• UncleBuck


    Seattle (+2) over Cards

    All season it has felt like there is something broken on the Arizona Cardinals machine. It may be an issue in the locker room, or over-confidence from a strong season last year. The problem may even be that Carson Palmer is old, and it’s just now really starting show. Whatever the deficiency is, I’m not convinced that a thrashing of the lowly jets is a real cure for anything.

    Seattle on the other hand seems about as solid and consistent as Russell Willy and his strong Christian values. That is to say that he’s engaged to Ciara, which makes me think that he may not be leaving any space for the Lord. So I think Seattle is a good team that can take advantage of sloppy and at times uninspired play by the Cards, but I can’t be sure that Russell doesn’t have his mind on more than football right now. I guess we’ll see tonight

  • DQuatts

    Rest of my week:

    A&M (L)
    Saints ***

    *** I believe the saying is ‘when in Na Oahleans’….or something like that. Nonetheless I just finished 36 hours of success down here in NOLA. While the Saints prepare to take on a pretty decent Chiefs team, I still think they have the fire power to make this game very competitive. I believe this flip flop of Jamaal Charles on offense has hurt the Chiefs this year, as they have struggled to eat their offense going. Yes, everyone knows the Chiefs have a great defense, but I think Brees and Co. find a way to pull this one out today. At the very least, it’s going to be tight from start to finish. Go Saints, Go Frowns!

  • trashycamaro

    Vikings -2.5 over Eagles Bradford revenge! Actually, the shine is off the Wentz apple and the Eagles o-line has been struggling some, not a great recipe against a great defese.

    Raiders +1 over Jaguars Would have been comfortable with this as my essay. A competitive team like the Raiders that keeps pulling out last minute wins is no accident, and they only need the W to win this wager.

    Ravens pk over Jets Geno Smith is the answer! (No.)

    POTY/EssaySeahawks +2 over Cardinals Wait. I get the Hawks WITH points against a hurting Cardinals team? A fully powered Seahawks team with a Jimmy Graham-like Jimmy Graham? The number 2 overall team by DVOA is getting points against the #10 team? Let’s go deeper!

    I think a lot of this stems from the fact that Seattle’s offense is number 17 in DVOA, basically league average (-0.2%). That’s fair. However, this was accomplished while Russell was running around on a high ankle sprain. This injury is compounded by, let’s be frank, an abomination of an offensive line (#28 in run blocking, #18 in pass blocking). However, a healthy Russell has offset this weakenss (2015 #30 pass blocking/#3 QB; 2014 #24 pass blocking/#13 QB; 2013 #32 pass blocking/#9 QB) in the past, and I fully expect that at the end of the season we will have seen that here as well. The big difference on the offensive side is the loss of Marshawn Lynch, with the Seahawks tumbling from a top rushing team over the past several years to middle of the pack (although this is also impacted by Russell’s injuries).

    On the other side of the ball, the Cards with David Johnson have become a top rushing team. However, you don’t win in the NFL with the run anymore (especially against the #2 ranked rush defense of Seattle). You win in the passing game, and this is where the Cards troubles are. Arizona has been average at pass blocking (#14), but Palmer has been abysmal with a #24 Qb ranking. Sporting a 7:5 TD:intercpetion ratio is not a winning combo, especially when you are going against the #3 overall pass defense. Palmer has some great weapons, so that is not the problem. Frankly, he keeps missing them deep when they are open.

    Finally, I think this line set here as the Cards have 2 blowout wins in the past 2 weeks to even their record to 3-3. However, when you note those wins were over a team that just benched their QB for the guy they had previously benched (J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!) and the 49ers who have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, I am a little suspicious about their ability against a top 5 QB and a top 5 defense. I think that Cards can keep it close, but I have little doubt the Hawks take this one. And I AM GETTING POINTS!!!!!

    Washington Football Team +1 over Lions I honestly should have put a college game here, out of games I like. Pats -7 on the road is too many against the best RB in the league when you only have one functional linebacker. Broncos don’t score enough for me to give 7.5 points. Bucs 49ers looks ok, but the Bucs aren’t good enoug on offense for me not to worry about the one good game Kaep is going to have this year. Colts are so volatile that against a mediocre team like the Titans I don’t trust the ourcome either way. Bills -3 on the road is frigthening especially with McCoy limited (was hoping for an overreaction to the phins win last week and something like a PK here).

    • trashycamaro

      Well, thank goodness I got the points. So #blessed to have avoided watching this game, not sure I would have lived through it.

  • PJD19


    I’d like to switch my essay pick from the falcons to the bills…sorry Mike. Keep the falcons as a one pointer.

    On an even busier weekend than usual i only have time to focus my energies on the my hometown team. The same team I wrote off four weeks ago at 0-2 with an essay against them. Since then, they’ve been 4-0 and I’d assume certainly 4-0 ATS. I’m looking for the streak to continue against a mediocre dolphins team. The bills are missing some of their biggest name players this week and are really thin at wide receiver, but this year has been all about no-name guys stepping up. The recipe seems clear to me with the top wideouts out (woods and watkins) run, run, run, run, play action deep ball over the top to Flash Goodwin. If the run game gets going, and i think it will, throwing deep balls to third string receivers will work just fine.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Jaguars – I mean, why not, I play them every week as is. Still have the Jaguars as something of an undervalued commodity as they have accomplished zero but do have potential. On flip side Colts are a joke, buoyed by the idea that Andrew Luck is actually some sort of superstar. He’s not, and he never was. Unfortunately, he has the turnover gene. It’s hard to beat genetics. Better to let nature dictate and play the Jaguars.

    • squeekycleen

      LMAO at me. I don’t even know who these teams are playing!! My goodness.

  • RCLA

    Utah +6, Arkansas +10, TAMU +18, NYJ, TB -2, Essay to come re SD +6.5.

    • RCLA

      Actually, I’m take my no essay week. I lazy.

  • Peter Markos

    Alabama -18
    Nebraska -24 over Penn State
    Vikings -2 over Eagles
    Patriots -7 over Steelers
    Broncos -7.5 over Texans
    Bengals -9.5 over Browns Essay pick. Essay to follow

  • oxr

    All-Play Alabama -18 over A&M, to be wrong about Alabama in a new and exciting way!

    • oxr

      Vikings -2.5 over Eagles
      Bills -2.5 over Dolphins
      Saints +7 over Chiefs
      Redskins +1 over Lions

      Essay Ravens PK over Jets – A young quarterback’s first couple of years are a crucial developmental
      phase, not to be interrupted by brutal sucker punches thrown by
      benchwarmers and/or affiliates of the Ryan family, so this is a pick against the possibility of Geno Smith having suddenly pieced it all together. (If he comes out slinging then this is going to look pretty silly, but no sillier than my current essay losing streak.) The Jets have been generally woeful (30th in DVOA on both offense and defense) overall and, in Wilkerson, are without their best defensive player today. Blood is in the water.

