Cheddar wk13, OSU/UM PK at NOON Saturday.

201512-game-poster.jpg.pagespeed.ce.f5bPXA3x81Reminder:  OSU at Michigan all play is at NOON.  Get the pick in early.  (I almost missed last week because I thought it was a night game.)


Lots of no lines in the pdf, stay tuned to twitter (@603_brown) and check the scoreboard header for updated Cheddar lines. They’re updated ad hoc, I musts admit — if I see a line posted on S&O, I post it.


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So that Nashville Public Library seems legit…

Point of personal privilege, taking floor to share some coolness.  Was looking to learn Sweet Virginia and stumbled upon the Stones’ sax player (RIP, Bobby Keys) gigging it in front of the Nashville Public Library.  Just a bit more validation for Nick and Kitty’s move there.  In fact, you can even see future Kitty teaching her daughter to shag at the 5:06 mark.

That’s it.  Except to add that we all are poorer for the lack of a Periscope feed from Frowns’ living room today as Agnes hit three times while Frowns,, Frowns did not.

Now I need to get back on track because there’s a lot of strong capping happening around here and we all need to step up our games to get in those playoffs.

  • Matt Borcas

    As much as I’d prefer to see the Browns heighten their chances of landing the no. 1 overall pick by losing tonight (Bosa!), I expect them to play inspired football with Josh McCown back under center. The veterans should respond positively to Manziel’s benching, especially with Pettine’s job at stake. (For the record, I am firmly on the [rather sparse] #KeepPettine train.) Meanwhile, the Ravens are utterly decimated by injuries — they’re basically the Notre Dame of the NFL, except with a losing record. Also, the Browns already proved themselves capable of defeating the Ravens this year. Big Play Barnidge — the foremost beneficiary of McCown’s return to the field — will be the difference tonight.

  • bupalos

    In honor of the Cleveland Browns (presumably) mustering enough effort to take the field tonight in spite of Johnny Drama doing his Bieberiest best to piss on the parade, I’m forcing myself to get up enough juice to write about it (barely.) Everything stacks the Browns’ way. There’s no better way to put a spring players’ steps than to tell them they are extras in someone else’s movie, Johnny this, Johnny that, Johnny Johnny Johnny. These are all guys that have worked hard and defied the odds to get to the NFL, getting some national limelight. There’s also probably no better way to emphasize that things have to be done the right way than benching the estimable Mr. Johnny Fubar in the face of the the loud superficial forces pushing in the opposite direction. Finally, there should be no shortage of paper-bag-face fans. Whenever fans come actually prepared with paper bags, their team blows the other guys out and they have to slink away pretending they just bought groceries for the superbowl party. So I look to see a little spring and a little discipline and a little karma, and I think that’s more than enough, because the Ravens as they will be rolled out there tonight are a team only a Modell could love. They were already bad, and just lost their 2 most important players. Given that, they are almost certainly the worst team in the league. With no shame, because their rash of injuries provides all the excuse they could possibly want or need. Monday is always a bit random, but there’s a lot stacking the Browns’ way, and it should be enough to garner Bupalos 3 precious consolation points in his march to madness.

  • Petefranklin

    Last pick to stay within shouting distance…
    BRONCOS +3, Eff Bradys record in the snow, that was due to under inflated balls. Let’s see him play some real football vs a real defense.

  • Its Only Money

    So I’m on vacation and forgot to get my picks in. I would have taken UM on the all play so that would have been a loser. There’s 4 more games to play and here goes.

    New England

    Essay: Browns

    We all know the Browns suck. We all know it looks a lot further off than it did at this time last year. The QB situation is a mess and so is every thing else. We are now playing for picks. I hate that. I am going tomorrow night hoping for a win, draft pick be damned. The Ravens are so beat up we should beat them. Who knows though. It is so tough to be a Cleveland fan. At least we have the cavs.

  • thatsfine

    NFL pick
    Niners for the backdoor cover

  • Matt Borcas

    OSU (win)
    Raiders -1.5 over Titans
    Giants -2.5 over Skins
    Steelers +4 over Seahawks
    Pats -3 over Broncos

    MNF essay to come

  • CleveLandThatILove

    **Browns -2.5 Ravens
    The Browns are on MNF? It’s been six years since the Browns were seen playing on Monday night, also against the Ravens, and Cleveland did not score a point. For the poor souls that aren’t fans of either team yet still tune in, this will probably seem like a waste of prime time. No Johnny football, either. The Browns vs Ravens backups.
    But wait, the Browns have an overall winning record on MNF, 15-14. They beat the Ravens last month in OT when McCown passed for 457 yards. It’s been eight years since we swept Baltimore. I don’t think the Browns players have much respect for the organization, but they absolutely do for Josh McCown, who will do everything in his power to win this game, prime time or not. Sure, the lion’s share of offensive game planning over the bye was spent preparing for Manziel, but no matter. This game is small potatoes but for those players who have a sense of pride, it would mean a lot to win, and win big. They haven’t had a lot to feel good about lately, and they won’t waste this opportunity.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    round out the week with Cards -10
    Bills +5.5
    essay Broncos +3

    The patriots are now without a legit threat at WR, Dion Lewis is out and they are playing the best defense in the league on the road. Brady is great no doubt but there is no reason the Broncos shouldn’t win this game. Kubiak can run his offense put up 21 pts and get out of there with a 21-14 victory.

  • Nick

    Titans essay because of what MikeD said about energy, vibes, ka.

    I met a nice woman on the plane last night who was coming to Nashville for a funeral. Her mom died, and was 94. She had two family members in the Nashville area, and neither of them offered her a room to stay. Instead of staying with family, she’s renting a car and staying in a hotel. “Fuck that”, she said, but she was in good spirits despite the circumstances. Vicki seemed like the type of person that was always happy. She asked me a great question right off the top, “you put good into the world right?” I answered I try to. She took out a Jack Reacher novel, which I thought was fantastic since I’ve read them all. Reacher is an ex-Army MP, now drifter, who helps people and kills bad guys.

    I took out my Stephen King book. In exact Acto fashion, she grimaced and wondered why I enjoy reading that. I informed her I’m actually not enjoying it and this has become a point of contention with my friends. She advised me to stop wasting my time with King and pick up a Ruth Rendell, Iam Rankin, or PD James and read about fun detectives instead. I told her to read Douglas Adams.

    Per usual, Acto’s right.

    Squeelers over shithawks

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Just P. G. Wodehouse and Douglas Adams covers everything one needs to know or read. Well, unless you are seriously inebriated then throw in Hemingway and Kerouac.

  • limaontinder

    Pats — essay

    Essaying the Pats is kind of lazy but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be an easy cover here even with Denver’s defense. It’s one thing to go out and win against the Bears, it’s another when you’re making your second career NFL start against the team still carrying a grudge this late into the season because fuck Goodell. Won’t be a huge win, probably 17-10 or 20-13, but book it.

