#CheddarBay week 15, B1G Championship.

LATE LINE: KState +7 at Baylor.

Here's two Niners rookies.  Let me acknowledge:  I was wrong about stubby-arms Borland.  As ever, 'football player' trumps 'measurables.'  Why I need to re-learn this every draft is anyone's guess.

Here’s two Niners rookies.
Let me acknowledge:  I was wrong about stubby-arms Borland. As ever, ‘football player’ trumps ‘measurables.’ Why I need to re-learn this every draft is anyone’s guess.

We are coming down the homestretch and we’re looking at high drama for the Cheddar playoffs. FlyHighCharlieFrye and AmplifiedEsquire displayed the power of the POTY moving up ten and nineteen slots respectively.

No one has hit the POTY Lobsterfest (which needs a name) yet.  But GRR did hit his Lobsterfest (and payout) and took a positive step toward his stated

My only chance at getting back to the playoffs is probably to roll off 5 straight essays.

All play is the Big Ten Championship:  Wisconsin -4 vs. OSU at Indy.

As usual, I was the odd-man out on the four man panel with my preference for Colts at Browns against three picks for OSU-Wisco. Hard to argue with this one though.

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More Josh Gordon enabling?

I’m going to bring this up if only to get it on the record:  Josh Gordon appears to be back to normal for better and worse.

I am dismayed that after his second suspension in the pros, which was preceded by getting dropped by two college programs, which was preceded by being recruited and not offered scholarships by a half dozen top-tier programs in high school… after lots of talk about growth and maturity and focus and discipline… after a seeming consensus being built about the cumulative wrongness of ‘enabling’ the gifted athlete because he’s a really gifted athlete… after all this… Josh Gordon doesn’t tuck in his jersey and wears his socks like anklets.

Tuck in your shirt, pull up your socks.  This is not hard.

Tuck in your shirt, pull up your socks. This is not hard.

I love me some Mike Pettine but his ignoring of this unwillingness to abide by the rules is precisely the sort of ‘enabling’ that Gordon has surely seen since Lamar High School and probably before that.

You might not want to get busy with this, I don’t either.  But small things become big things.  This is a flag.

Uniforms are supposed to be worn uniformly.  That’s why they’re called uniforms.  It appears there are 52 other Browns players who got that memo.  Why is Josh special?  Is he better than the rest and thus rules that others follow don’t apply to him?  If yes, then ohhkay… that won’t be a problem at all… it’s worked so well in the past.

If I could ask Pettine a question in his pressers it’d be this:  would Mike Pettine Senior allow one of his players to play with this shirt untucked?



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  • weekly cloud.

  • Petefranklin

    I am going to the seafood buffet tonight. I know the game will be on there so hopefully they will have lobster tonight as well…..Pick 6)Pats-3.5

  • thatsfine

    Finish me off with
    Houston -5

  • Pats, raiders, Philly eagles.
    essay tomorrow.

  • from dw:

    I know this is against protocol, but I’m getting new internet installed today, but not til 3pm. And when I go to make picks from my phone, Disqus refuses to load. So I’m hoping you’ll make the exception and post these for me being that I’m giving my best effort. Could have planned ahead better. Would appreciate it. Big time!

    BRONCOS -10.

    JETS +6.

    PATS -3.5.


    EAGLES -1.

    Marky Mark and the boys keep playing out of their minds, and Chip Kelly’s humorous comment in the presser this week that “There’s no way his offense would work at the college level” have me believing more in his wizardry than ever. If Sanchez were the weakness, he hasn’t shown it (minus a few turnovers that will be costly if he blunders today). And the defense has been playing well too. Beyond the Packers and Patriots, I don’t think there’s another team I feel more confident in taking care of business on a weekly basis than the Eagles-even against the defending Super Bowl champs who are pulling off wins of late. Eagles at home for the win, and perhaps my season.


  • CleveLandThatILove

    Steelers +3.5
    Dolphins -3
    Browns +4
    Packers -12

    • CleveLandThatILove

      *Seahawks +1 Eagles
      Seattle is down but don’t count them out. Solid defense and effectively running the ball wins football games over the long haul. Marshawn Lynch is a force, and Wilson is smart and can do so many things well right when he needs to. Besides, my first impulse was to go with the Eagles, and I’ve learned the hard way to step back and reconsider. And Chip Kelly gives me the willies.

  • PJD19


  • zarathustra

    UCF (w)
    Baylor (w)
    Buckeyes (w)


    Taking off Steelers and replacing with:

    Eagles over Seahawks
    The Seahawks have looked great….against a shitty Niners offense and even shittier Cardinals offense. Think they may be overvalued at this point. Last time the travelled across country was to carolina, which they barely survived. In related news the carolina panthers are a horrible football team.


    Patriots -3.5
    49ers -7.5
    Washington +3
    Houston -5
    Seattle +1 (essay and play of year)
    The tide is starting to turn in the NFC. Seattle has picked up their game and knows this is the time you have to start peaking for the upcoming playoff run. They are going to eat Sanchez alive today. I know Philly is coming off a big win, but Dallas is overrated and won’t go anywhere in January when the playoffs start. Seattle is going to control this game from start to finish. Seattle is a bad matchup for this Eagles team. The Eagles are not going to want to play a grind it out style game today. Seattle grinds out a 7-10 point win today.


    Borcas will you be my agent too? Get Cardele directly to the draft immediately. His best route at this point.
    5) Miami -3 (essay)- screwed up taking off La Tech as my essay. Oh well. Dolphins here. Big losses to the Ravens D with no Ngata and the loss of Jimmy Smith lately has been tough as we saw with the Chargers comeback. Supposed to be in mid 80s today in Miami and ravens will wilt in that heat. Wake and company should harass Flacco all day.
    6) Skins +3

  • FTCMikeD

    NFL Plays
    @Detroit -9.5 over Bucs
    Pats -3.5 over @Chargers
    Haloti Ngata missing the rest of the season for the Ravens is terrible news for our AFC North Rivals. That man is a singular force on that defense. Their run defense will suffer because of it. Their secondary is already pretty weak, and with less pressure up front, expect Tannehill to have a good game slinging the football. The Dolphins defense is no slouch either and they should be able to contain Flacco and co as they give up less than 200 yds passing on average per game. Dolphins cover the 3 points.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Packers -12

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Seattle +1
    New England -3.5

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. AP OSU (winner)
    2 Browns
    3 Houston
    4 Washington
    5 New England
    6 Ravens

    • calling browns your non-essay week essay, until instructed otherwise. thanks.

