Cheddar wk9: Packers -3 at Broncos

All play is Packers at Broncos, Sunday night, Packers favored by a FG.  No lines yet on Arizona at Washington (CFB), UTSA at UNT, Miami at Duke, Titans at Texans.

Just want to say that in spite of some frankly bizarre sniping from peculiar sources, this for me is shaping up as the best Cheddar season yet and no I’m not only talking about having my POTY safe and done with but that *is* nice.

I look at the leaderboard and love love love seeing new names up at the top.  Butler, Schroeder, AmpEsq were rookies last year, Wonder and Jmac the year before that and except for Tim, none have seen the playoffs.  And by the was MikeD is aka FTCMike from years past and again it’s nice to see him having a great start.  Quatts, Doepke paid dues, nice starts; Trashy and Horns establishing consistency.  It’s a great little community we’ve got going here.

But of special note are the women of Cheddar. With Pate grabbing her second Lobsterfest last week, matching SuperP, those two plus Kitty and CLTIL and Agnes are presently 108-57-7 or 65% ATS. 172 picks against the spread; 65% win rate. And what is there to say about Agnes: she spotted us three weeks and is within a point of the red line. Not only is yet to miss an essay but the essays themselves are great reads and finding value with teams like ULM, Kansas, and Ball Sate is catnip for handicappers.  Here’s her picks and they’re specktack.Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.42.44 PM

I’m pretty superstitious so generally want not to comment on anyone having a nice run.  So let me just say ‘jinx’ and absolve myself for the impending calamities all above named are sure to encounter now.

That’ll do for now.  I’ll update the missing lines as they come in.


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  • Dave Borcas

    Buckeyes -15.5 its time boys, and Zeke needs to make a Heisman push
    Much St -15 Somebody has to pay for the poor refs from last week and its Maryland
    LSU -8 because I don’t care for Brett Bilema
    Panthers -5 sure seems like a trap game doesn’t it?
    Oklahoma -2.5 (all play) Time for another pretender to be exposed and Mayfield is good!
    Cowboys -1.5 Boys starting to get healthy and need this or season is toast
    Tampa Bay and in particular Jameis Winston have been playing some good football. It has been 4 games since Winston threw a pick. He is sure looking like the real deal. Dallas has lost six in a row without Tony Romeo. Complicating that was Fez Bryant also out to bail out the back up QB’s. Both teams still have a shot at the playoffs, but both probably won’t after this game. With Dez Bryant back and the hope that Tony Romeo returns next week I believe the Cowboys play an inspired game of football. Darren McFadden is providing a needed running game, that is until he pulls, tears or breaks something.In the end I see the Greg Hardy led pass rush forcing Winston into some critical mistake and Fez Bryant tearing up the Bucks secondary. How bout them Cowboys?

  • RDGinCLE

    I figured when hit my first 4 essays and POTY and was in first place, regression to mean was a certainty. I didnt think it would be this bad. But, considering I watched ZERO snaps of college football this past Saturday and only half watched the Browns yesterday, Its not all that surprising I suppose. In an effort to go ofer this week, Ill take the Panthers at home tonight. I havent looked at the public action here, and I would normally like to be contrarian. But ill mix it up tonight and give the points. Cam seems to be on a mission, the Colts seem to be a mess. Not only that, there is karma at play here if the Colts are hiding injuries and this is a great opportunity for somewhat embattled Cam, who never seems to get the credit he deserves, to shine on a primetime stage vs golden boy Andrew Luck. This is sure to lose.

  • I’ll post the NIU/Toledo line tomorrow morning for anyone wanting to play it.
    The rest (including Wednesday OU/BGSU) will go up Wednesday AM.

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      I’ll take NIU for 1

  • PJD19

    Essay Pick Colts over Panthers

    An interesting Monday night match up. The colts haven’t looked very good so far this year. Infighting amongst the brass and they seem like sort of a hot mess. That being said the colts plan on being a playoff team (which is likely since they’re in the AFC south) and they have not given up on the season. Every year teams that start slow, figure things out at the midway point and rattle off a bunch of wins. And teams like the panthers that start hot start to slow down. I’ve always liked Frank Gore and he strikes me as the type of veteran bad ass that will provide some leadership and stability for the colts during this tough stretch. 7 is too many and the colts show up on Monday night.

  • Andy Rhode

    Essay pick this week is Vikings -1.

    It’s a homer pick, but I also think it’s an easy one to make. The Vikings defense is its strength and putting pressure on Cutler is all it takes to beat the Bears. The Bears probably aren’t as bad as their record would indicate, but the Vikings are going to have a field day attacking that offense. The bigger question is whether the Vikings can stay aggressive with a lead. They’ve shown a bad tendency to let up once they’re ahead and that worries me for this pick a little.

    Regardless, I like the Vikings this week to put an even tighter grip on the second spot in the NFC North.

  • from brosef

    Atlanta Cleveland bears.

  • from CLEMPLS

    Tennessee -8 (Win)
    Bengals PK
    Falcons -7
    Vikings -1
    Packers -3 (All Play)
    Jets -2 (Essay)

    Took the Raiders last week for my essay, now going against them here at home. The Raiders had the luxury of going up against that awful Chargers defense last week. Today, they are back home, but going up a Jets team coming off a tough loss in Foxboro last week. Carr is going to struggle against the Jets defense. The Jets run the ball well with Ivory, and Marshall/Decker is a pretty good duo for Fitz to sling the ball. Raiders will give up to many points here, and Carr will toss a pick or 2 in the second half.

  • clayII

    domers (L)
    Giants (+3) / Saints
    Raiders (+2) / Jets
    Colts (+7) / Panthers
    Broncos (+3) / Pack
    Rams (-9) / 49ers

    Rams are nice, thought they would beat Browns by 20, so good on Browns. 9ers blow, qb controversy on the road vs that D? oh… having a bad ass like Gurley gives the whole squad extra juice. Mike, make this my POTY !!!

  • brosef emails in with stanford.

  • oxr

    Arizona +4.5 over Washington, I guess.

    • defending champ playing possum into week 9.

    • oxr

      All-Play Packers -3 over Broncos, though it pains me to say it.

