Week 14, Clemson -5 vs UNC in Charlotte

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FlyHighCharlieFrye assumes commanding lead with Lobsterfest.

Longtime — maybe charter member — Cheddar FlyHighCharlieFrye is having a year.  Got his second payday (along with mmmsnouts, holla) with a lobster last week and now has a pretty strong lead to go with his 63% win rate and 9-3-1 pick of the week chops.  Here’s the portfolio, nice work being done here FHCF.

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  • clayII

    Cowboys (+4.5) / Skins

    Love gettin the 4.5 here. skins good at home, but cowboys ok on road. i like cassell, more time with garret is key for him. weeds was junk as we all know. cowboy d is tight. wash 5-6, dallas undervalued w/ romo loss. i think this will come down to a fg, so +4.5 must take. give me all 3 of these

  • Matt Borcas

    Vikings, Browns, Broncos please.

    • Matt Borcas

      Essay: Skins

      While the Cowboys officially have nothing to play for in the wake of Tony Romo’s season-ending injury, the Skins have a division title to play for — especially after Philly’s surprise win in New England. The Skins have been money at home this season, and Cousins has been a quasi-revelation. (Also, perhaps he’ll be extra motivated with Sparty in the College Football Playoff.) Meanwhile, Dallas has been an utter disaster this season, thanks in large part to the Greg Hardy mess, and I see no reason why that won’t continue tonight. Good opportunity for the Skins to get to .500 here.

  • FTCMikeD

    NFL Picks:

    The Giants have a home matchup against the Jets. They need to realize soon that they are the best team in the NFC East… I think. I mean the *edskins can’t possibly be the best, right? Anyway, the Giants have the dominant share of fans in the New York City area. They are at home in New Jersey. I think they wake up this week and cover the +2.5 against the Jets, at least they better if they want continue with the super bowl win of every 4 years.

  • HitTheHorns

    4 )Essay Bengals -9.5

    I find myself conflicted this morning. On the one hand, we have my history in this contest. A few years ago, our fearless leader Kanick rode the Auburn Tigers all season to a first place regular season. They covered every week. Me, being of the mindset that things balance out, picked against them every week. I lost every week.

    That brings us to your 2015 Cleveland Browns. What a bizarre week since the Monday Night Game. If we just look at today’s game, we have some wonky storylines: the line was Cincy-10 at 10:15 this morning; thirty minutes later it is Cincy -8 (maybe we throw this information out; remember the line jumped all the way to SIX by on MNF last week. We also had our team president responding to message board rumors at 2AM after the game, and team-employed sideline reports calling fans “nothings” on twitter. Yet Jerry Jones is the owner that doesn’t mind distractions.

    The game is on FOX today, and I always enjoy the 1 late season FOX Browns game, because the announcers will have clearly not watched a Browns game all season. They will tell us things like “the playbook will be simplified for Austin Davis” and “the Browns plan to get back to basics”; they will call Joel Bitonio “Joe” all game; then, late in the 4th quarter, they will tell us “its tough to win in this league when guys like Joe Haden are on the sideline.”

    From a pure absurdity standpoint, I think Austin Davis could come out and play great today, leading the Browns to a win and playing so well that they have to give him one more start and keep JFF on the sideline.

    But then I go back to Kanick’s Auburn Tigers. I go back to Jules Winfield at the end of Pulp Fiction: I am the weak. And this Browns team is the tyranny of evil men. Maybe Austin Davis will be the shephard to carry my weak ass through the valley of darkness. Probably not.

    5) Saints +7

    • HitTheHorns

      6) Steelers -7.5

  • trashycamaro

    Lions +3 over Packers Loss. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games. Don’t play Thursday games.

    Colts +7.5 over Steelers

    Giants +2.5 over Jets

    Falcons + 1.5 over Bucs

    Texans +3 over Bills

    All Play Clemson -5 over UNC

    Rams +5.5 over Cardinals Was strongly considering some additional college games this weekend (MSU over Iowa specifically) but there are a lot of good NFL underdogs on the slate this week. The Steelers have not been very good and Hasselbeck has been better then Luck. Fitzpatrick’s arm get numb in the cold and the Giants can still explode on shared home turf. If I would have told you two months ago that the Falcons with everyone important healthy was 1.5 against the Bucs, you would have laughed in my face. And then, the Rams. In 2015, the Rams are 3-0 in the division, including a win in Arizona. In 2014, the Rams were 2-4 in the division but all the games exvept one were within a TD. In 2013 the Rams were 1-5 in the division, and 1-2 at home with the non-49er home games within a TD. The Rams are not a good team, but they definitely play the division games close. Meanwhile, the Cardinals have not been great against good teams winning close games, while the TD+ wins have been against the likes of the Browns, Ravens, early season Bears, and the Saints. Oh and a quick bit of animosity toward the Lions coaching staff for not knowing how to defend a hail mary play. THE PACKERS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. I will enjoy continuing to fade one of the more public teams out there.

    Swapping Texans in for Falcons. Can’t believe I almost forgot about that.

