Wk 1, Ole Miss +4 at FSU.

2015 Cheddar champ celebrates friendly Paypal email.

2015 Cheddar champ celebrates friendly Paypal email with some guy.

And we’re off!  Thank you and welcome back to our returning Cheddars, welcome aboard to our newcomers.  Everything needed to make your picks is embedded in this post: locked in Cheddar Lines, new pick form, discussion section.  College picks only this week; FBS vs FBS only as usual.

One degree of separation.  Hey hey, Cheddar has balled out with Lebron.  It turns out 2015 defending Cheddar champ, DQuatts is a SVSM alumnus and there seems to be convincing evidence that they at one time did wind sprints together in an Akron gym.  No word on whether his old teammate will be joining us this year but I don’t rule it out.

All play:  Ole Miss +4 at Florida State, Monday 8pm.
This is the ‘all-play’ for this week meaning you must pick it among your six.  It may be your essay; if it is be sure to pick another five.  Always have six picks.

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  • Concierge

    Gimme Ole Miss as my essay pick. I don’t feel strongly about this pick but I had to essay this game because I almost missed the start of cheddar bay and decided to play again at the last minute. To me If I can get points with the better QB at a neutral site I’m gonna do that. I think that this is a toss up game that could come down to the 4th QTR. Miss has to find a new weapon on the outside to replace Treadwell but I just think that Chad Kelly is too good to be getting the points here. Looking forward to being back this year with all of you guys. You know I will have the MAC covered like nobody else!!! Beware Eastern Michigan is gonna be a covering machine this year!!


    • sorry c, this is in too late for essay. in retrospect, it wouldve been good to cut all first week slack on this rule but we’ve already enforced it on pate and cwonder on saturday. we can make this a one pointer or you can use the essay-free week on this (tho id recommend against it since half points.) i think clay is in the same boat here tonite.

      • consulted with EC and feeling is that this will stand as an essay pick we’ll use the no-essay week against it.

  • smittypop2

    I am “backfromthedead” and making the few picks I have left now. I am taking

    FSU -5.5

    and ESSAY: ND -3.5 over Junkhole U.

    Why does Texas think they will be relevant again? They suck. The team has “grown” from being last in the Big 12 in pass ypgs, 1st downs, and every other meaningful category on offense? This junk was 5-7 last year and I don’t think homefield advantage is going to amount to anything. They beat an overrated shitpile of a Sooner team last year and then got pumped down by a bunch of junkiron like Iowa State and Cal. I just think Notre Dame has 2 very good Qbs that should lead the offense in the proper direction and see no reason to be worried about this team. I am sitting here watching ESPN and Ricky Williams is going to be excited about a 7 win season this year, that doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence from an obvious homer. Texas is going to have to prove something to me before I can allow them to be hanging with decent teams this year.

    • you are all set in the forms and welcome back.. holy smokes how many years ago was smittypop doing this?
      i’ll make sure these get in for this week.

      • smittypop2

        Thanks Dr.! I am in it to win it and I also added my 2 picks to the form. I hope missing 4 picks doesn’t hurt me too bad.

      • Smitty was one of the original 11 Cheddars from 2009. Of that group, I think it’s only him, me, and P4 that remain.

  • Tim Butler


    Tennessee survived a scare against Appalachian State on Thursday, Syracuse beat up on Colgate Friday night, and Clemson held on to beat Auburn on Saturday. What do these three winners have in common? They are 3 of the 4 most famous “orange” schools in the country, or as it’s more commonly called “the Orange Quartet.” The other school in the quartet, Texas, plays today, and when a force d’orange gets rolling, it can’t be stopped – also known as an “orange crush.” They say you can’t wear white after labor day and who would want to when orange is so clearly en vogue. I’ve clearly lost my mind and have to go now to put on my favorite orange shirt.

    Texas +3.5 over ND

    All Play: FSU -4 over Miss

    Somewhat more serious essays to start next week with NFL. I pay very little attention to college football as evidenced by my 1-3 start to the cheddar season.

    • I believe the Browns conclusively prove this theory false.

      • Tim Butler

        Clearly a college only phenomenon

  • UncleBuck


    UT over the Irish

    I’m not one to read weekend horoscopes looking for love, but I do think the universe sends us all signals that we can benefit from tuning into. Some of these signs are more subtle, like that one song that comes on the radio and jolts you with memories of a romance from summer’s past (mine is Best of My Love-Eagles). Other messages are more literal, like me being in Austin for game day today. Either case, you gotta follow the stars and follow your heart. ND is the better team, but today the universe is telling me different.

    Hook ’em, Horns!

  • DQuatts

    DQUATTS got Back to Back on my mind:

    Running with Ole Miss as my Pick of the Week. Something about having a composed and experienced QB going on the road makes me feel comfortable. Another reason I like getting points is because of the defense Ole Miss brings to the game Monday night. A veteran group that lost stars, yes, but didn’t lose their identity. I think they hold Cook to reality and have a good chance to win this game outright.

    Good luck, everyone! Thank you for the great league.

  • oxr

    I remain grateful for the halving of the scores in the first week, because 1) I don’t really watch college football that much 2) except for the Ducks, who I can’t pick because they usually schedule Mount Shasta Community College or the like to kick off their season and 3) it’s the first week so I can’t guess based on record. But picks must be made, so here are some:

    All-Play Florida State -4 over Mississippi
    Georgia -2.5 over North Carolina
    Auburn +7.5 over Clemson
    Notre Dame -3.5 over Texas
    Kentucky -6 over Southern Miss

    Essay UCLA +3 over Texas A&M – who the hell knows? This is a pick based on Josh Rosen maybe being good, hopefully helped along by a decent running game this year. Also, I like getting the higher ranked team (UCLA 17th in Football Outsiders’ collegiate rankings vs A&M being 23rd) and points. The downside is that I don’t exactly have religious faith in FO’s NCAA stuff, but it sounds better than flipping a coin. (Disclaimer: my college picks over the last four years have almost exactly replicated the process of flipping a coin.) And, crucially, I am still four minutes before the deadline to essay a 3:30 game, so go Bruins, I guess. Mount Shasta Community College awaits as a spoiler before the beginning of conference play.

  • p_forever

    nd -3.5 texas***
    ole miss +4 fsu
    houston +11.5
    ucla +3 texas a&m
    north carolina +2.5 georgia
    auburn +7.5 clemson

    ahh week 1 of cheddar bay can only mean one thing: essay pick ND thx. i feel like everyone forgot what happened in the ND texas game last year, and that’s why the line is only 3.5? I think it might have been a similar line last year – actually texas may have been the favorite. charlie strong had no answers then, and nothing should make anyone believe he suddenly has one now. as to the theory that nd is vulnerable because they have 2 great qb’s, not one, the more the merrier is a real thing – i feel anyone that participates in cheddar bay clearly understands this concept. so yay – go irish – happy college football season everyone!

  • Brian


    NORTH CAROLINA!!! RAISE UP TAKE YA SHIRT OFF, TWIST IT ROUND YA HEAD, SWING IT LIKE A HELICOPTER…..OK but anyway, think this could be a big coming out for Trubisky and NC. Played against the kid in high school, so I may be a little bias here. That being said I think he gets it done against a Georgia team that is in a new regime. Kirby Smart is a great defensive mind but the bulldogs could be lacking on O. Should be a good game but give me UNC at home getting the points

    • spaeth?

      • Brian

        Brian Whalen, username is Bnasty99

        • i dont know why i didnt figure that out. it’s all set with the UNC essay and everything. :-/ welcome aboard.

      • I’m just pimping out the cheddar to whomever wants a piece. Dragging in blokes from all over Chicago/Cleveland.

