Get out of the film room, twerp.

"Well he did such a great job one stadium entry lanes that we want you to prep him for player personnel role at 6am on Mondays, ok Mike?"

Haslam to Pettine: “He did such a great job on improving stadium entry lanes that we want you to prep him for a player personnel role at 6am on Mondays, ok?  I mean, have you SEEN THE NEW TURNSTILES??!”

I’ve lost count of the number of Manziel-didnt-study-hard articles I’ve seen in the last couple days/weeks.  The thrust of them is the same:  time is precious and should be maximized in order to gain mastery of pro football concepts new to the QB.  Plus anger/outrage.  Lots of that.1

Mark Davis laughs at Jimmy Haslam.

Mark Davis laughs at Jimmy Haslam.


But what if Manziel actually did show up first thing on a Monday looking to get out in front of the week … and the film room was unavailable?  If time is so precious and Manziel is d-bag for wasting it:  WHAT IN ALL THE FUCKS IS OUR HEAD COACH DOING ON MONDAY MORNINGS COACHING UP THE TWERP PRESIDENT IF NOT WASTING HIS PRECIOUS TIME AS WELL AS DISTRACTING THE TWERP FROM HIS JOB?

Alec Scheiner, the team president who grew in power and influence a year ago after Banner and Lombardi were shown the door after just one season together, has become a divisive figure in the organization as well, gaining an increasing voice in personnel matters, well beyond just analytics. At 6 a.m. every Monday, Pettine is joined by Farmer and Scheiner to watch film, with the division between ownership and day-to-day coaching decisions becoming increasingly blurred.2

So Pettine gets a double proctology exam at 6am Mondays and one of the docs isn’t even a real doc?  God bless Coach Pett, he sure loves football and wants to coach. Because here’s surely what those mornings went like:

Pettine:  Hey guys.
Farmer:  Sup.  Tough game.
Pettine:  Yeah, we couldn’t shake their Cover 2… no looks over the top and believe me we were looking..
Scheiner (looking at phone):  Hey guys, look — one the Sloan panelists hooked me up for the Google Glass beta!  Oh!  Also Jimmy and I decided you should cut that WR Charles Johnson.

The italicized excerpt above is from yesterday’s LaCanfora story regarding the Browns.  And while many are spending lots of time guessing at reporters’ agendas, casting aspersions at conniving sources, and wondering who’s grinding what axe; the view from here is that just because there are agendas behind release of info, it doesn’t change the info.  And the report shows the Browns as an organization ARE a disaster.

How Jimmy sees himself...

How Jimmy sees Jimmy …

Dysfunctional is such a catch-all word that it doesn’t really capture what it’s like to work in a fucked up organization where vanity and toadyism run rampant in the office.

We know (now) that Jimmy is another trust-fund baby just like Lerner, but unlike Lerner, Jimmy thinks he built his business.  He thinks he knows a thing or two.  ALPHA DOG.

Jimmy *is* the VIAGRA ad campaign.

... how the rest of NFL sees Jimmy.

… how the rest of NFL sees Jimmy.

Hate Randy Lerner all you want but he knew himself; knew what he didn’t know; knew where he preferred to be (Aston Villa); and finally I’m guessing cashed out after years of the relentless harping of Browns fans and the hideous Cleveland media about — ironically — not being more hands on.3 I always thought his absenteeism was a strength.  Hiring predatory morons a true weakness.  But admirable restraint for an NFL owner.

But ok fine.  We are stuck with Jimmy ‘I have a house on Nantucket and actually put it in a magazine to let you know how fucking fabulous my life is‘ Haslam.  At least he inherited his sense of entitlement.4

But about The Twerp.


There are two ways to get a seat inside the Berea film room.

One is to become a ball-boy and shine shoes and pickup towels in the locker room, then maybe an assistant special teams coach, then if you’re lucky spend a couple years with the d-backs, if your team wins maybe you hook onto a senior coach and set up shop as a coordinator and then if you continue excelling you get your shot as a coach in about 20 years.

