Cheddar wk7: MSU +8 at Michigan, 330p Saturday.

Posting early in case anyone want in on the Tuesday game.  Just make your intention clear in the comment.

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  • Andy Rhode

    Ok, getting an essay in under the wire for tonight’s late game.

    I’m taking the Pats because, honestly, why not. Brady’s dad wants them to hang 60 on the Colts. They’re facing either an injured Luck or an old Hasselbeck. The Colts jut don’t have it this year

    The Pats, meanwhile, have all of it. They’re good, they’re deep, and they’ve been blowing people out. And who can cover Gronk? Seriously, the dude is a beast. He’s basically unguardedly in the red zone and pretty hard to stop anywhere else.

    I’m guessing the Pats hang 45+ on the Colts tonight. It’s going to get ugly. The line can’t be high enough in my mind.

  • RCLA

    So I have a lot of problems in my life. Specifically, a lack of sandwiches. So just the one problem, really. Although when you consider all the different kinds of sandwiches I don’t have, it takes on an enormity one can hardly fathom.

    Anyway, I refuse to believe that when Bruce Arians has one job – stop Leveon Bell – that he can’t figure out a way to do it. Which means Mike Vick has to carry his team to a win. Which means I might as well try to land this roflcopter on the moon.

    I really wanted to take the Colts and the points at home this week, just to be contrarian, but they’ve already spent too many tokens for me this year.

    • RCLA


  • Matt Borcas

    Michigan (loss)
    Broncos -4 over Browns
    Chiefs +3.5 over Vikings
    Bears +3 over Lions
    Cards -3 over Steelers

    • Matt Borcas

      The Patriots won’t go 16-0, but I’m fully convinced that they’ll dismantle the Colts tonight as part of their Ballghazi revenge tour. Never mind the fact that New England has utterly blown out Indy in all of their meetings since Andrew Luck was drafted; this is the worst Colts team since 2011, while this is the best Pats team in quite a while. Dion Lewis is making Joe Banner look like a genius, Edelman is playing like 2007-2010 Wes Welker, and Gronk is Gronk. Belichick will have his guys motivated to beat the absolute crap out of the Colts after the shenanigans in the AFC title game. Ryan Grigson/Chuck Pagano may be out of a job after this season.

  • bupalos

    Bupalos’ life lately is one long running deadline, so unfortunately you all will be robbed of his essay on the nature of time and have to listen to standard run of the mill football reasons. The blanket theme here is the fraudulent nature of branding, and I’m picking 3 NFL teams that are getting undeserved spread points for their strong brand versus bargain rack generics. I’m on the latter of Broncos v browns, steelers v cards, seahawks v panthers. I think the chief of these is steelers v cards so that’s the essay. There’s really been nothing impressive about any of these teams except for pulling out a couple wins they didn’t much deserve. To boot, the steelers are coming off a short week where they squeeked out the kind of win that makes a team relax, and will be getting Pudding Face McRapey back soonish, which will further degrade the sense of urgency they would need to hang with a very good cards squad.

  • trashycamaro

    Michigan -8 over MSU (L) I took Michigan here because I am an alum and I refuse to root against my teams. I figured everyone would see through this enormously inflated line and go with MSU. Thank you to everyone else who was wrong with me.

    Bengals -3.5 over Bills There is a reason the Bills have acquired three different QBs since drafting EJ Manuel in the first round. And that reason does not portend well for his start today.

    Cardinals -3 over Steelers So Vick can’t find Antonio Brown for some reason? Good enough for me to back super bowl contending team on the road against 9 win team missing their starting QB and a shaky defense.

    Dolphins +3 over Titans Was really hoping for a couple more points on this one given the phins recent play, but Philbin got fired because this team could not run the ball. I think Campbell makes that his main mission. Sneaky fantasy waiver wire pickup/stash: Jonas Grey.

    49ers +2.5 over Ravens Home dog against a bad team with no pass rush, shaky running game and shaky passing? Sign me up.

    Pats -7.5 over Colts Essay: Tempted to make this POTY, but holding back just because EVERYONE is on the Pats today (including 24-7 on the cheddar bay). Recent history shows the Colts can’t stop the Pats. Usually lines over a TD bother because of back door covers, but the Pats do not pull punches no matter how much they are up by and they have a little extra motivation today. Look for Brady to get in some nice shots and look for Blount to get 25+ carries in a laugher. Seems Luck might be back, but I honestly think the Colts would be better served by letting Luck get another week of healing and letting Hasselbeck face the blitzes.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    MSU (w)
    SJSU (L)
    Colts +7.5
    Niners +2.5
    Jets -6
    **Browns +4

    Last week’s game was the first Browns game I haven’t watched in a very long time, but I had the pleasure of listening to Jimmy Donovan call it for most of the second half. What a pro. I am generally a visual person, but not only did I know exactly what was happening as it was happening, I also got a sense of his anticipation of what could and did happen if things came together in the end. I didn’t need to see it. He’s been the voice of the Browns since they came back in 1999 and we are lucky to have him.
    I feel good about Josh McCown in his short time with us. I like how he handles himself and has let us know he is all in, and his teammates do too. Barnidge, Hartline, Dansby, Kruger, Thomas, and our punter Andy Lee – the “old” guys have been the glue that have made this team watchable this season. Youth has its upside on the football field, but there is something to be said for trust that one can have in another’s experience and maturity. We’ll need them today with grandpa Manning coming to town. Add some good old crummy Cleveland weather and I like our chances.

  • Petefranklin

    Essay) Bills -3.5
    This choice is pretty easy to make with the huge amount of Cheddar line value here at +3.5 as opposed to the +3 that is available now.The Bengals have been outstanding against the spread this year but have done their real damage at home, having played 3 of their last 4 in cincy. Now they travel to a place where they have never had any success, and play a team desperate to stay in the hunt for the division. The Bills will stop the Bengals rushing attack, meaning that if the Bengals do get a lead, look for Dalton to pass his way into some mistakes. I also think that the level of talent lost by Taylor to Manuel, will be offset by Rex Ryans ability to get the most out of a shitty QB before he gets exposed in a new offense. Fade the undefeated this weekend! Bills by 3!

    6) Scratch the Skins and put me down for the Giants +4.5

    • Petefranklin

      6) scratch Giants and I’ll take the Browns

  • Nick

    Picked the wrong local teams as Memphis was the play yesterday….Vandy (L); MTSU (L); MSU(W)

    ***Browns Essay

    “That’s just what Gar does”, Mike Pettine’s words regarding Barnidge this week were great, and performances like that leading to a win helps build the case for what Pett is trying to do here. Football is all about momentum, and I don’t see the Browns losing this week. McCown has proven he can get on a hot streak and you have to think this is a perfect spot for him to light up the home crowd in a nice upset win. Teams finally have to respect the browns passing game and I think the run begins to open up. Don’t like the Broncos in this spot, considering (1) Peyton’s first cold weather game (high of 47 degrees), (2) a Browns defense that is due for some positives plays, (3) injuries on both sides even the playing field as Browns depth is real and keeps them competitive and may give them advantages, not to mention a hot QB.

