Cheddar wk11, Oklahoma +2.5 at Baylor

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Tuesday MACTION is the best MACTION.

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  • Matt Borcas

    Essay: Texans

    10 points is a lot, especially when you’re getting them from the Bengals. Cincy may be 8-0, but I won’t believe they’re for real until they win a damn playoff game. This is a fairly meaningless game for the Bengals, but the stakes are high for the Texans, who are still able to win the atrocious AFC South. Plus, O’Brien is coaching for his job (or Maryland’s, according to recent reports), and an extra week of prep is always nice. Bengals win, Texans cover.

  • clayII

    Texans (+10) / Bengals

    Texans coming off a bye. Hopefull they come up with some new stuff for aggressive Bengals D. Hoyer not looking over his shoulder and extra prep time should only help him. Can’t see the Bengals being overly hype for this one. I’ll take the points

  • Texans

  • raiders

  • PJD19

    I’ll take the Seahawks tonight as my final pick this week.

  • bupalos

    This is the point in the contest when I find some grimy industrial port, beslubber myself with ore-dust, and wander up and down the dock lamenting “I coulda-been-a-contendah,” over and over and over amen. Last week saw poor Bupalos drop 6 points when the filthy stillers bumbled their way through what mostly looked like a pretty easy cover, finally murdering my dreams by refusing to stretch that 1 extra yard. I was probably wrong to cast my lot with those unredeemed jackals in the first place. If you’re going to go down you want to do it with a pure and unadulterated hatred in your heart for an organization like that, and I didn’t even have that consolation.

    So it’s time to purify things and go back to what works, if not in terms of winning, at least in terms of being true to oneself. Johnny Manziel is a raging dumpster fire, and the organization seems to be once again involved in the kind of counterproductive soul-searching of which it seems uniquely and perpetually capable. Bup don’t care. CMFB plus or minus whatever, because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

    In other action we’ll try the pack, on principle, the vikes, on analysis, the raiders, in repentance, and the Texans, in sympathy.

    • wait, youre taking the raiders and vikes?

      i’m flagging this because it’s never come up before but something not kosher about taking both sides. stay tuned for ruling.

      • No way is that allowed.

      • bupalos

        I’m really flabergasted that you expect me to know not only what team I think will win, but what team they are playing.

        I’m even more flabbergasted you’d expect me to spell flabbergasted right the first time.

        So I’ll take the Cards and Seahawks tonight instead.


        Cards then.

        Jesus. This is too hard.

        • ok, cards and something monday.

          • bupalos

            Texans are monday, as I now find out. I think in a conflicting pick, the one taken first should get credited. you’ll need to work this out because it’s bound to happen a lot now that I’ve paved the way.

          • prelim ruling says we’re throwing both out. the first in pick was vikes (winner). still waiting to hear but brace yourself for that…

          • Vikes pick stands. 🙂

  • FTCMikeD

    NFL Pick:


  • HitTheHorns

    3) ESSAY Steelers -5

    What is left for me to say about this Browns team that I haven’t already said in the past few weeks? Let’s go to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the best NBA writer around (along with Zach Lowe), for his profile on how the Spurs signed LaMarcus Aldridge: “Every coach was welcome into the front office’s player personnel meetings, Popovich told him, and every scout could come into his coaching staff meetings. That’s the embodiment of one organization, free of factions and agendas.” That description sounds just like what is going on in Berea, only exactly the opposite.

    I’ve come full circle on the Manziel issue. I don’t think he should be playing because I don’t think he’ll be on the team next year. Am I nervous that Landry Jones is playing? Am I nervous that I’m seeing 70% on Pittsburgh? Not with these Browns. Good day to start Martavis Bryant in your fantasy leagues.

    4) Raiders -3

    5) Chiefs +6

    6) Buccaneers -1.5

    • bupalos

      Trying to essay the San Antonio Spurs but I can’t find them in the pull down menu.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes


    I desperately need a lobsrerfest to breathe life into my pathetic 2015 campaign. My confidence is at an all time low and I don’t know where to turn. So I’m just going with my gut this week. Keeping my play of the year in my back pocket for a potential Hail Mary to sneak into the playoffs. This weeks essay is Cam vs the Titans. I just feel like the Panthers will mail the Titans offensive line leading to tos by the rookie QB. Cam should be able to beat these guys by a TD. Just wish wisenhunt was still in charge I’d feel much better.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    AP Oklahoma
    I sure don’t like to feel that I need to root for the Patriots ever, but for Cheddar purposes I make an exception. They are rolling, because of ego, or sheer will, or whatever it may be. Even with mounting injuries I think Belichick somehow gets inside the head of these guys, and their absolute confidence in Brady somehow gives them something extra. Streaks feel good and are probably quite addicting when they are of the winning variety, and NE knows its schedule gets a bit tougher looking ahead. This is one they know they can and should win purely due to the balance of talent favoring them as well.

    Also this is horrible because we had bourbon at dinner tonight, but I have no time tomorrow to do this.

  • CleMPLS

    Stanford -10
    Packers -11.5
    Panthers -5
    Redskins +1
    Baylor -2.5 (All Play)
    Seahawks -3 (Essay)
    Scares me going with Seattle here, but what the hell. Night game at home in a “must win” scenario. The Cardinals have a great passing attack, but Seattle’s strong point remains their secondary. Give me Russell Wilson over Carson Palmer any day of the week. I love Bruce Ariens, but I don’t think they hang around long enough in this one. Seattle will ground and pound and control the pace of the game.