      I’m not exactly psyched that the team they happen to be playing is the Ravens, but their three-game losing streak has been a bit unlucky – they’ve played nothing but one-score games this season, and certainly have been way better than the Jets to this point. Not having to lay points is pleasant.

  • Tim Butler

    Bama -18
    Navy +2.5
    Giants -2.5
    Pats -7
    Falcons -6.5
    ESSAY: Dolphins +3

    I’ve watched every Bills game this year, and despite their 4-2 record, I’m still not sure if they are any good. Two of those wins were against the Rams and Niners, another against an injured Jacoby Brissett. This week the Bills will likely be without their top two receivers (Watkins, Woods) and top running back (McCoy). This is the type of winnable game the Bills lose every year, and then look back on when they’re 9-7 and say, “I wish we could have that one back”. Maybe none of this matters. Maybe the Bills dominant o-line and pretty good defense will be enough to beat the crappy Dolphins, but this feels more like a 4-3 team to me then a 5-2 team. Hope this reverse jinx works.

  • ChuckKoz

    Packers -7.5 (Bears) – W
    BYU +7 (Boise) – W
    TCU +6.5 (WVU)
    Ravens Pk (Jets)
    AP: TAMU +18 (Alabama)
    Essay: LSU -6 (Miss)

    This pick comes via a gambling degenerate that I think would love what we are doing over here at cheddar bay: James Carville. I listen to him make weekly picks on the Tony Kornheiser Show (podcast) and his ability to pick both college and pro, while picking from all conferences, has been very impressive. And while he is a Louisiana man, he rarely picks games with his beloved LSU Tigers. But this was a game he has strong confidence, which was very convincing. Fornett is going to be back. LSUs’ 2 losses were tough/close losses to decent teams. Now they have Orgeron coaching, which is a very popular guy with players and could be having a replay of his strong wins when he took over with USC. Then consider Ole Miss has beaten basically nobody (but somehow is still ranked) and lost 3 times, on the heals of a paying players scandal that has a lame duck coach (that has amazingly not been fired, despite nobody disputing the payment of players). So LSU, who entered the season with top 5 talent, looks to put it together today.
    LSU 30, Miss 13

  • DQuatts

    Busy with Frowns this weekend.

    I’ll take Texas A&M and the points

    Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!

  • pheasantpants

    AP: TAMU +18 ***essay too
    Michigan -36.5
    CMU +10
    Penn State +20
    EMU +23.5

    • pheasantpants

      CMU pick not nearly in time. Instead, give me Maryland and the points.

      • pheasantpants

        Brownies +9.5

  • Greetings from Baton Rouge! I wish you all were here. Anyway, I’m late for the tailgate so I’ll have to keep this short.

    Last winter, Agnes and I were planning our wedding and we decided that, for various reasons, a June date would be best. My only hesitation was that for a long time I’d wanted to pre-celebrate getting married by going with some friends to an LSU football game. So we simply agreed that I’d just have to post-celebrate it that way.

    So here we are, and one of our various reasons for getting married in June has panned out wonderfully, because Agnes is pregnant and our son is due to be born in late-April.

    I’ve never had such good reasons to make a vote my Vote of the Year, and probably never will. There may never be a Vote of the Year or even any vote that I could ever care less about losing, should that happen.

    Vote of the Year: LSU -6 over the University of Mississippi

    Other votes:

    Eastern Mich. over Western Mich.
    Texas A&M over Alabama
    Auburn over Arkansas
    Saints over Chiefs

    Will be back tomorrow or Monday with one more. In the meantime, here’s to love and a lovely Cheddar Bay weekend to all. And go Tigers! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe9de0e8256971c21fb3fa99ccaaf867edc2ce6b7e97458811f74a4fba5819ae.jpg

    • pheasantpants

      beautiful. Sorry I’m missing it. And just so you’ll fit in: *Geaux Tigers

      • Dang, what a place Baton Rouge is on game day, what a game, what better way to have a vote of the year. Will post more about it later with photos but for now I’ll just put in the Jets over Raisins for my final vote of the week.

        • Hey wow I just realized that I passed Agnes in the standings for the first time since she first joined last year. My how the tables have turned!

          • agnesbojaxhiu

            Isn’t it fitting that frowns is having the time of his life and winning his POTY while I’m at home with 2 kids, 2 puppies and horrible morning sickness working on my first ever virgin lobsterita. How the tables have turned

          • Sorry to hear about your morning sickness but congratulations on your real life superpower of creating humans! So happy for the two of you and the rest of your family! Such an exciting time ☺️

          • CleveLandThatILove

            Congratulations, so happy for you all! Sounds like the best kind of chaos. I hope you feel better soon – my deliveries were a walk in the park compared to the first few months.

          • agnesbojaxhiu

            Thank goodness the charges pulled through to give me one point for the week, and after I pooh-poohed NFL to boot

    • Chris P.

      Sweet Feathery Jesus it’s crazy how similar you ended up to my situation.

      Except you seem to be SECifying your life and I’ve ACCified mine.

    • CLEVTA

      Congrats on the baby news!

    • Holy smokes! Major congratulations to the two of you! Nick && I are thrilled to hear this good news. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • CleveLandThatILove

      A little Frowns on the way, how wonderful!

  • bupalos

    Ducking in to get an essay down on Bucky. Despite Bupalos’ healthy disdain for football betting reasons, when he actually tries to do them, things tend to go better points-wise. And since no one listens to his moral harangues when he’s languishing in the cellarage, it’s time to football it up. The bedrock principal here (which does in fact relate to moral reasoning as well) is that the biggest inefficiency in the football betting market relates to people’s need to understand things through stories. In College football especially the prime theme seems to be about psychological motivation, football being taken as a kind of moral battle of wills where those who want it or need it more get it. There’s something to this, but clearly and especially as regards Big Time College Football, not quite as much much as one would think. Here’s the story I hate today: Wisconsin is demoralized because all their dreams were ruined in a hard fought battle at Camp Randal last week, if they couldn’t win in that environment with all that motivation, how will they ever muster the will to win again?
    By being better at football than their opponents maybe? Does anyone really believe the team that just took the eventual national champions to the wire is only a field-goal better than Iowa? No. It requires a complex story about relative motivations to even get close. Wisconsin -3.

    • bupalos

      More Bupalian gems:
      TAMU +18 (Alybamy)
      Kent +3.5 (Ohio)
      NW -1 (Indiana)
      Purdue +24 (Nebraska)
      Vikes -2.5 (Eagles)

  • 1) UNC Charlotte +12.5
    2) Oregon State +36.5
    3) UL Monroe +17.5
    4) Colts +3
    5) Alabama -18 (All Play)
    6) Houston -21 (Essay)

    Essay: Houston -21

    I put my faith in Urban to break my cold streak last week and that failed. This week I’ll move on to Tom Herman to bring some respectability to my point total. Herman was talking trash about SMU while raising money from boosters earlier this year and I’m banking on Herman backing up his trash talk with a dominating victory today. One of the key stats that stand out to me in this game is UH has a 51.6% third down conversion rate while SMU’s sits at 34%. UH puts themselves in position to sustain drives and score points while SMU doesn’t. I’m counting on that trend continuing today with the UH offense doing what it does while the UH defense does enough to keep SMU more than 21 points away by the end.