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) OSU was AP
    2) Indy -4
    3) K.C. +1
    4) N.E. -3.5
    5) New Orleans -9.5
    6) Seattle +1

    *ESSAY* Indy -4

    I need to make up some ground and one way to do that is to pick against the Browns any given week it seems. I (unfortunately) also think it is the right call this week. Browns fans got a glimpse of Manziel Mania last week and I’m surprised Hoyer remains the starter. Especially given over the last three weeks Hoyer has been the NFL’s worst QB. Now, he seems to do better when the pressure is on and when the offense is running the hurry up. The pressure is definitely on cause I don’t see the fans in attendance today being to friendly if there’s any sign Hoyer didn’t bring his A game (nor the coaches). But I don’t see the offense running a consistent hurry up as they won’t want the ball in Luck’s hands any more than needed.

    The Browns running game scares me a bit at the moment and it would be the way to beat Indy. The rookies have shown a propensity to cough up the ball and it may cost West playing time this week. Crowell has a hip injury, is expected to be a go – but just how effective will he be?

    Note, my picking of Indy in no way is an endorsement of anything regarding Trent Richardson or his abilities. Indy continues to win in spite of him thanks to other RBs stepping up. Though, if he ever had the motivation to average 4 yards per carry instead of 2 today may be the day.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Browns +4 essay

    I see the Browns winning this game outright today. Last week was an awful match up for the offense and this week couldn’t ber better. A soft front 7 vontae Davis out and a pissed off offensive line that got embarrassed last week. Hoyer also seems to play better when his backs against the wall. While I don’t expect to shut down Andrew luck I do think the strength of the Browns defense is their pass defense. This line seems low kind of like the ari atl line last week and we all know how that turned out. Like I said I think the Browns win outright today.
    Back with the rest Ina few just wanted to get this essay in

  • HitTheHorns

    Baltimore Ravens +3
    Cleveland Browns +4
    Pittsburgh Steelers +3.5
    Arizona Cardinals -1

  • Petefranklin

    Mike I think you graded Ga Tech as a loss…it’s a win.

  • squeekycleen

    ESSAY: Cleveland Browns: It’s gut check time for Cleveland in a game they really need to get at home. The Clowns really fit the profile of a team I like to get involved with, as they seem to alternate between undervalued and overvalued. Off last week’s stink bomb and the ensuing QB controversy, this would seem to be the undervalued spot. On the flip side we have the Colts, who have been a covering machine over the past few years. Public will back the Colts of course, I’ll go the other way.


  • clayII

    Wiscy (-4) / tOSU

  • oxr

    All-Play Wisconsin -4 over Ohio State

    • oxr

      Rams -3 over Redskins
      49ers -7.5 over Raiders
      Colts -4 over Browns
      Chiefs +1 over Cardinals

      Essay Texans -5 over Jaguars – I had a good run, but these last few weeks everything has gone Pete Tong – the Colts are the only NFL team I’ve picked correctly in two straight outings and somehow I missed the opportunity to pick against the Raiders at their Raidersiest, while my go-to Jaguars were out-turnovered by the goddamn Giants. A sense of impending doom hangs over my picks, individually defensible though they might be, and choosing one for the essay feels like picking a prisoner to be executed. So, I’m going against the Jaguars once again, even though they are liable to sack the hell out of poor old Ryan Fitzpatrick. They’re down right tackle Austin Pasztor, apparently Denard Robinson hasn’t been much of a pass protector, and they’re up against JJ Watt. Bortles has been turnover-prone, to say the least, and he should be under fairly consistent pressure even without Clowney. Fitzpatrick isn’t going to have a repeat of last week, but if he can stay upright for a few seconds the Jacksonville secondary is vulnerable. In other words: bet the house on the Jags.

  • PJD19

    Ohio State
    Georgia Tech

  • Nick

    Please Put kto on wiscy. We are warching the rockettes

  • Rob

    Ohio State +4

    • Rob

      NYJ +6
      BUF +10
      ARI -1
      DET -9.5

      Cleveland Browns +4

      Joe Thomas:
      Hey! What’s all this laying around stuff? Why are you all still laying around here for?

      Billy Cundiff:
      What the hell are we supposed to do, ya moron? Coach yanked Hoyer and is starting him again anyhow. There’s nothing to fight for anymore.

      Paul Kruger:
      [to Joe Thomas]
      Let it go. Season’s over, man. Pettine dropped the big one.

      Joe Thomas:
      What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is!
      Was it over when the Oilers led us by 25 late in the first half? Hell no!

      Joe Haden:
      [to Donte Whitner]

      Donte Whitner:
      Forget it, he’s rolling.

      Joe Thomas:
      And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…

      [thinks hard of something to say]

      Joe Thomas:
      The tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!

      [Joe Thomas runs out, alone; then returns]

      Joe Thomas:
      What the fuck happened to the Cleveland Browns I used to know? Where’s the spirit?
      Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest season of our lives,
      but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you
      Joe, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not
      me! I’m not gonna take this. Andrew Luck, he’s a dead man! Josh Cribbs, dead!

      Joe Haden:
      Dead! Joe’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take
      these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional playcalling, but that
      could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go
      all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile
      and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

      Joe Thomas:
      We’re just the guys to do it.

      Paul Kruger:
      [stands up]
      Yeah, I agree. Let’s go get ’em.

      Donte Whitner:
      Let’s do it.

      Joe Thomas:
      Let’s do it!

  • The Iron Sheik

    Ohio state is my essay pick

    • got it. i asterisked it to remind myself essay pending.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    1. AP ohio state

  • DQuatts

    DQuatts Week 15:

    I’ll get started with Ohio State +4 for the All-Play. Thanks!

    • DQuatts

      Browns +4
      Chiefs +1
      Jets +6
      Eagles -1

      • DQuatts

        Essay: San Diego +3.5

        The curse of the Beeeeebs lives on! After researching a lot about this game tonight, this one comes down to factors off the football field. Yes, Brady is Brady and he never loses two games in a row. But this is very solid and somewhat underrated team in San Diego and Phillip Rivers has turned this team into a playoff team. Their defense is good, their offense can score, and score quickly. I see this one being a tight game, and with the home team getting points….I’m all in. Would a 2-game losing streak be that tough to imagine for NE? Not when they play at GB and SD in back-to-back weeks. Tight game all around tonight…


  • Tim Butler

    AP: Ohio State +4

    • Tim Butler

      DOLPHINS -3 over ravens
      LIONS -9.5 over bucs
      patriots -3.5 over CHARGERS
      PACKERS -12 over falcons
      ESSAY: BRONCOS -10 over bills

      The Bills defense is really good, excellent even, unless they are facing an elite QB who can quickly and easily find the open receiver against an average Bills secondary, thus begins a December to surrender for the Bills, who have match-ups remaining against Denver, Green Bay, and New England, also known as, Peyton, Rodgers, and Brady. Mario and company aren’t going to be able to get close to Manning, as the Bills defensive backs consistently give a cushion, which should allow Peyton to get rid of the ball before Jerry Hughes can even get a personal foul. Huge days coming for the Broncos pass-catchers. Go Bills!

