Cheddar wk6: Seahawks +3 at Bengals.

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Best against spread.

Worst against spread.

Worst against spread.

Not a whole to comment on this week. I’ve got a guest post coming on being a millenial Browns fan. Can you imagine a world where your entire living memory of the Browns is from 1999 on? THat’s going up this afternoon or tomorrow.

  • bupalos

    rams bengals cards broncs browns** essay free and didn’t manage to get in an ncaa.

    Deadlines. They happen.

  • #6 Bengals. i’ll put aside my dalton meme theme for today and ride with my wilson-aint-all-that gambit.

  • DQuatts is no-essay essaying the Browns.

    • DQuatts

      Thanks, Mike!

      When you have a moment, can you please confirm the point total for this week? Should be at 5.5 if my math is correct. Thank you, Sir.

      • i have you for 5.5. i think we’re good. good day sir.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Bills -2.5
    Bengals -3
    Broncos -4.5
    Browns +6.5
    I’ll keep riding the Browns. The Ravens have no weapons and their defense is as bad as the Browns. The Browns defense just isn’t this bad and this feels like the perfect place for them to breakout. The Browns offense has been a pleasant surprise. Benjamin has broken out and Duke Johnson is starting to show his potential. If Josh plays like he did last Sunday I like the Browns to win outright.

  • Nick

    NC State (L)
    Browns +6.5 vs Ravens *Essay*

    I’m a bit out of sorts this week. I have scratched 3 essays so far, and none of them covered, so I’m relieved, but also afraid. The browns defense isn’t THIS bad, they can’t be, we watched them last year and they were good. So the defense has their backs up against the wall, and they will play better and cause turnovers. Flacco is the type of QB who will throw it up for grabs and Gibson will win a few today. Maybe the Ravens just aren’t very good this year. The Browns always play the Ravens tight and I don’t see why this is going to be any different. Just like last week, the Browns aren’t that bad to be spotted 6.5 points to a very mediocre, and potentially bad, Baltimore team.

    Cardinals -2.5 vs Lions
    Pats -8.5 vs Cowboys
    Seahawks +3 vs Bengals
    Jags +3 vs Bucs


    BGSU -13 (Win)
    Browns +6.5
    Eagles -5
    Raiders +4.5
    Bengals -3 (All Play)
    Bills -2.5 (Essay)

    Looking for a bounce back from the Bills here. I was a bit surprised they didn’t get it done last week, but I don’t think the Titans have the weapons to exploit Buffalo. Although I love Mariota, I think the Bills D-Line will give him a lot of trouble, and I don’t see the Titans running game picking up the slack. My concern here is that Buffalo could be looking ahead to Cincy next week, but coming off a loss should have them focused. This should be a grind it out business trip type of win on the road. Titans will play ok, but a couple key turnovers will make the difference here. I am sure Bills Mafia has been running rampant all over Nashville this weekend. The Bills can’t let them down!

    • Nick

      Can confirm Bills Mafia running around Nashville.

  • oxr

    Last minute college game time! Uh, Utah -7 over Cal, I suppose, Zarathustra’s spirit journey notwithstanding.

    • Zara’s spirit journey withstands all.

      • oxr

        Let that be a lesson to me about picking against figures from Arthurian legend. Anyway:

        All-Play Bengals -3 over Seahawks – the Bengals are at home, Seattle’s on a short week with Lynch out, and the Seahawks just haven’t been that good this year. Only contrarianism or remembrance of teams past make this pick feel hinky.

        Patriots -8.5 over Cowboys – I hate picking heavy favorites, the Patriots, and the Patriots as heavy favorites, but they are certainly capable of covering almost any spread. Meanwhile, Dallas has looked surprisingly functional with Weeden, but the wheels could come off at any time.

        Jaguars +3 over Bucs – I don’t know if I hate picking the Jags because I can’t remember the last time I did – actually, I think it was when they were massive underdogs against the Eagles at the beginning of last year, went up 17-0, and then promptly collapsed. Ugh. Regardless, the Bucs shouldn’t be favored against anybody right now.

        Giants -7 over 49ers – with all due deference to Eric Mangini, the 49ers have lost by 25 and 40 on the road (to the Steelers and Cards) and are dead last in DVOA; the Giants just beat two better teams by double digits. I despair of ever knowing which Giants team is going to show up from week to week, but this seems worth a go.

        Essay Cardinals -2.5 over Lions – Stay the course! Last week was a snakebit game for the Cardinals right from the (fumbled) opening kickoff, and they arguably should have won even so – but then, five field goals, endzone interception, getting lit up by Tavon Austin, etc. I am going to give this another try, but if the same thing happens I will probably swear at the TV and petulantly refuse to pick the Cardinals the rest of the season, though, just see if I don’t. Meanwhile, it’s not so much that the Lions are 0-4, but they’re 0-4 against a relatively weak slate, coming off a short week, and banged up – Eric Ebron has now been ruled out for this game. The Lions are also down two starting D-linemen, including Haloti Ngata, so I hope whatever evil magic the Rams were able to perpetrate last week will be impossible to mimic. I also note that this pick, unlike Utah over Cal, is Merlin-approved.

  • clayII

    Florida St (-9.5) / Miami
    Cal (+7) / Utah
    Seahawks (+3) / Bengals

    • clayII

      Browns (+6.5) / Ravens
      Rams (+8.5) / GB
      Steelers (+3) / SD

      Poorly coached, short handed Browns team scord 27 on SD last week. Vick is not Ben, but is at least McCown. Bell and Brown are better than anything Browns had out there. Steelers will score more than enough to win, and will find a way to put pressure on Rivers. They also will not have Bademosi playing corner

  • Matt Borcas

    Florida -5.5 over Missouri
    Oklahoma State +7 over WVU

    • Matt Borcas

      Bengals -3 over Seahawks
      Titans +2.5 over Bills
      Jags +3 over Bucs

      Essay to come …

      • Matt Borcas

        Essay: Chargers -3 over Steelers
        For all the talk about how depleted the Chargers offensive line was last week against the Browns, it managed to do a pretty solid job protecting Philip Rivers. The return of Antonio Gates will be a godsend for Rivers, and it should also open up the running game for Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead. Meanwhile, the Steelers lost to the dreadful Ravens last week, and to call Michael Vick a shell of his former self would be an insult to shells everywhere. Chargers should win this one comfortably.

  • zarathustra

    I was lost in anxiety this entire past week. I dropped a lobster and was bracing for the inevitable fall back to earth. I called off sick from work and bid my wife and kids adieu and wandered the streets of northeast Ohio like a vagrant.

    Alas, the streets of Ohio are no place for someone in the grips of such a profound existential angst. What with all the people trifling with their work and family, oblivious to maybe the only thing that matters in this godforsaken world. Those people probably don’t even know about the most prestigious reality football contest in the land, let alone that success in said contest is probably the only thing matters in this world when it is all said and done.

    Queasy with nausea, I fled the streets and the people and escaped to nature, taking my perambulations deep into the people-less woods. For days I subsisted on the flora and fauna of the forest. I don’t know that I necessarily lost touch with reality, but strange things occured. None more strange that when I happened upon another human.

    An older man, seventies I would say, wearing a camouflage hunting jacket and carrying a rifle. On the surface, maybe not so strange, but that he was sans pants I found a little peculiar.