  • Brian

    Western Kentucky
    Michigan State
    New England
    Utah ***essay pick***

    I’m going with Utah because I really don’t understand the line again. UCLA likely without Rosen and Utah have had a lot of close games. They usually don’t lose by more than a touchdown. The utes have a solid decent and a good enough offense to keep them in the game. But mainly with the way UCLA has played, they don’t deserve to be giving anyone points. I’ll take the Utes getting the points.

  • trashycamaro

    A&M for the All Play. Back to NFL goodness tomorrow.

  • Matt Borcas

    All play: Texas A&M

    Penn State and Wisconsin to round out my college picks

    • Matt Borcas

      Bucs, Pats

    • Matt Borcas

      Essay: Broncos

      Earlier tonight on Monday Night Countdown (don’t ask why I was watching that abomination of a pregame show), Suzy Kolber reported that Brock Osweiler had nothing but great things to say about the Broncos, while Broncos players remain dismayed about his departure. At the risk of putting too much stock into Kolber’s report, I feel like this attitudinal disparity favors Denver. Never mind that Trevor Siemian’s return should rejuvenate the Broncos’ offense, or that Denver has had three extra days to rest up and prepare for tonight’s game. Don’t let last week’s late game heroics against the Colts deceive you — Osweiler is still an erratic turnover machine, and this Broncos defense — the best in the NFL — has been practicing against him for four years. Houston doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Matt Lawrence

    UNC -7.5 @ Virginia
    Nebraska -24 vs. Purdue
    Rams +2.5 vs. Giants
    Seahawks +2 @ Cardinals
    Alabama -18 vs TA&M (All Play)
    Minnesota -17 vs Rutgers (ESSAY)

    Rutgers is friggin terrible! Unfortunately, I have to write more than that.

    The Big Ten should be absolutely embarrassed letting this university in to their conference, not only for football, but also basketball. They bring absolutely nothing to the table. Here are their last 3 contests: 1) Ohio State 58, Rutgers 0; 2) Michigan 78, Rutgers 0; 3) Illinois 24, Rutgers 7. They are the door mat of the Big Ten and I expect that to continue today. Minnesota is no juggernaut but I will lay the 17 against this horrid football program.

  • Capitalgg

    [All-Play] Alabama -18 v. Texas A&M: Recipe: Place overrated visiting team into Bryant-Denny Slow Cooker. Turn on heat for 3-4 hours. Watch as nothing really happens. Serve cooked Aggie.
    1. Vikings -2.5 @ Eagles: I like Carson Wentz, but facing that defence will be too much of challenge.
    2. Ravens pk @ Jets: Hooray, we get to bet against Geno Smith!
    3. Wisconsin -3 @ Iowa: Some body-blow potential for the Badgers here, but they are clearly a superior team and should win by 2 scores.
    4. Houston -21 @ SMU: Houston has struggled the last few weeks. Best medicine to get right? In-state terrible rival.

    I’ve got no great insights here other than the 49ers are really, really bad and seem to have already turned on Chip Kelly. The have done a decent job saying the right thing about Kap’s protests. But really haven’t rallied as a team on the field in any measurable way.

    The Bucs are a decent team, somewhere about league average. But it’s a road game. Whatever… Levi’s Stadium has zero home field advantage. So I’ll give less than a FG on Buccaneers -2 @ 49ers.

    Other Considerations:
    Browns +9.5 @ Bengals
    Raiders +1 @ Jaguars
    Redskins +1 @ Lions
    Seahawks +2 @ Cardinals
    Wisconsin -3 @ Iowa
    Ohio St. -20 @ Penn St.
    Indiana +1 @ Northwestern
    Oklahoma St. -23.5 @ Kansas
    Colorado +2.5 @ Stanford
    Navy +2.5 v. Memphis

  • HitTheHorns

    1) Kent St +3.5
    2) TAMU +18

    • HitTheHorns

      Essay – Jets PK

      Is it possible Ryan Fitzpatrick just didn’t want to play football this year? All the BS in the preseason with him, maybe the guy just wanted to hang it up. Geno Smith has 29 career starts. If there was ever a week to show this guy can be an NFL QB, this would be it. Also, fun fact, Joe Flacco has not thrown an INT in last 151 pass attempts. The Ravens record? Former Browns QB and best Chris Berman nickname of all time, 175 for Eric “come on baby light my” Zeier. I think Geno plays really well and the Jets showcase Matt Forte for trade deadline deal.

      Chargers +6.5

      Jaguars -1

      LA Rams +2.5

  • Nick

    Illinois, Louisville, TAMU….rest of plays later on

    • Nick

      ***Please take me off Illinois and Louisville***
      Browns +9.5 vs Bengals
      Pats -7 vs Steelers
      Fins +3 vs Bills
      Ravens PK vs Jets
      Atlanta -6.5 vs San Diego
      Atlanta is one of the few towns I don’t think I would live in. I had an essay written the Falcons last week and for some stupid reason, tequila possibly, I chose to replace it with some trash about Lady Gaga and Kaep and the Niners. So of course I lost and now I’m going to try to right a wrong and hope that Atlanta continues their march towards something, probably losing in round 1 of the playoffs. Atlanta has the #1 offense in the league right now and I don’t see why anything should slow down with the Chargers in town. It would really be nice to see Rivers get traded to a team like the Browns. I want to see Rivers play on a different team and start a new stage in his career.

  • Dave Borcas

    Michigan State -2.5 if they don’t win here they’ll be getting points next week
    Ohio State -20 The first half against the Badgers woke this young team up
    Houston -21 Tom Hermann has to look good for that Notre Dame or LSU job
    Texas A&M (all play) +18 Back door cover
    Bengals -9.5 (essay)
    The Bengals were my team to cover last week, then they fell apart in the second half. Is it that without Hue Jackson that Marvin Lewis is once again being exposed as not really that good? I hate to say it but as hard as my Brownies play, they are just a bad football team. A team that cannot afford injuries because of the lack of depth is being ravaged by them. They have a starting center that struggles snapping the ball as well as blocking and although they play hard the worst collection of linebackers in the league. The new problems this week will be playing without, or a less than 100% TP, who has been one of the true bright spots for this team. The Browns D rants in the bottom 25% in every category and appear to be just what the doctor ordered for the Bengals and possibly Tyler Eifferts first game back. Hue has this team playing hard, and that why they seem to fight back and cover. I feel that the Bengals will let out some frustration and pile up the points on a scrap Browns D.

