Wk 17, All play Skins +3 at Eagles –> SATURDAY

Early post for the early bowl games.  Use these lines for the four bowls today and tomorrow.  I am horrified and disgusted that GoDaddy is no longer in it’s customary January 2nd position.

Famous Idaho: Akron +7.5 USU
Boca:  Toledo +2.5 Temple

Poinsettia:  Boise -8.5 NIU
GoDaddy:  Ga Southern +7 BGSU


FHCF has clinched a playoff slot with two weeks left.  That’s unprecedented.

All play will be Skins/Eagles.  Note the game is Saturday.  Line will be locked when I post the usual Wednesday lines tomorrow.

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  • Petefranklin


  • clayII

    Nati (+3.5) / Denver

    Two backup qbs vs good defenses and I’m basically basing this off last week. I saw the end of the Steelers game last week and Osweiler sucked so hard when they needed a score and had multiple chances against a below average Steelers D. AJ played well for Bengals. Gotta take the points

  • zarathustra

    Pitt for my final pick this week.

  • limaontinder

    Sure the weather sucks but it’s the Browns. The Chiefs are fighting for something and the Browns are toting around guns and drugs on I-71. They can’t run the ball and their defense blows. Give me the Chiefs with another two to four weeks of absurd Brownsien storylines.

    Minnesota (college)
    Chiefs – essay
    I would have taken the Skins but I’m a dufus and forgot to put the pick in yesterday. Oh well.

  • ChuckKoz

    All my picks in one place:
    Boise -8.5 (Wednesday bowl) – win
    Raiders -5 (Chargers) – loss
    Wash St -2.5 (Miami) – win
    AP: Eagles -3 (Redskins) – loss

    Broncos -3.5
    Essay: Steelers -10
    Originally, this was going to be a Texans essay. Then Hoyer was scratched and Weeds was given the start, rendering that an impossible thing to do. Then I was going to go Broncos, but just had some “what if McCarron is good” panic, so I looked around. And I found the guidance of the Cheddar participants very persuasive about how the Steelers are far superior to the Ravens. And unlike others, I have no qualms about rooting for the Steelers here, because my hatred of the Ravens runs far deeper. And it will be nice to see the Steelers exact revenge on the Ravens earlier victory, where Big Ben was out and the Ravens were not as banged up. And this beat down will leave the Ravens winless against the spread at home this year, which makes me so happy to think every time a Ravens fan goes to watch their team they are disappointed.

  • for PETER M via email

    Essay- Panthers. I don’t think they should rest their starters. You go for it at this point. Cam can break his leg in practice or warmup of the divisional round. Go for the glory. A ring takes greatness and luck.
    UCLA over Nebraska. Long record bowl teams lose bowl games.
    Vikings over Giants – The Vikas are good and getting healthier
    Pats over Jets. Brady and the Hoodia don’t lose in December.
    Steelers over Ravens- Ben is on fire and the Ravens are a dumpster fire.

  • pateslvrblk

    Panthers essay
    I haven’t been able to find any info indicating that the Panthers will bench their starters early. That’s key because the only way the Panthers don’t win and cover is if the do it to themselves (as witnessed last week versus Giants). The Falcons are getting concussions in showers in fear of this game. Most pressing question is whether Charlotte fans take over the Georgia Dome before halftime. In terms of analysis, one wonders what the line would be absent the recency bias of Atlanta’s win over Jacksonville. I mean, the six point win over the Jags have the Falcons 1-6 in the last two months instead of 0-7. Two weeks ago Panthers laid a 38-0 number on them. Falcons’ revenge factor vs Panthers’ quest for 16-0? I’ll ride with the Panthers.

    via form
    Raiders l
    Wazzu w
    Skins w

  • Petefranklin


  • bupalos

    Gravity, the unthanked ancestor.
    This dead architect of opposing force,
    Against whose dark and everlasting cathedrals
    Human dreams take flight.

    As this year is finally burried under wet leaves, let’s all take a minute to reach down to the bottom of our hearts and the bottom of the standings to thank those that have gone under so that others may rise. In cheddar terms the first among these must be dear Bupalos, for he has provided the very bass note and counterpoint against which this bittersweet symphony of football degeneracy hath cast forth its higher melodies. Yes, we whistle our Agnes Bojax Hiu in the lobby on the way to drinks, but let us not forget those sad honkings of Bupalos’ tuba that made her (?) Aria the more sweet.

    In like terms, we cast the Bupalian lot this week with teams that those who do not understand these things call “sucky” and “irrelevant”

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Rams: Will go back to the Rams this week. They have been tons improved since switching from Foles to Keenum. Seahawks are being touted as strong super bowl contenders, but the same structural problems are still there. I’m not sold and still see them as a slightly above average team. Rams defense should have enough to keep them in this game and they should be motivated in their last high profile spot of the year. I can’t wait for this football season to be over.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Browns +12.5
    Pats -3
    Broncos -3.5
    The bengals shouldn’t be able to score on the rd with a back up QB and a desperate defense that hasn’t locked in the playoffs yet. Brock osweiller has been serviceable and should be able to make enough plays to make this a24 – 10 win for the Broncos.