    Seahawks -6.5 vs Panthers
    Titans over Dolphins

  • clayII

    Sparty (W)
    Chiefs (+3.5) / Vikings
    Lions (-3) / Bears
    Chargers (+10) / Packers
    Browns (+4) / Broncos
    Ravens (+2.5) / 49ers

    Ravens not as bad as their record. 49ers suck. Will take Flacco over Kape all day and I’m gettin points. Ravens will be in complete “circle the wagons” mode after losing what they figured was a bye vs Browns. McCown > Kape

  • DQuatts



    **prediction time: for the first time this year, Ohio State will put together four quarters. Their offense will be in sync and control the ball, and the defense will control the line of scrimmage. The Horseshoe will be rocking and the country will start to remember why the Buckeyes are the undisputed champs of this college football land. Of all the times Penn State has made these games tight, this one tonight is for all those stressful 4th quarters. This one tonight will be different. This one tonight will be for the state of Ohio.

  • Uncle D

    this will be unique. not me picking penn state, but why…
    i was at scoot country club yesterday for our annual PSU/ OSU former football letterman golf outing. the last three times we have won on the course, we have gotten smoked on the field. well, we lost by .5 point yesterday at scioto. Keith Byars drilled a 15 footer on the 18th hole to secure his teams victory. after a fine evening of sharing war stories with archie griffin and the like, i again, am taking my Lions to at least keep the game close ( -17) …. and evidently Hackenberg seemed to break out of his slump last week against an indiana team , which gave OSU fits the week before.
    W Are…


  • RCLA


  • The Iron Sheik

    Tex am **

    There might not be a Johnny Manziel, but Texas A&M is off to a hot start with a balanced attack and improved defense that managed to get by Arkansas and Mississippi State to kick things off in SEC. But this is the truly big one and the beginning to a potentially monster year. Alabama has been a bit inconsistent offensively, but the defense hasn’t skipped a beat since the Ole Miss loss. What this game will come down to is putting pressure on Coker with the a and m defense who have put up big sack numbers so far this year. You add a few big receptions with tamu talented receiver group and you have all you need to beat the tide. Ps don’t forget the 12th man they are always tough at home.

  • limaontinder

    Pats (essay) skip week

  • Jmacdaddio

    Miami -6
    Georgia -16
    Texas A&M +4
    Michigan -8
    Chiefs +3.5
    Niners +2.5 (Essay – Pick Of The Year)

    I’m starting to like the pick entry app. Now, if only it could pick only winners, however that’s why we play the game. Last week saw a whopping Cheddar point and a half, here’s to doing better this week. The Niners gave the New York Football Giants a scare last week. In the second half Colin Kaepernick remembered that he can be an elite NFL QB, and put up impressive numbers on the road. This week is a return of the Harbaugh Bowl, minus a Harbaugh. Kap is back, and he’ll do well at home against a Ravens team that’s occupying the basement in the AFC North. I don’t see how the Ravens could be the favorite here – my gut told me Niners by a FG, maybe 3.5, not the other way around – hence the POTY upgrade. Also I need to chase points since this is the part of the season where I nosedive. No degenerate has ever failed by doubling or nothing chasing a loss….

    • Jmacdaddio

      I thought the 16 in Georgia-Mizzou was the over-under. No matter, I would have taken the over and still lost.

  • bupalos

    michigan for Bup.

    • bupalos

      Bama too. Should I use the form for partial entry or wait until I have al l6?

      • partials are great and the best is if you can get each in it’s own field.

  • Matt Borcas

    Michigan in the all play

  • friendly reminder to use that form (because i’m not deliberately checking to see if you are). if

    if you notice something off, let me know and it’s easily fixed. dan w. did and just jumped 23 slots after i got his picks into the spreadsheet.

  • Its Only Money

    Here we go:
    Jags – How can the Texans be favored over anyone right now
    All Play – Michigan
    Essay – Pats

    I am going to roll with the Patriots again this week. They have had this game on their mind since under inflated footballs became such a sensation back in February. The Patriots have looked almost unstoppable so far this year. The Colts on the other hand have looked like a team lucky to be in the AFC South if they have hope season dreams. Whether it is Andrew Luck or Matt Hasselbeck starting won’t make much of a difference. The Colts offense just won’t be able to keep up with what Tom Terrific is ready to do this week. The Colt passing defense has been pretty terrible this and things don’t get easier with the top ranked pass offense coming to Indy. Add in the fact that Belichick holds grudges things just don’t bode in favor for the Colts. Again I am going to put everything in the account on the Pats this week and maybe even make a withdrawal.

  • Time for a POTY really good essay POTY.

    I think we have big value in Alabama. They’ve got that outlier loss against Ole Miss and as result they’re down in the polls and maybe in the books. Bama with five turnovers definitely rates as an early outlier loss and OSU last year taught what those games mean in the scheme of a season.

    So we’ve got the usual line of scrimmage domination on both sides with two NFL running backs behind it on offense and another top ILB the Browns will never draft on defense. The QB is suspect but ‘improving’ and throws to an NFL TE and a WR who is outpacing Julio Jones and Amari Cooper through his first six games.

    Downside with Bama is we’ve got Saban and Kirby Smith who traditionally get exposed facing new spread/hurry-up type offenses and Spavital/Sumlin qualify as as forward thinking on offense as anyone college or pro. TAMU also added John Chavis from LSU at DC so should have an idea on how to stop Bama’s run game.

    Problem is, do they have the personnel to execute those ideas against Bama’s talent?

    On Offense,, lessee,, big agile good-armed QB throwing to two Mike Evans sized WRs and that doesn’t even include Christian Kirk behind an o-line with a Matthews brother anchoring it at center with probably the Aggie’s fourth straight first round o-lineman at right tackle.

    It is after this sentence that I’m changing this to a conventional essay and no longer POTY.

    I’m going to focus on run. Bama is getting 200 rush yds against UGA/OleMiss. TAMU gave up 230 yds to a team Bama allowed to get 65 (Ark). Any defense just gets beat down over time with that. Both UGA and OleMiss are considerably more “stout” against the run and they had no answer. Myles Garrett is up at the top of the country for sacks with seven, but two were in the opener against ASU and three against the Bitonio-free Nevada Wolfpack. Matching up against another future firstie, Cam Robinson, might yield a different result and besides how do you really passrush when you need to edge contain Henry and Drake. TAMU is going to get bulldozed. They have the nations best pass rush bu they get pushed around on runs.

    On offense, it seems to me TAMU is going to encounter a better defensive backfield than they’ve seen this year. Yeah sure Ole Miss ate em up but since then they’ve had couple INTs in each game. Ragland and Robinson and are first rounders at ILB and DT next year.

