Wk 13: UM +6.5 at OSU, noon, Sat.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-53-53-pmThese are the games that all-play was invented for.  

Went with the 1968 game because it’s one of my earliest childhood memories.  I probably have earlier memories but this sticks with me because even as a six year old watching on black and white at my grandparents’ place in Hilliard, I remember understanding the momentous significance of hanging 50 on Michigan.

Ohio State/Michigan:  six year olds get it.

That same day in 1968 saw OJ Simpson’s dramatic never mind, that USC/UCLA game was 1967.  But also played on that day in Cambridge was what must truly be the all time greatest football game.  

0ap2000000098821_gallery_600There’s precious little color photography but I thought the Jim Otis and Dan Dierdorf shots were best even if I did have to hack them together.  Note the dirt on the uniform.  Do you realize we are well into an entire generation who has never seen dirt on a football uniform?  Millions of kids robbed of the joy of dirt?  Thousands articles and videos produced about the decline of the west and all fail to note the damaging causality of field turf.  

But I digress.  Otis and Dierdorf later played together in St. Louis. 

Download (PDF, Unknown)


screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-38-40-pm screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-38-56-pm


  • pheasantpants

    Essay – Packers +4

    The Eagles, maybe expectedly after their hot start, find themselves in last place in perhaps the NFL’s best division. Meanwhile, the Packers are in an unfamiliar spot at third place. This matchup presents the ultimate in vet vs. rookie. Rodgers, even in the midst of a disappointing season, has 25 TD passes to Carson Wentz’s 11. The Packers’ defense hasn’t been great lately, but are the Eagles the team to take advantage of that? I don’t think they are. The Packers remain within spitting distance of the playoffs, and if they’re going to make a push, this game is a virtual must win. The Eagles have a terrific scoring defense, but this league is still about QB play, and Rodgers is still an edge over all but two or three NFC qbs. Go Pack Go

  • RCLA

    Essay: DENVER -3

    Why? Well, it’s partially because I backed myself into a corner. Gotta write ’bout something. But I don’t hate the pick. I’m always suspicious of the Chiefs offense, which involved no good players. And one of the few units in the NFL I do trust is Denver’s defense. Don’t see how the Chiefs put real points on the board. Denver’s offense is hit and miss but there are guys who can make plays. I’ll lay the points and take a flyer on Denver being able to score.

  • Matt Borcas

    Jets, Chiefs

    • Matt Borcas

      Essay: Eagles

      The 4-6 Packers have been especially atrocious on the road this season, and the Eagles are undefeated at home. While both squads have struggled as of late and are desperate for a win to get back in the playoff hunt, this matchup favors Philly. Typically, Green Bay would have one humongous advantage — the best QB in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers — but as anyone who’s watched a minute of ESPN knows, Rodgers has taken an inexplicable step backwards this season. Moreover, Philly’s defense has been stout (especially at home, where the Eagles are surrendering fewer than 10 points per game!), and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is familiar with the Packers from his Detroit days. Meanwhile, Green Bay’s defense is pitiful — so much so that I fully expect the Wentz Wagon to kick back into high gear tonight. Let’s get this lobsterfest!

      • Matt Borcas

        Re: potential lobsterfest, my picks so far: Michigan, Giants, Titans, Jets, Chiefs, Eagles

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. LaTech L
    2. Mizzou W
    3. Boston College W
    4. Essay/all Play OSU L
    5. Browns +7
    6. Saints -7

  • LittleBallofHate

    Giants (-7)
    And for my final Cheddar Pick of the Week — Ottawa (+9)

  • TS_Butler

    OSU (L)
    Utah (W)
    BYU (Push)
    Seattle -6
    Pats -7.5
    Ravens -4.5 – ESSAY

    The Bengals season ended last week with a loss at home to the Bills. This week Cincy heads to Baltimore to face the 2nd best YPG defense without their two most explosive offensive players. I don’t expect the Ravens to take this game lightly, as they have struggled against Cincy in the past, and should respect them as a tough divisional opponent. However, Cincy’s injuries on offense and their inability to stop the run on defense should be too much to overcome for the Bengals. It’s risky wagering anything on Flacco, let alone 3 valuable cheddar points, but I feel good about this one.

  • ChuckKoz

    Browns +7
    Saints -7

    limited computer access right now due to traveling. will follow up with all picks into one post and with essay in a few hours.

    • ChuckKoz

      Browns +7 (Giants)
      Saints -7 (Rams)
      Buccaneers +6 (Seahawks)
      Raiders -3 (Panthers)
      AP: Ohio State (Mich) – L
      Essay: Broncos -3 (Chiefs)
      Broncos coming in off a bye, where key defensive guys that were dinged up are now rested, in what is close to “must win” will have that great homefield advantage, which amplified by the homecrowd. Compare that to the Chiefs that just laid an egg against the Buccaneers, and Alex Smith has not even been Alex Smith for the past month….and the good Alex Smith didn’t have too much to spare. And look at the Chiefs wins: they have basically 1 real win where you are impressed (at Oakland), as every other win was against a team coming in with a losing record. So call me unimpressed.
      Broncos 26, Chiefs 10

  • Matt Lawrence

    LaTech (L)
    OSU (L)

  • Matt Borcas

    Giants, Titans

  • bupalos

    Waking up Sunday and realizing I have no points and 2 picks left, having somehow twiddled away time to the point that i failed to play the 2 games I felt the strongest about, Iowa and Navy. I threw in games I’d get to watch – what with the holiday schedule, and now am in a pickle. So it looks like I’m left turning to Marcus Mariota to bail me out. Its the same reason as everyone else. The bears are already horrible, and now they’re playing Charles Barkley. While of course there are myriad metaphysical ways that a chubby retired 76er could improve the hapless bears, the only one that is a legitimate Football Voting Reason is if he’s laid money on himself. And why would he? Much easier for him to bet the other way and pull a blacksox tank, even if we are talking about the titans defense here. So at the risk of making Sundays football voting here into an electoral AND popular landslide, Tennessee Titans -4.5.

  • the real life grey cup line moved to calgary -9.5.
    does anyone know if that is a hook? just curious.

    • mmmmsnouts

      With all the rouges and shit I don’t know if you can have hooks in Canadian football.

  • $$$ TITANS $$$

    In some ways, losing Jay Cutler is actually great for the Bears, because he blows. He plays with an apathy that makes it hard for anyone to like him, and I can’t recall the last time I said “WOW, did you see that play Cutler just made?”

    Jeffrey suspended doesn’t help the case, and while I do like the Bears’ young running backs, their O-line has a slew of injuries ranging from concussions to broken ankles.

    Of late, I’ve begun to believe in Marcus Mariota as a long-term guy who can lead and carry a team, especially if he’s got a running game to go alongside him. If the Titan’s D doesn’t put them in a 21-0 hole again this week, I gotta think they can be 5 points better than the fighting Barkleys.

  • PJD19

    **Bills over Jags PoTY**
    The Bills at 5-5 are still in the hunt for playoff this year. The Jags at 2-8 are not. This is the time of year when the motivation levels of teams fighting for the playoffs vs teams thinking about the offseason are drastically different. The Jags still wish they were hanging with their families for Thanksgiving instead of playing in cold New Era stadium in front of 75,000 of America’s finest. This will be my first Bills home game in a long time and in what seems to be a cheddar bay tradition, there is no finer feeling than rooting for your PoTy in the flesh.

  • cwonder23

    Bears +4.5 vs Titans
    Essay: Raiders -3 vs Panthers

    After that loss last week, I think the Panthers will let this one go. No sense in getting somebody hurt. Oakland has a lot to play for in one of the toughest divisions in the AFC. Two teams moving in different directions. The Raiders may be banged up but I like them here. Raiders 28 – Panthers 17

  • FTCMikeD

    Going to ride with the Buffalo Bills. The Jags have been playing pretty bad lately and may have given up on their coach. They are going into a rough environment, Buffalo, NY, where the team is in grasp of the playoffs. There will also be a cold wind coming off of Lake Erie, not something that the players from Jacksonville, FL will want to deal with. Additionally, LeSean McCoy should be back in the lineup for the Bills this week. Blake Bortles is the ultimate garbage time QB, so there will probably be a back door cover on this, but I’d expect the Bills to be serious about this game and their playoff chances and put the Jags away early.