Path one:  You earn it.

... paid.

… paid.

An alternative path for the “You earn it” track to the Berea film room is to kick around coaching high school football for a decade BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT THAT MUCH and risk everything to take an internship with a pro team BECAUSE YOU WANT IT THAT BADLY and again you get a gig coaching d-backs and a mentor gets a head coach gig and takes you with him and then you get your shot because you’ve continued to grow and excel and -bam- you’re an NFL HC after 20 years of striving.



On the other hand, you can just be a lawyer from an ‘elite’ college and spend someone’s else money to build a scoreboard and get yourself on an ‘Execs to watch under 40‘ list —

As the general counsel for the Dallas Cowboys, Scheiner has his fingerprints on almost every key off-field decision, most notably the planning, financing and construction of the team’s new stadium.  Scheiner is on the board of directors of Legends Hospitality, the new concessionaire company owned by the Cowboys and the New York Yankees; he helps with operations of the new stadium; and he attends league meetings with the Joneses. (Translation:  Scheiner cut checks to contractors and got variances and practiced some eminent domain law plus sponging off Jones’ concession business as his training to be Browns president.)

— and finesse relationships with trendy media types and present at pseudo-science symposiums held by an ‘elite’ school.  The lesson is:  being an upwardly-mobile toady takes half as long to get in the film room AND YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO KNOW DICK ABOUT FOOTBALL.

Path two:  You toady it.

Mother of god.  Hey you guys, I bought a TV and put it up in my living room.  I could therefore be the next Browns president!

Think I’m over-doing it on Scheiner?  I don’t.

He lays out what he’s about at Sloan.

Beyond Crunching Numbers: How to Have Influence

Abstract:  Why do some analysts have a seat at the decision-making table while others toil away without any real impact? If a good analyst’s job is less than 50% numbers, as some claim, what makes up the rest? We’ll hear insiders talk about organizational culture, structure, politics and other factors that determine an analyst’s influence, and how you can better navigate them.5 

Why not just title this session what it really is:  “How to reach beyond your skill set and simultaneously spin your grasping into a ’40 under 40′ fluff piece for your resume into your next upwardly mobile step.”  Other alt titles:  “How to do other peoples jobs.”  “How to use your peripheral touch of others’ projects to advance your careers.”  “How to leverage your nosiness to gain favor and promotions with key execs.”  Wait, no that’s covered tomorrow’s Toady-ing Seminar.

No Alec, no other panelists, no Sloan School of Business — wrong.  Wake me when you all get together for a “Stay in your lane” roundtable because fellating each other for micro-managing your way above the rest of the organization who are actually doing their own jobs is gross.

Not for nothing but how is Scheiner on this panel?  Catanella – Dir, Basketball Ops, Pistons; Mejdal – Dir., Decision Science, Astros; Hinkie – EVP, Basketball Ops (then), Rockets; Setty – VP, Google… and Scheiner, President of the Browns, before that General Counsel of the Cowboys.  Huh?  There’s no number crunching in his resume.  Unless Scheiner is sharing his Zelig secrets he seems quite out of place on this panel except of course for his special ability to do other peoples’ jobs.

Sam Hinkie.  Who’s that you ask?  Well first, he’s 37 so you can be sure he’ll be in a couple “40 under 40” features from SBJ.  But also he’s the GM of the 11-39 Sixers.  He’s so damn smart that you really can’t look at this won-loss record for three or four years.  More important than wins/losses:  he used to work for THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS!!6

Morey formula_L

This year's Sloan ball-washers and yep there's Morey and Simmons.

This year’s Sloan ball-washers and yep there’s Morey and Simmons.

That’s right Daryl Morey.  Look at the numbers and formulas.  Why is that… is that the quadratic equation?  The same quadratic equation you learned sophomore year in high school?