    What attracts me to this game is the prospect of getting this year’s OSU at a value price (under a TD) due to a strange early game. And I still think that’s right. Bama-at-Athens is the real Bama and that’s the team we’ll see today. I also like riding with our Texan Acto on Bama and also Snouts is not going to go 0-fer on essays so he’s overdue.

    And this is the paragraph that moves this back into the POTY zone.

    Fuck it, POTY this.

    • Michigan
      Ball State

      • Arizona (using Pate’s Stoner Theorem). (The stoney schools have covered in only 6 out of ~30 games.) (Boulder is its epicenter.)

  • PJD19

    ***Essay OSU over PSU**

    Also, I’d like to change the following games:

    delete – bills, colts
    add – browns, eagles

    New pick summary:
    OSU (essay)

    My picks this week are heavily against the public and this game is my favorite of the bunch. The public likes PSU on the road as big underdogs. Bucks are going to put it all together tonight on national tv. Last year was a close call for the bucks when they played PSU and this year they certainly won’t take them lightly. Black uniforms tonight. My sons favorite college team. Nothing too technical here, just a good gut feeling against the public. Go bucks.

  • Tim Butler

    CARDS – essay to come later

    • Tim Butler

      Switching Jets to Pats, and switching my essay to Bengals. Keeping Cards as a 1 pointer.

      ESSAY – BENGALS -3.5

      EJ Manuel is starting at QB for the Bills. McCoy is playing but is banged up. Karlos Williams is out and might not make the flight to London tomorrow. Percy Harvin is out. Watkins is returning but says his calf might “pop,” and that he doesn’t care. Bills starting safety Aaron Williams is on IR until December. Here’s a list of the Bengals injuries: …………….. So far this year I’m 0-2 when essaying Bills games, but both times I’ve picked the Bills. As a Buffalo native, I’m hoping this gets me to 0-3, but with my luck it’ll be because of a Bengals 3 point win. Go Bills. Go Browns.

  • UNC -17. This is a hunch, and UNC has done me well thus far in 2015.

    NEBRASKA +2. Bad luck has to end sometime for the Huskers, and they are better than their record shows. I think they’ll beat the Gophers.

    MICHIGAN STATE +8. Michigan wins. By less than 8.

    LIONS -3. They have to win eventually.

    BAYLOR -21. Briles wants to make the playoff.

    $$$ T. TECH -31. $$$

    I’m retiring Charlie Munger, because he’s been lackluster for me this season. While I try to be clever in establishing a value pick system related to big Chuck’s investment strategies, my version is really just a crock of shit and I simply rely on what I think I know about the game of football. Sidenote, and a James Joyce stream of consciousness moment: I like calling it “the game of football” for two reasons: 1. It romanticizes things a little bit and feels nostalgic to do so, and 2. It makes me feel Michael Jordan-esque, because #23 always refers to his sport as “the game of basketball”. What a fucking animal.

    As far as this game goes, I’d like to call attention once again to what I believe is my best essay of all time, “Weis Weis Baby”. While he is no longer at Kansas, because Chaz Weis doesn’t stay anywhere for too long, (aside from the Golden Corral all you can eat dessert bar), the Jayhawks are playing similarly to when he was smashing Rolos on the sideline and losing games in tremendously embarrassing fashion. I can’t even tell you who Kansas’ head coach is in present day, and I really don’t care to open a new tab and wikipedia it since it has absolutely zero bearing on the outcome of this game. On the flip side, can you fucking imagine how much ass Kliff Kingsbury got (read: still gets) as quarterback of the Raiders back in the day? Dude is 6’3″, has a five-o-clock-shadow that resembles a photoshopped and airbrushed Calvin-Klein ad, and is really just Ryan Gosling disguised as a Beilema-eating savage. Speaking of, CAN YOU BELIEVE the rumor that Brett Bielema was getting it done with Erin Andrews (visuals provided for your imagination).

    Enjoy your Saturday.


    BGSU -11.5
    Texas A & M +4
    Jets -6
    Eagles -4
    MSU +8 (All Play)
    Vikings -3.5 (Essay)

    Vikings coming off a bye and a loss coming back home to face a reeling Chiefs team that just lost their best player in Jamaal Charles. Vikings will score some points here, and I don’t think the air attack of the Chiefs can keep up. The Vikings secondary isn’t great, but I don’t think Alex Smith is going to do enough to punish them. AP will do his thing, and Teddy won’t make enough mistakes to let the Chiefs take advantage. As long as the Vikings O-Line is average on Sunday, they should be ok. Vikings seem to take care of business in games they should, and underwhelm in games they are dogs or overmatched. In this spot, I will roll with them.

  • thatsfine

    MTU -9
    The rest in a bit…

    • thatsfine

      MTU -9
      Wyoming +7 (essay)
      GSU +16
      UTSA +10
      Michigan -8
      NFL play to follow

      Three straight weeks of watching Wyoming play their brand of football, and man, they are pretty damn bad. However, in the past 2 games they have not only covered on the road against Air Force and Appalachian State, they also showed some fight in both games. The Pokes’ undoing is in the red zone – 2 straight weeks they have had crucial turnovers that put them out of both games inside the 20. That can be fixed… maybe. And now, into Laramie comes Nevada… a 3-3 team that doesn’t do anything all that well besides run the ball, and that’s a bit of a stretch. I see a team playing better than their record and a team playing worse than their record. Home points, and I expect to see the Cowboys win their first game of the season.

      • thatsfine

        Cards -3

  • Concierge

    Akron Essay

    Here’s a Maction stunner for ya. Akron covers the 11.5 and wins OUTRIGHT. Best Defense BGSU has faced so far this year. The uptempo offense that the Falcons run is awesome..however its number one enemy is… Defenses that can get stops. BGSU’s defense is just not very good.They will be asked to be on the field a lot if Matt Johnson and Co. can’t move the chains. They are littered with Walk-ons at every level and first year D-coordinator Brian Ward is going to need more players to get them where they wanna be. BGSU is giving up 36 ppg and Akron has finally found something with Tommy Woodson at QB. I think that Jerome Lane has gotten better and better since moving from DE to WR. He’s 6’5 220 and can get up just like his pops used to. BGSU is without its top corner for the season (Darrell Hunter).. Lane along with Imani Davis will make plays in that pourous secondary.. This game comes down to the Akron Defense. They are LEGIT.. They have two D-End transfers from Ohio State and Jatavis Brown will be an NFL draft pick at LB. Not to mention LB Darryl Monroe who transferred from Wazzou and started for them last year. This is the signature win that Terry Bowden has been looking for… So there ya go. #Maction #feartheroo

  • Nick

    Going local with my picks this week. Theory is Middle Tennessee will run the ball and win large and easy for FIU, Vandy will finally make some plays and beat a messed up South Carolina team. Goodbye OBC.
    1) MTSU
    2) Vandy
    3) Michigan State

  • mmmmsnouts

    Taking my essay bye as I hurriedly write this in a pub watching Everton get obliterated by Manchester United. And also my picks are crap.