  • FTCMikeD

    Remainder of the picks:




    Marcus Mariota might be one of the most popular athletes in two states, Hawaii and Oregon. And he seems like a genuinely good dude. So it doesn’t surprise me that a group of his supporters are flying all the way from Hawaii to Tennessee to support him this weekend. How do I know about this? My step-mom is a super fan of his – being both a native of Oregon and a Ducks fan; while also loving Hawaii. She bought a Mariota jersey the day after he was drafted, even though she’s a Browns fan by marriage to my dad. So she and my dad were at this this soiree this weekend: Anyway, I think the karma and good vibes from his couple hundred of Hawaiian fans flying all the way to Nashville will bring him and the Titans to victory on Sunday.

  • pateslvrblk

    Panthers Lions Clemson Vikes Michigan Cards.
    Arizona over Niners is my POTY and Ill be back w essay tmrw.

    • pateslvrblk

      Pretty simple thinking on this POTY — one team up, other team down. The Niners are still in disarray. Lost players, lost morale, Jim Tomsula. No Cinderella period for Gabbert, 3 TDs and 2 INTs. But without Carlos Hyde (or Reggie Bush, fine) and throwing only only to Anquan Boldin. Patrick Willis, Chris Borland (25), and Anthony Davis (26) all retired. First round draft picks don’t start (Armstead, Ward) or are free agents (Jenkins). And finally the new and latest modern Circus Maximus will be half empty as the effete Bay 1%-ers won’t come up in 39 degree temps to back a loser… too much of a Red Zinfadel hangover cheering on the “swagger” of Seth Curry…

      Meanwhile the Cardinals are there to play ball. Arians will concoct pass rush from six different directions while simultaneously taking away the Niners best and only receiving target simply by placing Patrick Peterson on him.

      Nope the Cards are legit. Best team in the NFC; best bet to take down the Pats. We haven’t even started talking about the continued greatness of Larry Fitz or Chris Johnson’s resurge or the proper use of free agency wherein you effectively swap Karlos Dansby (love him but old) for Jason Veldheer. Carson Palmer has proven effective dissecting strong defenses (over 30 points vs Bengals and Seahawks last two weeks) and it’s hard to think he won’t have like success in Santa Clara.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Penn st

  • Tim Butler

    Michigan for the all play.

    • Tim Butler

      Giants -2.5

      Raiders -1.5
      Vikes +2
      Chiefs -5.5
      Browns -2.5 (essay to come)

  • PJD19

    I’d like to make a change to two of my picks. I know I should probably know this by week 13, but should i also make the following change in the form? Or will that goof things up?

    Please change:
    Jags pick to Pats over Denver
    Pats pick of the week to Cleveland over Baltimore

    New pick summary:
    Baylor (loss)
    Browns (essay)


    • got it. is it essay-to-follow?

      and yes, you can re-submit the form and i’d lookout for dupe and check against thread if theres questions.

      • PJD19

        Got it Mike, thanks. Yes essay to follow.

    • PJD19

      Browns over Ravens **essay**

      The Ravens weren’t very good with Flacco, Suggs, Steve Smith and Forsett – they sure as hell aren’t going to be any good without them. Josh McCown and home field advantage seem like enough to tilt things in the Brownies favor in this one. I’ve almost exclusively limited my picks to games I’m going to watch over the last few weeks as I’ve struggled to see winners as clearly as before and might as well get to enjoy the cheddar action live, win or lose. I’ll no doubt be watching the pride of my former city, so why not roll with them on MNF. Homefield + coming off a bye + healthier squad + McCown = Brownies winner

  • jpftribe

    Stanford for 1 each please.

    • jpftribe

      Don’t look now, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are poised to make a nice run at the division. They sit two games behind the Bengals with a showdown coming in three weeks. What looked like a brutal stretch in the beginning of the season, is now a very winnable close for the Squealers. Save the Bengals game, arguably the toughest game will be this week in Seattle. Homefield here means a little more. I have to believe if this game is in Pittsburgh, they are favored by 3.

      Passing defense has been the steelers issue. They are out rushing opponents 4.9 to 3.8 yds per carry. Their smurfs are actually deadly weapons, with a well rested Big Ben feeding them the ball. One has to wonder how big the chip is on DeAngelo Williams shoulder, watching his former team march to the Super Bowl. He’ll be well motivated to meet them there. WIth Indy, Cinci, Denver, Bal and CLE to finish out, this will be a big game for the mad bumble bees.

      I would expect Seattle to get to Ben, certainly more than the Browns, but it won’t be enough to win, let alone spot 4 points. Essay pick – Pittsburgh

      For the remainder of picks:
      Like the Pats, a lot, and can’t see anyone getting in their way on the road to Santa Clara. I saw the Denver game last week and how Oswieller gets player of the week is beyond me.

      And finally, jets minus the points at home.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Ohio State essay pick:
    Urban Meyer is 3-0 against Michigan and soon to have 4 wins. After the Buckeye’s wheels fell off last week against Michigan State, it will be the turning point that brings this team together to actually play as a unit, rather than as a group of individuals as we have seen so far this year.
    I always talk about Urban Meyer’s ability to put a chip on these boy’s shoulders, here is the break he has been waiting for, it’s just unfortunate they had to have a loss to get to this point. So, today in Ann Arbor on a cold and rainy football day, our Buckeyes are going to make us Ohioans proud and stick a fork in Harbaugh’s Wolverines.

  • Matt Borcas

    Ohio State in the all play

  • Dave Borcas

    Dallas -loser
    North Carolina -5.5
    Oklahoma -6.5
    Vikings +2
    Ohio State – pick all play
    Browns -2.5 essay

  • 1) Air Force -10
    2) West Virginia -14.5
    3) Bama -14
    4) Cleveland -2.5
    5) Ohio State PK (All-Play)
    6) Clemson -17 (Essay)

    Essay: Clemson -17

    Generally I want to stay away from rivalry games. Sometimes, such as in the case of South Carolina, this may be the game they’ve had circled since the start of the season when it was clear they weren’t going anywhere. But, it’s one thing to step up the intensity and play for the rivalry, it’s another to have the talent for that to make a difference. I don’t believe South Carolina has the talent to stop Clemson at all. The Citadel just ran all over South Carolina and there was no threat of a pass in that game. I can’t imagine what Clemson is going to be able to do bringing a strong rushing and passing attack against this South Carolina defense. Emotions and pressure may prevent this from getting truly out of hand, but if Clemson comes out loose and firing on all cylinders this could get ugly quick.