Right.  What’s next the Pythagorean theorem?  Woah.7

Of course real genius of Hinkie and Morey and Scheiner is self-promotion and, importantly, focused self-promotion through the right channels:  Simmons, Silver, Sloan.  They’ll take it from there because it’s good when Grantland’s proteges are actually in positions of power; because then Grantland’s writers have actual sources for articles.  Symbiosis.  “Logrolling in our time” as Spy Magazine used to call it.  Oldest trick in the media handbook.


I lived through the Yuppie 80s and may I just say — the Darren Rovell-ization of sports is so much worse.

You all still excited for The Twerp from Philly/DC/Dallas to change your grandfather’s uniforms?

You are?  Smarten up.  Because as has been stated here ad nauseum:  Want to sell more jerseys?  Win.  Every other waking moment not in support of winning on the field is window dressing and a waste your time and our goodwill.

Lookit I’m resigned to the fact of uniform change.  But it’s not lost on me that it’s the twerps who are driving the change on both ends:  There’s twerps who track jersey sales like a football stat, and the twerps who actually buy the jerseys.  They’re feeding each other and you have not a seat at this table.

If you’re reading this, I will guess that you DID NOT purchase a Browns jersey last year and have only one, maybe two in your closet.  You wear them to the stadium and that’s it.  That’s because you’re a normal well-adjusted person and thus you are NOT the target for the new uniform.  It is the twerp who will be all in on the updated jersey and -whoa- maybe get some Nike KI ‘kicks’ in orange to go with them.8

I now have grave concerns about Farmer.

I now have grave concerns about Farmer.

And it is that kick wearing, jersey buying pod is who Alec Scheiner identifies with and cares about and markets toward because he is one.  That’s his world.  He inside that bubble and you can be sure that if he sees Scott Van Pelt with a full windsor knot and pocket square, he’ll be sporting a windsor knot and pocket square.  Has no idea what happens outside their bubble.  All he knows is that everyone inside his bubble wants the Browns jerseys to have really sexy numbering like maybe the Lions because pocket squares.



Scheiner to ‘improve’ Browns uniforms. What could go wrong?

Fine. Fine. Fine.  Knock yourself out on the uniforms.  I can’t fight it.  If Grossis and Rizzos and Haslams want new uniforms I can’t fight it.9 Click the pic at right and if still you think The Twerp will improve that uniform I’m not sure we can be friends.

But fine Alec.  Keep building scoreboards and changing perfect uniforms and I don’t even want to know what your experience with eminent domain law for Jerry Jones entailed but fine, do that too.10


But stay out of the film room and the draft war room11 and probably the locker room too.

Let the men of football do their jobs, you do your job.

Know your role.

Stay in your lane.

I haven’t pined over losing Shanahan, but now the view from here is that he knew enough about dysfunction from his Redskins days to recognize that when the twerps hold sway, coaches get jettisoned.  So good on him leaving and maybe Haslam took something away from his parting PowerPoint.  Here’s hoping Pettine gets enough wins to force an org change in 2016 because it’s either that or he’s fired.  There is no middle.