  • shoseph

    All-play: Wisconsin -4 vs. Ohio State

    • shoseph

      Ouch, that Big 10 championship game. Well, looks like I’m picking yet more favorites, what could go wrong?

      Rams -3 vs. DC
      Giants -1 vs. Titans
      Colts -4 vs. Browns
      Texans -5 vs. Jaguars
      Essay: Patriots -3.5 vs. Chargers

      So I had written up half an essay about why the Rams were the pick of the week, and then I realized that kickoff was in less than an hour. Dang. So, let’s just go with the Patriots here. Brady and the rest of the Pats will be playing in nice weather. Sure, Edelman’s a little banged up, but there’s an arsenal of weapons in that receiving corps. Gronk is playing like a healthy Gronk. And there’s always Belicheck and his effective coaching. The Chargers have a three-game winning streak, but that includes victories over the pitiful Raiders, ho-hum Rams, and a close one over the Ravens. And the loss before that streak was a 0-37 shutout against the Dolphins. The Chargers: they’re always so unconvincing, and they’re definitely unconvincing in this size-up with the Patriots.

  • zarathustra

    UCF (W)
    Steelers +3.5 over Bengals
    Patriots -3.5 over Chargers
    Rams -3 over Redskins
    Baylor -7 over K State
    I love Bill Snyder. Just a couple weeks ago my essay pick was a love letter to him. Moreover, I think this may be the best squad he’s ever had, but I just can’t talk myself into the points here. Baylor is at home and their weakness this year seems to be teams that keep pace and force them into a shoot-out. While Kansas St COULD do that tonight, I think it highly unlikely. They’ve struggled with baylor the last couple years and this year there hasn’t been much to lead me to believe they will get it done tonight. They barely survived at Iowa St, squeaked by Oklahoma, got lambasted at TCU, then held on in the second half in Morgantown.
    Baylor will be wide awake after the scare last week and plenty motivated to jump into the front four. They won’t. But, nevertheless, that will be their motivation tonight.
    I wrote this to be my essay but I just can’t pass up participating in the monumentally bad action below….
    Buckeyes +4 over Wisconsin***
    Last year the the Big Ten championship was the all-play that week and I picked sparty. I had a bad bad feeling that the buckeyes weren’t going to be prepared for that game. When they faced sparty for the rematch–the last time they were dogs–I was seemingly irrationally confident the buckeyes would prevail. I am even more confident about them tonight. They learned a lesson last year and will be plenty prepared and plenty motivated as underdogs. I have zero concern about cardale jones stepping in to run the best offense in the country. I’ll take the points since they are being offered, but don’t expect I’ll need them.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Coaching. Coaching. Coaching. It’s time for urban to earn his millions and win a huge game. Osu has more talent across the offense and defense to scrap for a rough win. Cardell just has to be able to perform the basics and execute their core offense and let the d do the rest. Go bucks.

  • chuckycrater

    Let’s go:

    Kansas State +7 vs. Baylor
    Wisconsin -4 vs. Ohio State
    Oklahoma State +19.5 vs. Oklahoma
    Cardinals -1 vs. Chiefs
    Patriots -3.5 vs. Chargers

    ESSAY: Bucs +9.5 vs. Lions

    The Bucs have been lights-out lately. They stay close in every game, and when they get the ball late and everything is on the line, they make a clutch penalty or turnover or 10-second runoff and make sure they lose so they stay in the hunt for Marcus Mariota. You can’t compete in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE these days without a fantastic QB and the only way to get one is to draft one really high. This is the most satisfying Bucs season in years. They may be even janker* than last year, but they screwed everythingup in the second half of the season and won a few games. Not happening this time. They’ll keep it close and cover, but I’m sure they’ll come through again.

    * – is it “janker” or “more jank”? I didn’t see an entry in the AP Stylebook for that one.

  • HitTheHorns

    Florida State -4

    ***Essay*** Wisconsin -4

    This is a strategic play for me, so here comes some gibberish, please don’t read this and put real $ on this analysis: A lot of OSU love and “Urban won’t lose this game” from Cheddar nation. Asking your third string qb to start in the biggest game of the season for your team is a tall task. If Wisconsin takes a ten point lead, I don’t see how OSU can come back. I think it speaks volumes that if OSU was the right play, that this line isn’t at 3. It keeps going from 4 to 4.5 with no sign of it heading to 3. If Urban Meyer is such a covering machine, especially as an underdog, then why hasn’t this line dropped?

    • Petefranklin

      I’d love to go wisky in this one, pretty much a 2 point play.
      Sharp $$$ came in against the bucks early pushing the opener of 2 up to 4

  • All Play: + 4 Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
    Essay: -14.5 Alabama vs. Missouri

    SEC Championship, well not really but I guess this is thegame we get with the current set up inthe two divisions. The two coaches are real familiar with each other. Both played and started their coaching careers at Kent State. The key to the game will be how or can Missouri stop Amari Cooper. I’m thinking not due to my pick. The stadium will be 70 percent Alabama and all of them will be celebrating from start to finish. Tide roll. CFP is the next step.

    -4 Florida State vs. Georgia Tech
    – 7 Baylor vs. Kansas State
    -6 Minnesota vs. NY Jets
    -4 Indianapolis @ Cleveland

  • CleveLandThatILove

    Badgers for the AP.

  • trashycamaro

    Wisconsin -4 over tOSU – Gambling rule: when in an amateur picks league fade the homers who are backing the team who just lost their 2nd starting QB. This is also a personal life lesson after having lived through Muschamp’s second to last season at UF. (Seriously though, currently 25-6 for tOSU). My NFL actions later.

    • trashycamaro

      Well, that rule didn’t work out. Should be superseded by another – Urban Meyer >>> than any other B1G coach. Oh well, on to the other picks:

      2. Essay: Packers -12 over Falcons This year my approach to essays has been to take the matchup I feel most strongly about. Despite this being a 12 point spread, this is the one for me this week. The Packers offense has been completely unstoppable while the Falcons have been unable to stop anyone at anytime for any reason (unless maybe they play in the NFC South). Unstoppable force meet inherently movable object. The Pack has the top ranked offense and the top ranked passing offense (although not by as much as you might think) that really illustrates the have and have nots in the NFL – the top passing attacks are GB, DEN, NE, SD, PIT, BAL, NOLA. Only 1 contender is not on that list (SEA, which has a 20% DVOA lead over the number 2 rushing team), one maybe contender (PHI, which has average offense across the board, top 10 D, and top special teams), and only two team on this list are not contenders (NOLA and SD). The big risk here is that GB gets up big early and goes into prevent for the rest of the game allowing a back door cover. But look for the average GB pass defense to keep them out of the end zone (although I would feel more comfortable if GB could generate some pass rush (about league average).

      3. Texans -5 over Jaguars So, you tell me JJ Watt is going to be lining up mostly against the guy who is worse than Luke Joeckel?