  • Troy Bunting

    Notre Dame over Texas. Primary reason for the pick is Notre dame is just better than Texas. Texas will co ti ie to decline of Charlie strong doesn’t allow his players to be good I.e. Get paid under the table for performance, refrain from anything academic, and go to strip clubs for study hall (a la Vince young). Until then… Hook em Irish

  • UCLA.
    CLEMSON. Heisman run starts today.
    LSU. thinking Wisconsin doesn’t score a TD til garbage time if at all.
    TEXAS STATE. Just feeling a potential for outright win here.

    $$$$ OLE MISS. essay to come.

  • pateslvrblk

    Ohio st -28 vs Bowling Green
    FSU-4 vs ole miss
    Clemson-7.5 vs Auburn
    LSU-10 vs Wisconsin
    Alabama-11.5 vs USC
    ***Michigan-40 vs Hawaii

    What am I thinking? It’s all about the travel. I can’t imagine traveling to Australia and the next week to Ann Arbor for an early morning body time matchup with Michigan. The Rainbows are going to be out of their league with having such a schedule for the beginning of the season. All odds have Michigan at the top of the food chain this year. You have to think they are going to want to shine at the first home season opener, and the Wolverines plan to look good in their new uniforms by Nike Air Jorden. Michael Jorden will be on the sidelines to see it firsthand and all the loyal fans filling Michigan stadium. I am sure Harbaugh has big plans for today.

    • ditto what frowns said to cwonder. sorry pate. nice essay tho!
      will keep mich as reg pick.. just essay something else.

      • Chris Schroeder

        Rules are rules which you need to enforce to keep things rolling. But not seeing the logic in having essays in prior to one hour before kickoff when any other pick can be put in a minute before kickoff. Just something to look at and maybe make an adjustment..

        • point taken. without re-hashing the whys of the rule, it does come down to enforcing the rules for the benefit of the others who are punctual. im sure you appreciate ‘cheddar cop’ is the least favorite aspect of the contest for us,,but,, gotta do it. 🙁

        • The logic is that others should have a chance to consider each essay and decide if they will let it influence their own picks. If you allow folks to submit essays 1 minute before kickoff, you completely lose that element.

    • pateslvrblk

      here’s my bama essay —

      on opening weekend with no real info on teams, it’s not bad policy to go with the quality brand. defending champion alabama qualifies. bama had 14 players from 2015 in nfl training camps this year… i’m still looking at a depth chart with minkah fitzpatrick, eddie jackson, oj howard who all project as first rounders. bo scarborough is the sophomore running back,,, but is his talent/production even a question after the recent performance of derrick henry, kenyon drake, mark ingram, eddie lacy, tj yeldon? hell even trent richardson looked great behind the bama o-line. saban gets his pick of recruits and he recruits big linemen and running backs and puts them in his formula that has been an execution machine for going on ten years. for the record, the 6-2/215 scarborough declined offers from olemiss, nd, ucla, arkansas, auburn, clemson, florida, fsu, uga, mich, missyst, vandy, and troy (YOLO TROY STATE!) before accepting saban’s offer. one suspects it was never close. so that’s bama. on the other side, clay helton replaces drunk sarkisian. im looking at their top 2017 nfl draft prospects and first reaction is the top guy, zach banner is a senior. youre a 6-9/360 SC offensive tackle and you opted out of the 2016 draft? says ‘meh’ to me. moving along, you’ve got the customary USC two suspensions this week. max browne was the most hyped player of his high school class and has waited three seasons to start. lookit, i’m just keeping it easy here. roll tide roll.

  • cwonder23

    Indiana (w)
    Northwestern -5
    Stanford -15.5
    Toledo +3.5
    Hawaii +40
    BGSU +28

    Bowling Green coming out of the MAC against a better, but young, Ohio State team. Always tough to pick these early games but based on last year, BGSU can score. Urban will figure this one out but BGSU will score early and cover. OSU 35 BGSU 17

    • Sorry but it’s too late to essay BGSU. Essays have to be in one hour before kickoff.

      • I like BG as well and wanted to essay them myself. GL.

        • cwonder23

          Come on, Pete. First weekend. I got it in pre-kick. I get the one hour rule but people have “violated” that rule plenty last year. If it doesn’t stand, fine. But, let’s be real here.

          • cwonder23

            Kanick, keep my pick but I will post another essay. Thanks.

          • cwonder23

            You can pull Stanford.

          • cwonder23

            Bama essay. Going to Cubs game.

          • haha, pate is doing same. bama always a good default essay pick. 🙂

          • cwonder23

            Thanks Mike! Guess I’m still in cheddar Bay preseason form! You can chalk it up as a loss. My pick would be FSU -4.

          • hey charlie, just going thru sheet and noticed–, be sure to pick the olemiss/fsu game!

          • *wince* stanford was last night.. and all the other picks have started. gotta pull bgsu and replace with bama. ok?

          • roger that.

        • Chris Schroeder

          Rules are rules which you need to enforce to keep things rolling. But not seeing the logic in having essays in prior to one hour before kickoff when any other pick can be put in a minute before kickoff. Just something to look at and maybe make an adjustment.

          • pheasantpants

            Thank Frowns for the save!

  • RCLA

    IN. CharlesTaylorAllStars. Pro Warlord. Pro FrechDay. Pro America.

    Mass +36.5. Florida is going to have to prove to me they can score 37 points against a team of bowling pins.

    Arizona -1. No reason.

    Alabama -10. This game might not be high scoring enough to justify laying these points but…

    Houston +11.5 (Essay). This game is in Houston. Most important game for the program in forever. Oklahoma forcibly fucks themselves in the ass every year. Baker Mayfield is a ridiculous name for a person. I think at minimum it’s a close game.

    Northwestern -5. Tend to start hot and overperform. Mike Greenberg has suffered enough waking up next to himself everyday for 40+ years. Also I have no idea what I’m talking about. Yet? Ever.

    Hawaii +40. Just on the same grounds as Tennessee. So much smoke up the ass. But Hawaii isn’t as good as App. State. We’ll see. Seems like a lot of points.

    • RCLA

      Scratch Arizona, as I forgot to pick the mandatory game. I’ll take FSU and lay the points.

      • ill enter these in the form; youre in as chastaylor.

  • PJD19

    Essay Wisc over LSU

    So many awesome games this opening week Great weather across most of the country for the long weekend. Kids are heading back to the college campus ready to party and learn, it’s definitely a special time of year. I’d love to be at so many of them, but this one caught my eye in particular. Most everyone is on LSU and it makes a lot of sense having arguably the best player in college football going against a bunch of relative no-names. I just felt like last year Fournette was amazing against weaker teams and I saw him bottled up and struggle against tops defenses (i have no data to support this, but o just recall it happening). Playing against their former D coordinator and at historic Lambeau field, Wisc has locker room fodder to overachieve and make this one close.

  • RDGinCLE is on golf course — he wants San Jose St, Kent St, Ole Miss for starters.

  • Matt Borcas

    Clemson, UCLA, LSU, Houston all for one point, please!

    • Matt Borcas

      Give me Notre Dame and Florida State to finish out Week 1. ND will be my essay (using my no essay week).

  • Peter Markos

    Essay Pick- Notre Dame_4.5 I cant imagine Texas making up that much ground from last year.
    All Play- FSU
    Wisconsin -8.5 big spread at home for the Badgers
    Oklahoma -10 “So you want to be part of the Big 12.8? You suck but your city demographics are good.”
    Alabama -10 Defending champs. USC has a new QB.
    Kent State -20. Karma game. PSU still worships a child molester enabler. Your whole aura is a fraud and a joke. Get over it and move on.