  • CLEinMSP

    ASU +7
    Kentucky +3
    Bucs -2
    Texans +7.5
    A&M +18 (All Play)
    Arkansas +10 (Essay)

    Seems like a lot of points for Arkansas to be getting against an Auburn offense that struggles to put up big numbers. I know Auburn destroyed Miss St, but they are garbage. Arkansas got destroyed by Bama (just like everyone else), but otherwise seem like a fairly competent football team. I expect Auburn to take the air out of the ball a bit in this game as they probably don’t want to get into a shootout with an Arkansas team that can move the ball well through the air. I think Auburn finds a way to win this game, but by no more than 7 points.

  • thatsfine

    Well, a losing essay by 0.5 on a Thursday night really takes the wind out
    of the Cheddar Bay sails. Gotta try for 5 points the hard way this week.

    Miami U. +4.5
    TAMU +18

    • thatsfine

      Akron +3.5

      • thatsfine

        Chargers +6.5

  • Hawkaholic

    ASU +7 at home against Washington State
    Houston -21 on the road at SMU
    Skins +1 in Detroit
    Giants -2.5 against the Rams in London
    AP: Texas A&M and the 18 points
    Essay: Missouri -6.5 at home against Middle Tennessee State

    I didn’t really see a lot of games that really jumped out to me this week as can’t miss picks and I am not really feeling very confident in trying to hold of to the lead. Mizzou vs Mid TN ST: I don’t know a lot about either of these two teams but it seems like a pretty safe pick. A Power 5 SEC school at home giving less than a touchdown to Middle Tennessee State who i am sure if a fine school and probably has better moonshine and less teeth than the kids at Mizzou. I had to look this up but Middle Tennessee State plays in Conference USA and lost their first conference game last week; a nail biter that went into double overtime against Western Kentucky who cost me an essay win earlier in the season when they were 28 point underdogs to Alabama and covered. I know Missouri isn’t a great team, this is a gut instinct, i have to believe that a more battle tested Missouri team can beat the Blue Raiders (nice name) by 7.

    I really wanted to essay Wisconsin -3 against my beloved Hawks but i just couldn’t do it. Iowa’s defense has been playing better and some idiots graded out the Iowa O-line as the best in the country this week which doesn’t match the eye test if you have watched much Iowa football this year. Maybe they can rekindle some of that magic from last year. 11am kick tomorrow at Kinnick if you are interested, Todd McShay was giving Iowa City some love this week on twitter so maybe there is a chance we pull off the upset. Nothing i would love more than beating Bucky.

    Go Hawks!

  • Jmacdaddio

    TAMU +18
    Stanford -2.5
    UNC -7.5
    Kentucky +3 (Essay)
    Lions -1
    49ers +2

    Kentucky is finding itself a home dog against a Mississippi State team which is doesn’t have Dak Prescott slinging the pigskin anymore. Not to mention a very beatable Mississippi State team. Their run of recent results isn’t impressive. As for Kentucky, I suppose their loss in Alabama can be considered a moral victory of sorts. They actually scored points! And the scoreline, while lopsided, wasn’t as bad as one you’d see in an 80s or 90s Super Bowl. Kentucky at home, with points, against an opponent no longer in the upper echelon of ranked teams should lead to a win and three Cheddar points.

  • jdoepke

    A&M +18 (AP)
    Auburn -10
    TCU +6.5
    Miami (OH) +4.5
    Eagles +2.5

    Boston College – 4.5

    You read that correctly, Boston College is favored over a college football team by 4.5 points. Syracuse fresh of thumping of VaTech (had that one), BC lost their last game 56-10. Please explain how this team is favored? I don’t typically take favorites but this line makes zero sense and the whole world seems to have Syracuse (75%), so I’ll take a chance on BC and get my essay pick done early.

  • Galea Minor

    Texas A&M +18 over Bama (all-play)
    Illinois +36.5 over Michigan
    Ole Miss +6 over LSU
    Vikings -2.5 over Eagles
    Lions -1 over Skins
    Ravens over Jets (Essay)

    *My essay is to be read in a Stephen A Smith voice*

    Ladies and gentlemen, I need to address something right here. And I know you’ve heard this before. And you’re gonna hear it again. Because we need to talk about the quarterback choices of the New York Football Jets.

    Now I have nothing negative to say about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a solid quarterback and a wonderful man. And when he played for the Jets last year, he played pretty well. But Ryan Fitzpatrick ended the season as a 33 year old man on his 6th team. And all offseason, the New York Football Jets had no other plans but to make sure that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be the starter in 2016.

    Now this wouldn’t be so bad if they were developing a QB that they drafted, one that could be starting now that Fitzpatrick is in decline. And they did take a quarterback. When they took a quarterback there was a number of elite college performers on the board. They could have had Dak Prescott. They could have had Connor Cook. But the New York Football Jets chose Christian Hackenberg, in the SECOND ROUND, a man who was never successful as a Big Ten quarterback, and a late-round project AT BEST. Dak Prescott and Connor Cook were polished, talented QBs who won big games throughout their career, and EITHER ONE could be starting for the Jets this week.

    It is simply astounding and preposterous that Geno Smith is starting this game for the New York Football Jets on October 23rd, 2016. I haven’t even GOTTEN to Bryce Petty, your 4th round pick LAST year, who is the 4th quarterback on your roster for reasons I cannot ascertain, who is apparently not yet developed enough to pass Geno Smith on the depth chart. I just don’t understand it, folks.

    • Hawkaholic

      As a Jets fan I am barfing, but this is pretty spot on. Embarrassing personal decisions from the front office. We could have had Dak and told Fitzmagic to F off

  • FTCMikeD

    WMU -24 over EMU 10
    TOLEDO -10 over CMU 5.5
    AP: TAMU +18 over ALABAMA
    EAGLES +2.5 over Vikes
    STEELERS +7 over Pats
    The Chiefs are coming back home after a big road win (after a bye) to face the Saints. The Saints are terrible on defense. They are giving up over 6 yds/play (bottom 6 in the league) and over 400 yds/game, bottom 4 in the league. They are also extremely undisciplined, giving up 73 yds/game in penalties, which is bottom 4 in the league. On the flip side, KC is very disciplined, only giving up 46 yds/game in penalties, which is top 4 in the league. They are middle of the road on offense and defense. KC is pretty good at taking the ball away, one of the best in the league, and New Orleansc can get sloppy. I expect a let down by the Saints after beating their rivals last week in a close game, while KC was able to take it easy last week. Look for Saints to turn it over often and for the Chiefs to cover the spread.

  • cal tonite.

    • okst

      • bama

        • osu

          • skins
            ***giants -2.5 over rams in london.
            i havent liked watching my essay games a lot this year, so this game in london is perfect for me. in doing some research i see the outrage industry is running three shifts with something about the giants kicker… i dont know, dont care. what i do know is that this current manifestation of the cult of sanctimony reminds me that i missed the sublime satisfaction that wouldve been available last week had i rode team incognito over team martin+kaepernick last week. damn that was a missed opportunity but still a needed restorative for faith in karma. here’s a belated fuck you to the jonathan martin d-bags and while we’re here also to all who think kaepernick is ‘courageous.’ he is simply a troll as was established by his miami ballcap dealio. reminder, no one is infringing on his right to be stupid and wrong.. just calling him out for it. when he wants to lead a conversation about breaking the cycle of black illegitimacy and/or relating that back to the overwhelming rates black crime/poverty which result in disproportionately more encounters with police, we’ll be here. till then, not much to say about your oppression.. you’re oppressing yourself. sad that no one with a platform is willing to help you help yourself by making this point. if you want a grievance about today’s society, that there is a legit one.