    Patriots -3 (Essay) – Not going to trust Osweiler when Bill B has a full week to prepare. I took the Broncos last week as I knew they could grind out a win on the road in an ugly game against the Bears. I know the Broncos have a tremendous defense at home, and this is at night, but it’s still a 60 minute game, so Tom B and Gronk will probably get going at some point. Pats will mix and match White and Blount, play the field position game, and win an ugly one on the road by a TD.

    also: Kentucky LSU WVU Falcons OSU

  • oxr

    All-Play Ohio State PK over Michigan

    • oxr

      Hm, forgot to do the form submission thing this morning. I hope the timestamp on the comment is enough to establish that I’m not trying to pick the game at halftime…

    • oxr

      Giants -2.5 over Redskins
      Vikings +2 over Falcons
      Bucs +3 over Colts
      Steelers +4 over Seahawks

      Essay Cardinals -10 over 49ers – This slate of games is a grab bag of my least-unsuccessful gambits so far this year: fading the Redskins, fading the Falcons, and essaying the Cardinals. It’s pretty close to the ultimate ordinal DVOA matchup (#2 vs #32) which goes some way to offsetting the whole “ten point road favorite” deal. The 49ers have scored much more than I expected under Gabbert (17 and 13!) but I remain optimistic that he’s going to cough up some cheap points to a decent opposing defense, which this one is (latest reports are that Patrick Peterson is likely to play), and if he can’t Atlanta-Falcons them to 17 points again then the spread doesn’t look unattainable. Meanwhile, the Cardinals should be able to run effectively, judging by what Thomas Rawls just did to these guys. This is unlikely to be another 40-point blowout, but it doesn’t need to be.

  • The Iron Sheik


  • limaontinder

    More to come

  • Uncle D

    I’m out of essays on penn state, I’m simply trying to play catch up with my weighted essay picks :9 (
    MSU is a tough home crowd this time of year, trust me i know. i think today will be entertaining ,at the least. PSU should be able to play D against the run today. MSU will do the same, therefore, i think its a low scoring game in east lansing, leading to PSU at LEAST covering the spread. weather shouldn’t be too big of a factor, so i suspect both teams will try to pass- but with connor cook still likely out, the frog RB will shoulder the carries again. i like christian hackenberg to out out on a positive note !!!

  • zarathustra

    Lions -1 (W)
    Iowa -1 (W)

    Today I like Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi St, Florida, Northwestern, UCLA, and of course the Heels (always the Heels.) For our purposes here let’s go with:

    UCLA +3.5 over USC

    For some reason I’ve done really well with the PAC 12 this year. This is the one that stands out this week. UCLA is one of the better road teams in the country, they have owned the series under Mora, and are playing for the division.

    Mississippi St PK over Ole Miss

    I liked the home team anyway, but what ultimately sways me here is when the game is being played–right as the Iron Bowl is ending. Ole Miss is still alive for the division, but a Bama win eliminates them. There will be no upset in the Iron Bowl this year so the Rebs should be pretty demoralized come kickoff.

    Ohio St
    My initial thought was Michigan, but I don’t feel strongly enough about it to actually take them. (Though our esteemed host makes some great points for why I should.) You never know how a team will respond after most likely seeing their playoff hopes circle the drain, but the Buckeyes still are the more talented team. You have to think the play-calling will be better and I don’t know the numbers on Urban Meyer off a loss, but I’ll wager they’re quite good. Moreover, Jim Harbaugh seems to be sweet-talking impressionable high school kids into joining his program over Meyer’s. That could be quite dangerous to the Buckeyes future prospects. Urban Meyer surely knows this and should pull out all of the stops to squash it in its infancy.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      You are correct sir, but…. Why did you call him Shirley?

  • thatsfine

    I can’t believe we’re already in the homestretch for Cheddar Bay and all things 2015. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Onward and upward to all. Big thanks to Mike for running the show. I’m ready for one more week of beers and meaningless late start West Coast college football.

    Let’s start with
    Michigan PK

    • thatsfine

      Wyoming +3 essay

      The rest in a few minutes

      Two of the Mountain West’s worst teams facing off with nothing at stake, mercifully ending their seasons. This is my kind of game. They’ll be freezing their asses off at 7200 feet elevation at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. High in the low 20’s, wind chill hovering around 10 degrees, maybe snowing. I hope it snows. I don’t know how much either team will want to play, but I feel like the guys from Las Vegas will be at a bit of a disadvantage here, on the road in the cold weather, coming off a whipping at home by SDSU. Wyoming just had an off week, 14 days to forget how terrible they are. Wyoming has the better RB, Brian Hill, 1399 yards this year and a Doak Walker semifinalist on a 1-10 team. UNLV has the slightly better QB but he is playing through multiple injuries, wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it the whole game. Wyoming’s starting QB has had 2 weeks to recover from a shoulder injury, he’s a senior and he isn’t too terrible. 15TD/9INT on the year… actually he’s the better QB. Advantage Wyoming. Liking this pick more as I type. The Pokes have been OK with him in the lineup and healthy. Who will be watching this game? Me, if anybody is broadcasting it. I’m taking Wyoming to double their win total on the year.

      • thatsfine

        Idaho -2.5

        • thatsfine

          CSU -10

          • thatsfine

            New Mexico +10

  • i stumbled onto a stat last week and i’m going to stroke it and love it and it is now my pretty little stat. 3rd down conversion rates. translated: how to tell if you can lay double-digits. e.g., last week psu’s offense was 126th and only better than kent state, kent-shutout-by-akron-w-10-rush-yds-kent-state, against michigan defense who is 2nd in allowing third down converts and you really are in the POTY zone. or in any case, you can accept giving ten points on the road in a happy valley white-out because you know those fuckers can’t score. (stay tuned as both UM and PSU figure in this week’s picks.)

    a major bonus of the new construction of cheddar’s scoreboard is that it forced me to learn and appreciate the power of the vlookup spreadsheet function. i won’t bore you. but suffice it to say, with vlookup i was able to plug in all this weeks matchups and calculate the differentials on 3rd conversion rates for each team’s offense and defense and determine the greatest speads. here’s the link but it won’t make sense to you.

    the top teams for ranking differentials for this week’s games shook out as follows. [sum of the off vs def differential plus the def vs off differential.]

    Clemson (-190)
    Colorado St.
    Air Force
    Ga. Southern
    South Fla.
    Bowling Green
    Michigan St. (-108)

    UM (-74)

    Florida (+34)
    Texas A&M
    Mississippi St.
    Texas Tech
    Southern Miss.
    UTEP (+136)

    so take clemson: their defense is #1 with the least 3rd converts allowed, their offense is 21st in converts. scar, on the other hand, is 105th and 108th. that friends, is value. another example is bgsu who are #2 in offensive converts matching up against ball st who is 125th in allowing 3rd down converts. oops, too late on that one.

    the problem with the logic is that these are full year stats. for example atlanta is showing with a large advantage on 3rd down converts over minnesota… but atlanta has sucked for last month so you need to be cognizant. that’s why i’m not jumping on utep in spite of the fact that unt is 114th on offensive converts and dead last in allowing converts… because unt covered against tennessee.. wait they were shut out. that’s probably a good play but i havent had a lot of luck dumpster diving this year.

    ok so here’s the picks:

    1 Clemson***
    Ive boycotted SCAR for years as Spurrier was on my dont touch list but he’s gone. Yeah sure it’s in Columbia and it’s a rivalry no doubt but Clemson is on a mission and they’re talented and SCAR has a lame duck coach and I know players sometimes step up for these coaches but the 3rd convert stats indicate that they’re unable to step up even if they’re inspired. We’re also on the look-out for teams who have quit at this time of year and these fuckers lost to The Citadel last week. The. Citadel. here’s their motto: “Home of the shittiest generals in American history.” With William Westmoreland as an alumnus and Mark Clark buried there, who could argue? 17 points is a lot to lay on the road in a rivalry game, I got it, but SCAR cant get off the field on defense or stay on it on offense. SO… yeah,, nah.