      Cardinals -4.5 over Browns
      Titans +4.5 over Texans
      Panthers -7 over Colts

      Essay Jets -2 over Raiders – Still getting used to this new-look “not awful” Raiders team but I think their demolition of the Chargers made them appear a bit better than they are, and even that virtual massacre only ended up an eight-point game. Meanwhile, the Jets actually played the Evil Empire pretty tough most of the way and they’re top ten in both offensive and defensive DVOA. This would be a signature win for Oakland, something in an altogether
      different category than beating the Chargers, Ravens, or Browns (sorry
      everyone). My judgment on essays the last couple of weeks has been horrible enough that I’ve been spent virtually the entire extra hour second-guessing this one, but ultimately two points is too inviting to pass up.

  • Matt Borcas

    Stanford and Temple, please

    • Matt Borcas

      Steelers and Cowboys, please

    • Matt Borcas

      Packers, please

    • Matt Borcas

      ESSAY: Colts
      Indy may be first in the AFC South, but tonight’s game in Carolina still feels like a must-win for them. A third straight loss would cause the friction between Irsay, Grigson, and Pagano to intensify, while a win over the undefeated would calm things down (for now, anyway). There’s a growing sentiment that Andrew Luck is overrated, and though he *has* seemed a bit off this year, I think he’ll be out to prove the doubters wrong (and will succeed at doing so). Meanwhile, the Panthers have yet to play a team with a winning record, so it’s hard to take their 6-0 record very seriously. At the very least, the Colts should keep this one close.

  • Please put me in on the Golden Gophers for 1 point in the sense of pouring one out for Jerry Kill.

  • bupalos

    Just totally beleaguered and beat down. Here are some garbage picks just to get it done:

    iowa state
    north texas

    • Hang in there, bup. We love you.

    • aww. lower case looks so sad when you do it like that.

    • bupalos

      Everything sucks. The Browns suck horribly. Like even worse than you could have predicted after watching 12 Peanuts specials. Because frankly, there is 1 where Charlie actually gets to kick the football! Twice! (and I think anyone who can name that iteration deserves a free cheddar entry for 2016).

      What else sucks? The fact that I egregiously wasted all these picks on these horrible teams and probably lost (dunno, who has time to check?) The fact that VW uses torqx bits on their caliper pins, and t-25 isn’t in any regular set. Mortgage interest. Staph. Lots of stuff. None any more than the Cleveland Browns. FUCK.

      But you know what doesn’t suck? Public ownership. How sweet would it be to have that that Tennessee fuck-face staring at his balance sheet and only having it show 790 million dollars of global warming profiteering instead of 1600 million dollars of global-warming-plus-vampring-off-pure-virtue-while-sucking-horribly-at-your-ONE-FUCKING-JOB-YOU-DUMB-FUCK type-profiteering? It would be sweet. I assume. And in the name of that glorious vision of victory, I FUCKING SWEAR THE GREEN BAY PACKERS WHO HAVEN’T FUCKED WITH THEIR UNIFORMS IN FOREVER AND DON’T HAVE A FUCKING “OWNER” TO FUCKING “SET THE TONE” WILL FUCKING DESTROY THE OTHER FUCKING TEAM THEY ARE PLAYING THAT PROBABLY HAS SOME FUCKING ASSHOLE PROFITEER FUCKER FUCKING “OWNING” THEM.

      i sign off with my favorite line from the (as it turns out) much-too-smiley movie “Platoon:” “Fucking fuckers!…Fuck!” The line is in there. Watch it. Embrace it. FUCK!!!!!

      3 points!

  • Its Only Money

    All Play Packers

    Essay Chiefs
    My plays are usually ones where I am picking against teams as opposed to picking for another. This is another of those games. I think the Lions are just not a very good football team. Bad football teams struggle on the road. The Chiefs are only really marginally better but I think the home cooking will keep them ahead and safely covering the number. The Chiefs defense should be able to contain what has so far been an inexplicably weak offense. The Chiefs D has given up some points to teams that are undefeated, but the rest of their opponents have struggled to put up more than 17. The win last week against the Stillers should give the Chiefs a little confidence going into the game and I think that will carry them to another cover.

  • Nick

    5) Idaho -5.5 Essay because Kitty said so

    I didn’t even realize Idaho had a division 1 football team until my wife aka kitty pryde picked them to cover last week. This is an essay pick of love, to my wonderful wife, the love of my life, who recently just got a job in private equity because she’s a boss b****. As it happens we went to a wedding in Big Sky, Montana this summer. We flew into Seattle, stayed in the Artic Club hotel, loaded up on lettuce, ate a bunch of crab, then we drove to Glacier National Park. On our way to Montana, Katie got pulled over for speeding. She got off with a warning because no one gives Katie speeding tickets, and then we stopped in Coeur d’alene for lunch. I always pronounce the name incorrectly. It was the first time either of us have ever been to Idaho. We had lunch at a large, empty, mostly out of place Asian restaurant that overlooked the lake. It was an overcast day so there weren’t as many boaters out on the lake. The meal was pleasant enough I think, but we were happy to move along. Strange life living way up there in the mountains. The rest of the trip was a lot of fun. Yellowstone was great.

    6) Broncos +3 Packers bread and butter game for peyton, middle of regular season, over hyped non-conference opponent, this is is exactly the type of meaningless game peyton has shined in his whole career.

    • Petefranklin

      Yellowstone is great, but Glacier is the best!

      • sad to say i’ve seen none in person. where does yosemite rank here? guessing but:
        1. glacier, 2. yosemite, 3. yellowstone?

        • Petefranklin

          Yosemite is so crowded in the valley, but that makes it fun as well. There is a pizza and margarita bar for some evening entertainment with some new found friends. Most people don’t even see much of Yosemite, they just drive through. You have to do the 13 mile hike up HalfDome to get the full experience. I also rock climbed one third of the face, which was incredible.
          Yellowstone is much more park like I would say.Very cool with all the wildlife you see up close. Very active with the cauldrons and geysers. And the camping was great at the eastern edge campground. Definitely the must see of the three, especially for kids.
          Glacier is Yosemite without the crowds and shear rock faces. Very grand. A must see along with Yellowstone on the same trip, as they are somewhat near each other.
          1. Yosemite
          2. Yellowstone
          3. Glacier
          4. Bryce Canyon
          5. Zion

          Redwood forest kind of sucks, too much Granola being eaten around there. Sequoia was cool last time I was there when Sipe was qb, I need to take the family there soon.

  • DQuatts

    Green Bay
    **Air Force Academy

    Why not, Air Force? Why not? Heading to an ideal location to play a late game…what better prepared team out there than those that travel by air as a habit….as a ritual. I do not know much about this Hawaii team, but I do know Air Force. I know they can fight and I know they will be prepared. Give me the points in this one. With a kickoff time of 1am EST, if I get to the end of this game, shouldn’t that at least deserve a 1/2 point?? All jokes aside, Air Force controls the ball and the clock in this one….taking home the W from beautiful Honolulu. Happy Halloween, everyone!