    “Hello Zarathustra,” he laughed ominously. “You finally found me.”

    What the hell? Who was this guy? And how the hell did he know my ridiculous fake internet name? How did he know about cheddar bay? And then it hit me. Of couse….

    “I am not Bupalos. ”

    “Are you sure?” Based on reading his essays over the years I always imagined a pantless uni-bomber-like man in the woods.

    “I am sure.”

    “Who are you then?”

    “I’ve taken many names in my many earthly incarnations, but most famously I was known as Merlin.”

    “The wizard from Arthurian legend?”

    “Indeed. ”

    “Well isn’t that an interesting turn of events….a wizard. But I’m afraid you are mistaken. I was not seeking you.”

    “As far as you know. You are a stranger to yourself, blinded by rational thinking.”

    “I don’t know that ‘rational’ is the best way to describe me.”

    “Even considering the eccentricity you signal at times you are still fundamentally rational living in an historical epoch defined by rationality.”

    “Ok. Since I am apparently incapable of diving deep enough into my subconscious to ascertain why I sought you, why don’t you tell me?”

    “I ultimately dwell in a dimension beyond space and time. A dimension without matter. And because of that we need vessels in your dimension to manifest our thoughts and desires in the material world. You sought initiation in this what you would call magic and found me. You don’t believe me of course, but it is nevertheless true.”

    “I don’t believe you. I know nothing of what you speak and certainly don’t believe in magic. It sounds to me like you have spent too much time in the woods and should maybe not smoke as much cannabis.”
    “Smoke cannabis!?! I would never. There is no better example of the depravity of your culture than that you smoke cannabis.”


    “Yes really. Only barbarians would burn such a sacred plant. Ifyou possessed any sense and civility you would eat it. Raw. Maybe with some grass-fed butter and gluten-free cracker.”

    “Are you paleo Merlin?”

    “Of course.”

    “So why me? What now?”

    “I shall give you the opportunity to learn the Great Work. And it starts with cheddar bay.”

    “Finally….I was wondering when we were going to get to the point.”

    “Relax. Maybe three people have actually read this far. What I will do is whisper into your ear a lobsterfest.”

    “Really? Awesome!”

    “Well, that depends. You will instantly forget what I whisper.”

    “That doesn’tmake much sense.”

    “The picks will still be there. You just have to listen. Thinking about the games will do you no good at all. The tighter you grasp the further away the answers will be. If you can pass this test you may advance to the next lesson.”

    “Ok. I might as well try.”

    I remember him leaning in to whisper and the next thing I remember he was walking a away into the woods.”

    “No Merlin! Wait! I have so many more questions.”

    “I will answer one last question so choose wisely.”

    “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”

    He continued into the woods as he answered. “Have you ever felt a crisp autumn breeze on your balls?”

    I haven’t. Or hadn’t at least.
    I raced back to civilization to post this message.

    Washington (W)
    Last week I essayed against Cal because the line was so off. This week I expect them to win outright. Maybe easily. Utah has struggled with the air raid in the past. They have a good defense, but Goff will have them on their heels. There is no way Travis Wilson can keep up. Booker will have a ton of yards, but the Cal defense will win the turnover battle.

    So, my fellow cheddars, next time you encounter a pantless senior citizen brandishing a firearm deep in the woods do not flee in fear. Maybe he is a great wizard with magical football picks. And just maybe it will be a lobster.

    • cwonder23

      I wish I could LOL harder but this is great. Gotta love cheddar bay.

      Do you have a good therapist?

      • zarathustra

        Several actually. They’re all stubborn bastards though and never seem to get IT if you know what I mean.

    • This might be your best work yet, Zara.

      • zarathustra


  • thatsfine

    App St. -15.5
    UMich -8 – can’t wait to watch this one
    ISU +12.5
    Wyoming +24 (essay)
    SJSU -3
    Bengals -3 – seems destined to push

    Look, Wyoming is terrible, no doubt. AFA runs the triple option, and the Cowboys just had a look at another team with a similar scheme (New Mexico) two weeks ago and managed to stay within 10. Granted, AFA is a better team than New Mexico, but the triple option and running the hell out of the ball doesn’t exactly lend itself to blowing a team away. Plus, there is a little bit of nasty history between these teams, I like this as an ugly, beat em up sort of game with a final akin to 28-16.

  • Jmacdaddio

    Iowa -10.5
    Nebraska – 1.5
    BYU – 8 (Essay)
    Arizona +8.5

    Bengals – 3
    Lions +2.5

    Well now, last week was a 2 for 6 showing, however one of those two was an essay so I have a pulse.

    This week’s picks were submitted in the wee hours thanks to an interrupted night of sleep. And this morning I had a soccer match of my own – if you took my team and 7 goals, you lost! I’m tempted to change my Iowa pick on the grounds that they are unable to punch it in from 2 yards out, which should change the spread some, but no, that’s not in the spirit of things.

    This week’s Essay pick is BYU. They’re putting up points (and not throwing down pints). Their opponent is East Carolina, who seemed to have come back to Earth after having a good year last year. 8 points on a crisp autumn night in Provo is a small spread for a team that can put up points.

    • thatsfine

      I saw that picture of you holding up the 1st place 40 and up trophy from last season… +7 goals seemed like a sure thing.

      • Jmacdaddio

        Different team, and more competitive division… it’s not helping my DraftKings or FanDuel fantasy soccer player value. I bet you didn’t know that daily adult soccer fantasy was a thing.

  • Tim Butler

    Mich -8
    Browns +6.5
    Bills -2.5
    Falcons -7
    AP: Bengals -3
    Essay: Cards -2.5

    Arizona is coming off a close home loss to the Rams and should be motivated to not make it two in a row. Fortunately for them, they get to travel to Detroit for a match-up with the only winless team in the NFL. The Lions will be playing on a short week after a physical contest with the Seahawks; a game that saw them potentially get reffed out of a win. A well coached team could use that as motivation to come out strong the next week; the Lions have Jim Caldwell. Fun stat: Arizona is averaging 39 points per game over the last 3 weeks, while the Lions have scored 38 points total. I like the Cards to roll here.

    • Tim Butler

      Bills are 0-2 when I take them in the Bay of Cheddar. Changing Bills to Giants -7. Night game cheddar action.

  • Petefranklin

    1) Navy +14.5
    2) Kansas St +9.5
    3)AP Bengals -3
    4) Eagles -5
    5)G.Tech +7
    6) Chiefs -9

    • Petefranklin

      Essay) I don’t think coach Snyder could ask for a better spot for TCU to come to town, off of a huge 50-7 win vs. rival Texas. I think the frogs will be feeling a bit fat and happy, and will ignore Patterson’s pleas for dedication to beating the wildcats this week. Patterson is well aware of Snyder’s home record and how well his team is prepared as a home dog. I have a hard time believing that his team will be super focused this week after the Texas laugher. It is going to be super hard to cover 7 on the road with a defense that allows 28 ppg. Also, guess who has the best record in NCAAF lined games since 2011, KSU at 70% 35-11.

      • Petefranklin

        I nailed the reasons for the cover….patterson said so at halftime and after the game

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Southern Miss – L


    Florida can’t be good, can they? This is a play strictly on Florida needing to prove it and Mizzou having sorted thru whatever the hell was wrong with the QB and now playing the freshman. If he’s the best guy his teammates know it. The running game is healthy too and the defense is always strong. Florida has been better than people thought but good enough to win by 6 here? I’m saying no and go Tigers and all that.