    2 MSU. PSU offense still 126th. they played to form against Michigan’s defense and it’s not going to be any easier against Sparty’s beast defense. Probably worse. PSU needs to throw a ton of cash at Jake Spivatal this off-season.

    3 Colo St. Fresno’s nightmare season comes to a merciful end. No Derek Carr or Davante Adams on this team.

    4 Bama. Auburn in disarray, Bama your eventual national champs.

    5 UM. You mail it in for 12 weeks and you lose the capability to hit the overdrive gear when you actually face some competition. No fluke last week. Yeah OSU is more talented but that team is disintegrating. Could get ugly.

    6 Pats. Love this point spread. Three points because Edelman and Amendola are out??? That’s the focus? My focus is on Bill Belichick who has been confusing inexperienced quarterbacks since the mid-1980s Giants. Yeah the Pats will lose this year but not this week. the third down convert chart rates the pats as second strongest differential, #1 being the bengals. steering clear of that one because even though the rams’ offense is last in converts, their defense actually rates #2 so that’s a worry.

    • zarathustra

      This is really great. 3rd down conversion percentage is one of the top 3 stats that I like to look at. The others being yards per play and red zone scoring percentage. It would be interesting if you could take some other stats–whether it be the ones I mentioned or others deemed more valuable–and run them through your tool to further filter out the best plays for the week.
      Again, I think this is fantastic and hope you find success with it, but my only concern is that it doesn’t account for home/road splits. In my experience that can muddy the numbers sometimes, especially in college.

    • CLEVTA

      Lol Kanick I’ve used vlookup for about 5+ years now and it’s a godsend. I also do modeling all day long for work so I’ve had to know about it. In terms of 3rd down stat, you have to be careful bc just remember whatever big advantages/disadvantages you find with any stay is most likely already factored into a point spread. But it’s definitely another item to evaluate

      • “=(IFERROR(SUMIF(‘Form Responses 9′!$B$2:$B$181,$B16,’Form Responses 9’!$S$2:$S$181),””))”



        you know what i’m talkin bout.

  • Nick

    Kanick that video was everything. Thanks. Here are Kitty’s picks to click.

    Essay: Michigan over OSU

    Texas State
    Colorado State

  • Chris Schroeder

    -2.5 New York Giants @ Washington Redskins
    +4 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Seattle
    -2.5 Idaho vs. Texas State
    -10 Colorado State @ Fresno State
    All Play: PK Ohio State vs. Michigan

    Essay: -6 Tulsa @ Tulane
    Location: New Orleans
    Stadium: Yulman Stadium
    Time: 8:00 EST
    Broadcast: ESPNU
    Mascot: Captain Cane vs. Riptide the Pelican
    The Game: This is the 12th all time meeting between Tulane and Tulsa with the Golden Hurricane’s leading the series 9-2. The Golden Hurricane’s are looking for a win in Nola and also looking to become bowl eligible, the first time in three years. Tulsa will ride the running back three-headed monster to attack the Green Wave. The Wave will show some passion and play with
    a chip on their shoulders due to Coach C. Johnson eventually being fired at the end of the game, but it wont be enough. As with any game it all comes down to the points. The Golden Hurricane’s are averaging 35.1 points per game compared to Tulane coming up with about half of that at 18.4
    ppg. Ill go with the scoring stat on this one and take Tulsa -6 for some cheddar points!!!

  • cwonder23

    Bears +8 @ Packers (win)
    Idaho -2.5
    Clemson -17
    Rams +9
    Bills +5.5
    All play and essay: OSU PK @ UM
    Two words. Urban. Meyer. He ain’t losing this game and I’m aware of the man across the sidelines. I think OSU figures this out this week, runs the football and wins this game. Zeke looked like an idiot last week and I’m sure Urban has been in his ear. Really nervous about the Iowa game so keeping it short. Go Hawks!

    • cwonder23

      OSU “obviously” = Ohio State ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • jdoepke

    Happy Thanksgiving Cheddar Heads! I was really hoping to make Nebraska my POTY today but movement and numbers no longer support it, but I do love the pick if anyone cares. Here we go for…

    Michigan Pk (AP)
    Nebraska +1
    SJST +7.5
    Illinois +3.5
    Redskins +2.5

    Florida +2.5. Too much going on to make this POTY but with Florida just unraveling the last 2 weeks against sub-par teams, this is the perfect opportunity to jump on the Gators in a rival game in the swamp at night. 71% public on Seminoles, yet 81% money on Gators. Florida 23-21 on a late FG.

    Other considerations:
    Tulane, Navy, NC ST, Purdue

  • mmmmsnouts

    Adding on LSU -5, Tulsa -6 and FSU -2.5 to my other picks. Gotta hit this sweet sweet college action before it goes away and I’m taking wild swings in the dark at NFL lines.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      No Fun League, Not For Long

  • Jmacdaddio

    I really should have essayed the Panthers, especially since I wrote enough about it.

    Panthers PK (win)
    Rutgers -1 (essay)
    Iowa -1
    Pitt -6.5
    Chiefs -5.5
    Michigan PK

    RU is at home with an opportunity for a rare conference win. If the points were on the scale of a touchdown I’d be nervous about this pick – one measly point is enough to make it worth the risk. The RU program has somehow managed to stay out of the news for the last few weeks for off-field distractions, and they have enough talent to muster up a win.

  • Petefranklin

    AP) Michigan
    1) Indiana -6.5
    2) UNLV-3

    • Petefranklin

      3)Stanford -4
      ESSAY) UCLA +3.5 Might Bag it this week

  • Concierge

    Penn State
    Ohio State
    Idaho essay

    My essay is simple. Idaho is getting better and they are at home. I don’t think there will be much defense in this game from either team. I go back and look at Idaho hanging with the Auburn Tigers until late in the 4th qtr. The Vandals have a really talented WR and a capable QB. They are looking for their 4th win of the season and some momentum heading into next year. Here’s a trend for you. Idaho is 5-1 ATS the last 6 games following a straight up loss.

    Go Vandals..

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Teaching what?

  • TULSA -6. Golden Hurricane > Green Wave.

    WASH ST +6.5. For the win.

