Dirty Delly.

Method actor Matthew Dellavedova.

Method actor Matthew Dellavedova.

The “Delly is Dirty” theme is gross and pathetic but predictable.  Also predictable is that no one nationally will take the time to get it right.  So I want to bang out a quick post for reference.

This theme was started by the TNT announcing team (mainly Miller and Webber, don’t recall Albert getting mixed up in it) immediately after Al Horford attacked Delly in the aftermath of a legit basketball play.  The “Delly deserved it” opinion continued with the normally sharp TNT halftime analysts (Barkely, Shaq, Jet).  Their story is basically that it’s ok for Horford to do go after Delly’s head because Delly was on the ground near Horford’s knees.  This take is utter bullshit.  Let’s review last night’s play and we’ll check back on the Gibson and Korver plays too.

Here’s Delly’s quote and let’s check it for accuracy.

I was boxing him out and you can see from the baseline view that he’s pulling my left arm down.  I’m trying to stay up and he’s just pulling me down.  So.. I mean.. the tape’s there.1

So it is.  Here’s the clip.  You may want to mute it if you’re not prepared to listen Reggie Miller’s nonsense.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.34.36 PM

Boxing out is still legal right?

Yep, Delly’s testimony looks right on mark.  Here is Horford not just pulling down Delly, but pulling him down on top of DeMarre Carroll.  (0:26 of the clip.)  After that we have these relevant jpgs:

1. Horford continuing to pull Delly onto his legs.  Delly has now lost balance and is falling pretty much where Horford is pulling him.
2. Horford winding up for a pro-wresting move to Delly’s head and shoulders.  Clear intention.
3. Horford realizing he’s in deep doo-doo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.43.52 PM

PROTIP: To avoid having ballers fall on your leg, don’t pull ballers down onto your leg.

"Nothing to see here." --every TNT announcer/analyst.

“Nothing to see here.” –every TNT announcer/analyst.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.46.40 PM

Horford regains composure but just a little too late.

We’re still allowed to box out for rebounding in this league right?  If so, then Delly is boxing out, Horford doesn’t like getting boxed out by Delly, grabs his arm, pulls him on top of Carroll, and when Delly doesn’t stop trying to DO HIS JOB, Horford loses his shit and tries to wail on Delly, does so, AND THEN ACTS LIKE HE DIDN’T.


How five out of five TNT analysts derived that Delly was at fault and a dirty player out of this progression is unclear.  But putting the Dirty Delly story out there is making it open season on him and it really should stop.  But it won’t.

Reviewing the Taj Gibson mugging.

The popular story among NBA talking heads nationally is that Delly was dirty for making Taj Gibson kick him when he was on the floor.  So it’s worth a second look at the insidious mind games Dirty Delly works on innocent child of nature, Taj Gibson. Here’s the whole clip.

We all now well know about Delly’s leg lock on the floor. But less reported,,, in fact not reported at all, are the three non-called fouls by 40 pounds bigger, five inches taller Gibson on Dellavedova prior to kicking him when he’s down.
1. Gibson grabs Delly’s arm setting pick at 0:15;
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.09.50 PM
2. Gibson performs moving shoulder to head pick at 0:21;
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.16.55 PM
3. Gibson buries Delly under basket at 0:23:
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.18.15 PM
4. And then the kick at 0:25:
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.20.28 PM

This series of photos speaks for itself or it would if it weren’t for apologist announcers.  I’m seriously at loss at how the TNT announcers come away from this series of plays with the hot take that Delly caused Taj Gibson to punk out.  Not what I saw.  Taj Gibson was in full-on bully-the-white-kid mode2 the entire play and the punk kick while he down maneuver is actually pretty consistent with how he was playing Delly that play.  If you want to fault anyone (other than Taj Gibson) for Taj Gibson’s punk-ish-ness, you can call out the refs for failing to call three fouls preceding the kick.

Korver injury is a loose ball hustle play, plain and simple.

Here’s Delly on the Korver play:

I saw the ball, I dived on the floor, if I stay on my belly it’s gonna be a jump ball so I protect the ball and kick it out to a teammate.

Here’s the play (complete with a typical national hot take regarding rolling up legs):

Sorry hot take bro, looks to me like Delly is doing exactly what he said in the quote, exactly how you’re coached to cover a loose ball, exactly what you’d want your teammate to do.

The Dirty Delly crap is making it open season on him.
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.15.56 PM

And this tweet screams out that it’s ok to punk whites and/or if you disagree with me, you’re racist.

I don’t follow Bomani Jones but a lot of people do.   If I felt he were someone capable of being objective on the issue, I’d ask him, “when’s the last time a black point guard got should checked at midcourt like Bazemore did on Delly AND THEN then the announcers accuse the guy with the loose mouthpiece of acting?”

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.44.15 PM

Acting so hard his mouthpiece comes out.  (No really, click to see Delly’s mouthpiece coming out.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 12.45.57 PM

Hard to have your pick set without both feet on the ground but it’s ok since Dellavedova is dirty player.

And here’s another non-call, this time on rising NBA property Jeff Teague.  You tell me why Matthew Dellavedova is the victim of this cheap shot and you tell me why there was no foul called and you tell me why Delly is painted as the dirty player and Jeff Teague… because I dunno and I’ll have to wait for the TNT halfttime guys to explain to me why it’s an ok play by Teague in the context of NBA the bro-hood. Bottom line is that Delly is playing exactly how your high school coach wanted you to play.  And for that, the bro-hood is going after him and at the same concocting a story that it’s his own fault because he’s dirty. As for why the same rules don’t apply to Kelly Olynyck — you’ll have to ask Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose because they’ll tell you Kelly Olynyck didn’t mean any harm when he used both arms to pull Kevin Love’s arm out of his socket.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) is dragged by the arm by Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk (41) during the first quarter of a first-round NBA playoff basketball game in Boston, Sunday, April 26, 2015. The play resulted in an injury to Love that forced him from the game. (Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT NO SALES

But Kelly tried to apologize and mean old Kevin didn’t take his call.  (Click for full size.)

NBA reporting: it’s derp-tastic!

  1. Here’s the Delly-Lebron presser where I got the Delly quotes. Lebron knocks it out of the park responding to dirty Delly questions also.
  2. I’ve just never seen a black point guard treated that way.  Sorry if that bugs anyone. [back]
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