his resignation within the same two weeks. It was a huge bummer when I got home from school, whereupon my father, with the press conference highlights still playing, solemnly delivered the news. Oh well. While I was on campus, the football team lost 18 games total, of every stripe and style–hail Marys allowed, lackluster road losses to bad West teams, sloppy bowl performances, horrible officiating, and more than a couple of beatdowns at the hands of superior teams. It wasn’t all for naught, though: there was a heck of a Cocktail Party upset vs. a top 5 Georgia in 2002, a win at FSU the night that Bobby Bowden Field was dedicated, a 2003 win at eventual national champions LSU. And the nucleus of a future BCS champ was recruited to campus. But I did grow to learn, from meeting alumni and older fans–Gator football involves way more disappointment and heartbreak than it would seem to an outsider.
      (do not feel too badly for poor me: our basketball team won a fucking national title my last year there, and it was amazing. But that’s a story for another time.)

      15 years of Gator fandom has provided a hell of a cross-section of what the UF fan experience is all about; soaring highs, crushing lows, mediocrity at times on the way both up and down. From a neutral perspective, the Gators might seem to be in that mode right now; neither East division title under Coach Jim McElwain seems all that convincing. I don’t see it that way at all. First, winning even the weaker division in back to back years is not easy and is something I am sure our rivals, especially perennial life champions up in Knoxville, would love to do. Second, I see a hell of a resilient ballclub that plays for one another, for the coaches, and for the love of their school, in addition to all of the other reasons that these young men play the game. Third, there’s a coach who, although not a “Florida guy,” seems to have genuine passion for the place he’s at, as was displayed when he took personal umbrage at LSU’s Hurricane Matthew jawing. There’s a lot to be said for a guy who you feel like bleeds as much for your school as you do*.

      *Readers should not interpret this as a slam of Urban Meyer (who had that passion, too) or any other former coach. I just mean that it’s nice to feel like the guy, who doesn’t have the roots, has that pride and ownership lifelong fans do.

      Alabama is the premium, par excellance program of the SEC, and always will be. However, since expansion, Florida is the clear No. 2, dominating the East division and winning three national titles. No team has been to the SEC championship game more often than Florida has. And the Gators are a respectable 8-9 against Bama over that stretch. This is no small feat for a school who had not even had the best record in the SEC in any season until 1984, let alone a conference championship.

      So in other words, difficulties in last year’s bowl game, and this year’s FSU game, and overall offensive malaise all aside, Florida will be alright. The relative tough times are reminding fans, especially the youngsters, that success doesn’t come easy, especially not in this snake pit of a conference. There are a ton of reasons for fans to hold their heads high, which include a punishing defense and status as “DBU.”

      I don’t really think UF is going to win tomorrow. After all, the current spread is the largest in SEC championship game history. But I know they’ll dig pretty deep and acquit themselves with pride. When healthy, UF’s defense is probably one of the few units that could reasonably contain the Crimson Tide. Unfortunately injuries have mounted, making a win unlikely. There’s tremendous depth and resiliency in that defensive unit though; great special teams; and an Ohio QB who has made a few plays throwing over the top. Some Gator fans are dreading this game (and Tennessee and Georgia fans are very relieved that their teams are not on the chopping block), but not me – I’ll never pass up a shot at a title, no matter how long. Go Gators

    • actovegin1armstrong

      “Whoa, Nellie”, I almost made this my essay, but “hold the phone”, I made an even worse choice.

  • p_forever

    psu +2.5 wisc
    fla +24 alabama
    colorado +7 washington
    packers -6.5 texans
    ravens -3 dolphins
    oklahoma state +11 oklahoma***

    there’s something terrible about the pistol pete mascot. it’s basically just the yin to wahoo’s yang. and, like wahoo, it was chosen to replace a perfectly acceptable mascot (in this case the tiger – osu did retain the orange and black). but is pistol pete really any more awful than a sooner? according to ou’s website, the original sooners are “the pioneers who settled indian territory during the 1889 land run.” so we have pistol pete (and cowboys more generally), a mascot that celebrates individual feats of heroism against demonized native americans, versus sooners, a mascot to celebrate the fact of taking the entire territory of a native american tribe and forcibly removing them en masse.

    they seem equally terrible, right? which means 11 points is too big a spread. yee-haw! go cowboys :/

  • .