            (how the fuck did i wind up there?)

            Anyhoos, eli manning and a good line going against some guy. wait, i checked: it’s case keenum. oh yeah and tavon austin. hahahaha. haha. the giants (and redskins, also picked today) are lurking comfortably below the radar in the nfc east while dak prescott and carson wentz collect the espn talking head minutes. i think there’s value in both teams and both have a better than average shot at the playoffs. the playoff-level giants should present themselves to the non-playoff level rams tomorrow morning.

  • p_forever

    tcu +6.5 west va
    alabama -18 texas a&m
    oklahoma -13 texas tech
    utah +6 ucla
    chargers +6.5 falcons
    syracuse +4.5 bc****

    i’d feel slightly better about this pick if syracuse were at home, but beggars can’t be choosers and at this point i’m very much a beggar. but rather than just wallow in my pitiful cheddar bay performance, i spent some time this week thinking about why i’ve suddenly gone so cold. i’m pretty sure the answer is that for the first time ever i’m paying more attention to basketball – and the season hasn’t even started yet – than i am to football. well – at least i’m paying more attention to professional basketball than nfl football (college football is and always will be my fave). see, e.g., my twitter follows, which include zero brownies and every cav that’s amusing on twitter (i’m particularly obsessed with shump, so maybe it’s good that he’s apparently about to be traded). so anyway, rather than trying to deny this new truth about myself, i’m going to stop fighting it. letting my bball instincts lead made the syracuse pick easy – it’s a bball school just living in an fbs world (they are literally called the orange – basketballs are orange – get it?) there is some x’s and o’s stuff that backs up my pick, like the fact that one of bc’s wins came against wagner, a school i’d never heard of until i did this week’s picks, and the other 2 came against buffalo and umass. syracuse managed to beat va tech, which counts as a real team even if frank beamer isn’t coaching there anymore. see? plenty of x’s and o’s. nba4ever bye.

  • pateslvrblk

    Vikes -2.5
    Bills -3
    Falcons -6.5
    A&M +18
    *** Pats -7
    I’m really off to a bad start this week taking Boise, so now I’m steering away from the college picks. Although, I do like A&M this season, so with 18pts even though it’s Bama, count me in. As for my pro picks, I can’t say I have any more confidence in them other than my Pats pick for the money, considering Big Ben is out. If only I could bring myself to choose the Raiders this week. Unfortunately they have shown me against the Chiefs last week that the defense could not adjust to optimize their potential. Mack should only be rushing quarterbacks not going after wide receivers! The defense has everyone in Raider Nation confused. The coaching needs to make the necessary changes going forward or count themselves out of the win column.

  • zizzer13

    Western Michigan -23.5 over Eastern Michigan
    Wisconsin -3 over Iowa
    Louisville -19.5 over NC State
    Bama -18 over Texas A&M
    Ravens (PK) over Jets

    I’ve purposely avoided NFL games this year, mostly because I do really, really badly with them. But this one’s so incredibly easy, I’ll take my three points and move right along to next week. There’s zero chance that the Patriots don’t destroy the Steelers on Sunday. No Big Ben means Antonio Brown probably is a non-factor, as he’s never caught a TD pass from any other QB in 11 games without Roethlisberger. New England’s on a mission to force Goodell to hand over the Lombardi Trophy to Bob Kraft and the MVP trophy to Brady after the whole deflated footballs thing (I refuse to get into the lazy journalistic practice of simply adding “-gate” to everything). Patriots win this one big.

    Patriots -7 over Steelers

  • Chris Schroeder

    +1 Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars
    -4.5 Wyoming @ Nevada
    -17 Minnesota vs. Rutgers
    + 6 Utah @ UCLA
    All Play: -18 Alabama vs. Texas A&M

    Essay: -21 Houston @ SMU
    Location: Dallas, texas
    Stadium: Gerald J. Ford Stadium
    Kickoff: 7:00 PM
    Broadcast: ESPN2
    Weather: 71 Clear SSE 8 mph
    Mascot: Shasta vs. Peruna
    The Game: It’s looking like the loss to Navy has really killed the confidence of the Cougars. Houston Squeaked by Tulsa last week by keeping Mr. Ward out of the end zone. Houston’s defense will get back on track this week which will show on the score board more than the stat sheet. On the other side of the ball The Waves defense has had holes in it all season which will continue this week against the Cougars. For Houston University to even make it close to making the College Football Playoffs they are going to have to score big and often and win out. Oh an pray teams on top keep losing. Chedda, Chedda, Chedda points now.

  • **essay** Maryland +2.5 vs. Michigan State
    My perceived happy place in this world is Point Lookout State Park, and a camping spot near the docks, in the fall. I close my eyes and I can feel the sun on my face. I can see a majestic, old lighthouse in the distance. I can feel the chicken necks we tie to the bottom of the blue crab nets. I can hear Aqua on my walkman. I can remember writing poems in a tattered three-ring binder, that only an angsty nine year old could conjure.
    I can remember my Mom finding the World Series games on the radio, hanging onto every static-filled play-by-play. I could hear her cheers from my favorite bench on the dock. I could hear her little “clap clap clap” followed by “c’mon boys!” when the count was full, or only one out to go. I remember the solemn silence of the night we lost game seven. Our vacation seemingly forever imprinted by yet another fantastical Cleveland moment in sports.
    And yet, this little spot in Maryland is so great, even Mesa giving up a run couldn’t ruin it. Nothing can rspoil the St. Mary’s oyster fest, a fresh bushel of blue crabs, or candy cigarettes from Buzzy’s General Store. This was Maryland’s gift to me – a place of peace I can go to in my head whenever the world (be it the actual world around me or the metaphysical world of sports) gets too severe for my delicate disposition.
    And about the sports… 88 degrees in Annapolis, and I’m guessing Hills will be back for Maryland. MSU is still juggling QBs – never a good look. I believe in the turtle defense.

    LA Rams +2.5 vs. Giants
    AP: TAMU +18
    Utah +6 vs. UCLA
    Ohio State -20 vs. Penn St.
    Patriots -7 vs. Steelers

  • cwonder23

    Bears (L)
    Stanford -2.5 vs Colorado
    All Play: A&M +18 @ Alabama
    UNC -7.5 @ UVA
    Falcons -6.5 vs Chargers
    Essay: Raiders +1 @ Jaguars

    Rolling with the Raiders again this week after a surprising (IMO) loss to the Chiefs. Layabouts Murray is expected to play and the Raiders D will bring it as they bounce back here. I expect Crabtree to find the Endzone while the Jags struggle to score. Hoping I can get back on the essay board. Very focused on the Cubs as they have a tough road through Kershaw tomorrow. Raiders 21 – Jags 14. Let’s go!