  1. Terry Pluto misses entirely the news from yesterday with this piece that fails to contain even one mention of Scheiner and opts instead to work the Haslam might be problem angle that’s been going on for two years.  BOLD TAKE TERRY!! [back]
  2. This from Lane Adkins in his insider forum:  “Alec S and Haslam did sit in film with Pettine. But, it wasn’t a weekly event and they did not tell Pettine who should play or what the offense should be. Now, they did ask questions, expressed concerns, etc.” [back]
  3. The final straw had to be when Lerner acceded to Grossi’s relentless mantra — “Browns need a CREDIBLE FOOTBALL MAN.” — and hires a ‘credible football man’ who turns out to be nothing but a bloodsucker.  A tick ready to pop.  Even billionaires notice when someone is sucking their blood.  Lerner’s happiest moment as Browns owner had to be watching the blood drain from Homgren’s fat face after informing him that he’d sold the team.  HAHAHAHA.  But I’m sure lard-ass comported himself quickly realizing that he still had plenty of Lerner’s checks coming to him and once out of god-forsaken Cleveland he’ll be able to wear Tommy Bahama morning, noon, and night. [back]
  4. We could spend some time exploring how Haslam’s repressed insecurity over the perception that it’s his father’s business make him easy prey for credentialed toadies from ‘elite’ schools because legitimacy is important even if it’s just window dressing.  But nah. [back]
  5. Someone watch this for me please because, needles in my eyes.  Can you imagine traveling to Boston and plunking down cash money and winding up in this room? [back]
  6. As per Grantland. [back]
  7. Here’s a link.  Now you can be smart like Hinkie and Morey too. [back]
  8. Apologies if you’re one of those shoe guys, but seriously:  grow the fuck up.  You’re a man-child with your sneaker fetish; it’s a foolish look.  Imelda Marcos says, “I am not a role model.”  Someone had to tell you. [back]
  9. Is there even one major media guy who is anti-new uniforms? [back]
  10. From the 40 under 40 piece.  GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: Navigating the various minefields (eminent domain, financings, sales during a recession, etc.) to play a small part in helping make Cowboys Stadium a reality). [back]
  11. I grow more skeptical of Farmer’s underplaying of Haslam’s role in the draft room with each day. [back]
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  • let me say this is berea is reading: the door is always open for a guest post disabusing me of my conspiratorial inclinations. if the scheiner coaching up is wholly benign, if coach pett thinks it’s a great way to get everyone on the same page, if JLC’s report of friction between coach and GM as well as coaching staff and business side is false and due to a cabal (banner-lombo-shanny-loggains-WRcoach) of disgruntled ex-employees — by all means set me straight.

  • Mad_Elf

    Sniff…you just had to go and do it, didn’t you? Well done, sir! They might be able to shine and polish this turd until it seems to gleam. But, it’s still going to smell like what it is.

    And that’s HORSESHIT!!!

  • Petefranklin

    I can’t wait for the texts from the press box to get tied to Johnny’s fake hamstring injury. This stuff may get really good in the next few weeks.

    • there is no way dowell loggains won’t not sell those farmer texts. two buckets of popeyes ought to get it done.

      getting shanny’s powerpoint will be tougher. he kinda owes MKC since he used her as his mouthpiece on the way out.

  • Tron

    Man this is depressing. Alec Sheiner’s face should be on one of those motivational posters with the words “DOUCHEBAG” written underneath, real big like. How can we let our uniforms be in the hands of such a giant douchebag? How in a free country can this happen?? Are we really free??? Anyways I digress. Good point on Haslam being just another inheritor of wealth. Another great example of the lie that is the self-made man. Instead of being publicly ridiculed as an exploiter of labor and natural resources this incompetent idiot is subsidized by the public for being a “Job Creator”. No surprise that on a level playing field he’s being exposed.

  • Dave Kolonich

    Well said – and needed to be said. I’m not a fan of the Bill Simmons Cabal and their growing tentacles. If they get Baby Doll Dixon or someone else from LA or Boston to crack into the sports agent biz, it’s all over. From the Browns’ perspective – just like I nailed Manziel as “Charlie Frye 2.0” last summer, I’m calling Scheiner the digital John Collins. And like Collins, Scheiner is destined to be a deputy commissioner of some sport – one in which Simmons is one of 38 different owners of a franchise who tanks for five years, but features really great arena wi-fi.

    BUT – as for Randy Lerner’s “knowing”, I think it’s a bit early for this kind of revisionist talk. Let’s not forget that Lerner contributed a decade of hands-off ownership that allowed four different front offices (and one “credible leader”) to shred this franchise into the post-expansion scrap heap that it is today. Lerner was a colossal failure as an owner and any comparison to Haslam – who is probably his exact opposite in terms of action (but not results) – does not justify what happened from 2002 to 2012.

