Jets game reactions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.01.19 PM

The Gipson play.  If you listen closely you can hear Craig Robertson saying, “Wha happened?”

Let’s bang out some hot takes on yesterday’s fiasco.  These are top of my head and no I have not reviewed film.  In no order:

Grab Browns over Titans if McCown starts.
If McCown starts next week versus Tennessee, I will jump on the Browns with both feet.  Look for enormous over-reaction line movement with Titans’ big win over rookie-QB-no-Mike-Evans Tampa Bay and the Browns apparent throttling by the Jets.

18 point delta.
I calculate 18 points that the god of football arbitrarily took away from the Browns in three plays in the first half:

1.The McCown run, injury, fumble and non-recovery is in itself unlikely to be repeated.  Heroic effort by McCown could have just as easily turned into:

  • Touchdown with no injury;
  • Touchdown via fumble recovery;
  • Browns recover at 1;
  • Jets recover at 1;
  • Jets recover for touchback and no injury.

Instead it’s the worst of all possible outcomes.  BUT, let us not forget the predictable false start on first and goal which put McCown in the position of performing that unnatural act? 0 points instead of 7.

2. Gipson’s pick and giveaway led to a jets TD on the next play or the play after that. -7 instead of 0.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.03.57 PM3. When Fitzpatrick wasn’t ready for the snap is there any other NFL team that would not only fail to execute a fumble-6 but also fail to recover the ball at all?  There were like four five grown men in a three foot radius of the damn ball on the ground!  Resulting drive stalled.  3 points instead of 7.

That’s an 18 point delta in the first half.  Given we lost by 21 you can see how these are literally game-changers but in the aggregate not due to personnel or coaching.  Just random bad shit.  In a just universe, these things even out.  Right??


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.09.08 PMRandy Starks?
Hey lookit I know he’s supposed to be a pass rush specialist but if we wanted a pass rush guy who gets pancaked on runs wouldn’t it be cheaper and more forward-looking to keep younger, homegrown Billy Winn?



Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.15.45 PMShelton is ok.  
I saw on another board that he caught some hell but I don’t agree.  Per Lane Adkins, the Jets started double-teaming him after the half which is exactly what you want from your NT, not to mention your rookie NT in his first pro game matched up against perennial all-pro Nick Mangold.  Here’s a shot showing Shelton with penetration forcing Ivory wide.  Good play by Shelton.  Bad play by Desmond Bryant not containing the edge and allowing 11 yard gain.  There were a bunch of these.

What I remember about Belichick and Crennell and Mangini when talking about the 3-4:  the NT’s job is to occupy blockers which frees up linebackers to make tackles.  Killing Shelton for only one tackle is off-base because that’s not his role.

If you can’t trust Joe Thomas…

Johnny’s last fumble was a strip by Joe Thomas’ man.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.31.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.32.01 PM

Was it Johnny’s fault for leaving the pocket?  Maybe.  Probably.  But that’s Trevor Reilly’s first ever sack and he got it on Joe Thomas.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.40.17 PM“Left side line cave-in on two on two, ready, BREAK!”
Felt like we saw a LOT of this.  That’s Bitonio getting pushed back.  Now then:  it could be that there’s a hole there and Crowell was slow reading it and hitting it.  Or it could be that Bitonio was getting blown up.  Tough to say, but all we know for sure is that it set up a 2nd/13.  All we know for sure is that the Browns had 12 second downs with nine or more yards to go.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.50.21 PMWhitner not Hitner.

Donte Whitner is a great story and we all love our Tarbloods coming home.  But I don’t think he’s lived up to the price tag and the trend is not up.  Here he is trying to bump Chris Ivory to the ground and the result is a nine yard TD.

Punting was good.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.55.26 PMThe balls of Josh McCown.
If the guy doesn’t get injured, the Browns win.  He was prepared to put the whole damn team on his back.  Here he is setting up blocks to convert a third down in the first possession.  I saw that that 19 play first drive of his was the longest for the Browns in decades.  You don’t get that drive without a QB prepared to sell-out to pick up the first first down.  There is nothing not to like about him.

joe-banner-tweet-39349e29be5609bc-1The Banner tweet.
Of course he’s talking about Jimmah.

And of course Jimmah is a moron but he’s also advised by hipster moron.

I mean… you saw the uniforms right?  I mean… you realize the Browns re-branding is an object of fun nationally, right?


Is Haslam hurting for money?

Saw this in theOBR insider forum.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.25.11 PM

I don’t know if Haslam is hurting.  But when I looked into his PFJ Moody’s ratings in 2013 there were signs:

That was a flag and there have been others.