  • clayII

    tOSU – lose
    Bengals (+4.5)
    ATL (-4)
    Rams (+7)
    Panthers (+3)

  • Hawkaholic

    Seattle -6 @ Tampa Bay

    Essay: Pats -7.5 @ NY Jets

    A couple things here, the Pats are absolutely cruising and Brady has been on fire minus the Seattle game. The Jets on the other hand are a train wreck with no identity, why they are starting Fitzpatrick who wont be there next year is beyond me. The season is in the tank, you might as well see what you have with Petty. Or maybe Petty is just that bad. There is no love lost between these two teams and the Pats will show no mercy tomorrow. The Jets just aren’t very good, and are just 1-3 at home this year. Granted they are coming off a bye week but i don’t think that really matters much in this one. In their last game two weeks ago they dropped a heartbreaker to the Rams, THE RAMS 9-6. Pats roll 42-10

  • Hawkaholic

    I’ll take Hawaii as well

  • Hawkaholic

    San Diego State

    Essay coming tomorrow.

  • FTCMikeD

    2 More College Plays Tonight
    Utah +10 over COLO
    SDST -11.5 over CSU

  • bupalos

    caught up with this game, but adding navy for 1

  • RCLA

    Gimme Notre Dame and gimme South Carolina.

    Posted at 3:26, kickoff is 3:41.

  • Brian

    Change my Michigan to OSU please.

    It’s 11:55

    • Brian

      Nevermind don’t change it keep Michigan


      • Idiot.

        • Good pick, but I’m speaking about your conspicuous indecisiveness.

          • Brian

            Wasn’t sure who Michigan was starting at QB. Can’t trust a guy with the last name O’Korn to cover that spread. Haha

  • PJD19

    I’m proxying in Buckeyes for TS_Butler, for the all play.

  • Should anyone be looking for a place to tailgate or would like to see Nick and/or I – we will be off W. 9th street tomorrow – starting around 9AM-ish. “X” marks the spot. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93e21b67b6756f7671d6877eae1b1e9cd3b973ca709b7dd1c95f2466eadea8f9.jpg

  • bupalos

    Weather looks OK in Cbus, so I’m fine giving the -6.5

    Well, because of that, and because Michigan+Harbaugh out-Herods Herod.

  • Matt Borcas


    • bupalos


  • squeekycleen

    ESSAY and PLAY OF YEAR – Cleveland Clowns: Really should have played play of year a bunch of other times or even yesterday, but this is what’s left over. Has been a weird year as these contest picks have turded but twitter actual plays have done nicely. Regardless, always look at teams without a win after week 10. They do well ATS. Factor in getting Giants as an opponent who a) are not good and b) can’t win by margin and this turns into a pretty nice looking spot. Clowns still trying reasonably hard despite their ineptness and this would seem to be as good a spot as any to finally break through. Clowns essay and POY.

    • bupalos


      While my Cleveland Browns advocacy is now limited to “liking” other people picking them, it would be wrong for a CMFB POTY to not receive proper fanfare here.

  • RCLA

    Gimme Michigan.

  • jdoepke

    Memphis +3.5 (via twitter yesterday)
    Michigan +6.5 (AP)
    Florida St – 7.5
    New Mexico +3
    Panthers +3

    Essay: Oregon St +3

    I subscribe to the rule of always taking the underdog in rivalry games. This game isn’t what it used to be as Oregon continues to plummet. The line makes no sense to me and the over/under is 71. Oregon is 1-4 on the road, and 1-3 ATS, while the Beavers are 5-1 ATS at home and 7-3 in their L10 overall. 65% of the public on Oregon so I’ll take Oregon St 33-32.

  • Hawkaholic

    OSU -6.5 for the all play

  • zarathustra

    Vikings (L)

    Ohio St
    I couldn’t possibly come up with a better explanation for picking the buckeyes than what kitty pride offered below.

    Michigan St
    Sparty maybe kind of in a letdown spot after coming so close last week, but I am happy to take the points with a Dantonio team. They lost a lot of guys coming into the year and the program isn’t such that they can just plug and play so they struggled. I think these guys might be buying into the sparty culture and are hungry to finish strong.
    Moreover, if Michigan wins this game doesn’t mean much to Penn St so that increases the odds of a sparty cover. If the buckeyes win, this becomes a really big game and I don’t know that I’ve seen enough to believe they will handle the pressure well.

    Iowa St
    I’ve watched my fair share of mountaineer games since holgorson has been there and this looks a lot to me like one where they don’t get off the bus. Like their coach who loses his shit when things get difficult the team over the years often folds under adversity. This was most definitely on display last week. They’ve never been particularly good on the road and now they playoff talk is gone, the conference championship is gone, and they were embarrassed on national television. I don’t see them responding well. It’s a little scary taking Iowa St here coming off a blowout win, but I think they are looking to finish strong for some momentum going into next year.

    Mississippi St
    I don’t know how many picks I’ve made here over the years, but one I remember more than most was picking Minnesota +28 vs Wisconsin in Jerry Kill’s first year. They had a miserable year and Wisconsin was a beast and those Minnesota kids were playing their ass off in the fourth quarter and just covered. Watching Mississippi St last week I had a similar feeling. They were down big and kept bringing it. Sure, it the Arkansas D so who knows, but they showed heart, especially their qb. Ole Miss kind of owns them, but I think this one probably means more to clanga.

    Louisville could go two ways after the Houston game:
    Bounce back with their A game for four quarters or no show with nothing to play for at this point. Actually I guess it could go countless other ways between these extremes, but I’ll wager it is closer to the latter. Louisville is definitely a fantastic team but their impressive wins weren’t really against very good teams. They didn’t show up for the first half two weeks ago vs Wake Forest. Didn’t bring their A game for anywhere near four quarters vs Virginia or Duke, nor of course Houston. They did vs Florida St for sure. That was as big of a game these guys have ever played and it was in Louisville amidst Muhammad Ali celebrations. This game is not that. Kentucky can score. This is a rivalry game. I like the points.

  • p_forever

    hi hi hi super late – just making my OSU pick before i miss it entirely –

    buckeyes -6.5 michigan

    • p_forever

      osu -6.5 michigan
      wake -3 boston college
      pittsburg -24.5 syracuse
      ***hawaii -7.5 massachusetts*** essay
      new mexico +17.5 appalachian state
      new england -7.5 jets

      let’s set a thanksgiving scene for this week’s essay.

      p_forever is driving while i do this task from the passenger seat at her direction. also submitting input are grandma, child 1, and child 2. long ago, i’d promised p that i would never, ever participate in this again. and yet here i sit. i’ve quietly summoned an uber, and hope they can catch us, so that i may leap from this vehicle to theirs. should i not survive the action jump, at least i will never have to have a point spread explained to me again.

      child 1 shall now take the keyboard while i keep watch for what i’ve been told is a small blue honda.


      so paula g gave the keyboard to ragsy and told him to read out the point spreads from the pdf. ragsy had a lot of trouble actually reading the point spreads. he finally got to hawaii and grandma said something about the rainbow warriors. all i could think about was a rainbow with plastic eyes wearing a football helmet, on the field, with a ball, and then i thought, “the rainbows could run through the other team, therefore they could score more points than the other team, and all that jazz.”

      plus, we don’t need more pilgrims running roughshod over the natives.

      (giving the computer to child 2)


      i am moving too hamburg, germany.

  • mich and auburn.

    • skins w
      colts l

      i woke up with a really strong feeling about msu winning outright at beaver today. but im a bit off put by msu’s road performances. (illinois? really?) those great punching up games they played against UM and OSU were at home. so i’ll just go with a single point on sparty and move the essay to old favorite WKU. they’re at marshall and a win gets them into the cusa championship game and marshall… well wtf doc holliday? i think your team has quit on you. wku just scores a 50+ points when they meet below-avergage cusa competition and that’s what they’ll see in huntington. i know i know, giving 24 points on the road. and i might should take notice of latech’s egg yesterday in a similiar game. but marshall has been one of the most disappointing teams in CFB this year and this with be a fitting closing for their year.

    • bupalos

      Being under the general influence of syphilitic philosophy does not make one a bad person.

      Picking Michigan does not make one a bad person.

      But being under the sway of a syphilitic philosophy AND picking Michigan? If I weren’t convinced you’ve been sent by Chinnamunda to test my neo-Buddhist worldview, we’d have a problem here!

  • John

    3 college picks

    Clemson -24 to South Carolina
    All play- Ohio State -6.5 to Michigan
    and my essay (but I’m not writing one)- Alabama -17 to Auburn

    c’mon college sports teams!

    • John

      Three more picks.

