Go Bucks.

Straight up line of scrimmage domination coming. Pace-like.  Still a bit surprised we’re not the touchdown favorite.

Let’s get fired up.

  • zarathustra

    let me preface this by stating that while I find him very igintriguing as a prospect I am well aware of the risks with drafting such a prospect too high–particularly if it is bad organization that will likely rush him or not develop him properly. As I stated in the previous thread it is funny watching all the smart people talk down to the mouth-breathing cardale fans when some of these same people voiced no such concerns about johnny effing manziel. Now, jff was a very exciting college qb, but you really had to squint to see any semblance of an nfl qb. How on earth one could look at manziel and have to qualms about spending a first round pick on him, but then look at cardale and mock those who suggest the same is really beyond me.

    • zarathustra

      And to mock people for wanting to draft ohio st players suggests that all the poor dumb mouth-breathing fans should just exclude players from one of the top programs in the country–who happened to win the national championship last night–like all of the smart fans do.

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    wish I cared about college ball,but I don’t. What I care about,Browns football…no one I really want to read talks about that anymore. One,DK, killed their website again,one seems overly into gambling(Kanick), the other is more into social justice(Frowns). Hell the reason I say this is because none of you tend to look at the team through rose colored glasses….but most others do. So I miss like hell,the info and insights you 3 used to provide and would like one or all to do so again…..I know DK has my email,and Frowns and Kanick have mine via the sites so even if you don’t want to post screeds on line I would love even in private something that’s not what I read everywhere else….heh.

  • FTCMikeD

    Let’s go Bucks!

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