Cheddar wk10, LSU +6.5 at Bama

Check it out:  I made it through the entire baseball season without watching one full inning.  Not even one full half-inning.  Actually I don’t think I watched a full at bat.

baseball-players-sleepingNow for several years I had purchased the MLB package and watched most (all?) of the Indians games on my Apple TV.  It was fine, like background noise.  But I don’t know… the farcical concept grasping mercantilism of MLB became too much.  As laughable as it is that cities able to support $200 million payrolls play in the same league with those who struggle at $25 million, I think I finally grew actively offended when I heard the lip service from MLB about recognizing how dull the 3.5 hour games had become and wanting to improve its pace of play.  The solution from the suits1 in baseball was:

"Because getting it right is most important."

“Because getting it right is most important.”

  • touch not the time used between innings for precious ad space;
  • adopt instant replay;
  • applaud selves on huge TV contracts and claim that data point as proof that game is strong.

Used to live in neighborhoods where I could walk to get will-call tickets at Fenway and Wrigley.  It was cool old school:  coming up the tunnel in Fenway is going from black and white to color.  Hitting the bleachers in Wrigley at 11am for a 2pm start is its own unique Chicago tradition.

But now, even in those places, the focus is on the peripheral, the act of going to an event — any event.  Christ Yawkey Way is like a Disney theme park imagineering of a city scape.  Any resemblance to old Wrigley now is accidental because God forbid your city not have an overbuilt publicly-funded shrine to the distraction that are sports.

The baseball that takes place inside the facilities is incidental.

Anyway, baseball can just fuck off.  I ain’t watching it, I ain’t funding it.  Couldn’t actually care less.

No lines on UVA/Miami, Jags/Jets, Titans/Saints.

Early post for the NIU/Toledo game.  Full lines up tomorrow. LSU/Bama will be the all-play.

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Straight outta Steubenville, the pinnacle of sports betting purity or degeneracy depending on your point of view.  Click to enlarge.


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  1. Picture 100 Alec Scheiner dinks at an MIT Conference doing a TED Talks roundtable on reaching new demographics. [back]
  • Matt Borcas

    Essay: Bears

    The Chargers don’t have a home-field advantage, and their players are dropping like flies. The loss of Keenan Allen will be a crushing blow to an already-decimated offense. Melvin Gordon has been underwhelming, and Philip Rivers has abysmal protection. Meanwhile, after an 0-3 start, the Bears have played better football over the past four games, due largely to Jay Cutler’s improved play. Cutler and Rivers famously despise each other (, and Cutler seems like the type of guy who’d elevate his level of play against a hated foe. I expect Alshon Jeffrey to have a big game and the Bears to roll here.

  • bupalos

    If anyone knows a more painful way to pretty much end your season than sitting in an actual room full of actual stooler fans in actual pittsburgh watching your potential season-saving poty-lobster die on the 1 yd line I’d like to hear it.

  • i’ll go ahead and jinx her: new leader pate is 70% on the year. 33-14-1.

  • trashycamaro

    Bama over LSU

    Colts over Broncos +4.5

    Eagles -3 over Cowboys

    Giants -2.5 over Broncos

    Panthers +2.5 over Packers

    Essay Bears +4 over Chargers Essay maybe later. Feeling the effects of last night still.

    • trashycamaro

      So lucky that my essay game was Monday night. Anyway, Chargers have been pretty bad, they are missing half their defense, and their number one playmaker just hit IR. Seriously, Allen has 60+ receptions and number 2 is Woodhead with about 40. Rough sledding for the Chargers even with Gates back at full strength. As they are heading down, the Bears are heading up. Jeffery and Cutler are back, and by all reports Langford is only half a step down from Forte. Meanwhile, their defense has been playing better recently. John Fox and Vic Fangio are at the top of a great defensive staff and as we move deeper in to the season and have an offense capable of sustaining some drives and taking the pressure off.

  • Matt Borcas

    4) Raiders +4.5 over Steelers
    5) Rams +2.5 over Vikes

  • HitTheHorns

    4) Titans +8
    5) 49ers +7
    6) Panthers +2.5

  • Tim Butler

    TCU (loss)
    Bama (win)
    Rams +2.5
    Dolphins +3
    Eagles -3
    Pack -2.5 essay.

    I’ve been struggling to hit my essays lately, so I’m going against my own thinking on this one. This line doesn’t make sense to me. If I were a line maker (which lucky for you guys, I am not), I’d have started this game at Car -3. When I think a line is wrong, and I try to bet the side I think is the “right” side, I’m usually wrong. The one thing I do have going in my favor is that the Panthers are coming off an overtime win on Monday night, and we all know, that the team that wins on Monday loses on Sunday. Go Bills.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Wisconsin (L)
    Bama (W)
    **Raiders +4.5
    I like Oakland’s chances today. Carr has been pretty impressive this year, and easily handled a really good Jets defense last week. Rothlisberger can’t seem to beat the Raiders no matter how good his numbers look. I want to hear Charles Woodson’s name a lot today. The Steelers are at less than full strength and have a much tougher schedule ahead, so the Raiders can end any hope they might have for their season. Plus with no Browns today, all Cleveland energy will be flowing Oakland’s way.

  • Andy Rhode

    My essay pick this week is Broncos -4.5.

    After watching the full force of the Broncos pick apart the Packers this week, I love them against the Colts this week. I don’t know what’s wrong with Andrew Luck but he looks good in barely one quarter each game. He’s made some late game comebacks, sure. That’s not going to be enough against this defense and a potentially rejuvenated offense.

    Peyton always has emotions playing against the Colts and even if his noodle arm is in peak noodliness, they’re going to have a field day offensively. They got some running game going last week. If they can throw the ball this week (savior Vernon Davis maybe??) I expect a 7+ point win. This line is too low and I’m grabbing it.

  • FTCMikeD

    NFL picks:
    Look for Peyton to look for some revenge against the Colts after last season’s playoff departure. His old team, in a controlled environment away from the cold. There will be plenty of Manning jerseys in the crowd. The Denver defense should be looked to feast all day on hobbled Andrew Luck. I’m sure 3 fractured ribs is not a pleasant feeling. Even worse when the likes of Von Miller, TJ Ward and company are coming for you. Broncos are on their way up and the Colts are on their way down. Broncos -4.5.