* Its largest competitor in the truck-stop travel center business, Flying J, went bankrupt in 2009.
* Not buying the Browns outright with 35% (~$367,500,000) due to Randy Lerner in 2016.
* And now a Moody’s review of all its PFJ ratings, including the previously-downgraded Probability of Default rating.

…. If I might ask a favor of our paid reporters:  could someone ask Haslam at the next opportune time whether any of the PFJ senior secured term loans are being using to purchase the Browns?  Perhaps a specific question on the seeming coincidence of senior secured term Loan C being roughly equivalent to the remaining amount due Randy Lerner.

Here it is 2016 and Jimmah needs to cut a check for 367-odd million to Randy Lerner.  That’s a lot of dough even for paper billionaires.

Mingo the safety.
Dammit how long have we been pounding the table on this:  Barky Mingo’s natural position is safety and not only he has the tool to be a singularly disruptive safety.  Here he is breaking up a wide open TD pass:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.22.36 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.27.01 PM

Absolutely the only guy on the roster capable of making this play; probably one of three in the league who could.  I think he’s more a free safety to be honest, but I’m willing to bet both his pass D and run D would be better than Whitner’s at strong.


More to come as I think of it.  I’m not about to schoolmarm anyone or be the scold who tells you not to overreact.  But I say again:  you can profit from over reaction if you’re aware of it.  Sunday’s game opened at Browns -4; it’s already down to Browns -2 -1 +1.

  • Petefranklin

    I would be all over the Clowns except for one little thing. Hoyers comeback made the Titans a butt of jokes last year and ruined their season. They will extract their revenge Sunday.

  • nj0

    I realize the term is ubiquitous at this point, but please don’t call Alec Scheiner a hipster. He’s a typical ladder-climbing, butt-kissing, besuited yes man. Putting on trendy glasses doesn’t change that (didn’t work for Rick Perry either). As much as hipsters annoy me, I respect them way more than Scheiner. At least they aspire (and fail in hilarious ways) to be unique and novel. This schmo is your run of the mill office dweeb who lives and breathes synergy, branding, and bottom lines.

    But to the game: I agree with your takes. It was one of those games where a few early plays dictated the last forty minutes. I was a little worried about the general malaise that seemed to infect everyone. I hope Pettine can rally the troops.

    • point taken on hipster. he’s moving into TriBeCa now, not 30 years ago.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    The best uniforms in the league for more than 60+ years and now what the hell is going on with the Browns’ respective kit?

    • bupalos

      That’s passion acto. You’re seeing the chromatic embodiment of passion.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        I had a “chromatic embodiment”, but my optometrist said it would go away.

      • jpftribe

        or put another way; “Dress Like a Brown!”

  • MrCleaveland

    Speaking of horribility, before yesterday I thought that uniform combination would be the best of a sorry lot. But Jeez, it’s just as putrid as the rest of the clown wardrobe. What a frickin’ laughing-stock embarrassment this franchise is.

    • Sam Gold

      Thought I liked them when they were first introed. What an amateurish D league look. Two years and that’s what they came up with. Wow. How did no one speak up?

  • Dan

    In re: Joe Thomas block. Isn’t that a good block by him? I mean he got the end to take a Kameron Whimbley route to get to the qb. I think that sack might be a factor of having the back up QB in the game rather than the starter. I am guessing McCown may have sat in the pocket more and the defender would have run right around him. I mean that looks like a pretty clean pocket to bail on so early.

    • bupalos

      Yeah I think that’s a classic pocket, and even if you are hot to escape out that side I have no idea how you don’t even have the faintest hint of an inkling there could be blindside traffic back there. That’s exactly what the LT is supposed to do with a rusher going wide.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        “Mingo show route to Daniel Boone. Way to quarterback through Cumberland gap. Easy sack, but him drop coonskin cap and slip on rawhide shoes.”

    • Like for Kameron Wimbley reference.

    • jpftribe

      Labbe did some nice screen shots of this. He needed to step into the pocket and hit his checkdown, which was wide open. It makes me wonder, did he just not make the read, or can he not see over the line. This might also explain why he doesn’t step into the pocket. He’s too small to see and throw over it.

  • Sam Gold

    “Bad play by Desmond Bryant not containing the edge and allowing 11 yard gain. There were a bunch of these.”

    A BUNCH!

    “…occupy blockers which frees up linebackers to make tackles.’

    The next time one of our LB’s shed’s a block will be THE FIRST TIME.

    Thought the body language of the whole team shifted dramatically shortly after Johnny came in. The here-we-go-again funk seemed very evident and very telling after a couple of JM series.