    • DQuatts

      Mike B,

      I am terribly sorry but can you remove my Essay play on Air Force? I misread the line on that game. I’ll be back shortly with an essay pick on the NFL. Thank you in advance!


      • got it. just resubmit the form with all the picks and i’ll kill the prior one. (or i’ll edit.) (either way, i got you.)

        • DQuatts

          Thank you, Sir! A quick write-up on why I like the New York Football Giants: 1) the Giants are the better team. They have a chance to really take hold of the NFC East with a Win. 2) the Giants have a well-balanced offense once again and Eli Manning has options to audible and adjust in-game to keep NO defense guessing. 3) speaking of NO defense, it’s inconsistent. It lacks leadership and significant pass rushing. Two areas that a veteran Manning will expose. Giants get a W and keep on chugging.

  • 1) Cal +6
    2) Kansas +39.5
    3) North Texas +9.5
    4) App. St. -24
    5) Boise St. -20.5 (Essay)
    6) Packers -3 (All-Play)

    Essay: Boise St. -20.5

    When my main concern about this game is the fact that it is Boise’s first day game of the year, I’m feeling pretty good about the pick. Boise State is top in the Mountain West in scoring offense and scoring defense. UNLV is just not very good. The Rebels do get their QB back today, which should balance the offense some, but the games he had played in this year so far didn’t seem to go so well and it seems some believe the QB who filled in may be the better option (trustworthy opinions or not, I do not know). Despite having a week off to get back into rhythm, there’s still likely to be some miscommunication and disconnection once the game begins and the Boise defense is bearing down.

    What this game really comes down to though, as far as ensuring a cover, is whether or not Boise can protect the football. UNLV does have 10 INTs this year and Boise has had times where they’ve shown the propensity to turn the ball over. I don’t think the turnover bug will strike Boise today and I think they’ll control the game on both sides of the ball and put plenty of points on the board in the process.

    • Just realized the text of the post said no line on the UNT game yet, but the sheet seemed to have -9.5 for UTSA (and I didn’t see any line on the Tweet w/ late lines). Is that line on the sheet in play, or is there still no line and I need to make another pick?

      • was my mistake. the line of 9.5 is correct.

  • The Iron Sheik


    You want to talk about being mad and wanting to kick the crap out of anyone that gets nearby- well Minnesota watch out because you are too close. After that devastating loss in dramatic fashion to Msu in there last game Coach harbaugh won’t let this one be close and this 14 point spread will be busted open early and the Wolverines will won’t look back. To sum this one up Michigan is far more talented on both sides of the ball and don’t have the distractions of a retiring coach or numerous injuries to deal with- mich wins 35-3.

  • ChuckKoz

    Temple +10 (vs ND)
    Bears +1 (vs Vikings)
    Raiders +2 (vs Jets)
    Panthers -7 (vs Colts)
    AP: Packers -3 (at Broncos)
    Essay: Seahawks -6 (at Cowboys)

    The Seahawks losses are all close losses to very formidable opponent’s. While they are still a far cry from looking like the dominant team in recent years, the parts are mostly there and likely to come together to make a strong playoff push. Meanwhile, Dallas continues to be in disarray. Any step forward they made last week in their close loss to the Giants is offset by the words and actions of their scum bag owner who praises that lunatic on defense who almost definitely is a negative distraction for the team. And while I sort of think that distraction talk is pretty lame by me, I just don’t want to live in a world where Dallas rebounds this week after Jerry Jones acted so tone deaf. So count me down for the hawks by a TD.

  • trashycamaro

    Kentucky +8.5 over Tennessee Kentucky has been solid this year and kept pace with several good teams. I don’t see them winning, even at home, but I do see the game being within a touchdown.

  • Tim Butler

    Broncos (all play)
    Seahawks (essay) Tomorrow.

    • Tim Butler

      Seattle essay:

      When does it not matter that you are getting one of the best wide receivers in the league back into your offense? When Matt Cassell is throwing him the ball. EJ has been terrible this year for the Bills in his 2 starts, he single-handedly cost us the London game vs the Jags, and I still think we made the right decision in keeping him over Cassell. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was a shutout. I’m calling 10-0 Seattle final.

  • HitTheHorns

    3) Stanford -12
    4) Steelers PK
    5) Broncos +3
    6) SF 49ers +9

  • limaontinder

    A home 1-6 favorite? Lovely. Sure, the Ravens and Chargers have combined for like, 4 wins or something like that, but the Ravens have lost their 6 games by a total of something like 30 points (please don’t fact check that). They’ve been in just about every game, and the Chargers are flying clear across the country and it’d sure be nice for Mr. Elite and company to win one at home.

    South Carolina
    Ravens (essay)
    Packers (all play)

  • Nick

    3. Syracuse
    4. ND

  • CleveLandThatILove

    ND -10
    USC -6
    Bengals PK
    AP Pack of course
    **Jets -2
    Well, the Jets covered for me the past 2 weeks so i need to give them some love. I wish this game was on here, I think it’s going to be a good one with both teams working for the wildcard spot. Oakland has turned the corner and it will be nice to see some new teams in the playoffs in the next few years instead of the same old ones (except GB who should always be there because they are just special). I’ll go with the more experienced team at this point. His O-line will be tested big time, but they take good care of Fitzpatrick – only four sacks in 7 weeks. The Jets secondary is solid across the board (hey Buster Skrine!) so Carr will need to be sharp and the Raiders may need to get creative.

    Also – Mike I agree, great mix and fun group this year.

  • KENTUCKY. I’ve got two former college teammates on the Vol’s staff. Until they prove consistent, I’m taking the points.
    OLE MISS. They should boat race Auburn.
    VA TECH. They might win this game 3-0.
    CARDINALS. How does anyone have faith that we can stop these guys? 60 and sunny for kickoff.
    PACKERS. Aaron Rodgers, until further notice.

    $$$ SYRACUSE $$$
    Haven’t seen a line change notification from the committee on this, so I’ll assume it’s kosher. But, even had Dalvin Cook and Everett Golson been playing today, this would have been appetizing. FSU has been riding past accomplishments all season, and it was a matter of time before somebody got em. Cuse’s D is solid, and if they can hang until halftime against the Noles’ b-squad, they may be able to sneak away with the outright W. The ACC has a clearcut leader atop it in UNC, and everyone else seems to be trending towards mediocrity.