    ALL PLAY: Michigan -8 vs. Michigan State
    West Virginia +21 vs. Baylor
    Arizona -7.5 vs. Colorado (Anu Solomon is back)
    Vikings -3.5 vs. Chiefs
    Patriots -7.5 vs. Colts
    ESSAY: Alabama -4 vs. Texas A&M

  • Petefranklin

    1) AP MSU +8
    2)Baylor -21
    3) Louisville +7
    4) SDSU +3
    5) Redskins
    6Essay Bengals

    • Petefranklin

      Scrub Baylor and insert Western Michigan +4.5


    1) Mich St (Essay)- I think Im pretty decent at guessing lines and I was off by 5 pts here. This line is terrible and a complete overreaction to recent results. Yes Michigan’s shutout streak is impressive but here are the rankings of Michigan’s last three opponents on an offensive yds//play basis- 107, 110, 115. Gross. Sure, Michigan’s defensive performance vs those teams effected those rankings a little bit but the point remains, they haven’t played an offense with a pulse. MSU comes in ranked 33rd. I don’t care that MSU hasn’t covered or blown the doors off of their first few opponents. Dantonio is a Tressel disciple and both guys just want to grind out wins, not cover. OSU legit could’ve/should’ve lost 6 games during the 02 title run. Close games happen, even against bad teams when you play this style of ball. Line has broken thru 7 and now sits at 6.5. Big money has come on Sparty’s side (not public $) in order to break thru such a key # like 7.

    2) USC +6.5
    3) Oregon St +8
    4) West VA +21

    • Petefranklin

      That is not pro money coming in on MSU. The pros who liked MSU grabbed 8 and 7.5. This is all public steam money now. Sparty is Marc Lawrences CFB game of the year. I have heard that even though there is a huge reaction to Harbaugh’s Wolves progress and Sparty’s 0-6 ATS, the math guys and refined power rating guys favor Michigan by over 10 points here. That being said, I am taking the points as well.

      • CLEVTA

        Public $ doesn’t force books to ever move off 7

        • Petefranklin

          There was also talk of a strange line move last week friday night, I think, that saw Michigan go from 7.5 to 10 point favorites. Also, watch for the line to move back to close at 7 after it goes to 6 at a few places as it looks like it is going to do. I really think that the big $ guys who do this for a living like Michigan, and common sense guys like State.

    • CLEVTA

      5. A&M +4- Jacob Coker is awful. 1 dimensional Offense v Myles Garrett & co. is a bad idea. Weapons all over the outside for A&M spreading out Bama is the best way to beat them. I love Chrisitan Kirk at WR. Should be able to make plenty of plays today. A&M off a bye helps too

    • straightened out the form, you’re set for essay credit on this.

      • CLEVTA


    • Petefranklin

      Good call on the essay. I guess the computer guys were wrong. I thought about essaying sparty but mind fucked myself out of it., just like the Baylor pick.

    • CLEVTA

      Eagles -4

  • 1) Cardinals -3
    2) Ohio St. -17
    3) Idaho +12.5
    4) App. St. -10.5
    5) MSU +8 (All Play)
    6) TCU -20.5 (Essay)

    TCU being @ Iowa St. does concern me a little in terms of the cover, as Iowa St. has pulled off magic before. This is even the type of game that TCU may traditionally struggle in (road conference game, see their performance vs. Kansas last year and their two most recent road games this year against Kansas St. and Texas Tech). All that being said, I believe TCU is getting healthier on defense, I don’t believe Iowa St. has a potent enough offense to hang around with TCU like the other home teams have this year, and I don’t believe TCU is going to overlook this game, having been in two close calls already.

    Ideally TCU does what they did to Texas in this game and just runs them out of the stadium quick and easy. And, I do see that as a possibility of the way this game goes. The other possibility I see is that Iowa St. hangs around until halftime, at which point TCU gets a fire lit on them and runs them out of the stadium in the second half. Obviously there’s many more possibilities, but any way I personally look at it I see a team with a Heisman candidate at QB and real playoff aspirations that should easily dispose of this Iowa St. team and I fully expect them to do so today.

  • RDGinCLE

    All Play: UM – 8 Too much Sparty love around here. Despite the Big Houses horrendous capacity to intimidation ratio, Im staying clear of the public dog.


    Louisville +7 – I think is safe to say that Florida States players probably had some fun last night and are likely going to wake up and sleepwalk through this game. Conversely Louisville likely got some rest, will be much more motivated, and finally have their QB situation settled. Their record is somewhat deceiving, as their three losses are to Auburn, Clemson, and Houston by a combined 13 points. The books seem to have this line set in the perfect spot, with FSU getting close to 60% of the action according to Covers. FSU squeaks it out, but Louisville comes to play and keeps it close.

    Both USCs (+8.5) & (-3) I had both pegged for today and like what HTH had to say.

    NFL tomorrow.

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye


    Toledo -28

    Toledo is a covering machine. And a damn good team. And though the backups will likely decide this cover, aren’t Toledo’s backups better than most of what EMU has. Toledo has a very good defense, and I know Kent is terrible but after Kent scored first last week on a bad snap Kent did not score again. I generally go against teams that just cracked the top 25 but against competition with a pulse. This should be ugly early and throughout.

  • HitTheHorns

    If your number #1 rule of gambling is to always bet on a team the week of a drama/tragedy/major conflict, this is the week for you.

    1) Essay: Colts +7.5

    Things I learned on the Bill Simmons podcast (#1 rated on iTunes) this week: Derek Anderson once started a Browns playoff game; all good teams need a Milton Bradley type (editor’s note: On June 3, 2013, Bradley was convicted by a jury of nine counts of physically attacking and threatening his
    wife including four counts of spousal battery, two counts of criminal threats, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism and one count of brandishing a deadly weapon. On July 2, 2013, he was sentenced to 32 months in prison and 52 weeks of domestic violence and anger-management classes, and was released on $250,000 bail); and most relevant to this essay, the Patriots are in F.U. Mode. Bill says the line could be 14 and he’d still bet the Pats; Andrew Luck has never beaten New England; The Pats have “extra incentive” to win, and Bill says “I just don’t see any scenario the Pats don’t lay the smack down.” Joe House then said the line should be 20! He also mentioned the Colts have been outgained in every game they’ve played; Colts are 0-6 ATS and SU in last six against the AFC East. 189 to 73 is the score of Pats vs Colts in the Andrew Luck era.

    Since Bill is Mr. Boston and anti-ESPN, I moved over to ESPN to hopefully get some analysis on the flip side: Clean sweep for Pats. Also want to note in my experience, any time the NFL is perceived as being universally wrong in a situation, instead of relenting they double down in the other direction. Oh, your former NFL star father died and you want to honor him on your eye black? Not only are you fined, nobody is wearing eye black ever again! If anything fishy happens during this game: bad pass interference, clock mistake, whatever, it will guarantee help the
    Colts. Maybe the league does 50 drug tests right before kickoff and Gronk gets dehydrated, who knows.