  • Ravens +3.5 at Dolphins
    For as long as he was there, I thought that the gravity created Nick Fairley non-professional attitude sucked down the Lions. I’ve decided I was at least partially wrong. I turns Ndomacung Suh’s toxicity is equally if not more virulent and this year’s Dolphins are a proof point. Stop me if this sounds familiar but we have a head coach taking hits for non-producing first rounders (Devante Parker, Jawuan James, and #3 overall Dion Jordan) and failed free agents (Expensive Mike Wallace, now gone, in the role of Expensive Dwayne Bowe.) So when GM can’t draft and free agents come to Miami for the strip clubs and jet skis naturally it’s the coaches fault. So definitely fire the coach because that’s not an enabling action for current and future lockerroom malaise, no not at all. Add in the craven capitulation to threats of bullying lawsuits from the ultimate definition of American privilege (Stanford son of first and second generation Harvard alums.) leading to the waiving and smearing of an actual team player who most if not all of the actual players in the actual locker-room who actually knew both people actually (and actively) supported… and you just may have a player personnel and organizational structure that is more fucked up than the Browns. No way any Harbaugh loses to such a pathetic group in front of their half-filled stadium.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Vikings: Once upon a time, the shithawks were one of my favorite play ons. Ran the ball. Played defense. Deep and could absorb in game injuries. Smart quarterback. Not this year though. This team just isn’t very good. They luck boxed their way into a home win against equally overrated Pittsburgh last week but this is a much tougher assignment. Meanwhile, the Vikings are an up and coming squad with a legitimate shot at winning the NFC north and going deep in the playoffs this year. I’ve got no problem backing them vs the defending NFC champs in this one.

  • The Iron Sheik

    No essay this week. In Napa valley and wasted. Go tar heels

  • Matt Borcas

    USC and UNC tonight please.

  • PJD19

    USC over Stanford Essay

    No guts no glory. This is a gut play through and through. USC is a talented and resilient group. It sounds like they weren’t getting their coach’s best efforts at the beginning of the season, when Steve Sarkisian was working through personal issues prior to his being fired. That’s not an insignificant thing and they lost two games in the wake of his departure. They have a good quarterback, a really strong rushing attack and tons of talent. I’m expecting them to rally around their newly appointed head coach. I like the +4.5. Go trojans.

  • oxr

    All-Play North Carolina +5 over Clemson…

    • oxr

      … oh well. Time for some prohibitive favorites!

      Bengals -9.5 over Browns
      Patriots -9.5 over Eagles
      Chiefs -3 over Raiders
      Broncos -4 over Chargers

      Essay Panthers -7 over Saints – New Orleans and Cleveland are towards the bottom of the barrel in
      defensive DVOA, Philadelphia just gave up 90 points in two games… but
      seven is less than ten, so I’ll go with the Panthers as my essay. They may be the worst 11-0 team ever, or whatever the hook of that 538 piece was, but the Saints aren’t even the best 4-7 team of this year: they may not actually have played anyone really good since the last matchup against the Panthers in week 3 (which they only lost by 5, but a lot of wheels have fallen off a lot of buses since then). They’re still always a threat to score, but the Panthers should be at an advantage in time of possession so hopefully a TD isn’t too much to ask, mixed in with a lot of running and a Josh Norman interception or so.

  • DQuatts

    New Orleans

    *Da Da Da Daaaaaaa…..its MNF folks. It’s a Dallas team that still sees a glimmer of hope in this season. Yes, Romo is out. But Dallas still has playmakers. They still have an aggressive defense. And they can still win games. I’m not sold on this Washington team either. I don’t know they have an identity. That tends to bring confusion during times of conflict. I believe Dallas can be that conflict Monday night. If Dallas can’t pull out this W, they are going to go down fighting, which sounds like a close game to me. Give me the points…go Boys.

  • bupalos

    Stanford and UNC, that’s all I know so far.

    • bupalos

      adding the colts, raiders, and eagles

  • PJD19

    Sorry, but I need to make a couple changes…Bama is just way too square of a play and it’s making me rethink my whole week of picks. I’ll switch sides and take Florida.

    Also, I’d like to make USC my pick of the week (essay to follow) and drop the Steelers over Colts. Buffalo over Texans for one point….so in summary my new picks are:

    Bowling Green (winner)
    UNC (all play)
    Tampa Bay
    USC **Essay


    • PJD19

      PS – I’ll resubmit the form with the new pix

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    clemson -5
    USC +5.5
    Florida +17.5
    Iowa +3.5
    broncos -4
    Dolphins -4 Essay

    The ravens are extremely depleted really only the Browns could lose to them. I just like any other team in the league over the ravens by 6 rigght now. Schaub will throw another pick 6 and the dolphins seem capable of beating bad teams. Sorry this isn’t a very inspired essay. Just a rough year for me in the contest and the writing is on the wall 🙁

  • Dave Borcas

    Houston -6
    Sparty -3.5
    USC +4.5
    Clemson -5 all play
    Texans +3
    Bengals -9.5 essay
    Small tweaks! Per Mike Petting this is all that is keeping the Browns from being a winning team. What a dismal and disappointing season it has been for the Browns and especially us fans. This is my 30th season as season ticket holder and this regime has done what red right 88, the drive and the fumble have been unable to de, break my spirit as a Browns fan. The big twitter argument these dates is who’s feat does this mess lay at? Petting, Farmer, Haslam or Schreiner. In my opinion it is 40% Farmer, 30% Petting, 20% Haslam and 10% Schreiner. Collectively these guys now make the 4 Stooges. This team is getting old and soft fast. They are obviously not on the same page in any aspect of the game. I am really looking forward to 1/4/16 as the day this thing is blown up, if they wait that long. You hear no activity around signing our own free agents, again this year. The midget receiving corps do nothing to help the QB, whoever that is. It is sad that this has become the worst franchise in professional sports. Here’s hoping that Rick Spellman or Nick Cameroon can be hired to build a professional front office and coaching staff. With little excitement go browns

  • Dave Borcas

    Houston Cougars so they can face the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl

  • limaontinder

    Bengals (essay)

    Bengals over Browns was my winning play of the year, and after last week, and every fucking week, there’s no reason not to go back to the well. Between the last second loss, Joe Lull, the Adele montage, Bart Scott, and whatever else I missed that happened since Monday night, there’s just no way the Browns cover. Fuck em. Hope they enjoyed their holiday party last night.