  • bupalos


    Lor. Whatevs

  • Petefranklin

    AP) Oklahoma may be the better team, but Briles will make BGB Stoops look Shurmeresque again tonight. Very comparable stats, but a big HFA for Baylor tonight. The Big 12 refs might have something to say about Baylor staying undefeated as well. This line was Baylor -17,5 TWO WEEKS AGO! One QB injury does not justify a 2 TD swing. Another over reaction just like UM vs MSU. The new QB is less experienced but more talented than the one they lost from what I’ve heard and read.

    • Petefranklin

      Titans for my last pick

  • limaontinder

    Baylor (All Play)
    Bucs (essay)


    Greg Hardy + Dez Bryant’s locker room blowup + backup extraordinaire Cassel = a chance for the Bucs, who have looked steadily improved each of the last four weeks, to beat America’s team and make Jerry go drown his sorrows with some hookers after the Cowboy’s playoff chances are finally officially squashed.

  • baylor

  • ChuckKoz

    Oregon State +21 (Cal)
    Utah -6 (Arizona)
    Seahawks -3 (Cardinals)
    Bengals -10 (Texans)
    AP: OU +2.5 (Baylor)
    Essay: UCLA -10 (WSU)
    Seems like a high number, but UCLA finally has some injured parts back and look like the team that many thought they would be when they were in the Top 10. And the interesting thing is that they still control their destiny as to winning the Pac 12. Then I started thinking about how its conceivable that there is a 2 loss team in the playoff. I mean, in 2007 a 2 loss LSU team was #2, so a 2 loss in the top 4 seems plausible. So here is how it happens for UCLA this year: Big 12 all cannibalize each other in the last few weeks; SEC seems destined for a 2 loss team (although UCLA probably not jump a 2 loss Bama); Clemson and/or Ohio State lose and a 2 loss team leaps them (seems unlikely either lose and actually not necessary); and the real key is Stanford beats Notre Dame (knocks Dame out and boosts UCLA profile when they beat Stanford in the title game). And so some of that stuff happening seems entirely reasonable (except for the UCLA beating Stanford part, which is a longshot).

    Either way, this line of thinking got me to looking at odds to win the title. I figured UCLA would be a very big longshot and I decided I was putting $50 on it. I am still mad I missed out on the Buckeyes at 20 to 1 last October when I was in Vegas and wanted to bet on a longshot. But I assumed it would be like 75 to 1. Hence, I was shocked to learn I could get 750 to 1. Meaning, I am pretty soon going to win $37K. Good times. Or they just go out and lose to Wazzu, because I have been wrong on basically everything this year.

  • oxr

    All-Play Baylor -2.5 over Oklahoma.

    • oxr

      Patriots -7 over Giants
      Saints -1 over Redskins
      Bears +7 over Rams
      Raiders -3 over Vikings

      Essay Cardinals +3 over Seahawks – Thankfully, the Falcons have a bye week so I can’t pick them again. I’ve missed on something like four consecutive essays now, so any justification I try to come up with for any of these games immediately turns to ashes in my mouth, but I do think this line gives the Seahawks a little bit too much credit. Their season has mostly consisted of close losses to good teams interspersed with the occasional blowout of the Bears, and in that context I’m OK with taking the overall #2 team in DVOA as underdogs. The Cardinals haven’t really played any contenders yet, but the Seahawks haven’t looked like they’ll be breaking that trend – and if Marshawn Lynch is unexpectedly limited as well, then so much the better.

  • DQuatts

    Kansas City
    St. Louis

    • DQuatts

      Kansas City
      Detroit +11.5 as Pick of the week:

      Did we write off the Lions weeks ago? Sure. Are the Packers right in the thick of it and in need of a win? Sure. Is 11 1/2 to many points? Sure! at the end of the day, these are two teams that know each other quite well. Detroit knows they will have to put up points to keep this one close, and they have nothing to lose at this point in the season. Not a huge fan of looking into these type of stats, but with the public huge on Green Bay, I’ll take the Lions and the points. Have a great Sunday everyone!

  • Jmacdaddio

    Oklahoma +2.5
    Temple -3 (Essay)
    UNC -13
    Arizona St. -2.5
    Cowboys +1.5
    Saints -1

    This is a strange feeling. Usually this time of year brings Thanksgiving with a heaping helping of Cheddar irrelevance. Last week’s Lobsterfest was undone by the All-Play, which I think deserves its own award. The Admiral’s Feast award is more of a challenge to pull off in my opinion since pushes don’t happen all that frequently.

    Temple can close out whatever conference they’re in with a W today. Yeah, South Florida is at home however I don’t see that as much of an advantage to a so-so team playing out of Tampa in a state where there’s plenty of football distraction, not to mention a never-ending supply of Jerry Springer material behind every door. Besides wasn’t USF a commuter school until about 15 years ago? I don’t see Temple passing up this opportunity to make their mark.

  • Matt Borcas

    Baylor please

    • Matt Borcas

      Redskins +1 over Saints
      Raiders -3 over Vikings
      Bucs -1.5 over Cowboys
      Steelers -5 over Browns

      essay to come

  • Tim Butler

    Bama -7.5 and Baylor -2.5 today.

    • Tim Butler


      • Tim Butler

        Essay: Bengals -10

        This is a lot of points to give up, but it’s Monday, I haven’t made an essay pick, and there’s no way I’m putting any cheddar on the Texans. I could see this game being close, and I could see it being a Bengals blowout. I know that if it’s close, I can still root for a late cover, and I can live with myself losing on a Bengals bet. What I can’t live with, is taking the Texans, and then kicking myself for the whole 2nd half as the Bengals get up 28-3 in the 2nd quarter. Plus I have a bunch of Bengals on my fantasy team. Sure.