      4. Broncos -10 over Bills Everyone, or most everyone, is back for the Broncos skill position players. While the Bills D has been feisty, they are best against the run Wow, that Buffalo defense is really good. Not comfortable laying 10 here.

      4. Rams -3 over Washington No other picks really stick out here, so I am going with the over the top difference in Karma DVOA here.

      5.Steelers +3.5 over Bengals Vontaze Burfict is really important to the Bengals run defense and the Steelers are set up to take advantage of him missing this game.

      6.Jets +6 over Vikings Only game I had to open up Football Outsiders for, and glad I did (although I then went back to check my other picks). These two teams are very close in offense and defense rankings, so betting against public perception here. And, surpsingly, the weighted numbers for both offenses are consistent with their overall numbers – neither are significantly better or worse htan earlier in the year. Also, looks like Vikings will be without McKinnon and Barr, while the Jets will be missing Wilkerson.

  • Matt Borcas

    Can’t even bear to look at the standings after last week’s o-fer. Only thing going for me is the fact that I still have my Play of the Year, which I feel I must use this week, so here goes:
    ESSAY/PLAY OF THE YEAR: Ohio State +4 over Wisconsin
    Cardale Jones once told me that I could represent him when he goes pro, and while he made this statement three years ago, I still plan on holding him to it. So for all intents and purposes, the B1G title game has a great deal of bearing on my future earning potential as a sports agent, and I believe in my (prospective) client. Cardale won’t be a HUGE dropoff from JT Barrett, just as Barrett wasn’t a huge dropoff from Braxton like everyone expected him to be. It’s worth noting that up until summer practice, Cardale was actually ahead of Barrett on the depth chart, which means that he was regularly working with the first team offense during the spring (due to Braxton’s injury). So, he should be familiar around these players. Additionally, I think Barrett’s injury/Cardale’s relative inexperience will result in more touches than usual for Jalin Marshall, who’s an absolute stud. Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s offense is completely one dimensional, and while that dimension (the run game) is very, very good, OSU’s d-line should be strong enough to counter it effectively. Bucks win this game outright.

    • Matt Borcas

      Other picks coming soon …

    • Matt Borcas

      Now that’s more like it. Here’s the rest of my picks:
      Rams -3 over Redskins
      Steelers +3.5 over Bengals
      Chiefs +1 over Cardinals
      Seahawks +1 over Eagles
      Patriots -3.5 over Chargers

  • mo_by_dick

    Georgia Tech +4
    TCU -34

    Ohio State +4 (AP)

    • mo_by_dick

      Seahawks +1
      Rams -3

      • mo_by_dick

        Patriots -3.5 (ESSAY)

        I like Belichick coming off of a loss, and Tom Brady in primetime under the lights. The Chargers simply don’t have the defensive talent to stay with Brady & co. I’m not really sure how the Patriots are going to attack, but I doubt the Chargers do, either. Belichick makes a statement in the AFC and the Chargers pack it in early and think ahead to Denver.


    Mike, Please take off La Tech as my essay. Keep the pick but no longer want it as my essay. I’ll do another essay thanks

    • Petefranklin

      Because of the ineligibles?

  • FTCMikeD

    College Plays:
    K St +7 over @Baylor
    GA Tech +4 over FSU
    AP: OSU +4 over Wisc

  • bupalos


    100% board-inspired essay — All right the board got me to look in on this LA Tech thing, so add my voice to the increasingly bad action. There really couldn’t be anything less impressive about Marshall’s schedule and outcomes. They had to know it before, but now it’s a lot more concrete and still swimming around in their guts like giardia. It’s simply one team playing to slightly mitigate nauseating disappointment versus another that can scoop up all the glories Marshall had amassed on it’s behalf. It’s kind of a Henry V game, in double reverse. And if that’s not a reason to try and scoop up the 3 points LA Tech will amass on my behalf, I don’t know what is.

  • Colleges: Ohio State +3.5 over Wisconsin (Cardale!), Louisiana Tech +12 over Marshall, Mizzou +14.5 over Bama.

    Pros: Bengals -3.5 over Steelers, Rams -3 over Cornball Brothers (Hands up, Chips!).

    ESSAY: Browns +4 over Colts: The Bills were such a bad matchup for the Browns last week. Pettine made the right decision with the QBs and things are set up perfectly for Hoyer and the Cleveland offense to get things going again. It’s a kitchen sink game for the Brownies and something of a trap game for the Colts. Glad to have more than a FG here. Give me the points and Flash Gordon’s shirt tails flapping in the wind.

    Also, FWIW, I think the Eagles are worth a play to win the Super Bowl at 12-1, though not necessarily worth a play to win in Seattle this weekend.

  • Petefranklin

    Essay La Tech +12 over Marshall
    This is kind of similar to my Troy losing pick last week in that Marshall had their bubble broken the week before. The way that they lost…in OT is nearly impossible to overcome mentally the next week. Home favorites laying points off of an OT loss are 45-70 ATS the last few years. Fundamentally, marshall has not been playing all that good the last month either, especially on D. That bodes well for the dogs who have no problem(usually) scoring. On the flip side Techs D is ranked 39th or so nationally which is pretty good for a CUSA team. Now that Marshall has lost hope of a big bowl payday the referees might not be so inclined to call things in Marshall’s favor as I’m sure they would have done before last week. Nice overlay with the Cheddar spread here as well with this game line plummeting down here in Vegas.
    On a secondary note bet the 1st half money line if you can…..Tech is pretty much a lock to be up at halftime!

    • Petefranklin

      AP) OSU +4
      3) Ga Tech +4
      4) Steelers+3.5 (pencil this one in as I have a feeling Lang might be on them as well)

      • Petefranklin

        5) Browns +3.5…everyone gets a surprise dose of scoreboard watching and standings studying around here after a Browns win. I’d probably trade 6 of the wins for Mariotta though(i’ll keep the Steelers win).

        • Petefranklin

          I mean Browns +4,,,don’t want to cheat myself

  • Its Only Money

    Now that I’m only playing for pride and maybe a chance to win a weekly, so here goes.

    Cincinnati -6.5 v Houston
    Boise St -20.5 v Fresno St
    St Louis -3 @ Washington
    San Diego +3.5 v New England

    All Play Wisconsin -4 v Ohio State

    Essay: Detroit -9.5 v Tampa Bay
    Detroit is looking really good right now. They are running on on cylinders, offense and defense is playing well at this juncture in the season. This is not the same old Lions in 2014, I don’t see them with a late season slide. The Buccaneers might still be alive in the NFC south, but they are not taking on a team in the their division nor the Steelers this weekend so they will not have much luck this week. I just don’t see a way that Tampa is going to be able to slow the Lions offense down. Their offense will have a tough go against the Lions D as well.