  • Petefranklin

    1) Packers
    2)Ark St. -21
    3) Baylor -20.5
    4) Mich St. -3.5
    AP) N CAR +5

    POTY) The Aztecs of San Diego!

    Air Force mailed it in last week vs. New Mexico as they had the division wrapped up. SDSU equaled the 17 point spread in their victory over UNR, losing their efficient QB to injury along the way. The Aztecs didn’t seem to miss a beat though as they stayed efficient on offense by bulldozing through the smaller wolfpack defense. Expect more of the same here today as RB (from Vegas) Pumphrey moves closer to Marshall Faulks rushing records. I expect Air Force to stay equal into the third quarter which is when Air Forces D will start to wear down.

    What about defending the triple option you may ask? Well SDSU is bigger and stronger on the D Line than anything the flyboys have seen this year. Head Coach Rocky Long has schemed against it throughout his career including holding Air Force to 16 in a 30-14 win late last year in the same stadium despite what Phil Steele says in his newsletter. The Aztec defense held Air Force to a season low in rushing that day. Last year they also faced triple option running Navy and New Mexico, holding them to season low rushing yards as well. Season lows vs this defense and scheme is an incredible stat in my book.I don’t see the Air Force putting many TD’s up today.

    On offense I expect the backup QB to do the same thing that Maxwell did best, hand the ball off! SDSU has a great turnover margin which I think is 20-1 in interceptions. They may not get any picks today but they shouldn’t give any up either. SDSU -4.5 POTFY!

  • Uncle D

    I’m in California & my wifi stinks, like my picks :😂😂.


    im taking MSU for my essay pick, simply because I’m in Napa valley with good friends who also play cheddar bay. He’s taking Iowa, so we need some good banter back and forth this evening as we wind down from our 5-6 winery stops today !!

    I truly think MSU is the better team and has proven that by the competition they’ve faced compared to what Iowa has seen in 2015.

    Plus, I always root for my good friend Mark Dantonio 🙂

    Go Sparty

  • Concierge

    Temple Essay

    Temple has one of the best defenses in the entire country especially against the pass. I know everyone is on the nuts of houstons offense and the fighting tom hermans but I just think this game will be much lower scoring than people think Temple will try and limit possessions for Houstons offense and they might even have a chance to win out right. Gimme Temple and the fighting RHULES!

    Also..this is the week… yes the week that people recognize that LARRY FEDORA IS THE NEXT NICK SABAN!! jk


  • 1) App. St. -17.5
    2) SD St. -4.5
    3) Clemson -5 (All Play)

    Will be back later with additional picks/essay.

    • 4) Seahawks PK
      5) Cardinals -5.5

    • 6) Broncos -4 (ESSAY)

      It looks like Denver’s running game is beginning to click better as of late than it has all year and while they don’t have Peyton Manning at QB, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing with the way footballs had been floating out of the pocket. Brock has done a good job filling in to date and while I haven’t seen all his plays, it seems he isn’t making questionable decisions or taking too many risks. With a defense as good as the Broncos that’s really all I need to feel comfortable taking the Broncos to cover in this game. San Diego’s run defense has not been that great, they’re banged up on offense, and whether it is Melvin Gordon or Danny Woodhead in the backfield, it hasn’t exactly worked out well for them. Denver may not run away with this game because there’s always going to be a learning curve with new starter, but I expect Denver to easily win by at least 4.

  • HOUSTON. Many Points!


    USC. Lost this bet earlier in the season with USC favored. They win this time.


    UNC. Been covering for me all season. Would love to see the upset. It’s far more likely than Florida scoring a single point against Bama.

    Essay to come. $$$ BEARS $$&

    • Wish I could say something inspiring to pull the troops together for this one. But the 9ers still have a Blaine Gabbett issue and the Bears have been playing like superstars for a handful of weeks now. Cutty has a pulse, and hasn’t been giving the ball away per his typical modus operandi. So unlike him, which I guess could mean one of two things, either he’s working on shit, or he’s fucking due to play like an asshole. Just give Forte the rock.

  • FTCMikeD

    College Plays:
    AP: UNC +5 over Clemson
    Sparty -3.5 over Iowa

  • jdoepke

    Well, here we are the last week of college football, where does the time go? After 1-5 last week I figure I’m due so it’s all chips to the middle time.

    Clemson -5 (AP)
    Sparty -3.5
    Temple +6
    Kansas St +6.5
    Chargers +4

    POTY Essay:
    Air Force +4.5

    If there is a reservation here it’s that the line is currently up to 6.5 and I have to take at 4.5. Nevertheless, I see AF controlling the clock with their triple option and winning this one outright. All my stars align on this including the ever important question “where’s the money?” With only 19% of wagers on AF, but 96% of money, you know where I’m going. AF 33 – SDST 31 at the gun. Go Falcons!!

  • Its Only Money

    All Play: Clemson

    Essay: Bengals
    I think this is more of a pick of disgust more than anything else. The browns couldn’t beat a hapless Ravens team at home last week, there is no way they can stay within two TDs of one of the top teams in the AFC. The Browns offensive line can’t run block or pass protect. The defense can’t stop the run and the DBs would have a tough time covering ME, I’m a 41 year old slow white guy. The tackling is atrocious as well. This is not a prime time game so the Browns should see the Red Rifle rather than the Red Ryder BB Gun as JJ Watt put it.