  • trashycamaro

    Lions + 11.5 over Packers

    Cowboys +1.5 over Bucs

    Bears +7 over Rams

    Giants +7 over Patriots

    All Play Baylor -2.5 over Oklahoma

    Essay Seahawks -3 over Cardinals Must win game blah blah blah. As bad as the Hawks have been this year (4-4, 29th in passing and 24th in points scored), the Hawks are still 3-0 at home and still boast a top 5 rushing attack and a top 5 defense. Don’t let the suddenly questionable Marshawn Lynch scare you off – Rawls actually leads Seattle in rushing this year. Obviously the Cards are very good, but Carson has not been great there, Chris Johnson has been fading, Sherman can handle Fitzgerald, etc.

    To be noted: as a Florida fan, I refuse to play them. If I did not, however, I would be fading them constantly. Lines seem to have not adjusted to the switch from Grier to Treon, who is a really, really bad quarterback.

  • HitTheHorns

    1) NC St. +10
    2) Baylor -2.5

  • jpftribe

    It is exactly what you would expect for a mid-November day in London. Cold, wet, rainy, damp and now, dark, at 4:15pm. Good day to throw a piece of meat in the oven and watch college football.

    I left Cleveland 20 years ago, but my whole family is still there. Brother, sisters, parents, aunt, uncles….. Whenever I go back I always stay at my youngest sisters house. They are a real, typical, dual income family trying hard to get ahead and not often succeeding. My BIL is a great guy, HUGE Browns fan and we get along great. They have two sons about the same age as my two and when they get together they are thick as thieves.

    My oldest nephew blew us all away last year and won a national merit scholarship, full ride to D1. Turns out he wasn’t just smart, he was off the charts smart. He’s a good kid, stays out of trouble, plays some mean f’in guitar and has his head screwed on pretty straight. The school he ultimately chose was Oklahoma, he’s there now, so there’s my essay pick.

    Other picks:
    Georgia – This game is on here, so there’s some motivation to watch. Plus big imbalance between sides and money with the money being on Georgia.
    Panthers – Until they get beat, I’m riding them.
    Packers – I can’t imagine any scenario other than the Packers shredding the Lions after last weeks loss.
    Steelers – Paul McDonald can come out of retirement and QB the Steelers this week and get the courtesy of boneheaded Browns defensive plays in enough variation and frequency to score, a lot.
    Pats – Another trainride pick….

  • Petefranklin

    Essay: Arkansas St -14

    I am getting some Cheddar line value here as this line is currently north of 14. Arkie St rode a 5 game winning streak to the top of the Sun Belt, and they won’t take their foot off of the pedal here. Monroe just got beat or should I say crushed (51-14 or so) by a Troy team that will get beat badly vs. Ga Southern today. Last year Monroe held the Red Wolves in check in the first half, then got blown away in the second. They just don’t have the depth to compete for four full quarters. On a side note, Monroe’s coach Todd Berry got dumped by Army and there may be a sense among the players that he will be dumped soon. Look for a relatively close first half, and if that happens, UNLOAD on a second half Red Wolf bet, you will not regret it.

    • Petefranklin

      Others for Cheddar:
      Ga Southern -5.5 off a bye
      SDSU -24 off a bye

      Just missing the Cheddar cut, these are all betable:
      Rutgers, they get their NFL receiver back for this one
      IOWA ST Gundy sucks as a favorite, ISU may not have enough speed in the secondary though, but the situation screams ISU!
      UNLV is tough and could hang within 7.5, but I’m not playing it
      Michigan should ware Indiana down

  • mmmmsnouts

    ALL PLAY: Baylor -2.5 vs. Oklahoma. Whoever set this line hasn’t seen Mike Stoops try and stop Baylor’s offense the last two years.

    Rutgers +9.5 vs. Nebraska
    USF +3 vs. Temple

    Utah -6 vs. Arizona
    Seahawks -3 vs. Cardinals

    ESSAY: Alabama -8 vs. Mississippi State

    I feel like I’ve written this before but it keeps happening. Mississippi State is the poster child of SEC media groupthink. This has been going on for like 6 years now. They run up a good record by playing a bunch of stiffs, and somehow they get ranked because they have a good record and they play in the SEC, so they MUST be good! Who’s the best team MSU has beaten? Auburn? Louisiana Tech? Bama knows it can’t lose again and they’re not going to mess around here. If I hadn’t used my Pick of the Year already, I would — well, I would have used it when Bama played Texas A&M, but if I hadn’t used it there either, I might use it here.


    OHio State
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    SMU – essay

    So I’ve been really stinking it up, so from this week on- I’m doing a ” blind pick ” for my essay. I randomly picked a game I knew nothing about and pointed my finger.

    I figured I may have better luck that having my brain involved, since I have no skill with picking these freaking games !!

    SMU just so happened to be my blind pick –

    AFTER THE FACT , I looked up some stats about today’s game. I probably would still have taken SMU.

    Go Mustangs !!

  • thatsfine

    CSU -7
    Wyoming +24 – essay
    New Mexico +30
    SMU +21.5
    AP and NFL later

    Cameron Coffman is set to return vs. SDSU, and Wyoming is much better with him in the lineup. Average loss with him: by 11.9 points. Average without: 23 points. The Aztecs are going to run Donnell Pumphrey (avg 5.1 yards/carry) against Wyoming’s 120th ranked run defense, and the Cowboys have a solid and overlooked running back with Brian Hill (avg 5.9 yards/carry), so they will also be running the ball plenty. Thus, I see the clock running a bunch as well – less time to score. Add in the fact that Rocky Long is 1-6 coming off bye weeks at SDSU, looks like a good spot for SD to cool off a bit and a Wyoming cover.