  • CONCIERGE IS IN. just spoke with him, he wants
    OSU, LSU, WMU, PSU, Texas,, will essay FSU/OleMiss.

  • What a great day today is. Made even better by the fact that I am now in Charlotte, NC instead of Lansing, MI. Also made better by the fact that there are some watchable games today. That said, my essay is probably not going to be one of those games. For the third straight year, out of pure tradition at this point, I’m taking Ohio State -28 to cover against Bowling Green.

    I have no idea what Ohio State’s defense is going to be like this year, but I do expect the Buckeye’s offense to put up a lot of points. I also expect the starters to get more run than they normally would in a game that (hopefully, for my pick’s sake) doesn’t stay within reach with Oklahoma looming in a few weeks and a young core of players. When those players do come out I’ll take the gamble that Ohio State has built a lead much greater than 28 by that point and they’ll hold on by more than that margin.

    1) Ohio State -28 (ESSAY)
    2) Miss. St. -28
    3) Hawaii +40
    4) UMass +36.5
    5) ND -3.5: I will gladly pick against any University (Texas) that threatens a local donut shop over a questionable trademark dispute.
    6) FSU -4 (ALL PLAY)

  • Dave Borcas

    Rest of my picks
    Ohio State -28 (honk honk)
    LSU -10 (just keep Browns future RB healthy)
    Ole Miss +4 (all play)
    ND -4.5 (essay)
    This pick is made in the memory of my buddy Hammer. Hammer was the ultimate ND fan and one of the best guys you ever wanted to meet. You may have just met the guy, but he had a way of making you feel he was your best friend. On the field ND will take care of business. They definitely win the QB battle and their D has some young talent. Go IRISH and we miss you Hammer!

  • CLEinMSP

    UNC +2.5 (Mentor grad, Trubisky homer pick)
    Houston +11.5
    Western Mich +5
    LSU -10
    Ole Miss +4 (All Play)
    Alabama -11.5 (Essay)

    Max Browne has quite a task ahead of him tonight. Guy gets to make his first collegiate start against Nick Saban and the mighty Alabama defense. I saw a stat this week that showed Alabama’s numbers with Saban going against QBs making their first start, and it’s absolutely nuts. The Bama defense is loaded with 1st and 2nd round draft picks, and I expect them to make life really hard on Browne and the USC offense. I believe that USC is missing one of their starting O-Lineman as well. As far as Alabama’s offense goes, I think that may be a work in progress for the first few weeks, but with Ridley, Scarbrough, etc., there will be a couple big plays out there for them. Saban seems a bit up in the air on who he will go with at QB, but I don’t think it’s going to matter tonight. I think the Alabama defense dominates this game and Bama scores in the high 20s and covers.

  • John Michel

    Hawkaholic’s week 1 picks:

    newcomer here – looking forward to joining the fun!

    My essay pick:

    Georgia -2.5

    In the end Georgia’s talented backfield will just be too tough for Gene Cheesedick’s vaunted Tar Heel defense. With Grayson Lambert getting the start expect Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs to try and establish the pass, tight end Issac Nuata will get a quick score to open the game but I think Lambert struggles. The Bulldog faithful want to see what they have in freshman quarterback phenom Jacob Eason so he will get a series of two under center. As earlier mentioned the Georgia backfield will rule the day with the 1, 2 punch of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. I look for Georgia’s offensive line to open up some big holes for the speedy Chubb as he races to over 100 yards and two touchdowns. In the end Georgia will come out ahead 34 to 21 much to the dismay of Harbaugh Handshakes.

    Alabama -11.5

    Notre Dame -3.5

    Northwestern -5

    UCLA +3

    Florida State -4

  • trashycamaro

    Almost missed cheddar week 1 on account of Harry Potter and the lamest hurricane that still knocked out my power and cell towers.


    Bama over USC
    FSU over Ole Miss

    Worst essay ever. Didn’t Ole Miss lose like all of their stars this off-season? Treadwell, Prescott, Tunsil, and the DT who’s name I can’t spell are all playing on Sundays this year. And I know that Ole Miss has recruited some new stars but that is an awful lot of talent at key positions to walk out the door. As for FSU they got to skip the hurricane my heading down to Orlando for the game. And while Orlando is one of the worst places on the earth it’s better than Tallahassee in summer with no power and no internet.

    GA Tech over BC
    Texas over ND
    BYU over Arizona
    NW over WMU

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Osu -28
    Western mich. +5
    Norte dame -3.5
    Houston +11.5
    Fsu -4
    Essay unc +2.5

    Why am I posting my picks at 5 am you ask? Because I’m so hyped to get cheddar bay started I can’t sleep (actually I had 1 to many captain and diets last night and my head and heart are pounding from all the sugar/caffeine/alcohol bc I’m still a child and can’t drink manly drinks like woodford) anywho…been reading a lot about north carolina’s offense this year. Mitch trubisky is starting at qb. Remember him? Yup mr. Ohio himself about to pick apart the dawgs with his talented wr Corp and a stud rb in Elijah hood. Carolina also hired gene chizik as they’re def cord. Which should mean good things for their defense. I like the Tar Heels to win in the Georgia dome Saturday.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Boston College: Was a close call between Western Michigan and Boston College for the first essay but going here. To me, there is nothing like starting off the year by betting against a team you can’t win betting on or against and that’s Georgia Tech. I’m unreal high on them due to my undying love of the running game. When I play on them, they fumble 20 times and look like straight trash. When I play against them, they run for 800 yards. I’m hoping to start the year by reversing this hex and winning a play involving them. BC for the essay. How’s that for useless insights.

    Western Mich
    North Texas
    Ole Miss
    FIU (already a loser)

  • jdoepke

    You guys seen the commercial with the drunk guy talking to himself in the mirror in the bathroom at the bar? That’s me looking at week one slate of games…”you got this”

    Ole Miss +4 (AP)
    SJST +5
    USC +11.5
    Texas +3.5
    Houston +11.5

    Western Michigan +5

    As SVP said on his show, every dope in America will take NW, and why not. This line makes absolutely no sense and when you parlay that with 72% of the wagers on NW and lion’s share of money on Western, give me the MAC team for the cover. Broncos 27-24 on a late FG.

  • J.

    Inaugural Cheddar Bay entry. Excited to refine my pick game by reading the collective wisdom of the Rust Belt’s finest citizens. Week 1:
    1. Michigan -40 over Hawaii
    2. N’western -5 over Western Mich.
    3. Clemson -7.5 over Auburn
    4. Notre Dame -3.5 Texas
    All Play: FSU -4 over Ole Miss
    Essay Game: Alabama -11.5 over USC
    I can’t quite get it. In many ways, college football is more democratized now than it has been since Rutgers first met Princeton. Every game is on TV, including FCS schools. 85 scholarships. Massive amounts of revenue shared even with big conference bottom feeders. Yet Bama is as dominant as it has ever been. Saban is a huge jerk; I can’t imagine being an 18-year old and _wanting_ to be coached by him. The town is nothing special and you’re nowhere near any place you could possibly have fun. Meanwhile the Tide’s opponent is the epitome of glamor in the CFB world, and owner of scads of national championships in its own right. And it’s giving nearly two TDs.
    You’d think that this line would mandate picking the Trojans. But as a Florida grad, riding the lows, then highs, then lows again of the past ~15 years, I’ve seen these Saban teams grind opponents into dust time and time again. Somewhere between bailing on a program he thought could never overtake Michigan, and joining the long list of college hall of famers turned NFL flops, Nick Saban figured out his special sauce to pile up titles – big, physical guys running basic schemes, and out-executing everyone.
    Over a 12 or 14 game season, they can be had, maybe once or even twice. The SEC grinder will do that to a team. But on this stage, this early in the year, at home, Alabama doesn’t lose. And they wear out and demoralize a team. Good recipe to cover a big number.
    USC will probably be fine this season. There’s talent there and Helton seems competent. Fine doesn’t show up in Tuscaloosa and steal a win, or even really make it a game, with Nick Saban though.