    I just don’t see anything good coming from this game as a Browns fan. Maybe Jimmy will see a half full stadium with many Bengals fans in it and say enough is enough. That is really the only good thing that could happen. I have a pair of tickets for the game going unused because I can’t stomach it anymore and it just isn’t’ worth the effort to try to dump them. If anyone wants them let me know, pretty sure I can e-mail them to you.

    As my essay pick they will probably win with the points to further screw me. Oh well.

  • Capitalgg

    All-play: Clemson -5 v. North Carolina: I think UNC could win outright because Clemson has struggled to stop more prolific offenses. But Deshawn Watson and that offense will likely have enough to eek out a 7 to 8 point W.
    1. Houston -6 v. Temple: Tom Herman is staying for at least 1 more year. Will they being in the Big XII in 2017?
    2. Falcons +1.5 v. Buccaneers: ATL has won the stats in 2 straight road losses and now returns home. Should be a big home W.
    3. USC +4.5 v. Stanford: It’s hard to beat a team twice in the same season, especially with so much at stake.
    4. Jets -2.5 @ Giants: Needed a 5th game. Pretty much hate everything else.

    So for Ohio St. to sneak into the second CFP, they need some help. A Bama or Clemson loss, a Stanford loss and likely a Michigan St. win. The Buckeyes best argument is only loss to a tournament team, a 4-loss Pac-12 champ ain’t deserving, and an SEC champ that has looked like Florida the last month or UNC resume doesn’t compare to the Buckeyes. I truly believe OSU will get 2 of those 3 things.

    Iowa has had a nice year. They’ve won 12 games. They are as consistent week to week as anyone in college football. They play a hard-nosed, disciplined style of football (or as national commentators call it boring). For a football aficionado, it’s anything but boring. But in this match-up, I’m going with the cold-blooded killer that is Mark Dantonio. His teams play a hard-nosed, disciplined style of football. They are tough as a $2 steak. They (with the help of Buckeye coaches) completely shut down Ohio State. Their defensive strength is their run D, the weakness in the secondary. Iowa’s strength is running the football. Their passing game, merely effective. Tressel ball will rule the B1G again with Michigan St. -3.5 v. Iowa. INDIANAPOLIS IS SPARTA!

  • WVU, WKU, Clemson.
    Pros tmrw.

  • thatsfine

    Southern Miss +7
    Rest to follow

    • thatsfine

      Georgia State +21

      • thatsfine

        GSU Essay
        Two of the most one dimensional offensive teams in FBS. Georgia State is on a nice run lately, winning three in a row and 4 of their last 6 (one of those losses was a respectable showing at Ark St). This turnaround that has happened almost entirely by relying on a steadily improving passing game, now ranked #8 in FBS at 346 ypg. The defense has started to show up in the past 3 weeks as well, only giving up 17 ppg, which is good because they will be tested by Georgia Southern’s triple option. There is little doubt the Eagles will pile up running yards and score enough to win, but +21 is too much to hand a GSU team that has found an identity, a little bit of confidence in the passing game, and the ability to score.

        • thatsfine

          App St -17.5
          SDSU -4.5
          UNC +5
          NFL pick to follow. I’m open to suggestions this week.

          • thatsfine


  • Jmacdaddio

    Stanford -4.5
    Broncos -4
    Raiders +4
    Dolphins +4
    Vikings PK (Essay)
    UNC +5

    The real reason RU fired their AD and head football coach is because they let me down on my essay pick last week. It’s ok, I’m out of contention anyway. It would take a miracle now to make the playoffs.

    However, since the last three NFL games ended on miracle plays, I still believe.

    Sadly the college season is at an end, so now we turn our attention to the NFL, at least until bowl season and the college playoff games. The Vikings are ready to step it up. Seattle is good, although not the team of two years ago. This is a chance for the Vikes to make a statement win and take command of the divisional race against the Packers. They have the pieces in place and it’s time to start making a claim to a home playoff game.

  • pateslvrblk

    UNC +5
    Titans -2.5
    Panthers -7
    Vikings PK
    Broncos -4
    ***Bucs -1.5 essay to follow

    • pateslvrblk

      Falcons are in free fall losing four straight and now on the outside of the playoff picture. The Bucs are 4-3 in the last two months and while that’s not stellar, when considering the 1-3 start, it’s a good indicator of the growth of the its rookie QB. They’re actually in playoff contention with a win today… that was unexpected. TB has one of the best and certainly the biggest pair of wide-out targets in the league. If Jameis turns out to be a true #1-overall caliber player, then having a top QB throwing to Jackson and Evans is a recipe for offense that not even Lovie Smith can screw up. In short, Bucs are trending positive; Falcons are reverting to their traditional soft-dome-team form losing four straight and, most damning, providing the Niners with their only win of the last six weeks. I’ll go Bucs -1.5.

  • zarathustra

    Giants +2.5

    Seahawks PK

    Chiefs -3

    USC +4.5

    A month ago I made some playoff predictions that were plenty wrong, but not entirely. In doing so I stated that I believed Stanford would go down in a rematch with USC so I’m going to stick with that here….

    Florida +17.5

    …I also stated the Gators would run the table and win the SEC to secure a playoff berth. I am decidedly not sticking with that, but I’ll take the points anyway.