    2) USC +6.5 Gambling Manifesto: If your coach was coaching games drunk and the AD fired him via text message on a plane to rehab, play that team the next game.

    3) South Carolina -3 Gambling Manifesto: If your hall of fame coach definitely, without any possibility of debate, quits on you in the middle of the season, and nobody will call him out for it because he is going to be working with you on College Gameday, play that team the next game.

    4) Chiefs +3.5 Gambling Manifesto: If your star RB who was your only source of offense tears his ACL, and your team has massively underperformed up to this point and has to go on the road the following game, play that team the next game.

    5) Michigan -8

    6) Dolphins +3 Gambling Manifesto: if your team is the first to fire a coach, and he is replaced by a former third string tight end who runs the Oklahoma drill on day one of practice, play the team the next game. I really want Miami to win just so I can hear LeBatard and Papi breaking down Dan
    Campbell’s press conference this week. Bonus reason to like Miami: when a story comes out about your QB and the first thing said is “You don’t hear Peyton or Tom doing stuff like that,” it’s also a good week to play that team.

  • jpftribe

    Falcons – L
    San Diego State U

    Essay- Seahawks

    I’m still trying to figure out if this Panthers team is for real. Last time they went to Seattle they lost 31-17. Seattle is due for a big win, they are at home and the Panthers are due to come back down to earth. Carolina is not a good road team, they play much better at home. I can see a dominate Seattle defense shutting down Cam and Co and likely scoring, whilst Wilson finally puts some points on the board. Really like Seattle this week, and I couldn’t bring myself to essay on the Browns two weeks in a row, but Denver sure seems like about as big a lock as you can get. Besides, Dave Borcas wrote pretty much exactly what I was thinking.

    • jpftribe

      I’m dropping the Broncos and Taking the Cards -3. If I am going to go down in flames this week, it will be rooting for the Browns and against the Steelers. Plus I came close to essaying Tomlin’s inability to scheme for Vick. Mike do I resubmit the form with all of my picks?

  • jdoepke

    Well, I think I learned my lesson by not pulling the trigger last weekend on Michigan. So much public money on the underdog is never good…

    Michigan – 8 (AP)
    Colorado +7.5
    Iowa St +20.5
    USC + 6.5
    Seahawks -6.5

    Louisville +7
    It’s not an exact science, it’s a little bit of an art but when SVP gives an “unoffical pick” it’s as close to a lock as they come. Combine that with 60% bets on FSU, yet 60% money on UL and you know which way I’m going. UL 24 – FSU 23

  • Capitalgg

    Little brother v big brother.  But little bro had been flexing on big bro for a couple years now. This year, big bro has gotten better grades. He’s dating a cheerleader. So now everyone is convinced that big bro cab just assert his dominance overt little bro again.

    But little bro is still the same kid who’s been whipping up on big brother in recent years. He’s still been working out. He’s not weaker than big bro, if anything he’s still stronger.

    So for the same reasons we thought little bro would win 5 weeks ago is the same reason to pick them now. But everyone’s talking about how the eldest will roll, so now the better younger gets his shoulder chip back too? Give me the those 8 juicy points and put me on Michigan State.

    • Capitalgg

      Doing this a little piecemeal this week. Essay up. Posting rest of my picks here as I figure it out.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Boston College. Clemson is riding high. Dispatched GT last week with ease. Now gets this BC team that can’t score a lick and is only laying 17? Miami doesn’t qualify as a look ahead, so it can’t be that. Not sure what it is, but what I do know is that Clemson is going to look golden to Joe P. I’ll take BC, and hope they can score just enough to keep this game ugly enough to cover this number. If they get behind early, probably has no chance.

    Oregon St.

    All play: Michigan

  • FTCMikeD

    AP: MSU +8 over @UM
    @Colo St +3.5 over Air Force
    Florida +9.5 over @LSU
    @tOSU -17 over PSU
    Giants +4 over @Eagles
    Let’s keep riding the Patriots. Why not? This is the ultimate revenge game for them after the Colts tried to execute operation deflategate. It doesn’t even need to be stated by Belicheck or Brady. The players know, and they will be out for blood. If you want X’s and O’s though, Luck has not beaten the Pats. In fact in the last 4 matchups the Pats have beaten the Colts by at least 20 points. The Colts O line is atrocious and the Pats have a really good defense. Is Luck fully healthy (not that it matters)? Can 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck take on the Pats if Luck doesn’t go? Has Pagano lost the locker room? Hes certainly not coming back next year. Keep on riding the Patriots.

  • pateslvrblk

    Michigan st +8 Notre Dame -4 Jets -5.5 Pats -7 Giants +4
    ***Ravens -3*** over Niners.

    Harbaugh payback time. There was so much strangeness between Baalke and Jim Harbaugh for the last year plus. Seems to me Jim H. was twice his league’s coach of the year BEFORE taking 1-11 Stanford to 12-1 #4 in four years. BEFORE taking 6-10 to three conf champs and one SB. And before the ongoing miraculous transformation at UM. Seems to me Jim H. knows how to do some coaching and just maybe he’s a better coach than Baalke and York are GMs/owners. But instead, for his contributions, Jim H. back-bit out of SF (and was even on the table as trade bait to the Browns before that!).

    With the family name on the line John steps up and gameplan’s a masterpiece over the talent mix Baalke got and York bought. Hell even their best WR (Boldin) was a kiss from the Harbaughs. Karma is repaid Sunday and the 15,000 Niners fans left in the fourth quarter will be chanting Harbaugh.

  • zarathustra

    Falcons -3 over Saints***
    I do like Kentucky tonight too, but experience has taught me not chase too much on Thursday. I have watched almost every Falcons game in its entirety this year and maybe about 2/3 of the Saints season. This will prove to be by season’s end a 12-4 team visiting a 4-12 team. The Saints can run the ball pretty nicely, they do have Armstead back at tackle, and though Brees may be in decline, he is still plenty capable of lighting it up at home. The problem is their defense. It is attrocious. Not only attrocious, but incredibly undisciplined too. I promise you they are going to bail out the Falcons on third down numerous times tonight. It is what they do.
    The Falcons, on the other hand, are plenty disciplined. They over achieve on defense because they have a very good coach. Kyle Shannahan runs a beatiful offense. Freeman will carve up the Saints and Coleman will get his share of yards as well. Matt Ryan struggled last week against a pretty damn good Washington defense. This is a perfect spot for him to bounce back against a shitty Saints defense that made Brandon Weeden look like a pro bowler less than two weeks ago.

    Falcons -3 over Saints*** (L)

    Sparty +8 over Michigan (all-play)
    Louisville +7 over Florida St
    Florida +9.5 over LSU

    I will be on all three moneylines as well.