  • bupalos

    I hated derrick carr and his scripted throws coming out of college and last year while he showed some good signs it still looked to me like he has an inner weeden that wants to trap itself under a flag. His early action this year has seemingly answered all questions and put him on the fast track to canton, but i cant think of a more likely place for weeden demons to emerge than pittsburgh this week. This is mostly because the bupettes are dancing few scant miles from the tomato sauce palace right about the time Carr will be needing to squeeze a ball between a safety and linebacker to keep the game from becoming a 3rd quarter blowout. The bupettes karma field will take care of that. Time for some clarity here, so we’ll make this a POTY.

    • good god, you’re still on this?
      NINETEEN TD passes for carr. 7 for the _what_ “unscripted?” bridgewater.
      4 ints for carr; 6 for bridgewater.
      8 sacks of carr;; TWENTY for bridgewater.
      24 rush attempts by the purportedly pocket-friendly qb bridgeater; 12 for carr.

      there is virtually no metric that justifies your clinging to this carr loathing. there are zero raiders fans who would trade carr for birdgewater. inner weeden… sheesh.

      • bupalos

        Yes there’s supposed to be more self-deprecation in this than you’re reading and I got my payback with that excruciating game and my POTY play and lobster dreams dying on the 1 yard line while surrounded by deliriously happy bellowing yinzers and their nasty “food” and “beer.” So you needn’t pile on.

        I do still like bridgey and not all things move in straight lines. But Carr seems to have a work ethic that isn’t going to lose.

  • Petefranklin

    Essay: you have to be tough!

    We all, or most of us know what that statement stands for in our city. When our times get tough we deal with it in our own internal strength that comes from being stuck with our misery that can be called Cleveland luck.
    Lucky us to have our river catch on fire, right before those buildings and plants that caused the fire collapsed upon themselves literally.
    Lucky to be laughed at from dimwitted outsiders because our heart and sole got bought off by the mob and others who Influenced our politicians to the point where they didn’t give a fuck that we knew they were worthless whores.
    Lucky to see our bountiful middle class move to Columbus and further with all of our ne Ohio money being spent on on unneeded infrastructure the palacial state capital goons sucked out of us.
    I’m done with my rant but godammit it hurts to see some things that I am seeing in Cleveland, since I am writing this essay drunk on Great lakes Dortmunder. The people are great strong beings to continue here. Some are stronger than me I’ll admit but we are all strong…together!
    BTW Cleveland girls have great butts! I had forgotten. I stare here much more here than I do in Vegas. Lucky!

    Unlike our hatred for our hometown, the Titans hatred for Wisenhunt was real. Real deep. Titans plus the points.

    • Petefranklin


      I love you all!

  • brosef in for Cal via email.

  • limaontinder


  • PJD19

    Please give me:


    In addition to the Thursday night losers:(

  • bupalos

    Alybamy and Utah for Bup. We’re turning this ?@#! around.

  • clayII

    Kansas State (W)
    Bama (-6.5) / LSU

    tOSU (-23) / Minnesota

    Loosey goosey Cardale is the good Cardale, no threat of getting pulled or coming out in red zone. Minnesota had their big emotional post Kill game last week and even fucked that up. Urban will make a big deal to the team that they are #3 and not #1 so motivation will be there, and he wont take his foot off the gas. Only hesitation is we play sucky a lot in these home night games, but this should be a BEAT DOWN

  • DQuatts

    Green Bay
    St. Louis

    *Is this the win the makes the public start to view the Oakland Raiders as a good football team? Yes, they are young…but actually experienced. A few veterans keep their eyes on the prize every week and this will be no different. Traveling to a banged up Pittsburgh team, I see Oakland being able to make this a very close, very good game all around. Pittsburgh will struggle producing yards and Oakland will capitalize. This one will be a good one to watch.

  • oxr

    All-Play LSU +6.5 over Alabama, to begin what I devoutly hope will not be a fourth atrocious week in a row.

    • oxr

      Wow, I suck at the moment. However, after a run of good luck last year I promised myself I wouldn’t bemoan my lot when the pendulum swung back. I have had to remind myself of that promise several times lately as errant bounces, poor choices, and the Atlanta Falcons have brought me to rest in the 40s. It’s nice down here – no pressure to keep up, I can pick the Atlanta Falcons to my heart’s content.

      Raiders +4.5 over Steelers
      Eagles -3 over Cowboys
      Giants -2.5 over Bucs
      Rams +2.5 over Vikings – hello darkness my old friend

      Essay Falcons -7 over 49ers – As a dog returneth to his vomit, so I am essaying the Falcons again, two weeks after their amazing failure to cover a 3.5 point spread against the Titans. This is really just a simple pick against the Niners, who have had their moments this season but also just traded Vernon Davis and benched Kaepernick in favor of the one and only Blaine Gabbert. If Gabbert comes in and shows any spark at all this could get ugly, as the Falcons really aren’t any great shakes themselves, but if he continues to build on his record as one of the worst starting quarterbacks of the 21st century then even the Falcons shouldn’t be able to missed-field-goal/red-zone-interception their way out of this one. Oh yeah, Carlos Hyde is hurt too, I guess.

  • 1) Packers -2.5
    2) Wyoming +11.5
    3) New Mexico St. +17
    4) Southern Cal -17
    5) Alabama -6.5 (All-Play)
    6) Air Force -17 (Essay)

    Essay: Air Force – 17

    There’s no doubt Army is going to come to play for this game. Despite a 2-6 record they have generally been competitive in most games. Add in the rivalry and Commander-In-Chief’s trophy implications to this game and 17 points seems like a high spread. But, I’m just not buying that Army can keep pace with Air Force for four quarters. I saw a stat that Army is 2-18 in their last 20 games at Air Force. I did no fact checking on this, so hopefully what I read on the internet is accurate in this case, but that number is just astonishing to me because if this was the type of game where the “rivalry” could lead to anything happening, I wouldn’t expect such a one sided record.

    Thus, what I think the bigger factors in this game are going to be are the Air Force experience, the altitude, and Army’s inconsistency. Air Force has players accustomed to this system and the settings. I don’t see Army’s defense keeping up with the Air Force offense for the duration of this game, even if they do at the start. Even when Army’s defense has shown up, their offense generally has not. I don’t think this will end up being the game Army puts it together and I don’t think they will be able to keep it within 17 when the game is over.

  • Is anyone else having probs logging into Disqus?

    CleMPLS is having issues and I also got an alert saying ‘Kanick requires email authentication.’ I assure you that I don’t and that I haven’t altered the Disqus plug-in for any enhanced security.

    • Had that problem last weekend and authenticated my e-mail, no issues since.

      • Same.

        • really peeved here.
          i could move to wordpress’ comment system but think that would even be more disruptive.

          • It was no big deal on my end. Took 10 seconds to verify my email address and it was fine.