    UNC +5***

    Among my many prognostications I also stated that my beloved (unranked at the time)Tarheels were a legitimate playoff contender and were being comically underrated. So…here we are. No way that I’m shying away now. I could just cut and paste what I’ve been saying for a while now, but I won’t bore you with that. I shall bore you with this instead: They may not be quite as talented, but this team is like last year’s Buckeyes. Great athletes on both sides of the ball that can kill you with big plays. They are peaking to close the year just as those Buckeyes did.
    Yes, UNC lost to a 3-6 South Carolina team, but the Gamecocks weren’t 3-6 in September. That’s something they became as the season developed. One of the silliest aspects of the discussions this time of year is treating teams as static entities that don’t improve or fall apart over the course of the year based on circumstances…but I digress. That loss to South Carolina happened in Charlotte. It was a game they should have won. I love that they get to return to that same stadium to rectify that loss.
    I love DeShaun Watson and Clemson is a really good team, but they haven’t Clemsoned yet and they are due. I’ll wager it happens on the big stage away from home on Saturday night.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      You certainly were correct about UNC. Obviously knowledge obtained from torrid connections with the seething belly of the underworld.
      It is unfair to have a clairvoyant in our beloved Cheddar Bay. I am officially petitioning The Exalted Executive Committee to remove you from this competition.

  • mmmmsnouts

    Yes, that’s right. I rose up against all odds and got a Lobsterfest last week. The PayPal arrived in my email inbox on Wednesday, but really it would not have been out of place to send one of those giant Publishers Clearing House checks with flowers and balloons to my front door. Miracles can happen, can happen for you!

    I actually feel pretty good about these picks too, so who knows.

    ALL PLAY: Clemson -5 vs. North Carolina

    Jaguars +2.5 vs. Titans
    Alabama -17.5 vs. Florida (I’m not sure the Gators will even score)
    Houston -6 vs. Temple (big morale boost for the Cougars with Tom Herman staying, at least until the Texas job opens up)
    Eagles +10 vs. Patriots (Brady has no one to throw to and Bradford comes back, just think the Pats try and survive this game)

    ESSAY: Giants +2.5 vs. Jets

    Am I missing something with the Jets? They have a nice record but their wins have no substance, they can’t run the ball, Revis isn’t playing this week, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I also heard Eli Manning talking about “all our jobs are on the line this week” or whatever his exact words were, so you know they’re taking this game seriously, which you can’t always predict from week to week. One of the many reasons I hate the Giants is that often they get away with turning it on and off whenever they want because their division allows them to do it. I think they turn it on this week to pull away to glory at like 8-8 and also make sure the Jets know their place. Giants outright.

    • I LOL’d at the Publisher’s Clearing House line.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      If Ed McMahon shows up start running.

      • mmmmsnouts

        I’d allow a 6-year-old corpse to stand at my door for $10 million. Everyone has a price.


    I think Bama has this easily covered by halftime. Florida is trending poorly, and I don’t see how they muster enough points to cover here. Derrick Henry wraps up his Heisman this week with a huge game, as Bama will continue to feed him the ball and run this thing up on the ground. I actually don’t think Bama will score more than 35 points, but I just don’t see Florida getting to double digits here. I really think Kiffin/Saban learned their lesson after last year’s semifinal game, so in less something changes, we are going to see a huge dose of Henry for the next 3 games out of Bama. Bama/Oklahoma champ game this year.

    12/4/2015 17:54:39
    BGSU MSU USC Seahawks UNC ***Alabama

  • Chris Schroeder

    -4 Denver @ San Diego

    +3.5 Iowa vs. Michigan State

    -17.5 Appalachian State @ South Alabama

    -17.5 Alabama vs Florida

    All Play: -5 Clemson vs. North Carolina

    Essay: -5.5 Arizona @ St. Louis

    Location: St. Louis, Missouri

    Stadium: Edward Jones Dome

    Turf: AstroTruf GameDay Grass 3D

    Time: 1:00 PM EST

    Broadcast: FOX

    Mascots: Big Red vs Rampage

    Fun Fact: The Rams franchise began as the Cleveland Rams in 1936. In 1946 they became the Los Angeles Rams and in 1995 became the St. Louis Rams.

    The Game: I have involved the Big Red in an essay in the past and this week I am looking for them to cash in on more Cheddar Points. Some of these championship college picks seemed intriguing. But I think the potent office of the Cardinals will easily take care of five and a half points. The first meeting this season the Rams surprised Big Red with a 24 to 22 victory. At this point in the season the stacks have changed and the records can reflect that. The Cards are on a 5 game winning streak while the Rams on a 4 game skid. With the evenly match defensive line ups the offensive side of the ball will determine the game. Through in the injury bug for the Rams this game should be an easy steal (Hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot on this one). Cash me in on some Cedda!!!

  • HitTheHorns

    1) Bowling Green -12.5

    • HitTheHorns

      2) Florida +17.5
      3) North Carolina +5

  • cwonder23

    Lions +3 vs Packers (loss) – seriously…has there ever been a worse beat than a “face mask” call leading to a time-free 61 yard Hail Mary FTW and cover by 1? Wow…smh.