    • thatsfine

      Oklahoma +2.5

      • thatsfine

        Vikings +3

  • Concierge

    Old Dominion
    South Florida
    EMU Essay

    Second week in a row I’m picking EMU. Why? Because MACtion thats why. These are two of the worst teams in the country and EMU has a huge home field advantage. Love home dogs. We all know how much home field means in the MAC. JK there will only be parents at this game today. And what will they see? They will see EMU battle thru a concrete wall onto a grey field and light up that fucking scoreboard for all 75 people to embrace. This is some serious MACtion in Ypsilanti today. #TakeAstand at the #factory.

  • Baylor -2.5
    UNC -13
    Air Force +1

    Let’s wreck this weekend.

    • Upset at myself for the Baylor pick, but I’ll try to rebound. My essay percentage this season has been abysmal.

      Saints -1. Robby’s defense has to stop Kurt Cousins no? No?

      $$$ Cowboys -1 $$$

      Jerry all but fired Jason Garrett this week with his comments to the media. Which is ok, because although he’s a Cleveland guy, he’s still a University School Prepper…

      This would be the longest losing streak for the Cowboys in dozens of years, and while I know each and every game is independent of the next, I feel like Dallas has weapons they can move the football with. I still have deep disdain in my heart for Jameis Winston and I think he’s quite literally one of the dumbest people in the NFL (which is incredibly hard to be). Due to my love for the quarterback position, and the years I spent perfecting the craft, to see an ignorant fuckwad who can’t read defenses running an NFL huddle gets me sometimes. But I digress. The real reason the Cowboys will win is Cole Beasley. He’s the man.

  • 1) LSU -8
    2) San Diego St. -24
    3) Navy -21.5
    4) Saints -1
    5) Ohio St. -15.5 (Essay)
    6) Baylor -2.5 (All-Play)

    Essay: Ohio St. -15.5

    I’ve stayed far away from OSU this year and with good reason. The team just hasn’t been clicking like they were at the end of last year (and, more importantly for these purposes, they haven’t been covering this year). If Cardale was starting this game I wouldn’t be touching it, because every game seems to end up closer than it should be when he has been starter this year. When JT started a few games back, that was what I expected this OSU team to be doing on a week to week basis, no matter the competition – putting points on the board. I think JT picks up where he left off before his one game suspension, Zeke is going to get his, and the defense will make some plays as well, leading to an easy cover this afternoon.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Cont’d. Also another fact that Meyer in three games against the Illini is averaging 55.6 points per game. When you take that along with some reinforcements on defense with tommy schutt back at d tackle to help stop any run attack that spells out a big win for the Buckeyes.


    1) S FL +3
    2) Rutgers +9.5 Caroo should dominate
    3) Baylor -2.5 (AP)- all the analytics say Oklahoma but the numbers dont know about Stoops in big games and just how good Stinum is at QB for Baylor

    • CLEVTA

      4. Memphis +6.5

      • CLEVTA

        5. Pats -7
        6. Skins +1 essay: skins are frisky at home (3-1 this yr at home) and Saints are historically bad on grass (0-2 this year). Saints have the worst pass D in NFL so cousins play action offense should be able to move it well with Reed and mix in some big plays from D Jax. 75% of the public on NO and the line has moved from Saints -1 to Skins now the favorite

  • The Iron Sheik

    Carolina Panthers
    Ohio state***

    Now that I have lost my poty and I was feeling sorry for myself after that last second touchdown in the Maryland game to squeak in under the number – the second half of the season is finally here to get in on some action.

    So this week I am taking the Buckeyes with Jt back under the helm. This afternoon in Illinois the weather will be perfect and the Bucks will play so fast that the fighting Illini will wish they would’ve just stayed in the locker room. Urbs will have his boys ready to cover this 17 point spread easily realizing that this is the home stretch and any tight games will be frowned upon by the pollsters.

  • Its Only Money

    Here we go:
    All Play: Oklahoma
    Essay: Panthers

    I am a Carolina Panthers believer. Their Defense is one of the best in the league and showed they can shut down a high powered offense last week in the Packers unit. Although the Packers put up some numbers late the game was already in hand. I think the Titans and Mariota specifically will have trouble moving the ball Sunday. Their offense is more old school using the run to set up the pass and are effective enough to keep winning. The Panthers aren’t glamorous, but they get the job done. The Titans on the other hand are a team that lost to the Browns, although they play better in Tennessee, they just won’t be able to get the job done this week. Lay the points with the Panthers.

  • Chris Schroeder

    +1.5 Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    -6 BYU @ Missouri
    -7 Colorado State vs UNLV
    -14 Arkansas State @ UL-Monroe
    +10 Washington State @ UCLA
    All Play: +2.5 Oklahoma @ Baylor

    Essay: -14 Arkansas State @ UL-Monroe

    Location: Monroe, Louisiana
    Stadium: JPS Field at James L. Malone Stadium
    Capacity: 30,427
    Time: 3:00 PM EST
    Broadcast: ESPN3
    Mascot: Red Wolves vs Warhawks
    Fun Fact: ULM joined the Sun Belt Conference for all sports on July 1, 2006 after playing in the Southland Conference.
    The Game: The Warhawks are dealing with a laundry list of injuries. The quarterback for the Red Wolves I’ll refrain from stating his name cause it doesn’t really matter, but what does is since he has come back from his injury AKS is 5-0 after a 1-3 start. The Warhawks are winless in conference play and they will add another one to it today. The dismal season will continue for ULM. Three Cheddar Points Please!!!

  • Harbaugh Handshakes


  • squeekycleen

    Essay: North Carolina St. + points at FSU. FSU officially had the stake driven into their season last week. Not much left for this bunch to get excited about, particularly given many of them won the national title 2 years ago and were in the playoff last year. Love to fade teams in this spot, as motivation is a certain concern, as is a lack of ability which put them in this spot in the first place. On the flip side, I still cannot get enough of this NC St. squad. They have been game this year and are still looking for a season defining victory. Think there is a good chance they get it here.