          • thatsfine

            This happened to me on Wednesday, it wasn’t difficult, no problems since then.

  • from CLEMPLS.

    Tennessee -17
    MSU -5.5
    LSU +6.5 (All Play)
    Vikings -2.5
    Dolphins +3
    Fla St. +12 (Essay)
    Sure seems like 12 points is a lot here. I know that FSU’s QB situation is up in the air, but I gotta think that Jimbo will have his guys ready to battle. I really like what Clemson brings to the table this year, but they have already been challenged a few times this year, and I don’t see this one as a runaway. They will give up some points and beat FSU, but the Noles will hang around long enough to cover here.

  • Its Only Money

    Colorado St
    All Play Alabama

    Essay Play Vikings
    I think these are two programs that are heading in the right direction. The Vikings are in the mix for a WC berth and the Rams are almost there. One place the Rams struggle is on the road, they only have one road win in 2015. The Vikings on the other hand have not lost at home yet this season. This should feature a great match-up of running backs, Gurley looks like he will become the heir apparent to AP in the NFL. Both defenses have a tough job in keeping the others ground game in check, the Ds are both very good though. I think the Vikes will get the better of the two here. I also see Bridgewater improving and the passing game will be able to spell AP when he needs it. I think the line is set at a pretty good spot as this should be a pretty entertaining and close game. I give the home team the edge here.

  • Tim Butler

    TCU and Bama today. NFL picks tomorrow.

  • thatsfine

    Ohio – L
    Alabama -6.5
    Georgia State +3.5
    Old Dominion +10
    UNLV -9.5 (essay)
    NFL pick to follow.

    UNLV is 2-6 but has been respectable in losses to NIU and Michigan, beating Nevada, losing close ones to Fresno and SJSU, and showing up for the first 45 minutes vs. Boise last week. Really – it was a tight game and the Rebels were playing well. It was a 1 TD game going into the 4th quarter, and then Boise dropped 28 points in a hurry. Hawaii, on the other hand, hasn’t dropped 28 points in an entire game this year. After getting crushed by AFA last week they mercifully fired Norm Chow. Worst
    rushing team in FBS (126th ranked total offense), worst rush defense in the MW. This week Hawaii is splitting starting QB reps in practice with an interim head coach at the helm before a road trip. Not a recipe for success.

    • thatsfine

      NFL pick
      Bucs +2.5

  • Navy
    NC State

    NFL tomorrow 😉


    • GIANTS -2.5. Emotional pick. I hate Jamies Winston.

      CHEDDAR $$$
      SAINTS -8.

      The Titans offense has been anemic in recent weeks, scoring 14 points or less in five of their last six games (including week two, against the NFL’s worst defense). Meanwhile, after a sluggish start, the Saints have managed to find their groove, and Drew Brees feels like Drew Brees again. (I’d also like to acknowledge that as good as he played last week, no one seemed to notice that Eli Manning threw for 6TDs and 0INTs himself. Just wanted to give a little pat on the back.) Add onto that, the Titans firing Ken Whisenhunt and Mariota missing the last two games due to injury. Taking the show on the road, in the dome, and I think this becomes blow out city.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Michigan State -5.5 for the Pick of the Year!!

  • jpftribe

    Browns – L
    MSU – Big consensus pick.
    Colts – I really wanted to essay this. Broncos bubble has to bust and away at the Colts seems the trap game.
    Panthers – are for real.
    LSU – I liked this pick before I knew it was all play.

    Steelers – Essay Pick

    Unlike the Browns, the Steelers will find a way to contain Crabtree and Cooper, disrupting Carr and creating havok on defense.
    Big Ben is back, and there is no denying just how good a QB he is. He started his career strong, but he is a much better QB than his first few years. With Bell out there is little step down in DeAngelo. Steelers need this win and I don’t see them rolling over.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Wisconsin*** Poty

    Last year I was at the osu/Maryland game in their big ten home debut and they got their butts kicked then just like will happen this afternoon. The only things going for the terps is they have a great atmosphere, spiffy uniforms, and homecoming weekend which all combined don’t help you win games. What we can expect from this game is at least 2 turnovers out of the terps with perry hills sloppy passing game. A couple big returns from will likely and some big defensive stops out of the badger d. The 13.5 point spread will be easily covered in this big ten matchup especially because we are in the November to remember and the badgers have only lost 1 game in conference and there are a lot of big games left to stir the pot. Go badgers

  • ChuckKoz

    Washington -1.5 (vs Utah)
    ASU +2.5 (at WSU)
    Bears +4 (at Chargers)
    Eagles -3 (at Cowboys)
    AP: LSU +6.5 (vs Bama)
    Essay: Ohio St -23 (vs Minnesota)

    Buckeyes have been rolling, then this JT thing happened. Presumably, this will lead many to question the ability to keep things rolling with Cardale back, who admittedly struggled badly in Big 10 play. However, I am banking on the trip to the bench being just want Cardale needed. Obviously, he was great last year off the bench. And he started this year strong, straight off the competition with JT. However, he must either be not good and all that stuff we saw at the end of the year was a mirage/miracle, or he just got too comfortable as the starter and needed that trip to the bench to get him back. I am wagering on the later. Buckeyes roll by at least 28.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    All play lsu +6
    West Virginia -8
    Broncos -4.5
    Steelers -4.5

    Dangelo Williams really softens the blow of bell being out. Plus Big Ben has a week under his belt. Going to be tough for the raiders to cross the country and keep this one close. Big Ben will expose this defense and Williams will keep them honest enough.

    • Harbaugh Handshakes

      falcons -7. Tough start.

  • Concierge

    EMU essay

    EMU- Some one has to win this game and I frankly think EMU has just enough fire power to cover the points. Since I usually pick in the MAC I figured I would be regret not essaying the worst college football game in the country. Darius Jackson is an NFL back and he will have a huge day against a young and inexperienced Miami D. Also think that EMU’s defense which is absolutely awful might actually have a chance against a Freshman QB. This may be a bit of a coin flip but in honor of MACtion I will roll with the Eagles in Oxford…. also EMU is 4-1 ATS in last 5 road games…

  • Petefranklin

    Florida St.
    OK St.

    • Petefranklin

      AP LSU

  • Dave Borcas

    Toledo loser
    TCU -5
    FSU +12
    LSU +6.5
    ND -9 essay
    Broncos -5.5

    I write this in the back seat on my way to Pittsburgh for ND V PITT. Last week I showed confidence in Pitt and they lets down. ND got a boost with some love in the playoff rankings. Pitt does nothing impressive and should get shut down by the ND defense. The crowd today will be split so it will almost be a home game. Then it’s off to the casino…..