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Oregon +3
    A&M +18

    rest later

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye


      Kent State +3.5

      Give me awful football! But give me good defense, especially vs. an awful offense, and give me more than a field goal at home in a game that really shouldn’t see either team score more than two touchdowns. Hell, there may be no touchdowns. The Flashes are a bad team with bad luck and they find ways to lose, but this is a legit defense playing at home and catching points. I’ll take those points and think they go ahead and win, say, 13-10.


    1) Oregon +3
    2) A&M (All play)

    • CLEVTA

      3. TCU +6.5
      4. Jags -1
      5. Jets pK
      6. Auburn -10 (essay)- at first blush 10 would seem high until you look under the hood. Arkansas coming off 3 straight home games against a well rested Auburn team coming off a bye. Auburn is a run heavy offense under Malzahn running it 66% of the time, 10th nationally. Arkansas is horrendous defensively against the run ranking 126th nationally on ypc basis. Arkansas won’t be able to stop Auburn on the ground. If you look at who has beaten Arkansas it’s Bama and A&M, 2 of the best run offenses in the country. Those two teams ran for 630 yards on 9.1 yds/carry!! The teams that Arkansas has beaten include TCU and Ole Miss who are both extremely pass heavy offenses, ranking 112th and 120th respectively in run percentage. This is just a bad matchup for Arkansas

  • zarathustra

    I will take Oregon tonight for one point.

    • zarathustra

      I’m actually going to make this my essay. Oregon is not a good team by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t know that they are lose 5 in a row bad. The four losses were to pretty darn good teams and they have had time to regroup with a bye. The defense is atrocious and the week off won’t change that but the offense is still good enough and Cal’s d is just as bad as the ducks. This will be my third time essaying against Cal in the past five weeks so I think that speaks well enough to what I think of their team.

      • zarathustra

        Also, it bears mentioning that since ’13 Cal has gone 3-11 in October and 3-9 in November. This is mostly noise and not entirely fair as they were rebuilding, but I think it’s enough to indicate that they have not earned the benefit of the doubt in these spots.

    • zarathustra

      Texas A&M

  • LittleBallofHate

    Cal (-3); Case (+4.5); UC -1.5 (Tubs finally came to his senses and is starting Kiel); Pats -7
    All Play: Bama -18 (Saban is still pissed over what happened four years ago. He has probably been playing that game on an endless loop again in the weight room and locker room. Plus Roll Tide is on a different playing field than anyone else right now. Does that carry through to the College Football Playoff? We’ll see)
    ESSAY PICK (Bengals -9.5)
    This is the 86th Battle of Ohio — or, if you want to shorten it BoO LXXXVI. The Bengals have a 46-39 advantage which is the largest lead by either side all-time. Since the Browns have returned, Bengals have won 18 of 26 games. Since Marvin Lewis has been head coach in Cincy, the Bengals have gone 18-8.
    The Bengals aren’t the same team of the past five years. The offensive line misses Andre Smith, Paul Alexander hasn’t had a capable tackle in 10 years, Dalton misses Sanu and Marvin Jones and the secondary misses Reggie Nelson and Leon Hall’s leadership. However, due to Big Ben’s injury and Baltimore’s struggles, the North appears to be wide open again.
    The Browns have been fun to watch but there are the 15-18 minutes in every game where they are out to lunch. And with the Pryor and Haden injuries, I think that might be bit too much to overcome.
    Also note that CIncy is breaking out the Orange Jersey this week. They are 14-6-1 all-time in the orange jersey/white pants combination.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Virginia Tech -6.5 (W)
    2. Wisconsin -3
    3. Vikings -2.5
    4. Seahawks +2
    5. All Play: Alabama -18
    6. *POTY*: UNC -7.5

    I was in Virginia last weekend for a Friday night wedding so what better way to hang out on Saturday then go to the local college and drink all day for college football. We asked some UVA students what time we should get to campus for tailgating and their response was “what time does the game start?” (Problem #1) we told them 1230 and they said if we made it to campus around 1130 we should be all set 🤔 So to sum up our day we went to campus and I’ll give UVA students credit they know how to booze but I’m not sure they knew there was a game going on. We put a small wager on the game to make it interesting and let me tell you I learned quickly why no one cares about that team..they are awful! That being said, having one day worth of insider information I will take UNC as my POTY!! Can’t believe I’m taking a road fav as my poty but as mentioned above I’m not sure there is any home field advantage for UVA! Virginia cannot run the ball and has a QB that has thrown 14 TDs and 7 picks. They are 212th in points allowed which equates to Trubisky having a field day. I have been a big fan of UNC all year so why not roll with them for my POTY!

  • Dave Borcas

    Packers -7.5 tonight

  • John

    Thursday night…used to be laundry and NetFlix…but tonight. TONIGHT I begin my rally out of 49th position.

    Boise State -7 to BYU
    Bears +7.5 to Green Bay

    If you don’t know- I’m Mormon- and I would like to see BYU lose every game, every season, all the time.
    So- I’ll check in on this game- and stay up late to see the outcome

    • shucks, 0-2. hasa diga ebowai, brother. nail that essay.

      • John

        I’m embarrassed.

    • John

      Saturday picks
      Arizona State +7 to Washington State
      **all play**- Texas A&M +18 to Bama

      • John

        and Sunday games
        Pats -7 over the Steelers

        and my essay

        Ravens pick’em over the Jets

        • John

          so- this week- the jets promoted Geno Smith.
          I’ve heard this line before- but then- it gets better.
          Coach is like “hey I think i’ll change up the D strat and personnel too.”

          I mean- the are 1-5.
          I get it. guilty Bears fan here.
          But I dunno if you can make THAT much change in one week
          (see Michael Jackson circa 1992) WHY TOO much facial (and skin color) change in one year. It looked like he was dipped in a vat of plastic….white plastic.

          Flacco might not play the whole game- due to a shoulder thing- but Ryan Mallett should be able to shuffle the ball to old man Steve Smith Sr.

          let’s get 3 points. please.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. Virgina Tech -6.5

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Last week I experimented with an NFL essay and was terribly disappointed. I had 6 college games picked out and 3 NFL. I went 1/3 for NFL and 6/6 with college. Unfortunately we don’t get to vote on 9 games (actually overall that is probably fortunate given the amount of time I waste each week). Anyway, I know what side my bread is buttered on and will stick with college essays and NFL minimum picks. I will also try to always have a 1 or a 3 next to my team on the list. It seems the more people jump on the bandwagon the less I start to like a vote. Finding value in rare votes is what I’m all about. Unfortunately my practice of spreading my votes out over many days will not work this week. I cannot wait until there are Tuesday and Wednesday games. I really wanted to pick a game tonight but the only game I like is BYU/Boise and I vowed to never root for BYU. Now for my bag of losers this week I needed an essay. Buffalo, East Carolina, Michigan State or South Florida? Think, think, think. Frownies is leaving me this weekend for Baton Rouge football fun, but LSU doesn’t fit into my algorithm and I swore off emotional plays this year (not counting teams I won’t vote for). So my essay will be East Carolina because nobody (maybe) has essayed them this year and maybe nobody has even picked them for a vote. Both East Carolina and Cincinnati are terrible against the spread, but it has been longer since EC covered. EC seems to have a slightly better quarterback and what the heck is a bearcat anyway? An armored personal carrier or a viverrid from the old world tropics? Not that a pirate is a better mascot. Yuck. Maybe they take after the melodious dancing Pirates of Penzance instead of a bunch of rapists and thieves with bad teeth.