  • vatech +10.5
    idaho -6.5
    skins +3
    [last pick goes here later]
    psu +2.5
    WMU -17
    how did OU get into this game? how did miami wind up tied with them at the top of the MAC East? weird year. the only consistent player is Western.

    while the rest of the country will be watching washington lock up a BCS invite, western will be making their case for theirs for anyone willing to pay attention. i dont really seeing UW losing, but i definitely see clemson failing.

    if youll indulge the idea of [state-named-after-social-climbing-slave-owning-indian-exploiting-land-grabbing-battle-losing-hessian-murdering-mythological-colonial-hero] and clemson losing then youll have the prospect of selecting three BCS slots from a field of all 2-loss teams plus a team who was third in their own conference. and then there’s the 12-0, soon to be 13-0, western. chaos theory virtually guarantees this outcome.

    what in every fuck there every was/is the reason for devising a playoff system if not to get undefeated and deserving smaller teams into the national competition, particularly over teams with inferior records? to the inevitable ‘quality wins; argument, wmu will want to include hanging 80 points on OU in their championship game. and so they will. (damn i wish i had my poty back.)

    • pheasantpants

      This is frankly the best argument for expanding the playoff, even though I wouldn’t feel great about a game between 1 seed Alabama and 8 seed WMU. But hey that’s the great thing about college tournaments!

    • strangely gratifying to know i’d have missed this poty too. :-/
      onward to the weeklies!!

  • Oklahoma -11 vs. Oklahoma State
    AP: Wisconsin -2.5 vs. Penn State
    Broncos -4.5 vs. Jags
    Lions +5.5. Vs. Saints
    Ravens -3 vs. Dolphins

    **Essay**Wyoming +7 vs. San Diego State
    With the Buckeyes done until playoffs and the Browns on bye, I honestly forgot that other teams might be playing football this week. Whoops. One of my tried and true teams ATS this year has been Wyoming – they popped up in my hunt for crazy coaches that bust spreads. Coaching at North Dakota is as crazy as coaching can get. In the good way. Bohl already demonstrated his capacity to out-coach San Diego less than a month ago, and I’m not sure anything has shifted in San Diego’s fortune since then. The Cowboys, if nothing else, know how to keep a game within reach. The game is in Laramie and I think the travel plus a little snow tomorrow morning will remind SDSU that the times, they are a-changing.

  • I was tempted to essay the Vikes tonight but I guess I’ll just have them for one vote.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Starting the week off with
    1. Essay: Cowboys -3

    • Lucy Lawrence

      I told myself I wasn’t going to make any more Thursday night essay picks after taking the Browns when they played the Ravens…well I couldn’t help myself. Plus both teams played on thanksgiving so it’s not as short a week as the typical Thursday game is. This reminds me of the saints/rams game on Sunday that I loved but couldn’t esssay bc I was a homer and went with an OSU over Michigan essay. Basically it comes down to a team that can score with ease vs a team that struggles to score the ball. I don’t see how Minnesota can stay within reach of the boys. Minnesota’s D is good but continues to be on the field too often as Bradford fails to keep the offense on the field. I’m thinking this game ends up being a two touchdown game. Cmon Boys.. I need my essay confidence back!

    • Lucy Lawrence

      2. Ohio +19

  • FTCMikeD

    Vikes +3 tonight

  • Cowboys. -3. Dak/Zeke/THAT O-LINE…Barry Church back in the lineup.

    First step to a Lobster.

  • Nick

    Vikes +3

  • cwonder23

    Cowboys -3

    • cwonder23

      Temple +3
      All Play: PSU +2.5
      Bama -24

      • cwonder23

        Chargers -3.5
        Essay: Dolphins +3

        I’ll take the team whose best player isn’t a kicker. What Justin Tucker has accomplished is cool but I don’t see that mattering here because I think the Ravens just aren’t very good. Miami is playing very well and has a shot at their division if NE should have a hiccough along the way (losing shrink is big). I see this Miami team continuing their winning ways with Ajayi getting back on track with 15+ carries. Dolphins 20 – Ravens 13.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Ohio +19
    Troy -7
    Bengals +1
    Wash -7

    WVU -17.5

    Baylor stinks. Baylor clearly quit. WVU was last seen at home getting boatraced by Oklahoma, but bounced back last week by handling its business at Iowa State and now comes home to cap a REALLY good season by beating the piss out of a team that wants nothing to do with coming north to take this beating. Good citizens, those Baylor folks. I hope it’s 50 or more.

  • anecdotal info for anyone interested: the workflow at the walmart dist center is (and has been) through the floor. full stop. not in comparison to last year (altho it is). im saying there is no freight on the lines and guys are sweeping floors to fill out their shifts.

    while there are a couple mitigating factors — we had 10 stores pulled from us due to production problems over the summer and we are running overstaffed (ie, force overtime) out of fear of getting behind again — the view from here is that its quite possible that asses were fully handed to at least one brick/mortar shop on black friday.

    as i havent seen any news on this (how could there be) on this i thought i’d share. i would also add that ive also seen acres (no literally, quite possibly an acre) of double stacked pallets of (chinese made) vizio 60 inchers. pain in the ass to order that online.

    and im not sure where this fits in but your mind would be blown by the number of cases of cans of blueberry/cherry/apple pie filling that were thrown prior to thanksgiving. mine was.

