AtoZ //Cardale Jones pre-announce.


Zac and Andre drop off this week’s podcast just before heading to the Ginn Academy for Cardale’s announcement.

  • bupalos

    I don’t really listen to podcasts, so I hadn’t clicked on one of these before a couple weeks ago. A to Z is pretty much the best Browns football content you can get, period. I won’t be missing any more.

    • they really are outstanding in general but particularly for the cleveland-akron audience,,, they know everyone. i’d recommend the urban meyer express from a couple weeks ago,, you can tell theyre just hitting their stride.

      as a heads up, i havent popped for ‘pay’ soundcloud so i can only keep three hours there. the itunes web link is ,, but for some reason i only see the last ten on that page. better off to use that page to ‘view in itunes’ and subscribe from then. then, you’ll get all of them in your itunes with cloud links where you can pull down the ones you want.

      or you can just use the 603brown AtoZ category which has all of them in one spot. you’ll have to do the media player instead of soundcloud on the older ones but they’ll always be there.

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