    • jdoepke

      The game is in Dallas…

      • pheasantpants

        And the group wisdom already pays off!

        I had totally forgotten about that and was looking at a schedule that had Alabama as the home team. It negates part of the essay but it doesn’t swing my pick. Bama by 17.

    • ^^pheasantpants!
      welcome aboard!

  • Galea Minor

    Thrilled to enjoy some Cheddar Bay this year. Here’s my week 1:

    All Play: FSU (-5.5) over Mississippi
    2: Arizona over BYU
    3: Alabama (-10) over USC (essay)
    4: Houston (+10) over Oklahoma
    5: Georgia (-3) over UNC
    6: UCLA (+1) over Texas A&M

    Nick Saban is the best coach in the land, and yet he’s never had a QB that’s any good. Is there a precedent for this? It certainly isn’t for a lack of recruiting effort, or for a lack of quality offensive coordinator. This year, we’ll see if Cooper Bateman can clear the bar set by…err, Tony Banks I guess.

    On the other side is a program that’s such a QB factory, a guy who never took a snap at USC is in his 12th NFL season. The contrast in styles should lead to an epic tilt between the team this decade and the team of the last. And yet, I don’t think many have faith in Clay Helton’s crew.

    Bama might lose two games along the SEC West gauntlet and lose out on a playoff berth, but I just can’t imagine them being tested at all in this game. Lane Kiffin is going to do jumping jacks on the sideline when one of his wideouts scores on busted coverage. Expect the Bo Scarbrough show (top 5 SEC name of all-time). Also, don’t expect to learn anything about either team. Could USC get rocked and still dominate the Pac 12? Works for Michigan State.

    • welcome aboard — is this the username you’d like? let me know, i’ll get you squared away in the forms.

  • Nick

    Vandy (LOSS)
    WKU (WIN)
    Arky St (PENDING)
    Texas A&M over UCLA
    FSU over Ole Miss
    ***Tulsa -5 vs San Diego St.
    Deadspin dedicated a post to Tulsa this week and after reading, I came away impressed. They are returning a lot of players, mostly at important positions such as their 5th year senior QB, Evans. He is very prolific at scoring points as they proved last season. Defensively, they are not very good, but what makes me optimistic for this year is they are returning all 3 linebackers, two redshirt seniors and a redshirt junior. Feels like they will improve and lead the defense to something respectable in 2016. I don’t know anything about San Diego State, so there’s that, but 5 pts seems like an easy lay with this high potent offense starting out at home.

  • Nick

    Arky St for .5 pt please.

  • jpftribe

    I’ll take
    Stanford over KSU
    Ball State over GS
    For tonight.

    • jpftribe

      FSU – All Play
      Oklahoma – Essay

      I got one cheddar point already, which is more than in the first four weeks last year, so I got that going for me. Picking first week of NCAA football, oh boy. I feel like a blind squirrel looking for a nut on the moon. My nephew is going to Oklahoma and my BIL is completely fired up about attending the OSU game. He’s been talking about it since last season. It would be nice if it were a meaningful game, so I’m all Okkies here. Wish I had some wisdom about starters lost and coming back, defensive strategies and whatnot, but alas, that is not the case, just a straight up gut pick for the cheddar. Hope they cover.

      • jpftribe

        And of course, thanks to the Exec Committee for all the efforts of bringing forth this wonderful contest.

  • John

    ***rookie alert*** (aka someone should prolly ‘check my work’)
    excited to be here, and more excited to drop a weekly innuendo about biscuits.

    weekly picks
    Oklahoma -11.5 over Houston
    Texas St +21 over Ohio University
    LSU -11.5 over Wisconsin
    Bama -11.5 over USC
    BYU +1 over Arizona (essay)
    **all play** FSU -4 over M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i.

    • John

      Essay life
      BYU +1 over AZ

      ok- real talk. I visit Utah an average of once a month. and THAT means- that I HAVE to know about BYU (and Utah) football in order to do anything…stop by a friends house, ski in Park City, or even order gas. YOU MUSH pick a side in the Holy War.

      But the truth is- I could care less.
      I didn’t go to school in Utah, and I couldn’t name any player on any team.
      But since Dec 2015- the whole Utah bubble has been OBSESSED with Kalani Sitake.
      Once I realized this was NOT a type of mushroom- I realized we are talking about the new BYU head coach.

      They love him. Like. They are already naming highways after him (google it).

      I am curious to see how a newly installed defense can stand up to a subpar offense led by Rich Rod…that’s right. remember him? yup- still at AZ.

      and for the first time in my life- I’m saying “Go Cougs”

    • Chris P.

      Brigham Young REALLY has something to play for this year with a shot at the Big 12.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they, say, punch above their weight class this year.

    • this is JPB (thanks dan whalen for bringing him in)… do you want a different cheddar handle? i just used your initials..

  • FTCMikeD

    Ah, I love the smell of Cheddar Bay in the evening…

    Tonight’s Action:
    TEMPLE -16 over Army
    Toledo +3.5 over ARKY ST

    • FTCMikeD

      PENN ST -21 over Kent St
      BAMA -11.5 over USC
      AP: FSU -4 over Ole Miss
      The Buckeyes don’t rebuild, they reload. With JT Barrett coming back this year, I don’t think the offense will miss a beat. And yeah, they lost a bunch of starters to the NFL on Defense, but Urban Meyer has been keeping the cupboard stocked with talent. It’s also been like 80 years since another Ohio school beat the Buckeyes, but this is point spread competition so that doesn’t really factor. That being said, I think those kids from BG are going to be totally awed by the spectacle of Ohio Stadium, and 108,000 rabid fans. BGSU should come out strong in the first quarter or so, but over the course of the game, all will be right in Columbus as the Buckeyes cover the 4 TDs.

  • I just saw on Facebook where a friend’s cousin’s father-in-law said, because Kaepernick refused to stand for the anthem and whatnot, that he refuses to watch any football games that the service academies aren’t playing in.

    Which is all the more reason to kick off my season with Temple on Friday at sundown (-16 over Army).

    Back with 3 tomorrow, 1 on Sunday, and the all-play on Mon. Happy voting to all.

    • Today I vote for one point each on BGSU +28 over tOSU, Houston +11.5 over Oklahoma (which feels too easy in a way but it’s too early in the season for me to care), and LSU -10 over Wisconsin.

      After a bit of reading, I think Bowling Green would have been a fun, interesting, and potentially winning essay with an offense that promises to be a full-blast air-raid behind a solid offensive line. Not that I feel strongly about any of these games this weekend, but since I’m too late for a BG essay I guess I’ll just have to wait for one of tomorrow or Monday night’s games. Happy Saturday to all.

      • LOL so much for Bowling Green. I’ll go with Texas +3.5 over Notre Dame for my essay. Per ESPN: “The Irish have among the fewest number of returning starters in the country [3 on offense and 4 on defense] after losing their top rusher, three leading receivers, four top tacklers, a sack leader and several offensive line standouts.” It seems bizarre that they’re coming in ranked 10th with a bunch of guys who’ve never played before. Meanwhile, Texas is returning pretty much everyone (especially on defense) from last year’s really young but blue-chip-laden squad that had some terrible games (including against Notre Dame) but also showed a lot of promise in beating Oklahoma and Baylor. Giving Charlie Strong into his third year for his rebuild to start to click seems reasonable, and it seems too many have been unreasonable in suggesting otherwise. I’m not wild about the prospect of Swoopes or a true freshman starting at QB, but the true freshman (Steve Buechele’s son) is supposed to be good and I’m hoping the Longhorns defense, playing at home, can be the most dominant unit in this game and that the new spread offense can get enough going against an inexperienced Irish D to at least keep this close.