    Oklahoma -5 over Kansas St

    I’ve never been a big fan of Oklahoma under Stoops and I love Bill Snyder so so much. I hate to do this, but I think Oklahoma is a little different this year and they are my pick to win the conference. K St. is beat up and coming off of two heart-breakers and I don’t think they are going to be able to handle a better team coming in off a loss.

    Oregon +2 over Washington

    I picked Washington over USC last week so I’m well aware of what the Huskies are capable of. Moreover, I picked Wazzu in real life last week and am very well aware of where this Oregon program is right now. Washington’s defense is nasty and come next year this team should be ready to win the conference, but, while their qb shows promise, he just isn’t good enough yet. Oregon couldn’t keep up with Wazzu (who might actually be pretty good) but won’t have that problem vs. Washington. Ultimately though I just really love this spot: Washington off the big upset victory, Oregon off the big upset defeat.

  • Peter Markos

    MICHIGAN. I am surprised at their progress. I would not have thought at the beginning of the season they would be eight point favorites against Sparty.

    Notre Dame has done me right all season except for the 4 turnover game against Clemson.

    Vikings are a sleeper team. KC will look like lost without their bread and butter man.

    Packers. The second best team in the NFL has done me right all season.

    Cardinals. Carson Palmer beats Michael Vick. It’s that simple.

    Essay Pick- Patriots. Brady always plays big in the revenge games. Say hello to the GOAT. The HOF debates will be interesting for Hoodie, but Tom shoud get in without a hassle.

    Can I use my Play of the Year on the Bengal’s pay-off game? Ha!

    Someday when we all get together to honor the founder of Cheddar Bay, I hope Frowns doesn’t get done like this…

  • Stanford -6.5 vs. UCLA (W)
    Utah -6.5 vs. Arizona St.
    Washington -2 vs. Oregon
    Jets -6 vs. Redskins
    Purdue +24 vs. Wisconsin
    AP & Essay: Michigan -8

    I’ve long been enamored with the traditional etiquette of tennis. Points should only be overtly celebrated when earned, not when the opponent has made a mistake. There’s something so simple and beautiful in just cheering for your team to do well. You can do it without ill wishing the opposing team. I will never lose my sense of wonder when it comes to fans of one team blindly spewing hate towards perceived rivals, even and especially when they’re not playing each other.
    Sitting at a bar in Cleveland, a couple entered. The man next to me leans over and says to me, “I fucking hate them.” Aghast, I replied, “why? How do you know them?” With an incredulous look, he responded, “because they’re Michigan fans.” Excuse me? This is when fandom enters a frightening zone of extremism.
    At my Browns Backers bar, a visiting backer added “Pittsburgh sucks!” to the end of every delightful chant of “here we go Brownies, here we go!” It was unnecessary. And negative. The world doesn’t need this impetuous contempt, and frankly, neither do any of us. Hate for the sake of hate is draining. Sure, it might be feel sinfully satisfying in the moment, when you get cut off in traffic, or the ref blows the call, but then you’re no better off, if not worse. Being inexplicably hateful isn’t a good color on you, trust me. It also doesn’t bode well for your Cheddar Picks.

  • 1. Boise St. -9 at Utah St.: Boise still flying under the radar?

    2. Michigan -8 over Michigan St.: I’ll be at this game tomorrow. My first time in Ann Arbor for game day and would rather be on the home side. Spartans are a big public underdog just like Northwestern was last week. I watched Northwestern play Stanford in week 1 and they legitimately kicked the crap out of them. Stanford is on the current short list of playoff contenders now. Also, Michigan would have beaten Utah week 1 had they gotten halfway decent QB play, a situation that’s improved a lot as the season has progressed. Which is to say that this line appears to be justified by Michigan’s resume, and Harbaugh’s track record.

    3. Ohio State -17 over Penn St.: First time all year the public isn’t on the Bucks.

    4. PICK OF THE WEEK: Browns +4 over Broncos: Reverse line movement here with the public all over Denver. Manning never plays all that well in Cleveland, and Sunday he’ll be short two offensive linemen. The Broncos defense is banged up, too, and won’t have faced an offensive line as good as the Browns’. The Broncos barely beat the Ravens at home in Week 1, and needed pick-6 plus a last minute interception in their own end zone to do it. Which is to say that these two teams aren’t that far apart. The Browns have been in every game except for the one where Manziel was forced to play due to unforeseen injury. Expecting them to keep this close and maybe pull out the win to get to .500.

    5. Chargers +10 over Packers;

    6. Colts +9 over Pats.

    • CLEVTA

      Heads up Pete, Colts line is 7.5

    • I am pretty upset I did not make the trip to Ann Arbor to witness that game in person. Cannot imagine what it was like during/after that play actually being there.

      • It was, uh, something to see. It almost felt wrong to be there as an outsider and unable to share in the pain of the crowd.

  • Joe G

    All Play: Michigan (-8) over MSU – Michigan is in my opinion the best team in the Big Ten right now. While the line being over a touchdown is a little risky, I think we will continue to see Michigan improve so I’ll give it a shot.

    USC (+6.5) over Notre Dame – I thought Notre Dame has been overrated all year and I will continue to believe that, in spite of the turmoil at USC, this game is usually always competitive so give me the points

    Cardinals (-3) over Steelers – I think the Steelers are improved from their first few games and even with Vick could win this game but I think the traveling Cards are the best team in football right now and the low line is a reasonable cover.

    Vikings (-3.5) over KC – The lost of Jamaal Charles is huge, and while KC still has a passing game, that Minnesota hasn’t found. Minnesota is coming out of the Bye week, at home and will look to control the clock with AP.

    Bengals (-3.5) over the Bills – Much like last nights game with ATL vs. NO. This line seems too good to be true so it probably is. Bills may be without Tyrod Taylor and McCoy so I’m not entirely sure how they will score. Bengals are on a somewhat suprising role and we are all wondering when it will come to an end so until it does I’ll go with them.