    FLORIDA +2.5. Dogs at home? With that defense? Still playing for an outside shot at the playoff. Winning out matters.

    MICHIGAN PK. I want to watch the Big Ten burn this weekend. Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa…they can all suck a fart.

    SAINTS +3. They got rid of the problem. Short trip to Houston, and regardless of how bad this defense is, is TJ Yates outscoring Drew Brees?

    $$$ NAVY +1. $$$
    Second week in a row I’m riding the Midshipmen to victory. Every week they actually get more impressive too. Story is much the same: their offense is incredibly difficult to prepare for, because they run it to perfection; their defense is stout and disciplined and will get plenty of stops, even against a tough offense with an athletic QB. Wish I had gotten in on this line earlier in the week from a cash standpoint, because it has shifted hugely in Houston’s favor. Navy will run the table, winning tomorrow, beating whomever they play in the American Championship, and eventually shitstomping Army as well. They could squeeze into the top 10 by the time it’s all said and done. So there’s a big time bowl berth on the line, and selfishly, all the wins continue to help my Irish.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: North Carolina St.: It’s like a convergence of stupidity here for me. All season, I have been high on UNC, but somehow keep talking myself into playing against them. Likewise, I have been unreal NC St happy and they have screwed me in a few big spots despite at least capable if not outright encouraging performances for at least a half. Well, dammit, I’m doing it again. This is NC St’s last chance to win a big game and validate my unrequited love for them. It must happen, it is destiny. NC St. for my essay.

  • HitTheHorns

    1) Packers -8

    • HitTheHorns

      2) Michigan PK

      • HitTheHorns

        3) Broncos +3 (Essay Pick of the year)
        Don’t really have a whole lot to say about this game other than it just feels like a really good spot for Denver; Pats looked like a team that are treading water due to injuries. Brock Osweilier looked good enough against Chicago to get my support here. I thought for sure this game would be close to 50/50 but it stands as skanky fish territory w/ 67% on NE and a line drop to 2.5 as of 10PM Saturday. Reports of 6-10 inches of snow for kickoff make this one all the more fun to pick. Honestly I’m hoping the snow will hinder the Pats’ quick passing attack. Happy Thanksgiving.
        4) Ravens +2.5
        5) Steelers +4
        6) Bills +5.5

  • Dave Borcas

    Cowboys for me

  • trashycamaro

    Bears for 1point. Thought hard about lions but chickened out. 2020 and all that.

    • trashycamaro

      Michigan for all play

      • trashycamaro

        Chiefs -5.5 over Bills So I heard this morning that the Bills bus broke down on the way to Arrowhead. Seems they have been breaking down ever since the Tyrod Taylor hype hit at teh beginning of the season. I love Rex Ryan, but his offenses just can’t seem to get it together. On the other side, we see Reid’s team pushing for the playoffs again. They won’t go anywhere if they reach the playoffs, but sure would be nice to have a team with a mediocre QB and tons invested in pass rush make the playoffs consistently. MAybe the secret ingredient is a never ending line up of competent running backs. Did you see Ware pick up where Charcandrick left off after taking over for Charles?

        Jets -3 over Dolphins

        Jaguars -3.5 over Chargers

        Texans -3 over Saints

  • CleveLandThatILove


    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  • DQuatts

    Ohio State

    *This Is How We Do It! Yes, Montel Jordan, you must have been singing about the Dallas Cowboy fighting for their life playing a home game on Thanksgiving. As if they needed enough motivation to get this W trying to stay in the playoff hunt, Romo is going to keep his electric career in November going. The Carolina Panthers are really good. They are better on paper and more consistent. That doesn’t always win football games. Cam struggles from Turkey dinner last night and comes out sluggish. Dallas win 31-21. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  • bupalos

    Turkey day comes just in time. It always does. I’ll take all 3 home home teams.

  • zarathustra

    Almost time to buy Eagles futures, but not yet. I believe today is when they bottom out. With the long week Chip will finally come to his senses and bring in a qb that will allow him to run his offense as designed. That qb is of course one Timothy Tebow.
    I’ll take the Lions for one point.

    • zarathustra

      When this degenerate eagerly looked at the lines on Sunday I had the Cowboys circled here. The Panthers aren’t going undefeated and this seemed like as good as spot as any for them to go down. Romo’s back and a Cowboys team that was a Super Bowl contender is healthy again and at home. But how many times have we been here with the Panthers? Nobody seems to truly believe in them and the pros are always looking for a chance to get on the other side of them, most egregiously at the Titans. The Cowboys are better than the Titans so it isn’t a perfect comparison, but it does demonstrate the extent of the bias against this team. Their offense lacks playmakers and they are in the bottom half of the league in yards per play, but they sure have managed to hang some big numbers. They pretty much embarrassed the Packers and were embarrassing the Colts before letting each creep back in garbage time. They won at Seattle.
      They also happen to have maybe the best defense in the league. Romo is in his second game back from injury and this d will be in his face all day. Are we really sure we aren’t going to see Matt Cassel today? The Cowboys were good enough last week against a shitty Dolphins team. Their previous wins were against a not good Eagles team and a lucky one vs Giants. Don’t over think this. Take the better team playing on national tv.

      • zarathustra

        Nebraska has had a tougher schedule than Iowa. They’ve lost several games, but they were all close. They can score and they are home.
        Last year the Hawkeyes were on their way to an easy victory against the Huskers and lost. So not only are they playing for a playoff spot, but they are playing with revenge in a budding rivalry. Oh…and they are the better team.

        Iowa over Nebraska

  • Before I get to the Thanksgiving picks I want to note again that football season wouldn’t be football season without this glorious contest and to say thanks again to Mike for making it possible. Words sort of fail here. Mike, you are the damn best.

    And so is voting against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. The last three of these holidays I’ve won essay picks against Dallas. In 2012, it was with rookie RGIII. In 2013, it was the Raiders led by Matt McGloin for a backdoor cover on a last minute field goal. Last year, Mark Sanchez and the Eagles rolled them over. I saw somewhere that Dallas didn’t cover in a one-point win over the Dolphins in 2011 either, and that it’s been since 2010, with a 3-point loss to the Saints, that they’ve last covered on Thanksgiving Day.

    It was something like 10 losses ATS in a row for the Lions, too, before they covered last year. So there’s probably something about having to play a home game on Thanksgiving.

    Still, and as much as I would love to see the Panthers win the Super Bowl and think that they can, I have to take Dallas today. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much mainstream talk about how funny a point-spread is for a regular season NFL game than I’ve heard about this one. Carolina couldn’t be hotter right now, and the public is all over them in this game, but there’s probably not a group that can match up with their defense as well as Dallas can with their monster offensive line. I guess the Panthers might really want to go 16-0, but they have a 4-game lead in their division, and a 2-game lead for the NFC’s number-one seed. The Cowboys are somehow only two back in their division, but basically have to win out to make the playoffs, and it’s hard for me to see the Panthers selling out to match their effort here. This game reminds me of the undefeated Bengals having to play the losing-record-but-still-improbably-alive-to-win-their-sorry-division Texans a couple weeks ago. It could be one that shows why we don’t have too many NFL all-plays in the regular season.