  • 1) Hokies (W);

    2) Texas +16.5 over Oklahoma: The collapse of a Longhorns program that wasn’t legitimately expected to compete until next year anyway is all anyone has been hearing about this week. A young team with nothing to lose and everything to gain from a strong showing today should give its best effort of the season against a Sooners group that’s been hearing all week about how it’s going to cruise.

    3) Michigan -8 over Northwestern: The Wildcats sure have been playing some D. This is probably the strangest line of the week (up to 10 now at the books) with NU as a huge public underdog. Beyond that, thinking about Luck and Kaepernick and now Rudock? It’s probably safe to say that Jim Harbaugh can coach QBs.

    4) Bengals -3 over Seahawks: Holy cow Seattle’s offensive line is BAD. Have fun with Atkins and Dunlap this week. This is a tempting POTW, especially after hearing about CLTIL’s weekend plans, but I won’t be able to watch the game or even RedZone so I’ll just go for one-point here.

    5) Raiders +4.5 over Broncos: The Raiders losing as favorites in Chicago to come home and win as favorites over the Broncos is a kind of thing that tends to happen. Carr’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly should come in handy, as should Del Rio’s experience as defensive coordinator in Denver for the last three seasons. Khalil Mack chasing after Manning has some potential as well.

    6) POTW: Woman Beating Womanbeaters of Jerryworld +8.5 over Cheating Cheaters of New Cheatsland: This is me following the mighty bupalos’s call to descend. Only the Patriots could provide adequate cover for a play on the Cowboys on the week of Hardy’s return. Belichick never loses after the bye week. And the Pats are going to go undefeated this season anyway. And the Cowboys are hopeless without Romo and Dez. “You’d have to be an idiot to take the Cowboys here.” Sign me up.

    • Switch me off the Raiders and onto Miami Hurricanes +9.5 please.

    • Sorry for another switch but it feels especially wrong to be on the Cowboys with all the good vibes coming out of Cincy today. I’ll make the Queen City Kitties my POTW and switch off the Cowboys back to the Raiders.

      • And finally forget about the Raiders I will have the Chargers -3 instead. Thx.

  • DUKE -12.5
    TOLEDO -15
    VIRGINIA +10.5
    More to come

    • SEAHAWKS +3. Andy Dalton is playing as I thought he would when he was coming out of TCU, much to the dismay of one half of the Executive Committee. And I’ve noted Frowns’ diagnosis of Seattle’s troubled offensive line, which is a real thing. But the Hawks D is a different animal with Cam back there, and everyone here should know my feelings on R. Carrington Wilson.

      JAGS +3.

      If there’s one thing that’s been evident of Jameis Winston since day one, it’s that he isn’t the smartest guy. Can’t fault him for that, because sometimes you just can’t battle genetics. But the cloudy decision-making process he uses in his day-to-day off the field endeavors is really no different than the one he uses on it. The chronology goes something like this:
      1. ACT
      2. THINK

      And look, I don’t want to pile on the guy, because he’s not all bad I’m sure. Between alleged sexual assaults, Grand Theft Crab and slurs shouted loudly across the cafeteria, Jameis may seem to be incredibly selfish, thoughtless and vile to most. But we can’t let this overshadow his philanthropy and generosity ON the football field. Jameis is more giving with his distribution of the football than anyone could ever ask. Constantly donating and gifting to the opposing team, making their job that much easier…it’s amazingly selfless-despite all his faults.

      Seriously though, who drafted this guy?

  • ChuckKoz

    Essay: Oklahoma -16.5 versus Texas
    I’m sure Texas has some talent, but I don’t ever remember seeing a major program collapse quite like we’ve seen this early in the season. I can imagine the Texas players drumming up the focus to perform at a high-level with all the chaos around them. And even if they did managed to put together whatever account they have, they are still running up against a very good Oklahoma team which is capable of scoring a lot of points with 31 being there low mark on the season at Tennessee. Oklahoma had one red flag game, where they didn’t look great against Tulsa, but I think you could see that coming with the in-state rival after a big road win. I think Oklahoma is very good team and will win this game easily

  • The Iron Sheik


    After that disappointing loss last week against Clemson in the rain storm which the fighting Irish clearly gave that one away wth turnovers to Clemson – I think navy is in for a beating. Brian Kelly has seen this type of offense a few weeks ago against gatech and were able to easily handle them. What this game will come down to are the basics – no turnovers and and do what you do best SCORE Points. I think the Irish d will be able to contain Reynolds which will make for a long afternoon for the midshipmen d and they won’t be able to hold up against that high powered and angry offense of the Irish.

  • limaontinder

    Chargers (essay)

    Using my essay skip.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Penn St. +6.5 – Hackenburg at home vs a physically beat up and emotionally drained IU football team why not.
    BGSU -13 – Maction!


    BGSU -13, NFL picks coming tonight or tomorrow.

  • PJD19

    Northwestern over Mich (essay pick, essay skip week)

  • 1) App. St.
    2) UGA
    3) TTU
    4) Broncos
    5) Seahawks
    6) BGSU *essay*

    Essay skip for me this week.

  • squeekycleen

    Essay: Tennessee: Same old story with Georgia this year. Play first big game, lose. Probably stagger around now. Tenny has had a bunch of tough luck, but they have put out in every game and I expect more of the same here. Overall, I found this card to be really tough but this was the best I could come up with, and at that, and so it is what it is.

  • Its Only Money

    GA Tech
    All play Bengals
    Essay Patriots. I will come back and type essay later.

    • Its Only Money

      Here’s my essay, yesterday didn’t go so well:

      As us Browns fans know any team led by Brandon Weeden can get blown out on any given Sunday. This is one of those Sundays. The Patriots just have that look this year that they will steamroll every week. It is never a good idea to give Tom Brady and the Patriots any more ammunition than they already have, but Greg Hardy with his big mouth (albeit very funny in my opinion) might have fired Tom terrific up just a little bit more for this one. Dallas is having trouble stopping the pass and that will continue today. Dallas has trouble getting the opponents offense off the field so it could be a long day. Not only is this my essay pick, but I loaded up on the on the Pats today too.

  • jpftribe

    Syracuse – 4-2 ATS on the road last 6 games. They have their starting QB back. I’ll take the points.
    Miami Fl – Both teams terrible ATS. Big consensus pick, gimme more points.
    Bengals – All play, otherwise wouldn’t touch this game.
    Falcons – Shanny continues to roll, although Julio may not play…..
    Pats – I should just pick them every week, I need the cheddar.

    Essay Pick
    the bizarro world where Karma actually means something in the NFL, the
    Browns are straight up winners this week. However, the Ravens are living
    proof that karma means nothing in the NFL. Ray Lewis is a terrible
    human being. Art Modell ripped the heart out of an entire city, yet they
    still hoisted the silver football over their head.

    The Browns
    are showing all the signs of turning the corner. McCown is spreading it
    out to multiple receivers. Flip has learned the you truly can throw on
    first down. Duke is breaking out, Crow is hitting holes that the passing
    game is opening up and the D is a few big disastrous plays from a solid
    outing. They are due, and I will predict here, play their best game of
    the season so far.
    Steve Smith is the consummate Raven. And further
    proof karma does not exist in the NFL. Mouthy, bully, badass tough, you
    can only love him if he is on your team. Even then, you can wake up and
    find he has beat the shit out of one of his teammates in the locker
    room, who will go on to never play another down in the NFL. Yet on
    Sundays, on the field, he is 100% clutch.