        And give me Mississippi for the All Play. Thx.

  • zizzer13

    New to this, but hoping to satisfy the degenerate in me… enjoy the donation to the prize pool… If for some reason I’ve done this incorrectly, I ask you all to please berate me incessantly and I’ll come back begging forgiveness with my tail tucked between my legs.

    Stanford (-15.5) over Kansas State
    Texas State (+21) over Ohio
    LSU (-10) over Wisconsin
    Houston (+11.5) over Oklahoma
    (All Play) Florida State (-4) over Ole Miss

    ESSAY: I have to admit, I’ve always loved reading the game notes put out by the various schools’ communications departments. They’re always full of the best little bits of information, and sometimes, you really have to wonder how they’re able to keep up such a positive mindset even when their team is putrid. Anyway, did you realize that the most experienced team in FBS this season, at least according to Phil Steele’s Experience Chart, is none other than Northeast Ohio’s own Kent State? That’s awesome!

    Unfortunately, experience doesn’t mean much if that experience is lots of losing and looking bad doing so. There’s also a freshman quarterback atop the two-deep. Last year’s starting quarterback? Buried on the depth chart at wide receiver. Then there’s the fact that Kent State has never beaten a team representing the Big Ten (and in fact lost to Illinois last season by 49, just days after their head coach was fired). So even spotting the Nittany Lions three touchdowns, I don’t exactly feel like I’m going out on a limb here.

    Penn State (-21) over Kent State

  • Jmacdaddio

    Welcome back everyone. I just made my annual charitable donation to whoever wins this pool.. err… weekly competition. Once again I was unlucky in convincing fantasy die-hards to put down the iPhone and try something different, so I don’t get a recruiting bonus.

    Good luck everyone! Picks to follow.

    • Jmacdaddio

      FSU -4
      Arkansas St -3.5
      LSU -10
      Clemson -7.5
      Arizona -1
      Rutgers +26.5 (Essay)

      It’s time for another season of Cheddar futility. I’ll hang around until Week 8 then free-fall. Maybe this year it’s Week 9. Rutgers is facing long odds to start their third season on the Big Ten. New coach, going cross-country for a road game against an opponent with some football brand cachet, plus I’m sure they lost some players to graduation. I think.

      Since this week only counts half, there’s no harm in going with the “RU will get beaten, and badly, but by less than 26 points” approach. I don’t recommend it as an approach to other areas of life, most notably investment decisions.

  • zarathustra

    Oregon St*** (W)
    FSU (all-play)
    Kansas St
    Boston College
    There is no team I wagered on more last year than the Heels; and no team I wagered against more than the Dawgs. Time to zag. I still like the heels and love fedora, but Georgia under Kirby should be way to physical for them.

    • zarathustra

      I completely botched my pick entry. I still like BC, but am removing and replacing with UCLA.

  • Chris P.

    What’s this approximately 100 word thing? Is this new since last I Cheddared? I’ll work on keeping it short but geez. I used my thousand words to sort through some serious shit.

    Okay, recalibrating.

    So… over at Frowns back in the day, I had (and still have) a longstanding position that when it continues to go a thousand days between rainfalls and the freshwater all dries up and the sea levels rise and our highest electoral vote state drowns under 68 feet of rising Pacific Ocean, those people will finally come around to the obvious and easy truth that we all know and take for granted –

    “Northeast Ohio is and was the greatest, realest, cosmopolitanist, bestest, wonderfulest place ever.”

    Now we may have to force them to sign loyalty oaths when they all want to move here and muck up our way of life, but we can send the criminals home and keep them out with a big beautiful wall that circles the 14 county area. But we’ll let the good ones in so long as they don’t try to freeload off us.

    No proof of this is more obvious than my wife who left and moved away for college, loaded up on fancy degrees and then came back because everyplace else blows. And lucky for me, she’s a Florida State grad, and we fly the Seminole flag in the front yard and they’re an obvious pick and because the CWRU flag doesn’t really apply to sports.

    1) [b]FSU -4 vs Ole Miss[/b]

    That’s not the essay.

    It brings me great pain to announce my essay this week as something I feel strongly about but so huuuugely relates to people I want to keep out with a wall.

    I’ve heard the National Title is on the line, I’ve heard that this is the most important game of the year blah blah blah. I’m reasonably sure that some teams will compete for the National title regardless of who wins here.

    So here we have a team who was down and out, and worked to build their program up the right way. Who starts a sophomore who threw 23 TD passes last year. Who expects to compete and be sucessful in a tough PAC 10/12/14 whatever, who could really use a resume builder against a SEC (lol) Team… against A TEAM THAT LOST BOTH QUARTERBACKS TO TRANSFER WHO IS STARTING A GUY WHO HASN’T PLAYED FOR TWO YEARS WITH A COACH THAT RODE CASE KEENUM AND AN ADDICT TO A SUNSET RETIREMENT CONTRACT.

    Texas A&M blew last year on defense, particularly stopping the run. UCLA is fine on offense and average running. You don’t have to be better than that to shred Texas A&M.

    It’s a road game, but that crown will be out for Sumlin’s job 8 minutes into the first quarter when a rusty QB is throwing floaters to Bruin DB’s.

    A huuuge win that will look AWESOME this week but look craptacular when TAMU is 7-4 with three of those signature out of conference wins over UT San Antonio, Prairie View A&M and New Mexico State.

    There’s a real coach with a real plan in Austin actually taking recruits away from College Station now. Case Keenum isn’t walking through that door. Johnny 8-ball isn’t walking through that door.


    Essay -[b] The University of California, Los Angeles an inexplicable and ridiculous plus three over the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas[/b]

    3) [b]Tulsa -5 vs San Jose St[/b]
    4) [b]Northern Illinois -10 vs Wyoming[/b]
    5) [b]Miami of Ohio +27 vs Iowa[/b]
    6) [b]UMass +36.5 vs Florida[/b]

    As a non-essay aside… I’d have to look it up, but after watching them a few times I have to ask… did Florida score 37 points in total last year?

  • Official Cleveland Frowns 2016 Cheddar Bay Intro Announcement here:

    Northeast Ohio is basically where football was born so it makes sense that one of the greatest football-picking contests was born here, too. Registration for the 8th(!) Annual Cheddar Bay Reality Football contest is open for this weekend’s college games. It is mainly for people who love football and follow it on a weekly basis, and is mainly based on two premises: 1) nobody should wager a dime on a football game without being able to explain why in at least 100 words; and more importantly, 2) when well-meaning people join a community to make a weekly effort to explain to one another why they like certain football picks, it can make following the football season a lot more interesting and fun, and can also serve as an effective indicator of when a person is following the football season too closely.

    This contest is all the more fun because the community has grown to include diverse perspectives from within and without the sports world. Most use pseudonyms, but I can verify that the field typically includes a former NFL player, a former member of a BCS-title-winning NCAA football team, a former high-school basketball teammate of LeBron’s, prominent and less-prominent members of the local and national media, as well as doctors, bakers, and candlestick makers, governmental and quasi-governmental functionaries, purveyors of some of Twitter’s finest tweets and other internet comments, a not-insignificant portion of the Ohio, California, and Michigan bars, and other assorted philosophers, capitalists, socialists, and miscellaneous freaks from around the U.S.