      Giants -7 to the Browns
      Bills -7.5 to the Jags
      my Bears +4.5 to the Titans

  • CLEinMSP

    South Carolina +24
    Broncos -3
    Utah +10
    Va Tech -19
    OSU -6.5 (All Play)
    Alabama -17 (Essay)

    Bama came out sluggish last week against Chattanooga and Nick Saban was all heated up. That said, I expect Bama to come out firing on all cylinders this afternoon at home in a rivalry game and blow the doors off Auburn. Anytime Auburn plays a decent defense (Vandy, Georgia, Clemson, etc.) they have trouble scoring points. I just don’t see how they muster more than 10 points in this game, and I see Bama getting into the 30s. Bama won’t be challenged again until their semifinal game on NYE.

  • 1) Redblacks +9
    2) South Carolina +24
    3) Auburn +17
    4) MSU +12.5
    5) Giants -7
    6) tOSU -6.5 (Essay, All Play, Pick of the Year)

    Essay/Pick of the Year: tOSU -6.5

    Michigan has played three road games this entire year: @ Rutgers; @ MSU; @ Iowa. Rutgers is a disgrace to football, MSU gave them a bit more of a challenge, and Iowa ultimately beat them. They have scored wins at home over Colorado (decisively) and Wisconsin (barely). While Michigan is the more experienced team in terms of upperclassmen, Ohio State is the more experienced team in big games this season. For as bad as these Buckeyes have looked at times (offensively challenged, at least), they’ve answered the call in almost all their big games this year and in a big way. UM has questions at QB, limiting what I believe UM is going to be doing on offense, hoping their defense can keep it close. I’d look for OSU to come out strong as they did against OU and never look back today.

  • ChuckKoz

    Ohio state -6.5

  • thatsfine

    Thankful for this online community who make watching football more enjoyable and interesting. Thankful to Mike B. for running this show, which has become streamlined and impressive over the four years I’ve been participating. Thankful to the Executive Committee and the real-life degenerates here for imparting their wisdom on people like me who love playing but have never laid a dollar on a game at a sportsbook. Thankful to Cheddar Bay for liberating me from being saddled with Browns fandom as my primary rooting interest.

    Ball St. +7 W
    Washington +7 W
    Toledo +9 Essay

    For the MAC West title, probably the MAC Championship given the weakness of the East. I’m jumping in front of the WMU freight train at home. WMU is rowing the boat, looking superb at 11-0. But, look at those 11 wins. The only win against a team that has a winning record today is (wait for it) Eastern Michigan (6-5). Their Big Ten wins were vs. Illinois (enough said) and Northwestern clearly in a down year. Toledo has a similar winning profile: 2 wins vs. teams with winning records today (EMU and Arkansas State). Probably the biggest achievement between the two teams is Toledo almost pulling one out against BYU on the road but losing 55-53. What I’m saying is WMU isn’t that much better than Toledo. It’s a variation on I’ve been saying all year long – there isn’t that much difference between teams in the middle or the bottom of the MAC this year. I think it’s true at the top as well. +9 is too many points, Toledo has a great offense and will cover this, and has a legit chance to win this outright.

    • thatsfine

      Trying for 5 points the hard way this week
      Nevada +9.5
      South Alabama +5

      • thatsfine

        Michigan +6.5
        After sleeping on it I still have no idea so I’ll take the points.

    • bupalos

      Cheddar is nothing if not liberating.

  • TCU +3 vs. Texas
    Maryland -13.5 vs. Rutgers
    Indiana +20.5 vs. Purdue
    AP: Michigan +6.5 @ OSU
    Wyoming -3 @ New Mexico
    Detroit vs. Vikings: won

    Though not surprising, it is difficult to find team names representative of giving life, rather than war. Under the patriarchal system and structure under which we subsist in today, this is to be expected. We rally our teams in the names of fierce and/or wild animals. We cheer on racially insensitive caricatures. We chant in the name of loose historical connections. So many forego the celebration of giving and living life, and concern themselves with the destruction and taking of life. What symbol of life is more universal than a tree and seeds? The one example I could think of, without any additional research, for a team that could represent a modicum of the gift of life, were The Buckeyes. Sure, it’s a slightly poisonous nut, and the actual mascot’s name is “Brutus” but I like to have hope. There might just be something special about celebrating the gift of life over the power of destruction.
    But why? Why am I blathering on about life, and trees, and team names? Shouldn’t I be quoting our favorite Gonzo journalist? Or parodying some Lewis Carroll? Well yes, I can do those things too:
    “Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshiped and fondled like a priceless diamond.” – HST
    Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And The Meshas are expecting a babe. (June 2016).
    **POTY** OSU -6.5 UofM

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP OSU -6.5
    U Conn pk
    KSU 26.5
    Alabama -17
    Ore State U +3
    ****Texans + 2**** ill-advised Essay

    • actovegin1armstrong

      The Texans should be able to run a bit on the Chargers and the Chargers Secondary does not look like they are world beaters either. Phillip Rivers has plenty of experience, an at least adequate group of receivers and a tight end of some note. However, Rivers has been on the respective cusp of greatness for a bit too long. Rivers does not have the league living in fear, as was once predicted.
      Rock Brossweiler, still sucks, but the Texans have more overall talent, a newly inspired former number 1 pick on defense and a running back getting about 4.5 yds per carry. I like their chances and 2 points.

  • Matt Lawrence

    Louisiana Tech -13.5

    • Matt Lawrence

      OSU -6.5 (Essay)

      Quite honestly, I just don’t think Michigan is that good and I see this being a two touchdown game. OSU is battle tested and they will solidify their spot in the playoff with a big win today. Michigan has played no one worth talking about all year. Yes, they beat Penn State before they hit their stride and Wisconsin. But both games were at home. Their QB had a freakin broken collarbone. I look for OSU to get after him early. And let me not forget Jabrill “I do a lot of things but not one thing well” Peppers. He will be a none factor.

  • cwonder23

    ASU -3 @ AZ
    MSU +12.5 @ PSU
    WMU -9 vs Toledo
    All Play: OSU -6.5 vs UM

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. LaTech -13.5
    2. Mizzou +7.5

    • Lucy Lawrence

      3. Boston College +3
      4. All Play/Essay OSU -6.5

      This is a total homer pick by me. Being an OSU alum this is a big day and I might as well make it even more exciting with my essay pick. I was at the last big OSU/Mich game when they were both in the top 5 and it’s still one of my fav memories to dates. We’ve all read the essays and there is much more to say. Michigan has been unimpressive on the road and I don’t think that changes when they walk into the shoe. Writing this makes me wish I was at kegs and eggs this morning getting toasty for THE GAME! Best way to end thanksgiving weekend period! Oh and by the way Jabrill has a small 🌶. Go Bucks!

  • Notice: the Grey Cup pick satisfies the ‘at least one pick from CFB or NFL’ rule. in other words, you can do 5 NFL + Grey Cup or 5 CFB + Grey Cup.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP OSU

  • Jmacdaddio

    Michigan +6.5 (AP)
    Texas -3
    West Virginia -7
    Rutgers +13.5
    Raiders -3 (Essay)
    Bucs +7

    This has been a tough essay week. I first had WVU with their intense rivalry vs. Iowa St. I thought WVU had a rivalry with Pitt, oh wait.. the conference musical chairs games. Then I was about to go with Texas and their more plausible rivalry with TCU, only to have more doubts. Turning to the games played on Sundays, the Raiders are looking more like a contender each week. The Panthers just don’t have it this year. They keep getting more credit than deserved based on last year’s laurels. The hits are starting to pile up on Cam Newton as well.

    Now, if only the Raiders’ future would be more known with their stadium and city relo plans. They’ll join the Las Vegas Golden Knights if they move to Sin City, which is odd since the NHL has no business expanding and should look to fold teams or shake up their league structure. Los Angeles seems to have greeted the Rams with a collective yawn, so somehow I’m not seeing the Chargers or Raiders going there. Which could lead to staying in Oakland, provided the local government coughs up some concessions and funds new off-ramps and roads. It’ll be interesting to see if the NFL can sustain its popularity long enough for a second wave of stadium extortions to go through once the new stadiums put up in the last 15 years outlive their revenue stream usefulness. By then teams might be able to legitimately threaten to move abroad, assuming the NFL marketing machine can sell the game.

  • LittleBallofHate

    Washington (-6)
    All play: OSU (-6.5)
    Texas (-3) vs. TCU
    Remember when Charlie Strong had the Longhorns back to prominence and in the Top 10 after the win over Notre Dame? Yup, seems like a century ago. Three months ago no one could have imagined Texas losing to Kansas of all teams, but with Tom Herman probably headed to LSU, Strong might still have managed to save his job despite a ton of people wanting him out. Texas can become bowl eligible with a win, and if they can get a convincing victory that might be enough to keep Strong alive for one more year. Those two factors along with it being a home game makes me put my faith (and 3 key Cheddar points) in the Longhorns.