    There is no entity on
    the planet that is more innovative and creative at losing than my
    beloved Cleveland Browns. I’m pretty sure they have a process for this.
    Somehow, someway in the most unimaginable, yet completely obvious of
    ways, they will overcome their best performance of this still young
    season and lose. Further proof there is no karma in the NFL.

    the real Cheddar bet here is, when the inevitable implosion occurs, will
    it be less than a touchdown or will the Browns have the lead. With
    Smitty out,I think the chances are pretty good.
    Browns plus the points.

    • jpftribe

      Apologies for the formatting. Discus was wigging out on me this morning.

    • I wish I had the stomach for such a pick this week. Godspeed.

      • Petefranklin

        It should be low scoring, so taking the points is in order.

  • RDGinCLE

    Soon after pulling out of my garage in downtown Cleveland this morning on my way to Pennsylvania, I noticed something horrible. I had forgotten my auxiliary cord, and was thus unable to listen my usual, impeccably structured, selection of albums on Spotify. And yes, they are all albums because losers listen to playlists. Would you ever go to an art museum and look at only the corner of a painting? I digress.

    So I was forced to listen to something other than my own selection of tunes, and Parliament Lights only keep me entertained for so long. I dont really know radio stations other than 850, 92.3, and 96.5. Elvis Durant is funny and cute but i can only take so much pop music. Mike and Mike are just bleh, and the garbage that 92.3 spews out in the morning is honestly some of the worst shit ive ever heard. But alas, I had never listened to this new dude named Ken or whatever who replaced Booms, so I gave it a shot. Anywhoo, as soon as I turned it on they started segment where they pick 5 give against the spread. “Oh, this could be interesting,” I thought to myself. It wasnt interesting at all, as he picked all five favorites, three of which are on the road.

    Heres the jist of Radio Ken Dude’s anaylsis w/r/t to his picks ATS:

    (Favored Team) X is WAY better than (Underdog Team Y) -IM LAYING THE POINTS!!!!!

    As I was driving across 90E all I could think about was Todd Furhman and Jeff Sherman laughing their asses off, as this is probably the attitude of every bro betting 100 a game on their annual trip to Caesars during football season. Kanickis comments regarding public vs sharps and their source of info came to mind too.

    Either way, against my viewing and wagering preference, I will be playing 5 NFL games. And these games will include no thoughts of my own, rather they will strictly be the EXACT OPPOSITE of Radio Boy Kens picks. Because goddamn, he didnt mention a thing that wasnt presumably and obviously accounted for in the spread. And when it comes to radio bros vs mechanics who stake actual money on the lines they set, Ill side with the smart people and thisseems like a perfect time to capitalize. I could literally hear the Vegas books laughing as Radio Boy Ken was giving his loud and vapid prognostications – even above the cheesy NFL film music in the backround. And since he and his idiotic partner were most adamant about The Pats covering, (“Youd have to be an idiot to pick against the Patriots here”) consider this my essay on the Cowboys +8.5.

    The other anti Radio Bro picks:

    Rams +8.5
    Seahawks +3
    Raiders +4.5
    Washington +7

    God Speed.

    • “Laying the points” always sounds so poseur to me.

      Squeek-PeteF-TA: do real Vegas wiseguys say ‘laying the points’ or giving points?

      As for me, I like Carman when I’ve tuned in. Like Stern, not all the segments are going to be “Fred making a scene at the Rainbow Room” homeruns so I cut slack for weak days. I’m sure I would bore myself if I had to talk Browns four hours a day, five days week.. cripes.

      Kiley on the other hand…

      • Petefranklin

        We usually say I’ll take 7 or something like that, establishing that we know what the line is. I used to say I’ll take so and so to win three dollars, but the idiots at the windows actually think three dollars means $3.00. Sorry sir there is a five dollar minimum at the window. Then I really fuck with them, what kind of place has a nickel minimum? I see hookers at the bar here and you have a 500$ minimum?? Well no sir, it is actually 5$. Really?? Well no shit guy, you need to learn the lingo if you want to make a tip. This is a big reason that I do everything by app now, except big bets as there is a nickel limit at most joints apps. I think there are 7 different lines I can bet into legally from my phone and more are coming.

  • FTCMikeD

    Rice +4 over @Fla Atlantic
    Bills -2.5 over @Titans
    AP: @Bengals -3 over Seahawks
    Cards – 2.5 over @Lions
    Broncos -4.5 over @Raiders
    Do not overthink this. It is about as an easy as a play as you’ll have all year. Take the Patriots over the Cowboys.
    1. Patriots coming off the Bye
    2. Tom Brady is going to be in F U mode all year looking to score 50 here
    3. Look how ATL and NO lit up DAL the last 2 weeks
    4. Cowboys have injuries all over, including their best 2 offensive players…
    But most importantly, Bill Belicheck has had 2 weeks to prepare for BRANDON WEEDEN. This has disaster written all over it for the Cowboys, therefore this is my certifiable PICK OF THE YEAR!

  • jdoepke

    You guys…you see a Cincinnati guy at the top of the leaderboard, coming off a losing week and of course you pick this All Play game. I hate it, I hate the game, I hate the line, and I hate that I will be picking this one with my heart. Altough, I see a lot of Seahawks plays and rightfully so, who’s not going to take them vs. an inflated team right now just begging to come crashing to earth?

    Bengals -3 (All Play)
    Iowa St +12.5
    Kansas St +9.5
    GT +7
    Tennessee +3

    Cal +7. This line seems low for a Utah team playing at home and in the Natl spotlight. I don’t know much on either team but if you follow my formula….well you know. Over 70% bets on Utah, 70% of money the other way. Combine that with everyone just saw Utah dominate Oregon, so they’re getting a ton of public play and I will gladly take Cal and the points. Utah at the buzzer 31-30.

    Keep your eyes on Michigan: 70% of action on NW yet the line has climbed up to 10 in some spots and Michigan by 8 just seems outragous, begging you to take NW. Couldn’t pull the trigger though.

  • Chris Schroeder

    -12.5 Texas Tech vs. Iowa State
    +10.5 Ball State @ Northern Illinois
    +3 Syracuse @ South Florida
    -2.5 Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans

    All Play: -3 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Essay: -4.5 Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders
    Location: Oakland, California
    Stadium: Coliseum
    Time: 4:25 Eastern standard time. Sunday October 11th 2015. CBS.
    Weather: High of 78 Partly Cloudy 10% change of precip windsNNW 11 mph
    The Game: Welcome to the AFC West show down Straight Out of Oakland. The undefeated Denver Broncos (4-0) take their talents to the shit hole of a stadium in Oakland (2-2) and will be on all cylinders while navigating that random baseball field. Looking at the roster C. Woodson “Mister Heisman” (strange to note he is the last player to win the heisman that isn’t a QB or running back) is 39, damn son your
    still kicking. Ill be honest I know not much about these squads, but sometimes you look at the slate and just have that feeling. I’m going to roll with that and
    see how the coin falls. The biggest factor in the game will be when Denver is driving. Oakland has given up the second most passing yards to date. Knowing that, enough said I’m down with Denver for the week. Ladies and Gents the treat from the Mile High City sit back and relax, crack that free flowing, golden crisp, cold spring, Golden Brewery favorite the original Banquet Beer just in time for the Broncos to cover.