  • Chris Schroeder

    -17 Air Force vs. Army
    +11 Arkansas @ Mississippi
    -2.5 New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    -4.5 Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts
    All Play: -6.5 Louisiana State vs. Alabama

    Essay: -5.5 Michigan State @ Nebraska
    Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
    Stadium: Memorial Stadium – Field Turf
    Capacity: 87,000
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Broadcast: ESPN
    Mascot: Sparty vs. Herbie Husker
    Fun Fact: Nebraska’s student section name ‘The Boneyard”

    The Game: Well, well Nebraska that transition into the Big Ten was promising, but it’s looking like that decision is starting to back fire on you. Old Bo was let go after winning 9 games in consecutive season. The standard at Nebraska as an understatement is high. That turf toe injury will linger for Mr. Armstrong and the Spartans defense wont make his day any easier. Michigan States watch Tuesday night for the release of the CFP and mix emotion probably surrounded the program this week. State will me motived to show the press that they can be explosive on both sides of the ball. I’m not calling a blow out, but at points in the game it will sure look like it. Michigan State wins and covers.

  • zarathustra

    Last week I commented that any success I’ve had around here was because of cannabis. I was joking. Well, half-joking anyway. So, as it was a part of the news cycle this week, let me try to explain the non-joking side of it.
    I’ve arrived at the conclusion through my experience that what cannabis does is cause at least a part of your subconscious mind to bubble up to the surface of the conscious mind. This can be incredibly uncomfortable which is why some people maybe experiment with it in their youth and decide it’s not for them. This also at least partly explains the pothead stereotype in our culture of the lazy person eating junk food and watching tv. I think some of that may be a function of running away and hiding from the subconscious. It’s only a theory from someone who finds the stereotype completely foreign to my experience. For me, it presents a tremendous opportunity for self-discovery. To observe your thoughts, see your neuroses, and observe your habits. Becoming acquainted with your subconscious can be a very uncomfortable thing, but if done with mindfulness and acceptance rather than judgement, fear and resistance this can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. If one was of a spiritual bent you might even say it allows you to awaken to your karma. Regardless, a better understanding of oneself provides a tremendous opportunity for improving oneself and one’s relationships with others. I joked to a friend recently that smoking a joint can be like reading a Tony Robbins book.
    So how does this relate to voting on football games? Because if one works with one’s neuroses and fears and however slowly begins the process of letting them go it clears the mind of so much distraction and negativity that one can much better focus on important things….like football voting.

    Today I like Penn St, Kentucky, Utah, TCU, Purdue, Arkansas, and Florida St. Tomorrow I like Steelers, Dolphins, and Cowboys.
    For the most part I like these pretty equally, but for our purposes here I will go with:

    Missy St (W)

    LSU +6.5 over Alabama

    Steelers -4.5 over Raiders
    I was on the Raiders last week. The reason being they were facing a banged-up Jets team that was traveling across the country after a heartbreaking loss to the hated Patriots. The Raiders are plenty good and a legit wildcard contender, but they’re last two wins were games maybe even a team as bad the Browns would win. They are way overvalued at this point. Now they are the ones traveling across country to face a Steelers team off a loss and with a guaranteed improved performance from Rothlisberger in his second game back from injury.

    Utah +1.5 over Washington
    Looking at how Utah has performed on the road since the beginning of last year:

    @ Michigan (won easily)
    @ UCLA–a team ranked in the top ten–the Utes won
    @ Oregon St (squeaked by, but won)
    @ ASU–ranked 14–lost in OT
    @ Stanford (won in 2OT)
    @ Colorado (escaped with yet another road win)
    This year:
    @ Fresno St (who cares….but they still won)
    @ Oregon–ranked 13–dominated them in their house at night.
    @ USC–got blown out in an absolutely terrible spot by a more talented team.

    Washington may have beaten USC this year, but they ain’t USC. They may have been able to move the ball last week against an unprepared Arizona team, but they won’t be doing that again this weekend.
    The Utes are the better team facing the only Pac-12 team they have yet to beat. I’ll wager they will be wide awake for their first road trip after their last one ended in embarrassment. Washington is a young team that is going to be really good, but they probably aren’t fully recovered from all the drinking and fornicating they did celebrating a blow-out victory against a not very good opponent. The Utes are not Arizona.

    TCU -5 over Oklahoma St
    I was not a believer in TCU coming in to this year. I thought they would still be good but were likely to drop off a bit and was never sold on Boykin. I still believe Oklahoma wins the conference and makes the playoff, but I’m finally coming around on TCU. They are the much better team here. I’ve watched a few Okie St games at this point and they are nowhere near the class of TCU. They will not be ranked by year’s end.

    Kentucky +14 over Georgia***
    This is Mark Richt’s last year with the Bulldogs and the season is circling the drain. The young qb they are committing to is not good. They’re backup running back is decent enough but he’s playing hurt. Brian Scottenheimer is somehow their high-priced OC and they are already looking to get rid of him. (Quite amazing how long-time Zara favorite Tavon Austin is playing this year now that Scottenheimer is no longer in St. Louis.)  Richt supposedly fired his defensive coordinator this week, but then the d coordinator allegedly punched him in the face and now he’s back on the job. Richt is a good coach, but he’s not good enough to stay at a place for well over a decade without winning something before thngs implode. He is John Cooper. He will be lucky if this year ends as well as it did for Cooper with that mediocre 2000 Buckeye team. Shit starts to get ugly today with a Kentucky upset.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      “see your neuroses, and observe your habits.”
      That is the most frightening thing that I have ever read.

  • ChuckKoz

    AP: LSU

  • jdoepke

    Still looking for that bounce back week to put me back above that red line. Here we go.

    LSU +6.5 (AP)
    Eagles -2.5
    Nebraska +5.5
    IU +7
    Ga St +3.5

    Navy +8
    The whole world thinks Memphis is a top 5 team, they’ve been so disrespected in the rankings…look they’re a good team but I saw Cincy take them to the wire on their home field with a freshman QB and they should’ve won if the freshman didn’t make a freshman mistake with 7 seconds left. Navy is always a tough matchup and I love the points I’m getting here. 54% bets on Memphis but 86% money on Navy. I normally don’t do football analysis but I think Navy controls the clock with their offense (Memphis defense ain’t that good) and takes advantage of a good spot where public is so high on Memphis for being “disrespected” in the rankings. Memphis 34 – Navy 30

  • Jmacdaddio

    UNC -7.5
    Utah +1.5
    Iowa -7 (Essay)
    LSU +6.5
    Giants -2.5
    Vikings -2.5

    Week 10 and all I need to do is get Lobsterfests from here on out to win the league. No problem. I took my degenerate pills this morning. At least I hope they were – I’ll be upset if I’m only getting a placebo. I guess I won’t know thanks to those darn clinical trial rules and regulations. Iowa has been a solid team most of the year, while Indiana is not terrible, which is about all they can expect from a school better known for a sport involving a round ball and peach baskets. I expected this spread to be much higher given the football gap between the two teams (Indiana lost to Rutgers…. say no more). While home field for Indiana is worth something, it should bring the spread down to non-blowout range, not a mere touchdown.