    Tennessee -8

    NFL picks to be made later today or tomorrow morning

  • Dave Borcas

    Pitt +3 (loser)
    Clemson -10
    Texas =6.5
    Rutgers +20.5
    Bengals pickem
    Packers -3 (all play and essay)
    The smart money says don’t bet against the Broncos at home, especially if they are getting points. The smart money also says that I should book bets rather than make bets. Well lets just leave the smarts out of this pick bad go with my eyes. The Packers have been playing through some injuries on both sides of the ball and are just about 100% now. Their defense although not as stout as Denver has a really good pass rush. The Browns game was the first time I have seen the Broncos for an entire game. They do have a solid defense that takes advantaged when opportunities arise. Their offense on the other hand is just waiting to be exposed. Peyton Manning although till very accurate and still offers big play ability, suffers from poor arm strength. The Packers offense is just plain really good. Aaron Rodgers makes a mediocre group of receivers all pro, as the really good QB’s always do. The running game is solid and their defense also has big play ability. I see the Broncos getting a dose of reality and the Packers overcoming the Mile High Mystique.

  • zarathustra

    North Carolina -3 over Pittsburgh (W)

    Packers -3 over Broncos (all-play)

    Penn St -5 over Illinois

    Penn St may not be that good, but they are playing with revenge against a banged up Illinois team going on the road and coming off physical games vs Iowa and Wisconsin. Penn St should roll, but they won’t. 22-15 will be enough to cover though.

    Wazzu +12 over Stanford

    One of the most efficient offenses in the country getting over 10 points at home for a Halloween night game? Against a team that everyone is a little too in love with at this point? I’ve been riding Wazzu for a while now and don’t see any reason to stop now. As I said here last week….I think it is finally happening with Mike Leach in Pullman.

    Arizona +4.5 over Washington

    I’m all on board with what they are building in Washington. I picked them here in the upset at USC and I suspect I will pick them a lot next season. The defense is very promising, but they are awful on offense and that is the only way to beat this Arizona team (which I have a boderline hatred for mind you.) For as good as the Washington D is the Rich-Rod offense will wear them down and for as putrid as the Zona D is Washington won’t be able to keep up.

    Florida -2.5 over Georgia***

    The other day I wrote that I believe that North Carolina is a legitimate dark horse playoff contender. I’m definitely standing with that, but understand that there is still a relatively low probability of it actually happening. Not such a low probability is that the SEC champ will be in. I believe the Gators will be said champion. They will run the table through the regular season and on a neutral field will win a rematch with LSU (though I think they certainly could beat Ole Miss again; Bama would be a challenge but I don’t see them winning the west.) My prediction on the other playoff teams is Oklahoma, Ohio St, and…..I don’t know. Clemson will likely Clemson next week and be out. I got the Noles losing to the Gators so they’re out. Stanford has at least one more loss coming in my view (upset alert for tonight, but also have Notre Dame, and most likely Utah/USC in the conference championship–USC wins a rematch.) Notre Dame has to go to Stanford, which will be tough, but is winnable so I guess I will go with them. Ohio St, Florida, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame.
    I think McElwain is one of the best coaches in college. I love the idea of him off a bye. I’m totally down with Treon at qb and have great confidence in McElwain developing him for the stretch run.
    The Georgia defense has struggled with dual-threat quarterbacks and while statistically their pass d is very good please consider that they have played South Carolina, Vandy, and Mizzou.
    I decided on this pick earlier in the week definitely in part because of Lambert at qb for the Dawgs and his not starting gives me some pause, but the fact that Bauta has been third-string and hasn’t been able to beat Lambert out thus far diminishes most of my concern. More than anything it demonstrates to me that Coach Richt is desperate and this is a panic move made under the pressure of the big game.
    In contrast, here’s McElwain channeling the Sambala warrior within: “This is why you get into it — to play in games like this. If you’re not prepared and you’re scared, then this probably isn’t the place for you because this is the expectation of the University of Florida.”
    Smile at fear, Jim.

    • zarathustra

      Tomorrow I also like Lions, Ravens, Raiders, and Bears.
      Oh….and let’s make the Gators my POTY.

      • You keep doing what you’re doing, Zara. Wow.

        • zarathustra

          Thanks! Mostly cannabis. I think I’ll keep at it.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Gophers +14
    Jets -2

    Packers -3
    Vikes -1
    Cards -4.5

    Essay: Notre Dame -10

    First this game will be a home game for Notre Dame in Philly. I was also checking out who Temple has beaten and it looks like their best win came against…Penn State wah wah wahhhhhh. Notre Dame will be up against this team withgameday being in town and really needing to roll every team in their path to get back into the playoff picture, I think Notre Dame is a step up in class for temple and it will show tonight. Notre Dame rolls 35-17.

  • jpftribe

    No essay week. Moving flats with limited broadband.
    Packers- essay pick

  • I’m no damn fool, give me Old Dominion +24 over W. Ky. today. Will also have N.C. State +10 over Clemson. Back by tomorrow with for Not For Longs. In the meantime, SMDH at anyone picking anything Arizona over anything Cleveland, ever.

    • Guys, a 26-1 Cheddar tally on Notre Dame as 10-point favorites and public favorites on the road at night against a team with a good and potentially great defense and a HC on the come up? What is going on here? Smells like nothing good to me. I just found out I get to watch football tonight where before I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to watch anything this weekend and was contemplating a Cowboys essay again (I know), so: Pick of the Week: Temple +10 over Notre Dame. The Irish always seem to find a way to lose games like this with turnovers at the worst possible times. I don’t love the idea of Temple having to score points against this ND defense, but Jahad Thomas and Robby Anderson are guys who can score on any play (Anderson had a breakout game at East Carolina last week in an impressive showing for the Owls). Undefeated or not, dumb money isn’t giving Temple any respect here. They’re playing with house money, too, while ND has everything to lose. Will take the points here to guarantee that at least someone will be happy around here tonight.

      NFN, Old Dominion covered +25.5 IRL. Bless you, Agnes.

      OK, back by tomorrow with 3 Not For Longs.

      • clayII

        temple take strong homie. get out to a game with us. me and gavin in 528. new tailgate spot at burke

        • Thanks yessir, will definitely be there for the Niners game not sure if before that.

      • Posted U. Minnesota above (W).