    Moving on…
    Houston -6 vs Temple
    USC +4.5 vs Stanford
    BGSU -12.5 vs NIU
    All Play: UNC +5 vs Clemson
    Essay: Ravens +4 @ Dolphins

    It seems as though Dan Campbell’s ability to get the Dolphins playing inspired football has begun to wear off and now they are exposed for what they really are, not a very good football team. Frankly, how many “good” football teams are there in the NFL this year? Probably the worst I can think of in recent memory. The Ravens aren’t a good football team by any stretch of the imagination but one thing is true, they don’t lose big. I like the +4 number here as well as Harbaugh’s ability to scheme. Buck Allen has inserted new life into the running game and the line is overreacting to Schaub being behind center. This game is going to be REALLY ugly. Ravens 17 – Dolphins 14.

  • jpftribe

    BGSU for 1 point please

    • jpftribe

      Temple and Clemson for one each.

      • jpftribe

        Two weeks ago I finally one an essay pick. Last week and this week I went against my first instinct and didn’t play the Panthers and Clemson, although at least I was forced to get the Clemson point. The Steelers let me down last week, and I am equally perplexed this week.

        The Browns game is untouchable. I figure odds are about 49% they can win outright and 51 percent they get blown out by 30.

        I really like the Raiders, Titans and Falcons this week.

        Falcons are playing way below the capability they showed early in the season and are really due for a snap back. Shanahan has the offensive weapons and has grown up around Lovie’s cover 2. Hasselback lit them up for over 300 yards, Ryan just needs to throw to his own guys this time, and they get a big division win.

        Raiders and Titans for one.
        Falcons essay pick.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 14 Picks

    Browns (+9.5) over Bengals – When new GM Alec Scheiner decides to keep Pettine on as HC and Jimmy smiles over stability will it be because Pettine let Alec watch film with him? You can feel free to drink after reading that. It’s my only logical conclusion as to how this ends.

    Bears (-7) over 49ers
    Seahawks (PK) over Vikings

    Patriots (-10) over Eagles – The NFL punishes an officiating crew by moving them out of prime time and INTO a damn Patriots game? That’s something…anyways the Eagles have quit on a level that has this Indians fan thinking of Manny Acta.

    AP – Clemson (-5) over UNC – I love chaos. I just think everyone is forgetting that Clemson is the #1 team in the country. They get to play the nobody believes in us card.

    Essay Pick

    Over my time here in Cheddar Bay there are a handful of things that I grew fond of and one thing in particular I now despise. I’ll save the Belk Bowl for another essay. My love of Idaho football and Jordan Lynch are among my favorite things. I felt so proud when Lynch scored the winning TD on that 3rd down sneak to win the Grey Cup Sunday. He was one of my all time favorite college players and happy for him in Edmonton.

    This brings me to the CFL. I understand we are only talking about a 9 team league but why are more fringe NFL guys not going there first. I’m not talking about the 1st round guys…the money is too stupid to pass on. Imagine the amount of tickets that Manziel would sell in BC playing for Tedford.

    This brings me to Matt Johnson. I see anywhere from a 4-7 grade on him. Why not go to Canada for a couple of years? Bowling Green is just a fun football team to watch that is just so happy not to see Toledo on Friday night…and as for Northern Illinois. You have a bunch of QB injuries and Jordan Lynch is out of eligibility so good luck.

    BGSU (-12.5) over NIU

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Please sing along…. “These are a few of my favorite things”
      I am completely with you on Jordan Lynch, he should be in the NFL. I love Austin Davis, and I would really like Jordan Lynch and Austin Davis as Browns’ quarterbacks.

  • super p forever:

    panthers -7 saints
    patriots +9.5 eagles
    kansas state +6.5 WVU
    temple +6 houston
    all-play: clemson -5 UNC
    essay: san diego st. -4.5 air force

    We’ve finally arrived at the week wherein super p has agreed that an irrelevant game I know nothing about is the way to go with the essay.

    So far, it’s everything I hoped for.

    Upon travelling to a newly opened tab to Google some game previews, I immediately forgot who Air Force was playing.

    A quick wager with myself ensued. When I clicked back to the 603brown tab, would I see the team and say, “oh yah, that’s right!” or not.

    I had no idea, and then I forgot about the self-bet, as when I got here, I noticed 603brown.com was digital snowing.

    “What is that plug-in doing to my server performance,” he said to himself.

    Anyway, San Diego State was a blank, and I felt better about everything. There was no way I would’ve remembered San Diego State, no matter how long I’d thought about it in that other tab.

    Other things I learned:

    * This is a championship game.

    * Air Force is in a league.

    * Air Force is (are?) called the Falcons.

    If you’d asked me yesterday what Air Force’s nickname was, I 100% would’ve said, “Aren’t they just Air Force?”

    Why is the website doing digital snow.

    san diego st. -4.5 air force

    I don’t know what it means, but sometime today super p will explain it to me as she looks at me in that special “how is it possible I have had to re-explain point spreads to you every single week of Cheddar Bay” way she does.

    Go team.


    1. UNC +5 (all play)

    • CLEVTA

      2. Iowa +3.5
      3. BG -12.5

      • CLEVTA

        3. BG -12.5 (Non essay essay week please)

        • CLEVTA

          4. Saints

          • CLEVTA

            6. florida

  • Nick

    POTY ESSAY: Florida +17.5 vs Bama. A vote for citrus.
    BGSU -12.5 vs NIU
    WVU -6.5 vs K. State
    Houston -6 vs Temple
    Seahawks PK at Minny
    AP: Clemson -5 vs UNC

    Citrus1: What type of Fruit would you be and why?

    Grapefruit because it can be peeled and consumed like an orange, or cut in half and cut further down and then eaten with its own spoon. Either path you choose requires perseverance to get to taste it and I love that. If you eat it with a spoon, squeezing out the juice at the end is one of the best gifts from Mother Earth. Hunter S Thompson also used to eat a ton of Grapefruit and for some reason that means something to me, though I would not say this last part in an interview setting.

