AtoZ //Browns free agency.

​Andre and Zac talk Browns free agency, NFL shelf life and the death of Zac’s car after 320,000 miles.

(Also, to save you some time:   Jackie Cook’s Instagram.)
(Also referenced in the podcast:  The Pats’ Johnny Manziel Scouting Report.)

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  • zarathustra

    I know nothing about generating revenue form podcasts, but I do listen to quite a few–so much so that I haven’t really listened to commercial radio for years now and don’t even listen to satellite anymore and I used to listen to it several hours a day. Podcasts uber alles. So as a listener to several over the years at various levels of audience size my recommendation would be start off with an amazon portal. This may not generate a lot initially but it accomplishes a couple things beyond some revenue. First, it creates a listener connection to podcast and with that connection your audience becomes that much more loyal and thereby the podcast becomes more attractive to advertisers. Second, if nothing else it gives you commercial read for the beginning of every show and if you consistently do it well you are showing the dipshit marketing people out there who aren’t already advertising that they should be because you’re really fucking good at it.
    Along that same path if you mention a book or an album….”by the way you can get it on Amazon through the link and it costs you nothing extra.”
    The only other thing that stands out to me is do them as frequently as possible to stay in the rotation of a listener who maybe listens to at least a half dozen or different podcasts. This is maybe easier said than done when you have other commitments, but lord knows that march and april are cleveland fans peak sports talk season every year.
    Again, I know nothing, but I waste a lot of time on the internet and it seems to me that it would be a good place to start until our corporate overlords wake up and realize they should pay you to peddle the wares while cyberstalking the sister of the future browns quarterback.

    • i’m mildly peeved currently because i’ve been using free dropbox to store the raw pod mp3s. dropbox has easy to understand limits on your storage space and you know when you’re hitting a ceiling. what is NOT published is that they have a 20GB daily bandwidth limit and if you exceed it, they SUSPEND ALL YOUR PUBLIC LINKS. FOR AN UNDEFINED PERIOD OF TIME.

      so first off, how do you know when you’re at risk of violating the hidden bw law since it’s not monitor-able. and second, if you’re suspending me for 24 hours i’ll ride it out, maybe even 48.. but tell how long i’m offline so that i can plan around it.

      migrating to other cloud storage providers is a problem because my podcast software wants to validate my file links in a format “atozpocastnumber23.mp3”. if i use google drive or box or microsoft’s cloud they hash up the link and it loses *.mp3 and doesnt validate… this is why i’m kinda stuck with dropbox. (weird that i forgot to check AWS S3 on this..) so my fall back is moving all the pods onto the 603brown server, but that’ll require manual edits of all past pods so i’m hoping to avoid that..

      NOW THEN,, i too am onboard with the podcast concept. you no longer have to suffer through [insert sports talk guy you dont like here], when you can simply listen to unheard subscribed podcasts instead. AND IM THINKING.. what about a crisp 15 minute daily review, preferably with a cheddar type on the line for banter, preferably with four or five topics to discuss which are known beforehand for max crispness.

      • zarathustra

        I know even less about the technical side than the nothing I know about the advertising, but….if the cost is the same either way the archive of past episodes is probably less important than the ability to have the portal because one other thing the amazon portal accomplishes is providing stats on how many people are using the portal and what they are buying which is pretty juicy information to profile the audience so you can scream at the marketing dummies who aren’t already advertising to wake up so that we all can start wasting money on their products. The archive in my opinion is less relevant for podcast like this because it is topical and there really isn’t much reason to go back and listen to past episodes.
        Again, I truly know nothing about any of this, especially the tech side but as a listener to various podcasts I always try to use different portals when making my all too frequent purchases from amazon.

  • Oh and also: 100% agreed on KW2. He *was* that warrior with transcendent athletic talent.

  • still think this pod was born to be sponsored by swensons, popeyes, or chikfila.

    100% agree that podcasts will do to live radio what cable did to network tv (and what appletv/chromecast/netflix is doing to cable).

    problem is sponsors think the audience is knuckehead 20 yr old dudes. (little do they know that the entire Cleveland Bar has this site bookmarked.)

    i dunno man.. are there any window manufacturers who arent already advertising?

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Please, not Chick-fil-racist-la

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