Cheddar Playoffs, week one.

Congrats to our ten playoff players.  Here are your lines.  You receive an email from outlining the procedures which are simply:

Get your picks for all games and essay into Pete (Frowns) and me at least an hour prior to kickoff of the first game every weekend.  (E.g., no later than 3:35 PM this Saturday.)

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  • Ok we are up to date.
    FHCF and AmpEsq both went 4-1 and hit their essays.
    Here’s the results from last week.

    • I caught the mis-enter on CLEVTA, replaced Texans for Texas, no impact.

  • Petefranklin

    @ Hit the horns
    I would love to see the Browns follow that Cincy pattern as well. Bad ownership, homegrown talent, etc. I loved the toughness that the Bengals showed last night even if it cost them in the end. You have to be a tough (dirty) team to knock the Steelers down, and keep them there because that is what the Steelers try to do to you as a team. The only sustained success that the Clowns have attained vs. the Steelers that I have witnessed was under Shottenheimer who let his defense do whatever was necessary to “one up” Pittsburghs dirtiness. That being said, I feel for Bengals fans this morning, but Burflict was absolutely right in fighting fire with fire, and I really can’t blame his play although he should have known “time and place”.

    • HitTheHorns

      Mike Mitchell tried to do the exact same thing to Eifert in the first half; he just missed and hit his own guy.

  • Hey all, im out of town with the dreaded ‘limited access to technology.’ I didn’t get the playoff spreadsheet linked so,,, the sidebar standings widget is looking hit or miss until midweek. apologies.

  • The Wild Card weekend picks are below. The Texans were the most popular pick with 3 essays and an 8/2 overall ratio. The Bengals and Clemson were the other popular picks with 2 essays each and 8/2 and 7/3 ratios. The Packers/Redskins game was the only matchup to not get an essay on either side.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    Chiefs/Texans: 2/8, 1 essay/3 essays
    Steelers/Bengals: 2/8, 1 essay/2 essays
    Seahawks/Vikings: 5/5, 1 essay/0 essays
    Packers/Skins: 5/5, no essays
    Clemson/Bama: 7/3, 2 essays/0 essays

    Here are the picks:


    Chiefs – 3
    Bengals + 3
    Vikings +5
    Redskins +1
    Clemson +7

    That Alabama defensive line scares me. That Alabama defensive line would scare the Patriots. But Clemson is not Michigan State. Clemson is pretty damn good, and by taking the 7 I am saying Clemson can score. I’ll take the superior QB here, even if I do so with some hesitation, because I think there’s a reason Clemson is unbeaten. Bama’s QB play has come along and there are areas besides the D-line that make Bama scary, but I think this game should be closer to a pick ’em and I can’t imagine Clemson getting held to 10 or fewer. Michigan State was a joke. Florida was a joke. I’m betting Clemson isn’t.



    1. Clemson +7 (essay): Took me a little while but I’ve really bought into Dabo and the Tigers. Deshaun Watson is the real deal and the closest thing we’ve seen to Vince Young ever since he was single handedly torching USC to win a title almost 10 years ago. The good news is the Tiger defense is also very good and definitely good enough to slow down Henry and that avg Bama offense. Not having Shaq Lawson at full strength definitely hurts but as we saw against a very good Oklahoma offense, the Tigers are loaded on the D line. It’s easy to point to Bama’s struggles vs running QBs but it goes deeper than that. The three running, spread QBs the Bama defense had to face this year was Chad Kelly at Ole Miss, Dobbs at Tenn and Dak Prescott at MSU.Bama went 2-1 in those games but only covered 1 of those 3. I dont truly consider Prescott the spread running QB that others do as he’s more of a Tebow QB who just tries to barrel over defenders rather than use his speed to run. Kelly and Dobbs are more speed QBs who can run and throw but aren’t looking to run up the middle on 3rd and 1. Both gave Bama trouble and Dobbs almost pulled the upset himself. Up the middle is where Bama’s D thrives. Sharp money has come on the under and the notion is that both defenses are really good and in doing so the lower the expected total in a given game, the lower the chance it is for a favorite to cover 7. I think we see a great Watson performance and a 23-20 type of Clemson W.

    2. HOU +3
    3. CINCI +3
    4. Minnesota +5
    5. Skins +1



    7 Alabama @ Clemson
    -5 Seattle @ Minnesota
    +3 Houston vs. Kansas City
    -1 Green Bay @ Washington

    Essay: -3 Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

    Record: Pittsburgh (10-6) Cincinnati (12-4)
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Stadium: Paul Brown Stadium
    Weather: 48 Degrees 65 % Chance of Rain Winds 7 E
    Time: Saturday 8:15
    Broadcast: CBS
    All Time Play Off Record: Steelers 33-22 Bangles 5-13
    The Game: Well well this is looking like we have another slug feast in “The Queen City”. The Bengals are trying to wipe out a 25-year play off win drought. Will it be Saturday?…‘Not So Fast My Friends’. Who ever was the hit man for taking out Andy Dalton’s thumb in the last fight should be paid graciously under the table I presume. Young One A.J McCarron your winning days are over when you left Alabama. You might as well phone your friend Mr. Musburger before the game for a little self-confidence. Lets flip the script and focus on the other character in this game Mr. Ben ‘Waggling Dick’ Roethlisberger. My main man lady creeper is going to find his go to Antonio Brown…All Day. For the season he has caught 136 catches for a total of 1,834 yards, which happen to be second most in the NFL. Mr. Brown will get Big Ben back on track and I’m predicting slip ups. Cincinnati your play off demons will haunt you for years to come. Finishing this essay I’m wondering why I took the time, I might as well went to the store, grabbed a six pack and a Power Play. Wake up on Sunday winning that JackPot a new man!! Congratulations to all that achieved the Playoff Berth. Best of luck and bring on the Chedda Points Please.