    Baylor: Big game, check. Stoops, check. Not playing Texas, check.
    Iowa St.

  • FTCMikeD

    College Picks, NFL pick to come later.
    K State
    There has been much said about Baylor here and I won’t belabor the point, I am going with the Bears. They will be ready to play this weekend and prove they belong in the CFB Playoff. They have crushed Oklahoma the last 2 years. Also, Oklahoma has been known to drop big games. People are down on Baylor due to a weak schedule, I get it, but OU’s schedule is not much better. Their best win is against Tennessee, a team they barely beat. This line should be higher so I’m taking the value of -2.5.

  • jdoepke

    The wife is away for the weekend so it’s a boys weekend. By boys I mean me and my 4 year old and 2 year old. Early play time and naps are in their future tomorrow. I’m also cooking up some pulled pork bbq in the slow cooker so the house just smells like food all day. There may or may not be some IPA’s thrown into the mix as well.

    On to football stuff. Congrats to FHCF on taking over first place. Hoping he can keep it rolling and join on the Vegas trip in January.

    Enough commentary, here are my picks…

    Oklahoma +2.5 (AP)
    Arizona +6
    Rutgers +9.5
    South Carolina +8
    Titans +5

    South Florida +3 Ok, does this line make sense to anyone? Temple is 8-1 and while S. Fla is above .500 does anyone really think they should be 3 point dog at home to Temple? I’m guessing the pros in Vegas see it for what it is and I will go with their line making ability over my own. The fact that this opened at 2.5 and went up to 3 despite 76% of the money being on the Bulls, while 70% of bets on the Owls gives me added confidence. I don’t know anything about South Florida so let’s call it Temple 23 – S. Fla 21 on a late score either way. Lets. Go. Bulls!

    Ok I lied more commentary – This Titans line makes no sense to me. I look for Panthers to lose their first game on Sunday at the hands of Marcus Marriota and the Titans in Nashville. Also Baylor only -2.5? When is Baylor EVER only a 2.5 point favorite, AT HOME no less? QB questions and all, I don’t get it. Arkansas and Wyoming were also considerations so I’m sure they will win since I didn’t pick them.

  • zarathustra

    WMU (L)
    Jets (L)

    There are many games I like tomorrow, but I shan’t be playing any of them here. I’ve encountered a bit of a cold streak so have decided to try something different. A few weeks ago I made my playoff prediction and am basically just going to ride with those teams regardless of how stupid the number appears.

    Ohio St
    North Carolina
    (I actually picked Notre Dame for the final playoff spot, merely stating that UNC is a legit dark-horse contender, but with that being said, I desperately want the heels to sneak in and since Mr. Acto is instigating me I shall include them here.)

  • PJD19

    I’ll take three on Saturday please, with my two remaining NFL picks coming on Sunday:

    Mich State

    • PJD19

      I’m also going to take the Ohio State today, thanks.

  • Capitalgg

    Essay punt week.

    [All-play] Oklahoma +2.5 @ Baylor
    1. Utah St. -1 @ Air Force
    2. Utah -6</b @ Arizona
    Titans +5 v. Panthers
    4. Saints -1 @ Redskins

    Essay: Florida -8 v. South Carolina

  • pateslvrblk

    Here goes, LSU -8, Baylor -2.5, Eagles -6.5, Raiders-3, Denver-6, ***Pats -7

    • pateslvrblk

      Switch me to Oklahoma plz

  • actovegin1armstrong

    **** Miami ****
    Miami has the talent to run on the Tar Heels and they are getting their quarterback back.
    Gene Chizik has done wonders to bolster the woeful North Carolina defense. I have seen Chizik at a few of his stops in the coaching carousel, his talent and charisma can have a lasting effect on a team…. well, usually lasting about 6 quarters. Miami’s talent at receiver and running back will be a lot for Gene “It Was Not Me” Chizik’s defense to handle.
    On the flip side of that coin the damage done by Al Golden is at least being partially shored up by Larry Scott.
    We do have a colorful, creative and most assuredly crazy Cheddar guru who is convinced that North Carolina shall blow past Clemson and into the College Football Playoffs, this exalted Maven of the Metaphysical did however, fail to use his clairvoyance to spot this loss to Miami.

  • cwonder23

    BGSU -3 vs WMU (win)
    UNC -13 vs Miami (FL)
    Syracuse +28 vs Clemson
    Lions +11.5 @ Packers
    Jags +5.5 @ Ravens
    All Play and POY: Baylor -2.5 vs Oklahoma

    Between getting married, the birth of your first child, going into a job interview or the first time having sex, the Cheddar Bay Pick of the Year might reign supreme as the most nerve racking experience of all. Above the red line now but aware that can all come crashing down with a miss here. I’ve missed my last two essays and figure it is time to get back into the winning column. No doubt, the Sooners will be the best team the Bears have faced and Baylor is trotting out a freshman QB in Stidham. Stidham showed mature poise in a close win against KSU last week that was really only close until halfway through the 4th quarter. The past two meetings have been bloodbaths with the Bears outscoring the Sooners by 63 combined. The Bears know that they will be in the CFP with a win here and with the soft B12 schedule, they know they will need a convincing win. Look for Corey Coleman to score a couple of TDs in this game as Baylor’s defense keeps the Sooners at bay while the points go up on the other side. The fact this game is being played in Waco makes me that much more confident with Baylor winning 20 straight at home. I like the Bears here. Baylor’s 42 – OU 24.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      I almost made this my POTY but taking Oklahoma. Now I am glad I only went in for 1 point.