  • The Iron Sheik

    Ga tech
    Ohio state. Essay

  • 1. at Boise -20.5 Fresno
    2. OSU +4 Wisco
    3. Steelers +3 at Bengals

    4. Essay at Browns +4 Colts

    I know the Browns’ offense hasn’t looked good lately, but to my eye the badness is more ‘sloppy’ than systemic. Last week you’ve got:

    * Gordon ridiculous ballflip (more delay of game than unsportsmanlike imo, but .. see above re: recidivist lack of discipline);
    * Joe Thomas 3 holding flags, 1 false start;
    * 3 false starts (one by Gordon,,, never ever acceptable for a WR to take a false start flag,, it’s like the definition of .. you know it’s coming .. lack of discipline);
    * the bad Gordon route which resulted in a drive-killing pick;
    * Crowell wide the fuck open on a perfect drag route and is inexplicably looking to block someone on the post-Haden INT 3rd/10 sack;
    * And the fumble 6 by West, RUFKM?

    That’s eight flags on the offense. Three turnovers.

    Did Romeo Crennell inhabit Mike Pettine last week? Because that’s an anti-Pettine game. Clean that shit up and ride the defense that is hitting its stride. Didn’t allow a 3rd down convert until the 4th quarter. Kyle Orton ain’t Andrew Luck, but now you factor in the dome team outside in December. Doesn’t look like a horrible day but breezy. We know Hoyer loves the wind (Cincy game); not all QBs do.

    With all that, I still win if Indy kicks a FG in OT. Won’t need it though. Big huge Browns win coming (provided Pettine isn’t afraid to coach up Gordon).

    5. Texans -5 at Jags
    6. Jets +6 at Vikes

    • Petefranklin

      I was wondering if you were going to stick to your preseason prediction of Boise as a bet on team. All blue unis on blue turf should = money.

  • AmplifiedEsq

    1) OSU +4

  • OHIO STATE +4. Reallllly torn on this buckeyes game. Wisconsin cannot throw the football. And ‘OSU ain’t come to play school.’ So Ill stick with it even though Melvin is my dude. But I’ve seen Glenville play in big games, so hopefully Cardale has grown up since then. Probably not.


  • thatsfine

    OSU +4
    SMU +12
    I love games like this. Second to last place in the AAC is at stake when two of the worst offenses in FBS clash today. If I had a vote for the all-play, this would be it.
    Houston +6.5 – ESSAY
    I’ve been riding UC for two straight weeks worth of essays, this feels like the right spot to ditch them. After a heroic run of 5 games where the Bearcats offense lit up the scoreboard, they ran into a competent defense and only put up 14. Last week they were extremely fortunate not just to get the cover, but to even get the win. It took a Temple fumble on their own goal line (setting up a 3 yard UC scoring drive) plus a missed chip shot field goal by the Owls for UC to win. Temple’s offense just couldn’t score. This week UC faces another good defense, and an offense that will put up points. The Cougars have played well on the road, 3-0 in AAC. I think they pull this one out.
    Boise -20.5
    LaTech +12

    NFL pick to follow

  • p_forever

    ohio st +4 wisconson

    fresno state +21 boise state

    oklahoma st +19.5 oklahoma

    ga tech +4 fsu (I want this so bad that I know I’m making the pick 100%
    with my reggie ball-loving heart, but if this could be the year ga tech stops
    being a wreck in big time games I’d be so happy – beating UGA has given me just enough hope to be foolhardy with this pick.)

    patriots -3.5 chargers

    marshall -12 louisiana tech***

    not a very conventional essay pick since I haven’t actually been
    watching much of either team all year (shocker), but these rivalry/championship weeks aren’t very straightforward picking-wise (which maybe explains at least part of my awful performance these past few weeks). anyway, *some* rules of college football still must apply, right?marshall has been truly dominant all year. last week (and even the UAB game before that) was the pressure of an undefeated season coming home to roost. That pressure is off now, and I expect marshall to play like a world-beater (lol – well – at least a conference USA-beater) again.

  • jdoepke

    If I could hit better than 5-9 on Essay picks I’d be right in the mix here. Need a strong close so here we go…

    LaTech +12
    Wisconsin -4 (AP)
    Redskins +3
    Jaguars +5
    Seahawks +1

    GT +4 (Essay)
    Close to a POTY on this one but going against FSU all year has not been profitable for yours truly so we’ll just make it a regular 3 pointer. I think GT can control the clock in the 2nd half when FSU will need to make a comeback. Their offense is tough for teams to prep for and I see them getting the lead early and fighting off a last minute comeback by Jameis. GT 31-FSU 30.

  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Louisiana Tech +12
    Georgia Tech +4
    Wisconsin -4
    Titans +1
    Lions -9.5

    Pack -12 (Essay)

    Last week I learned that if you’re only going to hit one out of six, it might as well be your essay. Last week the Falcons beat the Cardinals at home, keeping pace with the 5-7 Saints. The NFC NASCAR Division is turning into the division that nobody really wants to win. I hope the Packers win because with the remaining Saints and Falcons schedules, the division winner may very well get in with a 6-10 or 7-9 record – the NFL structure of 4-team divisions is a joke and needs to be re-thought – a team’s chances can be disproportionately helped or hurt by the quality of divisional foes. This year weak teams from the NFC and AFC South will get in and have home playoff games, just by virtue of being the least crappy among the teams the marketing dept decided to group together. I would suggest promotion / relegation with the SEC however that might raise a few eyebrows.

    Actually, promotion / relegation could work if all 32 teams were tossed in a single group, then divided into two levels, NFL 1 and NFL 2. The top 4 NFL 2 teams get in to NFL 1 the following season, while the bottom 4 NFL 1 teams go down. The top 12 NFL 1 teams make the playoffs, with the top 4 teams earning a first round bye and host a second round playoff game. This way the Broncos and Patriots could meet in the Super Bowl, delighting the NFL home office marketing folks. And also-rans would have something to play for come December.

    Back to the topic at hand – I feel sorry for whoever has to go in to Lambeau for a nationally broadcast game late in the season. The Packers seem to be getting better each week, and are making it look effortless – kind of the NFC’s version of the Patriots. Except for last week when the Patriots lost to the Packers.

  • squeekycleen

    In case I get bogged down tomorrow:

    All play: WiscONsin

  • Capitalgg

    Sometimes it’s just not your year. This apparently is not mine. Anyway, maybe I’ll hit something and make some money. Whatever.

    1. Temple -3.5 @ Tulane
    2. Iowa St. +34 v. TCU
    3. Cincinnati -6.5 v. Houston
    4. Broncos -10 v. Bills
    5. Patriots -4 @ Chargers

    Essay/All-Play: Ohio St +4 v. Wisconsin
    Since Urban Meyer has been the head coach at Ohio St., the Buckeyes have been an underdog something like 3 times. They have won each time outright.

    When a team endures a tragedy, 1 of 2 things can happen. The team can split up or it can pull together, closer and do amazing things. So far this year, this team has lost a Heisman candidate QB 12 days before the start of the season in which it was replacing 4 of it’s 5 starting offensive lineman. It lost a game in week 2 when the offense looked lost. The team did not fold. It took the E+R=O mantra to heart worked harder, worked together and rolled off 10 straight wins while setting all sorts of offensive records.