  • DQuatts

    Mike B,

    Realized I didn’t have a CFB pick for this week. Please see below for updated and final picks:

    Philadelphia (L)
    New York Jets
    Green Bay*

    *The Green Bay Packers have had their challenges this season. They’ve had their injuries. They’ve had their cases of bad luck. But, they are still in control of their own destiny with two weeks to play in the NFL regular season. And, if anyone forgot…they have a guy named Aaron running their offense. This will be their strong point. They will handle the line and own the clock….scoring quickly when they want and methodically when necessary. Oh…. A guy named Clay handles their defense. Yes, Arizona is good, but so is Green Bay. I like getting points on a Sunday Night Football game that is meaningful to both teams. Go Pack, Go!

  • Matt Borcas

    1) All-Play: Redskins
    2) UCLA -6.5 over Nebraska

    • Matt Borcas

      3) Giants
      4) Titans
      5) Patriots

    • Matt Borcas

      6) Essay: Broncos

      AJ McCarron may have played solidly last week, but he was facing the *Niners* — a team that managed to make the woeful Browns look like world-beaters — so I wouldn’t read too much into his performance in San Francisco. We have a larger sample size of film to evaluate Denver’s backup QB, Brock Osweiler, and though he looked shaky last week in the second half of the Broncos’ collapse against the Steelers, he’s generally exceeded expectations. 3.5 feels like a small number here, especially given Denver’s stingy D. Plus, Peyton’s gotta be hooking them up with next-level HGH, so they should enter this game feeling extra fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Petefranklin


    • Petefranklin

      Always take the dog in this game has been my mantra for years. Buried

  • trashycamaro

    Redskins for my first pick, more later

    • trashycamaro

      Minnesota -6 over CMU

      Cardinals -4 over Packers

      Dolphins -1 over Colts

      Bears +3 pver Bucs

      Pats -3 over Jets Essay: pass week

  • Here are last week’s winners for the weekly with 7 points each! ($37.)


    sorry so late getting this out gents! all sent now, let me know if you dont have a paypal message.

  • oxr

    College bowl time! Uh, Southern Miss +9 over Washington. NFL later.

    • oxr

      All-Play Redskins +3 over Eagles.

      • oxr

        Essay Panthers -7 over Falcons – Going to drop this here and make the rest of my picks after the noon deadline. Setting aside any of the psychoanalysis about whether the Falcons have given up or just consistently played poorly, this is a matchup that went 38-0 in Carolina’s favor not long ago. “Divisional road favorite” may be a warning flag, but even so the Panthers should comfortably handle this one given that it is still a theoretically meaningful game for them. To go by weighted DVOA, the Panthers have actually picked up steam in recent weeks and the Falcons have gone in the other direction. I certainly don’t prefer my chances with any other game (and it’s not like I’m making a push for the playoffs in any case).

        • oxr

          Chiefs -12.5 over Browns – Chiefs playing for the goddamn division, Browns down both starting guards, sub-14 line presumably just an assumption the Chiefs can’t score, which isn’t always the case.

          Steelers -10 over Ravens – with hindsight, wish I’d made this the essay, even though it’s another divisional road favorite. I would like to note for the record that last week the Ravens ran a fake punt from their own 17, seemingly just for the hell of it. Let the evaluation process continue.

          Lions -9 over 49ers – for thematic consistency.

  • The Iron Sheik

    I know that Pitt is bigger and stronger but navy is faster led by Keenan Reynolds. THe key to the game is to establish a balanced option game constantly keeping Pitt on their heals because Keenan is going for broke today and that boy can take a beating. The other key which is going to be much tougher is to contain Pitts running game and I am not very optimistic on that because they are undersized and not as strong.
    Since neither team has a lot to play for and Tyler Boyd for Pitt declaring for the nfl draft and like to play cautiously this will be a war of wills and navy will come out on top.

  • The Iron Sheik


  • from CLEMPLS
    Broncos, Eagles, Browns, Duke, UCLA. Lions essay to follow.

    • CleMPLS essay, Lions:
      The 9ers are so bad right now. Sure look like the worst team in the NFL right now by a landslide. The Lions are coming off a short week, but they should certainly put up some points against the 9ers. The 9ers had some success last week in garbage time at home against the Bengals after falling behind 24-0. I’m at my girlfriend’s parents place and busy with family stuff, so I am taking some “low hanging fruit” and hoping for the best. As long as the Lions score 24 points, I’ll take my chances.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Ucla -6.5
    Redskins +3

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Southern Miss

    University of Pittsburgh +3

    The Pitt Panthers should have better athletes and be excited to be here. Why would Pitt be excited? Well, they usually play in the same bowl every single year. And this is the first year without a coaching change since around 93. I just think Navy is a nice team, nice story and at the end of a 17-year career Keenan Reynolds is tired. I mean he has to be. And I know it’s a different game but Navy almost lost to Army, now has to pick up the pieces and pretend to be excited? I think Narduzzi will build a little something at Pitt. Maybe it starts here.

