AtoZ //Manziel starts.

Andre and Zac talk quarterbacks: Johnny Football, Andy Dalton vs. the Browns, Cardale Jones and Bernie.

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  • Warburton MacKinnon

    don’t know where else on the site to put this……….the D got crushed on the first drive,,,then watched no one except JF(whom I never liked,although I thought Hoyer was over rated by many…hated the pick in the draft) even give a shit on offense,yeah the line has issues but the line wasn’t the problem,until I stopped watching it seemed that no one could catch a pass,which was THE problem up until I stopped watching,about a minute into the 2nd Quarter when the Bengals went up 17-0. The D never recovered from Haden dropped int on the Bengals 2nd possesion. They get that turnover I think the D would have recovered their Mojo. What I saw was the team overall quitting on the game and possibly the season…before the end of the 1st quarter. Some of that is on the coaches/coaching. Honestly in the past few games I thought the lack of quality play was Hoyers fault on offense…but watching some of this debacle,I now don’t know ….no reciever or back helped at all. On the first 2 drives we had players dropping passes put in their hands, and running routes wrong. Guess this means as bad as Hoyer was playing it damn sure wasn’t all his fault the last few weeks! Like I said it looks/looked like the team quit. It was like all of our wide outs were Greg Little on at least the 2 possesions I watched.. How can any QB do well if no one catches shit?

    • i guess an 80 yd drive and TD surrendered on the first drive is a crushing but i DO think there was very sketchy officiating on that drive. pivotal calls and non-calls which extended the drive on third down:
      kruger was held (see attached) no call wouldve set up 2nd/17,
      mingo roughing call (correct call in the league today but still, a first down by penalty),
      green pushed off haden on 4th/1.

      if haden hangs on to the INT or they call the holding against robertson on hill’s 20 yd run, bengals probably don’t get their field goal.

      after the bad start by the offense, to go into the 2ndQ 0-0 things might go differently for manziel and company. i said might.

      • Warburton MacKinnon

        There has been really shoddy officiating for our games going on for several weeks,and I don’t mean just a few calls. You are the first I have seen mention it but me,though,so I kind of just didn’t talk about it when no one agreed last time I said something in another forum. Some will say something about one or maybe two calls…I have been seeing many more than a few. The worst have been the non calls. I also wondered if it was only when we were on the road, in which case it wouldn’t bother me as much,like some calls and non calls in Buffalo for instance…but the last two weeks were such that it almost seemed the Browns were being jobbed by the refs. So maybe that also played into the team kinda ‘quitting’.

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