  • Dave Borcas

    Iowa -1.5
    Toledo +9
    Air Force +8.5
    Ohio State -6.5 brain says a close game heart says Urban lives for BIG games
    Giants -7 Essay
    I don’t see the need to really get into the numbers when predicting the outcome of the Browns game. The only thing going in favor fore the Browns is the law of odds. There is a good chance that in one of these remaining weeks the Browns will surprise someone and get a win. Hue has a spirited group that gives a solid effort each week. Mistakes and bad plays at inopportune times is what is plaguing thins team. The Giants come to town playing well and getting better as the season goes on. They have not been blowing out teams, but doing what it takes to win. Josh McCown takes back the QB duties this week. Will he last through a whole game, or will they break him again? Mccown deep game gives the Browns hope, but he is always a possibility for a turnover. The safety play for the Browns has been horrendous and is definitely the worst group as a position on the Browns. Hers hoping we keep it close for the poor souls that will be in attendance. I see 27-17 G men.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Not only does field turf deprive players large and small of getting dirt on their uniforms, supposedly it contains massive amounts of compounds linked to cancer. The rubber pellets are made from ground-up tires, which on the one hand, has helped reduce illegal tire dumping, however when these pellets get warm in the sun and give off gases, yum.

    • thatsfine

      So if field turf is eliminated as a surface, 40 years in the future there will be a blog post about how there is a generation that has never seen a football uniform covered in cancer-causing compounds.

      • Hahaha

      • Jmacdaddio

        The best part is, we’ll read the blog post on screens embedded in our eyes.

  • mmmmsnouts

    These lines are brutal, absolutely brutal. Which is why I’m going with…

    GREY CUP: Calgary -9 vs. Ottawa. The Stampeders had the best record in the league, scored the most points, and gave up the fewest. They also went 9-1 against the West Division, which was much better than the East. The REDBLACKS (yes it’s all caps) had a losing record and got outscored on the season. The game is in Toronto and weather won’t be a factor, something you always have to check when wagering on Canadian football. Plus let’s be honest, I want to be able to say that I had action on this game. Good for my degenerate bona fides.

    ALL PLAY: Ohio State -6.5 vs. Michigan. I’ve seen John O’Korn play and he is not going to save Michigan.

    Steelers -7.5 vs. Colts (W)
    Louisiana Tech -13.5 vs. Southern Miss
    Giants -7 vs. Browns

    ESSAY: USF -10 vs. UCF

    Sure it’s dangerous to essay your own team in a rivalry game (now complete with a 160-pound trophy and detachable road sign), but when I started writing up our stat-heavy preview last night I came to the conclusion that USF should win this easily. The Knights can play defense, but only pass defense, and even that’s debatable because last week Tulsa didn’t need to pass. USF runs the hell out of the ball, where UCF struggles. UCF’s running game is so bad even the Bulls should be able to slow them down, and they don’t throw very well either. If USF can get its screen game back on track after SMU derailed it last week, they should have no trouble covering the 10 points. In fact they may win by much more than that.

    • BTW — the Grey Cup pick satisfies the ‘at least one pick from CFB or NFL’ rule. in other words, you can do 5 NFL + Grey Cup or 5 CFB + Grey Cup.

  • RCLA

    Gimme Wash St. and the points.

  • bupalos

    Houston -3.5, wish I had been in in time to essay
    NC -11.5, really just want to check out potential draftee Trubisky

  • pateslvrblk

    Steelers -7.5
    Oregon st +3
    Michigan +6.5

    Dolphins are now a totally different squad than they were at the start of the season. Miami’s defense has shown up while their quarterback got it together and is not turning the ball over. They are no joke, and we can see them in a good position to make the postseason as the Wild Card team. Playing against this bad Niners team is only going to boost their Playoff chances.
    With all that being said, we can’t finish talking about Miami Dolphins without mentioning Jay Ajayi. This man gave a new life to this team with his two 200-yard games. He is the one that has changed this crew and the reason Miami was able to bounce back.
    Miami is a better team right now, and they are becoming more dangerous each and every round. To get the even better position, it is required from them to make a statement and win these matchups against inferior competition, such as the Niners.

  • Brian

    Arkansas -7.5
    Louisiana Tech -13.5
    Old Dominion -13
    South Florida -10
    Michigan +6.5
    Titans -4.5 ***ESSAY***

    This is my essay pick this week for 2 reasons. 1) because Mariota and Murray have been really successful with balance between run and pass this year and 2) because Matt Barkley is just downright, piss poor, god awful, and an all around bad QB. How the guy still has a job in this league is sad to me. He can’t run and he can’t throw. Along with that he has no Alshon Jeffrey, No Zach Miller, a less than stellar line, and the bears defense isn’t exactly stout. I see Barkley in trouble all day with the Dick Lebeau blitzes. Should be a long day for the bears and they are well of their way for a top 5 pick this year. Titans for 3, please and thank you.

  • Arkansas -7.5
    Houston -3.5
    LA Tech -13.5
    Michigan +6.5

    Essay this weekend.

  • ill grab the other side of this colts/steelers tilt.
    #2 colts.

  • thatsfine

    Washington +7

  • bupalos



    1. Bills
    2. Ucf
    3. OSU (all play)
    4. Louisville
    5. Chargers
    6. Wazzu (barely have internet where I am so making this my non essay week)

    • that’s GREY cup. apols.

  • the first ‘real’ book i ever read was allan eckert’s ‘the frontiersman.’ the historical narrative describing life during the opening of kentucky and ohio through the eyes of simon kenton and tecumseh was fascinating as a nine year old and having discovered it again via audible, it is still and maybe moreso. for ohioans especially, the fact of setting being in familiar places like the scioto, upper sandusky, marietta, springfield make it come to life. it has been a great refresher on ohio history. for example, im up on the sand creek and wounded knee massacres;;; but i never really understood gnadenhutten until this re-read and have to say that that there is a memorial that deserves to be higher in our consciousness. [massacre by tomahawk of ˜100 unarmed moravian-converted christian (ie, non-warring) indians. given that killing and scalping were done one on one and by hand, i find it more horrific than any of the other massacres.]

    i really dont know what there is to say about that time and place. it happened. the tribes inhabiting paradise were moral and intelligent and their civilization adapted out of respect for their wilderness paradise and functioned on a high level thereby. i think, though, they were doomed in the face to the numbers of foreigners flooding into their country. and there is nothing that can be done now about that.

    but what i really dont understand is how adoption of a cleverly-hyphenized-newspeak either tends to pasts wrongs or fixes current ones. to me, it reeks of posturing to signal solidarity with your ideological peers and nothing more.

    many years ago, i was a chief wahoo guy because i thought the neon sign of him over municipal stadium was as iconically cleveland as terminal tower. but at some point i read a frowns piece and took a second look and agreed he had a fair point and havent worn wahoo since.

    i hope some of you will do me the same courtesy of taking a second look at what you really mean to accomplish with your newspeak adherence. do you want to shame dan snyder into renaming his team into something like the redhawks? or is it more that you want assert power and control over others in the service of authoritarian progressive ideology?

    from here it reads like ‘b’and i believe this is so with many people who just have better sense than me in that they keep their opinions on this subject to themselves.

    shit,,, i guess i should at least take the redskins after all that. (but not for essay.)

    happy thanksgiving.

    • Mike, I love you and you make some good points here, especially about the fact that the District of Columbia should be renamed, but this stuff about “newspeak” and “authoritarian progressive ideology” is just nonsense. Opposition to the Indians and Redskins name and the Wahoo logo is just about basic decency and doing something to acknowledge and remediate, at least to some small extent, a massive injustice. To the extent this really bothers you that much, I suggest rethinking your proposition that “[Native Americans] were doomed in the face to the numbers of foreigners flooding into their country.” Maybe start with the idea that the leaders of those foreign lands that started this flood might have easily prevented it or at least dramatically stemmed it had they acted with basic decency themselves when they discovered that this country existed. As much as child rape might have been a lot more acceptable in those days than it was now, basic principles of non-violence and avoidance of greed and misappropriation are as old as human history, and might easily enough have been followed here. I get it, they weren’t. But that doesn’t mean we have to act like something epically horrible didn’t happen here. Native Americans today are asking us to stop rubbing their noses in it, and even if it’s just some of them, why wouldn’t we?