  • ChuckKoz

    Was on the fence with the this game, but now Hat Tip to mmmmsnouts for the weather forecast.

    • chuck is my bookkeeping correct in that you still have your POTY to play?

      have confirmed super p, need to check on quatts.

      • ChuckKoz

        Still sitting on it, saving it for next week to hopefully and dramatically steal a playoff spot

    • mmmmsnouts

      Nice. I don’t think the weather was the reason Wazzu covered, but whatever, they covered.

  • Dave Borcas

    Temple -2.5 loser
    UCLA -6.5
    Stillers -10
    Tampa -3
    Redskins +3 all play
    Texans +4.5 essay to follow

    • That Texans line is still not locked but looks like it will settle more like Texans -5.

  • Wazzu essay:

    Way back in week two, I thought Rutgers big ol offensive line would push around a pansy-ass Mike Leach team with his sissified Air Raid offense and indifference to defense. Also a red-shirt sophomore QB who had only started a handful of games. That was nine ATS covers ago. I keep meaning to get Wazzu on to my card but I keep thinking, whoa bad matchup. So it was with great interest that I read
    “Miami (+3) vs. Washington State: I just don’t think this is the best matchup for Washington State. Miami’s defensive weakness is its run defense, but Washington State doesn’t run the ball. Seriously, there is no team that runs the ball less often than the Cougars, who…”
    If only Tom Fornelli was in Cheddar he wouldn’t be writing my September essay in December. But ‘bad matchup’ continues to be the storyline, most capper sites and my adjusted FO ratings F +/- that I’ve used with such aplomb attest to this. It’s my last chance to learn and trust Leach and Wazzu and I’m taking it.

    Also MTSU (l), Indiana, and Skins. More picks tomorrow.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Indiana -2
    Navy -3
    Falcons +7
    Vikings -6
    Redskins +3
    UCLA -6.5 (Essay)

    Nebraska has been disappointing all season, so let’s keep the good times rolling. After all, it’s the prestigious Foster Farms Bowl. UCLA had a decent end to the regular season (except the loss to USC) and Nebraska just let too many games slip away. Plus, a 5-7 team playing in a bowl? Talk about pulling strings. I had to research Foster Farms – they’re a producer of poultry based in the West. Supposedly locally raised and sourced, etc. I guess I should wipe away tears as I open the package and wash my hands thoroughly to prevent salmonella from spreading. Nothing ruins a family gathering quite like salmonella.

  • zarathustra

    Temple (L)
    WMU (W)

    I really like both IU and Wazzu. Let’s go with Mike Leach/Luke Falk for the non-essay essay pick.

  • 1) UCONN +5
    2) Nebraska +6.5
    3) VT -13.5
    4) Eagles

    Back with the rest & essay later.

    • No better time than 2am to make the last couple of picks… Right?

      5) Broncos
      6) Pitt

      Essay: Pitt

      Truth be told I wanted to essay the Pats and pick the Steelers for the final two yesterday, but was traveling all morning and early afternoon. Worked out for the better, though it would have capped off a quite awful week.

      In looking at the three choices for today I’m not a huge fan of any of them. But, Pitt stands out to me because they have already seen and beat a triple option attack earlier this year, with only one week to prepare for it. Their defense has also been solid enough to hold some good offenses at bay.

      While I love Keenan Reynolds and what he has done for that Navy team and would certainly like to see him go out with a bowl win, I just don’t see him being able to make the passing plays that I think will be required to win this game. He’s looked suspect plenty in that aspect of his game and I don’t believe extra prep time is going to lead to that big of a change in the passing game.

      Pitt’s defense has the ability to stop Navy and their offense has the ability to score a good number of points. I think Pitt gets ahead early, puts Navy in a position they aren’t comfortable with (playing from behind) and ultimately win the game.

  • Its Only Money

    Virginia Tech
    All Play: Eagles
    Essay: Steelers

    As much as I hate to write this as a Browns fan, the Steelers are playing as good as anyone right now. If they get into the playoffs, which they should, look out. The Ravens are jst so beat up it is hard to imagine that they can stay within two scores of the yinzers. The Steeler offense is almost unstoppable, they put up some serious numbers against a very good D in Denver last week. I just don’t see how the Ravens can stop that. The Steelers are nothing like a traditional AFC North team, their WRs get open and are fast. Ben will get them the ball and it is all over. The D in Pittsburgh is still a little bit of a liability, but I just
    don’t see enough fire power on that depleted Baltimore team to keep
    pace. There is nothing the Ravens can do to stay in the game I will be shocked if they can keep it closer than 14, let alone the 10.