    The Greg Hardy angle was going to keep me from doing this, but then all these Panthers came out to say what a great guy he is.

    So, Cowboys PK over Panthers.

    Just for one point, because it would be great if the Panthers win and there’s a game I like better on Saturday, but I wouldn’t have felt right not writing an essay about the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

    Will also take:

    Eagles +1 over Lions, and Texas -1.5 over Texas Tech.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!

    • pateslvrblk

      Happy holiday to you, and peace and joy to all! Much love and thanks to Mike for making this so easy for us all.

    • Tough day pete.

    • thanks buddy. i feel like i’ve mailed it in a little this year with just the line post and survey embed; it’s not that heavy a lift to offer some sort wry commentary.

      but i have to say, there’s nothing to say on the main topic — browns — that hasn’t been said already in the last couple years. and while i don’t mind observing and commenting, when they persist on failing both with football personnel decisions and biz-ops grasping even a browns fan can become alienated. shit you mean the needless uni-makeover really was window dressing? a big lethargic dog named swagger proved to be an all too appropriate embodiment of berea’s soul? zac jackson sized spread offense practioners are dubious prospects for success as nfl qbs if picked up as undrafted free agents, let alone as a first round pick? i mean you can only kick you dog so much (and i mean only figuratively and i could probably find a better metaphor).

      • They are a bottomless well of disappointment and despair.

        • lookit. since you and i first started chatting i’ve had three girlfriends. they were panthers, jets, and raiders fans. all their teams sucked and we could commiserate. i mean, no team was worse than the dennis allen raiders. now all their teams are on the up. it is a statistical impossibility that the browns can defy the odds and suck so long and so consistently and yet offer so little hope for the future.

          i mean: is mike fucking brown is a god damn genius? or this guy?

    • Iowa for one point point please.

      • TA has me sold on TCU. One point. Good luck, Mr. TA, Sir.

        • Pick of the Week: Michigan PK over Ohio State: What Mike said. It’s one thing to win when you’re sneaking up on people (e.g., Alabama and Oregon) as a 10-point underdog. It’s of course another thing to win as defending champs when everyone is expecting you to. Last week’s loss at home as 13-point favorites to a team playing with its backup quarterbacks was as devastating a loss as a college football program can suffer, and served to confirm what folks had been suspecting about this group all season long. That its captain/starting quarterback would get arrested for a mid-season DUI sort of says it all. So the Buckeyes are now supposed to pick up the pieces and flip the switch in the course of one week, Thanksgiving week at that, to go on the road to face a Michigan team that couldn’t be hungrier for a win? The last time Sparty ruined Ohio State’s season, the Buckeyes had more than a month to get it up to beat Clemson and couldn’t do that. This season, they’ve only beaten one Power 5 team with a winning record (Penn State). I know it’s “The Game” and everything but I think part of winning this year’s edition was having done everything you were supposed to do to get here undefeated. I guess maybe last week’s loss could have been the wake-up call they needed, or maybe they could put the ball in Braxton’s hands today and change everything but I think it’s more likely that they already lost this one last week (or in the off-season or whatever). Plus: Fair-catch kick. Sure wish I was a non-idiot who’d saved my POTY.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Dal pk
    Osu pk
    Back Sunday with the rest.

  • FTCMikeD

    Turkey Day Picks

    AP: Buckeyes

  • Capitalgg

    All-Play: Ohio St. pk @ The School Up North: My conscience won’t let me pick anything else. Go Bucks!
    1. Lions -1 v. Eagles: Home team on Thanksgiving and somehow improbably, Detroit is trending the right way.
    2. Browns -2.5 v. Ravens: Browns were better team before Baltimore injuries. If Cleveland can’t win this, indication that Pettine has lost this locker room.
    3. Vikings +2 @ Falcons: Bounce-back spot for Vikings after bad loss last week to Packers against reeling Falcons.
    4. Buccaneers +3 @ Colts: Psst. Jameis Winston is playing at a pretty high level right now.

    The Iron Bowl rivalry has long been marked by long win streaks on either side. We are right now in a period of dominance by the boys from Tuscaloosa. Since losing to Ole Miss (how the hell did that happen again?), Bama has been obliterating oppenents. Auburn is having what only really generously be described as a down year. Cam Newton is a Carolina Panther, so he ain’t walking through that door. Bo Jackson’s commercial obligations prevent him from coming to the rescue. That leave Charles Barkley, but he’s a basketball player. Auburn ain’t got no chance, Pawl. Alabama -14 @ Auburn

  • mmmmsnouts

    Give me Carolina for one. These Dallas fans are at peak delusion. All they had to do was win ONE FREAKIN’ GAME without Tony Romo to stay afloat in their crappy division and they couldn’t do it. Then they beat a team with an interim coach that the shine’s come off, and they’re all like PLAYOFFFFFFFSSSSSS. At 3-7. Child please.

    Also give me Ohio State in the all play. They beat themselves last week. That won’t happen again.

    Finally, is there a USF line? Because if it’s under 28 points I’m taking that too. I saw -22.5 come out Wednesday afternoon and burst out laughing.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Thanksgiving with a house full of Cowboy fans and I am going to be quite the abradant rooting for the Panthers. I have already heard more than enough “if ‘WE’, finish at 9-7, then in the Superbowl”, stories.

    • mmmmsnouts

      ESSAY: USF -23.5 vs. UCF

      Some of my fellow Bulls are nervous. “They’re sandbagging! It’s a rivalry game! They have something saved up for this!” etc. etc. etc.

      This is a bunch of crap.

      USF’s offense is humming along at an insane rate. Their yards per play during this 6-1 run would put them in the top 10 offenses in the country. They can still win their division, UCF shut them out last year, and they definitely don’t want to be the 1 in a 1-11 season, so motivation is not lacking.

      I’m sure UCF will be up for this game, but they’re just horrendous. They can’t run the ball at all. Their QB is gimpy and his backup can’t run or pass. After USF fired Chuck Bresnahan, who was a terrible hire as DC to begin with, UCF stupidly hired him for the same job this year and their defense has been appalling*. And if they’ve been sandbagging, how do you explain them losing to FIU, Furman, and Tulane early in the season when they would have still been trying hard? The Knights don’t have it in them to keep this close.

      * – Not to mention USF will know his tendencies, whereas they’re running a completely different offense from last year. Rumor has it Taggart hasn’t been calling the plays since the loss to Memphis, which by an incredible coincidence is exactly when their offense blew up.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Panthers for a Chedddar point, please.