      Anyway, I do realize that there is some justification for the Redskins name. Certainly a lot more than there is for Wahoo, at least. http://anthropology.si.edu/goddard/redskin.pdf

      So in solidarity with you, and Galea Minor’s essay, and because there’s something fun about rooting for the Indians over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, I’ll change my vote from Dallas to Washington today.

      But really, why do any of the subsequent massacres matter after what Columbus started?


      • zizzer13

        At the risk of turning the PC wolves against me, I’d like to provide a counter point.

        It is simply an opinion that being opposed to various nicknames and logos is “basic decency.” It is not a matter of fact. What is a fact is that the overwhelming majority of those of native descent do not find it offensive. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/new-poll-finds-9-in-10-native-americans-arent-offended-by-redskins-name/2016/05/18/3ea11cfa-161a-11e6-924d-838753295f9a_story.html)

        Anecdotally, I have worked with and among tribes in three different parts of the country – the southwest, upper plains and central NY. In each case, the topic was brought up because of the frequency with which logos of the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Blackhawks appear on native lands. In all three locations, the refrain was the same: the use of these monikers is a way to ensure that their history and heritage remain in the eye of the general public, and not just within their territory. There’s a deep sense that over time, without these references in everyday culture, they may become relegated to a historical footnote. You may view it as continued oppression of these groups; they view it as continued existence.

        I’m glad that you include the reference that “some of them” are “asking us to stop rubbing their noses in it.” One of the individuals quoted in the Washington Post article is Ray Halbritter, identified as a representative of the Oneida Nation. Mr. Halbritter is well-known among the Oneidas (nearly all of whom I’d met, worked with and talked with, find it insulting that he’s described as a “representative” when they don’t believe he truly represents anyone but himself), and it’s pubic knowledge among the Oneida Nation that he’s seeking one thing and one thing only: a way to capitalize financially off of these likenesses. Within his own community, he’s widely regarded (and described as such) as a shyster. If his own people think so poorly of him and his motives, why is his opinion given so much weight by the mainstream media?

        As much as some would like to believe, there’s zero chance that every single person is going to come to a unanimous agreement on every single topic. Knowing that you’re never going to have everyone agreeing on everything, what’s the threshold to determine what percentage of people who are offended is allowable? Who defines that threshold? If you can’t see, as Mike described it, a “authoritarian progressive ideology” in an answer to those two questions, then you’re just as guilty of foisting your own will upon others as you believe those using Native American names are doing.

        • LOL another white guy with an anecdote about his observations on Indian reservations. Larry Dolan has one of those stories, too. I’d like to see you come out and talk to the Natives who protest outside Progressive Field with this line.

          This is from an article I wrote about the Cleveland Indians in 2012 that you should read if you’re really worried about “PC Wolves”:

          “Andy Baskin, a morning personality at 92.3 and sports director at Cleveland’s NewsNet5, recently spoke on his radio show about visiting a reservation in the Southwest and seeing children wearing Chief Wahoo hats.
          “‘There were African Americans who were OK with sitting on the back of the bus too,’ Farrar responds.

          “‘No minority is a monolithic group,’ adds Higginbotham. ‘It’s hard enough to assimilate without taking on these battles.’ (Baskin, incidentally, has concluded that the Wahoo tradition is not one worth holding on to.)

          “Ferris State’s David Pilgrim points out that the U.S. Constitution provides for a Bill of Rights and an independent judiciary precisely because of the problems with leaving certain issues to majorities, expressing his frustration with this fundamental element of protest dynamics. ‘There’s only so much energy for these things when you’re a member of the oppressed race,’ he says. “The dominant culture has all the advantages. The force we’re fighting doesn’t have to do anything but the same thing that it’s always been doing.’

          I guess one can argue about what’s fact and what’s opinion re: “basic decency” but if you can’t reach this conclusion after considering the perspectives here (in the whole article, not just the excerpt — http://m.clevescene.com/cleveland/the-curse-of-chief-wahoo/Content?oid=2954423&showFullText=true –) please let me know.

          I agree that some of the representations are worse than others. But the National Congress of American Indians has come out strongly against them as a whole, among countless other representative groups. http://www.ncai.org/proudtobe So it’s hardly pertinent to point out that there’s a bad apple in the bunch.

          • zizzer13

            You never answered the question. What is the threshold for percentage of people who are okay with something vs. those who are opposed, and who is the all-knowing authoritarian who makes that determination? I live in a world where decisions are based on data, and the data says that Native Americans aren’t opposed to this by a significant margin. Those most affected by it do not see it as an issue, so why do guilty white people insist that they are wrong? Isn’t that more offensive and condescending, to insist that you know what offends them more than they do? I realize in your Scene article you’re pushing your agenda, but it might be stronger if you’d presented both sides of the issue from the Native American perspective rather than simply dismissing a survey that runs contrary to the point you’re trying to make.

            Pilgrim can cite the Constitution and Bill of Rights all he wants, but Native Americans reject it in favor of their own sovereignty. Those documents protect American citizens, which Native Americans do not desire to be, preferring their own citizenship in their nation, even when things like American passports would benefit them.(http://uslaxmagazine.com/international/2014-15/news/072415_passport_impasse_keeps_haudenosaunee_home)

          • yeah he didnt address the fact of ‘bias free language’ guides in the context of cultural revolution type authoritarianism with me either. got called a white guy AND a jerk tho! so, progress!

          • The question is irrelevant and frequently used in bad faith to distract from the substance of the issue. We’re talking about an obvious wrong that a significant portion of the affected culture is asking to be stopped (including the largest representative body of that culture). There’s no need for atom-splitting here, as much as you’d like to pretend otherwise.
            Mike, I’m sorry that I called you a white guy.

          • The American Sociological Association must be a part of the Maoist conspiracy as well. http://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/asa_letter_to_commissioner_manfred.pdf

          • “The American Sociological Association must be a part of the Maoist conspiracy as well.”
            a literal K Street think tank that says “Like gender, sexuality is not just biologically constructed, but is shaped by social and cultural factors.” your source says gender is shaped by culture.

            theyre also on the vanguard of ‘bias-free and gender-neutral’ writing police having published a style guide advocating avoiding certain words (ie, censorship) in 1997.

            DONT SAY MANKIND!!!!
            ^^^that’s the source you cited which i am supposed to accept as an authority.

            so maoist? i dont know about that, but since i know gender to be biologically determined and still say mankind, it’s clear their apparatchiks would deem me in need of re-education so yeah, they check several maoist boxes.

            ive got more on this but off to work.

          • Pete for fuck’s sake, “another white guy?” My god. Do I even lift? Our whole blogging reason for being is because we who ‘never played the game’ know better than ‘experts’ that one should pick David DeCastro over Brandon Weeden. That is so pathetically soft of an opener and you seriously should be embarrassed, if only from a technical polemics point of view in that it kills/negates everything you say after it.

            I wanted to let this go but here what I drafted to provide clarity on my initial objection. Of course,,, I’m white (LOL!) so feel free to ignore and/or demean my thinking on this.

            what bothers me is the presumption that a particular word should be banned in a vain attempt to provide redress for actions that occurred 200 years ago. what bothers me is the presumption of moral superiority that is projected by boycotters over others who either:
            dont find it a problem or
            dont accept someone else’s application of 21st century basic decency onto 18th century types who survived with flintlock muskets in lean-tos, or
            choose to memorialize that time differently.
            if ‘raising awareness’ is truly the goal of all this my
            suggestion to those who are aggrieved on behalf of indigenous americans, particularly ohioans, is to visit gnadenhutten and internalize the scene in that longhouse. then drive to upper sandusky and think about the unprecedented meeting of shawnees, delaware, wyandots, miamis and the revenge they extracted on the same gnadenhutten militia that marched toward them. or you can go to defiance where colonials were routed and sent on a long bitter march back to cincinnati. wander down to kentucky and imagine finding the natural salt deposits of the blue licks and astounding volume of fauna it attracted. and finally anything chillicothe.
            in short, since nothing tangible can be done, why not gain an internal appreciation for ones own self. and stop being a naggy bitch to people with whom you dont agree.

            I dont give two shits if you and others on this board dont want to say Redskins and prefer to prance around with wordplay that also scrupulously avoids saying Indian or America. You’ve become a parody of yourselves but, hey, knock yourselves out and I’m white so whatever. And all would be fine if that was where it stopped. But it doesnt stop. Bup already put me on notice that he’s appointed himself ‘retard’ police as though I dont understand concepts of context or nuance and so cant be trusted to use the word properly. (Cant WAIT to see what Zuckerberg/Bezos/Brin are determine to be fake news!!) The progressive aristocracy of the better educated have appointed themselves guardians of sensitivity in order to save us plebs from our wrongthink. So seriously, fuck right off to that. You are utterly Maoist in this latest implementation of a cultural revolution and this is your little red book.

