Cheddar Bay champ week.

Hi all.  Picks are due by 2:05PM tomorrow and the lines are:

Pats -3 at Broncos;
Cards +3 at Panthers.

Essay is 15 points, the other 10.

  • 9-1 on the Cardinals is interesting. Still nobody believing in the Panthers. I will have to take them here. Thomas Davis Sr. reminds me of Ray Lewis in a good way.

  • cwonder

    Broncos +3 vs Pats
    Essay: Cardinals +3 @ Panthers
    So, I’m out of it but will still submit picks for fun. Congrats to the eventual winner! I have a cardinals 9/1 Super Bowl ticket so I guess this is me doubling down on that. The Panthers were a team of two halves last week and the second half wasn’t pretty. With AZs strong defense and offensive weapons, I think the Cardinals find a way to win in Charlotte. I like both of these teams and hope one of them wins it all.

  • FHCF

    Denver +3
    Cardinals +3
    Cam is good. Cam is great. So is Kuechly. Here, though, I’m betting that Arizona is little more complete, a little more poised and good enough to avoid the early avalanche the Seahawks couldn’t last week. I’m worried about Carson Palmer’s finger but he has weapons. I’ll take Arians over Rivera any day in a big spot and I think these teams are very similar. I’ll just take the points and the superior receiving corps and think my defense makes one big play and Palmer hits a deep one the Seahawks couldn’t last week.

  • clay

    Denver (+3)
    Arizona (+3)

    The second half of the Carolina game last week was really gross. I can’t defend that. Carolina should struggle more with AZ passing game. i think overall team speed goes to AZ as well. think here is where carolina will finally pay for having mediocre buckeye wr’s. i honestly think both these games could go either way though, so i’m taking the points. i am saying “think” a lot. i think it would be sweet to win this shit

  • thatsfine

    Broncos +3 – essay
    Cards +3

    Last week Brady and the Pats offense were on fire most of the game and seemingly unstoppable. But, lost in the domination of the Patriots over the Chiefs was that the Chiefs outgained the Pats in total yards and just basically shit the bed a few times during the game: the excruciating final drive, a big fumble in Pats territory in the 3rd quarter shifting momentum, and failing to get at least a FG when starting a drive in FG range in the 2nd quarter. I can’t figure out how the Chiefs actually gained any yards at all with Maclin playing injured, plus Andy Reid being his true self. The Pats should have won by 20. I’m looking back at the matchup earlier this year and Broncos were +2.5 at home vs. the Patriots with Osweiler at QB. I know he had a few good games, but Manning is a +0.5 downgrade? Patriots are getting too much of a bounce for looking good against a KC team that was just terrible all around.


    1. NE -3 (essay)- a rare public favorite pick from me but I feel strongly that the Pats are the play here. In the last 30 years there have been 6 road favorites in the championship games and 5/6 covered. Typically the better team wins and covers so I’m not too worried about all the public money pouring in on the Pats. They have not lost this year when both Gronk and Edelman play together and the injury to Chris Harris is a big blow for Denver. Peyton has literally been the worst starting QB in the NFL this year and Belichick will devise a strategy to play his corners tight and make him throw deep to win, which he can’t do anymore

    2. Arizona +3

  • dquatts


    *Denver* – This is a tough one. Everything in my mind is telling me that NE has a very good chance to win this game by two scores. They are motivated after already losing in Denver this year, but honestly, who needs motivation at this point. I have seen a lot of games in Denver. I have seen this team compete when they should get blown out and I have seen them win games they should lose. Something is different about this game. The way this season has played out for Denver, the way the injuries have stacked up, the way one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to ever play is now being rode out of town. Well, as the great Lee Corso says….”NOT SO FAST”. In the AFC Championship game, gimme Manning and some points. Gimme the “game-manager Manning” that he has quickly turned into. Whoever controls the clock wins the game…my guess is Denver wins that battle at home. Nonetheless, I think this one is going to be tight. One time us, Broncos…get us to SB50!

  • trashycamaro

    Cardinals over Panthers

    Broncos +3 over Patriots
    I can’t shake the feeling that the Pats are going to win, but everything tells us there is a lot of value in this line. Pats are getting their linebackers back in action, but they are certainly not going to be 100%. This is going to open up the run game for the Broncos. Meanwhile, the Denver defense is still really strong, despite the absence of Chris Harris. While your #1 CB will always be missed, the Pats passing game doesn’t really have the weapons to take advantage of that with most of their routes being underneath or crossers, while their deep shots go to Gronk. I think this game will be closer than many are thinking and I will take the home dog in the Conference finals.

  • schroedinger

    -3 New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

    Essay: -3 Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals
    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
    Stadium: Bank of America Stadium
    Time: 6:40 PM
    Broadcast: FOX
    The Game: The NFC Championship is on the line. This game is all going to come down to Cam Newton. He might even wrap up the MVP campaign tonight. The Achilles heel is going to be Cams feet. He’s going to have to be creative extending plays and picking up first downs. Panthers have won 12 straight at home and I’m looking at that stat to continue. I just need them to cover.

  • Hit the Horns

    Essay: Patriots -3
    I suppose it isn’t that difficult to envision the Pats losing this game; they already lost it on Nov 26. It was snowy and cold and Gronk got hurt. Brady is 2-6 in Denver. But if I’ve learned anything this year picking against the Browns, sometimes the popular side is the right side. I am on Pats here for the following reasons:

    •The Pats scored 24 against Denver earlier this year without their RB1 (Lewis), WR1 (Edelman), and WR2 (Amendola); now they have the last two back in the lineup.

    •They’ve scored 24+ points in all but two games this year, and those were week 16 and 17.

    •The Pats won’t be able to run on Denver and they might just go to the air again 40+ times, especially without Harris out there on Edelman.

    •I cant see Peyton getting to 24 without a special teams or defensive td, which could certainly happen, but tough to count on that.

    Cardinals +3

  • AmplifiedEsq.

    1) Pats -3 *ESSAY*
    2) Cardinals +3

    Essay: Pats -3

    Simply put, I don’t trust Peyton Manning to put the Broncos in a position to win/cover today.

    The last time these two teams played NE held a 21-7 lead at one point and I’m fairly certain they were a muffed punt recovery away from establishing complete control. NE did go on to lose that game, but they also played that game without Edelman and maybe even Amandola (didn’t see anything in the box score for him). With two short route possession receives available for today’s game, I don’t expect the same inability to sustain a lead that NE was plagued with last meeting.

    This position reminds me a lot of the KC vs HOU meeting from earlier in the season and then eventual playoff rematch. KC dominated the start of the regular season game and almost choked it away in the second half. KC held on, where NE did not, but NE is much more healthy now and Denver has a different QB at the helm. KC ended up dominating Houston in the rematch and I’m hoping NE ends up dominating the rematch here.

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