    Is Tony Romo and a banged-up Dez worthy of making this a pick-em? I think this line is a combination of Dallas emotions and the belief that Carolina can’t run the table. Remember, if you flip a coin ten times and it’s heads each time, the eleventh flip is no more or less likely to be tails and should be treated as an independent event (and not something which is “bound” to happen). Just because Carolina is perfect so far, and that they are not yet a team mentioned in the same breath as the Patriots or ’72 Dolphins is no reason to think that this is the week that they just have to lose.

  • cwonder23

    Bears +8 for one cheddar point please.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 13 Picks

    USF over UCF – I will take USF with any 2 digit number that is posted. I made this decision just like Cutler with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth cussing out a co-worker at the urinal this morning.

    Chiefs (-5.5) over Bills
    Giants (-2.5) over Redksins

    Browns (-2.5) over Ravens – Finally an adult did something in Berea. If Josh stays healthy (big if) for the final six games he is going to post a stat line that will rank among the best in franchise history.

    AP – Michigan over OSU

    Essay Pick

    Couple of weeks ago I wrote an essay talking about how Michigan State is still in great shape to make the playoffs especially considering what a garbage loss they had vs Nebraska. I promptly won that essay and picked Ohio State last week. Smart. Michigan State is just a good football team and that front four is probably already giving Hackenburg nightmares. My first reaction to the line was that it was way too big of a number. I just had to remember that Michigan State is superior to Penn State in every aspect of the game and have the superior coach. They still have something to play for and style points matter. The Spartans are never going to light up the scoreboard so you go and do the next best thing. If you can hold OSU to 5 first downs the goal should be nothing less than a shutout Saturday.

    MSU (-11) over Penn State

  • super p forever:

    Carolina PK Cowboys
    Vikings +2 Atlanta
    Clemson -17 South Carolina
    North Carolina -5.5 NC State
    ALL-PLAY EXPERIENCE: Michigan PK Ohio State
    ESSAY EXPERIENCE: Notre Dame +4 Stanford

    This was a huge week in our personal Cheddar Bay history, as super p taught me was a Pick ‘Em (sp) is.

    The Pick ‘Em concept is what I wish gambling was all the time. You just sit down with your list and choose which team you want to win, and then you get money.

    Just imagine the type of world it could be if the Official Cheddar Bay Odds/Lines/Whatever PDF wasn’t an unlabeled mess of numbers and +/- symbols that made no sense.

    Picture a universe where you’re just like “yep, Panthers seems fine to me” and then you go watch the Cavs beat up the Raptors, without having to note whether they win by 12 or 13 points, and whether that means you hit the over or under.

    Notre Dame wants to be in the tournament thing, and after last week’s slim victory over Boston State, they need to make a statement.

    The committee wants them in there, and Notre Dame wants to be in there, and each party knows the other party is in agreement on them being in there, ie they just need to make a good statement.

    Their Kindergarten QB can do it.

    Pick ‘Em.


  • ChuckKoz

    Vikings +2 (Falcons)
    Rams +9 (Bengals)
    Dolphins +3.5 (Jets)
    Eagles +1 (Lions)
    AP: Ohio State
    Essay: Panthers Pick (Cowboys)
    I mean, I get Romo is good and the Cowboys are way better than their record. But their record is 3-7 and the team they are playing against is 10-0. And an impressive 10-0. And sure the Cowboys won last week with Romo back, but that excitement is bound to simmer a bit. Meanwhile, the Panthers probably have that extra chip on their shoulder with this absurd spread. Miscellaneous things that made me feel better: McFadden may not play for Cowboys and the “team experts” over at were heavy on the Panthers despite the general public being about split.


    1) OSU all play
    2) Dallas Pk

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone

    • CLEVTA

      3. Missouri +14
      4. Penn State +11
      5. Stanford -4

      • CLEVTA

        6. TCU -2 (essay/POTY): I get Boykin back at home at night in his last home game vs Baylor’s 3rd string QB and potentially no Shock Linwood at RB? 70%+ on Baylor right now makes me like this even more. Patterson v Briles is a mismatch and I loved how TCU battled on the road last week with a backu in Oklahoma. Showed a lot to me.

      • CLEVTA

        Please give me A&M +5 instead of Stanford thx

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP- OSU
    **** Iowa ****
    Texas Tech
    Penn State

    • actovegin1armstrong


      Iowa is 11-0, Nebraska is 5-6. May I simply end my respective essay there?
      However, there are plenty of other reasons to take Iowa in this game.
      Nebraska is a program with a terrific history, please see history as the operative word.
      Iowa has a couple of tough tackles inside, and a really good front seven. Conversely, Nebraska has a good running back. Seven against one is not a good match-up, Iowa will win this battle.
      Iowa has 8 quality defensive lineman, there will be no fatigue issues for Iowa late in the game.
      Iowa’s defense held Wisconsin to 6 points. Wisconsin is a lot better than Nebraska.
      Iowa also has Kinnick Stadium, at least it is close.
      Nebraska, once well known for producing fantastic “corn feed beef” on their offensive line must have switched over to high fructose corn syrup, their offensive line no longer tramples the opposition. My stunning lack of football knowledge has me at a loss to understand why the smart kids are picking Nebraska. It must be a late night visitation by the ghost of Tom Osborne.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    Bears +8 Packers
    Panthers over Cowboys
    Eagles +1 Lions
    Texas Tech +1.5 Texas
    Oklahoma st +6.5 Oklahoma
    UM over OSU

    Lucky 13. Time for my POTY.
    3 words
    Fair Catch Kick
    What the heck is a fair catch kick, you may be asking yourself. When I joined in this little game I was disappointed each week by my not being able to vote for the Toronto Argonauts or the Edmonton Eskimos. I wanted to know what the big deal was and why Canadians had to be so different. I know one could spout off some obvious answers about the field size, the number of downs, the number of players on the field, etc. But what it really comes down to is the ability of US professional and high school football teams try a fair catch kick. It is a really incredible and rarely used play. Basically when a player makes a fair catch, their team can attempt a kick from the spot of the catch. It can be a place kick or a drop kick and it counts as a 3 point field goal if successful. The best part about the free kick is the opposing team has to line up at least 10 yards beyond the spot of the ball, giving the kicker a better trajectory. The opposing team then gets control of the ball and can even run the kick back if it does not go out of bounds. Why would anyone ever use that? Well let’s say you only have a few seconds before the half or the end of the game and the opposing team does a short punt. If your ball position is decent, trying for a fair catch kick might be a radical way to score a few points. Now to even consider doing a fair catch kick you must have a coach who really knows his or her rare football rules. Lets go back to September 26th, 2013. 49ers vs Rams. 4 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Phil Dawson attempts the last fair catch kick in NFL history (doesn’t make it but at least he tried). And the coach? Jim Harbaugh. The Rams had no idea what to do. Hee hee hee (check it out Well now Jim Harbaugh is with UM and although the fair catch kick has not been an option for unpaid, exploited athletes since the NCAA abolished fair catches in 1950, he seems like he knows his stuff. I am predicting lots of fun as MSU pulls out all of the stops to pull off a win on this auspicious weekend. I am hoping for 1 point safeties, fake punts and kick returners stepping out of bounds prior to touching the ball.