    Of course (sadly), the two have a lot in common. Both inherited vast fortunes and neither have any clue how to run an NFL franchise. At least Haslam has a bit of desire to actually do the thing – albeit in a cash out in ten years type of vision. As for now, the ONLY shot the Browns have is to get lucky with a QB. The most realistic ideal hope is to be the Colts – a poorly run, thin team with a solid coach and great QB.

    And probably either way, Scheiner is running the 2016 draft. But hey – maybe they’ll crowd source a fourth round pick!!

    • Warburton MacKinnon

      I don’t know for sure but Randy did seem to know he had no reason other than a legacy and his fathers wishes and promise not to move the team, to own the Browns. Unfortunately it was all he knew,and it showed(no this does not excuse what he did as owner). Haslam is a different animal, and arguably a worse one, he seems to be only driven by profit,plus thinks he knows things football wise,like a new version of Dan in DC,but not as much money…so his profit grabs make sense as no one knows if he has the money to to make him sole owner of the team….worse is the fact he thinks he knows what he is doing.

      • nj0

        According to Forbes, Jimmy is worth about a billion dollars more than Snyder.

        • Warburton MacKinnon

          what does it matter whom is worth more….and if Jimmy is worth that much more,why did he have to make 2 payments, and everyone reported he might not actually be able to afford the team?
          Looked it up guess you are right,buuut 2 things. How much of Snyder’s wealth has been squandered since he has owned the D.C. team? Does Jimmy’s reflect owning the Browns,and not yet spending ridiculous amounts of money on them? Maybe I should have said 3 things,how much does Snyders team name affect his cash(lawsuits,loss of fans,loss of sponser ship,places that won’t even say the name)?

  • Sam Gold

    While I’m surprised how willingly you’re allowing JLC to spoon feed your indignation I’m glad you’ve found a reason to write.

    • i think i’ve got a good handle on the JLC piece and the filters are working.

      googling for the viagra ad image to make a point on jimmy but discovering bob from enzyte and then being able to knit him in too reminded me how and why writing can be fun.

  • zarathustra

    If you have a team with a Bill Belichick as head coach and say an Ozzie Newsome as gm and Aaron Rodgers as qb your team is fucked if you also have an Alec Scheiner. Even if perchance he actually knows what he’s talking about it doesn’t matter because it means you have a dysfunctional organization lacking clearly defined boundaries. I was optimistic heading in to last season and believed that this upcoming season the team would be playoff-bound. Not only do I no longer have such optimism, but I truly fear we will be looking at 3-13 when it is all said and done. JFF most likely is not an NFL qb anyway, but rather than learning a new offense he’s in rehab. Hoyer certainly isn’t the answer, but he is the only competent option available in free agency and he–regardless of his limitations–spent the past season working his ass off like you need a starting qb to….and Jimmy and Alec shat all over him.
    And if my pessimism seems irrational like just reiterate what I think is an important point that I’ve already offered here a couple times this week: say what you will about Kyle Shannahan, but he isn’t dumb and he wants to be a head coach. He grew up watching his dad in denver mentoring elway in his initial run carrying teams to three super bowls, then briefly in LA with the Raiders, then he watched for several years as his dad worked for Niners when they were still winning, then back to denver for more championships. He himself was also a part of the Texans turn-around. He has seen the inside of several winning organizations. He has spent his whole damn life watching them. He saw the inside of the Browns organization. He had conversations with Jimmy and Alec and Ray. He know their plans for the future. He did not want to have anything to do with their plans. In fact he was so desperate to escape that he crafted an elaborate power point presentation to get the hell out.
    This is not good.

    • first take on shanny leaving was good riddance to bad rubbish. but now it’s not hard to picture this convo:

      Kyle: Hey dad is it normal for GMs to text message coaches in game or for club presidents be in film breakdown sessions and you know my ass still chapped that was cut Charles Johnson and i had to go war with LaRon Byrd?
      Mike: Get. Out. Now.

      • zarathustra

        Hahaha. One minor correction:

        Mike: hhmmm. That sounds eerily similar to my time with the Raiders. For the love of god….Get. Out. Now.