    2015-2016 Cheddar Bay Wild Card Weekend Picks

    Bengals +3 vs Steelers
    Redskins +1 vs Packers
    Seahawks -5 @ Vikings
    Clemson +7 vs Alabama

    Essay: Texans +3 vs Chiefs

    Both of these teams are on a roll with the Chiefs winning 11 straight and Houston going 7-2 in their last 9 games. While Justin Houston suiting up today makes me a bit nervous, I have a feeling the Texans put an end to the Chiefs winning streak here. Houston has covered 3 straight and 7/9 games while KC has failed to cover 3/4 games even against opponents like the Chargers, BROWNS, and the GRRRRaiders. I expect this game to be close which makes me lean to the home favorite. Not to mention, JJ Watt is probably the best football player in this game and maybe the NFL. Texans get a win here before losing in the divisional round next week. Just happy to be
    here. Good luck everyone!



    Green Bay


    Here’s how I see this game going. Tight. All the Way. I like the idea of Houston having a chance to control the points and the score in this game. I have a feeling Watt has a monster game…but right along with him is going to be Dr. J. Clowney. The guy has been injury prone to say the least. Finally, he is somewhat healthy, and with Watt being double and triple-teamed, it could give Clowney a chance to show the world why he was chosen with the #1 overall pick. On the other side, I see a KC team that might struggle moving the ball. The playoffs is where you miss a guy like Jamal Charles. I think it is going show today. Kansas City is a better team, Kansas City should win this game, but there is something to be said about the team who had a glimmer of hope to see the playoffs five weeks ago to now hosting a home playoff game. I like Houston in this one.


    hit the horns:

    Home dogs, let’s do this!

    1) Essay: Cincinnati Bengals +3

    If I could wake up tomorrow and make any current team the Browns, it would be Cincy. Other than Pac Man, all homegrown drafted talent. #1 WR. 2 RB that perfectly complement each other. Athletic, top tier TE. Top ranked defense in football. Playmakers everywhere on both sides of the ball. Offensive coordinator that plays aggressive and puts his guys in a position to succeed. A kicker with a cool last name to chant in the stadium. My punishment today for taking the Bengals? I don’t get to watch the QB that has played his three worst career games in his three playoffs starts. I just don’t see how this group of players and this coaching staff can’t win a singular playoff for 4 years in a row.

    2) Houston Texans +3
    3) Minnesota Vikings +5
    4) Washington Redskins +1
    5) Clemson +7



    Texans (+3)
    Seahawks (-5.5)
    Packers (-1)
    Bama (-7)
    Bengals (+3)

    The most luke-warm of favorites here, considering i could see all these games easily going the other way. I think this line as such because Dalton is out, and general Steeler love. I think AJ will be ok. if nothing else, being the qb at bama teaches you all you need to know about big games and pressure. I get the feeling Ben is not 100% and the steelers D is average at best. Bengals have too many weapons – Green, Sanu, Eiffert…, a great D and are at home. They can also run the ball, and the steelers wont be able to.


    Amplified Esq.

    1) Chiefs -3 (*ESSAY*)
    2) Bengals +3
    3) Seahawks -5
    4) Packers -1
    5) Alabama -7

    Essay: KC Chiefs -3

    This is a week 1 rematch in which the Chiefs won 27-20 in Houston. That game was 27-6 at one point before Brian Hoyer got benched and Ryan Mallet took over to lead the comeback. Brian Hoyer’s very first pass as a Texan was an interception in that game. Now, Hoyer has obviously had more time to build a connection with his WRs and become more familiar with the offense but I am not convinced his struggles against KC didn’t relate more to the scheme they run defensively and his inability to figure it out.

    I see Houston as a team that is just happy to be in the playoffs, as they caught a break being able to win their division in large part due to Andrew Luck missing most of the season and not playing at 100% when around. Whereas, I view KC as a team that has been on a mission as of late and believes with the recent struggles and injuries to other top teams, they have a legit shot of representing the AFC.

    At the end of the day, I’ll take Alex Smith over Brian Hoyer, Andy Reid’s playoff experience over Bill O’Brien’s playoff inexperience, and KC to win by more than 3.



    Bengals +3
    Vikings +5
    Texans +3 – essay
    Washington +1
    Clemson +7

    2 teams playing their best football of the year, 2 solid defenses. KC’s big win streak is full of weak teams (OAK and SD x 2, Ravens, Browns), plus Denver in Peyton Manning’s 4 INT meltdown, Pittsburgh with Landry Jones at QB. I like the Texans here to stop the run and force KC to pass, and while Alex Smith is efficient I don’t think efficient gets it done in a road playoff game. I think Brian Hoyer plays a great game today and the Texans D comes up big.




    Essay: Seahawks The Seahawks have been on fire lately and with the dip in temperature I look for the Vikes slow offense to be even slower. When the Vikes fall behind, they have a hard time keeping up. While AP may be the best back in the NFL this year (mainly due to no injuries) he is not the guy who rushed for 2k yards and can win games for the Vikes on his own. On the other side you have a stifling defense with a suddenly exploding offense. Even if the weather holds the Hawks in check, they should be able to score 14, which should be enough to cover this spread.


    Good luck everyone!

    • I guess if I had to pick them I’d be on Chiefs, Bengals, Vikes, Packers, Clemson.

      The thing about the Texans is that’s a pretty bad offense that just lost its starting LT.

      • clayII

        damn dude, hope you got down… hope you wrong on Clemson though

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