Cheddar Super Bowl!

Alright gents, we’re at the finish and by my reckoning four men are standing with the SB worth 15 points. The line is:

Panthers -5.5

Essays will be up an hour before kickoff and good luck!

  • 8. (I got this on time, but couldnt find it earlier.)
    Below is my (AmplifiedEsq.) pick for the Super Bowl:

    Panthers -5.5

    Championship week almost no one believed in the Panthers and I’m hoping that trend continues this week, to allow me to sneak into the title.

    All season I haven’t wanted to believe in the Panthers and I guess I finally found a reason to believe… Peyton Manning. While Manning looked much improved against New England I can’t shake the images of some of the complete dud passes he has thrown this season. I also can’t shake the 2014 Super Bowl where the Seahawks just dominated the Broncos. Different teams and different times, I know. But I think this Panthers defense can come out just as strong, just as dominant, and dictate the way this game is going to go.

    Further, Denver’s strategy of hitting Brady as much as possible worked to perfection. I’m sure they’d like to do the same to Cam. Unfortunately for the Denver defense Cam is a bit more stronger and mobile than Brady. Cam will find a way to extend some of the plays that Brady was unable to and whether it is finding the open receiver or running it, there will be additional first downs that the Patriots were unable to get, leading to points on the board. Those extra points allow Carolina to not only win, but cover.

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone and thanks to Mike, Pete, and anyone else on the Committee for another Cheddar Season.

  • Looks like it’s FHCF if Panthers cover; DQuatts if Broncos.

    AS for me — I’m on the Panthers -17.5. Newton is the new Roethlisberger — cant sack him, cant rattle him with pressure. Panthers will get ahead and their underrated defense will step on Manning’s throat. Who knew Kawann Short from Purdue would pan out? Not me. Short and Lotulelei to Panthers same year we got Mingo. Ok, I’m done now.

  • 7. schroedinger


    Sorry no essay. Almost forgot since I’m out of it but submitting for shits and giggles.

    Carolina to win.

    Essay: Cam on Cam on Cam and Cam. Enough said.

  • 6. trshy


    It’s been a great season everyone. Big thanks to Mike and Peter for keeping the community going and for overseeing a very fun contest. I started doing this a couple years ago because I always thought I knew quite a bit about NFL and could pick the games fairly well, but without anything riding on it, you never know. My 1st season was pretty bad, but I have made the playoffs two years in a row and had a weekly win in year 2 and an admiral’s feast this year. Not too bad so far, especially when you throw in being part of the great community here.

    Congrats to this year’s winner, which will certainly not be me!

    Anyway, I have to take the Broncos here at +5.5. It may not be that close, but the Denver defense is really good and should keep the Panthers offense in check. If any team has the defense to bottle up Olsen and make Ted Ginn, Jerrico Cotchery and Philly Brown look like Ted Ginn, Jerrico Cotchery and Philly Brown, this is the team.

    Thanks again for the great year, and I look forward to (virtually) seeing everyone again next year. BTW, our newborn Corinne has some new apparel – reasonable or cruel and unusual?

  • 5. clay

    Panthers (-5.5)

    I know all the sharp money and late money is going to Denver. I can’t sit here tonight and watch Cam beat me though. They both have great D’s, but i just trust Cam to make a few more big plays than Peyton. He’s the MVP and best player on the field. Denver cant just unleash the DE’s like they did vs Ben and Brady. Cam will burn them w/ read option. Also think Denver will have a tough time scoring. Carolina D is much better than Pit, NE. You can argue Denver should have lost both those games (pit fumble, NE missed PAT). Hoping Carolina scores first, gets some big licks on Peyton and blowout time. I also like Rivera, cause he aint scared to roll the dice if need be.

  • 4. HTH

    Broncos +5.5

    I will take Denver here even though I said 2 weeks ago it will be NFC no matter what for me. Just a strategic play hoping the majority will be on Carolina. I am a square here no doubt, but man do the Panthers look just about unbeatable. Thanks to Mike and to Frowns for running this thing. Hopefully in a few months we will be able to talk about a magical playoff run for the Cavs. Best of luck to everyone that still has a shot to win it this weekend.

  • 3. FHCF

    Panthers -5.5

    I rode a bronco once. Not really but I rode the Broncos in the last game. That defense is really nasty and teed off on a severely limited offense. The Broncos have been here before and should handle it better this time around. But they were outmanned then and I think they’re outmanned now. Best team all year is on the other side. Best player all year is on the other side. Poor Peyton needs the Ol Yeller treatment and Luke and the fellas might be ready to give it to him. The Broncos need sustained drives and DT to actually catch passes and a whole bunch of things to keep it close. By the fourth, it won’t be.

  • 2. dquatts


    I understand that this isn’t the most impressive Peyton Manning offense that has ever played in a SuperBowl. His other three, one with Denver, and two with Indianapolis, he had one of the highest (if not highest) offense rankings in the NFL those years. He was always relied upon to score more points than his opponent to win games. Other than a few standout players, he never had a rock-solid defense. I believe this is that defense. I believe for Denver to win this game and to keep it close throughout, they will need to own the line of scrimmage and own the clock. I believe they can do that. I believe in this team and I believe in an MVPer leading this team in the most important game of his career. This one will be great to witness. I’ll be cheering for Denver.

    – thanks for putting on such a classy league every year, fellas! Really a pleasure to be a part of. Enjoy the big game!

  • 1. cwonder


    I’ll take Panthers -5.5 for today’s pick.

    While part of me hopes that Peyton rides off into the sunset on top, the panthers at rolling right now and look like they are able to exploit any defense. The newly crowned MVP, Cam, will continue to be Superman and win this Super Bowl in style. Peyton misses his last shot at another one. This was a fun Cheddar season and congrats to all the playoff contenders. Looking forward to next year!

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