        Will round out my slate with
        the Steelers and Packers. As much as I’d love Cincy to win this in their quest to save us from the Pats in the Super Bowl, with a 3 game divisional lead, on the road, they can afford to play vanilla and collect some tape on Pitt for in case they need it later. I also think the Browns pull off at least a cover today but I’m out of picks. As for GB, flip a coin or I guess a Broncos pick just seems too transparently sharp to actually be sharp.

  • jdoepke

    Need a big week, here we go.

    Packers -3 (AP)
    Vandy +11.5
    SMU +3.5
    Penn St -5
    Iowa St +6.5

    Texas Tech +3
    Hosting undefeated Okie St, line seem slow at 3 and 60% of bets are on Okie St; yet 79% money with the home dog. O/U opened at 78 and is up to 79. That high of a total and that low of a line tells me lots of points and take the dog. Tx Tech 38 – Okie St 37 at the gun (up).

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Browns: Clowns got their asses handed to them last week versus physical Rams and now have another tough assignment at home vs. Cardinals. I’m still not drinking the Cardinals Kool-Aid. Not sold on Palmer, not sold on the run game, not sold on the defense. Clowns have found ways to hang around in games and with a short week looming on deck think they find a way to rally and put together a good effort here. Clowns for the essay.


    NC St.

    All play: Broncos

  • Capitalgg

    All-Play: Packers -3 @ Broncos. Denver has been more lucky than good as an unbeaten. Packers are NFC’s top team. Mile High elevation likely only thing keeping this one close.
    1. Clemson -10 @ NC State. Very close to being my essay this week.
    2. Michigan -14 v. Minnesota. Worse Michigan teams have owned Minnesota in recent years. The emotion of Coach Kill’s retirement earlier this week has a deterimental effect on the Gophers here. Michigan rolls.
    3. Iowa -17 v. Maryland. This is mostly a wager against Maryland being competitive. I feel good about this.
    4. Houston -11.5 v. Vanderbilt. Tom Herman shows off all the toys against the SEC bottom-feeder.

    I avoided the Burgermeister jinx, so this is the week I pull the trigger on my 5 STAR, SUPER AWESOME, MEGA, PLAY OF THE YEAR! And hoo-boy do we have a humdinger. Unbeaten Temple hosting once beaten Notre Dame.

    I’ll tell you how this one goes. Temple rides a wave of emotion of adreneline into a the 2nd quarter of either a 7-7 tie or a 7-3 type lead. Then the Irish figure out the Temple attack and this one is a snoozer until Temple throws a garbage time score on the board. Notre Dame will walk out with a 38 or 42 points on the scoreboard and a 30-ish point win. Too much defense. Brian Kelly’s offensive scheme is too good.

    Temple’s best win is over a so-so at best Penn St. team opening week. Temple has benefited from lowered expectation of being, well, Temple and sneaking up on people. But now they are 7-0, ranked, and hosting College Gameday. They won’t be sneaking up on an Irish team who’s lone loss was a close one to arguably the best team in CFB on the road in Clemson. So Notre Dame -10 over Temple in the Linc which will be a virtual ND home game.

    • cwonder23

      I was wondering when someone would pick Iowa. Glad to see you did it. I like them…in general. 🙂

  • Jmacdaddio

    Cal +6
    UMass +3
    Virginia +6
    Oklahoma St -3 (Essay)
    Bengals PK
    Broncos +3

    I’d like to essay the New York Mets however this is a weekly football picking season-long competition requiring skill (most definitely not a game of chance) and not a weekly baseball competition. I’m also overcome with emotion at how DraftKings and FanDuel are going to self-regulate. If I want to gamble the grocery money away on Andy Dalton’s stats against the Steelers, no gub’mint can stop me.

    Meanwhile, Oklahoma State should have been favored by 9 billion given that they are putting up points a good clip. Texas Tech is putting up points at a good clip, however they’re also giving up more than they put up. Look Ma, I scored 5 touchdowns… but I gave up 8.. isn’t a recipe for success.

  • FTCMikeD

    Colo St

    AP: Broncos
    Bag the Essay week pick: Falcons

  • GRRustlers

    Week 9 Picks

    Seattle (-6) over Dallas – I work with this Cowboys fan who blames Tony Romo for everything. Poverty. War. Other random things people get upset about. Guy has went silent…weird.

    Akron (+3.5) over CMU – Eventually Akron has to turn the corner with Bowden.

    WKU (-24) over ODU – You can do this ODU. Perfection is there for the taking.

    Carolina (-7) over Indy – I want a 5-11 division champ so badly.

    AP – Denver (+3) over Packers – Manning is a shell of himself but who cares…this may be the best team he has ever played on.

    Essay Pick

    What the hell is going on at ABC?

    It’s bad enough that I don’t get Brent every Saturday night checking out the young ladies and trying to figure out what side he is on…now you have given a national audience in back to back weeks trips to Rutgers and Temple. What’s next ABC? A trip to Boulder next week?

    (Side note: Since I just took a cheap shot at my own favorite team I must ask the question…why the hell is Colorado playing Stanford at 11AM next week? For both people who get the PAC12 network? Files this away for next week picks…I’m sure Stanford is thrilled playing at 10AM Pacific.)

    Getting back to the game this week…Temple is a great story and I’m sure it will be fun for them to welcome in the Irish to a nice big NFL stadium and get that national TV audience. The problem is that at the end of the day you are nothing more than a middle of the road MAC school Temple. I guess you are in this new American conference now which is really great for you.

    Notre Dame and the fact that a Power 5 Conference Champ will miss the playoffs is reason enough that the 4 team playoff is dumb. 8 would be better and 16 would be perfect. ALL the conference champs should get in. Mainly to see which team would be super pissed off to draw Toledo in the 1st round. Anyways…Irish roll.

    Notre Dame (-10) over Temple

  • thatsfine

    Wyoming +28
    Essay, see below – accidentally posted as a response to CleveTA – sorry about that.

    • thatsfine

      Well, let’s try to salvage a few points.
      Vanderbilt +11.5
      GaSt +19
      Boise -20
      Troy +24

      • thatsfine



    1. Nc st +10
    2. T Tech +3
    3. Minn +14
    4. Lions +5
    5. Broncos +3 all play
    6. Jets -2 (essay): jets proved last week they can play with anybody. They may be a top 5 team. Oakland has played well at times but Carr has proven this year that when he faces a good D in a step up in class defensively, the offense falls on their faces. Against Cinci and Denver, Oakland offense could only muster a total of 23 points. Amari won’t be able to separate from Revis and that Jets DL will stuff Murray and the run. Fitz and Marshall/Decker should have a field day against that Oak secondary

    • thatsfine

      Let’s go ahead and essay this one. Wyoming has been trending upwards, even though last week was a step back
      vs. Boise State. This week they are missing their starting QB and
      starting a redshirt freshman. I don’t really think it will be much of a
      dropoff and I don’t think Vegas thought so either. I look for the Aggies
      to exploit Wyoming’s weak run defense but 28 seems like too much to
      give. I’m sorry I accidentally dropped this as a response to CleveTA – trying to do this from my phone.