  • jpftribe

    Happy Boxing Day to all. Be sure to catch the Man U game while eating your Wheaties this morning. Van Gaal is coming off a loss to Watford, who thoroughly outplayed them, and speculation is Jose Mourinho is waiting in the wings. Pundits give him two games to lose before he is axed, but a poor showing against Stoke when MU is 18-1 on Boxing Day might do it.

    Roasted a turkey yesterday. Not just any turkey, the infamous Kelly Bronze turkey. Old world breed, raised in wild on nettles and stuff, shows up at your doors in a box sometime on the 23rd. Literally, in a box wrapped in paper. No plastic, shrink wrap etc.. I’ve cooked many turkeys, 20 would be on the extreme lower side of the estimate. Easy peasey, oil, lemon, salt pepper, herb and roots in the cavity and into the oven. It turned out great. In fact, just like every other turkey I’ve ever cooked. Why? Because of the digital thermometer that keeps it from over cooking. Moral of the story, don’t buy the hype, buy the bird. So this week’s picks are bird picks, we’ll see how many end up turkeys.

    Essay:**Skins – Kelly Bronze turkey, Kelly Green Eagles, coincidence? The hype is strong with Kelly.
    Marshall – UConn has good D, horrible O and in their first bowl game in 4 years, caught up in the hype. 9-3 Marshall wins.
    Tulsa – Google antonym hype and Tulsa comes up. VT on the other hand……..
    Indiana – The No Hype Bowl, or one of the many.
    Bills – Although Ryan gets hype consideration here, no one can top the Cowboys. How can this team not be given double digits on an away game to Buffalo.
    Pats – BB knows how important this game is with Den / CIN tonight.
    Denver – Peyton makes an appearance maybe?

    • jpftribe

      Scratch Denver, should have deleted it……

  • mmmmsnouts

    ALL PLAY: Washington Football Team +3 vs. Eagles. I’ve been riding them for a couple weeks in a row and I see no reason to stop now.

    Bucs -3 vs. Bears
    Navy -3 vs. Pittsburgh
    Duke +2 vs. Indiana
    Cardinals -4 vs. Packers

    ESSAY: Washington State -2.5 vs. Miami

    My essay is this advisory from the National Weather Service in El Paso. I know it won’t start snowing until the end of the Sun Bowl, but read it and tell me if you think the Hurricanes will be interested in this game at all. They completely mailed in a Sun Bowl in 2010 in very similar circumstances.

    … Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 5 PM Saturday to 11 PM MST Sunday…

    * timing… rain showers will turn to snow by late Saturday afternoon or early evening and last into Sunday evening.

    * Main impact… 2 to 5 inches of snow will cause dangerous driving conditions and may lead to some Road closures.

    * Other impacts… snow and blowing snow could reduce visibilities to less than one mile.

    Precautionary/preparedness actions…

    A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must travel… keep an extra flashlight… food… and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

  • super p forever

    “So it’s Seahawks, duke, lions, colts, allplay skins, essay Steelers?”

    “Can you send me that in email exactly how it’s supposed to be said with the lines?”

    This was our least discussed and least stressful and fastest ever round of picking. If we could do it this way every week, I’d consider continuing this team up next year.

    I don’t even know the plus/minus things for any of these games, but super p herself does, which means something. I don’t know what, but it’s something.

    I’m writing this on Christmas, which means I’m a degenerate gambler.

    I’m seeing Star Wars for the fourth time tomorrow, which means I’m pure of heart and sound of mind and can’t stop buying Star Wars tickets. It’s pulling in $40M/day in the US, and I want to help keep it going.

    The Steelers are 9-5 and probably making the Playoffs if they keep winning. In the spirit of simplicity, I say they win for that reason. Or they lose, based on whatever the +/- is and whichever side of that we chose.

    Weren’t they supposed to be bad this year.

    Welcome to the Singularity Engine, Artoo.


    Tennessee -4.5 over Houston is not correct. Its the opposite fyi

    • yeah, it’s off the board. i dont know if it was a mistake or something else but will post a line tomorrow on it.

  • cwonder23

    NIU (loss) uhhhh……swing and a miss there.
    UCONN +5 vs Marshall
    Rams +13 @ Seahawks
    Cardinals -4 vs Packers
    Panthers -7 @ Falcons
    All Play: Skins +3 @ Eagles
    Essay: Texans +4.5 @ Titans

    Kanick, would you please confirm that this spread is correct? I’m seeing it Texans -5 elsewhere. Anyways, a motivated defense lead by JJ Watt going against a wasted season Titans team that saw their coach get fired early. This matchup pits two JUGGERNAUT QBs with Weeden facing Mettenberger. Maybe Hoyer starts this game but multiple concussions in a season is a scary thing. While I like this line better with Hoyer at the helm, I hope the guy take the week off or the ROS to get healthy. I just think this is a classic “one team had way more to play for” game. DeAmdre Hopkins has come out as one of the top 5 WRs in the league this year and I expect him to eat. I’m happy to take the points against a team that is waiting for next year.