  • from PETER M

    Essasy Pick Pats -13.5 over Washington. The Cheaters have been good to me all year. They have dismantled lesser teams. If the Bucs can light up the Wash Defense, imagine what Brady will do.

    Speaking of bad defense, Eli Manning will have his way with the Bucs. Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the worst secondary in football.

    No Romo, Eagles beat the Boys.

    The Vikings have the QB the Browns passed on. Make yourself miserable, Watch Teddy lead his team to victory.

    ND beats Pitt. Pitt hasn’t played a significant game since 1979.

    Bama, just because.

  • squeekycleen


    Been a really crummy football year in this contest (not as bad outside of it), but still time to make a move. Typically, the late season weirdness plays to my advantage and this contest falls right into that basket. About midseason, I look over the remaining schedules of the contenders and look for some soft spots. Of all the contenders, this game jumped off the page. But that really is only part 1. If Mich St. showed up as a 10 pt fav I would have been much less enthusiastic. But 6?? Seriously, that is a weird one. I’m not sure what there is to like about Nebraska, but there must be something. This line is without a doubt baiting lots of Michigan St. action. Perhaps the square side cashes here, but I’m dubious. I’ll take my big shot with the Huskers. Hopefully Tommy Armstrong plays like Tommy Frazier.

  • Capitalgg

    Played some early #MACtion this week because early week MACtion is back. Still reeling a bit from the Domers spit the bit in a blowout spot against Temple. Seriously, other than ND being only kinda good, did that happen?

    All-play: LSU +6.5 @ Alabama: When in doubt, take the points?
    1. Toledo -7.5 v. Northern Illinois: LOSS
    2. Bowling Green -20.5 v. Ohio: WIN
    3. UMass -2 v. Akron
    4. Utah +2.5 @ Washington

    Matt Cassel is making his second start the Cowboys this week. He threw for an amazing 97 yards last week. On 13 completions. While he won’t be that bad, it figures to be a rough day for “America’s Team”. You have to think the numbers will be improved, but it doesn’t figure to be enough against an Eagles team in a bounceback spot after an ugly loss to the Panthers and a bye week. I expect Chip Kelly and the Eagles -3 to win this one easily.

  • GRRustlers

    Week 10 Picks

    Colorado (+16) over Stanford – You will not find a team in CFB that will improve more from the first snap of the season to the last than Colorado. A wonderful job by MacIntyre and Leavitt and the toughest QB in America not named Josh McCown. Sefo Liufau is going to hold a special place in Colorado history. All of this and David Shaw is terrified of Ralphie which is really funny to me.


    Washington (-1.5) over Utah – Washington is the team no one would want any part of in a 32 team playoff. Memphis and Toledo would beg for Utah.

    Florida State (+12) over Clemson – I don’t believe.

    AP – LSU (+6.5) over Alabama – Good luck playoff people figuring out the SEC.

    Essay Pick

    It’s bad enough that the Coach has been fired. Is there a worse coaching job in America than Hawaii? The rumblings are only going to get louder as to whether Hawaii will even have a football team going forward. When college football programs tell you they are losing money it’s perfectly logical to laugh right in their face. Hawaii should at least make you pause. Travel costs are real. No one goes to their games. The only people who watch them are gamblers and drunks (I watch a lot of Hawaii football). God bless you Robert Kekaula unless you are a Fresno fan. The end is near for Hawaii…it’s bad enough that we have lost the WAC and we may now lose Hawaii.

    Love UNLV this week.

    UNLV (-9.5) over Hawaii

    Pro Tip – Save Hawaii football…HIRE BOB STITT.

  • FTCMikeD

    For now…
    AP: Bama

  • Nick


  • HitTheHorns

    2) WVU -8: Song from my youth I’ve been singing all day: “when you roll with the Mountaineers, let Major Harris drive…”

    • HitTheHorns


      • HitTheHorns

        3) LSU +6.5

  • pateslvrblk

    bama msu cal giants*** eagles raiders
    essay to follow.

    • pateslvrblk

      Was very impressed with Giants’ *loss* last week. The offense kept coming back, showed a lot of heart. And six TD passes. And talent. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to seeing JPP’s debut. I don’t hate Jameis and love Mike Evans but don’t see Lovie Smith’s V-Jax-less Bucs on the same planet as Sean Payton’s Saints offensive-wise. Thrilled to play them for less than a field goal.

  • cwonder23

    BGSU -20.5 vs Ohio U (win)
    Maryland +13 vs Wiscy
    Panthers +2.5 vs Packers
    Broncos -4.5 @ Colts
    All Play: Bama -6.5 vs LSU
    Essay: Duke +7.5 vs UNC

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this UNC team and the Chizik-revamped defense. However, Duke has a got a great defense on the other side as well (12th in points against). They should be out for blood a week after getting hosed by the refs on “The Return.” Forecast calls for some wet coastal weather and a defensive grind which is why I will take the points here. Stolen stat of the week: Duke is 8-1 in their last nine games as an underdog and while I expect UNC to prevail, I think it will be low scoring and close. UNC 17-Duke 13.

  • super p forever

    iowa -7 indiana
    ND -9 pitt
    duke +7.5 north carolina
    broncos -4.5 indy
    all play: alabama -6.5 lsu
    essay: vanderbilt +21 florida

    The Gators’ defense is built to beat the AEC East, but their offense…

    It peters out from there. super p prime was reading it to me and I got distracted by the high school lines posted above.

    I’ve said many times to many people that there’s a grand sense of uncertainty in humanity that washes over me when I flip to KNR and hear in-depth discussion of high school football.

    So many questions:

    * How do these people know so much about high school football? Who has the time to follow it? Who could possibly watch all the high school games that you would need to in order to actually make judgements on the teams? Are these games even available to watch?

    * Assuming it’s even possible to actually be well-versed in high school football, why would you want to be well-versed and invested in high school kids that aren’t your relatives? Why are you so passionate about the skills and accomplishments of a 16 year-old you’ve never met? (I’m not implying anything salacious – I just don’t get it.)