    If this sounds interesting to you, check out the rules here and God help you:


    Also, week 1 picks go here:


  • Capitalgg

    [All-play] Florida St. -4 v. Mississippi
    1. Alabama -11.5 v. USC
    2. Georgia Tech -3 v. Boston College
    3. Kentucky -6 v. Southern Miss
    4. LSU -10 @ Wisconsin

    Welcome back, Cheddar Bay! Welcome back, MACtion! Welcome back, Fun Belt!

    Let’s see, I love Toledo. My sister is an alum. I enjoy watching them as they have been pretty good for a pretty good long time. Kareem Hunt will be the best back in the MAC, especially running behind veteran, big and surprising athletic (for the MAC) o-line.

    But they travel to Little Rock where Arkansas St. has quietly been one of the most consistant programs in major college football the last several season despite seemingly losing thier head coach after every season.

    What I expect to see… A State will be able to pass on Toledo pretty much at will. Both teams will hog possession on consuming drives. The Rockets on the ground and the Red Wolves with a horizontal passing game. Eventually the Toledo secondary will break down 1 too many times and the Red Wolves will eventually put this one away.

    Arkansas St. -3.5 v. Toledo

    Other considerations:
    BYU +1 @ Arizona
    Notre Dame -3.5 @ Texas
    Georgia St. -3.5 v. Ball St.
    Hawaii +40 @ Michigan
    Penn St. -21 v. Kent St.
    West Virginia -10 v. Missouri
    UCLA +3 @ Texas A&M
    Northern Illinois -10 @ Wyoming

  • GRRustlers

    Week 1 Picks

    Colorado (-7.5) over CSU – Sefo Liufau will be one of the best stories in CFB this fall.

    Hawaii (+40) over Michigan – Somewhere I remember someone saying a team makes it’s biggest jump from game one to game two. Time to test this theory on a first game from Australia.

    UNC (+2.5) over Georgia – The best high school athlete I ever saw in my life was Mitch Trubisky. (LeBron does not count) Either that or my high school really sucks at football. It’s probably both. UNC is in good hands under center.

    WVU (-10) over Missouri – Missouri is auditioning to be my Idaho this year.

    AP – FSU (-4) over Ole Miss

    Essay – Oklahoma (-11.5) over Houston

    Can we please pump the brakes a little bit on Houston? I know it must be hard for Tom Herman to keep his focus this summer after being inducted into the CFB Hall of Fame and figuring out the details of joining and dominating the Big 12. The fact is that you are still Houston. Jack Pardee and Andre Ware are not walking through that door and Baker Mayfield is. I think it is fun every once in a while to just watch a blue blood of CFB crush someone. I like Oklahoma to score early and often and send a message to the team that probably will but should not join the Big 12.

  • Matt Lawrence

    ESSAY: Let’s face it, I currently know nothing about what is going on in the college football world right now, and I’m too lazy to do any research. So…I will roll with my alma mater and The Ohio State Buckeyes -28 vs. BG STD.

    I know the Buckeyes lost a lot of firepower on both sides of the ball, but let’s not forget the mastermind behind it all is Urban Meyer. With no quarterback controversy to start this year, the Buckeyes will come out firing on all cylinders. The road to the final four starts now!

  • Chris Schroeder

    -10 Alabama vs. USC
    -20 Boise State @ UL – Lafayette
    -8.5 Clemson @ Auburn
    -3.5 UTEP vs. New Mexico State
    All Play: -5.5 Florida State vs. Mississippi

    Essay: -10.5 Northern Illinois @ Wyoming
    Location: Lararmie, Wyoming
    Stadium: War Memorial Stadium
    Date: Saturday September 3, 2016
    Kickoff: 10:30 PM EST
    Nickname: Huskies vs. Cowboys
    Mascot: Victor E. Huskie Mission Huskie vs. Cowboy Joe/Pistol Pete
    The Game: Welcome, welcome ladies and gents. Happy to be back for the 2016/17 season fighting for the Cheddar! It’s a late start in the mountains well at least to us East coast individuals. Wyoming finished with a dismal 2 and 10 record and I see them adding another one to the loss column with Drew Hare coming to town off his season ending injury last season. The Huskies need a fresh start after leaving the 2015/16 a little butt hurt losing in the MAC Championship and bending over for Boise State in the Poinsettia Bowl. It should be a rough start for both teams and honestly not much to watch for in the first half of this one. I am hoping the altitude doesn’t affect the Huskies to cover, but I am predicting Hare will light the fireworks connecting with wide outs Aregeros and Golladay against a decent secondary from the Cowboys in the second half.

    • CLEVTA

      fyi your lines are incorrect. Make sure to look at the “current” column. UTEP is -9 for example not -3.5

      • CLEVTA

        -9.5 actually

        • Chris Schroeder

          Thanks CLETA for the heads up. I made the same stupid mistake for weeks last year. I’ll stick to the picks above.

  • I feel hardly ready for football season but it sure warms my heart to be back in the mix with the god damn best group of football voters that ever wrote 100+ word essays about football votes. BRB with picks.

  • thatsfine

    OK, let’s start the year with
    FIU +9

    • thatsfine

      GaSt -3.5
      Toledo +3.5

      • thatsfine

        Wyoming +10 (essay)
        Miss +4SJSU +5

        Cheers to everyone here, my football watching cohort for the next 4 months. It’s cool to know there’s about 50 other people across the country paying attention to and thinking about football in much the same way I do.

        Wyoming +10. I live in Oregon and can’t watch much football during the day, so I
        stick mostly to the Pacific and Mountain time zone games I can see around dinner or later. Thus I watched a ton of Mountain West football last year. MWC… for me it’s sort of like watching the MAC except the internal biases I accumulated from being born in raised in Ohio have no silent influence on my picks. Wyoming tries to play hardnosed and physical, and though a 2015 record of 2-10 is terrible they were sometimes competitive. Wyoming Junior RB Brian Hill managed 1635 yards
        last year and was a Doak Walker finalist, even though he was the only player opposing defenses had to account for. The pass attack should be improved to the point of being considered “complimentary” this year – everyone is back but the QB. NIU’s Drew Hare is coming back from a torn Achilles, I think you’ll see NIU run the ball quite a bit as well. Northern Illinois is one of the few true “programs” among the non-power 5. Shouldn’t they be laying 17 or even more against Wyoming? The line seems really low to point of being fishy, down to 8.5 now in some places… so week one I’ll take the home dog at 7200 feet elevation. I think the Pokes do just enough to stay in this one and earn a late cover.

  • Nick

    Vandy and WKU for tonight please.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    For the first time in my life, not only did I note the beginning of football season with more than an uninterested nod as I lovingly acknowledged the wonderful running weather, but this year I actually looked forward to it. I would be hard pressed not to say that it is entirely because of Cheddar Bay and my newfound love of football voting. As I vow to remain unattached to my outcome and appreciate the contest as merely a way to “fit in” when others talk about football, alas, I know that it is not true. I actually care how my votes do and each week wish for a lobster fest. That being said, my goal this year is stick to my methods of picking based on logic rather than to allow emotion to creep in. Since I love the pursuit of a perfect 8, or rather 4 this week, almost as much as the actual achievement, I spread my votes over 5 days. For each day I picked an underrated underdog as my vote.

    Essay: The biggest underdog my underdogs is poor little Hawaii at + 40. Not only do they have to travel 6 hours into the future to play, but they have to play (ominous music should be in your head) Michigan! I hope they wear their rainbow uniforms. Just because the Jim Harbaugh is the highest paid coach in the country, doesn’t mean his team is good. Now I leave it to the fates.

    Thursday: Tulane + 17
    Friday: Toledo + 3.5
    Saturday afternoon: Hawaii + 40
    Saturday night: USC + 11.5
    Sunday: Texas +3.5
    Monday: Mississippi + 4

  • cwonder23

    Indiana -9 vs Florida Intl

  • Looking for some Thursday night action?