  • **Essay & All Play** Baylor -2.5 vs. Oklahoma

    The time has come when I’m footballed out. My excitement wanes with each passing weekend. I’ll pick a team like Baylor over Oklahoma because I know a guy with a daughter in school there and he’s pretty-okay. I’m honestly at that point. It is also no coincidence my pick percentage has dropped as my big kid job hours and responsibilities have increased. Oh to be young and able to spend hours pouring over spreads, and line moves, and quirky yet perhaps widely unknown emotional factors about a game. It’s been a helluva week with sickness, insomnia, and some incredible amounts of mansplaining to which I must bite my tongue. This is precisely when I find my thoughts drifting to happier places Through the Looking-Glass…

    The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    Of shoes…Miami of Ohio +7 vs. Zips (named for the Zipper shoe)
    and ships…Navy -21.5 vs. SMU
    and sealing-wax…Louisville -13.5 vs. Virginia (closest football team to Maker’s Mark, my favorite wax seal)
    Of cabbages…Notre Dame -26.5 vs. Wake Forest
    and kings…Lions +11.5 vs. Green Bay
    And why the sea is boiling hot —
    And whether pigs have wings.

    • Phooey on the mansplainers. TGIF, next week will be better. Also, the Browns would have been a good pick for the winged pig part.
      “**Essay & All Play** Baylor -2.5 vs. Oklahoma The time has come when I’m footballed out. My excitement wanes with each passing weekend. I’ll pick a team like Baylor over Oklahoma because I know a guy with a daughter in school there and he’s pretty-okay. I’m honestly at that point. It is also no coincidence my pick percentage has dropped as my big kid job hours and responsibilities have increased. Oh to be young and able to spend hours pouring over spreads, and line moves, and quirky yet perhaps widely unknown emotional factors about a game. It’s been a helluva week with sickness, insomnia, and some incredible amounts of mansplaining to which I must bite my tongue. This is precisely when I find my thoughts drifting to happier places Through the Looking-Glass… The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.” Of shoes…Miami of Ohio +7 vs. Zips (named for the Zipper shoe) and ships…Navy -21.5 vs. SMU and sealing-wax…Louisville -13.5 vs. Virginia (closest football team to Maker’s Mark, my favorite wax seal) Of cabbages…Notre Dame -26.5 vs. Wake Forest and kings…Lions +11.5 vs. Green Bay And why the sea is boiling hot — And whether pigs have wings.” [image: Disqus] Settings
      A new comment was posted on Kanick —————————— *Kitty
      **Essay & All Play** Baylor -2.5 vs. Oklahoma

      The time has come when I’m footballed out. My excitement wanes with each passing weekend. I’ll pick a team like Baylor over Oklahoma because I know a guy with a daughter in school there and he’s pretty-okay. I’m honestly at that point. It is also no coincidence my pick percentage has dropped as my big kid job hours and responsibilities have increased. Oh to be young and able to spend hours pouring over spreads, and line moves, and quirky yet perhaps widely unknown emotional factors about a game. It’s been a helluva week with sickness, insomnia, and some incredible amounts of mansplaining to which I must bite my tongue. This is precisely when I find my thoughts drifting to happier places Through the Looking-Glass…

      The time has come,” the Walrus said,
      “To talk of many things:
      Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
      Of cabbages–and kings–
      And why the sea is boiling hot–
      And whether pigs have wings.”

      Of shoes…Miami of Ohio +7 vs. Zips (named for the Zipper shoe)
      and ships…Navy -21.5 vs. SMU
      and sealing-wax…Louisville -13.5 vs . Virginia (closest football team to Maker’s Mark, my favorite wax seal)
      Of cabbages…Notre Dame -26.5 vs. Wake Forest
      and kings…Lions +11.5 vs. Green Bay
      And why the sea is boiling hot —
      And whether pigs have wings.

      12:45 p.m., Friday Nov. 13 | Other comments by Kitty Pryde. * Reply to Kitty Pryde. *

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    • Phooey on the mansplainers. TGIF, next week will be better. Also, the Browns would have been a good pick for the winged pig part.

    • Petefranklin

      MMMMMMM, Makers, yum!

  • bupalos

    Hey are weeklies based on point totals including POTY’s? It never dawned on me how stupid it would be to play an early POTY if this is the case.

    • The extra POTY points don’t count for weekly prize purposes precisely for the reason you point out.

  • Nick

    Miami (OH) +7 vs Akron
    Tennessee U -41.5 vs North Texas
    Titans +5 vs Panthers
    Saints -1 vs Redskins
    Baylor -2.5 vs Oklahoma
    Bears +7 vs Rams

    Adam Gase is a good coach and is breathing new life into the Bears O. Feels like the Bears have some sort of momentum, one win will do that for you in the NFL. Rams have a talented front 7 but not so stellar secondary and Jeffrey can burn them. Cubs got over on the Cardinals this year, so it makes sense to me that the Bears upset the Rams in this spot or at least cover. Speaking of Chicago/St. Louis history, did ya’ll know that when Chicago reversed its river, they diverted all of their waste down to St. Louis. Chicago literally pulled a lever, and sent all of its sewage down to St. Louis. St. Louis tried to file some type of injunction to stop it from happening, but Chicago went ahead and did it anyway. Which is a pretty good take away lesson, do and ask questions later.

  • PJD19

    Bills over Jets **Essay**

    Neither team has what I would consider to be a quality win this year. The main reason I’m taking this side is that the Jets just aren’t healthy right now. They have a monster list of injuries, when the Bills, who had the injury bug to start the year are now finally healthy. When you have as many injuries as the Jets have, especially in their defensive backfield it starts to impact the game plan and the way that the team would normally call plays and operate. Issues caused by the injuries compound themselves.