    • cwonder23

      Cardinals -4 vs Packers essay. Packers haven’t passed the “eye test” for me this season. Cardinals at home, I like. Christmas time, so can’t write more. You can keep me on Texans. Knew that line was too good to be true. Bad karma.

      • cwonder23

        On second thought, pull Texans replace with Pitt +3. Thx

  • FTCMikeD

    AP: Skins






    I’m taking the Patriots in the essay. They won by 7 at home against the Jets earlier in the season. I’m sure the Jets will play hard, given that they need to keep winning to get into the playoffs. Pats already have a bye locked up. Gronk is back too and went for more than 100 yds and a TD last time. Tom Brady also threw for over 350. The weather will be unseasonably warm. I think they have the talent and the will to win by more than 3 this weekend.

    • FTCMikeD

      P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays out there to everyone!

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Raiders -5

  • GRRustlers

    Week 17 Picks

    Looks like all I need to do is run the table and pray. Sounds fun.

    Minnesota (-6) over CMU – It’s a new gambling law…is the MAC team playing on a Tuesday?

    Oakland (-5) over SD – I would quit also instead of having to play in front of those soulless assholes in LA. Well done Mr. Woodson.

    Duke (+2) over Indiana – Sure. I’ll take Duke in a bowl game. What could possibly go wrong?

    Washington (-9) over USM – PAC12 bowl destruction continues.

    AP – Eagles (-3) over Washington – I believe in the AFC South champion more than the NFC East champion.

    Essay Pick

    For the first time in my Cheddar Bay history I am going to use my essay pass. It’s Christmas Eve and I really don’t have much to say. Merry Christmas to all of you. Be safe. Have fun. Avoid cheap beer. Watch football. Watch basketball. Live your life like J.R. Smith.

    My pick is a 2016 CFB playoff team.

    Give me UCLA (-6.5) over Nebraska.

    • Capitalgg

      Upvoted for Duke pick. LOL!

  • $$$$ SDSU -1.5. All the cheddar.

    So dude, SDSU’s QB IS PLAYING ON A TORN FUCKING ACL. We had a guy do that in college, and we nicknamed him “The Freak” because not only was he a sick football player, but his body was incredibly resilient as well. So that scores points. Also, Cincy’s QB situation is sketchy at best, with Kiel being suspended. Not to mention the turnover differentials… Cincy -16. SDSU +19. San Diego State’s D will be deep in Cincinnati tonight. 3 cheddars. Lock it up.

  • thatsfine

    MTSU +4.5

    • thatsfine

      Cincinnati +1.5 – Essay
      The public and money are all on SDSU here, and surprisingly the line opened with SDSU getting +2. So, what value does UC have here? This matchup pits SDSU’s defense, ranked 5th in FBS giving up only 287 ypg, against UC’s offense ranked 4th in FBS at 559 ypg, 373 ypg passing. But, what of that staunch SDSU defense? The numbers are clearly inflated by playing in the weaker division of the MWC. Any team that played Fresno, UNLV, Wyoming, Hawaii, SJSU, Nevada, and Utah State (in a down year) would have solid defensive numbers. The best win was vs. AFA in the MWC championship game (at home), the only other semi-notable win was Colorado State. Outside of Mountain West games, they really weren’t very good – 0-3 vs. FBS schools, to be exact, losing to Penn State, Cal, and South Alabama. SDSU may play Senior QB Maxwell Smith with a torn ACL, or maybe a freshman QB (Christian Chapman) who played well in the MWC championship game. If it is Smith, he gets lots of badass points for trotting out there on a torn ACL, but this certainly has to be a disadvantage as far as actually playing QB goes or conditioning coaches would be ripping ACLs out of guys left and right. Either way, the offensive gameplan is no mystery, they’ll run the hell out of the ball and take advantage of whatever is given when passing. For UC, Gunnar Kiel is out and Hayden Moore is in at QB. Moore doesn’t appear to be a step down in terms of sheer ability – he threw for 557 vs Memphis and led a win over Miami (FL), but he did toss 9TD/8 INT in 195 total attempts this year. He takes risks and you don’t really need to do SDSU any favors while they are on defense, which is my only hesitation in taking UC. But, turnovers are a correctable mistake, and if SDSU plays the freshman Chapman I think they’ll return the favor at least once.