    So this week, the team has a walk-on teammate disappear mid-week before the Michigan game, during that game their next-man-up record-setting, Heisman candidate QB leaves with a season ending injury, and the missing teammate is found dead Sunday. Those are built-in excuses for a team that is still not over losing for the first time in 2 years in this game last year. This team will come together and play their best game. Cardale Jones will prove the Buckeyes have more depth than any other team in college football and Ohio St. will play their best game of the season (even better than at East Lansing) and the Buckeyes will make the CFP Selection Committee’s job infinitely harder.

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    I’ll take oh st +4 no way the great urban Meyer loses 2 years a row in the ship….right?

  • GRRustlers

    Week 15 Picks

    AP – Wisconsin (-4) over OSU – There is a line of thinking that I have heard from my Buckeye friends that really irked me lately. Mainly that OSU needed to play the Badgers instead of Minnesota or Nebraska to have a chance at a playoff. This is nonsense. Only the NCAA brings us a playoff system with 4 teams and 5 power conferences. Someone was getting screwed and it was always going to be the Big 12 (Even though the committee seems hellbent on screwing Florida State). The idea that a whorish institution like the NCAA was going to take Baylor or TCU over a 1 loss Big 10 champ Ohio State is crazy talk. Anyway I keep picturing Tevin Coleman running wild and if you blur your eyes and see the red and white unis I think it’s the same thing Saturday night.

    Giants (-1) over Titans – I scanned the Mr. Hero website and no locations in Tennessee. Tough break for 2015 Titans QB Brian Hoyer.

    Saints (-9.5) over Panthers – As long as the Panthers stay on the Browns schedule I see 8 wins.

    Boise St (-20.5) over Fresno – This is a dumb pick.

    Seahawks (+1) over Eagles – We have reached the point where if I see the Seahawks getting points I don’t think.


    I believe that the NFL is a league in which you should never pay any attention to what happened last week. The Falcons won a football game and Vegas clearly overreacted. They are getting 12 points at Green Bay? I wonder what that line would have been if the trip to Green Bay was after the Browns game. 15 maybe 16 points? The Falcons bring the worst pass defense into this game where weather will not be a factor and a national TV audience gets to watch. Sign me up. We may even get to see Matt Flynn for extended time. I love Matt Flynn. He has to have the highest amount of contract money per snap taken in the NFL. Has anyone ever done the math on this? Is there someone over at Grantland who can knock this out in less than 35,000 words? That would be great. Has to be Flynn. Anyway the MVP puts on another show Monday night and the Packers roll.

    Packers (-12) over Falcons

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Thank you for the memory GRRRR!
      I really miss Mr Hero’s “Buttered Cheesesteak”. Could it get any better? Delicious, meat-like steak product, two kinds of cheese, onions and mushrooms all grilled in a bubbling pool of butter. (“Make mine extra greasy please.”)
      So greasy it makes all of the bread soggy in less than a minute. It is a perfect meal, all four food groups and nothing macrobiotic-paleo-adkin-organic-southbeach-rawfood-zonediet about it!

      • Petefranklin

        I used to crave romanburgers until about the third time I went back to Cleveland and they got old…quick. Now it’s nonstop pizza for me when I go back, and I don’t mean the type of pizza they try to pass off here in Vegas, I mean the kind with a real crust and italian sausage that doesn’t resemble dog food.

  • Dave Borcas

    Marshall -12
    Temple -3.5
    Buckeyes +4 (all play). Will Cordale have both Braxton and JT transferring schools?
    Texans -5
    Patriots -3.5 (essay)
    Silly me had the Patriots in trouble after 3 weeks. Was the game starting to pass Billy Boy away like Chuck Noll and Don Shull in their final few years? Was Tom Brady ready be the QB not wanting to get hit any longer? Well, the Patriots answered me with a big NO! The Patriots are poised to make the AFC championship go through Foxboro. They overcome injuries and lack of talent better than any other team. Enjoy the sunshine in Cali this week Pat’s and get that home field advantage.

  • Petefranklin

    What is the line on Baylor?

    • actovegin1armstrong

      The only line I hear is that they are overrated.

    • Sorry about that: Baylor -7.

  • Petefranklin

    FCS play UT Chattanooga -6 over Indiana St for those who need a parlay leg or something. It was a nice year for ex UNLV coach Mike Sanford but UTC is the real deal!

  • Petefranklin

    OMG Mike, where can I bet a parlay on these HS props? I will lose but I can cross it off my bucket list!. The straddle(+100,-130) of 30 cents is reasonable as well.

  • bupalos

    Arizona +14.5 over Oregon – yeah, points are like monopoly money in an Oregon game, but still, 14.5 for an opponent that actually beat you?

    And in case I don’t get back here in time:

    Ohio State +4 : The theory here is that the team that gets the unearned advantage plays with a bad mindset. Especially when it flips a game like this to “should win.” Not a fantastic matchup though.

  • The Iron Sheik


  • Nick

    BGSU +6
    Houston +6.5
    Lions -9.5
    Rams -3
    Jets +6
    *Wiscy -4*essay which i’ll write later here

    • Nick

      I’m playing for a weekly win or trying to mount the biggest
      comeback in cheddar playoff history. I’m not smart enough to properly reference
      game theory, but I think basic strategy would suggest I go against the cheddar
      public and that is what I must do here going with Wiscy -4. I watched most of
      the OSU/Michigan game last week and did not see anything too impressive or
      scary from OSU. Tough loss with Barrett going down and their offense will be
      limited. Urban will have some tricks up his sleeve but it won’t be enough to
      stop Wiscy’s run game.

  • mgbode

    I wouldn’t admit failure on Borland just yet. He looked putrid in the Thanksgiving game. He was Gocong. Makes the plays run right at him, but looked lost trying to do anything in the open field.

    Note: 1 game sample and perhaps he just had a bad game.

  • For all the flack I’ve given them….I want BGSU +6. Thanks!

  • For FHCF: Disqus won’t load for me. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Strange. Anyway, Northern Illinois and Ohio State. Will finish later, hopefully right on the page.

  • Dennis Hemingway

    Arizona +14.5 over Oregon
    Ohio St. +4 over Wisconsin (All play)
    Steelers +3.5 over Bengals
    Seahawks +1 over Eagles
    Chargers +3.5 over Patriots
    Louisiana Tech +12 over Marshall ***

    *** There is no way Marshall can re-focus after last week’s brutal loss. No undefeated season, no major bowl, no motivation = big let-down. Meanwhile La Tech just put up 76 points last week and will continue to roll against a bad Marshall defense. This should be a shoot out but I’ll gladly take the points. (sorry for the relatively short essay. been a hectic week and put these together quickly so I didn’t forget.)