    I’d be remiss not mention Rex returning to face the Jets. The guy essentially selects his weekly captains based on whether they are former players of the team they’re facing. This game means the world to him and his players know it. I think the away game almost magnifies the “we have each others back” mentality between players and coach and the bills have been just as good on the road as at home this year. AND the bills have the better QB. He’s a likable player, but I’ve seen 4-2 Ryan Fitzpatrick lose the next 6 straight games as a Bills QB. He’s remarkably unclutch for a guy that seems like he would be. Big divisional game, give me the points, the motivation, the healthier team and the better QB. Go bills.

  • zarathustra

    Jets -2.5 over Bills

    I watched the Bills last weekend and there is a lot to like with Taylor as the qb, but not enough to take them here.
    Since the start of the 2012 season Rex Ryan-coached teams have won two in a row twice. In the time span his teams records on the road: 2-6 in ’14; 2-6 in ’13; and 3-5 in ’12.
    The Bill may be more talented than the Jets, but they aren’t better coached.

  • super p forever:

    ga tech -3.5 va tech
    stanford -10 oregon
    ND -26.5 wake
    patriots -7 giants
    all-play: baylor -2.5 oklahoma
    essay: nebraska -9.5 rutgers

    “Then I’ll see you in hell!”

    As you make your picks this week, you’re probably haunted by this not-at-all classic line of dialog from The Empire Strikes Back.

    Spoken aloud (with his voice) by Han Solo to some random Rebel snow troopers, it’s never felt right to me, and that’s only been reinforced as I’ve watched it here on a consistent loop for the past 36 minutes.

    Even as a boy, I was certain that Harrison Ford was channeling Indiana Jones here, as opposed to Han Solo.

    Do you ever wonder what would happen if you emailed to ask him if this was indeed the case. Do you wonder if I’m trying that right now.

    On to Nebraska!

    Whether they win by 9.5 or lose by 9.5, I’m certain that whatever we’ve written above is the right pick. After our stunning essay-win-based week some 5-7 days ago, there’s simply no way we can lose.

    Whatever we pick, wins. #gambling

    Beyond that, according to my research, Rutgers both can’t score and can’t stop anyone. That seems like a losing combo.

    Unless our thing up there means we think they’ll lose. Then it means that. Just whatever the numbers up there say is what we mean.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    J E T S for one point please

    • actovegin1armstrong

      AP- Oklahoma for one point please

  • And this goes through week 18.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 11 Picks

    It’s time for the stretch run and time to make a move to get above that red line.

    The problem is that lately I just stare at the lines and just have no clue where to go. My wife finally observed my silence and asked what the problem was. I explained the struggle I was having with trying to find an angle this year. I always have operated under 2 premises. The first is that the public is stupid and loves to overreact. The second is never be afraid of a good football team giving large numbers. She just laughed at me and told me that maybe I should just put more work into it instead of spending my free time writing fake testimonial letters about bee pollen to Rizzo. She may have a point there but does she understand the sheer joy I get from having various aliments cured by bee pollen. That and the please don’t use my last name when you read my letter on the air. Slays me. Every single time.

    Packers (-11.5) over Lions
    Bears (+7) over Rams
    Eagles (-6.5) over Dolphins
    Stanford (-10) over Oregon

    AP – Baylor (-2.5) over Oklahoma

    Essay Pick

    It’s time to get behind one of the worst ATS teams in the nation in a spot where I expect a big response. Michigan State put themselves in a terrible position on Saturday vs a Nebraska team that they let hang around just long enough for Big 10 refs to possibly alter the game. An experienced Big 10 team with a quality coach should know better. I also dismiss the argument that MSU has been eliminated from the playoffs. Win out and you are in. The committee will understand the asterisk next to Nebraska and the fact of the matter is that a zero or a one loss Big 10 team will NEVER be left out. Too much TV money and the NCAA will do everything in its power to mess with the Big 12. It’s what they do for fun. Maryland may be playing better recently but this is just a bad spot for them against a team that will be ready from the first whistle on Saturday to remove all doubt which I’m sure is the lesson the coaching staff is trying to impart from the Nebraska game.

    Michigan State (-15) over Maryland

  • cwonder23

    BGSU -3 for one cheddar point please.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    What is there to say about Agnes? Well Agnes says phooey and double phooey for her votes the past 2 weeks. This past week was my worst since entering the contest (unofficially and then being made legitimate post hoc). Last Thursday’s fool hearty Brown’s vote (though I loved the sentimental easy Frowns) set a melancholy tone and then Friday, much to my chagrin, SMU (I pronounce it “smoo”) throws an interception to lose their cover with less than a minute left in the game. Although I only experienced them through Gamecast, and sans alcool at that, I felt a twang of something uncomfortable inside. Regret? Remorse? Disappointment? Disenchantment? Where my football voting skills just an illusion? Was I just a clueless bungling chowderhead who possessed only a wistful grasp on reality? Sounds about right. Now that I have moved away from the red line I can go back to the fun of easy writing and preposterous long shot voting and drop the fallacious notion that I have any idea what I am doing. (I do have my algorithm, but it seems that it works much better when you use actually money to bet on the game as many of my recent losses would have been Vegas wins. Yet, the notion of getting into that game is more implausible than my going above the red line again (I have strict austerity measures in place)). That being said I am going to plow ahead with my votes (I love seeing a 1 next to my votes with their tiny team names) and hope that everybody is sage enough to look at them and shake their head at my harebrained dreams rather than finding any merit. That being said I am taking Western Michigan as my essay pick, mostly because nobody has taken them this year as an essay pick (or I can’t read the spreadsheet). This is the logic for those who have read thus far: WMU beat Miami of Ohio who covered Buffalo and Buffalo was the last team that BGU didn’t cover so Western Michigan should cover BGU.