      The difference here is UC has played a much tougher schedule in a better conference. They hung in there with Houston, Temple, and Memphis. SDSU’s 9 game win streak is full of weak offensive teams from the MWC West Division. They haven’t seen an offensive team like UC this year. I think the Bearcats will jump to an early lead, and the Aztecs aren’t built to play catch up regardless of who is playing QB.

      • Petefranklin

        SDSU would beat anyone in whatever conference cincy plays in. They are the most underrated team in FBS because they play most of their games past east coast sports section box score deadlines. Top 20 for sure!

        • thatsfine

          Yeah, living in Oregon I’ve watched a lot of meaningless west coast games this year, and actually picked pretty well in the Mountain West. I just outsmarted myself on this pick – I couldn’t see Vegas giving me a Christmas gift!

          • Petefranklin

            They deserved a bigger bowl.
            I think they may have a couple of guys go on to the next level on that O Line and backfield. Pumphrey is a local Vegas kid following Steven Jackson andDeMarco murray. That fullback is a badass as well but teams don’t really use a FB in the NFL anymore. If you’ve read this far, CSU will handle the Wolfpack on tuesday.

    • thatsfine

      Eagles -3

  • Nick

    Eagles, Connecticut, Bears, Titans, Central Michigan
    Indiana *essay no essay*

  • MTSU and Skins to start.

    • Pitt Wazzu IU Panthers Pats figure into the rest of it but I haven’t figured out who goes where.

  • zarathustra

    Row the Boat (one point )

  • ChuckKoz

    Raiders -5 (Chargers)

    AP: Eagles -3 (Redskins)

  • Capitalgg

    1) BGSU -7

    • Capitalgg

      All-Play: Redskins +3 @ Eagles: Washington football catching points against a team that through 15 weeks can’t figure out how to use its weapons.
      1) loss Bowling Green -7 v. Georgia Southern: That escalated quickly.
      2) Chiefs -12.5 v. Browns: In every game Johnny has started against a reasonably decent team, he’s lost by at least 2 scores. That trend will likely continue in a tough place to play.
      3) Rams +13 @ Seahawks: Too many points. Rams built to play Cards and Hawks.
      4) TBD

      I have loved watching Keenan Reynolds run the option at Navy. And over the last 4 years, he’s won me a ton of cheddar points. He runs that offense as well as anyone. And it’s sacrilege to bet against a military academy or something. But this is an not a good spot for “Notre Dame’s best win”. They step up in class playing an ACC opponent. They play a team that has already seen the triple option this year and defeated it. They give Pat Narduzzi extra time to prepare. And they have played much more recently in a very emotional rivalry game. Just a bad spot and to be laying points. Gotta go Pitt +3 v. Navy. Thanks Keenan! Don’t give up the ship!

    • Capitalgg

      4) Patriots -3 @ Jets: It was this or Tampa and I can’t see putting my Cheddar season on Jameis and the Bucs. I’ll go with Brady & Billy B. instead.

  • HitTheHorns

    1) Georgia Southern +7

    • HitTheHorns

      2) Chargers +5

      • HitTheHorns

        3) Essay Eagles -3

        Reading lots of stuff this week that the Kirk Cousins road game struggles are no longer relevant due to his statistics with DeSean Jackson back in the lineup. Per cbssports.com, here are some numbers:

        Comp % YPA TD% INT%

        Cousins w/o Jackson 68.6 6.48 3.3 2.9

        David Carr, 2006 68.3 6.3 2.5 2.7

        Cousins w/ Jackson 71 8.8 6.0 1.4

        Drew Brees, 2009 70.6 8.5 6.6 2.1

        The point of the article wasn’t necessarily that he was just “bad on the road”, it’s that Gruden’s system works best when Cousins has a top-flight receiver in the mix to take pressure off lesser receivers. It opens up opportunities for quick passes to Reed on a slant (and gives Reed ample opportunities for YAC). Cousins has only thrown three interceptions in his last 7 games.

        I’ve seen some from of this article on 4 national websites this week. The betting public seems to agree, as 65% are on Kirk Cousins going on the road in the division in December to win a game that will put his team in the playoffs. The Eagles were beat down on national TV last week against my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. A quick scan of their schedule shows me last time they were blown out, they followed that up by beating the Patriots in New England.

        • HitTheHorns

          4) Vikings -6
          5) Rams +13
          6) NYJ +3

  • Petefranklin

    SDSU -1.5

    Surgery tomorrow, and I might be feeling no pain so I will write a hundred words now in case I upgrade this into my essay. Both teams are lacking their starting QBs in this one. I am a little Leary about why Kiel is out for personal issues. It smells like the Bearcats have some internal problems leading up to this game. Cincys backup leaves a lot to be desired. Sdsu’s backup is quite adequate at running the Aztec offense which is a rushing attack. I got effed by a couple lucky Air Force plays in my POTY on SDSu last time out, including a 40 yard forward fumble recovery after the Air Force running back was stopped short on third down. SDSU deserves a bigger game than this, and should roll in Honolulu.