    • Petefranklin

      I think you nailed it with 3-13. I just hope Petine lands on his feet, I really like him.

  • trashycamaro

    I mean, I think I’m ready for last year’s brain trust to come back. We might have won more this year but now: we are being investigated for cheating; Gordon’s coach didn’t know he shouldn’t be drinking on the plane; a shanahan decided our team was too effed up to be taken seriously; out rookie qb who couldn’t be bothered to study the playbook is now in rehab when his dad said before the draft that he might need rehab; Connor Shaw might be our qb with the highest upside; we had to cut or only running back that could pass protect 1/2 a season into a 2 year deal. Sure I forgot something else. We had plenty of problems last year but this is insane.

    • Petefranklin

      I do also have 99 problems but the Clowns sure as shit ain’t one of them anymore. My new allegiance is to the Vegas NHL team coming my way. I just put down a deposit with a couple friends for 6 season seats. NFL football just kind of , you know, sucks. Bad owners, refs, nepotism, kabillionaires, hipster fans, and just plain most everything. I can’t wait for hockey because the NHL is better than the NFL for all the right reasons.

  • It’s depressing as Browns fans (or Cleveland fans, really) that we’ve reached the point where we’ve become conditioned to accept any negative thing flung at the local teams without question.

    Really not sure why Farmer and Scheiner being in the film room is automatically assumed to be a disruption. Charles Hayley in the film room is a disruption; Farmer and Scheiner sitting quietly in the back and asking the occasional question is not. And we simply don’t know that it is anything else but that.

    Definitely agree on the over-glorification of analytics in sports. While there are always going to be dinosaurs (especially in baseball) who won’t even attempt to understand any stat developed after 1965, there are just as many people who worship solely at the altar of analytics. I think there is a place for analytics in sports, but it can’t be the only tool in the toolbox. The lesson? Extremism is always bad.

    Could not agree more on the gross concept of adults falling all over themselves for ugly-ass shoes. Instead of wasting your money on nonsense, find a worthy charity to support. You’ll feel better about yourself.

    I’ve reached the point where I don’t know that to think anymore about the uniforms. While I’m still holding out hope that they are not a complete disaster (and may result in more Elf and less Dawg), the depressing fact is that, absent of winning, the Browns need to do something to bring in the younger generation of fans. And as the chrome-topped college football teams have shown us, the kids love shiny objects.

    As to Shanahan, I have a hard time taking anything La Canfora has to say about him in light of this article he wrote just a year ago:

    I would also present this for your consideration on the talents of La Canfora:

    It seems much more likely that Shanahan, just like Banner and Lombardi before him, were the catalysts for dysfunction rather than the victims of it.

    Finally, I really could have done without the Mark Davis camel toe shot. Not a good way to start the morning!

    • mgbode

      Extremism is always bad.

      I prefer Everything in Moderation, but it’s the same end. Agreed.

    • i know well JLC’s record. but having an axe to grind doesnt necessarily make his report inaccurate. honestly, he was so nuts on about identifying gordon’s return as the turning points in the season (rather than the more common and less correct theory that it was mack’s injury) that it made me take heed to the rest of what he said.

      it makes no difference whether his source is disgruntled ex employee or affable dunce blabbering on northwestern arkanasas sports talk — what matters is accuracy. it’s sad that no local media types were aware that scheiner jumped into monday 6am film sessions but they didnt, they’re asleep or worthless or afraid to write a tough story (about the front office,,, very happy to get tough with coaches or players). this makes JLC a necessary evil,, dont shoot the messenger.

      • nj0

        I read an article from MKC a few days ago about JFF’s rehab. This was a day after the announcement. The thing was thousands of words long and contained one new piece of information. Everything else was ctrl-c, ctrl-v from past articles.

      • mgbode

        but, the source frames the POV. so, it does matter the source because what can be viewed as a big deal might not be. that’s what is missing. still, the more I think about it, the more I like that this made headlines. it (hopefully) forces Haslam to evaluate roles and responsibilities a little better (if it doesn’t, then we’re in trouble anyway).