    * Also, all those kids that die playing, and etc.

    And to gamble on it? People actually do this?

    In general, I’m not against people gambling (I’m not a gambler by nature and think it’s pretty destructive) but on high school football? Doesn’t that seem an even more uncertain gamble than random NBA games in January?

    (btw we almost picked the Browns last night, but I messed up and forgot to enter the picks. hahaa)

  • from UNCLE D

    what else is new, a fools pick ?!? well, I’m hosting a party for the browns / johnnies debacle in Cinci. however, some of my closest friends are bengals fans and i just can’t let them see me cheering for Cinci,. I’m gonna pray for some excitement out of the WR/s and hopefully the DB/s will finally have a break out game. I’m predicting a Cleveland upset, meaning, they cover the spread. en route to dismal finish to the season. HERE WE GO BROWNIES !


  • CleveLandThatILove

    Brownies for 1.

  • Nick

    Let this be my non essay week and make it the browns. For frowns, mountains, and iyengar.

  • jpftribe

    Browns for 1 point tonight. 11 points for a division game is too much.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Better write my essay while I’m here

    Georgia stinks. Kentucky stinks worse. Deep, deep thinking into this one. Saw Kentucky in person last week, at least with one eye open, and boy that team wouldn’t win the MAC. Either division. There’s apparently a shitstorm in Georgia and I know that staff stinks and apparently that QB stinks but as everybody is jumping off that wagon after The Cocktail Party, I’m hopping on because Kentucky doesn’t appear to be good at anything.

  • PJD19

    Essay pick of the week
    Browns over Bengals

    This is the one game I’m sure to watch this week. My family and I have certainly gathered no moss lately, but find ourselves currently resting our heads in Cleveland. We have lots of things to think about and work on and prepare for, but a Thursday night football game diversion for a few hours sounds like just the ticket. And after reading frowns stirring POTY prose, i want to back his play – as good friends do in things that matter. And cheddar bay POTY’s certainly matter, especially when picked by looking inward.

    Ubuff for one point

    remainder of the picks to come


    1. Kent ST +2.5

    • CLEVTA

      1. Kent (W)
      2. Titans +
      3. Indiana +7
      4. FSU +12
      5. LSU +6.5 (All Play)
      6. WVU -8 (Essay): Texas Tech’s defense is beyond awful. Like 121st in the nation bad on yds/play basis. WVU has gone thru a incredible Big12 gauntlet of Oklahoma, Ok St, Baylor, TCU with 3/4 coming on the road. That’s crazy. Now they get a chance to breathe a little bit going up against T Tech at home. I expect Skyler Howard to put up big numbers vs Tech’s d and in a land of horrendous defenses in the Big12, WVU is somewhat respectable. Tech at home is pretty competitive but stick them away from home and they are horrendous. In 4 away or neutral games they’ve gone 2-2 but lost by 36 and 28 and only beat Kansas by 10, the worst team in D1. WVU gets back on track with a double digit W here

  • limaontinder

    I’m sitting 25 points out of first place. I can blame many things on that fact, starting with the late entry. I can also blame spending time reading @ClevelandTMZ’s timeline instead of researching games. When I read that Frowns is picking the Browns tonight as his play of the year, I can only do one thing and that is go against Frowns. Why does that make sense? It doesn’t. Almost all of my instincts have been wrong and Frowns is sitting in 12th place and reminds me every time I talk to him that to win in Cheddar you just gotta hit your essay picks. It’s no mistake the upper echelon of the ranks are filled with people who have hit POTY and the bottom rungs are filled with those of did not. Listen, after watching Farmer sweat more than Lima during an STD test, there’s only one way this season is gonna go. The same week that Paul Brown lands a spot on the NFL Network is the same week that we’re reminded that Cincinatti benefited where the Browns fucked up and leadership matters. Decision makers matter. We have horrible ones. Bengals all the way tonight.

    • HitTheHorns

      Nice call.

    • This is what Cheddar Bay is all about.

  • HitTheHorns

    Essay: Bengals -11
    We have a lot of evidence that Cleveland is a good pick tonight. Cincy can’t lose and always cover, the Browns can’t win and never cover (this is evidence for CLE because these stats even out.) Public on CIN. Physical, emotional, season defining win in PIT last week for Bengals. Divison games on a short week tend to be played tight. Natural letdown spot against a beat up team starting a backup QB on a short week. Massive internal drama for the Browns this week. Bengals could be looking ahead to 11 days off after tonight. 11 points mean back door cover is in play. Clean sweep on of ‘experts’ picking Cincinnati. So if Cincy was playing any other team this week, I’d be picking the other team. Normal rules do not apply to the Browns.

  • UB for me tonite.

    • Tulsa***
      I was going in a different direction (Marshall) for my essay until Friday’s SMU/Temple game. Less interested in the final outcome, more interested in SMU playing Temple tough until fourth quarter. Makes last week’s nerve wracking Tulsa essay cover more significant. Increases my already strong fondness for Tulsa and their coach Phil Montgomery. Same Phil Montgomery who was Art Briles’ OC for seven odd years. Guess here is he’ll be one and done at Tulsa (should be an auction between VaTech and Miami for his services) so load up now. Load up on true Baylor warp-speed offense executed by less elite athletes but against sub Big 12 defenses. And this week, Tulsa is at home against totally checked out UCF. With George OLeary’s resignation after the Houston game, UCF gave up 50+ to Cincy. The QB is the interim HC and it’s hard to think he’s conjured a game plan equipped to dee-up against a Baylor offense. Tulsa is playing for bowls; UCF is currently in the Kansas zone.

      also PSU,

  • Matt Borcas

    Give me the Browns tonight in honor of Frownie’s POTY.

    • Matt Borcas

      LSU +6.5 over Bama
      OK. State +5 over TCU

  • Ohio high school playoff lines are back and posted above.
    If I had a second POTY and the ExecCmte would allow, Middies -25.5 all day long!!

  • Two picks of passion for tonight.

    One was decided this morning, Kent St. +2.5 vs. Buffalo because I love Kent at home and it’s still unseasonably warm out up there.

    The other was decided after I read this, “Which is to say that one of the best excuses for football is its effectiveness as a memory enhancer.” Thanks, Frowns. Essay for the week is Browns +11 over Bengals.