    Essay Pick : OSU (-17) over PSU – Yes, I’m picking OSU, and I’m a Penn State alum, one who has promised not to pick a game involving Penn State again but I digress. To me, if I’m betting this is a game you don’t touch. Penn State seems to be on an upswing but as the pessimistic football fan that I am (Rooting for Penn State and the Browns for years will do it to you) this game is extremely hard to read. OSU has struggled, at home, the last several games. Penn State has finally looked at least decent, progressing from the God awful they were to start the season. This game is usually always close and so as a Penn State fan, or more specifically, as a Penn State fan who is attending the game in the flesh. I will give the points knowing that at least if Penn State gets demolished, I will have something small to show for it. If they make it a game or win I’m happy to give up the points, especially considering I’ve forgotten to submit picks two weeks so far so I’m unlikely to jump back into the mix. What I dread is losing by two touchdowns, I get neither benefit and get to make the long drive home from Columbus early Sunday morning to take more punishment in the “Factory of Sadness”

  • agnesbojaxhiu

    So this week I really struggled with a plan and an essay. I know I could just spit out 100 words without any difficulty but what is the fun in that? I am a writer of sorts; I should be able to come up with something interesting at least. The truth is though, I am no essayist, I am a researcher. Nobody other than researchers enjoys reading scientific publications while searching for flaws in methodology, pondering over inferential statistics, thinking about evidence based medicine and dissemination of knowledge. On the other hand, if that is what I am good at then I should stick with it rather than attempting some esoteric evaluation of actual players’ performances. I decided to go back to my roots. Gambling is essentially all about statistics. Looking back to the fathers of statistics and probability I found myself deep into reading the life history of Blaise Pascal, the inventor of the roulette wheel. Pascal statistics answer the question “what is the likelihood of x failures preceding the sth success?” So what can I take from UMass’s “Tales from Statistics” and apply it to my football votes? So when predicting a team’s ability to beat the spread one can look at trends and by this time in the season one has enough data since one needs at least 5 data points to determine a trend. This is where the human element in sports comes into play. The mathematicians that create these football spreads do not want data trends that can predict future successes, as that would ruin the financial industry of sports betting. To avoid trends they must ensure that teams must not beat or loose the spread more than 5 times in a row. Rather than going forward with my actually votes on my untested theory, I decided to test it the last night. Northern Texas was 0-5 against the spread while Western Kentucky was 4-1. Well now Northern Texas is 1-5. I wish I had more time to test my theory, but alas I must get my votes in. Sometimes one must just plow ahead and take a chance. Fortunately the all play this week puts a 0-6 team against a 4-2 team, which is why I have to go with Michigan State. Here’s to beating my null hypothesis.

    Michigan State + 8
    Kansas + 31 Texas Tech
    Central Florida + 21.5 Temple
    Fresno State + 6.5 UNLV
    Colts + 7.5 Pats (There were 8 NFL teams with 1-4 record and one with a 0-4 but this game and the charges paired the biggest winners with the biggest losers)
    Chargers + 10 Packers

    • agnesbojaxhiu

      Changing my essay to Kansas. All the reasons for picking it are the same as MSU but it is actually the only game that will occur this weekend while I am not at work.

  • cwonder23

    Auburn -2 @ UK (win)
    Georgia Tech -3 vs Pittsburgh
    Florida +9.5 @ LSU
    Dolphins +3 @ Titans
    Seahawks -6.5 vs Panthers
    All Play and Essay: MSU +8 @ Michigan

    This will be an ugly game, which is why I think 8 is enough points here. MSU will be ready. After watching Jake Rudock at Iowa the past two seasons, I don’t have a lot of faith that his good play will continue. He will try and manage the game conservatively which should play into an MSU defense’s hands that has not played well of late. I expect that to change this week, given the rivalry game. Connor Cook is a superior and proven big game quarterback (see last year’s Cotton Bowl win over Baylor). Michigan’s arrival on the national scene seems a bit premature, although I like their long-term potential. Another stolen stat: the last 14 times MSU was an underdog, they are 12-2 ATS and have won 9 SU. MSU has shown a good job of winning the ugly games even if they have played down to their opponents. I actually like MSU to win this game. MSU 20 – Michigan 17. Gotta love college football.

  • Chris Schroeder

    -7.5 New England @ Indianapolis
    -21.5 Temple vs Central Florida
    -20.5 Texas Christian U @ Iowa State
    -10.5 Appalachian State @ UL Monroe
    All Play: +8 Michigan State @ Michigan
    Essay: +16 Missouri @ Georgia

    Location: Athens, Georgia
    Stadium: Sanford Stadium
    Capacity: 92,746
    Time/Broadcast: 7:30 PM EST SEC Network
    Mascot: Truman the Tiger & Uga/Hairy Dawg
    Fun Fact: Around 1890 University of Missouri picked up the nickname “Tiger” in recognition of a group of local civil war militia call “The Missouri Tigers”
    The Game: Both the Tigers & Bulldogs are riding a (4-2) record. This is a crucial game for Georgia to stay in the hunt for SEC East title while we keep seeing the glitz and glamor of what happens in the SEC through the Florida Gators program. Missouri’s Drew Lock has had his highs and lows in the first two starts. I foresee a fluctuant stat game, but limiting the INT’s to keep the game close. Georgia’s Nick Chubb is out for the remainder of the season suffering a knee injury last week against University of Tennessee. Sony Michael Chubb’s back up has shown promise throughout the early part of the season and will continue to add to the victory fight. The Chapel Bell will ring in Athens on Saturday, but the Missouri Tigers cover.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Cheddar 10-15-15
    AP MSU

    **** Alabama****

    Sumlin is not Belichick, too much is being made of the “extra week to game plan”. This is Texas, Sumlin will be holed up in Crawford working on his exit strategery.
    The Alabama run defense will have a good day against A&M, with not much of a rushing attack, Kyle Allen will be expected to take over the game and win it passing. That will not happen.
    Coker has plenty of experience to accompany his travels and he has been improving.
    A&M has looked bad against the run, Derrick Henry is a good runner.
    Kyle Allen will be passing with an Alabama player in his face most of the time, leading to a lot of incompletions, interceptions, or 3rd and long. The A&M, Rocketts offense should trade Kyle field for Radio City Music Hall this week. “One, two, three, kick. One, two, three kick.” Repeat as necessary.

  • Dave Borcas

    This weeks picks………
    Alabama -4 The Bama D playing at a high level after the Mississippi debacle
    Oklahoma -5 Stoops will get his team to rebound
    Mississippi -10.5 They can flat out score
    Buckeyes -17 Cool uniforms, polls getting tighter, haven’t covered all year, Penn State OL sucks. They have to cover one of these weeks, don’t they? to
    Michigan State +8 (all play) scUM has to come back down to earth
    Broncos -4 (essay)
    This pick really hurts and I won’t be sad to lose, if the Browns win the game outright. Unfortunately I just don’t see it. I really think that Jim O’Neil is a bad coach and is an anchor dragging down Mike Pettine. In all my tears of watching the Browns this is possibly the worst linebacker play I have seen. The players seem like they are not utilized in a way that utilizes their strengths, and that is on coaching. Paul freaking Kruger a cover linebacker? Amazing what some guys will do for their high school buddy. When a team spends the entire off season building to stop the run and you are dead last against the run…… well you make the call. Offensively the Browns will be facing a tough D that can rush the passer even without Damascus Ware. It will be interesting to see what Flip comes up with to help out Mitchell Schwartz against Von Miller. Offensively Peyton Manning must be drooling in the film room. He won’t need to throw deep, which he cannot any longer with the backs and TE running wide open. Come on Browns prove me wrong!

  • GRRustlers

    Week 7 Picks

    Lions (-3) over Bears – I refuse to accept that the Lions are really this bad. Any Lions fan complaining about Stafford deserves to be punched in the taint by angry Browns fans.