    • Petefranklin

      Turnovers decide these bowl games and Cincy is terrible in that department

      • Petefranklin

        The nurse told me not to make any decisions yesterday, but I should have upgraded the Aztecs.

  • BG -7. For seven touchdowns and one cheddar.

  • Chris Schroeder

    +1 Indianapolis @ Miami
    -10 Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
    -5 Oakland vs San Diego
    -2.5 Washington State vs Miami
    All Play: +3 Washington @ Philadelphia

    Essay: -7 Carolina @ Atlanta
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    Stadium: Georgia Dome FieldTurf Classic HD
    Time: 13:00 EST
    Broadcast: Fox
    Mascot: Sir Purr vs Freddie Falcon
    Fun Fact: Tie games are somewhat rare in professional football, but during the 1970 season the Falcons had two of them in one year.
    The Game: Folks welcome to the I-85 rivalry. This grand rivalry started back in 1995. Both teams have played twice a year since then with Atlanta holding the edge in the series 24 -17. Carolina is holding a two game win streak recently. Carolina has already claimed the NFC South title, but is still motivated to secure a first round bye in the playoffs. On the flip side the Falcons are still in the hunt to make the playoffs. The emotion level will be high on both sidelines, but really the Falcons have a slim chance to slow down the potential MVP in Cam Newton. Let’s play hypothetical and Mr. Newton has a mediocre game. The Panthers have the 3rd best rushing offense. That alone the Panthers will dominate the game clock and give enough momentum to cover 7 points. Pass the Chedda please!!


    1. G Southern +7

    • CLEVTA

      2. Miami fl

      • CLEVTA

        4. ATL +7
        5. Rams +13
        6. Jets +3

    • CLEVTA

      3. Eagles -3 (Essay): Everyone is in love with Cousins all of the sudden. Yes he’s played well but if you dig deeper, his home/away splits are pretty staggering both this year and in his career. Check this out, in his career at home he’s 9-7 completing 68%, 24 tds/10 ints, 8.04 adjusted yda/att while on the road he is 2-10, 61%, 16 td/20 int and a putrid 5.7 ad yd/att. This year alone he’s 6-2 at home and 1-5 on road with pretty similar staggering splits. His only road win came 2 weeks ago against Chicago and the last few weeks have shown the Bears to have quit this season. And guess where tonight’s game is? On the road of course to even assume these teams are considered even (-3 to home team) is kind of insane. Line is off 2-3 pts imo. Meanwhile Bradford has played well of late under the radar and in his last 5 gms has posted a 7/3 td:int ratio on 66% completion %. Fly Eagles Fly

  • PJD19

    I’ll do BGSU for one

  • thatsfine

    Boise -8.5

  • cwonder23

    NIU +8.5 vs Boise State for one cheddar point please.

  • CleveLandThatILove


    • POTY brewing this week?

      looks like it’s you SuperP and Quatts and ChuckK with that bullet left.

      • CleveLandThatILove

        I used mine for a push back in October – Bengals. It doesn’t show up on the board.

        • ah hah, i see you did get the points but i didnt update the standing with ‘push’ notation. fixed, thanks.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      The Vikings are good, and late in the season they are almost at full strength. They are playing at home against a team that needs to put up a lot of points to compensate for a weak defense, and has lost its bright spot freak receiver for the week. They know GB is up against the Cardinals today, a very good team they themselves came close to beating. They also know not to take Eli Manning for granted. Things are about to get very interesting in the NFC North.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    One Cheddar point: BG -7

  • ChuckKoz

    Boise -8.5

  • thatsfine

    Toledo +2.5

  • zarathustra

    Temple for one point please

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Did not get Akron in on time, but, please give me

    • MACtovegin1armstrong

    • actovegin1armstrong

      AP- The Team From Washington for the AP

      • actovegin1armstrong

        ****Tulsa will cover.****

        Frank’s farwell…. He was not that great and he almost thrived by having a bunch of punk losers in his program. (Not just the dog killer, you know who I am and I am calling you a punk too, shall I stop by your hovel and kick you around the yard?) I have met three guys from VIrginia Tech, beat the crap out of one and would love to do the same to the other two.

        Virginia Tech only became bowl eligible due to a bunch of pure luck long passes. This from a team that allegedly leads with defense

        Tulsa looked terrible on offense and defense, and I do not believe in Karma, but I am invoking the “Karma Clause” here and I am hoping for an x-mas miracle, even though my x-mas shall be filled with the joy of carrying boxes down three flights of stairs, driving them for 2 hours then carrying them up three flights of stairs. I am wishing for a Golden Hurricane to rain on me just to make things interesting.
        Tulsa is a solid team and Virginia Tech is a lucky team.
        Virginia Techs defense is allegedly amazing, they do have a tremendous amount of talent but their coaching is quite suspect.

