AtoZ //The Urban Meyer Express.

Andre and Zac on where the Browns go from here, Johnny, the Buckeyes and the Urban Meyer Express.

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  • zarathustra

    I am officially retiring* from online commenting on football. I’ve listened to pretty much all of these and can’t recall anything I’ve disagreed with. There is no need for me to ever offer my two cents when these guys say it far better.

    *save for the thousands of words of jibberish I am preparing for cheddarbay this weekend.

    • these two are getting better each go round.
      maybe there was richer material for this pod but the dope about who was the TWO THREE on the 07 browns and the scouts’ shithead theorem sets zac and andre so far apart from any one else on the cleveland sports media scene that i can’t think of a worthy #2.
      (ok maybe drennan but i havent seen him in ten years.)

  • actovegin1armstrong

    Can not express the depths of my gratitude for you kids finally elucidating the sh theorem.

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