  • mmmmsnouts

    ALL PLAY: Seahawks +3 vs. Bengals

    Virginia Tech PK vs. NC State
    Missouri +5.5 vs. Florida (major letdown game potential)
    FSU -9.5 vs. Miami
    TCU -9.5 vs. Kansas State (this is a severely low line considering EMAW has basically no QBs)

    ESSAY: Syracuse +3 vs. USF

    I’m still steaming about probably the worst QB in USF history pulling a 90-yard TD drive out of his ass for a backdoor cover to ruin my POTY, capped off by a one-handed catch to get into the end zone. (I was at a concert last Friday watching the game on my phone before the main act went on, and threw a mini-tantrum when Elkanah Dillon scored. Everyone was very confused.)

    I’ll play out the string because the money’s already gone, but I really don’t think I’ll be back next year. Sports radio here in Dallas talks about “the catastrophic moment” in a season when something happens and you know it’s not going to work out in the end. Well, that game was it for me in Cheddar. Just awful.

    Anyway, USF is still terrible and Syracuse is underrated and USF has zero home-field advantage and Taggart’s team doesn’t like him very much and my picks are meaningless until the weekly prizes start, so why not essay with pure uncut spite.

    • mmmmsnouts

      Like, seriously, USF is having a white-out tomorrow. There might be 14,000 people in the stands in an NFL stadium for that game. It’s going to be a red-and-pewter-with-random-splotches-of-white out.

    • mmmmsnouts

      Is it too late to cancel the VT pick? Hokies starting QB a very late scratch. If so I’ll pick another game later tonight. If not, oh well.

      • As long as it’s before kickoff it’s not too late. You’re good.

        • mmmmsnouts

          Switched to Bills -2.5 vs. the Titans. Thank you sir.

          • Still bummed about the prospect of you quitting. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. A fool who persists in his folly shall become wise.

    • [liked for the amusing concert anecdote.]
      [not liked for the prospect of your not being here next year.]
      [just to be clear.]

  • Concierge

    Southern Miss +4.5 Essay
    Central Michigan +7.5
    Ohio State -33
    FAU -4
    Seattle +3
    FIU -14.5

    Just don’t think Marshall is as good as their record. Southern Miss has been one of the worst teams in the FBS over the last few years.. They actually have been playing decent football this year and can certainly put up some points.Qb Nick Mullens will put up huge numbers against the Thundering Terd defense.. Also SO MISS is 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games so might as well ride the hot hand with the Golden Eagles..

  • RDGinCLE

    Please give me NC State for pick number one. VT managed 100 yards of offense last week. One football field. Not sure even a home night game is enough to save Beamers team who is really playing uninspired football right now.

  • 1. Va Tech PK over NC State Fun fact:

    “What is a Hokie? The origin of the word “Hokie” has nothing to do with a turkey. It was coined by O.M. Stull (class of 1896), who used it in a spirit yell he wrote for a competition.

    “Here’s how that competition came to be. Virginia Tech was founded in 1872 as a land-grant institution and was named Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. In 1896, the Virginia General Assembly officially changed the college’s name to Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, a name so long that people shortened it in popular usage to VPI. The original college cheer, which made reference to the original name of the institution, was no longer suitable. So a contest was held to select a new spirit yell, and Stull won the $5 top prize for his cheer, now known as Old Hokie:

    “Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hy.
    Techs, Techs, V.P.I.
    Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah.
    Polytechs – Vir-gin-ia.
    Rae, Ri, V.P.I.”

    And you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about. Doot doot.

  • team super p forever:

    texas +16.5 oklahoma
    nd -14.5 navy
    cardinals -2.5 detroit
    northern illinois -10 ball state
    seahawks +3 bengals
    essay is clemson -6.5 ga. tech

    Moments before beginning this piece, someone sent me and about 75 other people an email reminding us that a gofundme campaign he’d started in 2012 was still going, and that our contribution would be appreciated.

    I clicked through, noting that in 3+ years, the initiative had gained one backer, with a total accumulation of $5 toward the stated goal of $4000.

    This man’s frustration could surely only be matched by my own in trying to participate in Cheddar Bay. Here’s a sampling of the back and forth super p and I are having in gchat as I try to finish our picks:

    super p:
    i guess that seems okay
    i was bullish on northwestern early on
    but who knows
    clemson is your essay, NOT seahawks
    omg you took away my northwestern
    which was on the list of picks you had to take lol
    what is wrong with you lolol

    oh i got confused
    i can change it hang on
    i can’t find the spreadsheet plus google docs is having a panic attack

    texas +16.5 oklahoma
    northwestern +8 michigan
    nd -14.5 navy
    missouri +5.5 florida
    seahawks +3 bengals
    essay is clemson -6.5 ga. tech

    is missouri mizzou

    super p:
    yes re mizzou
    you don’t have to change –
    i’ve been going back and forth
    your picks are just as good
    it’s just funny how we cannot communicate clearly re cheddar bay

    no i changed it no way am i getting in trouble again

    super p:
    but you added mizzou
    which hadn’t been there
    i like the cardinals better than mizzou
    i feel i want you to change it back
    or do northern illinois instead of mizzou
    see how you changed more than just one?

    just send me what you want
    exactly as it should be written

    super p:
    i thought i did
    also you sent to mike already
    i was pretty clear re just change one lol

    i can resend
    just write it out how i did, without commentary and especially without options lol

    super p:
    i’m not sure what you thought i said?
    you have a mental block about it

    i get really confused
    i don’t understand lines, plus the nicknames, plus the nicknames are then different in the spreadsheet options
    like some are just initials, etc

    super p:
    just don’t comment yet
    we will get it right there, and then email mike

    and then there’s the spreadsheet, the app, and the comment section, plus you have to make an oral argument to a call-in line now

    super p:
    okay i have 5 of the picks

    i’m just making this chat our essay lol
    what are the picks

    super p:
    nooooo lol

    everything you say from here on is getting added to it

    super p:
    i need you to pick either northwestern over michigan, northern illinois over ball state, or mizzou over florida
    except that last one is maybe the worst

    but i had northern illinois tech college and you said no

    super p:
    just put that back in
    i never told you to take that one out
    i said take mizzou out lol

    is mizzou missouri lol

    super p:
    i taught you mizzou the other day
    you forgot

    that one guy got kicked out i really want to be next thx lol

    And thus, Clemson is our essay pick.

  • Dave Borcas

    Northwestern +8
    Florida -5.5 essay
    Browns +6.5 should win straight up
    Bengals +3 All play Seahawks inconsistent on Monday night then travel to Ohio
    Central Michigan +7.5 based on Dustin Fox call
    Buckeyes -33 they have to cover sooner or later don’t they?
    Sometimes a line just jumps out at you and says gimme. Then at the end of the game that line ends up biting you in the ass. I have been on Florida all season and they have been good to me. The Gator defense has been solid all season and the offense finally showed some real life last weekend. Will Grier is really looking comfortable at QB, while Marty Maui is still out for Mizzou. I think the lines makers are caught up in the 4-1 record plus that the Tigers have beaten the Gators the last 2 years. Something has to give with Missouri averaging over 200 yards rushing and the Gators giving up less than 100 yards per game. To me this game is a lay up, only time will tell if I am right. CHOMP CHOMP……..