    • mmmmsnouts

      When everyone starts behaving like the economy will tank in the future, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Feel very lucky to have just taken a job in a company that doesn’t rely on holiday sales at all.

  • zarathustra

    I’ll take the cowboys tonight.

  • Dave Borcas

    Cowboys -3 tonight

  • GRRustlers

    The fact that Idaho was even considered brings a tear to my eye. Thanks to the executive committee for even considering this…also thanks for not picking the PAC12 title game because I’m already nervous. Is this what Ohio State fans go through every year? Damn…

    • ‘is this what osu fans go thru?’
      i dont think so. probably the opposite.

      • GRRustlers

        Texts a diehard Buckeyes fan and asks if he gets nervous before a conference title game? He basically laughed at me and said they have bigger goals. All I said back was Oh…and he replied with IO so there is that.

    • I wouldn’t say that Idaho was actually “considered,” but I don’t doubt that Mike had nice thoughts about them.

  • agnesbojaxhiu


    Temple has been my nemesis for many weeks this season. They have beaten the odds and have covered the spread week after frustrating week. Those owls. Phooey. This week I have decided to embrace their covering defiance and vote for their beating Navy. Navy has a better offense but I like the temple defense. Temple has had three games with their opponents scoring zero points and they beat USF by 16 points. Navy’s lowest opponent score was 14 (Tulane, one of Temple’s shut outs) and they lost to USF. Being a contrary voter by nature I also like seeing the betting being heavily on the Navy side. As an added layer of drama, I am looking forward to how this plays out for the bowl game team designating debacle. From Sporting News today “Then there’s what ESPN dubbed “the nightmare scenario”: Western Michigan loses to Ohio in the MAC title game and Navy beats Temple in the American.” Hee hee. The bowl officials and I have the same nightmare-most likely a first unless they also have recurring dreams of forgetting to study for a class all semester. Here’s to some wins to get back above the red line this week and a final fun quote
    “I don’t want to be un-American,” an unidentified bowl official told ESPN, “but nearly everyone in the bowl industry, quite frankly, is rooting against Navy.”

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      Change cowboys to Vikings please. I must be out of my mind but Frowns has convinced me to take a change despite our promise last week. It to try to influence each other’s votes

    • agnesbojaxhiu


  • pheasantpants

    Boys -3
    Ohio +19
    Badgers -2.5

  • Chris P.

    While we’re all pondering West Coast non power conference football.. can we all ponder for a moment on how the hell “Mountain West Mountain Division Co-Champion” New Mexico blew a three touchdown lead to Rutgers earlier this year?

    • it’s like this year CFB is two seasons: September and the rest.
      eg, i think USC is the only team that might be able to take on Bama… three Ls in september including a bama thrashing.
      likewise, PSU is not the same team that barfed in ann arbor in september.

      • Chris P.

        Fair – It’s been crazy. Franklin was all but fired after the Michigan waxing – and now I think PSU can hang with (if not beat) just about anyone short of Bama.

        I think my favorite point that I’ve made this year was my week 1 declaration that Charlie Strong was about to blow the doors off Texas and destroy Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies in the process by siphoning recruits to Austin for the next 10 years.

        Then Texas wins a smoking hot game against #10(lol) Notre Dame in 2 overtimes and Strong looks set for a decade.

        September was like another world.

  • thatsfine

    The Kibbie Dome, home of the Idaho Vandals. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know their home FBS finale was considered for the All-play.

  • thatsfine

    Just wanted to post a picture of the Kibbie Dome, home of the Idaho Vandals. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know that their FBS finale was considered.

  • Troy Bunting

    Essay Pick
    *Washington -7

    Making this pick as a Ute fan, pissed off to have lost to each of these teams, and hoping that there is some justice in at least getting some cheddar points. Colorado’s defense looked really bad last week against Utah. If Utah wasn’t one of the worst red zone teams in the history of college football, they would have run up the score on Colorado. Washington doesn’t have a problem scoring, and they won’t have a problem scoring on Friday night. The husky defense matches up well with the buffalos, and after beating Wazzou last week, should have no problem with the Colorado’s stud QB Liafufuaufu…. whatever it is. Washington wins and heads to the CFP, Colorado loses but is still happy to have made it back into college football relevancy.

  • The Pac-12 game should have been the All Play, since its winner will almost assuredly make the playoff whereas the B1G winner will almost assuredly not. But I was overruled by the other Exec. Comm. members.

    • HitTheHorns

      Obama’s America my man.

    • pheasantpants

      Legit, but I question this airing of Exec Cmte dissent

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        That’s why I vote for replacing Frowns with myself on the executive committee

    • zarathustra

      I could go either way on which game is most deserving, but I do question your view that the PAC-12 winner will make the playoff. Washington? Yes. Colorado? I’m not so sure.

    • ChuckKoz

      its the biggest game, but i really think there should never been thursday/friday games as the all play. just my 2 cents

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