        • nj0

          Agreed. As much as I’m defending them, I’m glad it’s news. Evidence makes a case. And this might seem inconsequential now, but twelve months later it might be just one piece of a much larger, fuller picture.

          “We’re building something here, detective, and we’re building it from scratch. And all the pieces matter.”

        • well put it this way: everything single cleveland media person beholden to alec scheiner for press creds failed to report that the ‘business side of the house’ was participating in monday morning film reviews.

          so now who’s got an agenda? the hippocratic oath applied to local media seems to ‘first, do not no wherein i lose my seat at the (live streamed) berea press conferences.’

          like i said to samgold above, i’ve got my filters working and i know what JLC is about.

  • nj0

    I may be in the minority, but the whole film room thing doesn’t bother me. That’s assuming that it wasn’t a regular occurrence and that the non-football people present weren’t making suggestions but just gathering information. Granted, I’m probably being naive and it’s always a safe bet to put your money on “dysfunction” when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.

    And I also can’t completely discount the fact that this report came from LaCanfora who is going to make mountains into molehills whenever he can (especially against a team that fired his Mike Lombardi).

    Deep breath. We were 7-9. We have a bunch of coaches and executives who were in their first years at their position. Some in their first year with the organization. Yes, Haslam is going to monetize and corporatize the Browns as much as possible. That, we already knew. And yeah, this Scheiner guy is probably more Wall Street than North Dallas Forty. But these are the times we live.

    All I know is that we had a draft where we actually acquired a bunch of talent. We had a season where we won a bunch of games. And that was without a real QB and our all pro center for most of the season. That’s what I’m focusing on. Not the unnamed sources, click-bait local reports, or axe-to-grind national media types selling a tired old Browns-are-dysfunctional narrative. My eyes told me a different story this year.

    • of course it’s maybe no big deal.

      but let’s say you want to create success in the nfl,,, wouldn’t you look for a template to copy… wouldnt that template be in foxboro…. and do you think bill belichick is breaking down film with jonathan kraft monday’s at six?

      hint: he is not. bill belichick is not entertaining a QandA with jonathan kraft monday mornings. moreover, jonahthan kraft knows getting Xs and Os is not his role and so chooses not to indulge his interest in football even though as kraft’s son, he actually could.

      meanwhile we get our twerp hanging out and “asking questions, expressing concerns.” i’m sure that’s want a HC wants to hear at 6am monday — alec scheiner’s “concerns.”

      but youre cool with the browns way so i guess i’ll ask: do you think haslam and scheiner are better at nfl football than kraft and belichick and if so why? and if not, why do you endorse the scheiner OJT org chart where alec kinda goes where he pleases and chats up whoever he wants and nourishes a vision of being uber biz/football exec?

      net net, it is a big deal because it’s representative of a failure to adhere to best practice. maybe small but if they can’t get a simple ‘division of responsibilities’ under control, the aggregate of many minor anomalies equals losing records and pettine fired.

      • nj0

        Well, again, it’s a question of is this a normal occurrence? Is it going to continue? When they first started working together, did the Krafts ever sit on with BB to pick his brain, understand how he works, etc? I don’t know. But if they did, it wouldn’t be the end of the world imo. Again, it’s a whole new crew, most doing new jobs. Maybe it’s the business guys not staying in their lane or maybe it’s just people who are going to work closely in an organization trying to understand how their co-workers think, work, and operate.

        I don’t think those guys are better than Kraft and BB. But… the Pats have been doing this for a long time. Kraft bought the team in ’94. We know Bill’s career path. They had to learn. I’m sure they made some serious mistakes along the way. They weren’t birthed out of the head of Zeus as fully formed SB winners. I see this sort of things as (possibly) growing pains. Now granted, it may be as you say: just pure meddling. In that case, fret away.