    To akin it to my personality, I’d start with a simple fact that it’s one of the larger fruits and I’m a big human so I like that. It’s unassuming and avoids attention, but then packs major flavor. Its sourness can be too intense for some, similar to when I become too aggressive in nature. My body language/communication turns dark and bold, and I scare the crap out of people…especially waitresses and hostesses.

    Grapefruit is my answer 75% of the time and would be my answer in an interview.

    Apples are also great because they are the most transportable fruit. They can be eaten straight or cored down intoslices. They are the perfect pre-work out snack, or meal substitute. They come in a wide variety of flavors and make excellent pies and air missiles. I like throwing and catching things and apples are awesome for this.

    Oranges because they can stand up and defeat the shit out of a cold. When the next global outbreak of pig virus threatens civilization as we know it, I’m pretty sure oranges will save us. This is why Florida will cover 17.5 against Bama. Unlike grapefruit, oranges can be consumed quickly, and can be peeled in one shot. I nicknamed myself one peel in high school because I was able to peel an orange in Statistics class without breaking/taking the orange skin apart in pieces. They also make the best juice, EXTRA PULP PLEASE.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      You sir are a big human and a Scurvy Knave. This explains your citrus fixation. Please remember that Margaritas are best made with lime and no sweet liquors. Why do you question the healing powers of a margarita? Have you been corrupted by a Paloma?
      Grasshopper you have snatched the pebble, Palomas are certainly superior.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Baylor “This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds.” Pretty certain that Charlie Strong does not “get it”.
    Kansas State
    AP- North Carolina
    **** Iowa ****
    I like both Connor Cook and Beathard, but Connor Cook may be more injured than has been reported and Beathard has a better name. Who cares about them anyway they are just quarterbacks?
    Michigan State’s defense is both anchored and highlighted by their terrific tackles, the strong point of the Iowa offense is their interior line. This should be a fun match-up to watch, and Iowa wins it.
    Iowa also has two very strong tackles on defense, which should make it difficult for Michigan State to run the ball. Add to this the fact that Iowa has a fantastic secondary. Another advantage Iowa match-up.
    Both teams have terrific offensive lines, Iowa is probably better at run blocking and Michigan State better at pass blocking and one would think that this would give Michigan State the edge in a sort-of-dome, but it actually takes receivers less time to run routes in good conditions, so that great pass blocking may not be much of an advantage.
    Will someone please explain to me why Iowa is the underdog again?
    This should be a repeat of the Nebraska game.

  • PETER M via email


    The Patriots will be pissed and motivated. The Eagles will not put up a fight. The Lions are just the remedy for the Pack to end their skid. The Panthers will make sure a division does not ruin their perfection. The Bears have life, the 49ers dont. the Bengals play the Browns. Enough said sadly.

    Clemson punches their ticket to the Play offs. UNC has not played such a significant game ever. Cant see them winning.

  • Petefranklin

    Packers for one

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Packers please.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      Essay skip week.

  • FTCMikeD

    I’ll take the Pack tonight.

  • Packers for one point.

    • Northern Illinois for one point. Mostly just to fade FHCF who is surely doomed after the in-post shout-out plus POTY on the heels of a Lobsterfest.

      • CleveLandThatILove

        He’s even impervious to the Kanick jinx. This is scary.

    • Pick of the Week: Temple +6 over Houston. I know Temple has been a covering machine this year and I’m probably asking for it here but I really like this team and I think they’re going to show up to play today. Their slip on the road to a rising South Florida team that got a bunch of turnovers and big plays is an understandable enough outlier. The stakes in this one are huge and it seems reasonable enough to think that a team with as good a coaching staff, as many seniors, as good a defense, and decent enough playmakers on offense as Temple has will not show up to get their doors blown off with a New Year’s Six berth on the line.

      Also, Florida +17.5 and Clemson -5.

  • Petefranklin


  • trashycamaro

    Lions. Was really excited to see that -5 number. Apparently everyone else was as well as it moved to -3. Still good enough for me.

  • cwonder23

    Lions +3 for one cheddar point please.

  • ChuckKoz

    NIU +12.5 (BG)
    Cowboys +4.5 (Redskins)
    Cardinals -5.5 (Rams)
    Chargers +4 (Broncos)
    AP: Clemson -5 (UNC)
    ESSAY: Packers -3 (Lions)
    Two teams going in opposite directions, it seems. But reality is, Packers are still the more talented team that need to win this game. And Jim Caldwell is still coaching the Lions (who almost faced a mutiny in his locker room earlier this season. And Aaron Rogers is still the Packers QB versus Matt Stafford (who was looking like he might be out of the league a month ago). As for the Packers recent struggles (lost 4 of 5): 3 losses to very good defenses and a loss to the Lions. Well, in that games the Lions almost blew it despite playing their best game on defense of the season, coupled with Rogers worst game of the season. Good luck getting that combo again. Especially when you are saddled with a history of being the Detroit Lions.

    • ChuckKoz

      I would just like to point out that I referenced the Lions history with the Browns devastating loss on Monday in mind, and then the Lions went full Browns

  • “No matter how wonderful things used to be, we cannot live in the past. The joy and excitement we feel here and now are more important.” -Marie Kondo

    “Does this spark joy? If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.” -Marie Kondo

    My bare-knuckled grip onto the Cleveland Browns and football is based on the past. Based on past memories of frozen beer tailgates, reconnecting with family, making new friends, and wearing two colors that surprisingly, don’t look terrible on me. It was continuing my cheerleading career without having to put bloomers on. Since those times, as hard as I’ve tried, I cannot unlearn what I now know. I’ve tried on every rationalism I could dream up. I thought the end of my Browns fandom would be a painful prying of each finger from the ledge, dropping to unknown depths.