    This is really a very personal essay and I’m sure most of you wouldn’t enjoy it so I’ll save you from expanding this comment. The Browns played the Bengals on a Thursday night, in Cincinnati almost exactly a year ago. 364 days ago to be precise. I had been living in Nashville for three months, working part time for my company in Cleveland at home, and had yet to make a single friend in Nashville. I would say I hadn’t tried very hard, but frankly, I hadn’t tried at all.
    On this Thursday night last year, I had just arrived at a house in Denver that would serve as headquarters for my bachelorette party. With my little (22 yr. old) sister in tow, the front door swung open to my best girlfriend from college making chili with my best girlfriends in Cleveland, both of which from Dayton, but only one of which a Bengals fan. The Bengals fan and I cuddled up next to each other to catch up and watch the game while others arrived and food was served. I could not believe my eyes when the Browns took a commanding lead early on and I ditched the television broadcast to bask in the company of so many people that I love so much.
    I am not someone with lots of close and intimate girlfriends. I don’t have much experience with girls nights out or group texts. It was really special to be around a group of ten or so people that I had actually let into my life and had let me into theirs. Hardly any of them knew each other yet everyone got along swimmingly and it all started on that Thursday night.
    For the second half of the game, I relocated to the hot tub out back, where the night gets a little hazy, but I do vividly remember checking my phone from time to time and seeing the Browns score increase and the Bengals score not budging. Smiling slyly to myself, I knew it would be an amazing weekend, and it was.
    It’s also crazy to reflect and be grateful for all of the truly lovely friends I have made in Nashville now, how at this time last year I wasn’t married yet, and how I had no idea I would be working full time at a startup with people I absolutely adore and love working for. It’s amazing how much can change in one year. The one thing I hope to remain steady though, is the Browns. We were terrible at this point last year, too. Terribly good.

    • WVU -8 vs. Texas Tech
      Connecticut -6 vs. Tulane
      Wyoming +11.5 vs. Colorado State

  • zarathustra

    Mississippi St -8 over Mizzou

    I got this at 7 on Sunday night and prayed that it wouldn’t move so that I could essay it. I desperately want to chase this and essay it anyway, but will settle for a one-pointer for now.
    Missy St is not a great team by any means, but they technically are still alive in the west so should be plenty motivated coming off a bye. The offense started clicking the last few games albeit against inferior competition, but they come into tonight’s game with confidence.
    The Mizzou D is statistically one of the best in the SEC, but, as with my essay last week that mentioned the Georgia defensive statistics were inflated due to their competition, the same applies here. They’re FBS schedule has been Arky St, UCONN, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Vanderbilt. Vandy is by far one of the worst offenses in FBS and I would argue Georgia isn’t much better at this point; UCONN is maybe mediocre, and South Carolina is worse. The Mizzou defense does have a lot of talent up front so who knows, but I’ll wager this defense isn’t quite as good as it seems.
    The Mizzou offense is exactly as it seems though. They have faced some damn good defenses the past month so maybe it’s not entirely fair to judge them by the measly four field goals they were able to muster in those three games, or the less than 100 yards rushing they average on the year, or that freshman Drew Lock has failed to complete 43% of his passes in any of those games, but I will judge them anyway. Then consider Maty Mauk was reinstated during the bye so there was probably much relief throughout the team that just maybe the offense would improve. Not just relief, but hope. That hope likely all vanished when Maty was suspended from the program again this week. Back to Drew Lock, back to struggling to get field goals. Hope gone. Part of the beauty of this reality football contest is capitalizing on the broken dreams and fragile psyches of teenage and early 20-something football players. It is the type of fulfillment lacking in my life when it’s not football season. Thank you to the chairman and chairman emeritus as well as the executive committee for making it possible.

  • Life is, of course, evolution and involution. Sometimes you’ve got to wake up, and sometimes you’ve got to go to sleep. You’ve got to breathe in, and you’ve got to breathe out. If you do too much of one and not enough of the other, life, of course, starts to slip away.

    Of course, in this business of football voting, as with everything else, sometimes you’ve got to look out, and sometimes you’ve got to look in. If one were to break Cheddar Bay essays into just two categories, (s)he could do worse than to break them into votes based more on outward-looking reasons, and those based more on inward-looking reasons. E.g., on one hand, we’ll often see, “I’m voting for team X because it hasn’t covered in 5 weeks, and team Y’s quarterback/coach is terrible, and everyone else doesn’t understand this about the Xs and Os between these two teams.” And on the other hand, not quite as often, we’ll see things like: “I’m voting for team X because it’s my alma mater, and I’m here for the weekend for my reunion,” or “I’ll be in the booth with my brother, who’s calling the game for the X network,” or “I’m only going to get to watch one game this weekend and what fun is football if I don’t get to vote against the team wearing bloody flag jerseys, life is too short,” or “I was wandering through the woods and ran into an old man with no pants, who told me this and that.”

    Successful football voting, of course, requires both, as circumstances dictate. Too much of one and not enough of the other, and one’s place in the standings starts to slip away. You’ve got to breathe in, and you’ve got to breathe out. All the better if you can catch a whiff or a glimpse at what happens in the moments between the last breath leaving and the next breath coming in.

    Which is to say that one of the best excuses for football is its effectiveness as a memory enhancer. For every Super Bowl since 1996 (among many other games), tell me who was playing and I can remember exactly where I was, whom I was with, maybe what I did before or after, maybe even something silly that was bothering me at the time, but at least something of the inchoate from every one of those days. If nothing else, and like nothing else (for better or worse), football slows life down – makes it less of a blur – in this unquestionably real way.

    Which is to explain why Browns +11 over Bengals is my Pick of the Year.

    Because I could point to things like the fact that Bengals have in fact covered the spread every week so far this season and come in to tonight’s matchup as hot as a side could be, while the Browns look to have entered their annual spiral. I could say that the Browns aren’t as bad as their
    record says they are, that they’re due to show up well this week, that 11 points is a ton for a divisional matchup, that funny things happen more often than not on Thursday Night Football, and this is the perfect night for the Bengals to take one off, especially with this being the first night that they’ll be missing key starters to injury.

    But that wouldn’t be enough. Not with the Browns, and especially not with John Football taking the snaps.

    Which is to say that I’m on vacation in the mountains with a lady who had a dream that she should write a poem about the Browns covering the spread tonight. We’ll be watching the game with a Browns fan who lives in these mountains, whom we’d never have met were it not for all three of the Browns, the internet, and B.K.S. Iyengar. Some things a person has got to be down for, win or lose. I won’t soon forget. I am a damned fool who knows nothing. Here we go Brownies, here we go.

    • PJD19

      You’re the poet laureate of football voting. For inward reasons I’ll roll with you tonight on the browns.

    • Welp, it is like I was saying. SMU for one point tonight, please.

