Get the Cheddar Bay Pick Sheet app.

1122The Cheddar Bay Pick Sheet form is now available as a mobile app.  (!!)  Here’s how to get it and install it.

Cheddar users should have gotten an email from me that includes this:

Hi! I’ve created this app with AppSheet and am sharing it with you.  

To install the ‘2015 Cheddar Bay Pick Sheet…’ app, please click the link below on your mobile device and follow the instructions: Install the app

You can also run the app in your web browser by clicking the link below: Run the app in a web browser

2. Open the email from your mobile device and launch the ‘install’ link.

3. You need to install AppSheet first, that’s what the Cheddar app relies on.  (I haven’t researched AppSheet and can’t vouch for it except to say, seems legit.)

4. Once AppSheet is installed click ‘Install 2015 Cheddar Pick Sheet.’  This will launch a browser window with verbiage ‘To add this app, to and the ‘Add to Home Screen.’  What this means is to tap the icon that looks like a square with an arrow pointing north.  From there you will be able to place the Cheddar Lobster Dog icon onto your home screen.


Note Corgi icon.

5. Launch the app from your home screen; hit the sync button.  (It’s always a good idea to sync as I don’t think this front-end talks to the back-end without this nudge.)


Do a Sync to make sure you’re updated.

6. After syncing, hit ‘new’ and you should be looking at the entry form.


Picks from here go right into the spreadsheet.

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