    Essay: Vanderbilt -4.5 vs. South Carolina
    After two years of subsisting in Nashville, I will be in attending my first Vanderbilt sporting event. My place of employment is hosting a tailgate before the game and wisely charged me with sourcing the food and booze. This evening, a few of my favorite things will be aligning to create a hurricane of victorious energy, one that could only be navigated by a mid- to late- nineteenth century naval officer. Smoked wings, High West Campfire whiskey, the first pumpkin beer of the season, brisket, pulled pork, and my most-dear banana pudding.
    This year, the Gamecocks are without Spurrier for the first time in a decade. What they do have is a little over a handful of returning starters, which inspires little confidence. Also, as I was driving to work this morning I saw a truck adorned with Gamecock Flags, the kind that are rolled up in your windows; super lame.
    Last year, Vanderbilt didn’t know who their starting quarterback would be, and not because there were too many obvious choices. This year is different. Kyle Shurmur is the ‘Dores starting QB and you know what Shurmurs do? They battle.

    All Play: Florida State -4 vs. Ole Miss – When in doubt, side with the team whose player just got press for eating lunch with a child sitting alone in the cafeteria.

    Wisconsin +10 vs. LSU: “Neutral-site” game of Wisconsin vs. LSU at Lambeau field. Things that make you go, “hmmm”. #fadethepublic

    Houston +11.5 vs. Oklahoma: I think the Cougs are going to beat the Sooners outright. Almost made this my essay. Almost made this my POTY. I loathe all the BS around whether Houston should make it into the Big 12. They absolutely should. But they won’t. Why? Petty cowards who don’t want their recruiting infringed upon, and who are still upset about letting TCU in. Only question mark is Houston’s secondary against Oklahoma but they know that going into this match up, so it will be fine. I mean – this game is in Houston at NRG Stadium. So put your right hand up, touch your thumb and ring finger togeth,er, slightly bend the remaining three fingers, and make your best angry cat face. You’re welcome and Go cougars!

    Alabama -11.5 vs. USC: Somehow, it will make me feel better about the Browns if USC struggles against the Tide without Kessler.

    Northwestern -5 vs. Western Michigan: Wouldn’t be first-week Cheddar without a little MACtion.

    Other notes off my scratch pad:
    2016 is the year of the tight end (this starts with Vandy tonight).
    For the first time in my life, I am “down” on the Browns. I think they’re going to suck. I am entering this season with negative levels of confidence. I feel at peace.
    Texas A&M/UCLA is going to be a defensive snoozefest but I am crossing my fingers for a Bruins upset.
    Since we have cable TV this year (thanks Google Fiber!) I’m going to try to pick games I might actually watch.
    I don’t mind games in Ireland because they give me an excuse to drink a mimosa at 7:30 a.m. this Saturday.

    Picks that didn’t make the cut but I still like:
    Stanford – 15.5 vs. Kansas
    Georgia -2.5 vs. North Carolina: I refuse to accept that NC can competently play any sport besides basketball – and again – this is a faux-neutral site.

    The Temptress Pick: Appalachian St. +20 vs. Tennessee: Want to but can’t. Tennessee, I’m assuming, knows about Appalachian State being a fan of upsets.

    Mike B. – I would also like to request my name in the sidebar links to my Instagram – as it is my most utilized social media platform (aside from snapchat), please: http://www.instagram.com/katiesmirks/

  • lville, tenn, wku on the ‘coaches not constrained by moral dilemmas concerning window-dressing score-posting’ theory.

    • mmmmsnouts

      Considered WKU this week but I am all too aware of the deep mediocrity of their new starting quarterback, Mike White. Will wait and see on them.

      • agree but the fact that I’ve read more Joel stave news than Brandon doughty tells me that maybe it’s the brohm offense…

    • temple tonite.

      • louisville, wku — win
        tenn, temple — lose
        As this is pre-season and I really don’t know anything about these teams I’m just going to go ahead and pick for the home of the poop swastika. Because that sounds legit, definitely happened, totally legit, why even question it, happens all the time, completely legit. Should definitely require a college president to HANDWRITE an apology for this no question, really happened, thing. From millionaire grad students claiming oppression to cordoned off public areas as safe spaces for consoling one another re on millionaire’s oppression to jumping in front of slow moving convertibles in parades and claiming injury to football teams abetted by craven head coaches blackmailing administrations… it’s no small wonder Mizzou enrollment is up 25%. Oh fuck me, I’ve got it backwards — enrollment down 25%, TWENTYFIVEPERCENT, $32MM budget shortfall, dorms shuttered. But you harried that mean president into quitting and got an ESPY award for the estimable courage displayed to boot so,, big congrat Mizzou. Biggest of congrat.
        WVU -10

        sidenote: as a handicapper, i wouldnt be surprised if mizzou is a good bet all year exactly because lots of people want to bet against them. it’s probably a three point premium to bet against mizzou. (don’t care! week one half points!)

        • i sure did love me some treadwell and nkemdici. bo wallace too. but it’s still hugh freeze, there are two 6-3 wideouts being thrown to by a bloodlined 603 qb behind a legit SEC o-line. only 3 non redshirted sophs/frosh. fsu is starting a redshirt freshman and qb and never thought too much of jimbo. tallahassee tough place to play and see the vegas line crept up to 6.. but finally it is the SEC vs ACC and reports of the demise of the SEC (West, anyway) are humorously premature.
          olemiss +4

  • Dave Borcas

    I put in Indiana -9 and Tulane +17 for tonight

  • whoa, all these picks are different from what i wrote down. weird.

    one note to get out there — i’ve got that quasi-public bookkeeping displayed this week to give everyone on idea on our pool enrollment progress. not intended as a passive-aggressive pressure thingy. there actually is no deadline to sign up, it just becomes harder to win if you wait until week _x_. (ask agnes from last year.) anyway,, the check boxes go away after this week and the usual rankings will be up.

  • zarathustra

    Oregon St for one point tonight please.

    • zarathustra

      I am oh so world weary that I swear to you that it wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to participate in this great experiment once again. Now I’m here and already chasing Thursday action.
      Does anyone doubt that Gary Andersen will eventually get the Beavers on track? How far he will take them I don’t know, but this is a program with a great trajectory. Last year they were awful and this year they aren’t ready to be good, but I think we will see more improvement than people expect.
      I got on the Jerry Kill bandwagon year one when I watched how resilient the gophers were in blowout loss to Wisconsin–they covered the four touchdowns (barely). He’s gone and while I know the entire staff remains and they are all like family I expect a drop off. Last year’s team made a bowl game by squeaking past Colorado St, Kent St, and Ohio. Their Power5 victories? Purdue and Illinois.
      This is not a team designed to run up the score by any means. I’ll take the points and in real life I’ll take +400 on the money line.

      • thatsfine

        Agreed on Gary Andersen and Oregon State. I work about 45 minutes away from Corvallis among tons of Beavers alums and they’re all feeling very down on this season. I think they’ll be competitive and better than expected.

      • for clarity — zara submitted this as his essay this via form before the hour kickoff deadline. HOWEVER, we do ask that these changes be noted here in the thread so everyone is aware of the change.

        • zarathustra

          Just for further clarity: essay was submitted 2.5 hrs before kickoff as well so pick was kosher across the board. Good to keep in mind for best practice though. My two cents is that in these matters it might be best to submit as a completely new comment rather than as a reply.