        I know my work experience doesn’t include the NFL, but I’ve been in numerous meetings where people not related to the work being discussed are included. They ask questions and give input. In my world, that’s a sign of a good organization because there’s value in people understanding what is being done and how it’s getting done, even if it isn’t necessarily their job. Is that what is happening here? Maybe.

        My opinion: I hear reports from people I don’t trust about whispers, possibly from disgruntled ex-employees. Maybe that smoke is fire, but I’m not calling the fire department quite yet.

        • mgbode

          Yep, Adkins is claiming the negative spin is from Banner through Kyle who he underhandedly pushed to Atlanta (of course, with the Kubiak to Denver thing this offseason, it’s not exactly out of the ordinary).

          But, a big part of me leans towards Burg’s (is that nickname okay Mike?) slant on not wanting the business side on the football side. Haslam is okay. It’s his pony, so he gets to check the teeth if he wants to (he should be there making sure everything is running smoothly, while allowing them to do their jobs). Scheiner, on the other hand, can sit in the back with his hands under his butt if he really wants to listen in, but should never say a word.

          I know, dead-horse from me at this point, but…

          CEO/Pres – Business/Marketing only
          GM – Long-term & Player acquisition
          HC – Short-term & Player development
          Owner – oversees and makes decisions when there are disagreements.

          • burgs is good.
            “Burger” in a boston accent (ber-gah) is the more common nickname, thanks for asking!

          • mgbode

            No problem. It’s tough for me to write MikeB considering that could be referring to myself 🙂

            I’ll go with the more common. Burger most likely won’t put the accent on. So, Burgah?

          • nj0

            Not disagreeing as all. And I think there’s reason to worry about Scheiner’s role and Haslam’s larger commodification of all things brown and orange. I’m just not convinced the sky is falling, especially when I think of some past GM/coach/owner relationships. What was that line from Ratatouille (which I have never seen) that you dropped yesterday – what wine goes with a clear perspective?

          • mgbode

            yes, and I agree with you there. the one item missing from La Canfora is perspective (the Big Lead shows some perspective on JLC). I don’t like the idea of the business guys interjecting on the football guys. But, we honestly don’t know if they actually were (other than Farmer apparently texting Loggains).


            Uh oh JLC, you been up to no good:


          • nj0

            Great piece. Glad somebody is paying attention.

          • nj0

            I was also thinking – if this string of anti-Browns articles do represent ex-coaches burning bridges covertly through the media…. what aren’t we hearing in them?

            For example: MKC’s article said some coaches felt pressure to start Manziel, but there was no named actions taken by the front office or ownership to actually force the coaches to do anything.

            So we’re to believe that the front office is run by Machiavellian business men who usurp the power of the coaches, strong arming Pettine and company to do as they say… yet nobody can detail one actual thing they did that demonstrates this? Not one anecdote? The narrative requires a lot of dot connecting.

            Even the Farmer texts… was he demanding certain players get in? Telling coaches what plays to call? Or was he asking how badly a player was hurt? Was he asking about some innocuous detail about a play call? Basically: if we’re as dysfunctional as people claim we are, it shouldn’t be that difficult to show it. The Raiders and Redskins are examples of this.

            It’s like an ex telling everyone that your bath tub is messy and your fridge has some expired food; it’s sort of bad, but if you were really that horrible wouldn’t she have a lot worse to say?

          • mgbode

            BUT THERE WERE 32 POINTS!!!!

            I have to admit that I am curious to why the detailed number and what some of them were.

            It reminds me of Al Davis pulling up the projector and going point by point why he was firing Lane Kiffin.

          • nj0

            The thought of Kyle Shanahan (any NFL coach really) using Powerpoint is funny. Here’s to hoping some leaker or hacker gets their hands on it.

          • nj0

            Also: I love this silly season stuff. Pre-draft, draft, front office drama… God, I’m sick.

          • is there a positive spin option here?

          • mgbode

            It might be nothing. Depends on if any of it bothered or affected Pettine.

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