    TAMU +18
    Chargers +6.5
    South Florida -6.5
    Buffalo +21.5
    Michigan St -2.5
    East Carolina +1.5

    • mmmmsnouts

      As this contest’s official American Athletic Conference ambassador, I can say the reason no one ever takes ECU is because they are so goddamn unpredictable. I took them giving four points the week they played UCF, an apparent layup if there ever was one, and they lost by 18 at home.

    • CLEVTA

      Conspiracy theory- Frowns and Agnes are the same person.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        I know who you are but do you know who I am? Hee hee hee

        • CLEVTA

          Ha was just joking. Mainly just impressed with your knowledge

          • actovegin1armstrong

            TA, How could you even consider that they could be the same person?
            simple equation:
            You have been around here long enough to get that easy answer TA

          • This was a lovely exchange and Acto really hit the nail on the head at the end. Greetings from Baton Rouge!

          • actovegin1armstrong

            You know I love you Frownie!

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I should wait Agnes, because I want to vote with you.

    • p_forever

      NFL minimum picks is the only way to go.

    • Chris P.

      Good god I love stream of consciousness essays.

  • thatsfine

    Troy -7.5 essay
    BYU +7

    • thatsfine

      The battle for the Belt with Alabama’s 3rd and 4th best programs, unless I’m forgetting someone. Troy is the Sun Belt’s best offense, South Alabama has the Sun Belt’s best defense, so something’s gotta give. I think it will be Troy’s defense that makes the difference: 14 INTs on the year, and the best scoring defense. These guys make plays, and even last week having a so-so game (giving up 418 yards to Georgia State) they still only let them put 21 on the board. South Alabama is unpredictable: they have wins over Miss State and SDSU, but are 0-3 in Sun Belt play and damn near lost to Nicholls State. Some of that has to be coaching. This week there’s a bit of a QB controversy and we all know how that usually works out. Troy takes full control of the Sun Belt with a win tonight.

  • Troy Bunting

    Wisc Badgers -3
    No brainer. Iowa just blows this year. Their 5-2 record make them look even worse with such quality wins as Miami (OH), Iowa State, and a nail biting 7 point win over Rutgers, yes a 7 point win against a team that gave up 164 points and scored just 14 over the last 4 weeks. Wisconsin is a solid team, having lost to Mich and OSU, #’s 3 and 2 in the country, by a combined 14 points. Home field advantage at Kinnick lost all of it’s luster when NDSU knocked Iowa off at home and the fans sunk back into their cornfields to drink and hope that next year would be better. And since Wisc spoiled my 8 team parlay last week by not letting OSU beat the spread, they know they owe me one and are gonna put a beat down on the Hawkeyes.
    Go Bucky!


    Yet another Bama all play? When did this become SEC Bay?

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      I told Frowns it should have been WMU vs EMU.

      • CLEVTA

        Definitely a candidate

      • thatsfine

        I would have loved that as an all play… but I recall when EMU was made an all play a few years back and a good chunk of Cheddar Bay revolted against it (I think it was randomly selected and a game of no consequence).

        • actovegin1armstrong

          M. Antoinette “Cheddar Bay is revolting!”
          We already knew that

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I thought that EMU farm stuff was just a pyramid scam.

  • mmmmsnouts

    Last week’s Saints essay pick, while successful, took years off my life. As I watched them try and try and finally succeed in giving away what must have been an 80-point lead at home to a 1-4 team, I decided two things:

    1. Brees and Payton should get their gold watches and firm handshakes so the franchise can just burn it all down and start again.
    2. I’m not picking them anymore.

    The college lines are good this week so I will devote most of my attention to them.

    ALL PLAY: Texas A&M +18 vs. Alabama (I’m pretty sure there’s now a Bama tax at the sportsbook. This line should be around 14.)

    USF -6.5 vs. Temple (thanks for the hook)
    West Virginia -6.5 vs. TCU (same)
    Navy +2.5 vs. Memphis (I’ve watched more Memphis football the last two weeks than anyone ever should so trust me, they’re not winning this game)
    Raiders +1 vs. Jaguars (there are a couple of teams the Jags should be favored over but this isn’t one of them)

    ESSAY: Wisconsin -3 vs. Iowa

    Wait, what? I guess maybe there’s some letdown potential here, or they think Iowa will be amped up for the game… but this line seems to ignore how these two teams have played for the last month. Sconnie (Sconny? get back to me on this, AP Stylebook) had the great misfortune of having to play both Michigan and Ohio State but acquitted themselves nicely. They even figured out the run game and averaged over 6 ypc against the Buckeyes. Iowa has not been impressive in conference play, barely beating Rutgers and Minnesota and giving up 35 to a Purdue team that promptly fired their coach. Wisconsin’s defense is just nasty, they have to win this game to have any shot at the division title, and I have no doubt they cover, even if it’s not by a lot.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Wisconsin -3
    Unc -7.5
    Vikings -2.5
    Bucs -2
    Tex am +18
    Ravens pk

    The jets are a dumpster fire and the Browns best chance at win this year. maybe vegas knows something I don’t about flaccid shoulder but he seems to be downplaying the significance of the injury. I’ll roll the dice and bet he plays. The ravens have a top ten defense who will certainly create turnovers against geno smith. The ravens also boast the top run defense in the league so the jets will have to throw. Leading to points for the ravens. Love the ravens on the road.

  • So upset with myself after last week’s essay debacle. Left three points on the board and I’m kicking myself for it. Debating a POTY this weekend.

    Tonight, I’ll take TROY -7.5

    • Troy Bunting

      Can never go wrong with Troy

    • Farts.

      SYRACUSE +4.5. Cuse wins outright. I saw that post game speech last week. Dino can coach. #FIRE
      TEXAS A&M +18. I think it’s another shootout, and three scores is too many.
      ARKANSAS +10. Bielema proved (finally) last year that he can win on the road in the SEC. Beat #9 LSU, beat #18 OLE MISS, beat Tennesee, and kept it within 13 points with the would-be national champions. Arkansas needs to slow down the run and score 20 for a cover.
      VIKINGS -2.5. Believe it or not, I think they win by 3. That O-line has to play well. 13-10 final.