    1) Indiana -9
    2) App St +20

    • CLEVTA

      3) K st +15.5
      4) WVU -10
      5) Mississippi +4
      6) USC +11.5 (essay)- just way too many points to give a loaded USC offense. JuJu Smith, Ronald Brown and Adore Jackson are NFL starters who will score on anybody and Max Browne is a former #2 QB prospect. Henry was virtually that entire offense last year and to assume they’ll just pick up where they left off is tough to assume.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Essay: THE Ohio State University -28

    A lot of guys went to the NFL, there’s a lot of inexperience, that’s a lot to cover, yadda yadda. You guys ever heard of Urban Fucking Meyer? He recruits five-star dudes at every single position who have 60 minutes to beat on Bowling Green and Bowling Green’s new coach and brand new staff in 88 degree weather in front of 105,000. Bloodshed, my friends. Lots of it. And you’ll know lots more Ohio State players’ names Saturday than you do now.

    Rice +16
    Indiana -9
    SMU -9.5
    Arizona -1

    All Play: Ole Miss

  • HitTheHorns

    Essay: UMass +36.5
    Opening the season with a Saturday night game on the road in the swamp would be tough for any team, let alone the team picked to be the worst in all of FBS by three national media outlets (CBS Sports, Campus Insiders, Washington Post) and next to last by USA Today. UMass also lost star receiver Tajae Sharpe, who looks to have earned a starting spot with the Titans after being the top graded rookie WR by ProFootballFocus. I am taking UMass here because of their new starting QB, redshirt sophomore Ross Comis. Ross and I went to the same high school, Single A Weirton WV Madonna (enrollment of 140). Ross is a good kid from a good family, and I’ll be pulling for UMass all season.

    • HitTheHorns

      Kansas St +15.5
      Auburn +7.5
      Arizona -1
      Ohio St -28

      • HitTheHorns

        Florida St -4

  • RDGinCLE

    *Kansas St +15.5
    I was leaning toward this being my essay, and seeing every participant thus far pick Stanford only confirmed that thought. Everyone is talking about Standford and McCaferry; and for once Stanford is actually picked to win their conference. Meanwhile, Burns is a redshirt junior who has thrown only one collegiate pass, and my guess is his leash will be pretty short, and whats worse for him, he likely knows it.

    Stanfords schedule following this game is absolutely brutal, so safe to say they enter into this game with their eyes on their upcoming foes, with the goal of allowing Burns to become a little more comfortable, so I doubt they get too far into their playbook here. Kansas St is healthy and hopefully keep it around a 10-14 game.

    Will have the rest later…….

    • are we ditching the Art Brosef handle this year?

      • RDGinCLE

        Well i changed my twitter handle a while back. Didnt I comment under this name last year? I just signed into Disqus like always……

        • same here,, but i’m keeping kanick in the scoreboard i reckon.
          haha, yes there’s a ‘technical difficulty’ with the artbrosef twitter it appears.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    Tenn -20 (App St.)
    Stanford -15.5 (KSU)
    Alabama -11.5 (USC)
    W. Mich +5 (Northwestern)
    All Play: Ole Miss +4
    Essay: Clemson -7.5

    As a Browns fan I am going to be keeping a close eye on Mr.Watson all year. That being said, why not take him for the first essay pick. However, this play is more about betting against Auburn then it is backing Clemson. Auburn is lacking at the quarterback position and in Gus’ offense, that is such a critical component of success. They need what Clemson has, a running and throwing QB. Auburn is going to have to rely on its untested backfield on offense a well as a thin defensive backfield due to injury and suspension. If Clemson can keep Auburns defensive line at bay and lets Watson do his thing, I believe that they will have no problem covering the spread.

  • mmmmsnouts

    To quote the title of a Tony Kornheiser book I will never actually read, I’m back for more cash. In the offseason I became a dad, and I unretired from blogging about USF (set your bookmarks for thedailystampede.com). It’s going to be a good year on many fronts. Hopefully I don’t ruin it with more wack picks.

    ALL PLAY: Florida State -4 vs. Ole Miss

    Stanford -15.5 vs. Kansas State (I just think EMAW will stink this year)
    Texas +3.5 vs. Notre Dame
    Texas A&M -3 vs. UCLA
    SMU -9.5 vs. North Texas

    ESSAY: Western Michigan +5 vs. Northwestern

    P.J. Fleck might be an insane person. Actually, I’m pretty sure he is an insane person. Among many other things, he wore his ROWER sweater plus shirt and tie at the Bahamas Bowl last year in 85-degree heat and humidity. But he is also a very good coach who keeps pulling in the best recruiting classes in the MAC. If you were going to write a script for a Week 1 MACtion upset of a B1G team, this looks like it. Zach Terrell has been the starting quarterback since he was a freshman, and he threw for 3500 yards and completed two-thirds of his passes last year, with 29 TD/9 INT. Their defense is… okay I guess, but they do a pretty good job against the run, which is all Northwestern can really do, and whatever lack of depth they have won’t matter so much in the first game of the season. Northwestern was very lucky to win 10 games last year. Clayton Thorson might be the worst starting QB in the B1G and they have no passing game to speak of. Finally, Ryan Field is not exactly the most intimidating road environment to bring your keyed-up team into. Broncos straight up. ROW THE BOAT.

    NOTE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: Northern Illinois has to go to Wyoming to get thumped on at altitude the week before they come play USF in the heat? Interesting.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      mmmms, are you suggesting that playing at altitude will increase the N-ill players’ ability to carry o2, (increased rbc production, higher hematocrit), and that will give them an edge when they play USF? Many players cycle Nandrolone, and various forms of testosterone, so they may already have an advantage in carrying o2. Do you think playing at altitude will help them very much?

      • mmmmsnouts

        The altitude thing was a throwaway comment. Was mostly thinking about the long travel and Wyoming’s style of play, which is really unlikely to beat them but takes a physical toll.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        I don’t think they will be there long enough to actually achieve anything more than a headache

  • ChuckKoz

    Tennessee -20 (App St)
    Oregon St +13 (Minn)
    Stanford -15.5 (KSU)
    Texas +3.5 (ND)
    AP: Florida State -4.5 (Miss)
    Essay: Hawaii +40 (Mich)

    I mean, has there ever been a more overrated team ever? All we hear about his how Ohio State has lost so many starters, but Michigan returns only 13 starters, none of which is a QB. Sure, they had some nice moments last year against some not good teams. But all the hype is nuts, especially since neither the 2014 or 2015 recruiting classes were top 25. I am also encouraged by Hawaii’s decent performance against Cal, but that is offset by them now traveling from Australia to Michigan in a week.

    Nonetheless, Harbaugh is a fucker and will not succeed. Not for all of his poking at the SEC, which is fun enough. But for this comments on Colin Kaepernick and the pathetic backpeddle. First he tweets out that he does not respect his “motivation or actions”, meaning he is not cool with protests over cops shooting 12 year old boys, etc. And then, uh oh, he realized he coaches/recruits lots of young black kids and so he apologized and said the motivation was fine, meaning he is just fake and spineless. You suck Harbaugh and your team is going to be playing in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, so just quit now. Good think you aren’t playing App St.
    Michigan 55-21

  • actovegin1armstrong

    The line may be altered because Bryce Love is hurt, but that only means more touches for Heisman Boy.
    How would one expect this to play out with Stanford’s power running game and the speed of McCaffrey going against a Big 12 defense with a head coach who is still trying to figure out how to deal with that new-fangled “forward pass”? The Cardinal could put up 500 yards rushing and push it up a couple of hundred yards passing too, just to get in some practice for their new quarterback. Kansas gave up 452 yards a game last year and this year I am convinced they can break 500! It may be a rather lofty goal but they will have a nice cushion up over 500 yards after this game.
    Stanford also needs to make hay while the iron is hot, because this is the easiest game on their rather difficult early schedule. They will blow out Kansas State and get their star well on his way to a bronze statue.

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