  • Nick

    2) Wyoming +28

  • HitTheHorns

    2) Essay Arizona Cardinals -4.5

    I know this is not the place for me to go on a rant, but rather a place to pick football games against the spread. Also, I apologize for being vague, but for all I know this guy is still being paid by the Browns and God forbid the wrong person see this. I have nephews aged 13 and 10, and my brother is very involved in coaching basketball and baseball. We are not a soccer family, so my brother has had to trust the AAU/travel team system and hope his boys got connected with good people. Well my oldest nephew is playing on a good travel soccer team now. His assistant coach is…well I’ll just say he is someone who has had decision making authority in the Browns organization in the past 10 years. My brother has known this guy for a while but never bought up the Browns (my bro is 45, was a teenager during the golden era of the 80s, and his fandom had an obvious influence on me when I was choosing my affiliations as a little kid.) Finally last week he told the man that we have season tickets, have been lifelong fans, and couldn’t be more disillusioned with what is going on in Cleveland. The man had two responses: 1) nobody wants to physically be in Cleveland; when the season ends, players go to Texas or Florida or Wisconsin or California. Nobody works out together. Nobody spends time in the building. He said this is not only true for players, but coaches and executive leadership as well. Some guys don’t even wait for the season to end (see Braylon Edwards flying to a Michigan game night before the Steelers game, Peyton Hillis getting married on a Thursday, or Mr. Jimmy Haslem spending most of his days in Tennessee.) 2) This guy said he was tasked with working with 6 different people internally with the Browns. He said that the 6 people he worked with were all hired by 6 different individuals. So anytime there was a conflict, or a disagreement, or clarification needed, all 6 went in a different direction and 99% of the time got different marching orders. Eventually communication just stopped because what was the point.

    And if you think about it, that really does make sense. I’m sure we all wondered why the Browns signed Robert Turbin when they had 2 receivers that would not be on a roster anywhere else in the league, and also Crowell does all the same stuff Turbin does. I rationalize it as, OK, obviously these guys got together and wanted him on the team. Now I’m thinking Turbin just showed up one day, Pettine probably didn’t even know it was happening.

    The best player on our team is a guy where there is 10 years of evidence that he is a below average to bad NFL player. And we’re just OK with that. No accountability for Bowe, for Gilbert and Manziel, for cutting Dion Lewis and Willie Snead and Charles Johnson. 10 impact WR’s in last year’s draft and no answer as to how they failed on all of them. If you were a player in Cleveland, and you see the kinds of shit these guys probably see happening with Haslem and the GM, how or why would you possibly care?

    I am a big fan of WWE and am also a bit of a WWE historian. I even wrote a wrestling column once upon a time. The biggest criticism of WWE is that nothing ever happens: Hulk Hogan, or John Cena, win all the time, they might lose a few, but they always end up on top, and the cycle always repeats. And isn’t it the same with the Browns? New uniforms, new stadium stuff, a few new players, but those of us that watch the team know that none of that makes any difference. The system has become a virus and not 1 person, nor even 53 really good players make any difference. Nothing this team does on the field makes any difference whatsoever to the big picture: they could win or lose every remaining game, they could trade Joe Thomas to the Pats, they could start Manziel, and they could fire Pettine. But none of it matters. It’s just so sad. The Browns lost a game in Cleveland to the Steelers in overtime where Jerome Bettis had two big runs in overtime setting up a field goal. I’m pretty sure it was a meaningless late season game, but for some reason my brother had enough. He threw all of his jerseys and t-shirts and Brownie golf club covers in a trash can, and set it on fire. Since I cannot sell my season tickets due to being scammed into buying a worthless PSL, this is my dumpster fire. I am officially at the point where I 100% want them to lose in spectacular fashion every week, and anyone that tells me I’m a bad fan can suck it.

    • zarathustra


    • Capitalgg

      Can’t bring myself to bet against the Browns, even for Cheddar purposes, but a strong play on the Cards seems prudent this week. Oy! This one will probably get really ugly early.

    • so much meat here.

  • All Play: Packers -3 vs. Broncos – Unless the Packers offense gives up an unprecedented amount of turnovers this Sunday, I have a hard time imagining the Broncos covering these points. It’s getting harder and harder for me to watch Manning take hits. I don’t even realize I’m holding my breath until he gets up each time and I exhale a sigh of relief.

    **essay**Washington State +12 vs. Stanford
    On Saturday, at 10:30 p.m. (central) I will be in the audience of the Wasabassco’s DeBoo! Revue. A burlesque show for ages. Hard to say Wasabassco without thinking Wazzu, eh? GiGi LaFemme will be our host for the evening and I’m sure she would approve this pick. A game nearly as titillating as the show will be. Burlesque dancers appreciate the homefield advantage as much as WSU will. The majority of the performers are local, with the exception of Minnie Tonka, the One Woman Riot, from NYC. Halloween is day for trickery and illusions and the Cougars should capitalize on Stanford’s delusions of being in the championship series this year. It’s been a stressful couple of Cheddar weeks for me and it’s in everyone’s best interest I cannot watch my essay pick this week. I’ll be cell phone free amid a cannonade of glitter, sequins, feathers, scantily clad dancers, and perhaps even a few cougars.

    Auburn +7.5 vs. Ole Miss
    Syracuse +20.5 vs. Florida St.
    Idaho -5.5 vs. New Mexico State
    Connecticut +7 vs. ECU

    • yes to wazzu. luke falk is legit. program changing game for wazzu today.

    • I would like off of Auburn and to take Saints instead. Thanks!

  • cwonder23

    UNC -3 @ Pitt (win)
    Minnesota +14 vs Michigan
    Wazzu +12 vs Stanford
    Vikings -1 @ Bears
    All Play: Broncos +3 vs Packers
    Essay: Notre Dame -10 @ Temple

    I don’t think Temple is a bad team and they have a good defense but when you look under the hood, who have they really played? Penn State is their best opponent? My other question is: How is Temple going to score points? 112th in total yds/game and ND is a better defense than their stats show. Also, I expect the national Notre Dame “fans” to show up for this one in numbers. Brian Kelly knows he needs a win here as well as some style points. He gets his wish with an unexpected ranked Temple team on a national stage with the committee watching. I am not concerned that Temple has a number next to their name and will give the points on the road. Notre Dame 35 – Temple 10.