  • pateslvrblk

    Oklahoma. Went to the Texas State Fair during this game every year when I lived in Dallas and it was the best because you could ride all the rides with no lines then jump the fence and catch second half.
    Seahawks. Seahawks will improve every week, Dalton will get worse every week.
    Bowling Green. Just like em.
    Zona St. Colorado players are getting stoned and dont give a shit.
    Giants. This will be a running theme with me: ‘Niners giving only 7? Take other side.’
    Pats***. Will be back with essay about Belichick post-bye week record and Brady still angry. Actually no, let’s bang it out now: Pats have scored 28, 41, 51 against Steelers, Bills, Jags. Sum of least squares regression indicates Pats will score 70 against Cowboys. Pats will score somewhere north of 40, Weeden-to-DevinStreet won’t get out of the 20s. BTW, Belichick against the spread after bye week is only 9-7. (Mike Holgrmu, 1-10.)

  • FlyHighCharlieFrye

    Give me Southern Miss

    And the Bengals

    And I’ll do the rest later. The dragdown pick menu did not load for me.

    • google has been sketchy this afternoon. i’ll make sure the picked are logged.

    • Dave Borcas

      That 13 seemed to good to be true

  • Nick

    1. NC State over Virginia Tech

  • RCLA

    So I have no real flavor for the NFL games this week. My pick on the AP is just a combination of the eye test and the fact that no one wins meaningless early season home games and gets everyone’s hopes up quite like the Cincinnati Bengals.

    I don’t even know why I picked SF. I guess because that Giants team seems to mediocre to be getting a full touchdown from a legitimate NFL team, even a shitty one.

    The college games are way more fun. Specifically, these BIG 12 games are great this week. Hard time picking an essay between TCU -9.5 and Oklahoma -16.5. I was engaging in a little “guess the lines” exercise on Sunday before I had seen anything and I think I missed the Oklahoma line by 11.5 points. Certainly as far off as I can ever remember being. I guess I’m just taking Texas as being SO spiritually dead that neither the history of this rivalry or their decent showings earlier this year v. Oklahoma St. or Cal are going to convince me this won’t be a blowout. And I don’t think this is a Texas team that gets down 28-0 and ends up losing 35-24. I think that if this Texas team gets down 28-0 they end up losing 91-0. Because “OMFG, I could have been on the other team. *kills self on field*”

    • RCLA

      I am literally the dumbest person there has ever been.

  • cwonder23

    Colts +4.5 @ Texans (win)
    CMU +7.5 @ WMU
    Ball State +10.5 @ NIU
    Bears +10 @ Chiefs
    All Play: Seahawks +3 @ Cincy. Went back and forth on this one and I think this spread is exactly right. Nice job by the EC for this week’s AP selection.
    Essay: LSU -13 vs South Carolina

    I liked the spread before the change in venue. This South Carolina team has been DREADFUL on offense and now has to deal with another QB change and also have to play in one of the tougher environments in all of college football. SC’s rush defense ranks 74th in the country and who is that you say is on the other team? Leonard Fournette. Who, you say? Just the leading Heisman candidate. I expect Fournette to torch this team while eclipsing another 200 yard rushing performance. The Ol’ Ball Coach is going to pull out all the stops in this one and continue to go for it on fourth down which should lead to some short field position for Fournette and the Tigers to exploit. I think Coach Miles likes what he sees in his team this year and will show no mercy in running SC out of Baton Rouge. A loss here will place Spurrier firmly on the hot seat. I like LSU here, big. LSU 42 – SC 14.

    • cwonder23

      I hate flip flopping here but am going to go off of eye test and switch my All Play to Bengals -3. Seattle looked like shit last week at home vs an underwhelming Lions team. They have played very poorly on the road as well.

  • I can hear it in the distance. The faint sound of tissue paper being furiously crumpled and applied to parade floats by the fingers of sorority pledges. The faint echo of last minute campaigns for kings and queens. The pour of peppermint schnapps into hot cocoas as the biting wind picks up and the games get underway. Homecoming is upon us.

    Homecoming games, despite what we want to tell ourselves, are emotionally charged games. Spread-wreckers, as I casually refer to them. It’s a highly sophisticated, well-known term in the degenerate betting world. Trust me. Spread-wrecker games are not for the faint of heart. As MTV’s True Life says, “you think you know, but you have no idea.” Sitting here, in Cheddar, on the cliff of the playoff line, I have decisions to make. My expertise lies in making predict based on human emotions. If I didn’t pick these games, I wouldn’t be true to thyself.

    Kent State +15 vs. Toledo – The Rockets think they might go undefeated this year. They really do. My reaction to that thought is similar to when I watch my cat try to capture birds beyond a glass window. Many of my high school peers went away to Toledo, many others went to Kent. The one thing they now have in common is most of them graduated from Kent The game may be in Toledo but homecoming belongs to Kent.

    Michigan -8 vs. Northwestern – I’m coming around on Michigan after all of these years. Growing up as an Ohio State fan practically formed a Muck Fichigan curl in my brain. Riddle me this, Batman; Northwestern is ranked 14, and Michigan is ranked 21, yet the spread is -8. What does that all mean? It means the rankings are useless and the committee is going to put in whoever the heck they want into the playoffs anyways; whatever games are statistically said to have the most profitable returns. Everyone knows TCU fans are stingy.

    Alabama -16 vs. Arkansas – Alabama is 80-13-1 in homecoming games, but just winning is not enough. They must do so by two touchdowns and a field goal (by my calculations.) Arkansas, the team who lost to Toledo. The team who beat the Vols who almost lost to BGSU. Put on those snazzy bow ties and darling dresses and roll tide.

    Maryland +33 vs. Ohio State – To those who think Maryland doesn’t belong in your precious Big 10, buck up. Get over it. Ohio State was rolling down a steep slope to loserville last week against INDIANA and ya’ll are going to act like it didn’t happen. Fine. Or Northern Illinois? FINE. Have it your way. Ohio State’s trend of underestimating their competition will continue. They’re still ranked at the top, nothing has changed. As long as the Terrapins can make a plan to score points, they’ll cover. Maryland will be eager to get back to their oysters and bushels of blue crabs and they’ll taste so much sweeter if they’re proud of the work they put in.

    **Essay** Illinois +10.5 at Iowa – The idea of blowing up Iowa’s homecoming, to the sound of losing to an unranked team, is pretty fantastic and I think it’s exactly what the Illini will try their damnedest to do. My husband, a proud, proud, Illini said last weekend as we watched Wisconsin bow to Iowa at home, “we never cheer for Iowa.”
    I think a few scheduled “gimme” homecoming games will prove to be nail biters this weekend, but this is the one I feel the actually upset going down. If not they will have reached for the moon but fallen within the spread. I have confidence in Illinois’ running game, sure the starter is out but the freshman who came in for him was averaging four yards a carry, I don’t hate that.
    This is Illinois’ first road game since North Carolina (ouch) but I know Iowa feels much, much more like home. Overall, I think Iowa is going to be checked out after their big win against Wisconsin and they’ll already be out celebrating their homecoming win in their heads. I vote Illinois will be the most present team on the field.