    • jpftribe

      This, plus like 1 million…..
      Our run game problem is Kruger and Mingo not being able to contain. That’s why a guy who has been cut four times beats out the 4th pick in the draft. This was a known Kruger weakness when they signed him and why he didn’t start for the Ravens. I prefer to put this on the moron’s first set of advisors.

    • jpftribe

      And here ya go…. Pettine and O’Neil come clean:

      “We were counting on (Solomon) being one of our better plays against the
      run, on the edge,” Defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil said. “It was tough
      on him because that game meant a lot to him because that team (Jets),
      cut him. He turned the ankle, but he’ll be back.”

      Mike Pettine said that he expects rookie Nate Orchard and converted
      defensive end Armonty Bryant to primarily pick up the slack in Solomon’s
      absence, and possibly Barkevious Mingo.

      Pettine was asked how Mingo performed in the season opener.
      “He was OK. Couple mistakes,” Pettine said. “To me, he will always be
      mismatched from a weight standpoint so he has to better with his pad
      level. I thought he handled things fairly well, given what his
      circumstances were.”

      • Sam Gold

        Feel really bad for Solomon, crappy break. Mingo sets the edge a bazillion times better than Kruger, so there’s that. It’s as though PK is magnetically drawn to the inside of every OL he faces. It’s uncanny, really. I’m excited and hopeful to see Orchard. No doubt he’ll suffer rookie bumps and bruises but just not sure he can do much worse than what we saw last week/last year.

  • Dan

    Well that sucked.

    You could definitely see what the Browns intended to do that game, i.e. control the ball. That first drive was a thing of beauty. Could they sustain those types of drives all game with McCown? Probably not, but all I saw once Manziel came is was a stacked box and constant blitzing.

    I need to get this off my chest though. I have 2 complaints with the refs this game.
    1. The NFL needs to stop talking out of its ass about limiting helmet to helmet hits then letting hits like the McCown concussion hit go un-penalized. That was a Harrison-like head hunting hit that should have been flagged. Most other qbs in the league get that call. Same for the Manziel slide hit.

    2. They also need to be more specific on the definition of holding. Some of those calls were very questionable and it has to get into a lineman’s head as to what is he allowed and not allowed to do.

    I know it is cliche to complain about the refs, but I need to be heard dammit.

    • the idea of allowing head shots on runners but not receivers or qbs in the pocket is in direct conflict with the lip service of wanting to protect players from head injuries.

    • Petefranklin

      I thought the refereeing was one sided myself.

  • Here here re: McCown. It amazes me that people could watch the first Browns drive, then watch the rest of the game, and walk away thinking that Manziel was a bright spot and that the rest of the team didn’t give him a chance to succeed. I suppose it’s impossible for a third-party observer to see — other than by looking at the final results, of course — just how much the team lost with Johnny in there in terms of the playbook, setting the blocking schemes, and etc. This is even apart from the fact that the Jets were obviously stacking against the run and sending the house on passing downs as soon as he went in the game. Maybe this gets better once he gets a week of practice snaps, but I have serious doubts about how much better.

    Yesterday, for the first time since 2010, I was on Twitter trying to convince people that this team really isn’t that bad (and that the problem was the backup QB). I practically got lynched for it. It was incredible.

    And LOLOL re: the Banner tweet. The fun never stops here.

    • Also, the Jets look like they’re going to be good this year. Their offensive line has to be one of the best in the league, Brandon Marshall is a freak, and Fitzpatrick stabilizes the QB position for them.

      • wait till sheldon richardson comes back from his suspension. woof.

        • Dan

          I think people need to be reminded that the issues with the running game came against probably the two best defensive front 7’s in the league (Bills and Jets).

          I don’t know alot about Tennessee’s line, but I can guess that are not as good.

      • actovegin1armstrong

        Fitzpatrick…. Where have I heard that name before?

      • bupalos

        Yeah I found that game too disturbing for words until I watched again and realized the Jets probably have the overall best line play in the league. Very solid, experienced, and gelled on both sides of the ball. They actually are what we’re supposed to be in theory, and even with a highly…variable?…QB like that they aren’t going to stink.

        • Mangold, D’Brickashaw, Pace, Harris, and Revis is a solid group of holdovers from the core that Mangini built in NY almost a decade ago.

          Also note that Mangini’s “depleted” Niners defense held the preseason-darling Vikings to 3 points and 248 total yards last night. Three seasons, tops, till he’s a head coach again.

    • Dan

      Hey Frowns, you could dig up that Haden article you wrote about him not being a shut down corner and just repost it, as nothing has changed in the years since. Brandon Marshall just dominated that game, especially that final drive of the first half.

    • You must be doing a good job of avoiding Hiram, then, when it comes to speaking truth about Manziel.

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