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    South Florida + 8 Navy
    Colts +7 Panthers
    Broncos + 3 Packers
    UTEP + 24.5 Southern Mississippi
    Old Dominion + 24 Western Kentucky
    Florida Atlantic + 2 FIU

    The Hilltoppers take on the Monarchs in an all out battle. Sounds like a great opening to an episode of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (the best game show ever to be on TV and now free on Youtube). Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (affectionately referred to as MXC) pits often-unlikely competitors against each in dangerous and insulting physical challenges such as “ the rotating surf board of death.” Hosts Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship do color commentary while teams such as the Wedding Industry vs Trucking Industry or Malcontents vs Baked Goods attempt nearly impossible feats such as roller skating over tiny brick walls down a hill while wearing a horse costume. My dream would be for Vic and Kenny to give the play by play for the Monarchs (royalty or butterflies? I don’t think it matters) vs the Hilltoppers. I love how both schools have separate mascot names for their men and women’s teams-Lady Monarchs and Lady Toppers-what is with that? What if all the schools did that? Like the Stamens and the Pistils instead of the Fighting Artichokes? I digress. Why Old Dominion? As a famous football voter recently said, “I didn’t even know Old Dominion had a team.” Well I noticed, mostly because week after week they have a 0 by their name for record of beating the spread. I like it. All trends must come to an end when money is involved on predicting that trend. Other than beating the odds, I can’t think of anything I would rather watch other then maybe them wearing horse costumes and roller skates while taking on a teetering temple of crippling doom.

    • p_forever

      have they always been the monarchs???

      my high school mascot was the arcs, by the way.

      • agnesbojaxhiu

        They have been the Monarchs since they stopped being the Norfolk division of the college of William and Mary in 1962. I would much rather be a Lady Monarch than a Lady Topper. If a hilltopper is someone who climbs a hill or something that sits on top of a hill, would a lady topper be something on top of a lady( like a fancy hat) or someone who climbs on top of lady? If it is the later, it is an even weirder thing to call a female athlete as climbing on top of a lady seems like a very un-ladylike thing to do.

  • Dave Borcas

    Give me Pitt +3 tonight

  • Nick

    1) Miami (OH)

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    AZ Cards
    U Minny
    Eastern Mich
    Pitt Panthers


    Cal stinks. I fear this is a letdown spot after that big win and all that, but USC is still talented. Really talented. So is Goff but his team stinks. USC was a mess early on and isn’t that understandable now? There’s not exactly a rabid crowd in Berkeley that’s going to spur on the home team. I don’t expect this to be easy but the road team has to be a favorite for a reason. Fight on and stuff.

  • super p forever:

    clemson -10.5 nc state
    notre dame -10 temple
    stanford -12 washington st.
    ga +2.5 fla
    packers -3 broncos (all play)
    syracuse +20.5 fla state (essay)

    Dropping from 4th to 8th in the Official Rankings almost broke the once-thought eternal bond that is our team, super p forever.

    “we keep missing the essay.”

    The non-capped words seared my brain before moving on to my soul, and then my left ankle. The words were said out loud, but the inflection was clear. Disappointment. No caps. X-rays are Tuesday, for everyone asking.

    The essay has been my domain for this entire endeavor, and while I don’t know how many we’ve missed on, I do know we’ve imparted less football knowledge than anyone. While I’m aware the Cheddar Bay Rankings take into account +/-400 separate factors in its algorithm, I know not whether “actually writes about football” is one of them.

    The secrets of this game run deep, Dr. Jones, and even if you knew them, you couldn’t trust them.

    “we keep missing the essay.”



    (Hang on, I need to scroll up and see what our essay pick is.)

    Evan Golson! I know him from Notre Dame!

    Syracuse it is, either winning or losing by more or less than 20.5, depending on how I understand point spreads on any given day.

  • HitTheHorns

    1) WVU +14.5 I hate this pick as much as any I’ve ever made in this contest. Its a stupid pick and please don’t listen to me. 80% on TCU. Line has dropped to 13. Mind you I have no evidence that the reverse public line move is a thing in college because I don’t track it because college football is random and stupid. All of my friends on facebook are sharing Dana Holgorsen memes and starting please rehire Rich Rod petitions. I didn’t get in the cheddar playoffs last year because I stupidly picked WVU in their bowl game. WVU sucks. Their team has quit. Every big test they’ve faced so far this year they have failed in spectacular fashion. I won’t be watching this game, I’ll be watching New England 100% cover after two late backdoors and Bill Simmons picking the Dolphins.

  • pateslvrblk

    New England for me tonight.

    • pateslvrblk

      Clemson-10, Air Force-7, Falcons-7, Denver+3, Rams***

  • Pats and Oregon.

    • UMass and Tulsa.

      • Essay Tulsa.
        Really struggling to find an essay this week and maybe should look at the pro games.. but won’t go against Browns again and Rams over Niners is not stirring me to write even though that’s probably the pick. So let’s take a look at Tulsa -3.5 at SMU. First off, about that half point hook: I know I was becoming too fixated on avoiding it. Because who cares about a half point if the line is off by a TD? I am positive the reason there were only two plays on the Pats was due to that -7.5 line. So I am ignoring the ugliest, suckeriest of all possible lines: on the road minus 3.5. Some items that lead here are SMU ranking of 126 in opponent success rate on pass downs. Did you know Tulsa brings the 6th best pass offense (passing yds) to Dallas? That’s behind only BGSU, Wazzu, TTU, WKU, and TCU. Better than Memphis, better than Baylor, better than Cal. I think that’s enough for the cover but let’s check on SMU’s run game versus Tulsa D. Tulsa D shows average on standard yard defense but better than average on their stuff rate. SMU is only average in their rush yards rank (60 something) in spite of favoring the run by a 3:2 ratio. Like I said, not all that excited — in fact I’m much more inclined to write an essay on why Progressive Insurance pays money to advertise their hostility toward white men during peak white man viewing periods, ie college/pro football games? There was also the prospect of applying the Bojax Theorem of ‘they gotta win/lose eventually’ to Agnes herself, but I slept through the WKU kickoff. So this will do for now.