    All Play: Seahawks +3 @ Bengals – There’s only one reason I’m taking the Seahawks and her name is Sarah Colonna.

    Other picks I considered making:
    Mizzou +5.5 vs. Gators – I declare last week a fluke. These are the Gators that got lucky to beat the Vols. With the Mizzou student based pumped for homecoming, these Gators don’t stand a chance.

    Penn State -6.5 vs. Indiana – This would be a tough pick to submit. If Indiana couldn’t get that W against OSU, I’m afraid no one will. They’re second string QB came in with nothing to lose and played great. I don’t feel like when the second-string actually starts that the debuts ever lives to the fanfare they received the week before,

    East Carolina +8 vs. BYU – What does a BYU homecoming consist of, anyway?

  • HitTheHorns

    2) WVU -7

    3) Army +12.5

    4) St. Louis Rams +8.5 **Essay** In the last 17 games at Lambeau Field in which Aaron Rodgers throws at least three passes: Packers SU 17-0, Packers ATS (16-1; could be 15-2 depending on the number you got for late season game against Cowboys last year.) This season: Packers 4-0 SU, 4-0 ATS. Packers are a public team. Line is up to 10 on pinnacle, 9 or 9.5 on some other sites. As Tony Kornheiser said on PTI, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown an interception at home since 1991. The Rams have two really strong wins this year: home vs. Seattle, at Arizona. The Rams seem to have as good a chance as anyone to keep a game close in Green Bay. I don’t use historical trends when picking football games, except when those trends start to push the narrative of how people talk about the game. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback I’ve ever watched, and my favorite to watch play, so I am prepared to take my medicine here.

    5) Virginia Tech PK

    • HitTheHorns

      6) Seahawks

  • Uncle D

    I’m going out on a limb, but at some point michigan state has to break its streak of not covering ! i think this is the week. despite rutgers having their star receiver carroo back, as well as a home night crowd in all black uni/s, I’m going with coach D and his solid QB connor cook.
    i am hopeful when the lights come on, the #4 team in the country will get uncle D back into contention.


  • Capitalgg

    Found my rhythm the last 2 weeks. Tuesday look ahead lines. Wednesday cheddar post games highlights. Friday night picks. This is going up on Thursday night (ok, early Friday morning) so this week is already irreparably f’d. Let’s just not get lobsterita’d again and we’ll live to fight next week.

    [All-Play]Seahawks +3 @ Bengals
    1. Bills -2.5 @ Titans
    2. BGSU -13 v. UMass
    3. Alabama -16 v. Arkansas
    4. USF -3 v. Syracuse

    [Essay]LSU -13 “@” South Carolina: So it’s rained approximately 3 years worth of rain in Columbia in less than a week. The entire state is under water. And late in the week, the conference informs you that instead of postponing the game, you get to play a home game in your opponent’s home stadium. And that stadium is one of the most difficult to play in in all of college football. But wait, there’s more. Not only are you traveling there unexpectedly, but you were probably well over-matched by that opponent anyway. Good luck keeping this one close since you’ve been more worried about being swept up by a biblical flood than football this week.

    Other Considerations (LW: 4-8, Overall: 25-37-1):
    Falcons -7 v. Redskins
    Florida -5.5 @ Mizzou
    Clemson -7 v. Georgia Tech
    Washington St. +17 @ Oregon
    Virginia Tech pk v. NC State
    Oklahoma -16.5 @ Texas
    Minnesota -3 @ Purdue
    Ohio St. -33 v. Maryland
    Baylor -44 @ Kansas
    Northwestern +8 @ Michigan
    UCF -2.5 v. UConn
    Wisconsin +1.5 @ Nebraska

    • GG, gotta change this line. LSU -20.
      Let us know if you want to ride with the essay.

      • Capitalgg

        Fuck it. Let’s ride!

  • HitTheHorns

    1. Texans -4.5


    1. Texans -4.5

    • CLEVTA

      1. Texans big fat loser
      2. FAU -4
      3. CMU +7.5
      4. Browns +6.5 (line should be 4.5/5 by kickoff). Ravens aren’t good.
      5. Bengals -3 all play. Seattle has struggled most of this season & couldnt put away a poor Lions team. Bengals should get pressure all day on Russ & coming off an emotional win on MNF and having to travel east for 1pm kick is a tall task
      6. PSU -6.5 essay: Indiana blew their wad last week v OSU. It’s a big emotional letdown to almost beat the champs then have to re-focus for a noon kick in Happy Valley. PSU still isnt’ great but 4 straight Ws helps restore a little confidence. PSU can still play D and should be able to slow down IU’s offense with or without Sudfeld.

  • Peter Markos

    PATS ESSAY- The Pats are on a mission. So what, they cheated. I will fuel their rage and ride it all season long.
    Seattle beats the Bengals even in Bizarro world. Wilson is clutch, Red headed step child is not. Seahawks need the game more.
    Packers. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are another motivated team.
    UM has enough to stay close to FSU
    OSU and Michigan will play like the BIg 2. Maryland in the Big 10 still makes me sick. Schools with 8-3 records as a lifetime achievement don’t deserve a spot in the B10.

  • cwonder23

    Colts +4.5 @ Texans for one point.

  • trashycamaro

    I’ll take Colts +4.5 over Texans assuming no changes. If it changes please rescind my pick.

    • trashycamaro

      Wisconsin +1.5 for my college pick. Please erase my lsu pick on the sheet due to line change I just saw in the comments. If there is a line change on the day of games it Must be very clear. As it is I have already missed my chance to choose 12pm games because I just saw the line change

    • trashycamaro

      Jags +3 over Bucs bad week, taker the points and roll

      Wisconsin +1.5 over Nebraska Win!

      Titans +2.5 over Bills Bills don’t have any healthy running backs. Even the 3rd stringer is banged up. Watkins is out. Tyrod is not good enough to get this done by himself. Mr. Marioto has shown some real ability.

      All Play Bengals -3 over Seahawks This is a rough one, but the Bengals are not who you want to play to bust out of a slump, especially with two of your RBs out.

      Essay Cardinals -2.5 over Lions Cards are good, Lions are not. Stafford has not been able to get it together, the RBs are a mess, and the defense is bad. A quick look at Football Outsiders shows the Lions offense and defense are ranked in the 20s with the special teams at 16, while the all 3 of the cars units are top 10. I know people are waiting for the Cards to fade, but this line is silly. Until Palmer gets hurt, this is a Super Bowl contending team. The Lions are not contending for anything.

  • Pumped for the millennial article! Very much my camp. Though I do recall them before they left. Remember, millennials start in 1980…

    • RDGinCLE

      I was just asking my wife last night what definitively defined a millennial. I was born in 1980 and have numerous, and very distinct, Browns memories pre 1999.

    • I never know when those labels start and stop. I thought there was GenX somewhere in there before Millennials and all I know is I’ve never felt like a Baby Boomer but seems like I’m in on the tail end of that.

      Anyway, hey it’s up:

  • #1 Colts tonite.

    • #2 Duke.

      • #3 FAU.

        • #4 Syracuse.

          • #5 essay: WVU -7.

            I’m not huge on trying to pick a “What’s the best college home crowd?” but finding a rough top five shouldn’t be hard.

            (And Bleacher Report has some 50 sections listed if you want to feed their click-bait model too.)