    1) La Tech +12 (essay)- just a terrible line. Marshall’s hearts were broken last week in an L to Western Kentucky, the only legit (extremely generous here) team they’ve faced all season. La Tech is a solid team who has faced a tough schedule, including at Oklahoma and Auburn. Realize that Marshall has literally played the worst schedule in D1. On a net yds/play basis, Marshall’s schedule ranks 121st nationally. Line has already moved in Tech’s favor

    2) OSU +4 all play
    3) Bama -14.5- Mizzou D is solid but man that offense is awful. I’ll take Amari on turf
    4) Houston +6.5
    2 NFL picks coming sunday

  • technivore

    MARSHALL -12 over Louisiana Tech
    OHIO STATE -4 over Wisconsin (AP)
    Rams -3 over SNYDERS
    JAGUARS +5 over Texans
    PACKERS -12 over Falcons

    Bowling Green +6 over Northern Illinois
    Wait how is the #MACtion championship game not the all-play? I don’t even know what’s happening anymore (assuming I ever did know what’s happening, which based on the cheddar standings is unlikely). Anyway here is your long-awaited rematch of the 2013 MAC championship game, with both programs having gone through massive changes yet still somehow stumbling their way to the top of the MAC. You have to have major respect for what NIU has done in building an incredibly consistent program at a school in nowheresville Illinois in a conference nobody but alums cared about even 5 years ago. But my wife and I put our time in in DeKalb when she got her masters there and I have no love whatsoever lost for that place. But no matter what, I was taking the points in this game: the MAC is just too crazy, the teams too inconsistent for me to give almost a touchdown on a neutral field, especially given that NIU has been consistent but hasn’t blown anybody out. They squeaked by Kent State and only beat lowly Miami by 10 at home. Plus the volatility of the MAC makes me think of my buy-low-sell-high days in the futures business: BGSU is a nice value coming off of two losses and though I’ll grant an outright win is unlikely I love the chances of a close game and/or a backdoor cover.

    • technivore

      Alright you guys have convinced me. Please take me off Marshall and put me on Patriots -3.5 over Chargers.

  • ChuckKoz

    Arizona +14.5 (vs Oregon)
    Ok St +19.5 (at OU)
    Ga Tech +4 (vs FSU)
    Jets +6 (at Vikings)
    AP: Ohio State +4
    Essay: Lions -9.5 (vs Buccaneers)

    First off, love a number like 9.5 in NFL. Moreover, Lions are coming off extra rest and a very nice performance on Thanksgiving. Buccaneers seem to be playing better football but keep losing, capped by last week’s heartbreaker to Bengals, which I think could be one of those demoralizing losses for a team that is not actually playing for anything at this point. Above all, Buccaneers offense has been terrible despite the closer losses, scoring more than 17 points only once in 2 months. (and here is were i was going to add a stat about the Lions scoring being much better, but actually that’s not true, except for last week, but I am basically out of the playoffs at this point so bailing on this pick and doing another essay just aint happening…..so we will just say the Lions are great because of one good game). Go Lions!

  • actovegin1armstrong

    AP—-OSU over Mild Cheddar
    Iowa State of Confusion +34 over TCU
    La Tech + 12 over Marshall
    Mighty Eagles -1 over Sissy Seahawks
    Ramblin’ Wreck + 4 over “We Keep Trying to Lose” FSU

  • Harbaugh Handshakes

    Dal -3.5 for a cheddar pt

  • actovegin1armstrong

    ****UCF +7 over Directional Carolina**** essay essay essay
    How can a team with a stacked defense full of seniors be getting 7 points? Directional Carolina boasts about their high powered offense, but with a short week would a great defense which focuses on think less, react fast strategy have an advantage, or would a “plan your work, work your plan” offense benefit from having less time to plan? UCF may be at a bit of a loss on the wrong side of the ball, but that is the wrong side of the ball. ACC ACCtion will attempt to rival MACtion, but most people will not enjoy this low scoring game, there will certainly be less than 115 points scored, so their respective league may be forced to change the rules for next year. I wish I had not “disabled the cable”, (personal protest), so I could watch this game, I love to watch expertise on the important side of the ball.
    UCF will not only cover, they shall win.

  • Concierge

    UCF +7 Essay
    The knights have won 3 in a row and their defense is playing great. I think ECU wins the game but it is going to be a very low scoring grind it out kind of game. UCF is 6-0 ATS in its last 6 thursday night games. The Knights shine on Thursdays! I am a little nervous about the UCF offense but I just think their D is too tough right now! Lets start the week off right!
    Wisconsin -4 All Play
    Bears +3.5
    La Tech +12
    Tulane +3.5
    Cincy -6.5

    • actovegin1armstrong

      Sorry Conc, did not read picks, the UCF game just jumped out at me.

    • Concierge

      I gotta change my Wisky -4 to OSU +4.. thought about it over night.. too much bad Joo goo going against the buckeyes.. Wouldn’t pick this game otherwise but its an all play.. Just gimme the bucks instead.. thanks

  • Dave Borcas

    Cowboys -3.5 tonight

    Mr Football and Buckeye, recruit Joe Burrow, will lead the Athens Bulldogs to a state title tonight

    • Petefranklin

      Two days later and the peedee still hasn’t posted a score on that game. The Blade has a good writeup and video. Close game.

      • Dave Borcas

        Sad isn’t it, twitter is the best coverage for the games. Kids got a great arm.

  • zarathustra

    UCF +7 over ECU
    Ohio St +4 over Wisconsin (all-play)

  • cwonder23

    Ravens +1
    Chiefs +1
    Mizzou +14.5
    Panthers +9.5
    49ers -7.5
    All Play/Essay: OSU +4
    Two words: Urban Meyer. I know I know, JT Barrett is out but Cardale Jones was still the No. 33 ranked QB in his class and was technically the #2 behind Braxton before he went down. Urban Meyer ain’t losing this game. Trust me. This is a line that is overreacting to a player being out. As talented as JT is, this is still a very good football team. The running backs did their job last week and I expect Urban to come out with a game plan that will ensure success for Jones. This is a classic “next man up” situation. Not many people want to win as bad as Urban does and he will get his boys ready. They are going to play inspired football for JT and Miller and will come out on top forcing the selection committee (which by the way, wtf are they doing?) to make some very difficult decisions with Baylor probably in the mix as well. I’m not a Buckeye fan, but I wish JT the best in his recovery. It has been fun watching that kid play this year.

  • swig

    I technically only fell 6 spots, but if I had managed a measly 3 pts, instead of O-fer I’d be 10 spots higher. WHERE IS MY RECOGNITION!

    Time for the weekly cheery pop while you’re all worrying about jerseys.