          • Glad you took the chance to vent, Mike, but it will always be funny and worth pointing out when a white guy talks about why oppressed minority groups shouldn’t be offended by stereotypical representations and cultural appropriation. If you want to keep being a jerk about this, that’s your right. Just as it’s my right to keep disagreeing with you about what a jerk is, and keep pointing at your tinfoil hat when you talk about “newspeak” and Mao, etc. Maybe your football picks would be better if you let go of some of your angst here.

          • Native Americans: “After stealing a continent and committing unspeakable atrocities and genocide against us, we’d appreciate if you didn’t continue to rub our noses in it with these sports mascots, especially the obviously dehumanizing ones like Chief Wahoo.”

            White guy number 1: “Gosh, that’s only fair, isn’t it? We white people should really stop this. We’d be jerks not to.”

            White guy number 2: “White people!?!?!>@#$!!@? Mao! Newspeak! The progressive aristocracy is projecting its notions of decency on me!”

            Hoo boy.

    • bupalos

      “or is it more that you want assert power and control over others in the service of authoritarian progressive ideology?”

      The one thing I feel like I’ll just never understand about the “anti-political-correctness” brigade is how something that is at heart supposed to be a criticism of blowing small things out of proportion can have this type of critique at it’s heart. Really? Trying to convince people to move our language away from ways in which it is trapped in a past that everyone knows was less equitable and less respectful of differences — things like not calling people “retards” — is evidence of some kind of authoritarian ideology and power grab?

      Stop and look at that. Yes, you will find anecdotes of humans using every available idea, social movement, or system to further or fight for their own personal power over others, in every day and every age. The idea that “authoritarianism” is somehow at the heart of the idea of showing greater respect and deference in our language and cultural expression is so common and hackneyed now, we have whole TV networks devoted to this surpassing truth. It’s Nietzsche at the worst hour of his worst syphilitic episode.

      • i have a solemn admission to make: i have a bootleg version of song of the south, bup. isnt that horrifying? you and disney and netflix must think so because try to find it anywhere. and your fear is well-placed because the subversion contained within uncle remus’s zippity doo dah is off the charts.

        if you cant understand how relentless school-marming is received as authoritarian then you’re truly not trying. nietzche? fuck me, explain. syphilitic? nothing subtle in that insult but still not persuasive and nor will it cow me into silence. I DISAGREE WITH YOU AND THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A BAD PERSON AND I RESENT THE IMPLICATION. i dont find ‘redskins’ problematic and more importantly i reject your presumed authority to ban words based on your subjective interpretation of hate.

        REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS. now go ahead and take me to room 101.

        • bupalos

          I should be more careful, obviously something there went comically awry.

          Just to explain how I am not intending any of the odd ad-hominem related to you and std’s that have you going all-caps here: Nietzche really did have syphilis. I don’t even think he’s a bad person because he had syphilis, and certainly not that you’re a “bad person,” or that you have syphilis, or anything like that. I do think Nietzche’s syphilis pushed him into some bad psychological and philosophical places, and that he really is (to me) the founder of the school of thought you’re using to ask your question here.

          The heart of this is that every act of man is defined by a drive for power, and especially that supposed social/charitable acts like trying to convince people not to use an ethnicity as a mascot or to plead for greater charity and understanding for the weak and historically oppressed are actually veiled attempts to become master and oppress others (or to avenge oneself on “the masters”). I think it’s fair for you to ask people to search their own conscience and ask themselves whether, witting or unwitting, some of this drive for power isn’t really what’s at the heart of their modern liberalism, especially when you feel it is “going too far.” I have a great deal of respect for the deep psychological dive that was required to unearth this pre-Christian notion, if not for the sometimes horrifying life it has actually led in the modern world and modern mind since being unearthed. People really should engage with that question; it won’t kill them, and will make them stronger.

          But I don’t think it’s fair to presume an answer, and I think you should understand that some people have thought about these specific things for themselves and (however deluded this may be in Nietzschian or strict rationalist perspectives) have come to believe that the meaning of life exists in the cooperative connections between the larger family of man, rather than the competitive ones.

          In any event, it’s recently dawned on me in much greater force the way that division and discord of all kinds works against the realizations of these connections. We should all just examine our assumptions about others and ourselves, something that seems to be harder and harder to do as it becomes easier and easier to self-segregate among “our own kind.”

        • humboldt

          Some friends in the UK sent this my way. A provocative rant, and good to see some self-reflective foment on the left https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLG9g7BcjKs&t=

  • mmmmsnouts

    Yeah, Steelers -7.5 for a point like everyone else. Sorry Scott Tolzien, those aren’t pillows.

    Interestingly I would have taken the Colts if Luck was healthy because I think he would have dragged them to a cover. Not even the Packers with Aaron Rodgers have such a discrepancy between the quality of their starting QB and the rest of their team.

  • HitTheHorns

    Steelers have #10 ranked offense according to footballoutsiders.com, Colts have 31st ranked D. Steelers got healthy against the Clowns last week and the division is still there for them. A bad backup QB on a short week. The two point conversion success rate league wide is about 55%. Steelers will make a few this week and cover. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Wait HTH you said you were gonna vote against the Cowboys till they didn’t cover. What gives, Sir?

  • pate is in for the steelers.

  • Dave Borcas

    Stillers -7.5 tonight

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Turkey day special
    Ohio state
    I love the bucks Saturday. Michigan is not the same team on the road. Asking a back up qb to step in on the road when he couldn’t do it in Iowa. No way. There even talk about the starter trying to play with a broken collarbone. The shoe should be extra rowdy for the first meaningful Michigan game in years. 100k+ losing there minds as a backup tried to move the ball against the best defensive backfield in the country. No way Jose. Love the bucks. Urn runs it up 42-14

  • LittleBallofHate

    Going with Steelers -7.5 for one Cheddar point.
    By the way, since the Grey Cup is Sunday can we wager on that?

    • will bring it to the exec cmte.

      Line will be as is in pdf –> Calgary -9.5 at Ottawa.

    • Thanks for asking about the big CFL game, LBH. A long overdue modification here, IMO. I propose that next year we make Thanksgiving a seven vote week with two All Plays: OSU/Michigan and The Grey Cup. Can I get a second?

      • LittleBallofHate

        I would second the nomination of two All Plays next year the week of the Grey Cup

  • Troy Bunting

    Essay Pick
    Steelers -7.5
    Everyone seems to be feasting on the main dish Scott Tolzien turkey, so i’ll use my essay to offer up some sides. The Steelers are 1-6 all time on thanksgiving, well shit that goes against my bet. Steelers have won 4 of the last 5, that’s helpful. Who am i kidding, this pick is based on what we all want today. Turkey! Scott Tolzien is a bird that can’t fly. I expect James Harrison to be all over Tolzien, possibly eating him if only to help Harrison lift more. See below for this weeks star spotlights>

    Tolzien – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H6uGqAOFMM
    James Harrison – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4uu4G_2pR8

  • Galea Minor

    Michigan +6.5 over OSU (All-Play)
    Florida +7.5 over FSU
    Wazzu St +6 over Washington
    TAMU +6.5 over LSU
    Lions -2.5 over Vikings
    Native Americans +7 over Cowboys (Essay)

  • One of my friends was just telling me about a great and recently-deceased American writer named Barry Hannah, who once dedicated one of his short story collections with this quote: “Heaven is pals.” What a great quote, and very applicable to this group of football voting pals and this little slice of heaven here called Cheddar Bay.

    As much as we, as a species, so badly fall short in making the most of technology to create a more just world for all, technology does continue to enable great things, including new friendships that blossom or take root or whatever over the internet (like with this contest). It’s nice to think of just what a new phenomenon this is in human history and just how much potential might be in it in terms of making that better world.

    Something related that’s on my mind this morning is that every time I host a gathering, when it’s over, I never regret having invited too many people. The only regret I ever have is about the people that I didn’t invite because I thought (always wrongly) that there wouldn’t be enough space or food or drink or whatever.

    The specific reason this is on my mind today is that, earlier this summer, Agnes and I hosted a very small gathering on Kelley’s Island in connection with our wedding. We didn’t have a lot of space to work with and were somewhat nervously wanting everything to go perfectly, but as the event approached I realized that everything would be fine and that we would have extra space and food, etc., so my inclination was to send out last-minute invitations to more friends. One of those last-minute invitations ended up going out to my buddy Joe, known here on the Bay and as well on Twitter as @pheasantpants, who lives in Sandusky and was just a short hop to Kelley’s Island.