            And they all have the usual suspects Tuscaloosa and Columbus and Baton Rouge and Kyle some do a little more research and include Neyland and Lubbock. Obviously there’s a bunch. But in terms of a crowd’s impact on their team seems to me Milan Puskar should rate up there somewhere.

            It’s sold out tonight and Holgo’s offense gets to tee off on a Big 12 defense that gave up 440 pass yds last week to Bill Snyder. It’ll be a different story that the one in Norman last week.

            This is a feel pick as much as anything. I also don’t mind riding with the only Cheddar picker who lives in West Bygod and who’s been having a nice year so far.

  • GRRustlers

    BGSU (-13) over UMass – UMass can’t stop anyone. How will they deal with a Heisman finalist?

    USC (-16.5) over Washington – Good USC can destroy anyone. Bad USC would lost to Western Michigan. I fully expect good USC tonight.

    Colorado (+14.5) over Arizona State – Waits to hear comments from players after Oregon loss…love what I am hearing.

    Eagles (-5) over Saints – I may blindly still be in love with Chip but the Saints D should make anyone feel better.

    AP – Bengals (-3) over Seahawks – Russell owes me 3 cheddar points for that nonsense Monday. It’s almost like making a few big plays make everyone forget about how careless you are with the football. Wait. That sounds familiar.

    Essay Pick

    Lots of noise this week.

    Most of it caused by a coach who either misspoke or simply did not know what he was talking about. I don’t buy any of it. I don’t question Haden in any way mainly because I don’t think any of the guys in only room that matters do.

    The offense is just fine.

    Duke Johnson is the real deal and the Cleveland Browns can actually move the football. I can’t believe that I actually typed that. The problems have all been on the other side of the football and I think a banged up divisional rival is the perfect tonic for that.

    No one should pretend that the Ravens do not own the Browns. Flacco and Harbaugh should be listed as co-owners with Haslam. The frustrating thing is how close the games are. This line should always just be 3 points.

    One day I am going to write about 10,000 words about the difference in how the Indians and the Browns deal with the local media. The main theme being that the Browns actually seem to read the papers and pay attention to what people say. The Indians have a plan and regardless of what the media or the fans say they stick to their plan. The Browns wait for the local media to stir the pot and then a weak owner cleans house and resets the damn cycle. Dan Gilbert counts casino chips and thanks the Lord above that someone was born in Akron.

    This is my plea to you Jimmy Haslam.

    You are really good at ignoring and not giving a shit about small unsophisticated trucking companies. All I ask is that you come to the realization that the reporters who cover your team buy a lot of fuel from Pilot. Fuck them. Ignore them. Stay the course.

    Browns (+6.5) over Ravens

    • Here here. We’ll put, Sir. I still don’t have the stones for the Browns at M&T.

  • zarathustra

    Washington +16.5 over USC
    This might have been my essay pick if I had time to write anything. LOVE the Huskies tonight and wouldn’t rule out the outright upset, but think they will come up just short. One pointer.

    • Petefranklin

      I was thinking that game was friday night. That’s what I get for working I guess.

      • zarathustra

        That’s what you get for working….you should know better.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Ok St
    AP- Bungles
    ****essay**** U of Hou
    SMU’s offensive line has already given up 21 sacks and they are not getting any better. 25 points seems like too many, but this fear of an inflated line must be tempered by a few easy facts. Houston has a much better offense than SMU, they may score 70, this makes 25 points a much smaller piece of the respective pie. Houston’s vaunted offense matches up well with the slow, under coached, underachieving, SMU defense. On the other match up, SMU’s impotent offense shall be going against a fairly good Houston defense. Houston’s defensive line shall destroy the beleaguered SMU offensive line, allowing the Houston secondary to pounce like a cougar on their “ball in the air in two seconds or less” opportunities. SMU will fall behind early and they shall be forced to use a pass heavy “attack”, (I am playing fast and loose with the word attack.) The Houston defensive line will pin their ears back and as Keith Jackson would say, “Katie bar the door”, they will be all over the overrated Matt “Where did he come from?” Davis. Davis will turn into a common chucker and I hope the Houston secondary shall make the most of their many opportunities for turnovers. We shall all quickly witness the err of the Air-Morris scheme.

  • Capitalgg

    Did Oregon-Colorado not get scored last week?

    • turns out there were a bunch. thanks. fixed.

  • agnesbojaxhiu


    Cardinals -2.5 essay (Lions)

    Bengals -3 (Seahawks)

    Patriots -7 (Cowboys)

    Clemson -7 (Georgia Tech )

    Hawaii -2.5 (San Diego State)

    Georgia -3 (Tennessee U)

    Once I had a dream. That dream was to win a lobsterfest. Last week (week 2 for me in the competition) I decided to use a new strategy and actually do some research before making my picks. I also decided to do it without looking at anyone’s comments so I could be completely unbiased. Things started out well on Thursday with the Ravens win, then got better on Friday after Temple won, then came Alabama, another win. What happened next however is almost too painful to recount. The little bird that now lives in my basement (see comment from CheddarBay wk5) pouted about my rooting for Clemson when he was rooting for Notre Dame. Against my better judgment I changed my vote. What happened next was a tragedy. Notre Dame was great for those with money on them, but not for me and my fellow cheddar bayers. The rest is history: my essay pick (the Bears) won and the Lions covered the spread. That lobster was so close I could taste it. Now, granted my getting 7 points on my second week of ever paying attention to football was a small miracle in itself, doubtful to ever be repeated again, but how can I go on when a lobster was waiting to be devoured. I then found a silver lining, a blessing disguise: I am allergic to lobster! Winning a lobsterfest might have been tantamount to suicide. Phew, crisis averted. Now onto week 3 (6 for the rest of you). Who can share in the misery of a near miss like a team that had one themselves? A team who was supposed to win but had a victory snatched away secondary to some sloppy ball handling. Which favored team had the narrowest loss of the NFL last week? The Arizona Cardinals (or maybe someone else, I didn’t do that much research, but I’m sticking with them). After a decent start to the season, they lost by only 2 points last week. This week has to be better for at least one of us.

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Miami Ohio +15.5

    Bills -2.5

    Pack -8.5

    Pats -8.5

    Chargers -3

    **Bengals -3

    Well, I’m heading to Cincinnati first thing on Friday to
    spend the weekend with my lovely daughter shopping for her wedding dress and doing
    various other thrilling and delightful bridal things. I can’t possibly put into words how excited I
    am for this, so I won’t, but she has beautiful taste and a good head on her
    shoulders (and is marrying the best guy I could ever have imagined for her) so
    I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. I just hope I can keep it together in the
    bridal shop, but that is another story 🙂

    So back to reality football – since she’s not getting
    married during football season, I’m going to take advantage of this week’s
    all-play being a sign and follow the great Brosef and Frowns in trying to
    capture some of that good wedding juju…and because her fiancé is from Cincy and
    a Bengals fan, and because I’ll be able to watch the first half with them, and
    because I plan to be driving home during the second half and will be blissfully
    unaware of the final until I get home, let’s make it my POTY.

    • bupalos

      THAT is how you do in-law people. That’s how you do mommy, that’s how you do in-law, that’s how you do Cheddar.

      Grats to you and Lovely Daughter, I’m’a vote for cinci too, just on this. Seriously excited for you. Imagine when the bupettes……..oh…weeping…weeping….

      • CleveLandThatILove

        Thanks Bup, you’re the best.

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