        “Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.” Hunter S. Thompson (Have I already told my Hunter S.Thompson story? it is a good one.)
        Virginia Tech is out of luck,
        Tulsa’s offense is bad and their defense is terrible and I should take Virginia Tech and expect them to blow them out by 40 points in this bowl game, but I hate Virginia Tech.

    • actovegin1armstrong


  • jdoepke

    Toledo +2.5 for one cheddar point

    • jdoepke

      Merry Christmas Cheddar Heads!
      Redskins +3 (AP)
      S. Miss +9
      Minnesota -6
      Navy -3

      Nebraska +6.5

      I hope every dope in the world is saying “I can get UCLA -6.5?” This seems low to me as UCLA comes in 8-4 from a better conference and laying less than a TD. Nebraska on the other hand is 5-7 and in a bowl game? I don’t know what the Foster Farms bowl is but it seems like a default home game for UCLA being played up the coast in Santa Clara. Nebraska with 7 losses only by 31 total points, 4 of which came on the last play of regulation or OT. I see Nebraska running clock with Armstrong and keeping it close the whole way and winning outright in the end. Nebraska 31-UCLA 30.

  • thatsfine

    Akron +7.5

  • 1) Utah St.

    • 2) MTSU

      • 3) Raiders

        • Might as well make the Raiders my pick of the week. Charles Woodson’s last game in Oakland plus maybe/probably the last Raiders game ever in Oakland are as good a reason I could ask for to write “100 words” about one of this week’s games. I wrote a few weeks ago about Frank Beamer’s last game in Blacksburg (miracle cover over UNC) that I think this sort of thing is somehow always underrated. It worked for the Chargers in maybe/probably their last game in San Diego last week. It worked for the Browns over the Bengals in December 1995. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv_ezLPZFSI

          Happy holidays to everyone and best wishes to all playoff contenders. Win or lose I hope its a meaningful run for all.

          • 4) Miami (The U)
            5) Eagles
            6) Jets

          • problem.. we need to drop the jets. good?
            (never mind.. got a form adjust.. all set.)

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Essay Utah St

    My sole reason for picking Utah St is my unhappiness with Akron U. I am a graduate of Akron U and I haven’t been to a football game since I was a child when I didn’t know the difference between professional and college athletics. I remember being cold. As a student, going to a football
    game never occurred to me, maybe because I was commuting and working and the thought of driving (or riding since I often made the 14 mile commute on my bike) back to Akron to watch football seemed like crazy talk. Despite my spending the last 14 years of my life a short drive away from Akron U, I still have no desire to go to a football game. A few years ago Akron U decided that
    despite a poor economy and increasing student debt for their graduates they would spend $61 million on a new stadium. They had to also spend another $22 million to secure housing for the students displaced by the new stadium. After their opening game, ticket sales slumped and the stadium is almost never more than 1/3 full. Despite more than 11,000 students living within blocks of the stadium and often getting free admission, less than 2,000 students on average attend games. Because of the poor ticket sales the school cannot pay back their bonds that financed the
    stadium without dipping into the athletics budget, which is mostly funded by student fees. The NCAA requires universities to average 15,000 seats sold over a rolling two-year period to remain in Division I. In 2013, the school bought 56,710 tickets valued at $10 each just to keep the program from being demoted. In the 2014-2015 season, the cumulative total attendance for six games in the 30,000
    seat facility was 55,019, the worst among all 125 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl subdivision. It was very interesting that Akron U announced this past summer that they had a $60 million budget problem that they would solve over the next few years by cutting academic programs, the performing arts center and the baseball program. I wanted to know why why why why weren’t they cutting football. I was not the only one. When the president was asked by reporters why, despite loosing $8 million per year, they chose to keep football, he replied, “it has marketing value.” He didn’t have a lot to say about the $1 million that he spent to renovate his presidential home (built in 1999), which included 1,000 a piece bar stools and a $500 olive jar. I wonder what incredible research the former president is doing with his $1.5 million in sabbatical pay. I wonder how that fits in with their vision to transform Akron U away from being a commuter college. Maybe they should have asked the alumni and students if they would rather pay less in tuition and commute or have a football team and a fancy house for the president. I guess given a choice for less student loan debt or a chance to watch their team play in the famous Idaho Potato bowl, most students would say, “what the heck is the Idaho Potato Bowl?”

    I wonder if the Akron U president will be watching the game from the big screen tv he had installed in his bathroom.

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      To round out my week of football fun.

      NIU Wednesday (the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl is always a favorite of mine)
      San Diego State Thursday
      Redskins Saturday
      Panthers Sunday
      Navy Monday

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        The things I do for love
        Please change Cincinnati for SDS

  • Petefranklin

    Rough week to try to make up ground as the favorites covered everything. The books got crushed by public parlays..too bad!

  • Dave Borcas

    Temple -2.5 today

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