    Packers (-10) over Chargers – Sister in law mentioned Mason as a name for her baby boy. Good Colorado boy. Most NFL teams would have given up on Mason Crosby…the Packers though have brain cells.

    Toledo (-28) over EMU – Toledo has entered the style point portion of the schedule.

    Patriots (-7.5) over Colts – I would make this my essay pick but I fully expect that dickhole Goodell to have the 7 refs come out wearing Colts helmets.

    AP – Michigan (-8) over MSU – If for no other reason I expect MSU to be an overwhelming Cheddar play and history tells me to pay attention in these spots.

    Essay Pick

    You still owe me 3 Cheddar points Russell Wilson. I expect them back this Sunday. There are a lot of teams that would lose a game like Seattle did on Sunday and you would fully expect them to sulk for about a month. This is where it helps to have one of the handful of coaches that actually knows how to motivate a team. All of the Seahawks problems are on one side of the ball and I fully believe it is just a matter of time for everyone to mesh. (You know…just in time for the Browns to arrive.)

    I am not ready to bury Seattle…or Jimmy Graham…or crown the Panthers…or somehow pretend that Pete won’t have time to motivate the boys while he reads up on igniting jet fuel.

    Seattle (-6.5) over Carolina

  • oxr

    Falcons -3 over Saints, because everything is going to have to get done a bit earlier this week.

    • oxr

      Including, but not limited to, losing!

      • oxr

        All-Play Michigan State +8 over Michigan

        • oxr

          Vikings -3.5 over Chiefs

          Bengals -3.5 over Bill

          Patriots -7.5 over Colts

          Essay Cardinals -3 over Steelers – The only line I’m picking today without that trailing half-point. I feel shameful going with the Cardinals yet again but last week against the Lions was exactly what I was looking for out of them, and there really isn’t another game on the board I like better. The Steelers have mostly been winning and losing close games (except for blowing out the 49ers) and the Cardinals have mostly been blithely hanging 40 points on folks (except the Rams, but I am trying to put that game out of my mind). Three points seems like a very conservative line for a Vick-led team on a short week. Winning a thrilling game in the dying seconds of Monday night is great, of course, but it’s not as great as making your opponent give up and put in Dan Orlovsky in partway through the third quarter.

  • cwonder23

    Auburn -2 @ UK for one cheddar point please.

  • ChuckKoz

    Saints +3 (vs Falcons)
    UCLA +6.5 (at Stanford)
    Frenso St +6.5 (vs UNLV)
    Packers -10 (vs Chargers)
    Eagles -4 (vs Giants)
    AP and Essay: Michigan State +8 (vs UM)

    Well, my picks have me ranked #44, so I can’t see much value in reading this. Especially when I haven’t watched Michigan at all since the Utah game. Nonetheless, this is the same Michigan State team that is undefeated and been ranked #2 for most of the season so I am shocked by the number. True, the Oregon win looks much less impressive and they are acting like the Buckeyes by playing down to competition. Nonetheless, I view Michigan State as basically at a top-level team similar to the Buckeyes. And is there any scenario Michigan would be 8 point favorites against the Buckeyes? And against a Michigan team that didn’t do much when faced with a legit defense in Utah (game never felt as close as the score)? Well, I guess I can just go thru all sorts of critiques of opponents (like UM getting way too much credit for beating up on Northwestern), and all that, but I just think 8 is way high.

  • Stanford -6.5, please.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    The family and I are moving to Charlotte this weekend so I’m going to get my picks in early:

    AllPlay: Mich st. +8 – I was going to essay this but something tells me this line is too good to be true and I don’t know enough about these teams to give good enough insight to justify a play of the year.

    Falcons -3 – I thnk Quinn has brought a defensive mindset to this team that will slow the struggling Brees. Also New /orleans defense is awful and Mike Shanahan’s offense is awesome.

    Ohio State -17 – Just a feeling I have that the Buckeyes will show up. 100,000 strong with 12 hrs of pregaming should make it difficult for Hackenberg…Also I really think OSU has been going through the motions. New jerseys night game national television should wake the sleeping giant.

    49ers +2.5 – I think Kap is starting to show signs of life and the Ravens are just awful. I’ll take the home dog here.

    Packers -10 – If the Pittsburgh steelers can score 20+ with Vick how many will the Packers score?

    Essay: New England – 7.5 – Even if this organization didn’t want to destroy the Colts because of all that’s gone on this offseason I’d still like the pats -7.5. Add in a spiteful Tom Brady and an angry team that is really motivated to destroy a bad team like the Colts. This will be a bloodbath.

    • jpftribe

      Good luck with the move. Lived in Charlotte for 15 years and absolutely loved it. The Carolinas are just beautiful, great weather, great people, hour from the mountains and a few hours from the coast. Enjoy!

  • super p forever:

    northwestern +2.5 iowa
    oklahoma -5 kansas state
    ucla +6.5 stanford
    notre dame -6.5 USC
    ALL-PLAY: MSU +8 michigan
    ESSAY (pending): new england -7.5 indianapolis

  • zarathustra

    I will happily go all square-zee with the Falcons tonight. One point for now.

    • zarathustra

      Falcons -3 over Saints***
      I do like Kentucky tonight too, but experience has taught me not chase too much on Thursday. I have watched almost every Falcons game in its entirety this year and maybe about 2/3 of the Saints season. This will prove to be by season’s end a 12-4 team visiting a 4-12 team. The Saints can run the ball pretty nicely, they do have Armstead back at tackle, and though Brees may be in decline, he is still plenty capable of lighting it up at home. The problem is their defense. It is attrocious. Not only attrocious, but incredibly undisciplined too. I promise you they are going to bail out the Falcons on third down numerous times tonight. It is what they do.
      The Falcons, on the other hand, are plenty disciplined. They over achieve on defense because they have a very good coach. Kyle Shannahan runs a beatiful offense. Freeman will carve up the Saints and Coleman will get his share of yards as well. Matt Ryan struggled last week against a pretty damn good Washington defense. This is a perfect spot for him to bounce back against a shitty Saints defense that made Brandon Weeden look like a pro bowler less than two weeks ago.

    • zarathustra

      Actually let’s just essay this one.

  • jpftribe

    I’ll take the Falcons.

  • bupalos

    Cheddar common law clearly contemplates the Cheddar week starting on Wednesday. The Arky State game is thus a valid week 6 game, and since I have yet to make my 6th pick for week 6, I’ll take Arky state for that pick please and thank you and god bless America.

    I guess it’s fine if you want to allow it for week 7 too, I don’t have any objections to that since I believe in freedom.

    • Petefranklin

      I’ll take the under in the name of freedom as well.

    • weeks end monday and we’ve done plenty of tuesday maction.
      good way to start this week though.

      • bupalos

        If only people understood time and space the way I do. Perhaps an essay is in order.

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