    Instead of a conscious departure, it has come peacefully, and for that I am grateful. My vitriol for Dan Z.’s millenial piece came from a place of deep insecurity. One Sunday morning, I told my husband, “no, you go to the bar for the game. I’m going to stay here and deep clean the kitchen.” Instead of listening to Cleveland’s win over Baltimore, I was standing on the counter, wiping down cabinets, while Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic podcast filled the air. It started with taking back Sunday – no longer hazed by binge drinking.

    Apprehensively, yes, but I’ve been reading and adopting the KonMari Method for organizing and more importantly, decluttering, my life. It’s difficult to let of objects that are gifts, souvenirs, mementos. This concept recommends thanking them for the memories, people, and thoughts the objects represent, and then letting them go. They have served their purpose.

    This is obvious at the tangible level, but it’s becoming more apparent in my emotional baggage, too. That’s been the Browns. That’s been football. Browns, thank you for all of the positive memories and relationships you have facilitated in my life. #kittyout

    Essay & POTY **Browns** +15 vs. Bengals
    AP UNC +5 vs. Clemson
    Lions -3 vs. Green Bay
    Northern Illinois +12.5 vs. BGSU
    Houston -6 vs. Temple
    Stanford -4.5 vs. USC

    • zarathustra

      Best essay ever? I think this might be it.

      • I have stopped the featured comment thing since there are so many worthy. but yes this here captures where I’m at.

        • Petefranklin

          Can I get 15 with the Browns as well? That is POTY material there.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      See you next weekend.

      • Is this as in, I’ll be back in the football grips in a week?
        Be still my beating heart
        Will you be in Nashville next weekend?

        • actovegin1armstrong

          I meant you shall be back.
          I would use the obligatory Godfather III quote about pulling you back in, but you may be on to something. I have not watched a football game in real time since our infamous Map Room Extravaganza. (A game only takes about 45 minutes if you fast forward on most plays and everything else.) I am also rarely watching more than one game a week.
          My alma mater is 10 minutes away, but I have not been to a game in a very long time.
          I only know a portion of the Browns’ roster and I am even losing interest in my favorite part of football. TBSiA. The Browns’ Superbowl in April. I wish I knew how to deep clean something.

          • Nick

            So, what I am hearing is that I’ll see you at the Map Room for the 2016 draft then?

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Of course, I miss you kids and we need to assemble for the real Superbowl.

          • im installing a toilet this weekend. ive hated mine for years, almost a decade, for several reasons. havent settled on a model but know that ive done leave-top-off-basin-plunge-hand-into-remarkably-cold-water-pull-chain flush for the last fucking time. probably gonna shoehorn this into my schedule around 2pm sunday. wait what are we talking about?

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Thank you for the tip, I just bought “The Life -Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I am going to read it tonight. I AM going to learn to deep clean something.

      • zarathustra

        It is a truly fantastic book. Be aware though that you may need a phd in engineering to master her clothes folding technique though.

        • actovegin1armstrong

          I have not started folding clothes yet, but I have spent the morning deep cleaning my dogs.

    • kitty it’s 9.5 (not 15) let me know if that changes your pick, thx.

      • Let it ride – thanks for pointing that out though. Detroit really set the tone for my picks.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Arkansas State

    Bowling Green -12.5

    I have one reservation here, and that is that BG’s coach is headed for another job somewhere and the players aren’t dumb. But BG is a veteran team with an explosive offense, and NIU is an OK team with big-stage experience and a true freshman QB. BG plays with tempo and slings it around and gets to do it in Ford Field, where it’s 72 and sunny. NIU has the No. 78 pass defense nationally but has picked off a bunch of passes. Still, NIU was gifted the Toledo win by Toledo’s QB and was last seen giving up big plays to Ohio’s backup QB. This is Matt Johnson and BG, inside and on national TV. This line opened at 9 and has been rising since despite whatever distractions may be going on with BG. Only a bunch of turnovers and a total BG no show can keep it close, and I think BG turns it into a track meet that NIU just can’t win.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    I am over my spectacular POTY failure and I am back with renewed cheddar bay vigor. Last week I called college athletes underpaid and exploited. A wiser football voter than myself pointed out that it is really school dependent (i.e. getting a 4 year scholarship to Notre Dame is a pretty good deal). The problem is many schools have terrible graduation rates. That coupled with the high chance of life altering injury makes it a risky business (though being a male in his early 20s is usually associated with activities that have a high likelihood of life altering injury regardless of collegiate status). My heart really goes out to these student athletes playing late night games far from home on school nights and weekends, most of whom will not go onto a career with the NFL, and are missing valuable study time. There are some schools however that have fostered a nurturing football program which supports academic distinction as well as football excellence. Once such school is Clemson University. Under the guidance of Dabo Swinney the Tigers have consistently ranked among the top teams for graduation rates. Swinney himself was an Academic All SEC x 2 and a SEC Scholar Athlete Honor Roll member. He also went to graduate school and got his MBA while coaching at Alabama. Now for the voting. Clemson has not covered in 4 weeks and barely pulled off a win against 3-6 South Carolina a few days ago. I think their ATS record is about to improve now that the serious business of football is underway (and finals are coming up).

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