    All Play: tOSU, an emotional hedge is not in play here, unless we lose a squeaker

    VIKINGS -6 o Jets

    Buccaneers +9.5 o LIONS

    Bills +10 o BRONCOS
    RAIDERS +7.5 o 49ers
    Steelers +3.5 o Bengals

    • swig

      Essay pick… Raiders

      The last couple weeks have been deflating for me. I thought about not writing an essay, but then realized I have to specify one pick anyway for points. One gambling mantra is do not chase trends. If your strategy is good (not proven for me) you will win long term. The anti-public teams were 7-5 or something last week, I just happened to pick the five that did not win. I am taking the home dog, getting more than a TD, coming off a blowout loss vs a team that has not been putting up huge point totals.

  • actovegin1armstrong

    “From The Land of Entitlement”!
    Gordon is a Lamar guy, so we are lucky that he is not living the “Lamar, Black Chuck’s Rule”. Wake up, put on your Black Chuck’s, then you split a 24 pack of Red Stripe with the first person you see who is also wearing Black Chuck’s.
    Two of my roommates at UT were Lamar guys, the Rule really exists and they also applied it to my Pink Chuck Taylor Low Tops. (My protest of the ubiquitous Black Chuck’s.)

  • zarathustra

    Re: Gordon
    I usually don’t care too much about these things but in this case I think you are absolutely right.
    If I’m hoyer I’m deliberately freezing the mfer out on Sunday. He can still be useful in taking some attention from the colts d but that is it. No way in the world that with my lifetime dream of being a starting nfl qb on the line am I leaving it in Gordon’s hands.
    In situations like this I think it is always useful to ask what would belichick do? If Pettine won’t ask himself this then Hoyer needs to and act accordingly.

    • Petefranklin

      Gordon may be the reason that Hoyer is still starting. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the coaches reviewed Hoyer’s game. Some of the problems may very well have been Flashes fault although I hate agreeing with TV color guys.

      • zarathustra

        As someone who has been riding the hoyer bandwagon for a long time I think it important to note that most of the problems are absolutely hoyer’s fault. He has been inexcusably bad and I would have had zero problem if he would have been benched this week. Gordon however does bear some responsibility for his recent failures.

        • Petefranklin

          I’m with you , but maybe Gordon F’d Hoyer up on a couple of plays that Hoyer is taking the rap on.

    • HitTheHorns

      Joe Haden wearing camo leggings really has affected his play this year. Also, Belichick had Josh Gordon on his team; he rode him to an undefeated season and one play from a Super Bowl.

      • both had shirts tucked in.
        neither had been suspended twice nor looking down the barrel of a lifetime ban.
        gordon is a unique case.
        gordon is supposed to be ‘changed’ and no longer the five (or more) time recidivist he was before the hotboxing and DUIs over the summer.
        said he really sorry that he let down the team and is going to work hard to earn trust.
        doesn’t seem out of line to expect him to demonstrate some change via simple compliance with the most basic of football dress codes and tucking in his fucking jersey.
        equally or more important, pettine should not be giving gordon of all players a pass on this both for gordon’s well-being and for the sake of the team.

        • HitTheHorns

          Joe Haden has been suspended for steroids. Randy Moss was left for dead being run out of Oakland. Also had been thrown out of a college, and admitted to smoking week while a player. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2137525

          Also, I would hope Mike Pettine is focused on winning a football game, you know, while the football game is being played. Yes, Gordon got a poor personal foul. Yes, he probably ran the wrong route on 1 Hoyer interception. Pettine letting him wear the wrong socks upsets you, but allowing Chris Tabor to coach special teams is ok?

          Manziel socks from last week:


          Maybe that’s why Hoyer is getting another start.

          • i would guess your attitude reflects the majority of fans.

            if you haven’t read the linked post above regarding josh gordon’s history, please do. it was written in june 2013, a year BEFORE this year’s 10 game suspension. if i’m recognizing a pattern of self-destructive behavior buttressed by a coterie of enablers a year and a half ago, i can’t very well just say, ‘yeah cool whatever do your own thing josh’ when i see what i see now. that would make me culpable too.

          • HitTheHorns

            I feel like I’m in the Benjy vortex here. My thought was Gordon should have been traded last year for a 2. When the organization didn’t pull the trigger (yes I know there are different guys in charge now), they knew what they were potentially getting themselves into. Gordon has numerous red flags, none of this is in dispute. I just personally don’t believe that the NFL’s militant uniform policies are a sign of enabling. Its funny – when Dez Bryant flips out on the sideline, he is a disruption and and diva. When Tom Brady does the same thing, he is a leader and has a burning desire to be the best. My point is – in a professional sports locker room, 99% of the things we as fans focus on actually have no impact on results.

          • zarathustra

            Forget about josh gordon. Like for referencing the benjy vortex!

          • zarathustra

            Haden was suspended for steroids and has since not had any problems. By all accounts he works hard and appears to be where is supposed to be on the field on Sundays. He can wear whatever he wants on Sundays as far I’m concerned. Gordon since he has arrived in Cleveland has been notorious for terrible practice habits and is too often not where he should be on the field. This in concert with the fact that he has a long history at this point of not following the rules and quite possibly suffers from addiction which brings a whole a panoply of boundary issues with it means he merits more scrutiny when breaking the rules–however small.
            Moss was indeed left for dead in oakland. The Patriots took a chance on him and he excelled in that environment and by all accounts was a model citizen. When he started to stray from the Patriot philosophy he ended up back in Minnesota where they almost immediately regretted the decision. If Josh Gordon were demonstrating the characteristics of moss in those earlier patriot years we would not be having this discussion.
            If I’m Hoyer I just not putting my future in that dude’s hands.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Zara, when was the steroid suspension? I am not able to find any record of this respective transgression.

          • zarathustra

            Aderall (wink wink). As an aside it has always seemed strange to me that steroids are more stigmatized than an extremely addictive amphetamine. Either way, for the last however many years not a single player was suspended for steroids, but countless were pinched for adderall.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Adderall? That is what I meant by, used for more important things. Adderall is not a steroid. I would venture to guess that he was using it for recreational purposes, it is purported to have effects comparable to MDMA..

          • actovegin1armstrong

            Also, Clenbuterol is the only drug in that category that pairs well with steroid cycles.

          • actovegin1armstrong

            “Joe Haden has been suspended for steroids.”
            Horns, are you certain about this one? Haden had a suspension for a drug that he may have used as a performance enhancement, but probably for things more important than football.
            When was this steroid suspension and which respective steroid?
            Unless one is completely ignorant of the ridiculously archaic testing used by the NFL and the magic wheel of fortune lands directly upon them, it is very difficult to get caught using steroids.

  • Capitalgg

    Is it weird that i agree with about Gordon’s jersey but not the socks? Anyway, it appears emblematic of his lazy routes, refusal to fight for the ball and wrong reads that are killing this offense right now.

    That being said, doesn’t the League have a guy on the sideline enforcing the uniform policies? Has Josh been find yet?

  • Petefranklin

    I thought my computer was messing up for a minute!

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