    • That video is amazing. “If your ball position is decent, trying for a fair catch kick might be a radical way to score a few points.”

      I vote Agnes for next HC of the CMFB.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Sorry to disillusion you, and/or curb your enthusiasm Agnes, but we have real men here and we know a few things.
      1). That was not a real football game, it was a Ford commercial, replete with the subliminal sound of a Ford 335 Cleveland engine roaring in the background. That rather odd “play” was merely a prop.
      2.) They do not play football in Canada, you have been watching oddly over-sized, helmet wearing figure skaters doing some “Ice Capades” Hockey Ballet.

    • just a question on the exploited athletes, are we talking about zeke elliot or the hundreds of recipients of scholarships 50 through 85 from D1 schools such miami-stanford-vandy-rice-nu-wake-usc-bc-duke-tulane-etc commanding around 50K per annum to attend because there’s exponentially more of the latter though you don’t hear so much about them in popular reportage? and there’s certainly zero discussion of the thousands of scholarships thus enabled for athletes of less moneyed sports, proportionately gender distributed.

      please exploit my kids with a 200K notre dame four year indenture; they’ll get over it.

      • The point isn’t that the scholarships are bad it’s that they’re not enough to make for a fair exchange. The schools, networks, advertisers, etc., are raking in billions of dollars, more of which should be going to the kids.

        • i suspect that if football players were paid ‘market rate’ and title 9 strictures remain in place, the 50k (or whatever) price tag gets bumped say 20%-30% and the real victims of collegiate exploitation — the students and parents who underwrite the whole enterprise — are further buried but without the benefit of a colin cowherd type spouting the ‘unfair’ bromides while offering not solutions.

          i mean, say braxton miller got a 2m signing bonus at osu, do you think freshman matt borcas’ fees would have gone up or gone down to fund it? or take the case of khalil mack… if he’s getting paid on his UB signing when he was 18 and at 21 he’s a first rd prospect, shouldnt he get 2m? can UB afford that? should he be able to transfer to clemson? would there be college junior free agency?

          agree though on the corruption of higher education in general. probably the largest and most fraudulent industry in the country.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        Getting a full ride to Notre Dame and other expensive schools with good graduation rates for football players may be worth the permanent brain damage. However, when you go to a school like Oklahoma with a football graduation rate of less than 50% and a tuition of only $11,000 a year but $77,000,000 of football revenue, you might be getting the short end of the stick.

        • i’m certainly aware of the prevailing reporting on this story, but what i’m interested in, but don’t see discussed, is the impact of football revenue on the other varsity sports. using oklahoma as an example (which per their calculator is 25k/yr for 16 credit hours per semester in their college of arts and science for out of state students exclusive of housing costs), there are 19 varsity sports listed on their site:

          MEN’S TEAMS
          Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Gymnastics Tennis Track and Field Wrestling
          WOMEN’S TEAMS
          Basketball Cross Country Golf Gymnastics Rowing Soccer Softball Tennis Track and Field Volleyball

          are the varsity athletes in these programs to be paid market rates too? if football revenue dries up are softer programs (and their respective scholarships) eliminated? does not that outcome affect a much greater number of individuals than the current system? here’s maryland cutting seven programs… “Declines in football revenue, men’s basketball revenue and fund-raising were an important factor in the sports cuts.”

          and we havent even begun to talk about how such change would impact MAC-SunBelt level schools.

          wrt to head injuries, the way to eliminate that is to eliminate football altogether. it is part of the game, regrettably, and the honest solution is to acknowledge this and have athletes sign waivers indicating they understand the risk. rules changes have not stopped inevitable head-to-head (or head-to-ground) contact which is simply part of the game; the rules changes are cynically designed to ameliorate ncaa/nfl insurance liabilities, ie, “we’ve made best effort to ‘reduce’ head injury.”

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    THE Ohio State University
    Carolina Panthers
    Minnesota Vikings

    Louisville -4 (non-essay essay)

  • HitTheHorns

    We are now at 9 NCAA all plays to 4 NFL. I know there is no hard rule on this, but come on guys. There is a big NCAA game every single week, let’s mix it up.

    • mmmmsnouts

      To be fair, there are only like 5 good NFL teams and they haven’t played each other much, if at all.

    • The standard for the all play is “the most compelling football game (college or pro) of the week from an objective national perspective.” Objective means no preference for either the college or pro game.

      Using this standard, it’s only natural that we’d have more NCAA all-plays than NFL during the regular season, because the NCAA regular season games are naturally more meaningful and compelling than NFL regular season games given the respective ratios of overall teams to playoff teams, and the rarity of elite non-conference matchups in the college game. We take great care in choosing the all play every week and I don’t think you can point to a single week where we’ve deviated from this standard (except for maybe one*), but if you want to suggest an example I’d be happy to discuss and I’m sure Mike would be as well. Of course there’s probably an element of subjectivity here but we do our best to minimize that and evaluate primarily in terms of impact on playoff races.

      Also, the Cheddar Bay playoffs are weighted heavily in favor of the NFL, and the natural tilt toward NCAA all-plays in the regular season balances that out.

      And finally, we’re probably only going to have one more regular season NCAA all-play, a conference title game next week. Unless there’s a really compelling early bowl game to make an all play (I don’t think there has been in the history of this contest), we’ll finish with 4 consecutive NFL all-plays for the stretch run, which would leave us at 10 NCAA all-plays to 8 NFLs.

      *I would agree if you said that this week’s Ohio State/Michigan All Play is the most questionable all-play of the season based on our criteria (I myself argued as much to the Exec. Comm.), but the other candidates (Notre Dame/Stanford and Okla./Ok. St.) are not NFL games. Ultimately it was decided that the historical import of the OSU/UM matchup, plus the Harbaugh element, plus Ohio State as defending national champ who hasn’t lost to Michigan in 4 years and only once in the last 11, plus both teams still having a chance at making the playoffs, plus the Big 12 sucks and Stanford got crushed by Northwestern, would carry the day. If you were to suggest that an element of regionalism infected the Exec. Comm’s reasoning here, I couldn’t prove you wrong, but I don’t think it’s egregious and again, I think this is the only arguable example from the whole season.

      • HitTheHorns

        Appreciate the explanation, but what I was trying to say was I really, really, really, suck at picking NCAA games.

        • Ah, fair enough. I’m 3-8-1 picking all plays this season, if that makes you feel any better.

        • Also, the Exec. Comm. always welcomes reasonable criticism of the all play selections. We understand the weight that the weekly selection carries.

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye

      yawn. it’s a half point. I don’t care if the all play is the Jaguars game every week.

    • if it helps, that’s exactly the sort of point that we consider.
      also, your sucking at college picking will profit you in the playoffs because that is pretty much all pro and tends to be a blind spot for some (ie, me).

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