  • mmmmsnouts

    ALL PLAY: Packers -3 vs. Broncos

    Since we are not into the weekly prizes yet and there’s basically no chance of me rallying to make the playoffs, I am devoting this week to an experiment. As some of you know, I used to run a USF blog on SB Nation. Last year they started a video series called Easy Call, which features a host (Dan Rubenstein) visiting restaurants to try their signature dishes and then picking 5 high-profile college football games ATS.

    He is amazingly bad at picking these games. Last year he came in at somewhere around 34% ATS. This year he’s rocketed all the way up to 38%. If you faded his picks every single week, you would make a killing. I can’t do that for an entire season here because it wouldn’t really be in the spirit of this contest. But since this week is pretty much meaningless for me, let’s see what happens.

    I’ll make ND my essay because I feel strongest about Dan being wrong about Temple. I don’t know how the Owls are going to score points.

    ESSAY: Notre Dame -10 vs. Temple
    Georgia +2.5 vs. Florida
    Stanford -12 vs. Washington State
    Auburn +7.5 vs. Ole Miss
    Oklahoma State -3 vs. Texas Tech

  • actovegin1armstrong

    May I please have
    Tx State
    and The Son’s of Horeseface/Broncos (AP)
    1 piece of cheddar each, Thank You

    • actovegin1armstrong

      **** UNT ****
      The Good News is that UTSA has a terrific, senior, cover corner, Ben Ouachita(sp)??, (sorry, too lazy to look it up), who could play special teams at the next level.
      The Bad News – UNT may have more than one potential receiver. From there this game will get ugly.
      The worst defense I have seen in a long time, North Texas, is going against an offense, UTSA, that is even uglier than almost all of the other hideous, offensive units in college football. I have to give the nod to UTSA failing to cover, perhaps because both of these teams are so terrible they may call this game off at half time. When terrible, does battle with even worse, take the points and do not watch.
      North Texas has a new quarterback, DeMarcus Smith who sucks less than the quarterback he replaced.
      UTSA has 6 injured quarterbacks and when you have 6 injured quarterbacks you have…..

      • mmmmsnouts

        Upvoted for the pure degenerateness of using an essay pick on a game between 2 of the 3 worst teams in FBS (UCF being the other).

        • pfft. two essays on miamio, six points ride on wyoming and it’s not even saturday yet. degeneracy thy name is cheddar.

    • p_forever

      never bet on a horseface when you can bet on an almost pretty boy quarterback instead. 🙂

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Good point, but, “almost pretty”? He is definitely a pretty boy, I do however, to some degree question your Pretty Boy Theory.
        Johnny Unitas? Horseface Elway? Big Ugly Ben? Scary Bradshock? Eli Manning? Cromagnon-Jim Plunkett? Mark Rypien? Jim McMahon? Ken Stabler? Phil Simms? Joe Theisman? Trent Dilfer? Kurt Warner? All of these bowsers won Stuporbowls.

        • p_forever

          well obviously non-pretty boys win sometimes, but often not when they are pitted against an actual pretty boy. for instance – horseface beat bernie to get to the superbowl. but bernie is NOT a pretty boy.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Well, my esteemed counselor, you may be digging yourself into a deeper hole with that example. Horseface beat Pretty Boy Favre in that particular Superbowl.
            We Are Here! We Are Ugly! Get Used to It!

          • p_forever

            lol fine – how about i just like pretty boy quarterbacks?

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Don’t we all?

  • cwonder23

    UNC -3 @ Pitt for one cheddar point please

  • Uncle D

    i am sitting in a hotel room in oxford ohio , wanted to get the juices flowing, so i am taking miami tonight- given the short week and staying home. i will be watching this game from a great vantage point- in the booth with my bro, who is calling the game for eSPN 3.
    Miami Receiver Sam Martin looks to take advantage of a young secondary. UB RB taylor also Q? for tonights matchup.


  • Concierge

    Miami OH essay

    Just think this is the win Chuck Martin needs to get his program going. I know everyone is going to look at Buffalo’s big win against Ohio last week but people don’t realize that they only had 2 offensive TD’s in that game. Licata has struggled this year and I think that Miami’s kids will play hard. If they don’t win outright…they will atleast be within a TD at home. Buffalo just got smashed on the road at CMU. This is a short week and it favors the home dog here.

  • zarathustra

    North Carolina -3 over Pittsburgh

    It baffles me that the Heels are flying so under the radar when they are a very legitimate dark horse playoff contender. After this one they have Duke and the U at home, then go on the road for Virginia Tech and NC St. Not any cupcakes to be sure, but all very winnable. If they win out they will face Clemson or FSU in the conference championship which will be a challenge, but I’m here to tell this team is good and can pull it off. Now, even if they were to run the table they would need some help, but help is on the way as several playoff contenders will be upset in November. I wouldn’t go as far as to guarantee the Heels make the playoff. That would be ridiculous. But I do have a futures ticket that I’m starting to get a little excited about.
    I watched the Pitt game last week and the D struggled vs ‘Cuse in the first half—the Orange went touchdown, punt, field goal, touchdown. Things fell apart in the 2nd half when the very promising young ‘Cuse qb got clocked and maybe shouldn’t have been allowed back in the game. I didn’t watch Pitt the week prior vs Georgia Tech, but they gave up almost 500 total yards. They have not seen anything remotely close to this Heels offense this year. This would be my essay if I wasn’t looking at a potential POTY this weekend.

    • actovegin1armstrong

      “Playoffs? Playoffs?” please read in a Jim Mora voice. North Carolina may have a shot at the playoffs if they do away with the play clock and institute the Dean Smith Four Corners Lack of Offense.
      They only need to win out, beating Clemson and FSU. Well at least they have an easy road in….
      Please share your lettuce Zara.

      • zarathustra

        Playoffs indeed sir. I have no lettuce, but I do have a brownie that I think we provide the same effect.

  • Petefranklin

    Agnes is a ringer. It’s cool, let’s go Cheds!

    • Petefranklin

      Jets -2

    • Petefranklin

      4) Syracuse
      5) Hawaii
      Essay BEARS

      The Bears defense is vastly underrated this year and have held 4 opponents to season low yardage totals under DC Vic Fangio this year. Until beating the lowly Lions last week, the Vikings had won a very Brownsesque 1 divisional road game the last 3 years. The Bears are rested and have beaten the Vikes the last 7 times at Soldiers, losing against the point spread only once. Vikes are 30th in yardage and total offense this year, Bears got Alshon Jeffery back before the bye and I expect him to be 100% after rest. Cutler can make plays and Teddy can’t. Bears win, not easily though.

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