    This, folks, was a good decision.

    See, Joe and I had not spent all that much time together in real life at that point. We met on Twitter circa-2010, and interacted due to common interests. Namely, mostly, that Joe was a law-student at CWRU in Cleveland and sports fan (from the Detroit-area) who went to undergrad at the University of Florida, and I was writing a lot at Cleveland Frowns at the time about sports and law-related stuff, and was also writing a weekly football voting column at Every Day Should Be Saturday, the college football site founded and run by the UF-grad known as @EDSBS.

    So until this summer, Joe and I had gotten together for a beer a few times, and continued to get along really well on social media, but that was it. But since he came to the wedding party, the relationship has developed to the point where I’ve also become good friends with his brother Nick, known as Galea Minor here on the Bay, also a sports fan and lawyer who tends to represent underrepresented parties like I do and also like Joe came to do after he graduated from law school. Now we talk pretty much every day in a Facebook chat named in honor of extremely underappreciated Tigers pitcher Mike Pelfrey — inspired by an extremely underappreciated blog post — http://sheahey.blogspot.com/2010/08/big-fucking-pelf-or-fuck-big-pelf.html — and not only is it an extremely effective support group for overworked and underpaid salt-miners, it’s basically like I have two new brothers.

    As badly as things can sometimes go with blood relatives, especially in This World We Live In Today, it’s especially nice to be able to remediate with relationships like this. Again, as shown on the Bay here every week, at least to some degree.

    Which is to say that the Galea Bros. are Lions fans, who were gathered around the fireside last night for the holiday with their old man, who was wearing Lions pajamas, which is enough to tip the scales for me in terms of my essay choice to honour something for which I am thankful for this year.

    And anyway, it seems like Jim Caldwell has a good rhythm and attitude going re: Thanksgiving ball.



    I also like this a lot from Caldwell, via ESPN’s Michael Rothstein:

    “Lions HC Jim Caldwell said you have to have a regimen and way to go about it to stay healthy. Said he prays first thing in the morning and exercises six days a week. Said he bikes, runs and lifts – ‘barely his weight these days, and it’s heavy.’ Has never had a health scare in football.”

    So, Lions -2.5 over Vikings for my Vote of the Week.

    And Cowboys -7.

    Will be back with 2 more at some point this weekend. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all and the biggest thanks of all to Herr Burgermeister for making this contest possible.

    • As noted above, I’m changing my Cowboys vote to the Washington team in solidarity with Kanick and etc.

      • I’m rooting for Ohio State but will hedge with Michigan for one point here. The line is down to 5, which is strange.

        • Florida +7.5 over FSU for my last vote and hopefully lobster.

    • pheasantpants

      I’m relieved that the Lions got it done for you here today.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Love you Frownie, Pheasant Pants, and GM. We owe a great debt to you MB et al

    • pheasantpants

      Glad I had a reason to seek this post out today, because I never really properly thanked you for it. Love ya, man.

  • SKOL VIKINGS +2.5 for a cheddar. I like this ML dog action too.

    and I might possibly be back for some Tolzien action later since everyone’s on them Steeler nuts.

  • pheasantpants

    Lions -2.5
    TAMU +6.5

    • pheasantpants

      AP: OSU

  • oxr

    Going to have to join the merry throng on Steelers -7.5 over Colts.

    • oxr

      (All-Play Michigan +6.5 over Ohio State)

      • oxr

        Two points! This week is already a success. Time to pick some can’t-miss favorites…

        Titans -4.5 over Bears – this week the Random Bears Generator has coughed up Matt Barkley, who will now probably go off for 400 yards. Essay candidate if Bears were not involved.
        Saints -7 over Rams – Saints at home vs. generally lousy offense = point differential?
        Chargers -2 over Texans

        Essay Raiders -3 over Panthers – The Panthers haven’t been getting blown out much but they’re last place in the division and going basically nowhere, so this seems like a reasonable candidate for a beating. Luke Kuechly is injured; Newton is getting chased around and not looking like himself; I didn’t know who Mario Addison was until I just looked it up but apparently him not playing is bad news as well. The Raiders’ schedule may not be the stuff of legends, but they beat the Broncos soundly and a FG at home isn’t too much of a price to pay. (Lines may not quite have adjusted to the Raiders being good again.)

  • Chris Schroeder

    -5 Idaho vs. South Alabama
    -18 BYU vs. Utah State
    -4 Northern Illinois @ Kent State
    -7 NY Giants @ Cleveland Browns
    All Play: -6.5 Ohio State vs. Michigan

    Essay/Pick of the Year: -13.5 Louisiana Tech @ Southern Miss
    Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    Stadium: Carlisle-Faulkner Field at M.M. Roberts Stadium
    Kickoff: 4:00 PM 11/25/16
    Broadcast: ESNN
    Weather: Sunny 71 Winds 6 NNW
    Mascots: Tech XX vs. Seymour d’Campus

    The Game: Tech is on a hot streak winning their 7th game in a row last week against USTA. On the flip side Southern are on a slide running a 3 game losing streak losing to The Mean Green of North Texas. The Bulldogs have won against Southern in the last 7 meetings with a margin of victory close to 24 points. The rivalry between these two universities almost made me stay away from this game but pure motivation to gain home field advantage for the C-USA Championships is on the line for the Bulldogs which will give them the edge for the win, but also to cover.

  • trashycamaro

    Michigan +6.5 over tOSU

    Lions -2.5 over Vikings

    Cowboys -7 over Washington Football Team

    Essay Steelers -7.5 over Colts Scott Tolzien. Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.Scott Tolzien.

    And the Colts were already super terrible.

    Florida +7.5 over FSU

    Patriots -7.5 over Jets

    • I feel you but that’s not an essay, bruv. Do you want to use your no-essay-essay?

      • trashycamaro

        Yeah, I know it was not a real essay. Really at this point I think I should flip the other way as everyone is on this game. That said, I am pretty sure a 5 point swing for one player is astoundingly large…but it still feels like it falls short in this game. I mean Grigson is doing some masterful Browns level work over there in Indy. How do you have a transcendent talent like Luck and literally give him nothing to work with? That’s not fair, of course, he has like a total of 7 receiving targets picked in the top 3 rounds of the draft over the past 4 years, but no RB, no O-Line and no defense? Well, nevermind. Per Football Outsiders Gore is performing like a top 10 back, Hilton a top 10 WR, and Doyle a top 10 TE, and the O-Line is a top 10 run blocking unit.

        Who knew?

        Of course their pass blocking and all aspects of defense (minus league average pass rush) is a Browns level dumpster fire.

        Anyway, you put all that together with Steelers ability with a healthy Ben and co. and …who the ^$#@ are we kidding? Scott Tolzien.

    • trashycamaro

      Need to swap out the Florida pick. Can’t take both teams losing today, especially if I lose the bet on one of them too (yes I started at Michigan, finished at University of Florida, and went to law school at University of Alabama).

      Anyway, let’s swap in Eagles -4 over Packers. Not sure what happened to the defense up there in GB, but best to ride it while we can.

      • trashycamaro

        Getting to be a mess, but need to swap in Titans -4.5 over Bears for the Pats pick please.

  • zizzer13

    Lions -2.5 over Vikings
    Cowboys -7 over Redskins
    Steelers -7.5 over Colts

    More to come… Enjoy the food coma, everyone…

    • zizzer13

      NIU -4 over Kent

      • zizzer13

        Clemson -24 over South Carolina
        Ohio State -6.5 over Michigan (ESSAY)

        Football fans in these two states need no background or history on this rivalry, and there’s no point in rehashing it here. True rivalries aren’t decided on history, anyway, they’re decided in the moment by the teams involved. How many times in this rivalry has one team been unranked, the other highly regarded, yet the upset is pulled or nearly pulled?

        I believe that John Harbaugh is great for college football; for Michigan, though, I think he’s an unmitigated disaster. Michigan shouldn’t have to be the type of program that relies on gimmicks to attract recruits, and I refuse to believe that this is the only way that Harbaugh can attract these key players. Nick Saban isn’t having camp-outs. You know what attracts players? Winning.

        On the opposite sideline, you have perhaps the greatest big-game coach in college football today. Since he’s been at Ohio State, he’s lost exactly ONE “big” game, the 2013 Big Ten title game against Michigan State.