      COLORADO +2.5 @ Stanford.

      The Pac 12 is a really odd place for me to make this POTY call, but it feels like the time and place. It also feels like Colorado’s year to win the South. They’ve been in every game. Carried a lead into the 2nd half at the Big House. Defense hung tight with USC on the road when the Buffs didn’t have their starting QB. Beat Oregon at Autzen in a shootout. And they’ve boat-raced everyone else they’ve played in the Pac-12. Their remaining schedule isn’t particularly daunting until they host Utah in the final week of the season for what looks like it could be a Pac-12 Championship birth.

      Buffs are 20th in the nation in scoring offense, with a balanced attack that’s rolling for over 500 yards per game. Stanford’s offense is also balanced-it balances sucking with injuries and shitty quarterback play, and puts up less than 20 ppg in a conference not particularly known for its defense. And they failed to throw up 300 yards of offense against my 2-5 Fighting Irish. Have you seen Notre Dame’s defense for fuck’s sake? They were essentially last in the country until two things happened: they played in a category 4 hurricane, and they played Stanford.

      Christian McCaffrey can’t be your only answer, and unfortunately for the Cardinal (Stanford doesn’t even have a mascot or a real nickname. Cardinal is a fucking color, and before you correct me and say “YES THEY DO IT’S A TREE!”, you’d better google it and check yourself. The Tree is in the band.) McCaffrey is their only answer. And he’s banged up with something that hasn’t been disclosed. Nonetheless, I’d be watching the game film from Washington a few weeks ago, and I’d force their garbage quarterback to figure out a way to get into the endzone. Because he doesn’t know how.

      Gimme the points, the win, and the rout.

  • Chris P.

    Directional Michigan Essays 3-0
    Non Directional Michigan Essays 0-4

    Okay, world. I see what you’re up to. I figure out your schtick, and then you pair up Directional Michigans and tell me where I can stick it.

    But you forgot to give the other one an off day.

    And on top of that, you gave them an easy line.


    But this isn’t some blinded alliance to a set of schools. This is an easy one.

    So, first, Central. They’re 5-2. They beat a top 25 team, lost to a teriffic WMU team, had a single bad loss to a middling Virginia team which happens when you’re a MAC school (and as an aside… Virginia might be a little better than they seem – and their line with UNC this week is dropping like crazy) and have looked tough.

    Toledo. Well, they had a bad loss to a middling BYU team which happens when you’re a MAC school, and ran up the score against Maine and Fresno. They’ve looked tough too, but against what has to be one of the easiest schedules I’ve ever seen.

    In terms of what they’ve actually accomplished on the field this year, Toledo’s 6-1 is roughly even with CMU’s 5-2. Both teams are healthy, it’s a solid evenly matched game, and a razor sharp line that should be just barely in Toledo’s favor playing in the Glass Bowl… A tight back and forth game between a couple of evenly matched MAC teams and… huh? double digits?


    Central Michigan +10 Toledo
    Oklahoma State +23.5 Kansas
    USF -6.5 Temple
    Texas A&M +18 Alabama
    Ravens PICK Jets

    • actovegin1armstrong

      You have me deeply concerned CP. You have the distinct advantage of been smarter than me. Why do you use it every week?

      • Chris P.

        I need an intervention. Save me from myself.

        Help me, acto.

  • cwonder23

    Bears +7.5 @ Packers

  • GRRustlers

    Week 8 Picks

    The Tribe is in the Fall Classic and Idaho football came through for me in the easiest POTY since UMass stomped Kent a couple of years ago. Time to gather up my winnings and take the kids to Great Wolf for the weekend because at the end of the day I’m just a big dumb animal who likes water slides.

    Michigan (-36.5) over Illinois – Harbaugh got a week off to prepare for Illinois? I’m so sorry Lovie.

    Washington (-36.5) over Oregon State – Preparing in advance for the Washington/Colorado PAC12 title game in which an undefeated Washington needs a win for the playoffs. We may see something from PAC12 refs that night which gets its own 30 for 30.

    Ravens (PK) over NYJ – Geno sucks.

    Boise (-7) over BYU – Drinking heavily alone at a hotel bar means you probably should not be on BYU.

    AP – Alabama (-18) over Texas A&M – I’ve always thought you should be able to use your 4 years of eligibility regardless of your pro status. I know this is stupid but I would just love to see the face of Saban when Manziel stumbles out of the tunnel and flicks off the Alabama sideline before running for 200 and throwing for 300. Since none of this can happen due to obvious logic I will take Alabama.


    I’m not ready to give up on the Packers yet. I watched that entire game against Dallas last week and came away with a few thoughts. The first is that Dallas is really good. The second is that the Packers offense feels like it is a tenth of a second off. I think that time can fix this and it will slowly get better as the season goes on and the idea that Rodgers continues to struggle just does not equate with me. The Bears suck and after giving a game away last week I can’t imagine they are thrilled with the short week and trip to Green Bay. The Bears are finally doing the right thing and seem to be moving on from Cutler but the fact is that this is still a dreadful football team. Green Bay takes care of the football and Hoyer finally has that WTF game that we are well aware of in Cleveland.

    Packers (-7.5) over Bears

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Even though we disagree as always, this trumps all else, (no pun, plaudit, or endorsement intended), “I’m just a big dumb animal who likes water slides.” If you are ever again in waterslide land I will give you my 4 heavily guarded secrets to making it the most fun a kid can have. (Probably from a bigger, and most assuredly exponentially more dum animal.)

  • pateslvrblk

    Boise -7

  • actovegin1armstrong

    da Bears +7.5
    byu +7
    USF -6.5
    NC State +19.5
    AP Tx A&M +18
    ****Toledo**** -10

    • actovegin1armstrong

      ****Toledo can certainly put up the points, they scored more than 100 points in a loss to BYU. Logan Woodside is one of those overrated quarterback guys, but he is very good, even though he is only a quarterback and much like kickers, quarterbacks are not really football players.
      CMU has a quarterback too and people brag profusely about him, but he is still just a quarterback. I read that CMU’s second best player is a running back and if your two best players are a quarterback and running back then they should be getting at least three touchdowns and a sympathy card.
      CMU has had epic struggles to beat The Little Sisters of the Poor, and then The Late Night Infomercial Online University Junior Varsity Squad.
      Toledo wins this game by more than three touchdowns.

  • ChuckKoz

    BYU +7 (Boise)
    Packers -7.5 (Bears)

  • trashycamaro

    Definitely worth doing some games that don’t involve bama and/or double digits spreads

  • actovegin1armstrong

    TAMU +18

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Da Bears +7.5

  • Tim Butler

    Isn’t this the third Bama game we’ve had this year? Just wondering how much consideration was given to Cards-Seahawks on Sunday night?

    • yes it was under consideration,, here’s what we were looking at.

      tamu at bama
      olemiss at lsu
      pats at steelers
      seahawks at cards
      chargers at falcons

      some of the calculus includes the fact of being nfl heavy toward the end of the year…

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