    Baylor -2.5 vs Oklahoma
    Iowa St + 14 vs Oklahoma State
    Missouri +6 vs BYU
    Texans +10 vs Bengals
    Wyoming +24 vs San Diego State
    Western Michigan +3 vs BGU

    • mmmmsnouts

      That Temple cover was disgusting. The Owls player made it to like the 5-yard line, thought about downing it so they could run out the clock, but his teammates talked him into scoring and nearly shoved him into the end zone.

  • Western Mich for one point.

    • Bills for one.

      • Missy State for one.

        • Baylor for one.

          • Here we go again. Essay: Browns +5 over Steelers: Look, I read something like this:

            “Manziel has shown enough energy and spark to a talent-devoid offense to merit an extended look in the eyes of many Browns execs.”


            And I think that there couldn’t possibly be a worse organization in sports. It’s obvious that there are some circles where people don’t think Johnny is a garbage NFL quarterback. I still refuse to believe that those circles are influencing this line in any significant way. So I look at it like this: You haven’t won a game in 5 weeks. You haven’t covered the spread in 3 weeks. Landry Jones, who surely stayed up late watching last night’s big Oklahoma game, is by far the worst quarterback you’ve faced. You are coaching and playing for your jobs. You’ve had 3 extra days off this week, you play only one game in 25 days, and it’s one that would count for at least two wins to your fans and the media. This by all rights is a great spot for the Browns, Johnny and all, to at least cover a 5-point spread against a third-string quarterback. Expecting at least one defensive/special teams TD and praying for an Austin Davis sighting. FML.

    • Petefranklin


    • Petefranklin

      That was a POTY.
      Mike knows, follow. I told you that I don’t care( about the cheese), and that I like my best stuff to be against the grain. Read between the lines with me sometimes. Tennessee’s essay pick was an educated guess that I had to make while traveling to Cleveland. BGSU was a super solid pick that I “done” (scroll down) told you was POTY material for me, if you saw it earlier. Hopefully it was a mistake on your part and not a blowoff of me traveling home to my element in Vegas. I did want to essay the Falcs,especially after every joint in the world moved their line back up to 3 while I was in the shower, but I was enjoying my day off too much after I bet the ML at -140 and blew it off as well.
      There is a lot of strong stuff this weekend, so stay tuned.

      • Oh man that all sounds right to me and BG was obviously the play. I was just entranced by Agnes’s siren song once again. How bout them Bills, though?

        • Petefranklin

          I saw no mention of the former coach aspect(knowing the teams strengths and weaknesses) anywhere. I took the Bills SU in my work contest along with 4 others out of 25.We got a bit lucky, circle the follow up game in Buffalo and put me on the J-E-T-S.

  • BGSU

    • Jets.

      • Laffy.

        • ARMY***
          It is blowing a gale outside my window and from the looks of the weather map, it’s much the same at West Point. 20mph winds, gusts to 30mph. Army runs at 250 yds/gm; Tulane rates middle of pack in rush def. Tulane rates 121st in rush offense. No one will throw effectively today. I’ll take the [measly] 2.5 points and Army at Michie.

          • Petefranklin

            See what happens when you scroll down, I just hit the under 43. A sharp move raised it up a half as I was making my bet, so I bet more than my original. Thanks Jim!

  • zarathustra

    Row the boat
    One point

    • Petefranklin

      Iceberg dead ahead sir.

      • zarathustra

        Hmmm….the sounds kind of like a dare. Perhaps I will have to this make my essay.

        • Petefranklin

          Perhaps I should have made it my POTY, like I wanted to.

    • zarathustra

      Last time I jumped in front of Bowling Green with an essay it did not go over well at all, but this is different. (Famous last words?) This isn’t traveling down to Kent for a Saturday afternoon game or playing Akron or UMASS. This is on the road at night. This is #MACtion. This is against a team that can keep up offensively and control the clock with the running game to keep Matt Johnson off the field.
      These are the games a handsome psychopath in a sweater vest like P.J. Fleck lives for. I’ll be +140 in teal life.

      • Petefranklin

        They made a big deal about WMU’s dropped pass, but BGSU had one as well in the 1st qtr that would have put them up 14. I like the WMU story and the coach seems like a really good guy but the bottom line was more talent on the BGSU sidelines.
        BTW I missed the -2 and 2.5’s that were going around so I bet them -140 moneyline. It was my largest football bet of the regular season.

  • Petefranklin

    BGSU-3…would have been the POTY at 2.5
    Im running to get -2 now, so possible upgrade later…stay tuned.

  • Early pickers: I got your picks into the form, you can just submit additional picks (no need to resubmit).

    WHICH REMINDS ME… no need to resubmit the same picks through the form (ahem, Frowns, Zara). This creates multiple picks of the same team and while I audit-as-I-go and also audit weekly, I do worry that there will be a player who has duplicated his entries and is all happy in fourth place in week 16 and then the error is found and it’s sadness when the, say, five erroneous points are deducted.

    • zarathustra

      Got it

    • CleveLandThatILove


  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Essay pick: Bowling Green -3

    PJ Fleck sure is pretty and has slicker catchphrases than Mike Pettine. WMU has good players, too, and they’ll be all fired up for this game. But BG has studs, and veterans, and is locked in. That offense is just too good and is clicking. Both have feasted recently on awful competition but I just think BG is better equipped to win a big one here. Too many weapons and the real deal at QB. I think the total is 75 and should be 105. Tune in, folks. And root for me.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    It’s Toledo Tuesday I guess. One point, thanks.

    • CleveLandThatILove

      And the Bills tonight for one.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Kent State for one point please

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Toledo too please

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    One point Toledo

    One point Ohio

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