        The only thing giving me pause on this game is the line. 6.5 is an awful lot, even with Michigan lining up O’Korn behind center. In the end, though, Ohio State knows it needs help to get into the Big Ten title game; that part is out of its control. So this game must be looked upon as its final chance to impress the selection committee. A close win still leaves room for doubt among the committee members; a decisive victory erases all doubt that Ohio State’s one of the four best teams in the country. It’s that mindset that has me taking the Buckeyes to win by a touchdown or more tomorrow in the Shoe.

  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Ohio St. -6.5 v. ❌ichigan: Heart? Head? Who cares? GO BUCKS! BEAT BLUE!
    1. Indigenous Persons +7 @ Cowboys:
    2. Lions -2.5 v. Vikings: I’m thankful to be able to bet against Pat Shur❌ur on a holiday.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’ve got a ha❌ on the s❌oker and the turkey will be in the deep fryer. This will be a good day.

    ❌ore picks to co❌e after I actually look at the rest of the slate…

    • Capitalgg

      I originally had the Ratbirds and Northwestern in the 3 & 4 holes, but after reading cheddar advice I’ve pro❌oted these 2 ga❌es that I had given very hard looks at originally.

      3. Colorado -10 v. Utah
      4. TCU +3 @ Texas

      ❌ichigan St., kryptonite to Urban ❌eyer’s Super❌an, gave Ohio St. everything they could handle last week in the swirling winds of East Lansing. ❌aybe it’s a sign that Sparty has turned things around? Ah-hahahaha hahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha ah-hahahahhahahhahahaha…

      Seriously, ❌ichigan St. got up to play their absolute best game, ❌eanwhile the OSU coaches co❌pletely cla❌❌ed up. Also don’t discount Ohio St. having gone into week before The Ga❌e in lock-up ❌ode putting just enough attention into the ga❌e that their talent should have carried the❌ easily. But then that weather hit and the Buckeyes buttoned it up to another degree. So OSU escapes narrowly.

      The Spartans will not be able to bring that intensity this week in State College. Penn St., with a B1G Cha❌pionship ga❌e berth on the line, will absolutely roll in this one by at least 17 points. So lock ❌e up for Penn St. -12.5 v. ❌ichigan St.

      Other Considerations:
      Toledo +9 @ Western ❌ichigan
      Northwestern -16.5 v. Illinois
      North Carolina -11.5 v. North Carolina St.
      Indiana -20.5 v. Purdue
      ❌aryland -20.5 v. Rutgers
      West Virginia -7 @ Iowa St.
      Arkansas St. -5 @ UL-Lafayette
      San Diego St. -11.5 v. Colorado St.
      Ravens -4.5 v. Bengals
      Jaguars +7.5 @ Bills
      Titans -4.5 @ Bears

  • Nick

    Spending Thanksgiving week at my Grandma-in-law’s house in Moreland Hills, which might as well be a bird sanctuary, given the amount of bird feeders that exist around the property. My favorite bird is the flicker, it’s big and bland, just like me. I like chickadee’s also because, “they always know where the good food is” according to Gram. I have been staying here for about 3 years, and my arch nemesis, the pileated woodpecker continues to avoid me in every way, only showing itself to Gram and Katie. Good bird. And while I don’t understand entrusting an entire Thanksgiving meal to an 86 year old, I admire the risk taking, and fear we may be eating some stuffing today that is a compilation of items dating back to 2010. At least, we have a handle of Early Times to help ease the stomach. With birds in mind, I will take the Hawkeyes to cover against Nebraska as my essay.

    Lions -2.5 over Vikings
    Redskins +7 vs Cowboys
    Steelers -7.5 vs Colts
    Michigan +6.5 vs OSU
    Iowa -1.5 vs Nebraska***Essay
    Browns +7 vs Giants

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      I think northern flickers are kind of special with their spots and bit of red. They are more elusive in our yard than the pileated so sighting them is even more exciting.

  • RCLA

    Gimme the inelegantly named DC football assholes for a point.

  • zarathustra

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Vikings for one point today.

  • Turkey Day Action!
    Lions -2.5 vs. Pat Shurmur

  • GRRustlers

    Week 13 Picks

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful Cheddar people.

    Lions (-2.5) over Vikings – I’m jealous of the Lions. Holy shit…so that’s what rock bottom is for a Browns fan.

    Colorado (-10) over Utah – This is an unreal bunch of seniors who are not going to let the fact that their last home game actually means something slip through their fingers. In related news I don’t really care what the playoff committee does with the 4th playoff spot since well you know but if Wisconsin were to get in over Colorado I would completely lose my mind.

    WSU (+6) over Washington – If all I have is the eye test how is Falk not the best NFL ready QB in CFB? Guy checks all the boxes.

    Michigan State (+12.5) over Penn State – Coaching matters and I love the way the Spartans are finishing their lost season. No way that team is not ready for what is their bowl game.

    AP – Michigan (+6.5) over OSU – Not a clue but this game feels like 9-6.

    Essay Pick

    10 days off. 10 days to prepare for a rookie QB and a chance to reset your season. The Saints are still alive and the Rams are not. The second Jeff Fisher turned to Jared Goff he declared the season over. He only did it to try and save his job and so that he can say I gave the kid the reps he needed so that we will be ready to roll in 2017. The Saints are coming off back to back tough losses and I look for them to score early and often which puts the Rams in a tough spot because well they can’t score. It’s time for New Orleans to make the dome a real advantage again down the stretch. Love the Saints this week.

    Saints (-7) over Rams

  • Chris P.

    Nebraska +1.5 Iowa
    Florida +7.5 Florida State
    Washington -6 Washingotn State
    Lions -2.5 Vikings
    Michigan +6.5 Ohio State

    How am I thankful?

    1) I’m thankful that President Obama is hiding the button
    2) I’m thankful that Robert Griffin is going to get a second chance to go on IR this year
    3) I’m thankful for a wife and kids that appreciate my idiosyncracies
    4) I’m thankful that I can use appreciate and tolerate as synonyms
    5) I’m thankful for a football contest that lets me just rant

    okay onto the good stuff. I’ve talked about overreacting. Everyone overreacted to TCU’s losses to good teams, and somehow made Baylor a favorite over them and Patterson’s clan laid down a whoopin. So, I come to look for a favorable Texas line this week, thinking mass overreaction and expecting texas to get 7 at home and…


    okay back to my thankful list

    but most of all….
    6) I’m thankful for boosters who will bet five figures on crap ass tesms to drive a line somewhere it shouldn’t go just because they’re alumni and have money squirting out of every texas-crude-oil soaked pore of their body.


    Arkansas is 7-4 in a tough conference. Oklahoma is top 10. Oklahoma State is top 10. West Virginia is top 20.

    Texas is not this kind of team. For boosters who want a coach out, they’re sure willing to bet on him. Not me. I’m riding the Horned Frogs again.

    Texas Christian +3 Texas

  • FTCMikeD

    Vikes +2.5 over LIONS
    COWBOYS -7 over Skins
    AP: OSU -6.5 over TTUN

  • I won’t sit idly by while my wife dives in to a loaded week of voting options by spending half her votes on Tuesday night MACtion. EMU and Zippy, for one vote each, please.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    EMU +1.5
    Akron +10.5
    Ball St +7

    • Trifectaaaaa

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      Toledo +9 essay
      UM +6.5
      CFL pick to come (fingers crossed)

      I haven’t anything brilliant to say this week. Last week was my first virgin lobsterita and it came on the heals of a money winning lobster fest. One can only assume one of 2 things occurred. 1) As Frowns predicted, I fell victim to hubris or 2) Vegas fixers are following my votes and created lines to foil me. I may never know the truth. It is obvious though that I need to stick to MAC games and avoid the big money. Last year the MAC extended its contract with ESPN for mid week games until 2026, so there are many more years of early voting ahead. Thus far the MAC has been kind to me, and I will stick with them for another 3 points of cheddar fun. I considered Buffalo with their big point cushion, but I have a rule against voting for teams who have scored zero in a game. So the Rockets are my big pick of the week. They are pretty consistent and are also getting some points. Now you have my weekly dose of blather.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        Calgry Stampeders for one cheddar piece of history.

  • thatsfine

    Ball St +7

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Ohio -10.5


    Akron has quit. Can’t beat a good team, hasn’t beat a good team, hasn’t stopped anybody all year and loves to fling it around. Well, it’s winter now. Literally and figuratively. OU has been a different team since mid-October, has a whole bunch (MAC East title) to play for and is at home. I’ve been wrong a bunch (I was due, frankly, after last year) but I’ve had this one circled. More physical, tons better defensively and inspired against a team that’s not. I expect Akron will score. I expect OU will score a whole bunch and may really pour it on late.

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      THE Ohio State
      Northern Illinois

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