      • LSU, Panthers, Broncos and GMTFO, thx.

        • Cancel Broncos and give me Cal over Oregon instead, pls.

          • Forget the Panthers, too. The way my picks are going this week, the only thing that feels right now is a dive straight for the bottom of the dumpster. Redskins +14 over Pats. Looking forward to commiserating over this and other indignities with the illustrious “Pete Franklin” in person for the 1:00 games.

  • mmmmsnouts

    Have you ever played open-face Chinese poker? This is a devious variant of Chinese poker or pineapple, where you try and make three separate hands out of 13 cards. There’s a front 5-card hand, a middle 5-card hand, and a back 3-card hand. You get your first five cards at the beginning, then one at a time until you have 13. You have to use every card you’re given, and you have to make poker hands of descending strength from front to back. So if your front hand is two pair but your middle hand is three of a kind, it’s a foul. You earn or lose points (usually one point = $1) based on the hands you make and how they rank compared to the other players’ hands. You can earn bonus points for very strong hands, but if you foul, you lose at all three levels, which can be quite expensive.

    I’ve played live OFC one time. I was brought into a game one afternoon at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg by my friend Collin, former Cheddar contestant and my degenerate role model. I picked up the strategy of the game right away, but my cards were just dreadful. I was losing pretty badly for awhile, until finally I had the odds on my side. If you make queens or better in your back 3-card hand and you don’t foul, you get to play the next hand in “fantasyland.” Then you get all 13 cards dealt to you at the beginning, face down, and you can arrange your hands in advance. It’s a huge advantage and extremely profitable. There were four cards left in the deck. Three of them would complete my board and send me to “fantasyland,” where I could make up most of my losses in one fell swoop. The fourth card would make me foul. Guess which one I got. That was the last hand of OFC I’ve ever played.

    Anyway, I thought of that day when I decided to fade a notoriously bad handicapper last week and he somehow went 4-1, causing me to go 1-4. Like, of all the weeks I choose to do this, he finally comes good? Oh, and I lost ANOTHER bet by half a point. I’d have to see what my record is in that situation this year. I think I’ve lost every single one of them. I’m not good at this and I’m unlucky. What a horrible combination.

    ALL PLAY: LSU +6.5 vs. Alabama. I think it will be a little harder for Bama to slow down Fournette than for LSU to slow down Henry. Also I couldn’t live with myself if I was backing Jacob Coker.

    USF +3.5 vs. East Carolina. Really like the Bulls outright in this game. I know, I can’t believe it either!

    Kansas State +17.5 vs. Baylor. Slow pace + true freshman QB on the road + bad Baylor defense + half point.

    Houston -8 vs. Cincinnati. For Christmas this year, Tom Herman is getting PAID.

    Louisiana Tech -30 vs. North Texas. In his last year at USF, Skip Holtz hired Chris Cosh as his defensive coordinator. The defense was horrible and it got them both fired. Now Chris Cosh is North Texas’s DC and Louisiana Tech is legit explosive. Pray for the Mean Green.

    ESSAY: Giants -2.5 vs. Bucs

    Can we maybe get someone to coach the Bucs who isn’t jank? I mean, after Jon Gruden was fired for “only” going 9-7, I had to put up with Raheem Morris for 3 years, then Greg Schiano for 2, and now it’s Lovie Smith. The game is passing Lovie by, and his conservatism and bad game management should have cost them against Atlanta last week. While they were in the process of blowing a 17-point lead, the week after they blew a 24-point lead to Washington, I tweeted that the only thing keeping Lovie in charge was the phrase “Interim Coach Leslie Frazier.” It’s going to be a shame when Dirk Koetter leaves along with Lovie because Jameis is noticeably better now than he was in September. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the Bucs will come up short against a red-hot Eli Manning because they can’t stop anyone from throwing all over them (see: “game is passing Lovie by”). Plus there will be legions of meathead Giants fans in Tampa next Sunday. They’re going to have to power wash the whole stadium to get rid of the smell after the game. Ugh.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    NIU (win)
    Alabama -6.5
    Rams + 2.5
    Browns +11 Essay
    SMU + 13.5
    Bills -3

    I was going to take this as my no essay week because I am on vacation, but I had my first ever cheddar bay dream last night (really my first ever dream about football) and it involved my writing a poem about the Browns. I haven’t taken the Browns since my first week in cheddar bay. I was so naive then, confusing loyalty and strategy. Well I am not much of a poet (no more than I am an expert on anything except maybe rare football plays) but I have been trying to channel the spirit of Emily Dickinson all day ( but I may have gotten Samuel Taylor Coleridge instead). Cloaked in anonymity however, I had nothing to loose.

    What is a brownie?
    Sugar, salt, cocoa, flour and eggs,
    mix, bake and eat?
    No, dear lady

    What is a brownie?
    A uniformed youngster,
    cookies for sale?
    No, dear lady

    What is a brownie?
    Benevolent elf helper,
    cleaning my house?
    No, dear lady

    What is a brownie?
    Answer to my algorithm,
    end to a streak?
    Yes, dear lady

    Your poem is complete

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Kubla Khan built Xanadu on less. He also had chemical prompting far beyond the biki lettuce.
      Excellent effort.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Browns for 1 point please
    Kansas State too, for 1 point.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      LSU too please
      and Temple

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Western Kentucky

        • actovegin1armstrong

          **** Old Dominion ****
          UTSA’s quarterback Blake Bogenschutz is out with a concussion. Dalton Strum will be a quarterback with happy feet behind a very questionable offensive line.
          Old Dominion has a serviceable secondary and an almost adequate defensive front seven. That adds up to UTSA not being able to score enough to cover.
          Old Dominion has not covered in a game all year, some genius Vegas Guru may have noticed and the line has been adjusted accordingly.
          UTSA has had a revolving door at the all important center position and the rest of their offensive line has had defections from day one as well. I am still trying to figure out how the second worst team in college football could be a 10 point favorite when they lost last week to The Little Sisters of the Poor.

  • thatsfine

    Ohio +20.5

  • Concierge

    I will take Ohio for one point please

  • cwonder23

    BGSU -20.5 vs OU for one cheddar point please.

  • Concierge

    Toledo for one point tonight please.

  • Dave Borcas

    Give me Tolefo tonight please

  • Frowns and Agnes are in on NIU; FHCF is on Toledo.

    • ANd CapGG for Toledo

      • and capgg was on BGSU via twitter too

  • Petefranklin

    Toledo probably won’t get through their end of season schedule gauntlet unscathed, but they will handle NIU tonight.
    Toledo -7.5

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